Time passes and everything stays the same… It could be for some like this, describing the reality that whips many of us, under a pessimistic pretext, like at the end of their conviction. Repression goes up a level, hate against the poor, destruction of the environment, exploitation of human dignity, assassinations of lives, like the small wild life that remains on this planet called Earth. Nothing has changed. Little we have influenced in the disruption of this reality, of this world that our free minds don´t belong to. If nothing has changed it´s perhaps for the lack of obligation, of courage and of conviction. For many this all seems like a game, to stand with a placard, yell a slogan, reform a law, only to alleviate their sense of guilt… but for many others this is serious, the thing here is, to what point one is seriously willing to go? The struggle needs obligation, it needs dedication, discipline, the struggle for the individual freedom as equal to that of the collective freedom. But what is wrong here is that many misunderstand these practices, confusing obligation with boredom, dedication with martyrdom and discipline with authoritarianism. The struggle doesn´t need bitter people, ready to die for the cause without living their lives fighting, without living with passion… and it doesn´t need temporary games, of fashion, of senseless acts. The struggle needs obligation and responsibility, obligation which is principally individual.
The enemy is strong, as strong as it has already demonstrated to us on many occasions, but us anarchists, authentic fighters, who are against injustice, racism, sexism, the domination of all forms of expression, we who are anti-authoritarian, we have our convictions and our desires to live, those which urge us to get up every morning with the fist held high, to confront a depressing reality, grey, boring and genocidal. These convictions are that which move us, which make us strong in front of the repressive assaults of the state, of which we are absolutely not afraid of, even when we know what it is capable of. Our conviction is the urge, the internal fire that takes us on our journey in the fight against power, in solidarity with out imprisoned compañer@s in their dirty cells, tortured or killed by the jailers of the state: those for whom we have a bomb in our hands. Guarding it for the moment to give the most direct strike.
The whole world is in crisis. Each day, each moment, while we turn on the television, waiting to see some news that will be pleasing to us: riots in France, fascist journalists brought to justice in Greece, bombs in Chile, police killed in the black and immigrant neighbourhoods of the United State… etc. In each moment, in each instance capital and its power advances more, inundating the forests with urbanisation, inundating the lower class neighbourhoods with unnecessary luxuries, inundating the minds of the youth with the most absurd fashions, inundating the rest of society with a culture of misogyny and xenophobia, imposing the fear of the state and respect for the police. Terrorism is the order of the day.
Narco-insurgencia? What the fuck is that? The criminalisation of our struggle is knocking on the doors of the sleeping minds of society. Drug trafficking is our common enemy, or at least it has been converted into it. The sad part is that the majority of those in our struggle, sectors and movements ignore this problem, or don´t want to take it seriously. We aren´t willing to live in a Narco-State, which wouldn´t differentiate in any way to the current Capital-State. Even though the world is how it is, like many compañer@s in Mexico and around the world, we maintain our convictions, willing to go to war until its final consequences, for life, for freedom, for dignity, for Anarchy!
Some of us are going to fall, we know this, we are going to die in the combat for liberty, but we are seriously willing to die fighting, to die living, because the struggle is our life, because it is that which makes us happy. We know that the enemy is strong, but we also know that our fight is just and necessary, authentic, nourishing with honesty, and wewholly trust our own intelligence.
We still have much to give, we still have many intentions to discharge the bullets of our guns against the federal police and the army. We have many bombs to detonate against genocidal and ecocidal corporations, against banks, against torture houses. We have many bullets for heads of power, for each judge, for each MP. We have many discourses; crude or appassionate. But also we have many dreams and utopias to realise, many things and reality to construct, many social relations to transform, many desires to love, much love for ourselves. We know that around the world there are also compañer@s, that give their lives in the combat against the indifference of the system, to liberate themselves and their people, they are fighting in the way that they prefer most, and how they most prefer to organise themselves: affinity groups, decentralised cells, armed anarchist groups, informal co- ordinations etc. We know that they are also convinced, we know that they are our compañer@s, we feel affinity with them. And it is for this, for them and for ourselves that this war will continue. For the struggle for social transformation, for a radical change, for the destruction of that which oppresses us, for Anarchy.
You mustn´t despair compañer@s. We have to be strategic. The war is present. The powerful and their bodies of protection of capital, politicians and torturers, are going to wish they were never born… it is one of our intentions that they will feel like this. Everything is going to explode, we have to prepare ourselves and maintain ourselves alert.
These words are dedicated to the compañer@s of the group Revolutionary Struggle that are currency in prison: Panagiota Roupa, Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis, to their conviction which gives us force. To our compañer@s Giannis Dimitrakis, Konstantina Karakatsani, Lambros Foundas, and all those in Greece who are prisoners in this social war.
To the compañer@s that proudly claim their participation in the Conspiration of the Cells of Fire. Compañer@s: imprisoned or fallen- we will always have you present!
Even though prison is a depressing concept, you should know that there are free individuals who are fighting and that in each attack they direct against power, it is also in solidarity with you. The war is growing. The war for freedom is to the death and without truces with the enemy.
From Mexico to Greece: that the powerful who defend and perpetuate power tremble!
The Autonomous Cells of the Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrerro