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Letter from Alexandros Mitrousias, Kostas Sakkas and Giorgos Karagiannidis ( GREECE)

Letter from Alexandros Mitrousias, Kostas Sakkas and Giorgos Karagiannidis

We declare clearly and to all directions that no one from our three co-defendants has any relation with the charges they are accused for. The prosecution of anarchist Christos Politis was clearly carried out for political reasons, since it had been attempted unsuccessfully by the persecutory authorities, few days before his arrest, to sentence him for the case of arson on the Court of Appeals inAthens. We clarify that this person never had any relation or contact with us and he is persecuted with the ridiculous evidence that he supposedly provided counter-observation for one of us, only because he happened to be in near by streets of Peiraias. We express our solidarity to his person and demand the ceasing of any prosecution against him and that he is released immediately.
Regarding the other two of our co-defendants, Stella Antoniou and Dimitris Michail, we clarify that they are persecuted based on their personal and friendly acquaintance with us. Unfortunately it is not the first time that friendly relations of people belonging to the anarchsit movement, are criminalized and turned into charges, since they were obviously imprisoned for revenge by the State. They also have our unreserved solidarity, our friendship and our love, and we also demand their release as well.

Alexandros Mitrousias
Kostas Sakkas
Giorgos Karagiannidis


Letter from imprisoned comrade Christos Politis, one of the 6 arrested on the 4th of December 2010 

On 4 December 2010, G.Karagiannidis and A.Mitroussias were arrested and detained due to warrants pending against them for The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case


Information about the 6 arrested alleged "terrorists"

On tuesday 7th of december 2010 the first 2 of the 6 arrested allegedly part of a “terrorist organization” were imprisoned.
Alexandros Mitrousias was sent to Patras prisons and Kostas Sakkas to the prisons of Navplio.
As it appears the efforts of the anti-terrorist police to connect the guns, that were found in the possession of A.Mitrousias. and K.Sakkas, and those that were found in the house in Agrinio, with terrorist attacks and specifically with actions of the Sect of Revoutionaries were fruitless. Specifically, the balistic examination showed that the guns that were found in a"safehouse" on the corner of Daskalopoulou and Praidou street have not been used in any terrorist action. 


The imprisoned are Stella Antoniou, Dimitris Michail, Christos Politis and Giorgos Karagiannidis who after the completion of their pleas with the agreement of the interrogator and the public prosecutor are confronted with charges that concern the “offences” of constitution and integration in a “terrorist organisation”, “terrorist organisation”, “terrorist actions”, “possession and manufacturing of explosives” and “distinguished case of gun possesion”.

All that remains is to see what attitude the alleged terrorists will keep.

athens assembly


Responsibility claim for two-day arson barrage Athens Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday night 15/1 and Sunday 16/1 we torched: 
- bank of Proton Bank in Vironas area  
- Local organization of PASOK (
ruling party) in Moshato, 
- Two vehicles of a security company in Gizi, 
- Personal motorbike of a cop who lives in Exarchia (Asimaki Fotila street). 

We dedicate these actions to our imprisoned comrades accused in the case of the "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" and tried as of today in the political court marshal in Koridallos prison. Three of those have taken the political responsibility for the organization, while the others deny their participation, but keep intact their rebelliousness and dignity. 
We pledge that we will not leave any imprisoned revolutionary alone. These violent acts of resistance are not only fair, but also the duty of every person who puts themselves against a world where exploitation and injustice reign and money is in charge. The individual agreements and disagreements are to be discussed; what is non-negotiable is: solidarity between individuals and groups who are fighting for freedom in every way and with any means. 

Also, towards the new treaty that criminalizes social, political and personal relationships (like in the case of the notorious "safehouse" of Halandri, but recently the case of the four comrades wanted for arson in Thessaloniki), we respond with even more rage and anger, more litres of petrol 
and butane bottles. Of course, we do not forget the famously disgusting minions of the system, the journalists, who for a salary and a career, mock and step on the freedom and the dignity of our comrades, repeating the lies of the police and presenting various scenarios of their imagination; to try, condemn and destroy lives and reputations, before “civil justice” does it officially. They should know that on this side of the war, memory and honour is in excess, and sooner or later they will pay for the dirty role they have chosen in life. 

Finally, we want to say that we chose to act on this theoretically "tough" weekend before the beginning of the trial, when the police have unleashed their obvious and also hidden running dogs, in fear of a new armed attack, to break in this way the terror and fear that the State attempts to impose on society and on people who are fighting. As long as the State is unable to mend the holes of a system that’s collapsing, the noose will tighten and the measures will intensify. We must stand strong and act with all our power, until the Revolution and Liberation, social and individual. 

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the "Conspiracy Cells of Fire" and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same 

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries. 
Struggle by any means - Revolution First and Always. 

Wolves of Solidarity 


note: the "safe house" in Halandri area in Athens was the name given by the media and cops to the house of Haris Hadjimihelakis where they allegedely found homemade bombs and fingerprints which led to most of the arrests in the case.



Santiago Central Women's Penitentiary, Chile - Andrea Urzúa Cid in solidarity with the CCF on trial in Greece


From hundreds of kilometres away

"to be at war is not a different way of managing society.
It is, irreducibly and irreconcilably, ideas about happiness and its worlds. 
Power knows this, and so do we ... 
" Invisible Committee

In a couple of hours the trial of the Greek comrades will begin, some of them with enthralling courage have claimed militance in the anarcho-revolutionary group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Their commitment as militants of freedom with actions of radicalization for a better life, without structures, without stereotypes or any kind of power, the only way for anti-social construction. For all of us a fine example of permanent action for the revolutionary uprising. It is here and now that words and deeds become one. Far from theorising concepts of Revolution, it is concrete actions that show the fury of those of us who yearn to destroy the current state of affairs. Today more than ever we see ourselves in sincere need to create spaces, material and otherwise and self-organization to form a future of conscious individuality, to sow the anti-authoritarian ideas in every corner of the world, with the goal of a better life, away from domination and any form of exploitation.
The current society, founded as a forced association of individuals, will never make possible our dreams of autonomy and freedom. The political-social and economic reality of recent years shows that the modernist criminal system can no longer sustain itself, the spread of the uncontrollable revolutionary idea is putting in check "control and social peace." That 's why the State and power are using as a response their Machiavellian tool, prison. In these moments of physical confinement, my spirit leads me to shout louder than ever:

May solidarity destroy all walls!! 

Tear down the prison walls! Subvert any established and imposed moral, and social value! 

Greek comrades: from hundreds of miles away I send a strong and fraternal embrace full of inherited love and rage. 

Hi, comrades!! 

Andrea Urzúa Cid - Libertarian Political Prisoner 
 - Central Penitenciario Femenina - Sezione Speciale di Alta Sicurezza,
Santiago, Cile. 15 gennaio 2011


Chile - Comunique from prison of arrested comrade Andrea Urzua 24/08/2010

Chile - Comunique from prison of arrested comrade Andrea Urzua
clik to read....    ONLY THOSE WHO STRUGGLE LIVE, AND WE ARE MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!!! (I have heard this in these parts)
Andrea Urzúa Cid
P.P S.E.A.S. C.P.F. 

Arson attack in Hania, Crete, Greece 21/1/11

Hania, Crete, Greece
Two armoured security vehicles were torched in Hania, in the area of Chrisopigi outside the city. Two incendiary devices made of gas cannisters were used. The vehilcles were parked a few metres away from their offices and despite two fire trucks arriving fast, the fire spread.   

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Solidaridad Internacional International solidarity

Solidaridad Internacional  International solidarity

“Solidaridad con los compas en grecia (A)” | Santiago, Chile
“El estado es el único terrorista. Solidaridad con las guerrillas armadas” | Atenas, Grecia

Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit (greece athens)

[Translator's note] Fee Marie Meyer was arrested in the afternoon of Friday, January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit outside her home in Athens. The police have officially confirmed the only piece of “evidence” against her is her personal friendship with Christos Politis, another anarchist currently in prison for his alleged participation in an urban guerrilla group the police won't even bother to name.
Soon after Fee's arrest, police “leaked” to the media an astonishing, catchy and – as was soon to be proven – fabricated story: Fee was supposedly the daughter of former RAF member Barbara Meyer and her father was supposed to have been killed in a shoot-out with the police in Vienna, Austria. “Meyer” is an extremely common surname in German; the Barbara Meyer who had joined RAF had nothing to do with Fee's mother whatsoever. An unimportant detail for mainstream media in Greece, which were quick to reproduce the police propaganda. Onward to Fee's own words...
Now that the lights of the show have switched off and the stage curtains have been shut, the time has come for me to talk. In the way that I want. About what happened, what kind of games I believe have been played on my own back but also beyond myself; to talk about all the things that should concern any thinking individual in the Greek territory.
Regarding my “case”: by now I am fairly certain that from the moment when my personal details were passed on to the well-known brainiacs of the anti-terrorist unit (which was completely justified of course – I had a drink, you see, with the wrong people) the game was all set. Let alone when they google'd my surname (as common as Papadopoulos in Greece [or Smith in UK/US – trans.]) and –imagine their joy – they discovered my rich “family” background. My father's different name was a minor detail (after all, “their lot sleep with everyone else”) as was my mother's different date of birth.
From the moment when reality didn't work for them, it had to be adjusted. I had to fit the role they had prepared for me. They abducted me on Friday [January 14] at 3pm, at the moment when I was leaving my home to go to the language school where I teach. At least ten people with balaclavas, after wearing one to me too, took me to the 12th floor of the Police HQ in Athens without saying a single word. There, after been interrogated by six people, I was shown a photograph depicting myself and my friend and comrade Christos Politis. They asked me if I knew him and after responding positively, saying that he is one more person they have sent to prison unjustly, their commander ordered boldly to “go ahead with the usual procedure”. They stripped me off my clothes, logged all my details, stole my shirt and my socks – obviously without telling me what I am accused of and of course without paying any attention to my demand to see a lawyer.
The time is important since from 5pm already the whole story of my supposed parents had broken out. This explains perfectly why while I was resisting them photographing me, they would photograph me with their mobile phones, to steal a picture. Otherwise their hot topic wouldn't sell as much...
For years now we know how these mechanisms operate, rotten to the bone; we know that the informants-journalists (with a handful yet important exceptions) switch between reproducing police lies or handing orders to them. Ready to shred any life that is thrown at their sharp teeth, ready to eat up truths and spit out lies. Vile creatures...
What I had not imagined, at least personally, is the completely shameless way in which this happens, here and now.
When the fiasco had started to become clear, and while I personally did not yet know any of filth that had come to light, some officer responsible for “international terrorism” invited me to his office. He started to engage in “friendly talk” about when exactly my father was killed in a shoot-out! In all truth, my jaw must have hit the floor at that moment, especially when he told me with a smiler that “well, I am more interested in your mother's international arrest warrant” … The only thing he didn't do was to charge me with covering up a criminal, since I didn't state my parents' names from the upstart...
But then again, I did a lot of things. As the attorney general said, “they confiscated a lot, unusually lots” of things in my house... brushes, clothes, tooth-brushes, pillow-cases and... printed material. Material that proves beyond any doubt that I am an anarchist, something that I hadn't thought for a moment to hide and so, - as this educated woman, the attorney general, so eloquently put- I am a terrorist and so allowing a possibility even for my freedom to be denied until the judge committee decides on my case!
If she wants to imprison me for this [for being an anarchist] yes I am guilty and I will always be. I will always stand on the side of the exploited, not the exploiters, for ever, until there is no longer any authority of human over any other human and of the humans over animals and nature. But I publicly and seriously demand that the charges against me change. That they write the real charges, so no-one can beat around the bush: They should turn the charge into “she is an anarchist and she reads. She has relationships with many people who still struggle and of this, she is proud”.
Charge, aim and shoot us at the wall of Kesariani [a reference to the wall where Nazi soldiers would execute partisans in Athens – trans].
I read somewhere that the face of a political regime is shown by the way in which it treats its political opponents. The glory of Greece! [popular expression used to emphasise the arbitrariness of state power in Greece, untranslatable – trans].
The times we live in are fluid, strange, constantly changing. In times of institutional and financial crises authority will always play with the carrot and the stick, fear and security. They want no-one to react to anything, not to speak, not to look around them, not to think differently, or if possible not to think at all. Lobotomise us at birth, then, to get done with it!
They try to enforce everywhere their frightening and absolute homogeneity; their absolutely and thoroughly studied inhumanity.
In the Greek territories at this moment there are approximately 40 people held for political reasons. Most of these have not even stood trial and yet they are held in maximum security prisons; others are not tried in public or open trials; others are held without the tiniest bit of evidence against them, only based on their belief, on their solidarity-based life stance they take in their personal relationships.
Ever-conservatively and in an ever more fascist way, they want to impose isolation, loneliness, the logic of “each for their own”; they want us to only watch trash TV, to consume life substances, lies, spectacle. Not to talk to acquaintances, not to go or invite people to our homes, not to meet anyone or to ask them to inform us of the information police hold on them in advance, better not, we might get in trouble.
They want us to stop feeling, to act based on the lowest instincts of survival and self-preservation, based on sadism of the “spy-hole”, to snoop other peoples' lives, losing our own in the process.
They want us to hate, to condemn anything that is different, people from other places, co-workers from other sectors, anyone who thinks or lives differently.
All of them are dangerous [we are told] and we must hate them, since hatred breeds fear and vice-versa.
This is the fear that they step on in order to impose their mortal security, the dying sounds of a society denouncing the very last of the links that define it as such.
Only three words are enough, I believe, in order for the human element in humans to be defined. Dignity-Freedom-Solidarity. None can exist without the other two, none of them falls from the sky. They take virtue and dare. But these are the difficult meanings that give substance to the Human, which turn survival into life.
They can only control us, shred us into bits and isolate us for as long as we stand on our knees with our back bended over by the lash, chasing whatever carrot comes by.
Let's resist! When we raise our head and look ourselves in the eyes again, their shaky structure will collapse like a paper tower. Because the catastrophe at this moment might have fallen upon your neighbour's house, but tomorrow it will be at yours.
Let's resist! Because everywhere in the world there are people who dare to raise their heads. Everywhere and at all times, at every single tiny moment when someone raises their gaze to the sky and the limitless horizon they had forgotten from their childhood, the human element in the Human is reborn.
Enough, we have tolerated them for too long! Struggle for the entire earth and for freedom, struggle for our lives and our dignity.
The state and the Media are the only terrorists.
Solidarity to everyone who struggles is not just our weapon, it is a given.

Slightly altering the well-known poem [by Martin Niemoller – trans.]:
First they came for my neighbour,
and I didn't speak out because he was a foreigner.
When they came for the next one he was a Roma,
and I didn't speak out again.
Then they took the poor one, the tramp, the anarchist, the Leftist.
In the end they came for me.
… and it was only then I realised there was no-one left to react...
Fee Marie Meyer

Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer about the sycophancies and the puplications by some parrots of the state about our sister.

Statement of arrested anarchist Fee-Marie Mayer's mother, Barbara Mayer


‘We are spectators of the same project’Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents athens greece 19/1

      FROM :

Letter by Sarantos Nikitopoulos’ parents
Déjà vu (As long as we leave these practices unanswered, they’ll keep repeating as a bad hoax)
With feelings of anger, we witnessed the previous days’ orgy of disinformation fed by the Greek police against Marie Fee Meyer. The vile lies about her parents came to cover lack of incriminating evidence and create the necessary climate for the ‘public opinion’ so that her pre-trial remand – sought by the anti-terrorist unit – would be enforced. The anarchist young woman’s ‘crime’ was that she had a coffee with a fugitive comrade, an old friend of hers. To seal this ‘criminal activity’, her mother had to be presented as a RAF’s wanted person* while her father had to drop dead in a gunfight in Austria, all for the amenity of the high-ranking journalists-parrots – with the Chairman of the Journalists Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (‘ESIEA’) as principal first violin.
This particular lie had short legs and was discovered shortly before Fee’s issue left the voracious publicity. The journalists themselves, propagandists of security, appeared on TV channels and accused the police, to rid any responsibility off them – a responsibility they bear in full all these years for rehashing the anti-terrorist unit’s leaks.
All these salaried propagandists of security did not report that is not the first time they do mudslinging against a person who is being prosecuted under comradely relations. The same staggering scenario was played during the arrests on the Revolutionary Struggle’s case and in particular against our son, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, who from day one denies all charges against him (a, b, c).
In those days of April [2010], Sarantos was presented with shamelessly lies as a ‘member of the Revolutionary Struggle’s hard core’. A barrage of false information followed, for example that he was an ‘accomplice of Lambros Foundas in Daphni’s gunfight’, that in our residence ‘a pistol was discovered which has not been used’, while presumption of tele-guilt was also our home’s address, ‘in the heart of Exarchia.’ At the same time, Sarantos appeared as to have ‘participated in meetings of the Revolutionary Struggle’s members in six different parts of Attica.’ Only if the babble [of media and police] continued, something would be left…
The lack of evidence against him was offset by the storm of slander that was unleashed through the parrots, supposedly journalists. The script promised continuity in the data flow about Sarantos Nikitopoulos amid the coming days. As the days went by and these new evidence never showed up (since they never even existed), upstart ‘irrefutable physiognomists-psychologists’ were conscripted by TV channels and newspapers. Thus, we found out that ‘Sarantos’ thin lips betray his ruthless character,’ that he is ‘the group’s philosopher’ and ‘invisible moderator.’
Ridiculousness of ‘valid journalism’ loses any of the limitations, on the altar of audience, when it comes to support the choices of the Greek police. Ten months later and while the investigative process is completed, Sarantos remains in pretrial detention, still waiting for incriminating evidence against him… Amid crisis, however, the journalists-parrots continue to earn their worthy salary.
Stathis Sar. Nikitopoulos – Lena Nikitopoulos, 19-1/2011



It must break on all levels through struggles. Solidarity to the struggling prisoners is only one of these levels and my personal opinion is that we should not look at it with introversion and divide it from the present social situation.

Sarantos Nikitopoulos
6th wing. koridallos prisons

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The king is naked….behind the institutions, the laws, the uniforms, the condemnatory decisions, behind the policies and the symbols of the regime faces are hidden. Faces with names, addresses and roles that in the stratification of power each one of whom has a share and the weight of their position and choices.

Our position and choices have been clear for a while now. We declared, moreover, that we would come to your homes. Thus, in the early morning of Saturday 15/1 we visited Kalliopi Spanou in the complex of apartments where she lives in Halandri on Zaimi Street 38 and as a token of "appreciation" to her, we left an incendiary device made from 5 litres of petrol and 3 gas cannisters. We decided to place the device in the courtyard and not near a door or window in order to avoid injuring another tenant or even your own daughter. As for your "honourable" husband and his role we will talk about that in the future.

We see the concealment of this attack as part of the efforts of the enemy to strengthen the climate of safety and control.
Kalliopi Spanou is the successor of Giorgos Kaminis in the position of citizens' advocate. This appointed and "independent" authority has as its mission the minimization of friction between the regime and society, and is nothing more than the oil in the cogwheels of the government machinery.

All well respected “ladies" and “gentlemen” should know that at the moment you build careers as miserable pillars and employees, the political court marshals are set up, our comrades are tortured, they are persecuted, imprisoned, friendly relations are criminalized and the seal of the antiterrorist provisions falls upon every part that resists and acts.

Know, also, that your overloaded social position will not be forgotten let alone forgiven… you will be accountable you scum and because in the days to come the helicopters cannot fit you all, the best thing you can do in order to save your dignity even at the last moment is to perform hara-kiri in Syntagma square [main square in athens, right in front of parliament]. We draw the dividing lines. We fight, we do not recede, receding means quitting. We speak we do not keep quiet, silence is compliance. We do not flinch, we transfer fear to the camp of the enemy and light the fuse of revenge.

Shame to the spectators, the submissive, to those that bow their head and turn the other cheek. We accept responsibility for our actions, we all know what's going on and no one is unfortunate, the history of each one us is written and cannot be unwritten.

At this point we want to stress that the criticism between  revolutionaries and the people that fight should be evolutionary and  promote the struggle itself, otherwise it ends up being merely comments of a kind that conceal bickering and inaction.

We dedicate our attack to the jailed members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire H.Hajimihelakis, P.Argirou that are on trial as of Monday 17/1 in the political court martial of koridallos prisons, as well as P.Masouras, K.Karakatsani, G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitrousias, who deny the charges and are on trial for the same case.

We greet the call to a militant expedition of solidarity of the Warriors of Revolutionary Conscience.

Solidarity for us is the struggle itself.


we will be back.....


Deputy Ombudsman Mrs.Kalliopi Spanou is currently carrying out the duties of the Greek Ombudsman, following Mr. Yiorgos Kaminis’ resignation. Mrs Spanou is Professor of Administrative Science at the University of Athens.

What the Greek Ombudsman does, in their own words: The Greek Ombudsman is a constitutionally sanctioned Independent Authority. It was founded in October 1998 and operates under the provisions of Law 3094/2003.
The Greek Ombudsman investigates individual administrative actions or omissions or material actions taken by government departments or public services that infringe upon the personal rights or violate the legal interests of individuals or legal entities.

boubourAs tranlate actforfreedomnow!

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Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (UK)


“In the early morning of 17 January, two telecommunications utilities vehicles, of British Telecom, were set on fire in Bristol.
This attack was made in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all those who are fighting inside and outside the prison walls.
We denounce the trial against the accused and imprisoned of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We denounce all trials, refusing to recognise the authority of the State and its judicial apparatus.
We send comradely greetings to the imprisoned cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and say that we recognise ourselves, our actions and our ideas in a common project of destruction.
We salute all rebellious and revolutionary prisoners and all people rising up against capitalism and the State.
Long Live Anarchy!
For an international informal anarchist federation. “

17 January Group

Faye Meyer has been released on provisional liberty following disagreements between the investigating judge and the prosecution and for this reason the board will once again decide on the case in 15 day


Faye Meyer has been released on provisional liberty following disagreements between the investigating judge and the prosecution and for this reason the board will once again decide on the case in 15 days. On Saturday the 4 accused comrades were taken to Koridallos prison.
It's good news for Faye! For the others the only thing we can say is COURAGE strength and patience! KEEP STRONG COMRADES UNTIL FREEDOM!

One day after the arrest of four comrades the antiterrorist cops arrested the comrade Fei Mayer. She is accused for participation in a terrorist group (the name of the group has not yet been decided by the cops). Lawyers or information about what she is accused is considered luxury for people arrested in greece, so she doesn’t have any of these. The mass media come to fill the gap of the not-existing evidence, so they have started to transmit surreal scenarios about their parents being members of RAF and other armed groups in Germany. They also “informed” us that her father was killed during a guerrilla action in Germany! Of course, her father is still alive, maybe he is a bit more insecure after he was informed about his death.
The crime of Fei is solidarity and dignity.

Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer about the sycophancies and the puplications by some parrots of the state about our sister.

The big game that is being played on the back of our sister and our family.

With the trial of the defendants for participation in the organization “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” approaching and the explosion in the Administrative Court building remaining unanswered on the side of arrests, it was expected from the state to try to catch a "big fish" and if it cannot, it manufactures it, so that it recovers its lost prestige and demonstrates its strength. 

Thus certain journalists, agents of authority, fouand the oppurtunity, based on the coincidental synonymy of our mother with an alleged member of the RAF, Barbara Meyer, to set up a cinematographic history of conspiracy with alleged interconnections of international and domestic groups. They reached such a point of ridiculousness, that they re-published names of wanted members of the RAF from the '80s and other spicy sauces to satisfy the terrorized public. 

Our mother was presented therefore as a wanted and disappearred terrorist, the moment where she lives in Greece together with us, her family. 

Our father Wolfgang had a worse fate in their hands, after not only they changed his name, but they also presented him to have been killed in a shoot out with cops in Austria years ago! Very Shocking for a musictherapist that lives and works healthy in Germany… 

Our sister, because it appears she had a drink with somebody from the 4 arrested that are accused for a incendiary attack in Thessaloniki, through these myths and her “terrorist” genealogical tree, was herself baptized as a member of a criminal organization and is called to testify! 

Our sister, as we, is not a terrorist, but an anarchist, a choice heavy in a world of dominators. 

We demand that this sordid game that is played on the backs of our sister and our family stops immediately and we warn all those participating that they will find us in front of them. 

And lets not forget: The states are the only terrorists.




Statement of arrested anarchist Fee-Marie Mayer's mother, Barbara Mayer 


I, Barbara Mayer, born on 03.06.1958 in Bad Waldsee, Germany, daughter of Rudolf and Anelize, am the mother of Fee-Marie Mayer who was arrested the day before yesterday.

With my present statement I clarify that I am not the Barbara Meyer that is accused of participation in the RAF, as well as that my divorced spouse, Volfgang Mayer of Heinrich, is not her murdered husband. Something that is easily proved, since he lives and works in Germany.

Yesterday with disappointment and rage I watched a great deal of news on television, as well as various electronic news pages. I do not know how and why certain journalists decided to misinform that the parents of my daughter are wanted or dead terrorists. I call them detractors and spreaders of false news. All my life I have been a peaceful person. I will not calm down however, until certain journalists are led to Justice, they recall publicly what they said and they clean the mud that they have thrown.

I intend to move all legal procedures, civil and penal, and to disturb their calm lives. Such persons perceive the consequences of their actions only when they themselves are drawn to face justice.

Finally I declare with pride, that I am not only the mother, but also a good friend of my daughter. I do not know what the legal file that has been made against her contains, I know however very well that she is an anarchist and not a terrorist. Those that use their position completely irresponsibly in order to stigmatize anyone as a terrorist, those that are not ashamed to destroy the life of my daughter, they are the ones who terrorize.

Thessaloniki, 16th January 2011
Barbara Mayer”

boubourAs translate actforfreedomnow!



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

İstanbul - Solidarity Action with Conspiracy Cells of Fire

From Istanbul Indymedia İstanbul, Turkey (16.01.2011) - In the night of 16th of January 2011 at 7 p.m. against the biggest one of the shopping centers in Istanbul, Cevahir AVM, there was an attack with fireworks. The 4 of the exploded 7 fireworks hit the entrance and the windows of shopping center. While fireworks begin to explode, there had been no injury except a little bit panic.
While the banks, shopping centers, fasfoods and other part of the consuming culture reduce imagination and free time to shit and debt, while our planet began to unliveable because of the consumption and commodification, we see a little art-sabotage not inappropriate.

The actions that we took like this is for solidarity with our comrades who are now in hostages in Greece dungeons and with Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

Insurrectionary greetings


Banner in solidarity University of Piraeus athens


No fighters  in the  hand  of the state
We get ahead of them.


Some information about the start of the trial of the comrades members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and those accused in the same case in Korydallos prison/court today, 17 January.


Early in the morning the atmosphere in Korydallos was asphyxiating .. police everywhere and very few comrades. Around 11 am people gathered on the pavement outside the prison/court to get in. They had to give their ID card and full personal information. The courtroom was full of plainclothes cops. A few people made it to get in. Then the court was stopped and it was stated that nobody would be allowed in without ID and the card would be kept for the duration of the trial. That is illegal since the police only have the right to keep your identity card if you are a witness, or expert witness (according to the procedure). Since, however, it is assumed that the case is not yet closed, they are trying to find more to culprits. Fortunately, the accused comrades refused to speak and left the courtroom..
SO the trial was adjourned again for the reasons mentioned above. After over an hour, it restarted to hear again the same demands as those made by the lawyers, but from the accused themselves:

1. NO personal data to be recorded from identity cards, which are not to be withheld at the entrance by the security cops.
2. Up until then there was absolutely nothing on record for obvious reasons. There is apparently no need for the proceedings to be recorded (to have the possibility of perverting what has been said for public opinion and those not present at the trial).
3. Demands that the plainclothes cops leave the courtroom and let the people outside occupy the seats, because outside the cops guarding the prison had closed the road, prohibiting not only entry to the prison, but also the approach road for the following obvious reasons "we have orders not to let anyone pass and even if we let them in, the court is full." Bullshit Indeed, after the first interruption, most plainclothes cops fucked off - one was almost attacked but they managed to conceal him. That had the effect of freeing around 40 places. 

After we sent one of our lawyers to inform those at the entrance that there was room to go in, but anyway the scum did not let anyone pass. So 1 / 3 of the courtroom was empty and the other 1 / 3 was composed of cops (plainclothes or not). The comrade prisoners stated that if the demands were not accepted they would not participate in the trial. Of course the president of the court didn't give a shit, which angered many people and the imprisoned comrades left the court again to the accompaniment of slogans.

Finally, the culmination of the whole matter was this: The President ruled that despite the "generous" and "honest" efforts by the Court, there are not the logistics for the trial to be tape-recorded! Still, she still wanted to continue, of course. She also agreed that the registration of personal information of those present, such as the photocopying of identity documents, is illegal and banned, but the ID cards of those entering the courtroom would be held until they left the prison! Looking us straight in the face. On the other hand, we were "assured" all the same, that the list of records would be destroyed, while no written statement to that effect was produced ... (Why?) She said that the proceedings are public and open to everyone to attend WITHOUT EXCEPTION, provided the attendees did not exceed the number of seats (accentuating the "without exception", meaning of course that the public can also mean plainclothes cops!) Finally, the possibility of the "removal" of the case to the Court, was examined. It depends on whether it is possible for it to be fitted with the necessary logistics for recording (the latter will certainly be decided at the next hearing in the courtroom of Korydallos)

The accused comrades were well - as well as it is possible to be, namely, dynamic and determined.
Outraged by the developments they left the courtroom. When leaving, those present in the court shouted slogans such as "cops, judges SS” and “the passion for freedom is stronger than the prison.
The trial will resume on Monday 24 / 1, 9.00 am
THERE !!!!!

As anarchists in solidarity we are proud of the dignified position of the accused comrades in this parody of a trial today.

Faye Meyer has been released on provisional liberty following disagreements between the investigating judge and the prosecution and for this reason the board will once again decide on the case in 15 days. On Saturday the 4 accused comrades were taken to Koridallos prison.
It's good news for Faye! For the others the only thing we can say is COURAGE strength and patience! KEEP STRONG COMRADES UNTIL FREEDOM!

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)