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Turin, Italy - News the last days about Guido and Arturo

Turin, Italy - Raid on Italian electricity company ENEL and anti-nuclear demo surrounded by police

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from macerie
February 11, 2011 - A small group of enemies of nuclear power raided the headquarters of Enel in Corso Regina Margherita, Torino this morning. Banner, megaphone and leaflets to highlight the complicity of the company with the return of nuclear energy in Italy (if anything of it had gone) and in solidarity with Guido and Arturo, in prison for trying to block a radioactive train. Having moved around far and wide inside the premises, and also interrupted a big meeting that was being held inside, the protesters calmly left.

from Indymedia piemonte
This afternoon at Porta Susa [Turin]an anti-nuclear demo was held in solidarity with the arrested comrades.
Table and leafletting from 12 to 13.30, when the participants [about eighty, not only from Piedmont] * try * to move, going on to a tram. Immediately the Digos [political police] tell the driver to halt the tram. Then come the riot police [about one hundred and twenty!] to surround the comrades who in the meantime get off the tram. A quick move in the direction of the metro causes a reaction of the cops who surround the group. The police get orders to hold their position and impose a militarised march [sandwich effect], escorted by about twenty trucks, traffic wardens and the essential [?!?] little GTT [Turin transport?] man. To cries of "Guido and Arturo free" and "Don't let them poison you, refuse nuclear power", one walked reinforced along Corso San Martino, Corso Prince Eugene, via Cigna, Lungo Dora Naples, Via Borgo Dora to the Balon square [street market]from which the troops stayed away.
Sat, 12/02/2011 - 

Canavese and Val d'Aosta, Italy - AGAINST NUCLEAR DISASTER


On the night between Sunday, February 7 and Monday 8 in Val Susa train station Condove Chiusa San Michele, about forty people, alerted by reports from France, awaited the passage of a train loaded with nuclear waste coming from Saluda (Vercelli). Close to the arrival of the train (at 3.39), there was an attempt to block the railroad tracks despite the presence of a massive deployment of security forces so as to make any attempt at opposition impossible. All these uniforms give a good idea of how many interests were being defended there and how the nuclear issue is not resolved at all but continues to represent a dark threat to us all. This is clearly shown by the violence suffered by the charge of those carrying out the blockade, three of whom were then put under arrest, while others were forced to remain detained on the ground for hours. Despite the incident, the transport of nuclear waste was disrupted and slowed down also by the presence of some fires along the tracks, lit after the police charge. Italy abolished the use of nuclear power in 1987 but in the Italian territory there are still disused nuclear power stations and depots of radioactive waste. For years this has been traveling to France to be treated in a manner that, if it is really possible, renders it less harmful and returned to Italy for storage. The economic burden of these operations is still added on to electricity bills (30 years after !!!!!!!!!!!!). Right now, Italy would like to return to the use of nuclear energy driven by the interests of the usual industrial economic groups (ENEL, ENI, Sogin, ANSALDO, etc. ..) along with the banks, without having yet solved waste disposal and security of nuclear sites.
What we want to emphasize is not so much the, normal, abuses of the forces of the law, but the resolute determination with which people acted and the rebel awareness of what has been done on the basis of a broader process of struggle and rejection of ALL harmfulness. For us, it is not enough just to say NO TAV yet allow tons of nuclear waste to pass by our homes: it is technological rubbish, new and old, all part of a mechanism of profit that pays no attention to the consequences, but only to the interests of power.
With Guido and Arturo, rebel lovers of freedom!
Documentation space Lo Sconfino,
Anarchists of Canavese and Val d'Aosta

Turin, Italy - Nuclear waste train blockade - arrest of Guido and Arturo confirmed


10/02/20110 - The GIP (Giudice d'Indagine Preliminare - pretrial hearing judge)validates the arrest of Arturo and Guido.
We are waiting for more details confirming that the investigating judge has validated the arrests and Arturo Guido, not allowing alternative measures (such as signing in or house arrest). The hearing for the review is not expected before next week.
Updates to follow.

Turin, Saturday, February 12, 2011 - just outside the station of Porta Susa
12-13.30 hours - AGAINST NUCLEAR PROTEST in solidarity with Arturo and Guido

Turin, Italy - News about Guido and Arturo


8 February 2011 - Guido and Arturo, detained and arrested during the concentration at Condove against the train carrying nuclear waste, are still being held in Turin prison. The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow with the magistrate for the validation of the arrests.
The outcome should be known between tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning.
For telegrammes:

Guido Mantelli
C.C. Lo Russo e Cotugno
via Pianezza 300 - 10151 Turin, Italy

Arturo Fazio
C.C. Lo Russo e Cotugno
via Pianezza 300 - 10151 Turin, Italy


Italy - Report on the Castor train blockade in Valsusa


08/02/2011 - we have received and impart:

Report on the Castor train block in Valsusa
For a week there was a rumour that a Castor train would be passing through Piedmont, between 6 and 8 February, in the direction of France. On Sunday came more precise information that the train would be passing in the night.
We tried to spread the news as quickly and widely as possible and called a blockade at midnight at Chiusa Condove (Valsusa)station.
About forty people were present at the blockade, mostly anarchists and some village people. Within a short time the gathering was surrounded by a large number of policemen, about 200.
At half past three, as the train was due to arrive, the DIGOS [political police] tried to move us away from the railway line.
Despite the numerical inferiority, we tried to block the tracks with tyres and the police immediately charged the group on different sides. We felt it was necessary to risk and try to oppose ourselves, well aware of what we were up against, driven by the ethical tension that we were in the right.
Some comrades were injured and three people were detained. In the morning two of the detentions changed into arrests.
For more than two hours, the police subjected the area to a full military control, taking into custody 29 demonstrators who were identified, searched and filed, and closing road access to the area.
At half past four the first train, consisting of electric engines and empty carriages and between them the waste container, passed at high speed. Around five o'clock a second convoy arrived and stopped at the station until six. The second convoy was made up of a diesel engine and passenger wagons carrying firefighters, technicians and riot police agents. At the rear, an open wagon was carrying something that looked like an antenna.
During the stop the technicians came down excitedly from the train and carefully examined the tracks.
At six o'clock the second train turned back. According to information we received, the first also did the same. In fact, in the transition between the first and second train, apparently, there were at least two blocks with burning material on the tracks.
The trains left again in the morning and, according to the website "sortir du nucleaire", arrived at the border with a 4-hour delay. Rail traffic has been affected this morning.
This transport of highly radioactive material, which the population is kept in the dark about, will go on for about a year between the depot of Saluggia (Vercelli) and Brittany.
We express our solidarity with the arrested comrades, Guido and Arturo, who have always been committed to the struggle against harmful substances and against this miserable existent.
We believe that this long night of struggle has served to highlight the constant presence of nuclear power in our lives and in our territories and to show that you can act even if you are few.
We hope that this is an occasion for many to become aware of the seriousness of the situation and of the urgent need to oppose it, confident, therefore, that we will be many more next time.


This text is written as a statement to announce the end of the hunger strike that we had begun on Thursday 3-2-2011. We know that such type of actions and forms of struggle leave their prints on the history of the revolutionary subversive movement, and hence have a public character and are exposed to any criticism. Taking into consideration, therefore, that we are stopping the strike before our demand is satisfied and at a very short time after the start our mobilisation, we decided to make a public statement carrying out an assessment of our mobilization from the beginning of our trial until now.

the rest of the text will follow....

Fuck #Mubarak, Fuck the Economy and Fuck Returning to Normal or Why the demos should continue

“Let’s be done with waiting, doubts, dreams of social peace,
little compromises and naivety… Let’s put aside the great analyses that explain
everything down to the most minute detail…Let’s put aside priests, bosses, revolutionary leaders, less revolutionary ones and those who aren’t revolutionary at all…
The world does not belong to us. If it has a master who is stupid enough to want it the way it is then let him have it. Let him count the ruins in the place of buildings, the graveyards in the place of cities, the mud in the place of rivers and the putrid sludge in the place of seas. The greatest conjuring trick in the world no longer enchants us.
We are certain that communities of joy will emerge from our struggle here and now. And for the first time life will triumph over death.”
~ Armed Joy by Alfredo Bonanno
A mix of feelings and thoughts ran through my head today while watching Mubarak’s speech. First of all the audacity he must have to get up before Egypt and the rest of the world and talk about feeling the protester’s pain. After being responsible for the deaths of so many. Really though it was this that really stuck in my craw. In his words:
“Dear citizens, the priority right now is regaining the sense of confidence in Egyptians and a sense of trust in our economy, our reputation. Change and transfer that we have already started and that is not going to bring us any sort of step backwards.”
This talk of protecting the “economy” and restoring “confidence” reminding me of an interview I heard on NPR with an Egyptian shopkeep. This particular businessman driving a fucking car into demonstrators, because he wanted to the demonstrations to stop. And why did he want the demonstrations to stop? Because they’re hurting the economy…
The doublethink here is astounding. The Egyptian economy was FUCKED already, to put it bluntly, before the recent unrest began. In fact that was the major motivator for the demonstrations. In the words of an Egyptian I interviewed:
“Al Masry: alot of sparks led to this. These sparks however are when more than half the country are under the line of poverty. when doctors earn around 200 EGP per month which can be spent in a week if you starve yourself…when people stopped eating meat because of the rise in prices by atleast 50% every 3 months, when later the loaf of bread have become expensive for the ordinary Egyptian and now that the bread is not even enough.”
So why I ask, why in the world would anyone stop demonstrating to save the economy of all things? As if there is suddenly going to be food for the hungry if the economy is OK. As if the economy is something worth saving. Why in the hell would these people who have been pushed to their limits by hunger and starvation before the demonstrations, suddenly revert back to normal? Why indeed, when it seems it is the protests, or what has come out of the protests, that is feeding them now. Another answer from “Al Masry” on this subject:
“at the same time the restaurants in downtown went out and gave the over 50,000 protesters free food and water so that they can hold on till the next day. That is exactly why we are not afraid, there is nothing to fear anymore and there are no hopes or wishes, there is change and only change we will accept.”
Mubarak and everyone else who is petitioning for a peaceful transfer of power in Egypt are shooting themselves in the foot. If their goal is to defuse the demonstrations with these speeches and plans, they are doing the exact opposite. By all accounts the Egyptian protesters will accept nothing less than Mubarak’s resignation and a new government. And transferring power to Omar Suleiman? Not much good feeling towards him either. And with good reason
So what is actually happening in Egypt? When will it end? Will it end? And most importantly, should it end?
Building a new world in the shell of the old:
“We must resist, not as a last act of desperation, but as a first act of creation.”~statement from participants in Anonymous’ #OpItaly
“Action must not be a reaction, but a creation”~Graffiti from May 68’ uprising in Paris
Some see it. Some don’t. Of those who feel the need to demonstrate and change things, there are two groups really. Those who seek to reform things and those who seek to begin something totally new. These two categories aren’t mutually exclusive. If anything, struggles that begin for one reason have a way of turning into something totally different. If anything, it’s these large upheavals are what change the social reality. Change in such a way as to show us what is possible…
Egyptian protesters have occupied tahrir and certain streets in cairo and have set up their own “Free Egypt” inside.

What’s happening in Cairo is something that has happened before. It happened in May 68 in Paris, when students occupied their universities and started holding free French classes for their immigrant worker friends. It happened in the Greek uprising of 2008, when people occupied everywhere from town halls to parks to universities and used them as places to organize. Used them as places to meet and plan and act together. What I’m talking about is autonomous self-organization for a new life. It comes down to this: No one can give you the life you wish you had, you have to make it yourself. It’s pointless to demand a new world from politicians and dictators; they could never give us anything but more of the same. The only thing left is to organize to create it together, as equals.
Further Reading on this topic:
a great piece by Wolfi Landstreicher “Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention”
text of Mubarak’s speech
post from a comrade in Egypt on the very subject of the Cairo occupation

Solidarity attack in Bristol outskirts – The fire is spreading (UK)

“We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians’ poisoned term – we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social hierarchies of race and gender and our own seeming inability to confront and systematically destroy these entities as they suffocate us. This realisation can too often lead to paralysis or chasing one’s own tails in a frenzy of self-righteous *activism* that leaves participants exhausted, the quality of their struggle cheapened, and our enemies unfazed. We have assessed the terrain in which we find ourselves and pledged a trajectory of wild rage despite the spell of tranquility that society attempts to cast, living passion and experimentation despite the inertia and obsession with dead objects this society fetishizes, and real affinity despite the empty shell of social networks and meaningless interaction we are sold as leisure or *community*. Many tools are ours in this lived resistance – but none of these find any context when not held up against a relentless and determined assault on the open prison that unfolds everywhere our enemies tread.”
“Recently, the international anarchist current suffered a blow as a squatted self-organised space, *Liebig-Strasse 14* in the city of Berlin in the occupied territory claimed by the German State, was evicted by the cops. 35 or more comrades were arrested in the building and 2,500 came to the streets in anger – in the spirit of the finest reflection of our disgust and solidarity being the strengthened continuation of our attack everywhere, the struggle against gentrification and the class and social war that surrounds it (as fought in Berlin) was continued as we visited the Dick Lovett BMW garage out by Cribbs Causeway on Tuesday night. Between 40 and 50 BMW vehicles awaiting sale at the rear of the car showroom had their paintwork ruined, scratched and paintstrippered – done in this way so as not to trigger the car alarms.
We have only one question – Where next?
This action dedicated to Lukas Winkler, Stephanie Träger, Sven Maurer – squatters who fought their eviction in Munich, now imprisoned. Also to all prisoners in struggle – either side of the walls.”


Courthouse attacked in Betanzos, Spain


10 02 2011 From Klinamen (February 8, 2011):

At around 4 a.m. on February 1, an incendiary device was placed against the window of the forensics office at the Betanzos courthouse responsible for prison oversight.

The action was carried out in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Chile and Greece.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Abstention from prison food by Simos SeisidIs

Simos Seisidis refused prison
food today 10 / 2 in solidarity with the hunger strikers . / accused of involvement in the C.C.F.

Solidarity action at the Court of Thessaloniki for the 5 hunger strikers accused of CCF 
An action took place yesterday morning in the Thessaloniki court building for the 5 hunger strikers (H. Hadtzimihelakis, P. Massouras, P. Argirou, G. Karagiannidis, G. Tsakalos)  accused of involvement in the
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, on their eighth day of hunger strike. 

They gave out leaflets with texts (one by 4 of the hunger strikers, and the statement by hunger strikers G.Tsakalos-M.Nikolopoulou), which were thrown into the courts on all the different levels of the building. 

In particular, texts were given to the people who had come to the court, were put under the doors of investigators, prosecutors, etc., were left on seats in the courtrooms, in canteens, and were put up on the court noticeboards, and the corridors were full up with leaflets in solidarity with the hungerstrikers and the CCF defendants.

This morning, the three defendants that are free on bail, Emmanuel G., N. Vogiatsakis. and E. Rallis., and Mitrousias A., on remand, went to court and their lawyers requested that the judges (who listened with expressions of disbelief on their faces) of the three-member Appeals Court be revoked, because, they said, there are suspicions of bias on their part.
Representatives of the Piraeus Bar Association today went to the trial of those accused of CCF to intervene, following the events of last Wednesday. The PBA sent representatives of the association to see for themselves the conditions under which the trial is proceeding and possibly to make a complaint. The delegation announced this to the court through defence lawyer K. Papadakis, as a form of pressure on the judges. They charged them with procedural violations and the decision to withhold the identity of persons entering the courtroom to watch the trial and for not recording the proceedings, for their appointment of defence lawyers and sending the notes of the proceedings to the Prosecutors Office and the Athens lawyers association. The application for exemption does not involve Constantina Karakatsani, as she has retained her initial lawyers . The trial was adjourned to next Tuesday to consider the lawyers' request to revoke the judges.
The trial will resume Tuesday February 15

Refusal of prison food - Rumy Syrianos 

From the moment of the notorious case of Halandri and the first arrests for the Revolutionary Organisation CCF, an unprecedented for Greece campaign of political persecution and criminalization of friendship and comradeship and attempts at 
depoliticisation of revolutionary theory and practice, has clearly emerged. The newly opened anti-terrorist theorem, elaborated on the 12th floor of G.A.D.A [anti-terrorist department of the central police station] and built by The Counterfeit reality of the media, fits almost anyone who thinks to resist. 
The trial for the same case could not but seal this campaign. Certainly the anxious effort of depoliticisation of proceedings of the trial is self-eliminated by the regime itself (from the special composition of the tribunal, a special room for the trial in Korydallos prison, refusal to record the minutes, recording of the details of anyone who wants to watch the trial procedure as well as the repeated appointing of lawyers for the defendants). It is evident that the state is trying hard to send a clear message to any outbreak of insurgency and at the same time to bend the solidarity movement, using it to extend the already existing lists of suspects to follow and future prosecutions.
Under these conditions of the State's counterattack and the mechanisms of repression, solidarity constitutes one of the most powerful weapons at our disposal. Thus from 9/2, I have begun to refuse prison food as a minimal sign of support and solidarity, to the defendants of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire that have gone on hunger strike, but also as an action of resistance to the methods of authority, considering always the restrictions of action that a prisoner has.
P.S. The present letter was written in a hurry because of the developments of the trial of the comrades. A letter will follow where I will try to deposit the opinions and perceptions that led me to my choices and ultimately to my arrest.

 Ioannina prisons

Solidarity action for Silvia, Billy and Costa on 24 February

FSBC Comm. | 

On 24 February there will be a solidarity action at the Swiss embassy for Silvia, Billy and Costa .

On the 15th of April 2010 Silvia Guerini, Luca Bernasconi (called Billy) and Costantino Ragusa (called Costa) have been arrested nearby Zurich, in Switzerland. Their car was stopped and searched by the police that found explosives, gas bottles, incendiary devices and communiques signed ELF Switzerland. From the communique is clear the intention to attack the construction site of the new IBM research center of nanotechnologies in Ruschlikon, Zurich.

Since then are kept in three different prisons, under very strict restrictions, especially the censorship on the post that makes the communication very slow and limited at 3 letters a week. The investigation should come to an end in February 2011, but it isn’t known yet the date of the trial. The charges are not official yet but probably they will be: possession and transport of explosive materials and poisoning gas, attempted arson and attempted explosive attack.
Since Silvia and Costa are Italians and the three of them were very active in Italy, the Italian government opened an other investigation with the charges of 270bis, that’s the Italian anti-terrorist law.

The three vegan anarchists, have been part, since many years, in the animal liberation and earth liberation movements. Active also in the fight against Morini, breading farm for vivisection; AIP campaign against the fur industry; Coalizione contro le nocivitá, campaign against bio and nanotechnologies and nuclear power. They are also part of the editorial collective of an anti-civilization journal called Terra Selvaggia.

Even if they have been isolated, they managed to organize two coordinated hunger strikes, the first one from the 10th of September 2010 for maximum 10 days, the second one from the 6th of December to the 12th of December 2010, both with Marco Camenisch, green anarchist in prison in Switzerland since 2003.

May our solidarity break into the thick walls of their jails, may the solidarity actions multiply, may the struggle continue stronger than before.


On February 24th there is a solidarity protest outside the Swiss Embassy (16-18 Montagu Place, London W1H 2BQ at 5:00pm. Banners and flags will be provided.

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Brussels - Solidarity incendiary attack against mobile phone antenna

suie e cendres

"Thursday 3th of February.
Incendiary attack against a mobile phone antenna in Evere.

Courage for the anarchists and other rebels who found prison on their way, in Greece, France and everywhere else. The fight for freedom continues."

Translated from

International Revolutionary Front- Deviant Behaviors for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism Cell of Reflective Attack -We take responsibility for the arsons of: • Mc Donald's in Athens • Zografou town hall • Kaisariani town hall The attempted arson at Marks & Spenser stores and Fred Perry in a street full of stores at Kifissia(athens greece)

Orijinal texts  greek - t
+ pdf files with this and previous publications in english and greek

“And the door of prison shakes behind you. You are now there, came out alive from your arrest, you are angry that you were not more careful, you worry if they arrest others, you try to understand what they know, if a lawyer is advised and of course careful to hide what you think. The gun, the counterfeit papers, your clothes, all their own, the light blue form of prison that they trowed in your face and the shoes are very big for you-to make fun of you or because they actually believe that “terrorists” are huge-your face has changed. You look around you and observe carefully the vital area of your next years” 

(Klaus Viehmann )

When a comrade is captured, war, reflective attacks, attack to the capitalist society. When a comrade dies, war, revenge, they will pay with any way, everybody must be in position to understand the cost of the death. For every comrade that is prosecuted by the state, war, solidarity to the political choices that led him to this condition, raising of the revolutionary action and continuation of the revolutionary/anarchic fight. The intensity of the revolutionary war has now reached a very high and unprecedented level. The arrests of comrades succeed one more arrests, the revolutionary forces standing up toward the enemy. The last months, after the international call of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire for action in regard to the court of her members, anarchists, revolutionaries and other defendants it began a barrage of international revolutionary-aggressive actions in solidarity in the light of an International Revolutionary Front. The internationalization of the resistance is a constant challenge for us and we consider it essential for the reinforcement of the revolutionary war. Based on this concept we have burned a company of production of military material that collaborated with the Chilean government to express our solidarity and as one more effort to to contribute to this international direction..

Now that in a first phase the bet of globalization for the court of a revolutionary organization should have been gained we must place in the field of the revolutionary dialectic the prospect of the overall internationalization of the Revolutionary Action not only for courts or political circumstances. Let's organize our forces and attack the states in a global level. The effort of setting up a global anarchist revolutionary force is now an actual fact. The exchange of experiences, criticism, the calls, greetings, the analyzes of policy considerations with rebels comrades from all over the world is now a possibility that we must not waste.

The conscience, the consequence, the constitution, the individuality are the most important weapons that each anarchist who have self-respect and aims at the destruction of the state and the capitalistic society should permanently evolve . As anarchists we must know that our revolutionary choices do not retreat in front of imprisonment or even our death. All these are situations that we must have in mind and constantly thinking them so that we do not stay speechless in a bad situation. We believe that in the war that is conducted in many levels we can not and we must not try to win only in the military field. That is to say that our fight is mainly political. Therefore in case of an imprisonment we believe that we must not hide anything from our political opinion and ideas. That is why we consider an unrespectable attitude as a political defeat.

Additionally, as a matter of fact if you do not support totally your political ideas and actions in order to reduce your punishment you automatically reduce the choices and the tension of your fight from inside the walls. "Certainly there are plots and cases that criminalize relationships between individuals, but that is not to say that our role as rebels is to focus there and propose nothing. Rebels are not lawyers in order to restrict their beliefs in legal arbitrariness by cops and judges. Then, that is their role " G. Tsakalos In relation to this issue it is very important to assess the consequence of words and actions of prisoners of war. An assessment that is proved into practice through revolutionary solidarity. We also stand next to our comrades that are imprisoned in the jail of Aulona for the case of Nadir. Both of them have taken place of counter-attack behind the walls expressing their political beliefs, while they participate with the other Thessalonian comrades in the abstention of soupe in solidarity to the companions that are judged for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We want to declare that independent from the affair for which an anarchist-rebel is accused (e.g for an arson or for a riot or for armed struggle) his attitude inside the walls must not be determined by the means that he used and for which he was jailed but from his political perception and theory which is not shaped neither is influenced from legalistic mentality but also does not rate the means of the fight. And we are saying that because the comrades even if arrested for an “inferior” affair (legally and only) than others they signed with comrades who have more severe categories, while it could be possible for many to think that they should not say anything, because in any case they will be released soon (something that is also doubtful). "We do not ask for something small

. What we are looking for is the war itself and within it the hand that will catch our own, after a victory, but especially after a defeat which was never accompanied by retreat. The hand that will target without hesitation, whatever and whoever was targeting and our hand. Straight and between the eyes. Because the fight never finishes, but only explodes." On Thursday January 13 our comrades Dimitri Fessas, Babis Tsilianidis Dimitris Dimtsiadis and Sokrates Tzifkas are arrested by the counter-terrorism police who were fugitive from justice after the arrest of rebel John Skouloudis. The comrades were not apologized, saying that they are anarchistsrebels and they did not recognize the process. They did not even take lawyers proving their intolerance toward to the juridical system and his laws as well as in the “freedoms” that this provides(legal defense). For this affair was also arrested the anarchist Fee Mayer. We believe that the anarchists's public actions in relation to the case for the arrests of the four comrades from Thessaloniki is unacceptable. The fact that there were public calls for the "unfair" arrest of Fee Mayer, the criminalization of her friendly fellow-relations, the way that media handled her case and many other things more aimed at the disorientation of the affair. We believe that it is hypocritical when four comrades have not even their own lawyer and have said to the investigators that they do not apologize as they are anarchic rebels. It is proved once again that eventually the "innocent" deserve more "innocent ¨ legalistic solidarity. Once again the solidarity takes the Christian form of sympathy. After the arrest of the anarchist and member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Michalis Nikolopoulos we immediately decided as a minimum response some reflective hits. So, from Thursday to Saturday we had an incendiary barrage aimed to answer the minimum to the arrest of our comrade. Obviously we know that these actions were reflective and that compared with the hit of a capture is minimal so we promise more powerful hits. 

 We take responsibility for the arsons of: • Mc Donald's in Athens

• Zografou town hall 

• Kaisariani town hall

The attempted arson at Marks & Spenser stores 
and Fred Perry in a street full of stores at Kifissia.

Unfortunately for us, somebody alerted to the existence of three incendiary packages, and were disabled by the cops.

PS 1. We welcome all calls of rebel teams that call into action and we recall on a new round of ruthless warfare.

PS 2. Good strength and courage to comrades whose trial is conducted in Koridallos prison when they give their own fight against the judicial authorities. Hold on comrades, nothing is left unanswered.

PS 3. On Monday morning comrade Rami Syrianos arrested for an armed robbery and was detained. Good strength in your struggle comrade.


International Revolutionary Front- Deviant Behaviors for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism Cell of Reflective Attack 


This morning, the three defendants that are free on bail, Emmanuel G., N. Vogiatsakis. and E. Rallis., and Mitrousias A., on remand, went to court and their lawyers requested that the judges (who listened with expressions of disbelief on their faces) of the three-member Appeals Court be revoked, because, they said, there are suspicions of bias on their part.
Representatives of the Piraeus Bar Association today went to the trial of those accused of CCF to intervene, following the events of last Wednesday. The PBA sent representatives of the association to see for themselves the conditions under which the trial is proceeding and possibly to make a complaint. The delegation announced this to the court through defence lawyer K. Papadakis, as a form of pressure on the judges. They charged them with procedural violations and the decision to withhold the identity of persons entering the courtroom to watch the trial and for not recording the proceedings, for their appointment of defence lawyers and sending the notes of the proceedings to the Prosecutors Office and the Athens lawyers association. The application for exemption does not involve Constantina Karakatsani, as she has retained her initial lawyers . The trial was adjourned to next Tuesday to consider the lawyers' request to revoke the judges.
The trial will resume Tuesday February 15

"Reventando lo existente. Reflexiones del combate minoritario" – Book in Spanish about the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Libro. Reventando lo existente,reflexiones del combate minoritario: Conspiración de Células del Fuego. Grecia.

In view of the trial that began on January 17 and for a better dissemination of ideas of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, a book is being published in Spanish, first in digital pdf format.

The book is called "Reventando lo existente. Reflexiones del combate minoritario"

(Destroying the existent. Reflections on minority struggle) and contains a chronology of the Halandri case, all the statements of the prisoners (Massoura, Hadtzimihelaki, Karakatsani, Tsakalou, Argirou), the chapter "Critique and contributions"
(the statement "The interpretations they give, time to talk about their aspirations," chapters 3 and 4 of the brochure "Conspiracy Theories ", the text of G. Voutsis Vogiatzis
 pages from "The Diary of a bomber" and the letter that Poly Georgiadi wrote to the Conspiracy ofCells of Fire) and all communiques and texts of the Conspiracy.

The back cover carries a famous phrase of the English poet  
William Blake: He who desires but, actsnot, breeds pestilence."

our revolutionary solidarity comrades!
translate actforfreedomnow!

Bounty offered for Vasilis Palaiocostas (greece)

Money ... they have

While all sectors are continuing to protest against the new measures of the socialistrobber government and foreign bosses and the IMF 
are ordering the annihilation of the last gains of labour struggles ... The Ministry for Citizens' Protection today announced a bounty of 1
million euros for the capture of Vassilis Paleokostas.

From the media

Police on Wednesday set up road blocks across central Greece, stepping up a search for the country's most wanted bank robber,
Vassilis Palaiocostas, after police forensic experts said the fugitive's fingerprints had been found on the wrapping of a parcel bomb
that exploded in the premises of the Citizens' Protection Ministry last June, killing Giorgos Vassilakis, the 52-year-old aide to then
Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis.
Officers set up roadblocks in the broader region of Fokida after locating a Toyota sports utility vehicle in the village of Gravia.
Palaiocostas is believed to have been driving the car on Monday when a police chase failed to stop the vehicle.
Late on Tuesday, police issued an arrest warrant for Palaiocostas on multiple charges of murder and membership of a terrorist
group. The serial robber has been on the run since his second escape by helicopter from Korydallos Prison, near Piraeus, in 
February 2009.
  A translation of the letter sent to “Eleftherotipia” newspaper on the occasion of comardes Polys (Polykarpos) Georgiades and Vaggelis Chrisohoides jury on 2/2 on the accusations of prividing refuge to a “criminal” and being part of his “criminal association”. Vassilis Palaiokostas is on the run, after his escape with a helicopter from Korydallos prison, on Feb. 22/2009, accused for robbing banks and kidnapping industrialists. It is worth to say, he has never harmed human life, not even cop lives to avoid an arrest. On the opposite, he and his older brother (a legendary bank robber and escapee, currently held in prison) are said to have helped many poor people and communities in mainland Greece’ mountains where they come from and are often said to find refuge at, continuing a tradition of “social robbery” that blossom around the Balkans since the decline of the Ottoman Empire     

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abstinence from prison food - Rami Syrianos-Solidarity banner for the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case in the town of Larissa in the centre of Greece.

Abstinence from prison food - Rami Syrianos who  accused of armed robbery of a confiscated vehicle auction, on 31/1  in thessaloniki
In a telephone conversation we had with the comrade he informed us that from this morning 9/2  he has begun to refuse to take prison food,
in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike accused in the case of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

 Rami Syrianos

Geniko Katastima Fylakon

Solidarity banner for the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case in the town of Larissa in the centre of Greece.

The banner says: 

What scares you more? The new measures of repression, the police State, or the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire?
to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.



This evening, our anarchist comrade Fee Marie Meyer was ordered in pre-trial detention. Fee had been arrested on January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit in Athens. From the moment of her arrest, media and police launched a coordinated slander attempt against her, coming up with incredible scenaria of a supposed involvement of her parents with RAF in Germany, and so on and so forth.
Even though mainstream media outlets were embarrassingly forced to admit their stories about Fee were nothing more than fabrications, and despite the police themselves admitting the information leaked was wrong, Fee has been ordered in pre-trial detention this evening. Initially, the public prosecutor and the attorney had disagreed on whether Fee should be ordered in detention. The matter was brought before the so-called misdemeanours committee, which decided for her detention. Fee was too much of an embarrassment to be left free. She is sent to prison with absolutely no evidence being brought against her. As things stand, her only “crime” seems to be that she is an anarchist.
Should Fee go to prison she would become the 50th political prisoner of the Greek state, 41 of which are anarchists – an unprecedented number fitting to these unprecedented times of repression.

Keratea – Lavreotiki: TWO-MONTH STATE TERRORISM greece athens

On Tuesday, 8 February, by 4pm, the coordinated attack of junta’s henchmen culminated against the people of Keratea (Attica-Greece). During the last two months, since 11 December, residents and people in solidarity resist strongly against the landfill construction project in Lavreotiki area. People oppose by any means to the plan of their lives’ deterioration and the natural wealth’s plunder that are attempted by the construction companies’ hyenas and their political crutches of democratic dictatorship.
The resistance of the local society through institutions but also by widespread social counter-violence – such as almost daily clashes with riot police at the barricades with Molotov cocktails, stone throwing and sabotage of the constructions – could not be left unanswered.
In an unprecedented (as far as this area is concerned) motivation of all State repressive mechanism’s instruments, police security bastards raided houses of fighters-residents so as to criminalize their actions and intimidate all those who resist. Policemen beat and arrested many persons. One detainee’s mother suffered a heart attack, as was witnessed even by the town’s mayor. People in solidarity tried to prevent the arrest and demanded his immediate release, circling the local police station. In this way, the State launched its military-style operation. Police squads unleashed a biological warfare, with continued use of tear and asphyxiant gas, pepper spray, as well as flash bang grenades, aiming to exterminate the local community.
The deafening silence of corporate media was once again in full coordination with the uniformed pigs’ misanthropy: while plainclothes thugs and riot cops wacked ‘young and old men, women and children’ (according to many in situ reports) and shouted at times Alexis Grigoropoulos’ name in an apparent show-off of their murderous self-satisfaction, on the parliament’s benches the new health policy amendments were discussed. The mass media provided for full disclosure of the events in Keratea-Lavreotiki – ironically, provoking ‘nostalgia’ for former breaking news bulletin of misinformation. At the same time that the corporate left limited its reaction to a query on the parliament’s agenda, and made vague denouncements of police violence, people of all ages and ideologies were practicing their right to active self-defense, throwing pots, oranges, stones and any other handy object from balconies and streets against the town’s fully-armored invaders.
The junta’s henchmen turned an entire region into a militarized zone, broke the blockade of the Industrial Park (VIO.PA), occupied the main streets of Keratea and restricted the fighting residents to small enclaves of resistance in streets around Agios Dimitrios central square. Indicative of the events – which the State, the bosses and the media parrots want to wipe out – was the overall wake of war: churches’ bells resounded from early afternoon calling people to go on the streets while the municipal radio of Lavreotiki hosted (even for a few hours) live correspondence against junta’s regime.
Lavreotiki area and particularly the town of Keratea have been secluded, literally and figuratively; this can be proved by dozens of angry eye-witnesses, dozens of injured and wounded citizens, the guarded approaches to the region, the all-out attack on a radical struggle which is convicted in obscurity by the regime and its mouthpieces. But mainly this is indicated by the common testimony of all those who publicly denounced State’s brutality, stressing that only by chance did we not mourn victims tonight (until 9/2). At least in one case, a plainclothes cop pulled his gun against people.
The exact number of injured, detained and arrested has not yet been verified. The only certainty is that the struggle of Keratea and Lavreotiki residents is our struggle, a struggle on the verge of despair and mere survival. The most conservative to the most radical individuals of the local community recognize the State as terrorizing mechanism, and call out for solidarity that might and shall be expressed by any means, throughout Greece and abroad. On Wednesday, 9/2 at 7pm residents and people in solidarity call an open gathering in Agios Dimitrios central square (in front of the church), in Keratea.
There will be more updates on the situation
and a brief bulletin on the two-month mobilizations.
More info:


Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)