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Anarchists attack two banks -- Tacoma, WA

The communique goes down like this:

"One bank was attacked and another sabotaged in Tacoma, Washington.
One of them being Wells Fargo the main investor in GEO Group and
the Northwest Detention Center, an immigrant detention center
(prison) that sits comfortably in the Tacoma tide flats. “NO
PRISONS (A)” was spray painted on the side of the building and 3
windows where smashed. Bank of America also had an ATM card slot
glued. Bank of America is one of the three joint financial advisers
(including Merrlin Lynch and Barclays Int.) for GEO Group Corp.

In solidarity with all imprisoned, in all prisons,
And for the destruction of the prison world.

- Anarchists"


Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday 4 octomber 2010 time 09.00 at evelpidon courts Athens



Mass arrests, clashes follow settler shootings

Report, The Electronic Intifada, 3 September 2010

Israeli police arrest demonstrators at a protest in Silwan, occupied East Jerusalem. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills)

On 1 September the Palestinian Authority's (PA) security forces launched an unprecedented arrest campaign against Palestinians affiliated with the Hamas party in the occupied West Bank. The arrest sweep followed attacks earlier in the week against Israeli settlers in Hebron and Ramallah.

The PA's Preventative Security Services and the General Intelligence Services arrested and detained at least 350 Palestinians from all West Bank governorates, according to a press release from the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq.

Four Israeli settlers from the Beit Hagai settlement were killed on Tuesday evening near the city of Hebron, when they were shot dead while driving on Route 60, the highway that connects Jerusalem to the settlements in the southern occupied West Bank. Approximately 24 hours later, two Israeli settlers were shot and injured in their car while driving near Ramallah and the Kochav Hashachar settlement.

The al-Qassam Brigades -- Hamas' armed wing -- claimed full responsibility for both attacks, according to Ma'an News Agency. Ma'an reported that the al-Qassam Brigades released a subsequent statement describing the shootings as a "normal and legal response to Zionist aggressions on the Palestinian civilians" and "part of the repelling operations against the occupation assaults on the Gaza Strip and West Bank" ("Hamas claims Ramallah attack," 1 September 2010).

Al-Haq says that the Palestinian Authority's arrest campaign against individuals affiliated with Hamas across the West Bank was "executed without the proper arrest warrants" and violated several laws related to arrest and detention rights and procedures.

"The total number of persons arrested without a legitimate warrant is likely to be significantly higher," Al-Haq added. "However, it is not possible to obtain an exact figure of the detainees as no record is being kept of persons detained and released within 24 hours. Hundreds of people currently remain in detention."

On Thursday, 2 September, Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the PA detained an additional two Palestinian men from the Hebron area, alleged by the PA to be in connection to Tuesday's attack ("Palestinian authorities: We're arrested two suspects ...").

The settler shootings and the heavy crackdown on Hamas supporters comes as US-brokered direct talks are taking place between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in Washington, DC. All opposing Palestinian political parties, including Hamas, have been disallowed by the PA from participating in the negotiations process. Last week, PA forces interrupted and dispersed a conference in Ramallah, attacking dissenting political officials and activists.

Al-Haq stated that "the sweeping and arbitrary nature of the arrests of political opponents demonstrates that these measures are fueled by political expediency as opposed to genuine security concerns. In fact this campaign is part of a pattern of oppressive policies adopted by the Palestinian Authority to stifle political dissent and to generate a sense of intimidation within Palestinian society."

The group added that it "condemns this arbitrary use of power by the Palestinian Authority and reiterates that the rule of law and the fundamental rights of individuals must not be sacrificed on the altar of political interests."

Meanwhile, in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on 1 September, hundreds of demonstrators, including Palestinian residents of Silwan and Israeli and international activists, confronted attendees of a conference aimed at promoting "archeological" interests in the neighborhood.

An increasing number of Israeli settlers have regularly taken over Palestinian homes in Silwan, under the cover of an Israeli archaeological institution, Elad, which has led the charge to push Palestinians out of the area and re-brand Silwan as the "City of David." Elad was the sponsor of Wednesday's conference in Silwan.

Journalist Joseph Dana reported on his website that Israeli border police and special forces, called Yasam, "were deployed and allowed to use physical violence to prohibit the protesters from getting close to the entrance."

"The protest stayed completely nonviolent as Yasam forces repeatedly attacked protesters, threw them to the ground like rag dolls and arrested them," wrote Dana. "At one point, a settler literally drove his car through the protest, almost running over a number of people" ("Israel vs. Israel ...," 2 September 2010).

Wednesday's demonstration follows previous clashes and arrests in Silwan last week. On Monday, clashes broke out when Israeli municipal police, border police and intelligence officers raided several neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, arresting and detaining Palestinians accused of participating in clashes the previous week, according to Ma'an. Residents of the neighborhood reported that last week's clashes began after Israeli settlers broke into the local al-Ein mosque on 26 August ("Clashes reported in Silwan," 30 August 2010).

Grigoropoulos trial nears end from the greek media...

Lawyers in the trial of the two police special guards accused of being involved in the fatal shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in the central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia in December 2008 began summing up yesterday and judges are expected to deliver their verdicts by the end of the month.
Eight months after the trial began, Zoe Konstantopoulou, the lawyer representing the Grigoropoulos family, called for both Epaminondas Korkoneas, the policeman who pulled the trigger, and Vassilis Saraliotis, who was on duty with him, to be found guilty of murder. Konstantopoulou argued that neither man had shown the necessary remorse for their part in the teenager’s death, which sparked days of protests and rioting in Athens. She said that, instead, they had displayed “cynicism” about their roles on the night of December 6, 2008.
Saraliotis insists that he has no regrets about his actions on the night of the shooting but Konstantopoulou claimed that he had provided “moral support” to Korkoneas, who fired the shot that killed the boy. The lawyer also accused Korkoneas of shooting directly at the group of people among whom the 15-year-old was standing. Korkoneas says that he fired after coming under attack from several thrown objects and had not aimed at Grigoropoulos or anyone else. Ballistic tests have shown that the bullet that killed the schoolboy ricocheted off a cement bollard. Witnesses have suggested the Korkoneas shot at the crowd rather than into the air or down at the ground.
The victim’s lawyer also insisted that the teenager was a normal 15-year-old who had no intention of playing the rebel, nor was he the member of any anarchist group.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picket in support of Vavilov collection

undefined August 31 Pavlovskaia experimental station, the commission came from the Chamber to the closed doors to determine whether it is a unique collection of plants Vavilov retained, or to land occupied by the collection, sold by luxury villas. In response, the anarchists staged an unauthorized picket. The activists stood in front of the station, holding a banner "Biofond importantly profit!" and banners reading "Where the money solves - nature die?" and "Save the Vavilov collection. Despite the presence of policemen in plain clothes and their prevention, nobody was detained. Formally part of the land, carrying her unique varieties of plants that scientists have already taken away, explaining that the area is used for other purposes.Besides revealing that members of the commission, which returned a verdict of "misuse" sites did not enter any specialist, somehow versed in selhozpromyshlennosti that indicates a lack of adequate analysis of value of the collection. We believe that these decisions are incorrect and should be abolished and all lands with a collection of plants should be preserved for scientific research tsentorm. Recall, a collection of Vavilov is the largest in Europe Field gene bank of fruit, fodder and fruit crops.The famous collection was created over 80 years. Hundreds of thousands of scientists made expeditions to collect samples at the experimental station of plants from all over the world. Some species do not already exist in nature and are saved only here - in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. All over the world, scientists are asked today Pavlovtsi class to Vossestablish, the lost plant varieties. Source:

Assailants attack Russian embassy in Minsk with fire bombs

Assailants attack Russian embassy in Minsk with fire bombs
Assailants attack Russian embassy in Minsk with fire bombs
08:54 31/08/2010
© Photo Website of the Russian Embassy in Belarus
Unknown assailants attacked the Russian Embassy in the Belarusian capital of Minsk with fire bombs late on Monday, a local emergencies spokesman said.
"At around 10:50 p.m. local time (19:50 GMT), two fire bombs were thrown onto the territory of the Russian Embassy," the spokesman said. "One of them hit a car parked on the premises."
There were no casualties, he added.

The Russian Embassy in Minsk attacked anarchists

Responsibility for the recent attack on the Russian embassy, caused a stir in the press, claimed a group of Belarusian anarchists. Quote the statement posted on the website of Indymedia: In the evening on August 30 a group of anarchists was conducted attack with Molotov cocktails at Russian embassy in Minsk. Was damaged one of the official cars. By this action, we express our anger and protest against the arrests and repression against social activists, who defended forests Khimki Moscow. Our friends are beaten by mercenaries from among the fascists, riot police chases and screws all in a row, threats, detentions and arrests have become the norm.Our friends are forced to endure the hardships in the dungeons and live in fear of being planted, because it stood for truth, for the people, for the right to a normal environment. But bureaucrats and capitalists concerned only kickbacks and profits, they do not care what will happen tomorrow and they are ready to virulent measures to suppress any protest, any dissatisfaction. What's next, death squads? We stand in solidarity with our comrades, and support only direct methods of struggle, because they are afraid only of force on the rest of them do not care. It's funny to read reviews and discussions about the campaign on Internet forums.We are equally repugnant to all the mafia clans under the names "the rulers of Belarus" and "the rulers of Russia." A simple working people of both countries does not shine anything good from this political bickering for power, should not behave like this mendacious politicians. People, wake up! Can not do without conspiracy theories to justify any act of protest and discontent? Every day we see theft and lawlessness, but around only downcast glances and timid kitchen conversations.It's time to gather their strength and to believe that we deserve a better life. Freedom for all prisoners! No political repression! Down with the officials, gangsters and cops! Human rights and social justice!

Parnitha:Struggle against the looting of the mountain and fascist activity

       ”Against the Looting of Nature-Struggle for land and freedom”
 On the weekend of 3rd and 4th of July, as every year since 2007, in the old hotel “Xenia” in the mountain of Parnitha, the two days trek of resistance against the destruction and the looting of the mountain took place, organized by the “Initiative for struggle from Strefi’s hill for Land and Freedom” (photos).
    A few days later, on Saturday 10th of July, the Police announced that from an investigation that took place at the area of “Xenia”, after information received, they found a high-powered improvised explosive device. The day after and given the fact that the bomb was in the hands of the Police, supposedly Christos Loukopoulos gave himself in to the Police. He is an ex-military, ex-bodyguard and involved with the fascist organization Golden Dawn. Immediately after the surrender of Loukopoulos, followed the covering up of the case and its absolute hushing up from the mass media, while the Police attempted a disinformation as regards the real target of this bomb, as well as the diminishing of the case’s significance and its potential consequences.
    In any case, this fact cannot be bypassed as a random or undistinguished event, the planting of a bomb by a person with Loukopoulos’ background, in a place and time commensurate with the carrying out of a two-day political event and its coexistence for two days with dozens of social fighters, with little children among them, as no other aim exists for the bomb which was found at “Xenia” other than the gathering that was taking place there.
 The holocaust of June 27, 2007, was just a single moment of the ongoing destruction and looting of Parnitha through a variety of criminal activities and plans of the political and economic powers, on the mountain.
 Three years later, the casino expanded in the heart of the park, military bases and an antenna park occupies the highest peaks of Mount Parnitha and housing settlements spring up within the remaining forests.
 Three years later, public forest land in the old royal palace is in sale and the promotion of an industrial zone (Technopolis Acropolis SA) on the eastern slopes of the mountain as well as the installation of wind turbines at the heart of the park is taking place.
 Three years later, intervention to the water springs and the paths of the mountain take place altering the physical landscape even further, the building of recreation stores is being planned in the Holy Trinity area, the restriction of free access to the park, the application of a fee to the visitors and the total transformation of the mountain in a suburban park with many commercial uses is taking place.
 Initiative for struggle for Strefi’s hill for LAND and FREEDOM
The text in spanish, portuguese.

Israeli Shin Bet electrocuted child prisoners to extract confessions

 September 1, 2010

Following a visit yesterday to some young prisoners being held at the Megiddo Prison, lawyers for the Ministry of Detainees have stated that the young prisoners testified under oath that they had been interrogated and systematically electrocuted and tortured by Israeli intelligence officers in settlements near to Palestinian cities.

According to Salim Redouane who was arrested near Qalqilya on 08.05.2010, he was kept in a camp near Tzofin for 3 hours before being transferred to the settlement of Ariel where he was questioned by Shin Bet interrogators. His head was repeatedly hit against the prison room wall in an effort to get him to confess and he was beaten severely. The investigators threatened to burn his skin if he did not confess to the accusations against him.

Another detainee, Mohamed Ali Radwan, informed the lawyers that he was arrested at his home in Qalqilya Azzun on 3/8/2010 and one of the soldiers forced him to take off his shirt in order to use it as a blindfold. He was handcuffed and then taken somewhere near the village where he was told to hand in what was in his possession before he was hit in the back with a rifle butt and kicked repeatedly in the stomach and on the back. One of the soldiers then dragged him across the ground which resulted in deep wounds on his hands and he was taken to the Ariel settlement where he was questioned for several hours and was hit on the head, in the face and all over his the body.

According to the testimony of Yahya Ali Abdel-Hafez, born 03.07.1995 and a resident of the Qalqilya Governorate of Azzoun, he was arrested on 05.08.2010 near the city of Qalqilya and taken to a camp near Tzofin where he was kept for 3 hours before being transferred to the settlement of Ariel and interrogated. During the interrogation, he did not recognize some of the charges against him and so he was beaten in the face several times and repeatedly electrocuted. Under duress, Yahya eventually signed the statement to avoid further torture.

Lawyers also visited Abdul Hamid Abdul Latif Sa'id Abu Haniyeh who is currently in year 10 and was born on 12/11/1994. A resident of Azzun, he was arrested on 05.08.2010 near Qalqilya, where was also taken to the Ariel settlement and interrogated by Shin Bet interrogators. He was beaten up severely before being hit hard by a large jolt of electricity. A terrified Abdul Hamid who thought he would be imprisoned at the Megiddo prison along with his brothers, signed the statement he was given.

Lawyers for the Ministry of Prisoners also visited Ahmed Hussein Mustafa who was born on 10/01/1994 and is from Jalazoun, north of Ramallah. He was arrested from his home at three in the morning on 11.02.2010 and was beaten up inside his house before being taken to the Beit El settlement. Ahmed remained in the settlement until daybreak when he was transferred to Benjamin where he was fined 2000 NIS and sentenced to 20 months in detention. His two brothers were detained in the Negev prison

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



About Vangelis Pallis.

After Friday, when Vangelis Pallis was found in his cell in TRIKALA jail, with his neck cut from a piece of glass, he is still hospitalized, unable to communicate yet.
On Sunday, in Grevena jail, a riot started because Sophocles Nigdelis was self-injured in an action of solidarity to Vaggelis Palis, as they used to be in the same cell for many years.
Sophocles Nigdelis wrote a letter where among others  he says that Vangelis Pallis is in a critical condition but stable. here is the letter:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sofoklis Nigdelis, roommate of Vaggelis Pallis for many years, answers to the monstrosity of the regimes information from the greek prison.

Sofoklis Nigdelis, roommate of Vaggelis Pallis for many years, answers to the monstrosity of the regimes information

The situation of the great fighter Vaggelis Pallis remains crucial but steady.

As for the slaves of the system that have as a profession journalism, I have a message for some of them:
Fascists and servants of the rotten state mechanism that you recycle and like goats re-chew false and forged news, stop the unofficial, unconfirmed, provocative announcements that you put out against Vaggelis Pallis, because don't forget that human-wolves are hungry and one morning while your going to work, which is no other than to promote imaginary stories to fit the mold of your snitching boss.. than a wolf will jump on you and will start eating you starting from the tongue. You the specific snitches remember that wolves are always hungry.

My warm hello to your colleague Sokratis Giolias and his family.

Solidarity and comrade collectiveness are some of our destructive weapons.

Regards and strength to the comrades in solidarity of Vaggelis Pallis, inside and outside the walls.

Sofoklis Nigdelis
Grevena prisons.

There is a demonstration call from meny groups of pepole and anarchist on Saturday 4 september outside the hospital where Vaggelis Palis is in Trikala.
vaggelis pallis is in jail couse he accused that he murder 2 persons as he was executing a ” death contract” .
as I wrote before Vangelis Pallis has many times in the past participated in riots inside the jail as he was fighting againts the contitions in the greek jails .
sam information for our friend Pallis:

Prison militant Vaggelis Palis at Larissa court (Greece)

On 16 / 3 /2009, Vaggelis Palis, long time prison rebel, was presented in front of the court in Larissa, known for its conservative and hard convictions (still quite a lot of the prisoners of the December insurrection are being kept there, a lot of them minors, 15, 16 years old, under the anti terrorist law, and facing a possible 20/25 years…). He is accused of participation in a prison revolt in 2006, for destruction, riot and attempted outbreak/escape.

A group of about 80 people gathered outside the court in solidarity, with banners, sticks (with flags i believe?) and a lot of hard and confronting slogans. A big convoy of MAT (Greek riot police) was awaiting the group on the other side of the street. At the end of the day, the group decided to make a small demonstration, through the shopping street around the court, and came back on the other side of the building. This made the cops a bit more nervous, and once back at the initiated point, they attacked quite unexpected and mostly relentless. Immediately 4 people were arrested and heavily beaten. The rest was chased to the square behind; in front of the university. There for some time the cops shot (a sickening amount of) gas (not the type that makes you cry, but the type that makes your skin burn like hell, and that makes you throw up and choke), and the anarchists hid, then attacked with all the stones, tables, chairs, ashtrays to find, back and forth.

Eventually half of the group hid inside the university, the other half was chased down the city for some time and managed to hide later in another university building. The cops had surrounded the first building and threatened to break the asylum and arrest everyone inside. In the meantime they were still arresting people on the streets; the number of arrestees increasing to 9.

Because of the poilitical situation at the moment, as well as the Dean of the uni did not allow the arrest, everybody came out, about 3/4 hours later, and returned home, bruised, burnt, swollen casted and stitched.

Vaggelis Palis got 3 years extra imprisonment that day, on top of the already 16 years he had. The man is in his 50’s and promised the judge once, as an answer to the question if he plead guilty to the charges of another prison revolt, that he would make sure that he would set fire to all prisons he would enter, he would destroy every bit of it and try to escape from all of them, until there are none left.

He has nothing to lose, after tens of years behind bars and with an ever increasing amount of years likewise in the future, but a lot to gain: the air.

This entry was posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 2:24 pm and is filed under Prison Struggle.

10 11 12 September 2010 Earth Liberation Meeting in Italy

L’idea di dare vita ad un momento di riflessione e approfondimento sulle tematiche di liberazione animale e della terra nasce perché riteniamo urgente e doveroso mettere in risalto, analizzando esempi concreti di lotte, la necessità di riconsiderare queste due pratiche di liberazione come parte di un percorso capace di minare le fondamenta di questa società.
Vogliamo sottolineare quindi la centralità ed il valore di questi due campi di intervento all’interno della lotta per l’ abbattimento delle logiche autoritarie e dei sistemi che essi hanno generato, contestualizzando nel capitalismo il sistema con cui dobbiamo scontrarci e riconoscendo nell’avanzata tecno scientifica il motore che consente il suo sviluppo e sopravvivenza.
Pensiamo che la critica debba necessariamente passare attraverso la pratica, per questo non è nostra intenzione fare di questo incontro la glorificazione di alcune teorie rispetto ad altre, vorremmo piuttosto preparare il terreno per generare una conflittualità diffusa, un tentativo quindi, di porre le basi per l’unità dei diversi fronti di lotta.
I nostri percorsi nel corso degli anni si sono sviluppati tra la specificità miope di alcune lotte ,che ci ha lasciato e ci lascia tutt'ora perplessi, e la ricerca eccessiva di una coerenza ideologica che troppo spesso da spazio solo alla riflessione. Di conseguenza, quello che pensiamo sia interessante affrontare è un approccio alle lotte, comprese quelle con obbiettivi specifici, che tenga conto non tanto delle differenze che caratterizzano le nostre priorità, bensì di quello che ci unisce verso un obbiettivo comune: l’abbattimento di questa maledetta società assassina. Le lotte per la liberazione animale ed ecologiste radicali, non potranno mai essere complete e tangibili se non supportate da una critica sociale, poiché è la società stessa che produce le dinamiche e logiche che portano allo sfruttamento in tutte le sue forme.
La storia ci insegna che un movimento è forte tanto più è coeso, il settarismo è controproducente e indebolisce tutti. Troviamo il tempo per cercare di gettarsi nella sperimentazione imprevedibile ed illimitata di una lotta che sappia tener conto della sostanziale unità del conflitto.

The idea of giving life to a moment of reflection and study on issues of animal liberation and earth was created because we feel urgent and necessary to emphasize, by analyzing specific examples of struggles, the need to reconsider these two practices of liberation as part of a path undermining the foundations of this society.
Therefore we emphasize the centrality and the value of these two fields of intervention in the fight for the 'destruction of logics and authoritarian systems that they have generated, in contextualizing the capitalist system with which we encounter and recognizing scientific technology in the advance engine that allows its development and survival.
We think that the criticism must necessarily pass through practice, this is not our intention to make this meeting the glorification of some theories over others, would rather pave the way to generate a widespread conflict, an attempt thus to lay the foundations for the unity of different fronts.
Our routes over the years have developed between the specificity of some shortsighted struggles, he left us and leaves us still perplexed, and research too ideological coherence that too often only room for reflection. Consequently, what we think is interesting is an approach to tackle conflicts, including those with specific goals, taking into account not so much the differences that characterize our priorities, but what unites us towards a common goal: the destruction of this damn murderous society. The struggle for animal liberation and ecological radicals can never be comprehensive and tangible if not supported by social criticism, as is the company that produces the dynamics and logics that lead to exploitation in all its forms.
History teaches us that a movement is stronger the more cohesive, sectarianism is counterproductive and undermines all. We find the time to try to throw in the unpredictable and unlimited testing of a fight able to take into account the substantial unity of the conflict.

more infos

Moscow Russia: Anti-Fascist Needs Help For Treatment

August 29th, 2010
Anarchist and anti-fascist from Moscow, who was attacked by nazis on 15th of August 2010 after a football match, needs financial help for treatment. His life isn’t menaced, the harm to the health can be assessed as moderate, but treatment requires significant amounts of money.
You may read here how to donate:
In article on website of Ukrainian Helsinki group in Ukrainian language you may see photos of the damages.
Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow
P.O. Box 13 109028 Moscow Russia
abc-msk AA riseup DD net

Mozambique police kill 6 in food price protest riot!

Tires set alight by mobs protesting rising food prices burn in a street in Maputo, Mozambique, on Wednesday. Tires set alight by mobs protesting rising food prices burn in a street in Maputo, Mozambique, on Wednesday. (Nastasya Tay/Associated Press)Police opened fire and killed six people after stone-throwing mobs filled the streets of Mozambique's capital city Wednesday to protest rising food prices.
The marches were illegal and no group had sought permission to hold them, police said.
Thousands of people, mostly men, lined the streets north of downtown Maputo, burning tires and looting shops as they made their way into the city centre.
Police appealed for calm and said they had made an unspecified number of arrests. Youths were blocking streets and public transport drivers abandoned their vehicles in the streets.
International food prices are at their highest in two years, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization said Wednesday.
In Mozambique, the price of a loaf of bread rose 25 per cent in the past year to about 14 cents. Fuel and water costs also rose.
The FAO's food price index shot up five per cent between July and August, partly because of a drought in Russia that lifted the cost of wheat, it said.
The international food price surge also reflects higher sugar and oilseed prices, the FAO said.

Government blamed for high prices

In Mozambique, critics say bad government decisions have made shortages worse and have accused producers of colluding to push prices up.
The FRELIMO party, in power since Mozambique won independence from Portugal in 1975, has been plagued by charges its government is corrupt and inefficient.
Violent protests over high costs erupted in Maputo in 2008, as well, when global food prices jumped. The government cut fuel prices after a week of clashes police and rioters that left four people dead and more than 100 seriously injured.

Read more:

Three dead as police fire on Mozambique protest
MAPUTO — Police opened fire on demonstrators protesting rising prices in and around the Mozambique capital Maputo on Wednesday, killing at least three people and wounding at least 15, the Red Cross said.
A 12-year-old boy was shot in the head and left dead in a pool of blood in the street, a school textbook resting beside him and empty bullet casings nearby, an AFP correspondent said.
Six Red Cross rescue teams working around the capital and the suburb of Matola said the demonstrators were killed during separate protests over rising fuel and food prices, spokesman Americo Ubisse told AFP.
Maputo Central Hospital reported 42 patients were admitted after being wounded during the protests. One, a student, died from her injuries, the hospital said.
"We have had 42 cases at the hospital. Twenty-three were wounded by gunshots. Two are being operated on at the moment. Nineteen have wounds from physical attacks. One died," Antonio Assis da Costa, director of emergency services, told AFP.
The unrest broke out as thousands took to the streets in poor neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city to protest against the rising prices of fuel, wheat, bread, water and electricity in the impoverished southern African country.
Protesters burned tyres to block major roads to the airport and the city's largest suburb, Matola, as mini-bus taxi drivers went on strike and some schools closed.
A witness said the dead boy had been walking toward demonstrators when police opened fire on the crowd and hit him.
"We all saw it, all of us participating in the strike. We want justice here," said 18-year-old Eunici Antonia Kiove.
State-owned Radio Mozambique reported three dead in the town of Benfica, about 15 minutes' drive from the capital.
The broadcaster said rioters had set alight cars outside a branch of the national energy company Electricidade de Mocambique. Looters were also ransacking businesses, the radio station said.
Mozambique has seen prices climb in recent months as the value of its currency, the metical, slumped against the South African rand.
The exchange rate is currently five meticals to the rand, down from a rate of 3.5 meticals to the rand this time last year, according to exchange data from South Africa's Standard Bank.
The currency slide has taken a toll on import-dependent Mozambique.
Electricidade de Mocambique on Wednesday implemented a 13.4 percent rate increase, while the state water supplier has also raised prices in and around the capital, state newspaper Noticias said.
In 2008, six people were killed in protests against public transport fare increase.

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His application for release in the case of his shooting by the cop, which has turned into... attempted homicide from Simos, was denied a few days ago. The thought of the prosecutor that Simos in “saint pauls” (koridallos prisons hospital) enjoys all the necessary attention he needs (this is where we laugh...), and because of the other cases on his back, he is considered to dangerous to be released...
The judicial and police authorities denied to comply as they should have to the demand of Simos Seisidis for a human and dignified transfer to the courts today. Simos demanded his transfer to be made with a normal cop car because of his health situation,and to not helping hem any of the cops to get out from the cop car! while the authorities insisted they used a special cop van with a small metal cage inside it.

The prosecutor at evelpidon court showed good
intentions to allow Simos demand, but was stopped by the pereus prosecutor and the management of koridallos prisons.
comrades were gathering all day to see Simos but it did not happen, next time..!
1st of October at evelpidon courts Athens

Yesterday at the solidarity concert for our comrade Simos Seisidis, we were informed that on the first of October he is going to court at 9am. If its true, we should find out which building it will be. Besides that, whoever is not working or is available should be there.


A Call for International Days of Action in Support of Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov September 17–20, 2010

On July 28, 2010, more than two hundred young antifascists and anarchists carried out a spontaneous demonstration outside the town administration building in Khimki, a suburb of Moscow. They demonstrated in defense of the Khimki Forest, which was at that time in the process of beings cutting down for the needs of big business. The demonstration, during which several windows were broken, received a great deal of public attention. The authorities responded with a wave of repressions. The day after the demonstration, two well-known social activists, Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, were arrested. They are now threatened with up to seven years in prison for disorderly conduct, although there is no evidence of their complicity in illegal activities. Meanwhile, the police continue to hunt down and harass other activists, especially those involved in the antifascist movement.
The campaign to save the Khimki Forest has been going on for the past three years. The authorities had decided to build a segment of a planned Moscow–Saint Petersburg toll highway, the first of its kind in Russia, through the forest. This would lead to the deterioration of environmental conditions in the region, and local residents and Muscovites would be deprived of yet another recreation zone. Despite the availability of alternative routes that would not require clear-cutting the forest and vigorous protests by environmentalists and ordinary citizens against the planned route, the authorities f0r a long time ignored the voice of society and on several occasions took measures to suppress their critics.
Khimki authorities and the highway project contractor have used violence and other tactics against Khimki Forest defenders. Theyrefused to give permission for protest demonstrations, recruited nationalist thugs to break up a peaceful protest camp organized by environmentalists and local residents, and illegally arrested and beat up journalists covering the story. Nearly two years ago, Mikhail Beketov, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Khimkinskaya Pravda and a critic of the local administration, was severely beaten by persons unknown; the attack left Beketov permanently disabled. Sergei Protozanov, the layout designer of another local opposition paper, was murdered in similar circumstances six months later.
After the July 28 demonstration, the Russian police and secret services unleashed an unprecedented dragnet against antifascists. People who had even just once come to the attention of the Center for Extremism Prevention and FSB for their involvement with the antifascist movement have been forcibly taken in for questioning. In several cases they have been subjected to harsh physical coercion in order to compel them to give the testimony required by investigators. In addition, illegal searches have been carried out in their apartments. All these actions on the part of law enforcement authorities are violations of Russian and international law.
Frightened by the numerous and growing protests against the clear-cutting of the Khimki Forest, the authorities have finally made concessions by agreeing to review the advisability of the planned route for the toll highway. But this does not mean victory. Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov are still in police custody for no reason at all. They are hostages of the authorities.
In late September, the next hearing in their case will take place. The judge will decide whether to keep them in police custody pending completion of the investigation and trial. Everyone who cares about the fate of these two young men must do everything in their power to see that they are set free. The Campaign for the Release of the Khimki Hostages calls on people around the world to organize days of action on September 17, 18, 19, and 20 to pressure the Russian authorities to release Alexei and Maxim.
We ask you to hold protests outside of Russian Federation embassies, consulates, trade missions, and cultural centers, as well as at public events and concerts connected to Russia. We also ask you to send faxes, e-mails, and protest letters to the court, the prosecutor’s office, and the country’s political leadership. In the very nearfuture we will inform you of addresses where you can send these protests as well as more details about the ongoing repressions in Russia. Look for this information on our website in English, German, Russian, and French.
Join our campaign!
Campaign for the Release of the Khimki Hostages

Communique from hiding in South America concerning the frame up of August 14 in Chile

translated from the italian translation in culmine
Thursday, August 26, 2010

We are writing from clandestinity all over South America. We delegates of the undersigned collectives are making an effort with the times to convene to send a message of truth to all aware people oppressed by the State of Chile.

1 - We condemn the terrorist way of acting of the State of Chile over the past 200 years of systematic repression and social inequality maintained by blood and fire by each of its rotting institutions.
2 - With the full force of our insurgent people we REJECT the performance of searches and arrests that plagued the young people on Saturday, August 14.
3 - With total absolute responsibility we hereby WE DECLARE that ALL those arrested do not belong to, nor have they ever been part of, the collectives that have decided to respond to historic State violence with bombs. We know this and the government of the clown Piñera and Attorney Peña also know it.
4 – WE ACCUSE, as directly responsible for this TV show, the State, the bosses and the fawning press, they have all hidden the social violence that they have imposed, pointing the finger at the occasional bomb explosions that are simply the outcome of the inequalities and oppression of this snob capitalism. THE STATE IMPOSES THE SOCIAL WAR, we did not invent it, we who are its victims. We, on the contrary, have stopped being victims and have risen up as free human beings.
5 – WE HAVE NEVER BEEN in the Occupied houses. Any person of normal intelligence knows that those are cultural spaces in which young people meet to converse, debate, and hope to live at community level. If the state CRIMINALISES these places is only due to pure myopia and implicit defeat in wanting to destroy anything they cannot understand. The systematic indiscriminate repression of the young is the zenith of the orthodox fascist.
6 – WE HAVE NEVER SUBMITTED TO nor have we entered into alliances with political parties or movements related to the right, centre or left. WE NEITHER HAVE NOR DO WE RECOGNISE the authority of anyone, either bureaucrats or marxist ex-combatants nor people with mental problems that claim actions that they never carried out (like this stranger who stabbed his girlfriend and still survives in prison). WE ARE libertarians. WE DO NOT HAVE MILITARY HIERARCHIES OR PARTY DIRECTIVES. WE ARE FREEDOM FIGHTERS. WE ARE EVERYONE.
7 - We, the undersigned collective, WE HAVE PLACED BOMBS. Our objectives were: banks, financial corporations, embassies, police stations, barracks, churches, political parties, gyms of the lords of this country, everything that belongs to the historical oppressors of the working people. WE DO NOT REPENT, moreover IT IS OUR PRIDE, as is the fact that so far no police have approached us. WE ARE THEIR DEFEAT.
8 – WE REALISE that the summer earthquake struck most of the structures of all the collectives, that limited our actions and so far it has not been possible to rebuild what was lost.
9 - In these over 20 years we have been using different types of weapons. If we had wanted we could have caused fatalities. The famous TNT has been a part of the popular arsenal for a number of years. The office of Chilectra attack was not the first time that we have used it, all the comrades responsible for this attack confirm so here. If you want to know where we got it the answer is simple: from the market, the same that you idolize and the new prosecutor protects. (In the investigations the Chilean military intelligence are looking into the actions carried out with the explosive TNT, - NDT).
10 - The Prosecutor Peña. What can we say about him. What everybody knows : that he was a cocaine addict as a student, called “jalandro” by his neighbors for being jalero, with a greater sense of inferiority than his stature, hungry for power and for the chair of national Attorney, a friend of big drugs traffickers at the expense of the small ones that he arrested, liar, coward and potential murderer. This is Attorney Peña. Journalists: DO NOT BE AFRAID to know the truth about this sinister bureaucrat.
11 – WE DECLARE OUR COLLECTIVE REPUDIATION of the frame-up against the 14 young people. Those guilty of the libertarian bombings are the State and capital.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CENA Abeneficio de los compañeros presos en Chile +

CENA  Abeneficio de los compañeros presos en Chile  +
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Hunger Strike Mapuches Demand Negotiations With Government

Monday, 30 August 2010
Physical problems reported

Thirty-two imprisoned Mapuche activists reached the 50th day of their hunger strike over the weekend. The Mapuches were jailed for acts of violence under an anti-terrorism law created during the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet.     

The majority are members of CAM (Arauco Malleco Co-ordination), an organization formed in 1998 known for its ongoing attempts to recover Mapuche territory.

The activists are held in prisons in Concepción, Temuco, Canete, Lebu, Angol and Valdivia.

Some of the prisoners now suffer physical problems. Dr. Nelson Reyes told Radio Co-operativa that several Angol prisoners have colds and pharyngitis, an inflammation of the throat.

Prisoners Haiquilaf Cadín Calfunao and Elvis Millán were recently transported to hospitals in Angol and Temuco for urgent medical exams. Both were reported suffering from heart problems. Following treatment they were returned to prison.

Rodrigo Curapil, spokesperson for the families of the activists, has asked for negotiations with government officials to bring about a solution to the conflict. 

The prisoners have lost between eight and 12 kilograms. On Friday, Amnesty International asked the Chilean government what it was doing about the crisis. The letter, signed by AI’s secretary general, Salil Shetty, said, “This is an occasion that demands that the government takes action in line with its obligation for human rights.”

Freight Trucks Burned in Southern Chile

August 27th, 2010 

SANTIAGO – Hooded assailants intercepted two freight trucks, pulled out the drivers and set the vehicles on fire, Chilean authorities said Wednesday.
The incident took place in the southern region of Araucania, where Mapuche Indian activists have torched vehicles, highway toll booths and lumber shipments as part of a campaign to reclaim ancestral lands from agribusiness and forest products companies.
In the wee hours of Wednesday, the assailants felled trees to block a stretch of road between Angol, capital of Malleco province, and the town of Collipulli, police said.
When a truck loaded with lumber stopped in front of the barrier, the hooded attackers brandished guns to force the driver out and then set the vehicle on fire.
The assailants repeated the process with a second truck.
As they were burning the second vehicle, the driver of the first fled. He encountered a police patrol about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) away, but the attackers were gone by the time the officers reached the scene.
The Chilean government is currently holding 106 Mapuches – some convicted, others awaiting trial – for acts of political violence in Araucania.
Thirty-two of those prisoners have been on hunger strike for more than 40 days to demand the scrapping of a draconian anti-terrorism law dating from the 1973-1990 Augusto Pinochet.
The anti-terror legislation allows the state to hold people for up to two years without charges, restrict defense attorneys’ access to evidence and use testimony from anonymous witnesses.
The hunger strikers also want the “demilitarization” of Araucania, the heartland of the 650,000-strong Mapuche nation, Chile’s largest indigenous group.
Two appellate courts ruled this week that prison authorities can force-feed the hunger strikers, while Catholic Bishop Manuel Camilo Vial is calling for dialogue to end the prisoners’ fast and resolve the issues raised by the Mapuches. EFE

Chilean Envoy Threatened Over Trial of Anarchists

August 29th, 2010 from signalfireblog
SANTIAGO – Chile’s envoy to Mexico is facing death threats in connection with the trial in Santiago of anarchists charged with a series of bombings, a Chilean police source told Efe on Friday.
The threats came Tuesday in e-mails sent to Ambassador German Guerrero from “autonomous cells of the immediate revolution,” the source said.
Additional e-mails received Wednesday included threats to the embassy building and innuendos about possible risks to diplomats and their families from Mexican organized crime.
The authors of the messages said they would “blow up” the embassy if the Chilean anarchists were not released.
“If (the embassy) was left half-destroyed in February, this time we will destroy it completely,” one e-mail said, alluding to a previous attack on the mission by anarchists wielding rocks and clubs.
Preliminary investigations by Chilean police indicate the threatening e-mails originated in Mexico, the source said.
Fifteen Chilean anarchists – including one serving time for other offenses – are accused of carrying out 23 bombings in the capital and other cities.
The attacks targeted banks, offices of foreign companies, embassies, churches and police stations, mainly in Santiago. The sole fatality was an anarchist killed when a bomb exploded as he was transporting it on a bicycle.
Special prosecutor Alejandro Peña has charged the suspects with conspiring to terrorize the population.
The 14 suspects not already in custody were arrested two weeks ago in violent police raids on squats and private residences in Santiago and the coastal city of Valparaiso.
All but four of the suspects are being held without bail. EFE


Friday, August 20, 2010


On July 20th at 8 o'clock in the evening following an anti-occupational march, 15 individuals/members of ELAM attacked a Nigerian student using bludgeons and crow-bars because they didn't like the color of his skin. After being chased the unfortunate young man was struck by a moving vehicle and his persecutors beat him up and smashed the car which had hit him.

This was not the first similar incident as in the past few years an elation of neo-fascist elements has been observed and consequently this resulted to beatings, bullying and psychological and verbal abuse against people which do not meet their sick standards i.e. immigrants, activist, students, homosexuals etc.
Other similar incidents prove that the problem is not isolated:
November 06: 20 individuals attack 12 year old Turkish Cypriot students at the English School
December 08: Fascist pogrom against shops owned by immigrants in the old Nicosia area.
December 08: 40 individuals attack a young African girl during a school volleyball match.
January 09: Attack and vandalisms upon the "Fanari tou Diogenh" social centre
July 09: Following an anti-occupational demonstration 3 individuals were beat up by 15 bludgeon bearing individuals
10th October 09: individuals that were seated in the courtyard of the Phaneromeni church, were attacked by individuals who were calling out: “This is our church”.
Thugs damaged Turkish Cypriot cars countless times following APOEL matches.
13th December 09: 2 individuals were assaulted by a group of people using clubs and sprays in the Phaneromenis area

These teams, Nazi attachés, believe in racial purity (the known Aryan Race) and its superiority over other people. They believe in militarism-militarization of society. In Cyprus' case, the ideological model of fascism is partly constituted by the political prehistory of the country (Grivas, Team X2, EOKA B and the British political influence) in combination with European neo-fascism and “Fortress Europe” (racist migratory policy of EU).

They consider immigrants responsible for the unemployment and the economic crisis. In this way they throw sand in the eyes of the world, making them believe that immigrants are accountable for the financial and social issues we are faced with. In combination to the existing racism (in each operation of the state mechanism, “divide and conquer”) their political existence is justified and they accomplish to infiltrate in the social web, corroding it and causing social intensities. The State and the system are benefitting from this situation, as their responsibilities for the Social-Economic crisis are being covered.

The proposal for the confrontation of this situation is to strike the issue at it's core so that these elements do not have the political enforcement in order to act. So, in order for the isolation of these elements to be achieved, the existing racism must be tackled at the same time since the State and the system by their very nature cause the conflict within the society. This is a matter of the entire society and only of that.



Anarchist Union
anonymous communique (photo:
"26.08.2010 - Heliodendro, Kastoria (Greece)
One of the biggest greek mink farms has been hit in our first night of action. All the cages imprisoning animals in 37 sheds of the farm were opened and machinery sabotaged. To let the animals out part of the fence was cut and both gates opened smashing the locks (using the farmer's tools). Two hours and half of work and we could run away along with thousands of minks (according to media 50.000 were released).
27.08.2010 - Kaloneri, Siatista (Greece)
Another mink farm was our target for a second night of action, this time near the town of Kaloneri, on a road where 10 farms can be easily seen. 8 sheds full of animals had their cages opened in just ten minutes. Before leaving we opened a gate to let the animals run towards freedom (according to media 2.000 were released).
In both cases we had checked carefully the farms to know how to organize a faster and more secure action.
With these actions we decided to hit the fur industry and especially the disgusting 'fur towns' of Siatista and Kastoria, plagued with hundreds of fur stores. Liberating animals from cages is a way to put our ideas into practice. We oppose the oppression, exploitation and imprisonment that this civilization has created for any living being, regardless of species, race, gender or sexual preferences.
In these desperate days we still strive for freedom. Eat vegan on the barricades!
Greek media has reported that as many as 50,000 mink were released from cages. In an article in the Makedonia newspaper, the president of a Greek fur breeders association said that it was a "black day" for the industry. The owner of one of the targeted farms estimated his losses at 1 million Euros and said that his farm had been ruined.

Actions – Attacks JULY GREECE

  • 3.4 Julius Like every year since 2007 when part of Mount Parnes was burned with the responsibility of the casino located on the top, a two-day trek for resistance and action against the destruction and looting of the mountain held in nearby casino space. A few days later on Saturday, July 10, police announced that after research in the area of the action, a high-power bomb was found. In the next day, after misinformation of the media about the bomb, Christos Loukopoulos, a former army serviceman and “night mafia godfather” associated with the neonazi group “Golden Dawn”, surrendered himself to police. The fact that a bomb was put by a para-state mafioso near dozens of people during a political event, was covered-up by the police and the media.
  • On June 24, a bomb was exploded in the Ministry of Civil Protection (Police Headquarters also) which killed a close associate of the minister and police chief. A newly created group claimed responsibility for it on July 10.
  • July 14-28 Prisons are a boiling cauldron because of the inhumane conditions of detention, especially for people who need medicines and treatment. As a result of the lack of medicines and hospitalization, dozens of prisoners are dying (being murdered) in greek prisons. Indicatively, within 10 days of July, 6 prisoners died inside prison, four of them in Grevena prisons.
On 14th of July, 200 prisoners in Trikala prison were abstaining from prison’s food for two weeks and then they went on a hunger strike. On July 15, the hospitalized prisoners of Korydallos prison started abstaining prison’s food protesting against the detention of people with chronic and incurable diseases. After nine days, about 500 prisoners were in hunger strike.
There was a try to create a solidarity fund for financial support of imprisoned fighters. More news to come.

Responsibility claim from thessaloniki, greece

Sunday, August 29, 2010
This old world is struggling to stay alive. Its engine power and legacy is violence. Its most ruthless, most barbaric but at the same time its truest face is revealed with the suppression of every resistance, every threat that is bred inside of it.

Lets be done with the stupid arguments that come aside the police operations for the abolishment of -outersystematic- violence. Whoever claims so categorically that they are against violence, is simply lying to others and himself.

Violence is the basic substance of this world.

It is located in our perception for the space that is defined by the borders between our houses and neighbourhoods that form a controlled and predictable environment.
It characterizes the rhythms of everyday life by cutting up time and selling it to everyone that enjoys economic superiority.

It determines relationships, through segregation and unconditional assimilation which leads to the division of people. The most brutal result though is the rhetorical justification of the above that happens with the excuse of a liberty while in reality its our own shackles.

So we move offensively as well, violently, without letting it totally define our existence. Having knowledge of our contradictions, we aim at the hypocrisy that seems to be the only thing that keeps the balance in this social field. We know that the choices we make will define, on a great scale, the rest of our lives. That's why we don't act foolishly. The possible consequences do not discourage our action. Our choices are based on conscience and what we've lived through, they have a genuine base. By discovering people that have made the same choices as us we discover comrades. With our common desires as a starting point we demolish the authoritarian myths about criminal organizations of maniacs and we become a piece of the “international terrorist organization” that consists of insurrectional individuals.

So we decided to use our own diplomacy, torching 5 vehicles of the diplomatic force in the early hours of Saturday 28th august in Thessaloniki.

We dedicate our attack to all the Chilean comrades that since the 14th of august are being attacked by the Chilean state (at this moment 8 of them are in maximum security prisons while the other 6 have been temporarily released with conditions), as well as to the comrades that are being persecuted for the Conspiracy Cells of Fire case (on august 31st is the court of appeals to decide the continuation or not of the imprisonment of P.Masouras and H.Hadjimihelakis).

We chose this way and period of time because we wanted to define our own field of combat, outside the coincidence of T.I.E.(thessaloniki international exhibition) and the festival of oppression by the Ministry to protect the citizen in collaboration with local authorities, that will take place in the city streets.

We believe that explosions of collective spontaneity, as useful as they are, are strategically wrong to be applied in fields of combat cut to fit the oppressive mechanisms. We believe that in such mass demonstrations the bet is organization -from before and not on the spot- of defence and offence so its possible to clash in real time and with reversed -to our interest this time- terms.

Diplomatic Force of Arsonists
(For the intensification of internationalist solidarity)

boubourAs translation for actforfreedomnow!

Chilean Circus of 'Saints and Sinners'

Nina Dean, Vice secretary, Mapuche International Link | 29.08.2010 FROM UK.INDYMEDIA...
An update in spanish and english, by Mapuche International Link on the indigenous Mapuche political prisoners hunger strike in Chile on day 47 of their protest in defence of ancestral territorial rights and against the criminalisation of Mapuche democratic protest
Chilean President Pinera leading prayer service for trapped Chilean miners
Chilean President Pinera leading prayer service for trapped Chilean miners

Chilean Circus of Saints and Sinners

By Nina Dean*

29th Aug 2010

Chilean President Pinera leading prayer service for trapped Chilean miners (left) Mapuche political
prisoner chained to his bed (right)

Amidst a well orchestrated Chilean media blackout and after almost 50 days on hunger strike the health of the 32 Mapuche political prisoners incarcerated under anti terrorist law is in serious jeopardy, with two strikers being rushed to hospital in the past week.
Carlos Muñoz Huenuman and Eduardo Painemil Peña two of the Mapuche hunger strikers held in Lebu prison stated at the outset of their protest “With this extreme and fair measure, we extend the resistance carried out by Mapuche political prisoners in different Chilean jails, which seeks to denounce the injustices committed against our people. These injustices are reflected in the violent raids, where the victims are mainly elders and children; in the indiscriminate and set-up use of protected witnesses that include underage children; in the excessive duration of the investigations carried out by the District Attorney’s Office , which only perpetuate pre-emptive custody. Finally, we seek to reject the politico-judicial set-ups, sustained by the application of the Anti-terrorism Law, which seek to jail Mapuche social fighters that confront the extermination war declared against us by the Chilean State.”

As an international Mapuche human rights campaigner I have charted and publicised a catalogue of historic abhorrent abuses applied by the Chilean state to proud and peaceful Mapuche communities and individuals who resist assimilation and territorial domination by the Chilean State for the past decade., in particular that of the experience of the Lonko Calfunao family. In 2005 Chief Calfunao leader of the Juan pailalef community conducted a humanitarian visit to Europe in order to raise awareness within the international arena of the repression she, her community and indeed their nation had experienced as a result of their peaceful defence of ancestral territory. During the European visit Mapuche international link had accompanied Chief Calfunao to the headquarters of Amnesty international in London urgently requesting support due to the ongoing danger to her own and her families lives . Immediately following her return to her home to Chile she was arrested along with the remainder of her family and incarcered in Temuco women’s penitentiary where she remains to this day on a petty civil disobedience charge. Her youngest daughter Relmutray aged 12 was later transported by her family to Europe to seek sanctuary as a political refugee.
During the course of her incarceration Chief Calfunao had committed to hunger strike in 2006 at which time she suffered serious cardiac complications, the Tibetan Dali Lama offered prayers for her safety and wellbeing prior to ending her protest, the chief was on this occasion fortunate to survive. As a result of years of physical and mental abuse by Chilean officials and the physical impacts of her previous hunger strike Chief Calfuano has since suffered symptoms of a stroke with complete paralysis of one side of her body and is rendered incapable of speech, she remains in jail and untreated for this life threatening condition. In May 2010, Chief Calfuano’s sentence was set for review due to having served 4 years of her sentence and as a result of her exemplary behaviour during her incarceration, however the court ruled to deny her this opportunity and thus returned her to the penitentiary indefinitely. The Juan Paillalef community along with the Mapuche nation now have grave concern for her life.

Whilst the son of Chief Calfuano, Waikilaf cadin Calfunao having spent the majority of his adult life being harassed by Chilean police, enduring countless arrests, detentions and torture at the hands of his aggressors is currently detained on remand under anti terrorist charges for due to protesting for his mothers release for a crime which he did not commit. Waikilaf is currently committed to hunger strike in Angol prison, he was transported to hospital last week as a result of the physical effects of starvation.
Waikilaf’s father and brother were each recently released on probation following lengthy sentences on arbitrary charges. The Calfuano family’s’ experience of systematic brutal state repression due to the peaceful defence of their ancestral land is not a unique experience for everyday Mapuche, with hundreds of Mapuche families and communities sharing this same catastrophic experience.

The Chilean policy for control of the Mapuche people as a means of access to their land is tantamount to genocide, such is their ambition to have sole control of it and the valuable natural resources it represents to them and the evolving Chilean free market economy. In a pre-election statement Chilean right wing President Pinera, himself a wealthy businessman vowed, “We shall soon see the second Pacification of Araucania”, referring to a repeat of the original genocidal annexation of Mapuche territory which took place in the 1860’s in Chile.

Whilst the shift in economic trends moves away from investment in production towards investment in territorial resources, intellectual property rights and the like, the indigenous Mapuche like all indigenous peoples of the world today remain at impending and grave danger of annihilation. In the post 9-11 climate unscrupulous governments regularly conveniently classify indigenous democratic descent as a terrorist act in order to achieve their self serving and destructive ambitions. In this climate families such as the Calfunao’s and their countrymen are viewed in Machiavellian terms as expendable casualties when weighed against the survival and expansion of the capitalist state and its economic objectives.
The United Nations and the international human rights community watch on with increasing alarm for the health of the current 32 Mapuche hunger strikers whom, having reached a fragile and most vulnerable state in the absence of any medical intervention, acknowledgement nor dialogue from the Chilean state to bring a swift and lifesaving resolution to their situation, remain at their mercy.
The arrival in Chile this week of United Nations representative from the International Labour Organisation who will meet with Chilean government representatives in order to assess their compliance with ILO convention 169, a legal framework which stipulates that states must respect the rights of indigenous communities within their territorial boundaries with specific emphasis on the legal request for free and informed prior consent in relation to development issues affecting indigenous people within their ancestral territory a requirement which Chile have to date failed to fulfill.
Despite interventions made by the prisoners families and numerous public officials who had visited the prisoners such as left wing Chilean Senators Navarro and Jaime Quintana urging the government to urgently initiate dialogue to avert a tragic yet avoidable loss of life the Chilean state remains deaf to their pleas.
Whilst a leading international human rights representative Esteban Beltrán Director of Spanish Amnesty International this week visited Chile and publicly condemned the criminalisation of Mapuche democratic rights using the application of anti terrorist law; “The two most important human rights issues in Chile, he said, are Mapuche rights and women’s reproductive rights, commenting that “What really strikes me is that after 20 years of democracy, the Chilean government is applying the same antiterrorist laws from the dictatorship,” Beltrán said. “I’m astonished that this antiterrorist law is applied to the Mapuche community. I understand they may have perpetrated an illegal act, but they should be judged fairly.”
Meanwhile in the same week the compassionate and humanitarian response of the state to the recent rescue mission activated to save the lives of a proportionate number of trapped miners in the north of Chile appears to know no bounds with the new President this week staging a public offering of prayers in the presence of global and national media; upon the prayer platform, surrounded by government officials and adorned by a flurry of Chilean national flags amidst a large painting of saint Francis of Assisi the ‘patron saint of travellers’ Pinera announced while grasping a note sent from the miners "Coming from the deepest point in this mine, comes a message from our miners who are telling us that they are alive, that they are all together, and that they are waiting to return to see the light of the sun and embrace their families," . Whilst the concern for those trapped deep underground and the public and official outpouring of emotion for their wellbeing is laudable, the response comes in stark polar contrast to an entire lack of compassion nor concern for the 32 Mapuche hunger strikers within the nations grasp who currently lie in a fatal condition in their prison cells and whilst the effort to reach the miners is carefully chronologically calculated using precision technology to reach them the Mapuche hunger strikers though within easy reach are left to die alone and without governmental or mainstream public empathy nor support. One cannot help but speculate on the long term outcome of the hunger strikers condition and if at such time in the future the miners are reunited into the bosom of their loving families into the security of their homes the Mapuche strikers will still be alive to experience such simple human joys. If the Chilean state solely places value on human life by measuring the individuals willingness to assist economic growth then the Mapuche will remain not only invaluable but also a hindrance to the state’s economic ambitions and as such will remain an highly endangered people.

*Vice secretary
Mapuche International Link

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)