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Mexican teen killed by Border Patrol agent

June 9th, 2010

MEXICO CITY — Mexican leaders on Wednesday condemned the fatal shooting of a Mexican teenager by the U.S. Border Patrol at the international border in El Paso, as U.S. officials scrambled to investigate the circumstances surrounding the second killing of a Mexican by a U.S. agent in two weeks.

According to preliminary reports from U.S. officials, Border Patrol agents on bicycles were pelted with rocks while trying to apprehend migrants trying to cross illegally from Ciudad Juarez into El Paso near a downtown bridge, an area known for drug and human trafficking, and monitored by video cameras and constant patrols.

U.S. officials said an unidentified Border Patrol agent was defending himself as the officers came under attack. The teenager, Sergio Adrian Hernandez Güereca, 15, was shot in the head Monday, according to Mexican officials. Both governments and the FBI are trying to determine whether Hernandez was standing on U.S. or Mexican soil at the time of the shooting, and whether he was throwing rocks and posed a credible threat to the U.S. agents.

Police in the neighboring state of Chihuahua said the teenager died on the Mexican side of the border. Investigators retrieved a .40-caliber bullet casing.

U.S. officials said the Border Patrol agent has been placed on administrative leave, and a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement saying the U.S. government “regrets the loss of life and awaits the results of a complete investigation into this incident.”

Mexican President Felipe Calderón, a close U.S. ally in the drug war raging just south of the border, said Mexico “will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.” In a statement, he said his government “reiterates its rejection to the disproportionate use of force on the part on U.S. authorities on the border with Mexico.”

José Reyes Baeza, the governor of Chihuahua state, said that U.S. agents were too quick to shoot at Mexicans and blamed “the xenophobic and racist conduct” on the passage of a new immigration law in Arizona that allows city and state police to detain people who are in the United States illegally.

José Reyes Ferriz, the mayor Ciudad Juarez, said in a statement that “we cannot tolerate these kind of incidents, where people fight with rocks against firearms, mainly when there are well-trained agents involved in these cases, like Border Patrol agents,” the Associated Press reported. He said the U.S. government must hold the Border Patrol agent accountable if he acted recklessly.

Reyes Ferriz said the Juarez police are reviewing videos taken from the area where the shooting occurred. “Watching those videos, we will be able to establish if Border Patrol agents are the culprit,” he said in a statement.

Tempers are high along the U.S.-Mexico border because of the ongoing violence from the fight against the drug cartels, the Arizona immigration law and an incident two weeks ago in which Anastasio Hernandez, 32, from Mexico, died after a Customs and Border Protection officer shocked him with a stun gun at the San Ysidro border crossing, which separates San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

In Ciudad Juarez, a city beset by drug-related violence, the slain teenager’s father told the El Paso Times that his son did not take drugs, was not in a gang and was not trying to cross into the United States. He said his son was just hanging out, as many teenagers do, along the trickle of water that is the Rio Grande and separates the two downtowns.

“He shouldn’t have gotten close to those cowards — what this dog did — shoot into Mexico,” Jesus Hernandez told the El Paso Times.

U.S. Border Patrol agents are routinely pelted with rocks and bottles while chasing and apprehending illegal crossers, and have sometimes been shot at from Mexico. Although most illegal migrants are trying to enter the United States to find work, the borderlands are constantly crisscrossed by drug, human and weapons traffickers, many of them armed.

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Savage beating immigrant person from Pakistan in Saint Panteleimon Area in athens by fascists. Filed a complaint against persons
On Tuesday, June 8, around 9:30 pm, three fascists attacked unnecessarily and biting for 3-4 minutes in the head Nantim

Ouachint, 30 years , on the road Alkiviadou the bottom of the square St. Panteleimon. The unlucky Nantim, at that time hearted talking
on his mobile phone he had just come from Internet Café kept compatriot Street Alkiviadou. This is something that is within walking
distance of cafe-hangout goldenDawn neonazis and other nationalist thugs in the area. Where - as had denounced the Movement
"Deport Racism" - were set up for several days fascist "roadblocks" and immediately after the recent merger1 of may hatred of the
Golden Dawn Square. The Nantim they take to Red Cross hospital where he rendered first aid and found a broken nose and minor
injuries to several other parts of head (jaw, ear). The Nantim saved by immigrants who came from the near shops to help him



Injured hands and face a laborer in industry LARCO. According to preliminary data, shortly before 2 pm, the worker was at work when the kilns, and "hot stock" from the kilns fell into the hands and face of the worker and causing burns.

Immediately moved from their from the athers workers in the office of the factory and the doctors after the first-aid ordered to be transferred to hospital in Athens, mainly for fear of his condisions no ather accidents in the name of fucking bosses and capitalism!

Six die in central Nigeria motorcycle taxi ban riot

June 10th, 2010

JOS Nigeria (Reuters) – Six people have died in clashes between security forces and motorcycle-taxi drivers in the central Nigerian city of Jos where hundreds were killed in religious violence this year, witnesses said on Wednesday.

The latest violence first erupted on Monday when a military taskforce tried to enforce a ban on taxis bikes and then flared on Wednesday as hundreds of riders made bonfires in the streets of Jos, capital of Plateau state, residents said.

The clashes were not directly linked to the bouts of fighting between Christian and Muslim mobs early this year, they said.

A Reuters witness saw four bodies being prepared for burial at the central mosque in Jos on Wednesday, while a Muslim leader said another man injured in the clashes later died at a military hospital in the city.

Plateau state Police Commissioner Gregory Anyatingo told Reuters by telephone that a officer who was stabbed by rioters while he was returning from work on Monday died on Wednesday.

Police confirmed the clashes but denied that there were any deaths. Hundreds of bikes were impounded and at least two riders charged to court, officers said.

The Plateau state government imposed the ban in April, but the police who only attempted to enforce it this week, met with stiff resistance from the riders, most of them jobless youths.

A number of states in Africa’s most populous country have either out rightly banned or restricted taxis bikes, accusing the drivers of aiding crime in the cities where many see them as a cheaper way to get around congested and chaotic streets.

But the number of motorcycle taxis in Nigerian cities has grown rapidly in the last few years as the unemployment rate in Africa’s second biggest economy spiraled and fatal crashes are common as most of the drivers are untrained and illiterate.

Around 5,000 people die on Nigerian roads every year and about 20,000 are injured, with almost every collision involving a biker, data from the Federal Road Safety Commission shows.

Pecq - Police hit over by car belgium

A police officer was badly wounded during a control in front of the police station of Val d'Escaut in Pecq. A car refused to stop on demand of the police, accelerated and hit the officer.

translated from

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Fires and rioting in Stockholm suburb

Immigrant violence in Europe continues to grow in major  metropolitan areas.
Immigrant violence in Europe continues to grow in major metropolitan areas.
Alain Bachellier

Being told one cannot attend a school dance can often lead to some feelings of rejection, anger, and outrage for a group of teens, usually ending in a shouting match with school officials. For Somalians in Sweden, however, it leads somewhere much more violent.

After being denied entry to a school dance, a group of Somalian immigrants (whose ages are unreported, but are referred to as “youths” by BBC News) went on a violent rampage throughout Stockholm, flipping cars, throwing rocks through windows, attacking a nearby police station, and ultimately burning the school building to the ground in a display that might shock even Los Angeles.

Up to 100 “youths” are speculated to have been involved in the riots. The mob formed on Monday shortly after a group, most likely unaffiliated with the school in question, were told they could not enter a school-sponsored dance. There are no reports of angry words exchanged between the Somalians and the Swedish school officials, only that the former became extremely violent after being told to leave the premises.

Immigrant violence has been a growing problem throughout Europe, especially amongst the large numbers of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, though less frequent among immigrants from Pakistan, India, and other parts of Asia. In France in 2005, several weeks of civil unrest rocked the city of Paris as Algerian mobs roamed the streets burning cars and buildings and attacking native French as well as each other, and a smaller series of riots took place just last year following the suicide of an Algerian in police custody on Bastille Day. These dwarf the recent occurrence in Stockholm, but the Somalian riot in Sweden nevertheless shows that immigrant violence is increasing and spreading throughout European countries as little is being done to curb the displacement of native Europeans.

Letter from the anarchist comrade aris Seirinidis from koridallos prison

With a methodical police, judicial and Mediafestival operation that began immediately after his arrest me on the evening of May 3, 2010, the nation at a time intensity of class conflict, managed to put in a hostage. Moving between jocular and scientific-, construction and management of the "case" he makes me doubly exemplary prosecution. First, the notion of "exemplary" as it seeks to be an example for a steady and firm my choice, 17 years now, on the other side of the barricade, where it defines the job and class consciousness against capitalist domination and state terrorism.

Exemplary other hand, the new era of repression in the era of IMF, the total war that capital and state have declared the society. Along with the structural weaknesses of the capitalist system, the current financial crisis reveals the sham and cyclical nature of bourgeois democracy itself. At the same time the IMF, the EU and domestic representatives are attempting to impose a totalitarian system of financial capitalism, at the same time the mantle of democracy falls. Then even the most coarse scenarios worthy of the gendarmerie metaemfyliopolemikis period 'tethered' to the 'irrefutable research DNA »in the laboratories of police headquarters in Athens.

I will not dwell on the obvious violation of any legal or other pretext to manage the "case" I, on the fact that imprisonment had my proapofasistei to a floor of national security. Anyway I do not recognize any legitimacy in this system of exploitation and oppression. To those, however, that the prison I look forward to an example, I have to demur this: prison is for me a new field of struggle, a challenge match against "absolute power in the region, making the bet most barbaric institution sovereignty in a laboratory policy and ideological my maturity. As for the new repressive doctrine, in the vindictive fury that the distinction can not however hide the panic of bankrupt Greek state before the possibility of widespread social transformation of anger into a social revolt.

From the A wing of the prison Korydallos raise my fist to his comrades and my companion in all the fighting people, with the certainty that they will find again in the field of social and class war, more determined, more aggressive and stronger.

Aris Seirinidis

KORIDALLOS 09/06/2010

Village Burned by Upper Caste and Police: Two Dead

"Do the poor have no right to live?" exclaimed Jaswant, a local Indian of the village Mirjpur. Mirjpur recently had 20 houses burnt to the ground by the Jat Community and experienced zero support from local officers.

In fact, local officers were seen that night lounging in the houses of the Jats. Some even stood aside as the houses were burned before their eyes. There is great speculation that the police might have actually deployed several of the groups responsible for the carnage.

Having said that, the Jats have been increasingly more violent in the Hissar district of India. As of late, they burned houses in Dulina, Salvan, and now Mirjpur village. Of the three burnings only Mirjpur has experienced fatalities.

Two people died in the last carnage. A man and his disabled daughter were burned alive in their home. A survivor of the incident, the deceased man's son, was interviewed by IndiaUnheard correspondent, Amit Kumar.

The man describes the means by which the Jats burned the houses, and his despair is felt through the screen as he shows the wreckage of his old home.

Jaswant explains that the Jats have been acting increasingly violent to try and prevent the Dalit and Valmiki communities (lower castes) from gaining equal rights. "They want us to be their slaves. This is the only reason for this carnage."

The Dalit and Valmiki communities aren't experiencing relief from the government, who makes false promises of justice to silence their cries for help.

Standing tall to the camera, Jaswant speaks, "We want the government to punish the culprits, and book the officers under section 302-SC/ST."

Knowing your rights is a first step, but in a society that depends on the authority of a lackadaisical government, it is hard to imagine Jaswant or Mirjpur village will ever see proper justice for this incident.

To learn more about this story and to explore the hidden truth's behind India's caste system, watch this short video.

New Letter from Marcelo Villarroel

10 06 2010

From Hommodolars Contrainformación:

June 7, 2010


To all free-minded comrades:

It’s been years of tireless struggle for the radical transformation of the current social order, against the power of the rich, against the democracy that represents them, its politicians, its police, its businesses, its reformism, its exasperating passivity, its false reality.

There have been hundreds of rebellious, insurrectional women and men who—acting in groups or alone—have given the best of themselves in direct combat to destroy everything that oppresses us. And on that difficult road, we have had to inevitably coexist with persecution, prison, and death as the sustained response by the power of domination, which seeks the extermination of conscious proletarians who insist on being masters of their own destinies.

There have been countless failures to understand, stigmas, defamations, dirty wars, lies made into official truths promoted by the state as permanent policy toward whomever rebels and attacks it. The dictatorship of commodities never neglects one of its essential supports: the continuous, habitual violence of one class over the other, which mutates according to the interests and necessities of capital.

The dictatorship of capital is always omnipresent, sometimes as military dictatorship, other times as parliamentary democracy. This is how it’s been in Chile for at least the last 40 years, and the rebellion continues.

Meanwhile, oblivion and cheap charlatanism have become national sports, and remain comfortable and attractive options when the time comes to confront the day-to-day suffocation of capital.

Meanwhile, the Mattes, Piñeras, Luksices, Edwardses, and Angelinis multiply their earnings of thousands of millions of dollars again and again, and lose nothing. The result is that we exploited pay for the eternal crises, the natural disasters, the violent, shameful luxury and opulence in which the rich live.

Meanwhile, the laws that criminalize misery are modified and permanently toughened, defining and reproducing a prison machine that locks up more and more people. Indolent passivity definitely can’t continue.

It’s for these reasons and many more that—as poor people at war, as proletarians in revolt, as the rebellious exploited—it becomes necessary for us to reconstruct and articulate spaces of active solidarity with the struggle against imprisonment and for the destruction of the jailer who resides in all spheres of social reality.

It’s also for these reasons that the different anti-prison experiences become a vital part of confronting the new challenges inherent to the development of the social war today. We know its inevitable moments of tension will bring about the existence of new proletarians in struggle, prisoners, and dead comrades as well. Perhaps it sounds harsh or crude to say that, but it’s part of a reality we can’t deny, and we would be worse off lying to ourselves.

This is the struggle to be human: looking to break the chains that keep you from being free, dignified, and wild; acting in the most straightforward, everyday, lasting ways; taking the initiative again to link up, disseminate, reveal, point out the new reality in which our prisoners live; knowing the particular faces of those who repress inside the prisons and on the streets; sharing experiences in order to learn how to face specific situations; knowing how the “new justice” functions, its proceedings, how to cope.

In short, with class consciousness, from a clearly subversive perspective: mending the networks of complicity, breaking down indifference, overcoming the fear that paralyzes.





—Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Anarchist Prisoner
Maximum Security Wing, Maximum Security Prison
Santiago, Chile
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"It will allow the slow..elimination of Simos Seisidis?

In the communication about the conditions of detention and treatment of the prisoner Simos Seisidi eleven people (academics, doctors, lawyers, journalists, editors) denounce conditions which "are characterized by arbitrary government, police brutality and unethical medical practice".

The following text refers to a prisoner who was wanted for robbery, Simos Seisidis, his arrest, detention and treatment.

We believe that medical organizations, democratic movements and human rights, political organizations and collectives should now take a position on the issue, because the case of Simos Seisidi (prisoner and patient with no rights whatsoever) condenses the most odious forms of state repression and subjugation of medical function on its purpose.

First question: Can a suspect be shot in cold blood?

Simos Seisidis on May 3, 2010, has been seen by police in the area of Petralona. When reasonably he tried to flee, he was shot in cold blood by police on foot, so that the incoming bullet pierced the leg from the back of the foot, leaving by the front and destroying the main artery. It is significant that the testimony of the police that made the arrest in no way warned Seisidis but implemented the command to shoot (on foot!) who is suspected of escaping arrest.

The questions: Where and in which circumstances can an escape suspect be shot? By what criterion targeting the arrest of the suspect outweighs the protection of life of every able-bodied man? It is possible (albeit theoretically) for the legal system in this country not to have presumption of innocence and for a suspect to be awarded capital punishment, sentence of death or permanent disability? What else were the police are waiting to understand after relentlessly beating up the blood-staine, faint Seisidi, which caused multiple fractures to his ribs , and then threatened his life?

Problem 2: In what could bring the police arbitrariness?

The police, therefore, unnecessarily shoot Simo Seisidis and then batter him. But that does not stop them. A fully armed invasion of the ICU of KAT hospital and then hospitalized in special cell, family visits prohibited and exclusively hospital nurses to provide the necessary care; any correspondence or telephone calls refused, and even the existence of television or radio in the hospitalized cell.· They harass the patient, screaming on the bed, up and photographing him with mobile phones when he is being washed by the nursing staff:
Friday, May 28, when foot of Simos Seisidis amputated, police were inside the operating theatre!

The questions: What reasons require all these measures other than the quite obvious one that aims to humiliate and kill Simos Seisidis psychologically and emotionally ? There is no institutional body in this country that is willing to review police cannibalism? Finally, the fact that Seisidis was wanted for the robbery may be an inhibitory factor for any institution, organization or party to deal with the case?

Question 3: Can police be doctors?

Eventually, Simos Seisidis suffered amputation of the leg, because, according to the attending doctors, he ran imminent risk of his life. Attaching omission or negligence to the personnel of the First Orthopaedic Clinic of CAT, particularly against the Director of Clinical of unethical behavior in terms of tolerance of the massive police presence, which may burden the healing progress of the patient and necessarily incurred (now the responsibility of the ICU of Evangelismos) further full recovery.

The questions: Can doctors not accept a private nurse (like all prisoner patients); doctors is it not unreasonable to accept the presence of police within the ICU, even in the operating room? It is ridiculous the doctor in the ICU of Evangelismos stating "we are not responsible for the presence of police officers in the Unit? Finally, is medicine simply the execution and administration of drugs or organization of the full recovery of the patient's health? Is the doctor who respects his degree and oath , who believes that isolation, ... and the presence of armed police literally on the patient leave treatment ineffective? Finally, is there a "medical humanism" or do we all the time obey the rules of the free market and freedom of repression?

Demand: to withdraw immediately the police from inside the ICU of the Annunciation; to abolish isolation Seisidi Simos, have regular visiting hours, a special nurse, correspondence, and when returning to the room have radio, television and telephone communication, uninterrupted recovery of the patient and the time in hospital not interrupted by transfer to prison. Furthermore, health status and the whole situation until now by the authorities not to impose his detention and, if obtained evidence against the referral to trial.

We call upon: scientific and medical associations, each sensitive social and political body to denounce this shameful situation that not only is killing Simos Seisidi but degrades any sense of democracy and humanity.

Dimitris Kekos (University, National) * Periklis Korovesis (writer, Pr. MP) * Nikos Manios (doctor, hospital Pentelis) * Yannis Banias (pr. Member, State Secretariat SYRIZA) * Romina Xydas (journalist, "Proto Thema") * John prosper (doctor, General State Nice) * Michael Cantor (editor, Alkis Rigos Vivliopelagos * (University of Panteion) * George Roussis (University Panteion) * Dimitri Sarafianos (lawyer) * George Stamatopoulos (reporter, 'BBC') *

Dead migrant Greece

The body of a young man believed to be an African migrant was recovered yesterday from the River Evros, police in Orestiada, northern Greece, said. The man is thought to have been one of a group of migrants who drowned at the end of last month while trying to enter Greece via the Evros from Turkey. Police found the bodies of two Somalis and a Tunisian man, all aged between 20 and 25, in the river on May 26.

Anti-capitalists attack in Bristol - liberation for Palestine, and not only


Last night, a group of individuals decided to turn their anger into action - striking a number of targets on Whiteladies Road. The list is this:
HSBC bank, windows smashed with hammers, red paint thrown inside
Morgan Beddoe estate agent, every window smashed in reach and damage to door
Conservative Party office just off Whiteladies Road, window smashed
Territorial Army, windscreens smashed on their civilian vehicles in the car park.

These attacks responded to the recent murders on the aid boat at the hands of the Israeli armed forces which has hit such huge news recently (perhaps because some victims this time are white children of the Western middle classes, as opposed to the routine deaths that pass unmarked by the media on a daily basis in Palestine and for that matter everywhere else) - but this is also our own trajectory in the over-due counter-offensive against the colonisation of our lives by capitalism right here. Solidarity is best when it serves to extend your own struggle in compliment of anothers. This action was simple, required little planning and no expertise, hit our enemies directly and was more uplifting than any containted demonstration we have witnessed in recent time.

For many the choice of targets may speak for itself - banks being well known locally in their recent glut of reccession and repossession, besides being an integral part of the systematic economic exploitation that this world is currently based on, and of course HSBC specifically bank-rollers of the Israeli state's regime of terror. Estate agents, fronting the gentrification and driving those who cannot afford their dream further out in the age-old class war. Politicians, whatever their claims and colors, claim power over us all to repress, rule and further their own corrupt aims. Armed forces, to back them up whenever they chose to extend their influence or crush dissent.

Let us not forget the prisoners of the Gaza demonstrations of January 2009, incarcerated for bringing militant popular struggle back on the agenda in the anti-occupation movement.

Let us not forget all the prisoners, from Greece to the U.S.A, who realised that attack is the best way out of this social prison and took action accordingly.

For a world without money, private property, politics and occupation.

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on june 21 will be the trial of the french rioters in paris suburbs in 2007

"It must be that the truth rises from the slums, since only come from above but lies. "
Louise Michel, 1890.

November 25, 2007, Villiers-le-Bel. Two boys are killed by cops, several subsequent nights of rioting during which dozens and dozens of cops are directly attacked and injured, some seriously. The honor of the national police was hit in the heart, but their shame contributes to our happiness. Three months later, in 1500 and journaflics cops arrive on site, buckle the city and arrested about thirty persons on the basis of anonymous complaints and paid by the cops. Many will pay for disorders with sentences of several years in prison. On June 21, the four remaining indictees spend in court, accused of shooting at the cops. They already languishing in jail for two years.

No need to call on Madame sun to know they are condemned in advance by the class justice for which disorder and rebellion are unforgivable crimes. Through it, the whole democracy that takes revenge on her side unable to manage.
One thing is certain: it is simple, according to some data, to choose sides with clarity. We decided to revolt, because we expect nothing of the institutions: neither respect nor truth nor justice.

Clearly, these few nights of riots have cracked the social peace, as in November 2005 or in Greece, all the anger and frustration that explodes the daily receipts at night are the cars of cops crament, cops targeted to buckshot and Molotov, government buildings torched.

Wherever we are, let us also burst our rage and take our courage in both hands, because it destroys us is everywhere, our enemies are within our reach. This social peace can be imposed by the state violence is also forged our own helplessness and lowered our eyes against the arrogance of the mob, the condiments, judges, big brothers, teachers, small heads and managers aware of all kinds.

The game is worth the candle.

Neither justice nor peace.
That burst scales, that the social war prevails.

the trial

Pirate Radio Berlin 08.06.2010

The police raid in the housing project at Boediker Str. 9 in Berlin, because of the Pirate Radio, during the Action Day “Enter Media Spree” at 5th June, ended with about 25 arrests, unreasonable accusations and their inability to find the broadcasting equipment.

At around 17.00, the police invaded the building of Boediker Str. 9, in order to confiscate the broadcasting equipment of the action radio. Despite having searched for hours, supported by two employees of the Public Networks Agency from Mainz, who were also there with their vehicle, the police couldn't find the broadcasting equipment. Instead, they destroyed rooms of the building and broke several doors.

13 people were indiscriminately arrested, as they happened to be at this very moment at the stairs, in front of, or in the Action Infopoint at Bodiker str. 9. After the chief of the police force was informed by lawyers that the use of a frequency without a license by the District Media Authority is just a minor offence and not a crime, as he had initially claimed, he came up with a couple of absurd accusations, such as “causing serious physical injury due to the exposure to electromagnetic radiation” and “theft of electricity”, in order to legitimize the operation of the police in the building.

Later this evening, during the spontaneous solidarity assembly that took place in front of the building, 10 more people where arrested without reason. The police (of the 23rd and 24th squad) were extremely brutal, beating indiscriminately people and causing a serious head injury to at least one person, who had to be transferred with an ambulance.

This brutal tactic fits in the picture of the whole day, during which the police tried to prevent the protests against the Media Spree project. The same afternoon, the police attacked the van with the loudspeakers, after the end of the demonstration, as the action concept was supposed to be announced by the loudspeakers.
Nevertheless, the protests will go on and the people, despite the repression, hasn't surrendered to the terrorization. The estate on Cuvry Str. (by IVG Real Estate) was successfully occupied and more than a thousand people took place in a creative “Enter Media Spree” day.

We will continue to support the contradictory opinion that the city needs.
In order to reach new coasts – for a free radio in Berlin
against the gentrification, the neoliberal restructuring of the city and the magnification of the flat rents

Berlin, 6th of June
your pirate radio

Security boosted at officers’ trial

The two police officers on trial for the MURDER shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 arrived at a court in Amfissa, central Greece, amid high security yesterday, a day after getting conditional release from custody.

Epaminondas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliotis, freed on Sunday after 18 months in custody, arrived at the courts in a van escorted by three counterterrorism officers. The block around the court building has been cordoned off and police are guarding the apartments where the two defendants are staying.

A coroner testifying as a witness for the Grigoropoulos family dismissed Korkoneas’s claim that he had shot into the air as a warning and not directly at the 15-year-old. According to Symeon Mesogitis, the wound left by the bullet in the teenager’s body and the deformities of the bullet itself rule out such a scenario.

Riot Attempt At Ajil Detention Depot Foiled

June 7th, 2010

HULU TERENGGANU, June 6 (Bernama) — Police foiled an attempt by almost 200 Vietnamese and Myanmar inmates to riot and break out of the Ajil immigration detention depot here last night, sparked by a fight between two new Vietnamese inmates.

Eight Vietnamese inmates were injured in the incident, and the Vietnamese embassy has been informed.

Terengganu Immigration director Mahasan Mustapa said today the incident began at 9.30pm when two new Vietnamese immigrants started fighting and the others joined in.

“They tried to break down doors and break free from the depot, but their attempt was foiled. One door was torn down but they could not get past two other doors and a grille,” he told reporters.

The police brought the situation under control by midnight, he said.

Terengganu police chief Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said eight Vietnamese inmates were injured in the incident.

A fire truck from the Kuala Berang Fire and Rescue Station was sent to the depot during the commotion as a precaution should the inmates attempt to set fire to the building.


Crazy cop car crashes xo! xo!

Goldstone Report to be used as defence at Decommissioners Trial

The judge in the decommissioners trial at Hove Crown Court stated today that the jury would need to know the historical background to the trial. He recommended that a short summary of the Goldstone Report be submitted to the jury as part of the evidence for the defence. This is a highly significant decision as the report is extremely critical of both the Israeli Defence Force and Hamas. Of particular relevance to today's trial is that it finds that war crimes were committed by Israel in its attack on Gaza in 2009. This strongly supports the defendants' case and is of world significance for future trials.

Supporters of the decommissioners outside Hove Crown Court
Supporters of the decommissioners outside Hove Crown Court

Today the judge in the opening stages of the decommisioners trial at Hove Crown Court stated that the jury would need to be aware of the present situation in Gaza and of the circumstances during the Israeli attack in January 2009. He recommended that a short extract of the executive summary of the Goldstone Report be allowed as evidence for the defence and be presented to the jurors. In passing he mentioned the attack by the Israeli Defence Force(IDF) on the UN Relief and Works building during the conflict.

This is a highly significant development as the Goldstone Report is extremely critical of both /the IDF and of Hamas. Of particular relevance to the trial today is that the report states that war crimes were committed by Israel in its assault on Gaza. This strongly supports the fundamental argument of the decommissioners who have consistently said that they acted to prevent such crimes from being committed by the IDF. If this line of argument is accepted by the jury then the outlook is bright for the eight defendants in court today. It also has potentially historical significance for future trials both in th UK and the rest of the world.


Consisting of gas exploite placed strangers at 3:00 in the morning at the entrance of the building housing tourist offices of the E.O.T

Thessalonikis.the offices are in the road Tsimiski 136.

Czech antifascists support people of Greece

Social protests in Greece are a legitimate reaction against the failure of the politics of the capitalist elites - both Greek and European. The protests are an adequate answer to the bankruptcy of financial machinations and virtual speculations. They are a clear refusal of a scenario according to which those with the least share and the minimal profit bear the main brunt of responsibility for the gamble.

We support the struggle of the unprivileged people against the power and the financial oligarchies. We refuse chauvinistic with-hunt against the people fo Greece. The tragic death of the three employees of Marfin Bank must not become a pretense for the isolation of the social movement and for its blanket refusal.

What happens in Greece today can fall onto every other European country. Greece is not alone.

To express our support we hung a large size banner on the base of the former grand monument of Stalin which stands high above the Prague city centre.

In December 2008, a wall of the Greek embassy in Prague has been painted with anarchist slogans and a homage was made in honor of Alexandros Grigoropulos. A few weeks ago, there was an attempt by an unknown individuals to firebomb the embassy and a letter of support for all Greek anarchist prisoners of war was send to the independent media.

Struggle continues

Antifascist Action Czech and Slovak Republic

Monday, June 7, 2010

TheTwo cops of murder of alexandros grigoropoulos freed on bail 6/1 greece

The two police officers on trial for the murder shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 received conditional

release from custody yesterday. The judge in the Amfissa court where the trial of Epaminondas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliotis is

being held has ruled that the two suspects should be freed on bail as they have completed 18 months in custody. Both men have

been barred from leaving the central Greek town and will have to report to the local police station regularly until a verdict is delivered.

They have been on trial – Korkoneas for shooting Grigoropoulos, Saraliotis for being an accomplice – since February.

Florence, Italy: on State’s terrorism and some subversive on trial.

The Italian media repeat the same refrain: your life is under threat, you must be scared. The ideology of security places all of us in a world of ghosts. Punks, foreigners, vandal kids are other actors in this comedy of horror. Journalists recruited by various bosses instil the fear of the diverse and encourage the lynching of the poor. The victims of this murderous ideology follow one another like in a war bulletin: extremely overcrowded jails, murders committed by cops, torture in police stations, detention camps for immigrants, fascist aggressions. No surprise, then, if the journalists of capital yell the need for security and their desire for cameras in every street and soldiers in every piazza.

It is them, the bosses, who need security. This rotten society, where millions of people do not even have the certainty to make ends meet, generates anger against the responsible of the generalized disaster: politicians and capitalists. Social control, therefore, is the last resource left to this totalitarian democracy in the hands of multinationals. There’s nothing else they can offer.

Rightwing politicians invoke the use of truncheons, whereas the leftists make appeal to an abstract legality. On the one hand, businessmen and administrators ‘s financial crimes are tolerated; on the other, there is no mercy towards all the poor and undesirable, “criminals” guilty of passing a border without documents, of occupying empty buildings, of selling counterfeit goods. And sometimes – which is even worse! – guilty of organising themselves in order to struggle against the arrogance of the powerful engaged in a total war on everything that smells freedom and life.

As a consequence, the gang of the PD [the major centre-left political party] in Florence threaten the eviction of all occupied spaces and call upon the police to suppress all those passionate people who cannot resign to the dirty games of power, such as the clearance sale of public spaces, the eco-devastation aimed at high speed railway projects, the construction of a new immigration detention centre. Great transformations and huge interests, which need the elimination of the poor, the subversive and the angry people. On July 1 2010, in Florence, a jury will decide whether to charge with conspiracy (subversive association) some of these angry people.

Accused of committing a series of actions, occupation of buildings and non-authorized demonstrations, 19 anarchist comrades risk a trial based on the anti-terrorism law: the infamous article 270bis of the Italian penal code, which has allowed the State to lock up its sworn enemies on a number of occasions.

Beyond penal codes, tribunals and laws created to divide, criminalize and dominate the exploited, we re-confirm what we have always said: the real terrorists are those who terrorise in order to preserve power and profit.



Sodexo Attacked in Montreal (Canada)

7 June 2010

“In the early hours of June 7th, some anarchists smashed the windows of a Sodexo office in Montreal. Sodexo is the parent company that makes food for Canadian prisons.

Prison is much more than fours walls of the a vile institution; prison as a condition is reflected and reproduced in the world that surrounds us.

It is the cameras on every street corner surveilling our comings and goings; it is the DNA and fingerprint databanks that record our most personal details; it is the borders and constant threat of detention and deportation that would keep us from freely choosing where we want to live.

To Sodexo (and all others that contribute to the upkeep and functioning of prisons) we say screw you and your choice of ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, when what we really want is to burn the prisons to the ground.

With love and solidarity.”

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)