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Greece 25/26/MARCH

Spate of robberies

Burglars made off with 2,500 euros in cash and two cell phones after breaking into the surgery of a gynecologist in the district of Ambelokipi, near central Athens, on Wednesday night. There was no one at the surgery at the time. At around the same time an armed robber held up a branch of the Vassilopoulos supermarket chain in Halandri, northern Athens. The robber, who struck as the store was closing, made off with 50,000 euros. Another armed raid on a betting shop in Thessaloniki shortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday netted around 3,000 euros for two robbers, according to the store owner.

Fiery encounter
Suspected anarchists early yesterday hurled firebombs at a riot police unit stationed outside the offices of ruling PASOK near the central district of Exarchia. The attack was carried out by a group of around 15 hooded youths who managed to elude arrest. There were no injuries as the firebombs did not hit their target.


Declaration to the court read by one of the Turin anarchist antiracists arrested on February 23 2010.

March 9 2010

Most defendants in this trial are anarchists, and to accuse anarchists of ‘instigation to committing crime’ is a very easy task, just as to shoot at the Red Cross.

Bearing a sense of justice and freedom that has nothing to do with the law, every anarchist makes of his or her life a continuous invitation to struggle against injustice, and therefore to violate the laws that produce such injustice: the life of every anarchist is a long and reiterated ‘instigation to committing crime’.

Waiting for some legal step that finally establishes that anarchists as such are criminals, those who accuse us today are compelled to prove that someone, from outside, has pushed the prisoners in the migrant detention centres all over Italy to revolt every week for the past two years, thus causing damages of thousands of euros and disrupting the machinery of deportation. And they have to find some evidence that this ‘instigator’ is sitting today on the bench of the defendants.

This evidence can’t be found anywhere in the warrant of arrest we have here. And it can’t be found because there has never been any ‘instigation’, and it was not necessary or right that such instigation occurred. Primarily because people do not need appeals and alluring slogans to revolt. On the contrary, it is injustice that originates conflicts, which in turn might lead to revolts.

And here is the injustice, and an obvious one. They pretend that people who risked everything they had in order to reach our cities are thrown out without saying a word. Or that people exploited for years in yards, fields or kitchens of fashionable restaurants let themselves be thrown out. Or those who arrived here as children and don’t have anyone waiting for them in their countries of origin also let themselves be deported. And as if this was not enough to generate conflict, inside the migrant detention centres people without documents are deprived of everything, reduced to a mere body left to die for lack of medical treatment or for desperation, a body to be beaten or sexually abused – especially when women are involved.

If all this is true – and you will find it is in the very documentation of this trial – the conflict in the migrant detention centres is not only natural but it is also the only instrument by which the imprisoned migrants can reaffirm their being human, a fact otherwise denied.

For this reason migrants didn’t need to wait for us or for anyone else to start struggling and trying to climb or destroy those walls. And they haven’t stopped doing it now, with great shame for those who arrested us in the ridiculous hope to bring peace where peace can never be.

There has never been a need for external ‘instigation’ because the methods and ways of the struggle must be autonomous, must mirror the experiences and conflicts of those who are locked up, must find their own time and expressions. It wouldn’t have been right to say: ‘now you go on hunger strike’ or ‘tomorrow you burn a couple of mattresses’ – as the prosecutor is stupidly claiming.

On the contrary, what we have always said is: ‘we are here’. In other words we have offered our means of information and net of contacts, we have encouraged the relations between the various detention centres on struggle, we have come forward to amplify the prisoners’ voices as best as we could, we have promoted our initiatives along with those taking places in the detention centres. All this can certainly affect the course of events, but to call it ‘instigation to committing crime’ is bullshit typical of the Italian police, and it also appears almost offensive towards us.

To tell you the whole truth, even if it might sound strange to you, it was the prisoners who have ‘instigated’ us in these months, and they have done it in a very simple way, by revealing their stories so that we could tell about them, by organising themselves in secret so that photos of beatings and films of police charges became known outside, by teaching us that one can climb on a roof and shout ‘freedom!’ even if he or she knows the response will be a severe beating. The terrifying images of soldiers charging inside the cages of the migration centre of Gradisca are images that oblige us to do something because they put our conscience against a wall.

The real problem of this city, therefore, is not ‘who instigates who’; the problem is those who do not let themselves be instigated, those who see and go on as if they had not seen anything.

But this is another story.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another 22year old arrested in greece for the "conspiracy cells of fire" case.

It is announced that at 13:30 hours today (25-03-2010) a 22year old man was arrested in Volos, by police officers from the
Special Crimes Division against domestic Violence .
An arrest warrant was put out in his name since november 10th
after his fingerprint was found on a tile in the communal room in the handri "den".
The 22yearold claimed he was staying at a hotel in Volos and according to the police,he dissapeared after the case came up.
he will appear before the judge tomorrow.






On March 25th, Layla Lahouidek was released from prison after a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice. She had her

sentence for violent disorder dramatically reduced. See here for more information.

On 24th March, charges against 24-year old protester Jake Smith were dropped as the prosecution offered no evidence

against him at his trial due to start on 24th March. The Crown declined to present evidence after admitting that there had been

an episode caught on camera, in which Jake was assaulted by the police. Read the statement written by the legal team on

behalf of Jake Smith. See here for more information.

On the week beginning Monday 15th March, the first 2 cases of defendants to plead not guilty were heard and resulted in not

guilty verdicts.



Several families have begun working on appeals with Imran Khan. The first appeal was heard on Thursday 25th March, during

which Appeal Judges rules that the defendant should not be serving a custodial sentence.

Thirsty for justice Mona El-Farra writing from occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 25 March 2010

Palestinian children wait to fill up water in the Gaza Strip. (Hatem Omar/MaanImages)

Toni Morrison once wrote "All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was." I feel it is the same for Palestinian refugees, who have struggled for decades for their right to return home. I thought of this connection between water and refugees during a recent meeting about the Middle East Children's Alliance's (MECA) Maia Project with Aidan O'Leary, Deputy Director of the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) Operations in Gaza.

UNRWA provides assistance, protection and advocacy for 4.7 million Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. We are working with UNRWA to install locally-made water purification and desalination units in their schools. Mr. O'Leary expressed his total appreciation for the Maia Project and stressed that providing clean drinking water to children is among the highest priorities and needs for Gaza schools. Mr. John Ging, UNRWA's Director of Operations in Gaza, also expressed his admiration for the Maia Project.

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate under Israeli military occupation and siege. The refugees are often the hardest hit by rising unemployment and poverty. Access to clean water is one of the many basic needs that UNRWA is no longer able to meet. A recent UNRWA report states that the most common infectious diseases affecting Palestinian refugees in Gaza -- who make up more than three-quarters of the population -- are directly related to inadequate supplies of safe water and poor sanitation: diarrhea, acute bloody diarrhea and viral hepatitis.

Creating a positive impact on children's health is the main goal of the Maia Project, and working on water access when you live in Gaza is self-explanatory. The reality is that tap water in Gaza is undrinkable due to its bad quality and contamination. At best, when you have access to a running tap, the water is not clean and is very salty. Our daily water consumption averages around 78 liters a day per person, while Israelis average over 300 liters each, more than four times as much. Israel is under increasing scrutiny by international organizations including Amnesty International for "denying Palestinians the right to access adequate water by maintaining total control over the shared water resources and pursuing discriminatory policies."

We move to help the children as quickly as we can. Children in Gaza will have the chance to drink clean and soft water, but only at the rate in which we can implement the Maia Project. And we race against time. The UN estimates that Gaza will have no drinking water in the next 15 years.

Water is life, but here in Gaza it can also bring death. Numerous military attacks on the Gaza Strip have devastated Gaza's water infrastructure. Israel's twenty-two day assault last winter destroyed or rendered unusable an estimated 800 of Gaza's 2,000 wells, and caused $5.97 million in damage to our water and wastewater treatment facilities. Since January 2009, the Gaza Health Ministry and the World Health Organization have issued drinking, seafood and swimming advisories.

We yearn for our water and our freedoms to return to us. We roll up our sleeves and hope for rain, the kind of rain that floods the hearts and minds of those who hunger and thirst for justice.

Here in Gaza, we are still thirsty.

Attack on police academy in Madrid

25 03 2010

From Klinamen via Indymedia Madrid:

March 24, 2010

On the night of February 28, we found ourselves compelled to attack a police academy on Paseo de las Delicias near Plaza Ana la Beata. We say we found ourselves compelled, because it’s clear to our conscience that we are in the midst of a hidden social war.

We won’t stay still while the state’s dogs arbitrarily arrest, torture, imprison, and harass us.

We joyfully learned of the attacks carried out by comrades in struggle on New Year’s Eve. That’s the way to do it. The more you try to repress us, the more often you will find us there to tell you that there will be a price to pay for all the harm you cause.

We want to stress that we must lose our fear and attack these bastards. We aren’t super-activists/militants. We’re normal people, and if we can do it, so can you.

With this action, we want to remember the comrades recently abducted by this shitty system: anarchist comrade Tamara, and Galician comrades Xurxo y Oscar.

Man stabbed by EDL facists neo nazis after Bolton demo.

A man was stabbed by EDL supporters after an arguement in a pub in Middleton, after the Bolton demo.
Here's the link and a brief summary.....

A MAN was stabbed in the shoulder with a “cut-throat”

blade after trying to stop his friend being attacked by alleged supporters of the English Defence League who had earlier been protesting in Bolton.

A scuffle began outside the Oddfellows Arms in Oldham Road, Middleton, at about 11.30pm on Saturday.

Witnesses said EDL supporters were behaving aggressively and abusing customers.

They were asked to leave by one of the men, who escorted them outside. He was then jumped on and his friend, aged 49, intervened.

After the scuffle had ended and the two men returned inside, the victim realised he had suffered a stab wound to the back of his left shoulder by one of three men. It is believed a cut-throat type blade had been used and it is thought the men had been to the EDL rally in Bolton.

The first man was white, about 5ft 6in tall, in his late teens or early 20s, with a chunky build.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010




There will be people gathering outside Isleworth Crown Court this Friday 26th March from 9.30am in solidarity with

defendants being sentenced.

On the week beginning Monday 15th March, 2 gaza protesters and a third person from the Israeli counter-demo were found

not guilty.

On Friday 26th February, Judge Denniss delivered 8 sentences at Isleworth Crown Court and adjourned 1 case until 26th

March 2010. 7 sentences were for ‘violent disorder’ and 1 for offence contrary to Section 4. 5 of the protesters sentenced for

‘violent disorder’ have been jailed for 12 months to 2 years. Of the remaining 2 not given an immediate jail sentence: the

youngest protester on trial, aged 15 at the time of the alleged offence, received an Intensive Surveillance and Supervision

Programme sentence (ISSP) – the most rigorous non-custodial intervention for young offenders, which will include electronic

monitoring through tagging and an imposed curfew; the second was given a 12 month suspended sentence and 200 hours

community service.

On Friday 19th February, Judge Denniss delivered 7 custodial sentences. All of these sentences are for “violent disorder”,

and mostly for relatively minor acts, such as throwing placards at fully armoured riot police. One defendent received a

suspended sentence, due to a long history of mental illness, Sentencing starts at 2 years for all adult guilty pleas, and ranged

from 12 months to 2 years, after mitigation. Defendants under 18 at time of offence have received between 8 and 12 month

long Detention and Training Orders, (DTO), a sentence of imprisonment and community supervision.

On Friday 12th February, the 7 people convicted were between 17 and 25 years old and will serve between 15 months and 2

1/2 years.

The case of Khalid Afeneh, accused of violent disorder and allegedly throwing a sand bag at police causing an officer’s

eardrum to perforate, was thrown out of court. Khalid entered a not guilty plea at his hearings and information obtained from

the Freedom of Information Act showed that the injury he allegedly caused did not happen.

In January, 3 people received sentences for violent disorder, ranging from 15 to 20 months.


THE POSTER SAY: ILIA NIKOLAOU WE ARE WITH YOU... Peaceful people be quiet. I want to hear noise.Untill the moment we meet again i want to hear noise... Interview with the comrade Wednesday march 24th. 18.00-20.00(greektime) Radio Barricada

Lloyds Bank attacked in Bristol (UK) 17 March 2010

“Last night the office of Lloyds private banking in Bristol was attacked. on the night of wednesday the 17th of March 2010, the Lloyds private banking office at 131 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol was attacked. a plaque with ‘Lloyds private banking’ was removed from a wall and taken away. walls of the building were sprayed with: ‘in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ‘, and ‘bankers up against the wall’. pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut. two windows were smashed. night night”

Two car bombs in the Nigerian oil city of Warri during amnesty talks

Nigerian oil rebels, file image
Many of the rebel groups have now laid down their weapons

15 March

Two car bombs have been set off in the Nigerian oil city of Warri, where officials were in talks over an amnesty for militants in the area.

Witnesses said the explosions shattered windows at the state governor's office and sent officials fleeing for cover.

The militant group Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) had issued a bomb threat earlier.

Several armed groups recently agreed to an amnesty, but some Mend leaders rejected the government's offer.

A Mend leader announced in January that a temporary ceasefire was over.

In Warri, witnesses reported seeing huge plumes of smoke rising into the air.

There were no reports of injuries

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

thi is england! the joke of the day!!

The annual Cambridge Strawberry fair has been cancelled for this year, after police appealed the decision by councillors to grant it a licence to run in 2010.

Not enough rules for the cops

As an urban75 report shows, the event has been stringently policed for years. The free fair, which has taken place on Midsummer Common on the first Saturday in June since the early 70's was billed £1 500 for policing of the event last year. This included using dog sniffers to check all rail passengers arriving in Cambridge for drugs, irrespective of whether they were attending the festival or not.

In 2009, the organisers of the Big Green Gathering were forced to cancel the event 36 hours before it was scheduled to start, after threats of an injunction from the council and police. The BGG Company was bankrupted as a result.

The Kingston Green Fair, which ran from 1897, was brought to an end by bad weather in 2008. An attempt to set up a smaller Kingston Green Kids fair was thwarted by the local council citing safety concerns in 2009.


1. eye, All Coppers Are Bastards — the jack boot of the workers
2. Reclaim your rights — Strawberry yoghurt

England - Two boys arrested over arson at church near March, Cambridgeshire

Two boys have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at a 19th Century church in Cambridgeshire.

The boys, aged 14 and 16, from March were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire that destroyed St Mary's at Westry.

They have since been bailed to return to March police station on 20 April.

The fire broke out on Monday at the church on the outskirts of March. Only the external brickwork remains and the building has been assessed as unsound.

Assistant priest Jenny Webb said Lent and Sunday services would be held in alternative accommodation.

"This terrible tragedy will not affect our regular times of worship," she said.

Flames were seen coming out of both sides of the church.

BBC world news

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claims responsibility for 3 bomb attacks Monday, March 22, 2010

The urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Guerrilla Group of Terrorists” claimed the responsibility for the bomb that destroyed completely the central offices of the fascist, para-government organization Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn), for the bomb that was placed outside the Police Directorship for Immigrants in Petrou Ralli street, and for the bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Union. They claimed the actions through a communique, entitled “Dilemmas in time of war”, and is published in Athens IMC. (

The communique is quite long and has historical facts and their point of view about the issue of the immigrants and the reaction of the native population since 1990 and until the recent law about nationality. They also present some facts about the fascist organization Chrisi Avgi and show (as many people already know) that it is actually a group controlled by the police and the secret services. The text ends with two announcements, the first talks about the upgrade of the repression, the arrests that happen in relation to their organization, and their view about a new strategy that the urban guerrilla groups should follow. The second announcement is about Lambros Foundas, in honor of whom they chose to name for this action the cell that realized the bombings as “Commando Lambros Foundas”.

from occupied london

Portland Police kill again! March on the South Precint!

“We don’t give a fuck, the time is now.” When word spread that the Portland police had just shot a man to death at the Hoyt

Arboretum, we knew we had to make a choice: to allow ourselves to be human, or to participate in our own murders, to hide

away in sleep and the unfolding of a routine that ends, for all of us, in death. It’s a choice that has been made for us so many

times before: by the media, by community leaders, professional activists, bosses, teachers, parents, friends who do not push us

to confront this fear with them. We are killing ourselves with so much swallowed rage. Tonight, we would not go to sleep with

this sour feeling in our stomachs. Tonight, we gave a name to what we feel: rage. This is how it started. Within hours of word

getting out, local anarchists met in a park, and decided we had to march on the police station. Not the central precinct: that

neighborhood would be dead at this hour. We wanted to shout at the police, but also to find our neighbors, to talk to the other

folks in our community, to let them know what happened and call them down into the streets with us. To not let them find out

about this murder in the sanitized commentary of the glowing screen but to meet them and cry out to them, the rage and

sadness plain in our faces: we cannot live with what has happened. We cannot allow this to go on. The march left the park and

headed through a residential neighborhood, interrupting the dead Monday night silence of consumer-workers recovering from

another day ripped from their grasp. Chanting at the top of our lungs, we encountered our own anger, our own sense of power.

“And now one slogan to unite us all: cops, pigs, murderers.” Many expected this march to be only symbolic. Few were

prepared for anything more. But we encountered a collective force that amplifies the individual rather than smothering each

one of us in the mass. The two who took the initiative to drag a dumpster into the street changed the history of this city. This

small sign of sabotage spread. We all made it our own. When the first little garbage containers were brought into the road, a

couple people put them back on the sidewalk, trying to clean up the march, to make it respectable. They were confronted,

shouted at. “This doesn’t send a message,” they said. “You can do that if you want, but go somewhere else,” they said. But we

have nowhere to go, except for the spaces we violently reclaim. And our message is unmistakable: we are angry, and we are

getting out of hand. People continued to be uncontrollable, and soon those who had appointed themselves the censors of our

struggle saw that it was they who were in the wrong place. No one attempted to control their participation. They were not

allowed to control ours. Once we got on Burnside Avenue, dumpsters were being turned over every hundred feet, blocking

both directions. Folks had scavenged rocks and bottles and sticks and drums. One person had had the foresight to bring a can

of spraypaint, also changing the history of our moment. We were no longer a protest. We were vengeance. When the crowd

passed the first bank, a few individuals erupted into action, while others watched their backs. The ATM got smashed. A

window got smashed. Rocks and bottles were thrown. Sirens began ringing out behind us. A Starbucks appeared one block

ahead. A race: could we get there before the pigs arrived? We won. More windows broke. When the police tried to get us on to

the sidewalk, they were shocked by the intensity of rage they faced. “Fuck the police!” “Murderers!” Their lights and sirens

had no effect. Someone shoved a dumpster into the lead cop car. They were temporarily speechless. Only when the cops

outnumbered the people did they try again, with some pepper spray and brute force finally succeeding to push us onto the

sidewalk. But we were smart. We knew we couldn’t win a fight just then, and every chance we got we took the street again. We

didn’t surrender: they had to work for it. And never did we surrender our power over the mood of the night. Louder than their

sirens were our ceaseless screams, our chants, focusing our range and wiping the arrogant smiles off the pigs’ faces. They

were visibly upset by the level of hatred they encountered. We got to the police station and yelled at the line of police waiting

there for us, yelled at the media parasites standing by with their cameras, calling out their complicity in police violence and

racism. Most of us didn’t worry about sending the proper message or appearing respectable. We expressed our rage and the

power of our analysis, our ability and willingness to take initiative and change this world. The first TV news clips, ironically,

were the best we could have hoped for, but we do not put our hope in the media. We will communicate our critique of the police

to the rest of the city with our protests, our fliers, our bodies, our communiqués. With graffiti and smashed windows. It should

also be noted that the police have not yet released the race of the person killed. We don’t know yet which community is “most

affected” by this murder. We respond because police violence affects all of us, because we want to show solidarity every time

the State executes someone. We know that racism is a critical feature of control in this society, and we also believe we must

find ways to act responsibly as allies to communities that are not our own. But solidarity must be critical, and it can only be

practiced by those who are struggling for their own freedom. It is clear from tonight’s actions that we fight against police

violence because we feel rage and sadness whenever they kill someone. We fight in solidarity with everyone else who fights

back. And by fighting, we are remembering what it is like to be human. In these moments when we surprise ourselves, we

catch little glimpses of the world we fight for. Running down the streets, stooping to pick up a rock, we realize that in our hand

we have nothing less than a building block of the future commune. Our commune is the rage that spreads across the city,

setting little fires of vengeance in the night. Our commune is the determination that comes back to the public eye the next day,

meeting in the open, not letting the rest of society forget this murder, not letting our neighbors numb themselves with routine.

Our commune rattles the bars of our cages, and this noise is our warcry: “out into the streets.”


THE POSTER SAY: ILIA NIKOLAOU WE ARE WITH YOU... Peaceful people be quiet. I want to hear noise.Untill the moment we meet again i want to hear noise... Interview with the comrade Wednesday march 24th. 18.00-20.00(greektime) Radio Barricada

Monday, March 22, 2010

Angry neighbours set Baradero City Hall on fire

Sunday, 21 March 2010 argentina

motoPolice sources reported that “Two teenagers were killed in the city of Baradero when the motorcycle in which were riding was hit by a municipal transit mobile persecuted by an alleged traffic violation.

As news of the deaths of young, Giuliana and Miguel, neighbors and friends of the deceased gathered outside the City of Baradero and threw stones, but after 11 the situation facing the city hall was under control.

The protest caused extensive damage in the municipal building and had to work two fire crews to extinguish the fires started by the residents.

The Buenos Aires police sent reinforcements to the city to contain the tense situation that caused the death of the young.

Juan Carlos Paggi, head of the force said: “The priority is to bring some calm to Baradero” and that “belong to different troops of Buenos Aires and mostly come from surrounding districts to Baradero.

The mothers of Giuliana, and Miguel, the two teenagers killed 16 years, noted that “the boys was very good friends” and called for “clarifying the circumstances of the act which resulted in a violent protest.”

In statements to television Roxana, Giuliana’s mother said “The boys were two very good people. They went together to school and (Michael) always took her to my house. They had a very good relationship.”

And that “All I want is them to pay, if one is to blame them to pay, because they destroyed the whole family.” Giuliana was everything to me, was the love of my life. They broke my heart, “and” What All I want is justice. Nothing else. ”

These statements were made while he was waiting for since the hospital will release the body of his daughter.

Margaret, the mother of Michael, who was also at the scene said that “Michael was a great kid, studious, well. It was excellent. And all the kids who are here (the hospital) are the two “and that” people who were (in the streets of the city) show what were the kids. ”

Also on the incident said “there are many versions,” but that “the two boys were left lying after the accident.”

It confirmed that “there were always problems with the subject of boys, bikes and helmets.

Bomb targets Aliens Bureau

from the greek press...

The remains of a bus stop lie around the collapsed perimeter wall of the Athens Aliens Bureau following the explosion of a homemade bomb there on Saturday afternoon. The blast, which had not been claimed by any organization by late last night, caused widespread damage, including a 1.5-meter crater in the ground, but no injuries.

A powerful homemade bomb detonated outside the building housing the Athens Aliens Bureau on Petrou Ralli Street on Saturday afternoon, causing damage but no injuries.

Police cordoned off the area after an anonymous caller phoned in warnings to Eleftherotypia newspaper and Alter private television channel at around 3.30 p.m, warning that a bomb would go off at the bureau’s premises. The blast occured 15 minutes later, damaging the wall and fence around the building, a bus shelter and nearby shop windows and leaving a crater some 1.5 meter deep in the ground. According to police forensic experts, who were examining the remnants of the device for leads to the perpetrators, the bomb had been placed in a plastic bag near the bus shelter.

Earlier on Saturday, a bomb exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the run-down district of Aghios Panteleimonas, near the city center, which has a burgeoning population of immigrants. The blast caused no injuries.

There had been no claim of responsibility for either of the attacks by late yesterday.

The blasts came just one day after a powerful time bomb detonated outside the central Athens offices of the extreme-right Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) organization, causing significant damage but no injuries. An unidentified caller telephoned Eleftherotypia 25 minutes before the blast, prompting police to evacuate the building, which is on busy Socratous Street, near Omonia Square, as well as a neighboring hotel and surrounding roads. There had been no claim for the attack on the Chryssi Avgi offices by late last night

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)