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Letter from anarchist A.Kiriakopoulos from Koridallos prison

Friday, June 19, 2009

Anarchist A. Kiriakopoulos To Be Released From Prison

Today, the good news came in that A. Kiriakopoulos along with three other insurgents held in state captivity since the December insurrection are scheduled to be released from Koridallos prison before the coming Monday. After a solidarity campaign that inspired dozens of attacks, the state relinquished the remand that held the prisoners for over six months without trial. The wave of actions over the past weeks shows that solidarity, concieved as the furtherance of the class clash with the state, can indeed free our imprisoned comrades without compromising our revolutionary principles.

In other news (I write this with the dryest of eyes: not a hint of saltwater to be found), an anti-terrorism police officer was shot around 20 times and killed last Wednesday in Athens. The police officer was attempting to protect a snitch who testified for the prosecution in the 2004 trial of a man the state claims was a member of the armed group ELA.

In what can be seen as nothing other than a thuggish act by a police gang with recently damaged egos, about 40 members of the newly formed police Delta Team attacked an occupied parking lot turned neighborhood park in the center of Athens. The swine arrested about 15 locals without warning or reason.

And so the struggle the continues...

Solidarity is the weapon of the people! (a greek anarchist protest slogan)



Friday, May 29, 2009

Letter from anarchist A.Kiriakopoulos from Koridallos prison

Five months after the explosive events of December, the mass arrests and the prosecutions that took place, six of us remain captives in the claws of the state.
Recently, the so called “justice state” and its servants decided to extend my pre-trial detention (remand) stating that what should come first is the extermination of my person and of my “criminal” activity and the protection of society. According to their characterization, I am a reckless and fanatical person. To sum it up they characterized me an enemy of society. But the enemies of society are all those who after the cold-blooded murder of comrade Alexis Grigoropoulos tried to repress the social phenomenon of the violent insurrection in December with the reckless and mass use of teargas to the extent of torture, the beating of protestors, and their swift imprisonment. Anyway, it is known for years now that the cops, especially when dealing with anarchists demos, unleash chemical warfare with the slightest pretext so they can torture people. Despite the vicious repression of December’s insurrectionary violence, it continues to persist and is proof that the fire that was lit cannot be put out. After all Alexis’ murder was the cause and at the same time the pretext for the outbreak of social rage.
As always, a special role was taken on by mass media and the lowlife journalists brought their propaganda to the limit of vileness. After the state murder of Alexis, they reported about the widespread destruction in the whole of Greece and that the police made no arrests. I believe that the fact that all of us imprisoned for the insurrection face the same charges is no coincidence. The line from the state was exactly the same for nearly all of us.
Inside prison, time is the worst enemy. Especially when you are in custody awaiting trial there is a continuous uncertainty as you never know exactly when you are going to be released. This is a situation that definitely wears you down psychologically. This is also an effect of being locked up against your will with four people for 14 hours a day in a 9 square meter cell designed to fit only one person. It is especially felt when relationships of camaraderie or even of understanding are rare as they are outside the prison bars. Of course there are always those who choose to stand in dignity and struggle.
Incarceration is an everyday psychological warfare enforced upon you by the system when you are in prison. On top of this you also have the screws usually treating prisoners who take part in struggles (hunger strikes, refusal of prison food, demanding their printed material from the censorship) in a derogatory and sly way. One typical example is the last time prisoners were refusing prison food as a protest for the murder of Alexis, the warden of the wing came in together with other screws and threatened the prisoners taking part in the protest with disciplinary prison transfers.
Generally, when you are not subjugated to their correctional system they try to create a climate of fear. Anyway prison is like a large melting pot of souls. If you are a coward it will mince you up and make you even more of a coward but if you are tough it will make you even tougher and colder as a person. The cell makes the prisoner suffocate. Outside in the prison yard is the illusion of freedom…
Still through all of this nothing has ended, the struggle continues
Those who are right are the rebels
not the snitches and those who bow down
(a popular greek anarchist chant) 

A teenager murdered by the Greek police!

We stand in solidarity with the struggling people!

On December 6th two police officers murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15 year old teenager, by shooting him right in his heart. At first, both government and police claimed that the police officers were attacked, which turned out to be a lie. The Media despite their effort to distort the facts and reproduce the government and police propaganda didn’t manage to succeed. Witnesses say that, right before the incident, the policemen provoked the group of young boys and a verbal conflict followed but at no instance were the policemen attacked or physically threatened.

It’s not the first time the police have murdered in cold blood and it will not be the last. This bloody brutality must stop. This event occurred at a time when the reactionary plans of the government force the majority of the people to live in the worst conditions possible, without rights, condemning them to live a life of unemployment and poverty.

Immediately after the incident, thousands of people all over Greece went out in the streets to protest. Greek police confronted the protesters with extreme violence. Many ended up in hospital injured by plastic bullets or seriously beaten, and others were arrested. The amount of tear gas used was so large that the Ministry of Health issued a statement to stop their use. Hundreds of people were sent to hospitals with respiration problems.

This murder is another incident in a long series of police brutalities. But it is far more than that. It is another instance of the violence which is created by the world-wide economic system. Other incidents include the murder of the suspected terrorist Brazilian plumber in the London subway and the death of the French youth that triggered the massive French riots, but the list is longer and more multifaceted. A social system based on the principle of individual profit cannot but create violence, everywhere present whether visible or hidden.



Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anarchists Disrupt Popular Jazz Festival

Yesterday, comrades took the stage at an outdoor jazz festival in Athens (you are right to assume they weren't invited.) Two banners were hung across the stage and, in between sets, two texts were read. One was about A. Kiriakopoulos and the other prisoners still held in jail after December's insurrection and the other was about state terrorism against immigrants. Jazz likely hasn't been this interesting since the musicians kicked heroin.

Friday, May 29, 2009



A movement that is not capable of looking after its comrades in prison is destined to die, and that at a high price under atrocious torture.’ - Daniela Carmignani, Revolutionary Solidarity
The insurrection in December was a visible and mass expression of the social war that rages at all times and will continue until the destruction of all domination.
Thousands fought in the re-appropriated streets of the necropolis. Hundreds were arrested and, with exceptionally swift procedures, several were thrown in prison. Six of them still remain imprisoned up to this day. Because for those in power someone has to pay the price for the negation in practice shown by all of us against this decaying world.
Within the first two weeks of June the remaining prisoners of December, amongst them the anarchist A.Kiriakopoulos, will be coming in front of a board of judges who will determine whether their imprisonment will be extended. Days of action will take place between the 12-15 of June in solidarity across Greece.
Prison is a direct and violent tool that power has at its disposal to use against those that are not able or refuse to follow its rules. Especially in moments of intensified struggle or revolt, prison plays the role of isolating the “troublemakers” to weaken our collective attack and instill fear in those who may be willing to join the fight. In this way, prison and the justice system are structures that aim to inhibit the generalization of social conflict. Therefore, solidarity with all those imprisoned for the insurrection in December is necessary for the furtherance of the revolutionary project.
Solidarity should not be viewed through the lens of duty, obligation or charity nor does it require a personal relationship or absolute political identification with those imprisoned but is a means to strengthen our ties as collaborators in a conspiracy against the existent. Solidarity is our weapon by which we attack not only the prison but all the structures of power in a continuation of the social struggle as a whole. At the same time, solidarity is a tool used to obtain the immediate practical result of freeing our comrades in prison.
This is a call to comrades wherever they may be to start a wave of solidarity that sends shudders down the spine of the bastards in power. Let’s prove to them that the Athens syndrome is indeed a contagious disease.
Inside and outside the prison bars, the insurrectionary perspective is a permanent condition which does not wait for a specific moment, does not accept charity but attacks directly, everywhere, always.
Until the destruction of all prisons
- For the generalization of the insurrectional clash

Friday, May 29, 2009


Insurrection is permanent, everywhere, and inevitable. Insurrection does not wait for the masses, the vanguard or the moment.

Though December will come again every year, nothing will ever be the same. It is war; paths of ashes leave the past behind, towards the total dismantlement of this old dead world, against which the attack accelerated in the past months, that will never be over; there is no going back from it. This war knows no innocence, while living in this reality makes us all a hunter for life: the ones that cry; the ones that sleep, the ones that sigh; the ones that spit in its mouth, the ones that build; the ones that break out. Once ignited the revolt continues in a dynamic of tension, recuperation and attack, by many, by few, by dark, by light; for as long as our time, our bodies and our freedom remain stolen from us. There is no counting on where the revolt begun or where it will go to, the open unknown is in the hands of the ones with the eternal youth, the stones, the passion and the gasoline. It will all continue.
Smelling the fire, the state took hundreds of people off the streets in a fearful attempt to maintain its fragile power, to weaken the attack. But rebellion cannot be outnumbered, cannot be softened. As long as the prison society holds a grip on lives inside and outside, there is no desire to wait for a “second December”, because if waiting in the streets takes long; waiting in the prison takes eternally, while the state, the capital and their dominion find their space to root in the normality of apathy ever more. With an increasing amount of security and surveillance measures, they try to alienate reality more and more from its rebels in high speed and it speaks proudly of clean streets and sweet dreams, of law and order.

But nothing is over, Everything continues.

As long as the world of authority and exploitation builds roads of dialogue and content, there will be holes smashed in them. As long as they hand out candy of dependence and devotion, it will be poisoned. As long as they build their high walls of separation and punishment, they will be burnt down. As long as we are all prisoners; nothing is over, and will the insurrection continue.

6 People were taken out of the negation in practice during December, and now, 5 months later, the state is trying to use their freedom as an example for its revenge on all those revolted. Not one fitting key coming from the politicians, the judges, or the guards will be able to unlock the door of their confinement.

Only a sledgehammer will be able to liberate by tearing down the entire façade of the prison. Therefore we will not make any demands to those in power, nor will we put any pressure on them to do “the right thing”. We are simply digging holes in its fortress, undermining its vests, until we’ve reached our beloved rebels.

- anarchists

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Statement of Aris Sirinidis in court before his release decision.athens-greece

Before the judges and jury make their decision, Aris made this political statement: 

“In your insistent question for my position concerning the armed struggle, the answer that you expect is the statement of loyalty. A statement of loyalty to urban order and its representatives. This you will never receive from me. I repeat, therefore, the position that I had promoted in my testimony. In my family and political environment, Marx’s quote from the Communist Manifesto that "communists consider unworthy of them to hide their objectives for the violent inversion of the capitalist system" was a value code.
There is something worse than prison. The absence of dignity. We come from a tradition of struggle that goes deep into the past and goes ahead impetuously to the future. And this we will not throw away like an empty shirt.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Urgent call for money for those arrested at the general strike of June 28th–29th a thens…


All arrestees from the demo of June 29th have been released today (4/7) under restrictive conditions.

One demonstrator who is charged with felonies, was ordered to give 70,000 Euros as a bail! There is a super-urgent need for raising this huge bail until Monday, July 11th; otherwise our comrade will be locked up in prison.


Urgent call for money for those arrested at the general strike of June 28th–29th a


The people arrested during the general strike demonstrations of June 28th and 29th need our support. It is urgent that 3,000 Euros are raised for one demonstrator alone, so that he doesn’t go to jail. The money needs to be collected until Thursday night, July 7th. An initiative in solidarity with the arrested demonstrators has made a call to everyone for financial support. You can contact the initiative directly at You can also offer bail money via the Occupied London paypal account,—if you do so, please also e-mail the solidarity initiative at the address above. CLIK ON FOTO....

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The court of Athens found Aris Sirinidis innocent and exempted him from the charges. A little while ago Aris arrived from the prisons of Koridallos to the cafe in Exarhia square where his friends hang out and met up with his own people. There waited for him many of his friends that welcomed him cheerfully and with enthusiasm.
His acquittal is a victory of the popular movement.
Aris is free! 1 year in prisons and courts and he was/is INNOCENT!

What do you have to say now cop-judges? What do you have to say journalists? You had baptized him "guilty" because of his political convictions, while he was/is INNOCENT!
You peaceful and lawabiding citizens should see this, you who said "he is an anarchist", "he must have done something"… INNOCENT!


The trial of Aris Sirinidis was postponed for Friday because a judge was sick

No matter when it happens we will also be there again


5/5/2011 athens. The public prosecutor has asked for Simos to be aquitted of the charges, saying that there is no evidence connecting him to the robberies.

The judges have yet to announce their decision.
update now..
The judges decided that he is innocent for the bank robberies and acquitted him of those charges,
but he remains imprisoned because he still is accused of attempted homicide of the cop that shot him in the back which led to the amputation of his leg!!!


The trial of fighter Simos Seisidis continued today with the examining of witnesses (3 or 4 men including the security guard of the bank where the robbery took place, a cop and 2 women) none of them recognized Simos and their testimonies were ridiculous and not based on their initial testimonies.. many contradictions that caused anger even to the prosecutors and judges...
the trial will continue 18/4/2011


Simos Seisidis trial continued last tuesday with the testimony of defence witnesses.
Simos, an anarchist, is accused of 7 robberies and 2 attempted homicides. In the antipode of prosecution witnesses that did not have that much to say, beyond “I do not know, I did not see” and “I was pressed by the Service”, the defence witnesses had many things to testify, so much about the targeting of Seisidis, because of his dynamic participation in social struggles, as well as for the set up by the media and the repression mechanisms official charges and their repercussions. Repercussions that were proved disastrous in this case, since Seisidis, despite the complete absence genuine facts that support his prosecution, was persecuted, had a bounty put on his head, was shot in the back from a cop and suffered the amputation of his right leg. He still remains inprisoned, deprived of suitable medical care and exposed to a further aggravation of his health. Indicative of this unacceptable


About 50 comrades, and friends, gathered in solidarity, most outside the court room (they didn’t let them in claiming there were no seats).

Mostly today there were demands from the defence, concerning transport (handcuffed etc), and the masked armed cops in the court room. The cops chased some comrades down to Alexandras av. They definitely beat one comrade, it started when family members and comrades of Simos were attacked with no reason by the cops.

The trial began around 9. 30 comrades were in the court room as well as 30 outside. The defence witnesses are 47. Last time 17 testified. Today two more. The second witness describes the shooter as a very tall guy, skinny with long hair and a ponytail and said clearly that it was not Aris Sirinidis. Another witness, a foreign national with no known address is not appearing in court and the defence of Aris insisted that his testimony is read in the room. In his testimony he describes a guy tall like a basketball player with long hair.

Worth mentioning is also that the court wanted to examine a cop-witness that has had pre-interrogative duties. Aris defence immediately produced a document-decision of the supreme court stating this is illegal. After an agreement of the judge and the prosecutor, the cop will testify as a person with special knowledge, (on the mask with the d.n.a.), and not as person with pre-interrogative duties.
The theatre will continue on April 11th


Monday, April 11, 2011

Information for the gathering at Syntagma square athens for Simos Seisidis AND ACTION SOLIDARITY GENERAL

Information for the gathering at Syntagma square athens for Simos Seisidis

In view of the trial of S.Seisidis for the case of the robbery of the National bank on Solonos street, today there was a solidarity gathering for Simos in Syntagma square. Banners were dropped, pamphlets were given out to passer-bys and there was a sound system with a microphone informing about his case. About 100 people gathered in solidarity. Also, posters were put up in the area.

Assembly of Solidarity Athens
to the imprisoned and persecuted fighters

About 50 gathered in solidarity, most outside the court room (they didn’t let them in claiming there were no seats).
Mostly today there were demands from the defence, concerning transport (handcuffed etc), and the masked armed cops in the court room. The cops chased some comrades down to Alexandras av. They definitely beat one comrade, it started when family members and comrades of Simos were attacked with no reason by the cops.
The trial continues on April 12th.

500 people attended the solidarity demo yesterday 29/3 for our comrade Simos, cop attendance: 2-3 riot cop units followed closely. Passing by the 3 out of the 7 banks that are accusing him the demo passed by the national bank were the robbery took place. Very strong vibe..



He wasTARGETED from the oppressive mechanisms
He was HUNTED as a fugitive after the robbery of the
National bank of Greece on Solonos street because of his
comrade relationship with G.Dimitrakis
He had a BOUNTY placed on his head by the terrorist
M.Chrisohoidis for 600.000 euro
He was SHOT IN THE BACK by the “protectors of the citizen”
He was TORTURED by traitor doctors of state hospitals
He was MUTILATED on the right leg because of his heavy injury
He was IMPRISONED with five different prosecutions
He is TRIED as the “robber in black”
The only victim in this story is the justice you call upon.
The only guilty in this story is your democracy.
Solidarity to M.Seisidis and G.Tsironis
Who are wanted for the same case
TUESDAY 29/3/2011

Seattle: Banner Drop and Disruption in Solidarity with Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis

from :

Today in Seattle in solidarity with Simos Seisidis--on the day his trial begins and the day of international solidarity with him--a group of anarchists dropped a banner off the roof of a shopping center and strung another across the street. The rooftop banner read, "Total Freedom for Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis. Anyone who defends a bank is either a fool or a cop!" The other read, "Not out of pity nor out of duty but because we are anarchists solidarity is our weapon" Flares and smoke bombs were thrown into the intersection to disrupt rush hour traffic and over twelve-hundred leafleats were thrown from the roof and in the street. We did this in spite of the presence of a police cruiser parked at the intersection. A crowd of pedestrians gathered, picking up leaflets and talking excitedly about what they had seen, as the anarchists disappeared in seconds. People were heard commenting positively about the "anarchist flash mob," and one even climbed up to the roof, looked down at the banner, and then raised his fists in the air in excitement.
Below are photos from the action and the text from the flier. (Click the images for full-size.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

O. Economido
u, G.Polidoras, G.Nikolopoulos, D.Bolano, Ch.Tsakalos

They thought it was over...
But now everything begins again...

We write now locked in our cells, dozens of kilometres away from one another, hostages where we were exiled by the vengefulness of the juridical authorities scattered in the prisons of greece, Corfu, Komotini, Grevena, Domokos, Thebes…

We write and we are certain that our voice, no matter how they try to bury it in the drowning cells of democracy, has the strength to still shout. To shout for freedom, for inversion, for revolution. Shout for another way of life were we will all be “kings” without slaves. For a world without authority, police and prisons.

We still have the thirst to speak of our struggle, about our rights and wrongs, about this unique journey to the oceans of mutiny where we wandered through the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Because we, Olga Ekonomidou, Giorgos Polidoras, Damianos Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Christos Tsakalos, are a piece of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the Conspiracy is our way for the revolution.

Today more than ever, we are sure that our voice, together with the voices of our brothers, Gerasimos, Mihalis, Haris and Panagiotis, are linked with thousands of voices that preceded us and with thousands that will follow. Our decision to be organised in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire is the decision to stop seeing the life that was imposed on us with the eyes of a passive spectator and become perpetrators of our history. Transfer the revolution to first person, fight for ourselves, without inhibitions and postponements and to exist in the here and now of the new urban guerilla warfare.
This is why we decided to arm ourselves and to walk with our head held high against our faint-hearted era.

We never did fit in the narrow limits of an orthodox social struggle that speaks almost exclusively the language of economic analyses and the front of class struggle, flamboyantly ignoring the individual responsibility of the subjects of authority. We are hostile so much to the hand that holds the whip, as well as to the backs that accept it passively on them.

This is why we speak of the revolution of daily life, for the inversion of compromises, for untamed freedom, for the greed of desires, for the uniqueness of the individual.

We are not fooled by the crippled freedom they promise us on flat screens, in fast cars and in comfortable apartments. We seek the authentic side of life outside the limits of a society that reciprocates between angry outbreaks of economic claims and big intervals of hibernation. Not us, our comrades set fire to the quiet nights in the metropolis, despise the laws and have their vision clear of the hypocrisy of urban culture. We are the reversed image of society in the mirror. We are anarcho-individualists and nihilists and we know that we are conducting a minority struggle with a powerful price. However we do not regret even a moment. Even imprisoned our conscience remains freer than ever.

Do not search therefore through police scripts and theories of communicating containers to find the causes that more young people abandon the certainty of a legal life, and choose revolutionary illegality and the new urban guerilla warfare as a choice of life. Do not wonder when new comrades with surplus courage raise their weapons against this system of death. Because its your system itself, the hypocrisy, poverty contextual and material, fake culture, empty relations, oppression, exploitation of nature, that “supplies” new urban guerilla warfare with dozens of undisciplined revolutionaries. This is why, the new urban guerilla warfare will never be defeated. But like the phoenix will be reborn from the ashes of a precarious defeat, even more stronger, even more threatening, even more liberating. And we were, are and will be there…


Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front


Olga Economidou
Giorgos Polidoras
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Damianos Bolano
Christos Tsakalos
Members of the imprisoned cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

We greet the direct reflective action of comrades from Volos, who on the afternoon of the same day of our arrest, assembled in the area and made a demo to the house where we stayed, cutting the ribbons of exclusion by the police and shouting chants. Such actions accentuate the hostilities and release “occupied” turfs from the police, showing that the capitulation will never come… Also the attacks with incendiary devices from Comrades warms our hearts, breaking the ice of isolation and captivity they want to impose on us. We send our warmest greeting to all the anarchist-incendiary groups and to the International Revolutionary Front-Informal Anarchist Federation which we will continue to promote with all our strength, because we are unrepentant accomplices in the same crime of the raging search for freedom.

From the hell-holes of the greek prisons we express our wholehearted solidarity to the comrades that are imprisoned in the democratic cells of Chile, carrying out a hunger strike for their release, pawning their own life. Brothers hold strong… no matter how far we are buried alive in the cement graves of prisons, we know that through the bars of our cells we gaze a common flaming sky… of revolution and anarchy…

Anarchist group says behind Swiss parcel bomb


ZURICH (Reuters) – An Italian anarchist group has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb which injured two people in the offices of the Swiss nuclear lobby group on Thursday, the Swiss public prosecutor said Friday.
Public Prosecutor Carlo Bulletti told a media conference the offenders were from the same background as those responsible for an attempted attack on an IBM research center about a year ago, Swiss agency SDA reported on its website.
The so-called “Federazione Anarchica Informale” (“Informal Anarchist Federation”) also claimed responsibility for parcel bombs sent to the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome last year.
Two female employees of Swissnuclear were taken to hospital with superficial burns and hearing damage after the parcel bomb exploded Thursday.
Bulletti said the bomb was powerful, SDA reported.
Earlier this month, Switzerland suspended the approvals process for three new nuclear power stations so safety standards could be reviewed, after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami sparked a disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Seattle: Banner Drop and Disruption in Solidarity with Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis

from :

Today in Seattle in solidarity with Simos Seisidis--on the day his trial begins and the day of international solidarity with him--a group of anarchists dropped a banner off the roof of a shopping center and strung another across the street. The rooftop banner read, "Total Freedom for Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis. Anyone who defends a bank is either a fool or a cop!" The other read, "Not out of pity nor out of duty but because we are anarchists solidarity is our weapon" Flares and smoke bombs were thrown into the intersection to disrupt rush hour traffic and over twelve-hundred leafleats were thrown from the roof and in the street. We did this in spite of the presence of a police cruiser parked at the intersection. A crowd of pedestrians gathered, picking up leaflets and talking excitedly about what they had seen, as the anarchists disappeared in seconds. People were heard commenting positively about the "anarchist flash mob," and one even climbed up to the roof, looked down at the banner, and then raised his fists in the air in excitement.
Below are photos from the action and the text from the flier. (Click the images for full-size.)

Freedom for Simos
If we attack banks, it is because we recognize money as a central cause of our misery.
In Seattle, as in Athens, many people live in poverty, under a daily misery where life becomes merely survival, as the bosses and banks rob us of our time and dignity. Police, courts and prisons exist for all those who dare to confront that misery. More and more people are persecuted, beaten or murdered at the hands of the police and the State. Prisons function to destroy passion, to serve as a warehouse of undesirables, to spread despair, to kill rebellious spirits; to execute, plain and simply.
But in the U.S., as in Greece, as everywhere, there are those who do not kneel down to this system of exploitation. There are those who put despair and fear behind them. Those who grab life. Those who take action. Today, March 30th, 2011, the trial begins for "the robbers in black" in Athens, Greece. It involves the January 2006 National Bank robbery in Central Athens, as well as six other bank robberies. It is the same case for which the anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis was sentenced to twelve years of prison.
Today our comrade Simos Seisidis is in the place of the accused. He was on the run for four years, and when captured was shot in the back of the leg which led to its amputation. Regardless of the crimes he is being charged with, the endless struggle for freedom is the crime that he has always committed. We are deaf to their moralistic sentences. We hear instead loud and clear the cry of freedom and the strength of passion as they try to bend those who will never break.
Solidarity is our weapon! Death to the Greek State! Death to all States!
The Spectacle wished to make us appear dreadful. We intend to be much worse.
For more info, check:

Tacoma: Two Wells Fargos Smashed in Solidarity with Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis

On the night of March 30th two Wells Fargo banks in Tacoma had their windows smashed. This was done for the international day of solidarity with Simos Seisidis, a greek anarchist facing trial for the case of the "robbers in black" as well as six more bank robberies. For more information read
If we smash the windows it's not because life is expensive, but because commodities prevent us from living at all costs. Anyone who would defend a bank is either a fool or a cop.

Trucks Torched at Slaughterhouse Supplier-France

received anonymously:

"At night from Thursday 24th to Friday, March 25th, 2011 towards midnight, in Ablis in the region of Paris, we have burnt a truck and damaged a trailer. These trucks belonged to the company Propdesos which sells equipment for butcher's shop, delicatessen and to slaughterhouses. We attacked this company because it collaborates with the meat industry. Same if the company found replacement trucks the next day. We are not discouraged. We will fight for our ideas until the massacres of animals stop. Remember that meat industry disgrace us as human beings.

Act now and save lives. Sabotages, fires or liberations, we have to fight by whatever means for all the animals which suffer all around the world.

French ALF"

"Dans la nuit de jeudi 24 à vendredi 25 mars 2011 vers minuit, à Ablis dans la région de Paris, nous avons brulé un camion et une remorque d’un camion de 38 tonnes. Ces camions appartenaient à l’entreprise Propdesos qui vend du matériel de boucherie, charcuterie et à destination des abattoirs. Nous avons attaqué cette entreprise parce qu’elle collabore avec l’industrie de la viande. Mêmes si l’entreprise a trouvé des camions de substitutions dès lendemain, nous ne sommes pas découragés et nous irons jusqu’au bout de nos idées pour que cessent les massacres qui nous font honte d’être humain.

Agissez maintenant et sauvez des vies. Sabotages, incendies ou libérations, nous nous devons de luttez par n’importe quel moyens pour tous les animaux qui souffrent à travers le monde.

ALF français"

ALF Target Company Responsible For Slaughter of Sled Dogs-Canada

reported anonymously:

"On the night of March 29th in Whistler BC, the ALF decided to do what the Canadian government should have done in the first place, punish Outdoor Adventures for ordering the deaths of 100 used up sled dogs. We covered their entire head office with red paint and damaged their windows for all the tourists to see. The reason the Canadian government may have ignored this case of animal cruelty is because they are too busy setting a quota of 400 000 seals for the seal slaughter. Our entire country is run by animal abusing scumbags..... which is why the next night we sabotaged 4 of the conservative governments campaign posters in Vancouver. We shredded them with razor blades and left the message "Save our Seals." After that we headed to the offices of Fairchild Group, owner of Aberdeen shopping center. Fairchild Group rents retail space to Pappas Furs, Canada's oldest fur company as well as other fur retailers, live seafood restaurants, and shark fin dealers. We glued all their locks, left a spray paint message "No more Pappas" and covered their entire parking lot with roofing nails in hopes of ruining the tires on the expensive cars they bought with blood money.

A message to Joey Houssain, owner of Outdoor Adventures. We know you didn't commit the actual murders yourself, but neither did Hitler and you ordered those dogs to be killed. We know you still have more animals and if we find out that one more innocent animal is harmed for your business the next visit will hit a bit closer to home, and by that we mean we know where you live.

In a country where our government not only ignores animal abusers, they reward them as with the case of the Whistler 100, it is time for Canadian citizens to take these issues into our own hands.
If not us, then who, if not now then when?


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bombing near Santiago television studio claimed

26 03 2011
From Culmine (March 15, 2011) via Liberación Total (March 15, 2011)
Through this e-mail, we claim responsibility for the explosion that took place on Friday, March 11 at a location next to the Television studios on San Cristóbal hill. Said action was painstakingly and prophetically covered on Sunday, March 13 by El Mercurio, as is their custom, as an explosion related to the judicial decision extending Pablo Morales’ preventive detention period. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason for Friday night’s bomb detonation was to send a message to one of the pillars of the system of domination: the official press, specifically television. We haven’t forgotten how those representatives of power insulted us. Especially cruel was TVN’s Special Report, which showed comrade Mauricio Morales’ lifeless body and has become the mouthpiece for Prosecutor Peña and his mob. In case they haven’t already realized it, that’s the reason why the press was attacked during the last September 11 march, with special attention given to TVN’s mobile reporting unit. To us, the situation is not settled, and we will no doubt have many more encounters with those reporter-cops. Additionally, March 11 marked the first year of the Piñera government, which represents a strengthened alliance of Capitalist and State interests, the likes of which Chilean history hasn’t seen before. Clearly, the haute bourgeoisie no longer needs the military or the hack politicians of the concertación.
The intent of our action was to neither help nor hinder the situation of anticapitalist prisoners. We think that would be impossible. Nevertheless, while we recognize those prisoners as part of a wide anticapitalist spectrum that certainly isn’t limited by the number of houses it squats, our knowledge of or relationship to them has nothing to do with the science fiction movie that BIPE (Police Special Investigations Squad) and DIPOLCAR (Carabineros Police Intelligence Department) sold to Peña and his prosecutors, who are hungry for success, fame, and TV cameras. However, we are well aware that, no matter what, they’ll try to smear the prisoners and link them to any actions that take place. If there are no actions or bombings, they’ll say the prisoners are guilty and that’s why the bombings stopped. If there are actions and explosions, they’ll say it’s only to show that the prisoners are innocent. In the end, the new subversion and the new diffuse autonomous guerrilla war can’t be guided by what power thinks.
An entirely different matter is the recent attack carried out on a private house, which was followed by a communiqué containing a threat to attack a school. We completely reject that action. We won’t interpret it, we don’t understand it, and we don’t know what goal it hoped to achieve other than tainting anticapitalist struggle and rebellious ideas. We think it was either the work of police, parapolice squads engaging in false flag operations, or people with terrorist tendencies who made a serious mistake. Our actions, about which we won’t go into detail now so as to not make the work of the police or the prosecutor’s mob easier, have always had clear objectives and been carefully designed—based on the time, the location, and the physical characteristics of the chosen targets—to avoid injury to innocent people. We also attempt to limit the damage we cause to the targets we attack, and not to nearby homes. To us, actions are a means of propaganda, agitation, and sabotage. Sometimes they are a means of direct attack, but only when they respond to the murderous police who have killed our brothers and sisters here in the cities or on Mapuche territory, spinelessly shooting them in the back. We have no reason to beg forgiveness for wounded police or the damages to their buildings, because we are proud of ourselves and know that those wounds and damages are nothing compared to the valued lives of our brothers and sisters, which those bloodthirsty vermin brought to an end for a paltry salary from the owners of the country. The moral standards of subversives and revolutionaries can’t be compared with those of the police, and we therefore repeat that we have nothing to do with indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. On the off chance that the people who attacked that private house chose it at random and come from the anticapitalist milieu, we think they should profoundly rethink their political orientation and their actions, which only benefit the enemy.
On a television program yesterday, Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter theatrically asked how it was possible that we could coexist for so long with the injustice of people being in prison for not paying a fine. His words would have made us smile had they not been tinged with the shadow of death, coming from a person who supports the genocide of Arabs by Israel, which is where he learned many of his black arts. Prison is part of this system of death, exploitation, and oppression in which a privileged minority enjoy power and wealth while the rest of the population barely survives in a country with one of the world’s worst distributions of income, in a country where the police kill Mapuche, students, and subversive militants with with total impunity and the blessing of concertación politicians or the right, in this bloodstained police democracy. That’s the real tragedy. That’s the real injustice. Not so much that a person who doesn’t pay a fine goes to prison, which is certainly tragic and unjust, but that suit-and-tie terrorists make deals to raise the prices of medicine for pregnant women, children, and the elderly, who will never set foot in prison. Or that we will never see the murderers of Mapuche handcuffed, with media vultures asking them why they did it. No, that type of treatment is reserved for the poor. After all, it’s for the poor that prisons are built. Never will we see landowners pay for the immense damage their forests cause to communities: drying out the soil, preventing the spread of culture, hindering agriculture due to a lack of irrigation, paying the police to shoot children. That’s the real terrorism in this country, which moves its chess pieces to win approval for power stations that pollute nature and poison people, while earnest politicians are delighted to welcome the U.S. ambassador from the comfort of their very progressive presidential easy-chairs. Who are the terrorists? Are they not the same ones who applauded or looked the other way while people were being thrown into the sea, the same ones who are now party members in Mr. Hinzpeter’s coalition government?
To conclude, we offer some information to demonstrate the authenticity of our action and to show anticapitalists that we can all form action groups, that it’s in our hands, that we have never needed leaders or any ridiculous foreign financing. We carried out Friday’s action at night, and we were armed in case things got dicey. We left a bomb consisting of almost two kilos of black powder mixed with powdered aluminum inside an empty fire extinguisher. The charge had a detonation system comprising two cell phones (in case one failed), which provided the necessary energy through a connection to their respective vibrators. The bomb was set to detonate at 9:45 p.m. in an area where no one could have been hurt. It was a symbolic and propagandistic action to mark the first year of the Piñera government. We also claim responsibility for the bomb left in Vitacura near the Las Tranqueras Police Station in January, which sadly failed to explode due to a problem with its detonation system.
Finally, we call on everyone to fight more fiercely and take the streets on March 29, Young Combatant’s Day, to remember our dead and show with fire in the streets that we do not fear Piñera or Hinzpeter’s fascism. We end with a few words that get louder and louder each time rebels shout them in the streets and the prisons:
Wake up, it’s time to fight!
While there is misery, there will be rebellion!
For the spread and multiplication of autonomous anticapitalist cells in $hile and the rest of the world!
To the streets on March 29!

PS regarding recent events in Japan: In just a few days, a representative of the largest terrorist State in the world—the same one that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing over 200,000 deaths—will be welcomed with the red carpet and much deference by the degenerate leaders of Chile. What a treasure!

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)