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Nowhere to hide - Killer cop Korkoneas gets a small taste of what he deserves

A few days ago, D.M., one of the comrades arrested and charged with belonging to CCF gave Korkoneas, the cop murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos that was in the same wing in Domokos prison - a small part of what he deserves.
The screws apparently fell on them to divide them and save the murderer and eventually took him to another wing.
Good strength comrade.
Struggle inside and out of the prisons.

Letter from The Heraklion (Crete) anarchists’ assembly about what followed PIKPA squat eviction

Letter from The Heraklion (Crete) anarchists’ assembly about what followed PIKPA squat eviction on February 16th and calling for solidarity actions on March 8th.Comrades and Friends we greet you,
With this letter we’d like to inform you about the latest events here in Heraklion, to share with you some current issues that preoccupy us and present some suggestions in relation with solidarity moves.
The fact that the regime targets at the people and spaces that lay the foundations for the existence of broader brewings which will lead to its subversion is not something new. Such efforts have taken place in the past a well, yet we assess that they will be more tense in the future, at the same time with the severe repression we all suffer. Being conscious of the fact that if we didn’t run up against the invasion in PIKPA (one of the two local squats), we would count with a negative consignment for our future (and not only for our city), we decided to proceed in a chain of actions.

Among the other results of these actions we suffered the arrest of 4 comrades of ours (after a demonstration that made straight for the squat, several hours after its evacuation by the state). Two of these comrades were accused of felonious acts (and avoided the temporary incarceration under the obligation of paying a 40.000 euros’ guaranty altogether) and the other two of indictable offenses (with a corresponding guaranty of 6.000 euros altogether). For this reason we’ve created a solidarity fund for the arrested comrades.
Relying on the values of solidarity and comradeship amongst those who struggle against the requisitions of the rulers, we appeal to you, so that:
1. you support the solidarity fund the way you judge (for example, by organizing various events and happenings for the financial support of the 4). This way we ‘ll be able to live up to the enormous judicial expenses and the guaranties of the comrades, especially concerning the 46.000 euros’ guaranties, which we are to pay down within 15 calendar days from the moment of the judgment that will follow our lodge of appeal against the size of this huge sum (the lawyer lodged the appeal in 1/3/11 and the sum could potentially be diminished). The collected money will be sent to bank accounts that will be sent to you within the forthcoming days, after a communication among us takes place for this specific issue. Please give us an immediate answer by sending it to, concerning if you can financially contribute or organize some event.
2. you participate with some action and by any means you judge as necessary, in the Action Day for Solidarity with the 4, which we decided to be in 8/3.
Solidarity is our weapon
From Heraklion of Crete – Greece,
The Heraklion anarchists’ assembly
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Vancouver: Paint to Probation Office and Signs(canada)

On the night of March 15th, the front of the probation office on Commercial Drive, Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), was covered with the messages: "Prisoners to the Street!" "Fuck the Police!" and the circle A. Large new signs installed on Commercial Drive to help tourists find their way were completely obscured by paint as well.
A small act in solidarity with comrades in prison on hunger strike in Chile and with comrades in the Puget Sound fighting the police!

Tacoma: Police Car Attacked (usa)

on the night of march 14th, a police car had paint thrown on it, etching fluid was used to ruin at least three windows. this action is dedicated to those comrades imprisoned in chile, on hunger strike since february 21st. solidarity knows no borders.
Three gas canisters explode shortly before 18:00 today 18/3 in the political office of the Minister of Health
- Two explosions heard by neighbours
- Four fire engines there...

 The political office of Health Minister Andreas Loverdos, located on the first floor of a building at 6 Apollo Road, Syntagma, Athens.



The Assembly for Solidarity came together in April 2010 as a result of the discussion that was developed at the anti-repression event on 16/3/2010 at the Polytechnic in Athens, but also beyond it. It is a mono thematic formation consisting of individuals and collectives of various tendencies and perceptions. Its aim is to focus with duration, continuity and consistency on State repression, recognizing it as one of the many fronts of the social war, which however reveals the nature of State savagery in the political field as well. The assembly aims for the organization and spread of solidarity, its transmission through the oppressed social body as a direct answer to State repression, as well as a weapon of the oppressed in the social war.
While it constitutes an autonomous formation that doesn't claim to represent anyone but those participating in it, it perceives itself as part of the anarchist movement and informally seeks to coordinate with the different conditions it encounters.
Even though we consider repression something multifaceted but unitary (an essential element of every mechanism of power), the combination of necessities that emerge forces us to select which aspects of repression we will deal with, in a word, to set priorities. Thus, our priority today is the cases of repression that present a political, revolutionary content. In that direction, over the months that we have functioned, we have organized dozens of struggles and interventions in a period of escalation of the attack (or counter-attack) of the State that is leading to a wider and wider spectrum of repressive blows. This situation has locked us in a permanent “practical rush”, at the same time as political problems from the past on the subject remain unsolved, while new ones are accumulating. The present text is an attempt by the assembly to define itself and face these problems. It does not constitute a text of values nor does it aspire to end discussion within the movement, which, though widespread, does not happen in a coordinated way and with difficulty produces results. It is a recording of positions of value based and political dilemmas that we all continuously find ourselves faced with, but also an attempt for an organized spreading and deepening of this discussion.

What solidarity and for whom?

We fixed as a priority solidarity in cases with a political, revolutionary content. Solidarity, that is to say, that should exist in the community of those whose words and actions bring them to a conscious rupture with the system of sovereignty and exploitation. A community that we perceive as value based, a result of our own participation in the social war. This means that, independently of strategies or tactics, independently of tendencies and currents, we perceive the existence of a vertical (often faded) line that separates worlds. As the world of authority, despite the merciless conflicts within it, maintains for itself the fundamental and material unit of complicity, this we consider should also happen on the other side, that of a society that is being attacked. And even more between the parts of this society that fight. The vertical line of segregation becomes clear when the state imports its repressive violence into this struggle, each time that the terms or even the whole of the social contract are disputed.
Here is where (contrary to other fronts of the social war) the existence of this fundamental community cannot but be proven.
In the name of consistency of values, words and actions but also from the fact that, whether we like it or not, authority will not forget, investing its individual victories, to improve its position in the social war.
The moment charges are pronounced (real or fabricated) concerning a political action (whether it is an expression of belief or for armed struggle) a conflict begins. To remain a spectator, unfortunately, does not mean that “you are not getting involved”. It means that you are taking the side of the more powerful.

So, “all the good ones” fit into solidarity?

No, but surely more than those who fit into the offices of a group or within the framework of a political assembly. When we do not have a set-up prosecution, obviously the matter is who will define and how, the political - revolutionary content. Often the defendant will give a political tone to the act (as e.g. in bank robberies), at other times the action itself has such political references and repercussions that it is no longer the “property” of the prosecuted and concerns everyone. In other cases it is the state itself that will politically colour its violence, imposing the agenda that it wishes.
The Assembly for Solidarity is a live process and each case that comes up is examined separately. Having filled a series of ethical conditions, with the nature of the action turned against authority, and the prisoner maintaining a decent attitude, blocking the extension of repression and promoting his/her position in the social war and of course in the cases of fabrications and vengeful prosecutions, then yes, it is clear for us that we should mobilize.

Is the prisoner thus politically vindicated because he/she was caught?

No. Holy cows do not exist. Each act and choice will be evaluated, will be “criticized”, will go on the scales. No matter how much governmental violence is applied, no matter how proud the attitude of the prisoner, his or her political choices are in the arena, as are also the actions and the choices of those “on the outside”, in solidarity or not.
The question, however, is whose job is it to intervene in this criticism. We consider that this is the job of political organizations and individuals, it is the job of processes and structures that draw a policy, but also of the prosecuted themselves.
The job of a general structure of solidarity is to deal with the community in which all these are encompassed, it concerns a base value, a fundamental policy, not a strategy. If it makes the mistake of importing into its interior, making its presence dependent upon, factors of tight political agreement, then not only does it cancel itself but also functions negatively in its entirety in the struggle for subversion. It will achieve nothing other than its multiple splits, as well as the scorn of every ambitious argument of ours for solidarity among the oppressed. It will be a fast road to ridicule.
The attitude of the greatest part of the radical left concerning the prisoners of 17N (the 17th November Revolutionary Organization) is the precise description of what should be avoided. The detached whistling, conspiracy theories, statements of loyalty… once again proving how disastrous it is to examine repression while forgetting to put half of reality in the framework: the state and its targets. It was proved yet again that authority manages to change silence into complicity, an always topical chant that we should all remember no matter how difficult it is. On the contrary, despite the fact that they were not “charmed”, particularly by the political aims and many of the actions of this organization, the attitude of the anarchists (the most part of them at least) was the one that not only rose to the occasion, but also socially rescued the prestige of anti-institutional practices and slowed down the spreading of repression.
For us, since the case is accepted in the first level that we consider concerns us, the disagreement or agreement with what the prisoner did, when he accepts his action, cannot go on the table of solidarity. Solidarity does not mean engagement. Even somebody that could consider specific choices of struggle completely wrong, has in the end the obligation to not allow the state to vindicate its own criminal choices, to not remove the state from the picture. If of course negative criticism becomes provocative or is drawn up in a repressive climate, then the thing changes. Whoever plays around with loyalty (or lunacy) has nothing to do with what is written here. They have made other choices. 
About innocence and guilt. 
Since we speak of a solidarity focused on political subjects in struggle, although as anarchists we refuse, totally, the social contract (and each choice of struggle is characterized first of all by the side of social war in which it is included), then the significance of legal innocence or guilt does not exist for us. Obviously, in the usual cases where a case is completely or partly fabricated by the authorities, things are much easier. Solidarity that seeks to be transmitted to as many as possible wider layers of oppressed has a weapon: factual proof of the democratic lie of the regime.
It has also a “facility”: someone does not need to dispute the social contract in order to stand on the side of the persecuted. A “facility” of course, that carries the danger of being led to the support of a fantasized (but insistently propagated by authority) civil legality. On the other hand, when the prisoner takes responsibility solidarity becomes much more rupturing and has to place the question of choosing camps: not between the choices of the prosecuted and the state, but between the dominated that fight actively and power that claims the monopoly of violence. There, of course, the direct objective of solidarity becomes more difficult. Because the direct objective cannot be any other than the release of the prisoner. Provided that he or she remains a fighter, “taking him/her from their clutches” is the heart of every single campaign. We have also cases where the attitude of the prisoner changes. Where they start off speaking of “innocence” and afterwards admit “guilt”. We believe that, despite the complex matters that open up with such an attitude, it is the absolute right of the persecuted to lie to authority even if this means that at the same time they tell lies to their own side. Such is the nature of every repressive attack: it creates such blackmailing dilemmas to everyone that it does not allow the creation of a savoir vivre of “correct attitude” in a prosecution. This does not eliminate the content of a reliable and proud attitude. On the contrary it reveals it.
Finally, however, we consider that (we repeat it, since it goes through the essential political filter) the line of defence is the exclusive affair of each prisoner separately. For solidarity, the moment of prosecution, the acceptance of each defensive line and movement is not a choice, it is a duty. Any other attitude threatens to play the game of authority that seeks such cracks.

The Assembly for Solidarity is an open formation within which coexist different, and at certain times opposing, political perceptions. We consider that through this we are covering, in an organized way, an imperative need in the social war. And we are covering it by going beyond individual agreements or disagreements among ourselves or with those prosecuted. Also going beyond the logic of close friends and microcosms that often (and this should be recognized) carried the weight of important matters of solidarity in the past alone, without, however, the necessary continuity and totality that the current situation requires more than ever. Our interventions have a direct relation to our strength. This is why we are calling upon individuals and collectives to approach the attempt. And this text and our presence up until now give us a clear image of “where we are going”. From now on we are neither taking on the job of solidarity, nor are we those that “do the chores”. We are willing to collaborate (and we have done it) on the basis of clear procedures with other formations of solidarity for the carrying out of actions on a larger scale. What is important is that we respond to the attacks of the state, to stand effectively on the side of its hostages, with our position clear in the struggle for social liberation. 
And this is how we will continue.

The Assembly for Solidarity meets every Monday at 7.00pm at the Polytechnic University 
Assembly for Solidarity
Athens, January 2011

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It's not over, on the contrary! The winds of revolt continue to blow in the Arab world and elsewhere

non fides

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt seem to be inspiring insurgents in many other countries. From Algeria to Bahrain, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Syria, many people are taking to the streets to launch strikes at the workplace, clash with police, pass to looting and the burning of buildings of State and economic power. It is a wind of revolt that is blowing across these countries, it is a wind that gives courage, a wind that carries the message that no regime, no matter how authoritarian it is, is unassailable. No poverty, no oppression is ever safe from a devastating social tempest.
We can not predict in which direction these storms will go, but what is certain is that at such insurrectional moments everything comes out in the open air. Contradictions erupt before everyone's eyes, and a regime that collapses shows that oppression routed may hide another.
Some insurgents may well think that salvation will come from a democratic regime, even if in turn it will perpetuate social inequality and exploitation. Others believe that the time has come to wield national flags, forgetting that the poor will never have a homeland, unaware that nationalism always leads to killings, internment camps for the "others", and endless wars. Still others may want to establish an Islamic regime, subjecting everyone to the fierce sharia, suffocating freedom in an even more insidious way than the current authoritarian regimes.
But that's not all. For many people rebel simply because they have had enough. Enough of being oppressed and silenced, sick of being poor and at the mercy of the bosses, tired of living in miserable conditions, without happiness or dream. This "no" is certainly just a start but it's a no that paves the way, perhaps also, as one can already read in some accounts of insurgents, of experimentation of a kind that is different to democracy, religion, nationalism and money. Experimentation with forms of self-organization among the people involved far beyond the State, of solidarity and mutual aid among people away from all exploitation, of liberation from fixed or imposed social roles. That is what frightens the powerful, but also those who aspire to become so: that the insurgents are experimenting and becoming aware that they have no need for the powerful, old or new, corrupt or "honest" dictatorial or "elected". That all power, all bosses will always prevent them from living a free life, from organizing freely among themselves. It is this spectre of freedom, showing its beauty and possibility in these moments of rebellion, which scares all those who want to retain or grab power.
Now, let us also welcome the spectre of freedom, let's destroy the mental boundaries between here and there that we built in our heads. Let's dare to cry loud and clear that we have no country, we do not want any government at all. That we will drive out not only the ambassadors of these Arab countries in ferment from their villas in Brussels, but we will also also chase all politicians and all bosses off their seats. And not to take them in turn, but to destroy them forever. The best support, the best solidarity with the insurgents in the Arab world, is to pave the way for the liberating rebellion.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
The courts in flames

During the uprising in Tunisia, 14 courts have been burned by the insurgents. Also many prisons are still out of use after the attacks and riots. The new order is beginning to establish itself in Tunisia, even if it must face tenacious resistance in the streets (protests, riots and attacks against banks, police stations, supermarkets, governments continue while "the new police" do not hesitate to shoot rioters). A key concern of the Minister of the Interior is obviously to restore the repressive apparatus. He "is counting for that on the financial assistance of the European Union" which certainly does not refuse to support another State seeking to give itself the means to subjugate the population. In addition, the Minister has rehabilitated all the judges of the regime of Ben Ali, who have since resumed their posts.

The barricades are leading the way

In Algeria, one of the most intense points of the rioting in course is in the town of Akbou. The spark was the decision of the prefect of police to evict the 495 housing units, occupied since early January by many families. They did not let them do it and opposed rocks, barricades and petrol bombs at police. Currently, the housing is still occupied and despite appeals for calm from the "sages of the community" the riots continue and are spreading to more areas of the city. Several banks, a police station and employment office have been ransacked or torched by insurgents. Barricades have been erected on the important road RN26A linking Vgayet and Tizi-Ouzou, thereby blocking economic traffic, a widespread practice elsewhere in the rest of the country (Naciria, El Harrouch, Sidi Amar, Bordj Menaïel, Tazmalt). The barricades almost always lead to serious clashes between insurgents and security forces, which then continue in the neighbourhoods. Thus, the insurgents are able to remove the monopoly of space from law enforcement, choosing their battlefields themselves, pushing the trap of being caught in a clash in central ground fertile for law enforcement.

Democracy or not, it's time to revolt

In southern Iraq, in different towns, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the miserable living conditions. The events have all ended in clashes with the security forces of the "young democracy" established after the invasion of Western troops. In addition, many government buildings have been delivered to the flames. For some time, the tension towards social struggle (strikes in factories, demonstrations not controlled by either the state or by the Islamists, ...) is beginning to regain strength in Iraq, a country torn by military occupation, a police democracy and a war waged by Islamists in part against the occupation but also against the Iraqi people to impose Islam. The state has tried to buy the angry protesters, promising them a certain amount of watts of electricity free annually.

Where people rise up, the shadow of authority goes down

In Libya, despite the attempts by the Gaddafi regime to immediately and brutally suppress the rebellion, the situation has become particularly tense in the cities of Al-Baida and Benghazi. There, armed clashes between police and insurgents left dozens dead. Also, militias in the pay of the regime are vainly trying to crush any attempt at revolt with terror. In the prison of Benghazi, in parallel with the fighting in the street, a mutiny broke out, allowing not only the destruction of a large part of the prison but also the escape of many prisoners. Many of these prisoners joined the insurgents in the burning of several buildings of power, including the building of the Attorney-General, a police station, several banks and offices of the Police. Meanwhile, at the time of publication of this issue, the uprising has embraced the whole country, pitting a variety of armed insurgents against Gaddafi's police and militias.

[Excerpt from Hors Service No. 14]

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At least 25 killed in Yemen crackdown on protests

At least 25 people were killed and hundreds injured when police opened fire Friday at hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the Yemeni capital Sana'a. Doctors claims that as many as 42 demonstrators were killed by government forces.
Security men in civilian clothes on the rooftops of surrounding houses opened live fire on protesters, apparently shooting to kill by aiming at the head and chest, an eyewitness told the German Press Agency DPA.

An injured anti-government protester reacts as he is being helped by fellow protesters in Sanaa, March 18, 2011.

They also used tear gas and water cannons hoping to disperse the protesters who were demonstrating to demand the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, he added.
Security men in civilian clothes also attacked protesters camping in the northern province of Dhamar and set ablaze a number of tents. Dozens were injured in the attack.

Solidarity from Tacoma, WA (USA)

on the night of march 14th, a police car had paint thrown on it, etching fluid was used to ruin at least three windows. this action is dedicated to those comrades imprisoned in chile, on hunger strike since february 21st. solidarity knows no borders.


Solidaridad de Tacoma, WA (EEUU):
en la noche del 14 de marzo, un coche de la policía había arrojado pintura sobre el mismo, líquido grabado se utilizó a la ruina por lo menos tres ventanas. esta acción está dedicado a lxs compañerxs presxs en Chile, en huelga de hambre desde el 21 de febrero. la solidaridad no conoce fronteras.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

UPDATE ON C.C.F. TRIAL, 15/3/2011

in the sphere of politics”, as he said, included G.Arsenis (ex-minister of education), the incendiary device explosion in September 2009 outside the apartment, where he lives with his wife Louka Katseli, testifying in the trial.
The explosion was on the 23d of September of 2009, amidst an election period, and the same day the cops raided H.Hadjimihelakis house which led to the arrests of the comrades. He said that the explosion was not big but there was thick smoke in the apartment block. He also said that the windows broke but the prosecutor reminded that the fire brigade broke them in order to let the smoke out.

“this surely is not positive for the country” 
He added, though, that the state is too strong to be shaken with such acts, although they do “create an insecurity to the citizens”.

 To a question by the defence lawyer if in these actions, the “alleged victim gains politically”, because of the sympathy of the citizens –especially since it happened just before an election- , the ex-minister answered “it is very likely”.
He added, though, that from the first moment, the intention he and his wife and also Pasok (ruling party now), was not to exploit the situation, but to demean it, as you can tell by their statements that period.

The garbage bags with the “suspicious content”, which are the basic evidence of the case, from three became four, and later were multiplied. However, the superiors of the Office of Information and research of the domestic terrorism section of the antiterrorist force, who were examined by the court on Tuesday, stated they didn’t know why the number keeps going up.
Specifically, according to what was read in the court room, the cops that found the bags in the bin testified that they transferred three bags, not especially full. The superior in the Research office, as well as the superior of the Information office of the antiterrorist also spoke of three bags. One of these bags had a logo on it saying “I don’t harm the environment”.

On September 21st 2009, the confiscation report that was written by cops of the Research office mentions that three bags are confiscated. But, on September 22nd, the document that accompanies the sending of the evidence to the criminology labs of the police describes four bags, which contain 18 extra bags and nine bags with the with the indication “I don’t harm the environment”. 

The basic evidence of guilt against comrade K.Karakatsani was her print that was found on a bag with the indication “I don’t harm the environment”, which contained ingredients for an explosive device. When the comrades advocate asked the superior of the Research Office how it is possible “that the bags multiplied in the police offices” and how it is possible inside three half full bags to find “so many small bags that you could fill a small truck”, he answered he does not know why the number kept going up, however he stated with certainty that in his office “there is no way someone ‘filled in’ the bags”.

The superior of the research lab admitted that there were no reports made of evidence findings.
The superior of the Information office mentioned that during the surveillance of the house in Halandri, which was later baptized a “safehouse”, there was no document proving what time and who had shifts outside the house, while he destroyed the notes he had kept.

The testimonies of friends and fellow students of the accused, spoke of a normal student house, in which they had noticed nothing unusual.
The theatre continues on Thursday 17th March

Face To Face Shooting in bahrain- alwefaqtube

16/03/2011 - MANAMA, Bahrain At least five people are dead after soldiers and riot police drove anti-government protesters out of a square in Bahrain's capital today.
The assault on the protesters' camp began at daybreak when soldiers and police stormed Pearl Square in armored vehicles, firing tear gas. Black smoke could be seen rising from the area from protesters' tents set ablaze.
Witnesses says at least two protesters were killed in the initial assault, while hospital officials say a third protester later died from gunshot wounds in his back.
A government statement says two policemen died when they were "repeatedly run over by three vehicles containing protesters leaving the fringes of the scene."
The Interior Ministry says another policeman was killed yesterday.
It's unclear whether a contingent of soldiers from other Gulf nations took part in the offensive.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nat West Bank attacked in Nottingham (UK)


Last night the windows of Nat West Bank on Mansfield Road were smashed out, and anti-capitalist graffiti was left on the side of the building.
We did this because we refuse to submit to the will of capitalism.
Every single day that goes our love and rage grow.
Love for our friends and comrades around the world. Rage at the forces which try to cripple their sprit and
oppress all efforts to find freedom in their lives. Nat West bank is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland who
violently support the destruction of the earth and the prison system, they are merely one aspect of the system entrapping  everything it comes into contact with. And this action was just one small gesture against all its
Until capitalism, white supremacy, and patriachy are destroyed we will find ways in which to fight back. We 
remember those who have fought before us and we search for those who will fight with us.
Love and Solidarity to Simos Seisidis and all those who are caged by this society and its culture. 
Yesterday we sharpened our teeth, as we prepare to fight back.

He was TARGETED from the oppressive mechanisms
He was HUNTED as a fugitive after the robbery of the
National bank of Greece on Solonos street because of his
comrade relationship with G.Dimitrakis
He had a BOUNTY placed on his head by the terrorist
M.Chrisohoidis for 600.000 euro
He was SHOT IN THE BACK by the “protectors of the citizen”
He was TORTURED by traitor doctors of state hospitals
He was MUTILATED on the right leg because of his heavy injury
He was IMPRISONED with five different prosecutions
He is TRIED as the “robber in black”
The only victim in this story is the justice you call upon.
The only guilty in this story is your democracy.
Solidarity to M.Seisidis and G.Tsironis
Who are wanted for the same case
TUESDAY 29/3/2011

13 vehicles in flames! in Athens 16/3

Data show many arson incidents in which vehicles caught fire occurred that night in Athens. The first was in Psiri at 22:55, when when a private car went up in flames

Shortly before one at 00:58 a fire broke out in 2 cars without number plates at a yard for parts, 85 Republic Avenue Menidi.

At 1:33 a fire erupted in the municipality of Kifissia, a car parked at 13 Anaxagoras Road in New Eritrea.

A few minutes later, at 1:42, a car at 35 Michail Voda Road in Athens was completely destroyed by fire, which caused damage to another
car and two motorcycles.

At 2:10 flames engulfed three cars parked in  an outdoor car park at 57 Lakovaton Street, Kato Patissia, leading to one being completely
destroyed and the two others being damaged.

The last case recorded was at 2:20 in Paleo Faliro, with two vehicles, one of the diplomatic corps and one without number plates which
caught fire while they were parked at 14 Nazliou Road.

Attacks in Barcelona Dedicated to the Prisoners of the "Bombs Case" in Chile

Celulas locas de remate

Because this world is totally subjugated by a system, the State-Capitalism, that devastates the planet and exploits and oppresses all life forms within it. Because in this system, a few privileged ones hold power, economic as well as social or political, and they use it as an instrument for subjugating the rest to the misery of its domination and domestication, through patriarchy, the state apparatus, and the economy, condemning thousands to death, to poverty, and condemning all those who rebel to repression, prison, punishment...

For all these reasons we have to rise up in war against the system and against all those who operate or directly support it: the rich, politicians, police, judges, journalists, and other trash. And to teach by example we try to do our little part so that this trash is also sometimes on the receiving end, via revolutionary violence, of the repercussions of their rottenness; so that at least they don't sleep tranquilly and so that they feel that at any moment their property, their companies, their institutions can become the target of our rage.

That's why on the night of March 10 we attacked the following sites in Barcelona

-A bank (Savings and Pension Bank of Barcelona) in the Sagrera neighborhood with the use of a homemade incendiary device consisting of flammable liquid, a homemade initiator, and a slow fuse.

-A Santander bank branch on Passeig Maragall, through the destruction of its windows.

-15 banks in Gracia through the gluing of their doors and cash machines.

We want to dedicate these small gestures of attack to all the insurgents across the globe, with a special eye towards the 10 anarchists incarcerated in Chile on hunger strike, prisoners within the so-called "bombs case." For them and all the other indomitables an insurrectionary greeting.

Revolt and sabotage are easy and reproducible. Anyone in any place can, individually or collectively, put them into practice. Let us extend the attacks against this infected system, and solidarity towards those who suffer it and towards those who are repressed by it.
We promise more and better.

Death to the State and long live Anarchy

Solidarity Action from Madrid (spain)

In the early morning hours there was an attack with rocks against the Peugeot outlet, in the Emabajadores neighborhood and at the Benetton store on Fuencarral street. In solidarity with our brothers and sisters imprisoned by the Chilean state.
Until we are all free!!!

We extend our rage, we multiple the attacks, and we get out of the ghetto!

Bahrain Security Forces Launch Assault On Protesters In Manama

Soldiers and riot police have used tear gas and armoured vehicles to drive out hundreds of anti-government protesters occupying a landmark square in Bahrain's capital, a day after emergency rule was imposed in the violence-wracked Gulf kingdom.
Demonstrators said at least two people were killed after the full-scale assault swept into Pearl Square in Manama, which has been the centre of uprising against Bahrain's rulers since it began more than a month ago.
Stinging clouds of tear gas filled streets and black smoke rose from the square, possibly from the protesters' tents set ablaze.



Over 100 prisoners escaped amid Bahrain unrest

MANAMA, March 14 (Xinhua) — Over 100 prisoners detained at the Hidd detention center escaped on Monday, sparking fear of increasing unrest in the country.
Sources confirmed to Xinhua that a total of 110 prisoners escaped from the prison and sought shelter in a nearby labor accommodation. Prison authorities launched a search operation and caught most of the inmates, but two prisoners were still at large.
Over 100 riot police were injured during clashes with anti- government protestors on Sunday near the Bahrain Financial Harbor. State run-Bahrain Television on Monday stated that some policemen were taken hostage by protestors, however there was no official confirmation.

A new episode in the series of TERRORLUST.and updates on trials in greece

A new episode in the series of TERRORLUST.

Anti-terrorist unit raids lead to six arrests in Volos and Athens

Latest information abut the arrests in Volos and Athens

Five of the six arrested have been imprisoned.

K.P. has been released on bail of 10,000 euroes with the obligation to sign at the cop station three times a month
and is not allowed to leave the country.

LAWYERS OF THE 6 have written reports of abuse and beatings in the Attica central 'antiterrorist' cops building and talked of scars from cigarettes extinguished on their bodies.

Already lawyers' complaints are beginning to be heard in the mainstream media.

Ballistic tests on weapons seized in the raids show the automatic guns and handguns have not been used in any attacks.

On the morning of 14 March, the anti-terrorist unit arrested six people in total in a series of dawn house raids in the cities of Athens and Volos.
The police also claim to have found a so-called safehouse in the city of Volos, and that the arrests are in connection with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case.
The evening of 14 March a demonstration was called at the neighbourhood where the arrests took place in Volos, in solidarity with the arrested.

update on Aris Sirinidis trial athens
In the court was the same prosecutor who had ordered the pre-trial detention of Aris and it was deemed discriminatory (at least) from the side of the comrade. The defense's request to change the prosecutor was accepted and the trial continued for a while until it was interrupted. Outside the courtroom, where the people who gathered in solidarity tried to enter there was a minor scuffle with a unit of YMET (special forces) who rushed to the spot to stop them. Also Aris defence insisted on a further 2 points: 1st: In the examining of the DNA only by the forensic laboratories of the greek police without it being examined by any other scientific laboratory and 2nd that Aris had an alibi because he was in a cafe and the prosecutor claimed that he left, changed clothes shot and then changed clothes and went back to the cafe. The second is an extreme scenario that can not stand in a court because it is malicious and intends to condemn the accused.
The trial continues on the 17th of March at the appeals court.

Update on C.C.F. trial athens
Doubts were expressed after testifying in the trial of the case of the revolutionary organization "Conspiracy Cells of Fire", by the cop who had recognized the face of the accused, Konstandina Karakatsani, the girl who was seen entering the house in Halandri.
Policeman A’, Paraskevas Hinopoulos, who headed the operation of surveillance on the home in Halandri the alleged safehouse of the organization, responding to questions from the defense, today was skeptical about whether Konstandina Karakatsani is the same person as the girl who he saw coming and going from the apartment.
"they had pointed out to me another girl as Karakatsani. The girl I see here today I don’t think is the Karakatsani that I thought", said the witness, after the persistent questioning by the defense.
Earlier, testified the former deputy Interior Minister, in charge for matters of public order, Panagiotis Hinofotis on the bombing that took place at his house in Paleo Faliro on July 11, 2009, an act which was claimed by the “Conspiracy Cells of Fire”.
Testifying, Mr. Hinofotis mentioned the explosion was very small, saying it could not harm a human.
Update on Polis and Vaggelis trial thessaloniki
Friday 11th of march will continue in Thessaloniki the appeals trial of our comrades Polis Georgiadis and Vaggelis Hrisohoidis, sentenced initially to 22years each, for participating in the kidnapping of the respectable familyman and ex president of the greek industrialist association, by fugitive Vasilis Paleokostas, to whom they offered refuge.
Temporary contact address Filakes Diavatwn P.O. 54012. Invitation. You know what to do.

Thursday 3rd of March at 6.00pm, there will be a solidarity demonstration starting at Propilea athens for Aris Sirinidis' upcoming trial on 9/3/2011

Solidarity Initiative for Aris Sirinidis

The Appeals court of Thessaloniki date has been set, On Tusday 8th of March 11 for comrades Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vagelis Xrisoxoidis.
In August 2008, two comrade fighters are arrested for their complete support and their factual solidarity to the wanted fugitive Vasilis Paleokostas. Charges are attributed to them for participation in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas. Since then they are in prison accepting the "crime" of solidarity and their reliable class conscience.

letter from Polykarpos Georgiadis 21/2/11

clik t0 read the letter:


Court date has been set for anarchist comrade Simos Seisidis 30 / 3 / 11, for the robbery of the National Bank in Solonos Street in January 2006 athens (Giannis Dimitrakis case ).


Comrades in solidarity

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Responsibility claim for arson attack in Kolonaki, Athens.

Our brothers fight…
They do not quit, they are not subjugated.
Our brothers by day conspire in the nights move like shadows.
They sow destruction, they make passages, this is how they live.
They are not crawling ass-licking for the bread of the boss…
Our brothers seek comrades to become one,
they do not spend themselves on ephemeral relations, they look us deep in the eyes…
Our brothers stand up to the enemy since it does not frighten them. They are not afraid…
Fear is for bourgeois and snitches.
Our brothers stand proudly also in prison…
They do not regret, they do not comply with judges and people guards.
Our brothers do not beg for life.
They search for Freedom and go to the end.
Lambros Foundas is our brother, warrior of Freedom, member of Revolutionary Struggle, he fell in the battle, with a gun in his hand.
Tears do not suit our brothers, continuity of Struggle and attack suits them.
As a minimal token of honor we attacked the “emporiki” bank on Skoufa street, in Kolonaki square, the early hours of Sunday 6th March.
We look up high, there where with other rare and beautiful makes plans. Grins to those that continue, to those that do not forget,
to those that look at death and shout: Death does not exist!


Solidarity to the hostage Guerillas of the r.o. Conspiracy Cells of Fire, the r.o. Revolutionary Struggle, the r.o. 17th November.
Solidarity to the hostages of war that do not bow the head behind the bars of democracy.
Solidarity to the hunger striker of the “bombs case” in Chile.
We raise our fists those that continue the hostilities…


by actforfreedomnow!

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)