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Thursday, February 25, 2010 Tension between mother and Grigoropoulos Al.Kougia today in the trial and strange speech of the President

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On the tension and dialogue that read below except the trivial incident by Kuge, we found a much bigger problem.
The problem is that the president shows strange available to the mother of the murdered, so instead of throwing tons and finish with it, quick to defend Kuge katakrinontas the same for other unrelated events ....! letters to the composition of the Court and its efforts to become the trial in Athens.
The reference to these events as classes against the mother of the victim and even without a rise causing concern.

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Intensity occurred in Gross Jury Amfissa, the trial for the murder Grigoropoulos when the mother of 15 year-old child, Gina Tsalikian, called the attorney of main accused Ep.Korkonea, Alexis Kougias, "ethical assassin" of the child. Mr. Kougias left the courtroom.

Just ahead of tabling his mother, Mr. Kougias told the court that he intends to ask questions to Mr Tsalikian "as a minimum tribute to the memory of Alexander.

Mrs Tsalikian submitted to the personality of the child, which-as stated-was not aggressive, but also learned that what happened on the evening of December 6, 2008 at the intersection of Tzavella and Messolongi in Exarchia, when Alexander Grigoropoulos fell dead, struck in the chest by a bullet of the Guard.

The witness referred to what has been said to her son after his death, on the part of defendants special guards.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "Never sykofantithike someone so much as my child after the murder of these killers.

- Chairman (Papavasiliou Angelis): "Please come up to the decision, the defendants do not have the status of the killer.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "And I will call moral murderer of my child Mr. Kuge.

At this point, the counsel of Epaminondas Korkonea making no comment, left the room.

- Chairman: "out of order, Ms. Tsalikian ask you to recall.

- Tz.Tsalikian: Has served (pp Mr. Kougias) a host of slander against my child. "

- Chairman: "And some press, allegedly signed authorization from you, were not content to honorary membership of the court. Treat challenging the court, before giving eloquent. I have to consider why moral sycophant? Treat us as you consider the outset.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "I want a law court.

- Chairman: 'We respect you indefinitely. There is full moral support and respect for what you did. God be with watchmen, not live anything like that. "

- Tz.Tsalikian: "My child is dead ...».

- Chairman: "I am not saying not to defend the memory of your child, not personified but ...».

- Tz.Tsalikian: "The court you are alive, my child is dead ...».

- Chairman: "That what? Have to slander?.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "I must protect myself for my child."

The prosecutor office, Charalambos Lakafosis, the witness said that respect for the court to the loss of her child is granted, but, as stated in the sympathy-her face "will give way to my obligation to defend my position in this court . The court is in fact alive and be sure that the piece would be an expression of an impartial justice even parelthontikes reports and walks on the 4th floor of the Hall of Alexandras Avenue (pp Areopagus). Expressions of type 'moral killer], I ask you, do not leave your mouth.

Early in the morning presented 18 year old witnessed the incident in Exarchia, which, inter alia, stated that hearing officers to lead by word and gesture of collected in street children.

As presented the witness, Alexander and his friend were sitting in a hangar on the road Tzavella and nobody threw anything against the police. He said that at some point, when the two special guards were pedestrians in Tzavella, someone behind him threw a plastic bottle with water.

Finally, testified that he heard two shots, but to see who shot. He, indeed, that he realized it was gunfire when he saw fallen under Alexander.

Harsh sentences for Gaza protesters

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Further harsh sentences were doled out yesterday as more of those arrested at the Gaza demonstrations last year attended Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing. A total of fifty people are to be sentenced for taking part in violent disorder during the protests outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington last January. Previous sentencing has ranged between twelve months and two and a half years.

A further two defendants, both described as being of ‘exemplary character’ were yesterday sentenced to two years imprisonment. Another, for whom this was also a first offence, was sent down for 12 months. Four who had been under 18 at the time of the offence received detention orders ranging from 8 to 12 months. One was given a suspended sentence on grounds of mental illness, and two others were adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

The court was told how the defendants were fighting with police, although most of the allegations were of throwing or hitting out with flimsy placard sticks at riot police in full protective gear. A few of the defendants were also accused of ‘assisting’ others with picking up and throwing crowd control barriers that had been used by police to kettle protesters.. But there were no reports of any injuries sustained by anyone as a result of their actions. One man, a university student, got twelve months for throwing a single missile. His family sobbed in the gallery.

The court was not told about – nor seemed at all interested in - the context in which this violence happened. The court was not told about the police violence that was meted out on Gaza protesters during the numerous protests that took place in December and January last winter. How protesters were forced into pens, despite the crush that this caused. That protesters slow to move were pushed, shoved and sworn at, and those who objected, or who tried to move back barriers were hit with shields and batons.

Neither was the court interested in the political situation that was unfolding at the time. One of the defendants had recently visited part of his family in Gaza, a family including young children who were inevitably suffering under the brutal and unlawful military offensive that Israel had launched. It mattered not at all. He was sentenced to two years.

The Judge made it clear that the aim of these sentences was to act as a ‘deterrent to others’. It was not the behaviour of the individual that was important, he said, but the collective behaviour of the crowd.

These sentences cannot be seen as anything other than political, given the sustained effort and committment the state has put in to bringing so many people before the courts. The ‘deterrent’ effect intended is surely that of making Muslim communities fearful of taking to the streets again.
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Against Education in Solidarity with Alfredo Bonanno - Communique from New York City from Comrades 10:36μμ, 26 friday february

We attacked Marathon bank, a subsidiary of the same Piraeus bank that Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos are accused of expropriating.

“Capitalism is a system of relationships, which goes from inside to out, from outside to in, from above to below, and from below to above. Everything is relative, everything is in chains. Capitalism is a condition both of the world and of the soul.”
-Franz Kafka

There is nothing left; nothing that hasn’t been molded, molested, or completely crushed; nothing that has managed to escape the network of power as it scours every inch of the earth, lodging itself into every crevice. Crowding each moment, the omnipresent asphyxiation provides ample evidence to this all-encompassing totalization. Heads bowed, backs bent, we bear the weight of the day in our beleaguered entrails.

Now taking on increasingly monstrous qualities, a vampire-likeness of achieved full nocturnality, even the sleeper finds his dreams inhabited. Robbing us of expectations, snatching away our latent potential, Capital has acquired the speculative capability to recuperate futures and integrate things before their invention. After colonizing the entire world, the enemy now works to conquer the collective realm of our imaginations where we once plotted and, consequently, envisioned its very demise.

The cooption of creativity signaled the predetermined defeat, which led the Marxists to surrender to the British Museum before they realized an 1848. The only pseudo-victory to their credit consists in pushing Negri out of the spotlight by ushering “communization” and “insurrection” into the academy’s discursive field. Both trends can be written off as failed experiments because each has neglected to activate the only concept capable of giving jargon any significance. The Struggle.

“To fight, to be defeated, to fight again, to be defeated again, to fight anew until the final victory.”

- An old Italian adage

In practice, the clashes and occupations have divorced the leftist baggage and chosen everyday life as the terrain for conflict, yet unfortunately expression still continues to abide by the activist calendar. A day of action is paled by a year of misery. Like long fits of depression, extended bouts of downtime undermine each subversive act, resulting in the production of militant event planners: blinded to the past and merely anticipating the next unsuccessful Bastille storming. They strike at the same tempo ordinary citizens attend birthday parties, riot at the same rate of wedding crashers and surely, at this pace, they will never RSVP the bourgeoisie funeral.

Detached theory and relegated practice present themselves as nothing other than the comorbid symptoms of statified ideology. Now we can confidently diagnose that the much prophesized “coming” can only amount to a passing fad.

We notice the relentless internalized repression masquerading as patience and so we refuse to wait for March 4th, the ides of March or, for that matter, any date to come. We expressed our distaste for the veiled technological prison of surveillance and electronic monitoring by sabotaging several of the soon to be installed ID-card scanners at the Hunter College campus. Against education as such, we then struck Brooklyn College’s administrative building. Lastly, we attacked Marathon bank, a subsidiary of the same Piraeus bank that Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos are accused of expropriating. We extend our solidarity to the two imprisoned comrades and, as Bonanno’s health deteriorates in a prison cell, we adhere to the following principle.

“For an eye, two eyes. For a tooth, the whole face.”

February 24: Updates from the day of the General Strike

(Corporate media in the country are transmitting no news, as their staff are participating in the strike. News is only coming in from Athens IMC, international media outlets and of course, from the streets. All updates are in the local greek time, GMT+2)

17.45 The administration building of the University of Thessaloniki has been occupied in response to the earlier invasion and violation of the academic asylum by police.

15.18 Anarchists who attempted to march en mass to Amerikis square in Athens for the anti-racist anti-fascist gathering there have been blocked off by riot cops. The head of the unit told them “all gatherings” have been banned at the square. There are no fascists to be seen, apparently. The anarchists are now headed to the nearby autonomously run park of Patision and Kyprou streets.

14.35 In Athens, the main demonstration for the general strike seems to have had a good turn-out. Corporate media report 20-30,000. The anarchist blocks are strong; selected smashing of banks has been reported, along with the looting of a corporate bookshop (books were distributed en mass to demonstrators and passers-by). There is at least one confirmed arrest of a girl during the demonstration (not detention); she will appear at the prosecutor general tomorrow.

13.56 In Thessaloniki, cops have violated the academic asylum. At least two riot police units and 15 delta cops have entered the university premises (see photo below) apparently in response to demonstrators from today’s general strike attempting to tear down the security barriers installed by the university at the campus entrance.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010 athens news greece

  • The Stock-Exchange building in Athens is squatted by members of PAME (syndicalists of parliamentary Communistic Party) since today mourning. Mr Chr. Katsiotis, member of PAME's Executive Secretariat, stated on public TV-station that the movement will last the whole day and it is a part of the Wednesday's General Strike. The representatives of PAME stated that their aim is to show to the auditors of European Comission, to Central European Bank, IMF who are in Athens where are the money for real and to stop searching in the workers' pockets. The services of the Stock-Exchange were transfered to a different building and the protestors left the blockade at 14:00.
  • The occupation of the rectorship building in the University of Athens keeps on against the decesion of the rector to enforce the pigs' entrance in the area (watch older updates)
  • The Dean of Athens University in Sciences sector occupied by students since today mourning. The announcement:

Cops - Tv - Rector Authorities ... All the creeps work together.

Eventually nobody but nobody wants to abolish the university asylum. Invoking the "defense" of it from alleged small damages in the old buildings of electricians, on Saturday night 20th February, the rector and prosecutor authorities call for strong police forces within the University campus. For them, the unlawful acts that affect academic freedom are two youth's parties - one in the field of chemical engineering and the other in the building of SEMFE. The commandos of Delta-team, with full support from two teams of special pig forces invade on their motorcycles in the corridors of the school. They swear against people, beating them up and bring 30 persons in the local pig station who are left free after a few hours without charge.

It's fifteen years back since the last invasion-evacuation of the technical university in '95 by the police in the current situation is quite different: The cops now invade even without apparent political events (social struggles and revolting situations). By implementing the new framework law the character of the university asylum changes dramatically. Under this law, the competent authority will become the Rector's Council (rector and two step-rectors), which means that the requirement to have student consent for the removal of asylum no longer exists. So Mr Moutzouris and each other rector can call the cops at any time ... to 'protect' the asylum from occupations, events, parties and non-university elements, which are now considered illegal if they obstruct the educational process and the "right to work".

For us, the university asylum is not a sterile area for "pure academic research", through which, not to forget, knowledge is promoted to the dominant military and economic interests. Neither an institutionalized oasis in the desert of capitalist relations, a no-go area for police. It is a situation through which gets occured continuesly the competition against the power ratio and its corresponding practices. And we support this situation.

Therefore university asylum does not get its meaning on the benches of parliament but in the streets and through social struggles. We ourselves give meaning to it. And this situation does not apply only in universities: During December the students gave asylum in Patission street, the squatts do not require legal frameworks, they are socially acquired.

Against the general targeting of university sites and ventures, within these we only have to answer with the ongoing sense-university asylum on the basis of social character.

Neither institutional or academic: The Asylum regulates what the power is afraid of.

  • Symbolic squat of the European Union's offices by members of SYRIZA (parliamentary leftish party) against the EU 'Stability Programm'.
  • Announcement for antifascistic gathering on 24th February in Athens:


There has been an effort by a fascist “citizens group” formed by extreme right wing racists and nazis, with the police in the leading role, to establish a type of Apartheid in the square of Agios Panteleimonas. Now, a new racist experiment is attempted in Plateia Amerikis (Amerikis Square). In this neighbourhood, where locals and immigrants have been living together for years, coexisting in their daily life, in the streets, in schools, in squares and public spaces, racists and the state are trying to artificially create a field of racist brutality and police occupation.

In the reality of the financial, social and political crisis, the state and the bosses are launching and attack against the whole of society, intensifying exploitation and oppression. Immigrants and refugees, as the poorest and most excluded part of society, are the ones on whom this attack is focused in the most cruel way: Many are murdered in the borders, imprisoned in concentration camps, tortured in police stations. Living in the country, they are facing the most savage exploitation by the bosses. And they are hostages of the anti-immigration policies of the greek state which divides them into "legal" and "illegal". A perfect example is the new bill on citizenship that is defining which children have rights and which don’t! This way it is justifying the repression and manhunt of refugees and immigrants without papers while it promotes the incorporation of a small number of immigrants under the condition that they submit.

In this context, the state has every interest in spreading racism within the society. Through a racist campaign by the media, the state is trying to force “national unity to save the greek economy” and it is targeting immigrants as a “threat to security and stability” in order to cultivate fear, class divisions and social cannibalism, so that in conditions of poverty the oppressed will be turned against each other, against the most oppressed among us, and not against the real enemy: the state and the bosses who are looting our lives. This way the state intensifies police repression to force its anti-social policies, especially after the social revolt of December ’08 where locals, refugees and immigrants met in the barricades, giving only an image of the future the bosses will have to face. The state itself is breeding racist groups through its policies and it is supporting them through its official repression forces. This is what happened in Agios Panteleimonas neighbourhood, where the police covered the locking of the playground, arsons against places of prayer for Muslim immigrants, attacks in which immigrants were beaten and stabbed by racists. These racist groups are presented as “local citizens committees” in order for the state to give the image that police brutality against immigrants is supposedly a “popular demand of society”. And it is also using these groups to attack against people and spaces of social struggle that fight in solidarity and against fascism.

In mid December ’09, a fringe of “citizens”, mainly members of LAOS ultra-right party, showed up in Plateia Amerikis asking that the place will be “cleansed and evacuated”. Their gathering ended ingloriously, and Th. Plevris, a fascist member of LAOS in the parliament, left immediately, when dozens of people went to the square and declared that racists and misanthropists are not welcome in the neighbourhood. This effort of a hate committed to be established was also presented in “Eleftherotypia” newspaper, supposedly progressive. In an article published on 31 December ’09, under a heading saying that Plateia Amerikis is “a bomb about to explode”, a fake image of the neighbourhood is presented and the real motives of the racists are obscured by a discourse about cleanness and degradation problems of the area. Ultra-right conservatives and neo-nazis, with the blessings of the police, think that they can turn this multicultural neighbourhood of Athens, where locals and immigrants have a tradition of living together, into a field of intolerance and racist hatred. They think that they will be allowed to assault refugees and spaces of self- organization and social struggle (social centres, housing squats, parks).

Never! Like in every neighbourhood, locals and immigrants, we are people who live together everyday, in our workplaces, in schools, in the squares. We share common problems (unemployment, work exploitation, devastating way of life in an urban jail, without sufficient green and free spaces, control and repression). And we will fight together for a world of equality, having solidarity as our weapon and having as only enemy the enemies of freedom for all people.

- No racist and no fascist will define which people are allowed to live together in the neighbourhoods, to hang out in the squares and to walk in the streets of the city.

- No consent to the racist policies of the state against immigrants.

- No tolerance to the fascist – racist gangs.


Wednesday, 24 February at 6 pm

Anarchists, Anti-authoritarians, Antiracists, Antifascists from Athens neighborhoods

  • Also squatted the Polytechnic University in the center of Athens. First announcement:


Today, 23rd February, we squatted the Polytechnic University to highlight the prolonged repression methods which are taking place during the last year. From the cop-occupied neighborhoods, arrests of social fighters with fake blames, the attacks against self-managed spaces and comrades' homes until the braking of University Asylum and murders caused by state.

A reason for our action was the vulgar invasion of cops in the University campus at Zografou district on Saturday night, after the breaking of Asylum with the rector's order, in an effort to turn public opinion against Asylum.

In the face of the repressive moves, we respond by holding occupied until at least tomorrow evening the Polytechnic. This way, the Asylum is used effectively and makes stronger the tomorrow's mass protests against the imposition of the social model that wants us to work and consume in full submission.

We call for a meeting of the squat today at 10 pm in the Gini building.

P.S. The chairman of the school of architects gets ridiculous after his hasty and spasmodic lock-out movements and statements concerning the theft of photocopiers. We took the photocopiers after we talked with the guards and we want to use them for printing leaflets.

Wednesday 24th February 2010

  • On Tuesday evening took place in the centre of Athens a motorcycle demonstration to call the people for participation in the today's General Strike. For two hours on all the streets of the centre and Kypseli neighbourhood the voice of the strikers was heard loudly. The first surprise of the people around was easily turning into happiness. The demonstration used to stop only to give info flyers at bus stations, squares and super markets. On the dozen thousands of flyers that were spread it was written: "On Wednesday everybody join the strike, everybody on the streets", "Warning: On TV speaks the European Comission", "Let's make them feel afraid, down with the stability program", "This strike shall be only the beginning", "The Germans occupy us again?"


  • Demonstrations in Naousa and Veroia towns. In Veroia on the top of the demonstration anarchists/antiauthoritarians instead of the parliamentary communists. Comrades with flyers, slogans, flags, plakats started demonstrating after the gathering in the town's Working Centre. Spontaniously people who were on the spot joined them. Anarchists' presence also in "the dinasaurs' nest" (frozen parliamentary syndicalists) at Naousa town.
  • Demonstration in Volos town. The bosses of METKA factory (watch older update) tried to stop workers to participate in the strike by announcing that the building was needing 32 persons inside for fire safety. Striker Workers gathered early in the mourning around the building, blocked the entrances and allowed this way the workers to participate in the strike. 500 people decided to participate in the independent demonstration and 120 joint the official syndicalists' gathering. Participation also from Matsaggou Squat, libertarian communists, out-parliamentary organisations.

Fotos from Volos town, Worker Newspaper

  • The demonstration in Thessaloniki city went smoothly with the participation of many people. At the tale of the demonstration the anarchists' block with a plakat that was written on it "War Against the Bosses' War". Also a block of Libertarian Syndicalistic Union with a plakat writting "Capitalism is not in Crisis, Capitalism is the Crisis Itself". In the last block a lot of people participated together with Antiauthoritarian Movement. A lot of flyers and press stuff were spreaded and slogans were sprayed on shops' walls that did not participate in the General Strike. People threw garbage in Hondos Centre (multinational perfume company) so the company had to join the strike after this action. A street camera was smashed, a European Union's flag was burnt and slogans were sprayed on government buildings. After the end of the demonstration, students in Aristoteleio University started smashing control bars at the entrences of the Campus. Pigs entered the campus and started chasing the people. More people joined the events after the pigs' attack, smashed more bars and chased the pigs away. The rectorship building is squatted and an assembly will take place during the evening.
  • Demonstration in Chania town on Creta island. Around 450 people participated in the out-parliamentary and independent organisations demonstration. We do not have a number of the parliamentary communists' demonstration.
  • Demonstration also in Irakleio town of Creta island. Around 2000 people participated after the call of parliamentary left parties, out-parliamentary communists, independent organisations, anarchists etc.

Fotos from the demonstration

  • Demonstration in Patras city. Around 1300 people joined the demonstration of out-parliamentary communistic organisations; anarchists have not make a call for today. A higher number of protestors in the parliamentary communists' gathering.
  • Despite the state's repression methods in the demonstration at Athens participated around 100.000 people. One bank entrence was built with bricks from a builders' team. The pigs started attacking the independant blocks and try to ceperate them from the main body of the demonstration. The people responded imediatelly and attacked back by smashing the cops' shields, chasing them away and defend against any new special pig team that was arriving. In the clashes also 45 years old people against the pigs. One undercover pig had also to visit a doctor after people found out he was a cop. Also the masses of people chased away the pigs by shouting against and forbid them to come close to the demonstration. Many multinational companies were smashed down. The pigs attacked with tear-gas and sound-shine granades at Syntagma Square in front of the Parliament and people responded with some mollies, stones and wooden sticks. On Stadiou Street a special pig forces team tried also to attack. The responce from anarchists, syndicalists, indepentents, workers, people of any age was again one and the same: stones, bottles and whatever could be found on the streets flew on the heads of the cops. RAGE and RAGE can be two words to describe the situation! Attack also at 'Zonars' Burgeois Cafe (9 euro per coffee) when the people spontaniously entered the cafe, stole everything from inside and smashed down the front-glasses. People also entered in Papasotiriou Bookshop, took many books in zero price and gave it to demonstrators. Also clothes from a multinational company were taken away in zero price and given to people. All the actions above happened spontaniously. Also, the anarchist/antiauthoritarian/libertarian communistic block was the biggest than the rest of the others. Participation also from many refugees. Many 50 year old people joined also the radical blocks and were amused by the smashing down of banks and multinational companies. We do not know yet any number of arrests.

Fotos from

Fotos from Radikal, tr:

Fotos from Reuters:

Fotos from Anarchist block:

Fotos from Clashes:

Video from Reuters:

Video from BBC:

Video from SkyNews:

In average, around 2.500.000 people participated in the General Strike all around Greece...

  • The fascists have tried to provoce the today's strike by organizing a gathering at Amerikis Square (watch yesterday's update). The antifa demonstration with some hundreds of people that directed there to block the fascists could not reach the spot because the area was surrounded with masses of pigs. The fascists never appeared there and prefered to keep hidding in their holes. Around 800 antifascist gathered at Kyprou & Patision self-managed park and demonstrated through Kypseli district. Two fascists tried to reach the park with their van which was smashed down. Two other shitheads had to say goodbye to their motorcycle and their greek army t-shirt. Around 30 lovers of military junta gathered in the church of Agios Panteleimonas district. Just to remind: In the certain district are active many members of Golden Dawn (nazi party) as prostitutes' pimps and members of the mafia. Before some days two nazis were caught by the cops with a gun but they were released...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

.21/2/10 athens greece news

  • Early in the morning pigs have entered the University Society Area in Zografou district of Athens, swearing against people, trying to stop a party that was taking place at this time, attacking against the residents and arresting many of them. Outside the area also special pig forces used to wait together with pig busses. Clashes started straightly and the pigs excused their action saying that they had information about damages in the buildings, thing that never happened.The only damage that we can talk about is an opened fire extinguisher which was used against the pigs. The pigs also tried to investigate sleeping places of students and their action came after an order from the rector of the University. During the opperation also the electricity went off reminding of cold war times. The pigs for one more time in cooperation with a rector break the Asylum law, a law that exists in Greece after a lot of struggles and blood which forbids the entrence of fascists and pigs in Universities.
  • Clashes with fascists in Larissa town. After information about a fascistic gathering in the central square of the town antifascists gathered on the meeting point to avoid this gathering. When 15 shitheads appeared on the spot some riots started. Half of the fascists ran away and the other half had to visit the hospital. The small van that the used to drive for night patrols was also smashed. Clashes with cops happened straightly after this and the antifascistic demonstration entered the Medical University where other comrades and people in solidarity used to wait inside. At once the building got surrounded by masses of pigs and undercover pigs who also threw a sound-shine granade in the entrence of the building and injured two comrades after a glass was broken. None damage has happened in the building from the side of the antifascists and despite this fact the pigs also asked to brake the Asylum law but the rector refused. Two women and two men from the antifascists were taken in the pigs' station.

Fotos from the action:

(The statue on the fotos belongs to the leader of "X" team which was cooperating with the German Nazis during 1941-1944 and used to give names of people in resistance to Gestapo and SS. The certain guy on the statue continued also later his anticommunistic actions on Cyprus island. The decision to rise up the statue was taken from the right wing major of the town. The sprayed slogans of the fotos: "Civil Class War, Fascists Back to Your Holes", "Earth is Our Only Country", "We are All Refugees in The World of Bosses", "Aegean Sea Belongs to Its Fish", "Fight for Land and Freedom", "No Tolerance for Nationalists Fascists or Rascists", "National Macho and In Your Job Just Arshole".)

  • Fotos from anti-rascist demonstration and concert in Athens on 20th February:

Monday 22nd February 2010

  • Solidarity actions with the dismissed persons of METKA factory (watch older update)still go on. Slogans were sprayed on the walls of the company's administrator villa in Volos town and flyers were spreaded so also the neighbours can have a picture about him. On the fotos: "Oikonomou you are a creep, you threw 3 workers in the streets", "1 person in the villa, 3 in the streets", "Achtung, Oikonomou walks free around and dismisses syndicalists", "3 dismissals, Oikonomou you still sleep in peace during the nights?", "Their wealth is our blood".


  • The rectrorship building of the University in Zografou district of Athens is occupied since mourning after the last day's pig attack to the area. Also students and people in solidarity gathered in the central entrance of the area. A huge plakat was rised up, public busses were sprayed and information flyers were spreaded around. After lots of people gathered, the information actions took place also in different Universities of the area and the small demonstration also visited the rectorship building. The rector Moutzouris who gave order to the pigs to brake the Asylum law refused to appear in front of the people and prefered to keep on his show in mass media. The people also smashed control systems in several entrances of the area. The Universities are not an area for cops, but an open space for students and the society.
  • Abandoned seafarers of MV Aetea Sierra joined the antiracist demonstration in Sat. 20/2:

Hard working seafarers, far from our families, we face exploitation, injustice and impingement of our rights. We ‘ve been abandoned by our employer since 3 of August 2009 in Piraeus anchorage, 6 miles from the shore. We are not paid till July and we live on the vessel under inhuman conditions. The shipowner E. Saravanos was convinced by the court for exposing the crew in danger, and the ship was set to be auctioned. Though nothing changed for our case, the shipowner is free and uses any legal mean to postpone the auction.

We ‘re still in the floating prison Aetea Sierra, without heating, we drink rusty water and sometimes the fuel supply is not in time and we remain for days on a blind ship. It took 7 months to get surpasses and come ashore, but we have to pay 100 euros for our transfer. How can we pay? We haven’t been paid since July, our families suffer without money, our children had to quit school…

We struggle for our rights, with the support of the Filipino Workers Union – KASAPI and greek rights organizations until the final victory. We ask the greek authorities to care for the abandoned foreign seafarers and act for our violated rights. We demand to be paid our owned salaries and moral damage and to be repatriated as soon as possible. We insist that it must be put an end to those shipowners’ business strategies which are playing with the lives of the seafarers.

At 20 of February we participated in the antiracist rally in the center of Athens together with thousands greeks and migrants, we experienced the solidarity to our case and we raised a lot of support contributions in our “solidarity cuisine”.

see previous information about Saravanos court

Solidarity committee for the abandoned seafarers of MV Aetea Sierra

Athens 05/02/2010

In MV Aetea Sierra floating prison, anchoraged in Piraus , Greece , remain 17 seafarers since August 3. The living conditions and the vessel’s safety are unacceptable. The sailors are not payed since July and they can’t support their families. They struggle for their right to be payed and repatriated as soon as possible.

On Friday January 29 2010 the Piaraus Court found guilty the Aetea Sierra shipowner “representative” Evangelos Saravanos for exposing the lives of the crew on danger. Mr. Saravanos was convicted with 3 years and 2 months sentence, he appealed and then released.

His conviction was an important moral justification for the crew, but it doesn’t urge the payment of the 7 months owned salaries, neither the repatriation of the crew.

The lawyer of ITF (International Transport Workers Federation) Thanasis Alikatoras statet that “Mr Saravanos has convivted the 17 sailors to conditions of 15th century Galeons by ambandoning them in the open sea without any petrol, heating, water, food or light. As a result the sailors’ lives are in danger due to malnutrition or an accident because some other sailing ships might not be able to sight the ‘dead ship’. The abandoning of sailors like this and the violation of their fundamental rights is a usual business tactic. The same happened to other ships of Mr. Saravanos enterprises Thesarco and Agrosy. In particular Aqua Sierra was abandoned on 2003 in Monrovia , Liberia , where one of the crew members passed away hit by malaria. Trinity Sierra was abandoned in Panama channel as the coastguard inspection found 42 safety violations and prohibited the ship to enter the port. Violations of the same nature or other legal problems were witnessed in the cases of Thermopilae Sierra and Taxiarchis Sierra. It is a common tactic of “white collar” criminals to abandon their crews when their ships are no more profitable”.

Mr Saravanos lawyer Mr Portokalis developed his client’s business tactic on a basic question: “Is the delay of salaries payment a criminal action? Piraeus anchorage is a safe one and we are wondering why did the sailors press charges in terms of safety when their only demand concerns their payment”. On top of that he suggested that the Filipino sailors wiped the ship’s fuel away and that the ship’s generator was shut down on purpose in order to convince the jury they are in danger.

Remarkable was the presence in the court audience of a greek retired seafarer who was recently operated for throat cancer, but he appeared to express his solidarity to the Filippino seafarers. He witnessed that he was also abandoned for 10 months in India by Mr Saravanos and the 20 member crew was left without water and food. “He didn’t pay my salaries, and he won’t. He pays only his lawyer to go unpunished”.

From the 17 seafarers of Aetea Sierra only the 2nd chief officer from Serbia supported Mr Saravanos in the court, saying “I am on Mr Saravanos side and I don’t sign the complaint against him”. This witness was found by the court as not convincing and became a boomerang to Mr Saravanos advocacy.

Network of Social Support to Refugees and Migrants and the Filipino Workers Union in Greece -Kasapi stand in solidarity with the seafarers trying to bring in publicity their struggle for payment and repatriation and they led a petition campaign supported by many greek and international organizations and individuals. Due to this pressure Mr Saravanos was arrested and brought in court and, also, the auction of the vessel is decided for February 17th.

The parliament member Th. Dritsas from the Radical Left Coalition party (SYRIZA) brought the case of Aetea Sierra in the parliament, asking the minister of Economy, Competinness and Merchant Marin Mrs Louka Katseli to solve the problems of abandoned alien seafarers, by bringing a new legal frame and signing bilateral treaties with seafarers’ countries.

  • Abusive & anti-syndicalistic dismissal in AGRA Publications Company (watch older update)

On the 13th of January the worker Ntinos Palaistidis was fired from AGRA Publications Company with the excuse of "unconventional behavior" because he appealed to the Labor Inspectorate about issues having to do with the working conditions in the particular workplace. The dismissal took place just three working days after the tripartite meeting at the Labor Inspectorate, which advised that: "The company could reconsider the request of the employee with a view to resolving".

From the first moment of the dismissal Employees Association of Paper-Book Sector in Attica, began with protests: continuing strikes by workers in Agra, protest gatherings, interventions. Intervention in the central bookshops of Thessaloniki took place by Employees Association of Paper-Book Sector in Thessaloniki on 17th February.

Next to Ntinos, the AGRAS workers and Employees Association of Paper-Book Sector Athens developed a broad front of solidarity from many workers, labor unions and collectives (Postal & Courier Workers Union Attica, Associations Of Workers In Private Teaching Centres, Panhellenic Union of Workers In TIM HELLAS (Wind), Antiwar Internationalist Movement, Libertarian Syndicalistic Union Thessaloniki-Ioannina, Common Action of Solidarity). Hundreds of workers signed resolutions of solidarity and hundreds of messages via e-mail and faxes started to flood AGRA Company demanding the immediate reinstatement of Ntinos Palaistidis.

AGRA Company tried to reply to all this solidarity movement by mobilizing around 40 famous persons of the "letters and arts circles", who have their books edited in Agra, to 'spontaneously' defend the 'friendly to workers tactics' of AGRA and the owner. We were also informed from them that the workers' demands is a matter for the courts and not for the workers' struggle!!! With the publication of the notice of support for AGRA Company by the 40, various mass media attempt to isolate the strikers and blackmail their fight.

To the text above have already answered the AGRA's workers on strike, but also the Employees Association of Paper-Book Sector.

  • Today, for one more time, the makeshift refugees' quarters in the near of Igoumenitsa town was attacked by pigs and also 10 arrests of refugees took place. A comrade doctor who also participates in the Solidarity Committee asked to use the Red Cross surgeries for the refugees' examination and medical treatemnt because most of them are suffering of serious illnesses. The medical treatment takes place in an open-air area where the difficulties are many. Red Cross, without even announcing the reason, refused to offer their facilities. Such a position was also shown by the pharmaceutical and lawyers' clubs of the town who have already refused any help for the refugees. Beside to the repression environment which has been spread in Igoumenitsa's town, also a solidarity movement has risen up by comrades all around the hellenic area. Until now, these movements have reached a humanitarian level (pharmacies, clothes, food). Soon there will be information about more actions.
  • On Saturday 20th February a team of young workers entered into a theater in Athens to inform the people about the general strike on the 24th of the month.

Video of the action:

  • Some out-parliamentary communists, members of Communistic Party marxists-leninists were arrested around 23:00 for rising up posters about the General Strike. They refused to give fingerprints and until 02:00 they haven't been released from the pig station.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At dawn Tuesday, February 23 the Italian anti-terrorist attacks carried out dozens of homes and centers anarchists in Turin.

Three comrades were arrested and three others imposed house arrest. The uniformed killers seized computers, phones and

printed materials from their homes 23 anarchist comrades. The cops raided the area occupied by the radio Blackout and took

them for suggesting that there were as transmit. Other police raids took place in cities Rovereto (Trento) Vicoforte (Cuneo)

and Mantova Those arrested are accused of involvement in conspiratorial groups and demonstrations against immigrant

camps, in causing shit in expensive restaurants for riots in the streets of the suburbs, for attacks against the offices of the Red

Cross and the far-right party Lega north. The radio RádioBlackout (FM 105.250) is the only free radio in Turin and the

microphone is open and free to use to disseminate news about the actions against the camps, the anti-fascist struggles, the

struggle of student workers. "This police operation is the latest in a series of prosecutions has launched the Italian State to

silence those who maintain their dignity and fight for human rights,solidaryti immigrants and oppose the modern extermination

camps. Our struggle will continue and will certainly not be a mizery prosecutor will stop us, "said representatives of anti-

racism Assembly in Turin.
Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo died Tuesday after an 80-day hunger strike to demand better jail conditions, according to dissidents.

"He got much worse last Tuesday and was brought to Havana," said Laura Pollan, one of the leaders of the Ladies of White, a group of wives and relatives of political prisoners.

"But sadly he died at around 4 p.m."

According to Pollan, Zapata, 42, went on strike to demand a separate cell from common criminals and permission for his family to bring him food. She said he also refused to wear the prison uniform.

He was transferred from his prison in central Holguin province to a prison in Havana when his health deteriorated, and eventually to a hospital in the capital, she said.

"For us, this is a terrible situation," Pollan said in a telephone interview. "We didn't think this government would let a political prisoner die at this point in time, but we were wrong."

Zapata was arrested in 2003 during a crackdown on dissidents, Pollan said.

According to an Amnesty International report, he was jailed for disorderly conduct among other crimes.

Sudden arrests in Paris- news

    Terrorism- The Show

On Monday, February 15th, six people have been arrested in Paris- and their homes searched.
On more person has been arrested on Tuesday. Several parents‘ houses have been also searched on Monday. Cops took the computers, some flyers and brochures, and seemed to look for specific clothes.
They all have been taken to 36 quai des Orfèvres- the SDAT( anti-terrorist section) office place.
During the questioning, the comrades were asked about the different solidarity actions with the Vincennes Detention Center detainees in trial: wild demonstrations, offices occupations, and bank automatic teller machines sabotages. When several persons refused to give their DNA, cops tried to take it on cigarettes and clothes. Until now, they are not charged with DNA refusal. Three (two girls) have been released with no charges, four other men passed in court on Wendsday, and are charged with „damage of goods in a group“. They are under judicial control, and can not see each other. They are finally not charged with terrorism laws.

    „People close to the alternative or Ultragauche mouvement“

Due to newspapers, these arrests would be linked to a current investigation about the solidarity actions, opened on December 5th ( see HERE our news in brief about it).
Press talks about Reims, Grenoble, Lille and Lyon- where similar actions have been done, though not all of them have been claimed. But the journalists, investigating, suppose its linked…
In Le Figaro- February 18th edition, we learn 40 „raids“ would have been done all over France. We also learn police found at one comrade house „painting bombs“, “ similar to those used during the ATM damage in the XIX district“.
Concerning the town of Poitiers, Centre Presse (February 18th edition), lets us know fifteen ATM have been damaged on February 9th. The corrosive liquide inserted in the machine is right now analyzed. And l‘Union confirms its suspicions concerning tags and damages on Reims banks: it must be the „Ultragauche“. Obviously, no more details. These ‚young people‘, „between 24 and 30 years old“, „demonstrated their silence“ during the questioning. Due to Reuters, police says the alleged vandals have been identified with
video recordings“ and „left marks“. They would have followed the „Ultragauche“ theory because of the written slogans. Maybe that’s the reason they need to take away brochures and „subversiv books“ each time they search a house. It may be a clue!


    „We do not drop anything!“

On Tuesday, about 80 people gathered in Chateau-Rouge, in solidarity with the comrades. But police was already there; so people prefered to disperse, and to gather again a few minutes later in Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. The wild march, shouting „Liberty for all, with or without papers!“ and „Cops, pigs, murders!“ run to Republique and Chateau-d‘eau. No arrests.

On February 10th, two La Poste ATM totaly burnt down, in hte 19th district, and two slogans written down: „Fire to the detention centers“ and „La Poste= denouncer“ .
In Dijon, an Adecco agency has been attacked on Monday. This temporary job agency windows were broken: „Here, one exploits sans-papiers“. The same night, in Asnières sur Seine, a UMP party office was attacked; in „solidarity with all the imprisoned and against all imprisonments“.

    Further investigations

In Lyon, anti-terrorist brigade received some comrades for an official discussion.
When the Grand-Lyeu squat opened (see HERE) on the end of January, two people have been asked for identity by a police patrol, infront of the door. They also took a telephone number. Two weeks later, police called: a rendez-vous is fixed, for questioning. And its actually a cop from the AntiTerror division who asked the questions… Due to an article published on, this is how the interogation went: „This ‚grand lieu‘, are some dangerous poeople in there? violent people? Do you talk about black-blocs? Who organizes the self-defense on Sunday? the debates and screenings?… Of course, he asked for names and questioned about Chambery case (see HERE) and the actions week with the Vincennes detainees in trial. Just trying to push further their investigations, making links and trying to define this rebelion.

For details in German, see the articles on Antiknastabend blog, HERE and HERE

Info from Indymedia Nantes, LeJuraliberataire, Rebellyon

Brutal police charges in Val Susa during a demo in Coldimosso (

Val Susa February 2010

The TAV (high speed railway project), which poses a devastating risk to the beautiful Val Susa region (northern Italy) and aims at satisfying businessmen’s needs, had been stopped by widespread popular protests in 2005. The current Italian government is determined to build the infrastructure necessary to the project. Numerous actions and demonstrations against the TAV are therefore taking place in Val Susa in these days.

One of these demos was brutally attacked by the police on February 17 2010 in Coldimosso: a comrade from Turin was hit on the head and lost consciousness and a woman was also violently beaten. As the police prepared themselves to hide their violence by interfering with medical reports, the comrades prevented the cops from taking the wounded away.

The comrade with a head injury was taken to the Molinette hospital in Turin with a suspected brain haemorrhage. He remains in serious but not life-threatening conditions. Digos officers tried to ‘visit’ him but the comrades forced them out of the hospital.

The day after, in solidarity with the struggle in Val Susa, anarchists blocked the vans carrying La Stampa daily to its newsagents for one and a half hour. This newspaper gives voice to the powerful of the TAV and is responsible for their incessant pro-TAV propaganda. Some of the van drivers showed solidarity to the comrades until anti-riot police arrived on the spot to restore order and to allow La Stampa being distributed.

Slogans highlighting the similarities between cops and journalists were spray painted in the area.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hundreds of Residents attacked the forces of repression during the eviction operation in an area of 4,900 sq.m. in Padang Raya, Makassar, South Sulawesi province of the homonymous island, on Tuesday 23 / 2. Injured one person. In conflicts involving many anarchists. Related video here Pesane stones and Molotov cocktail in 400 Indonesian Mataji and tear that throwing because the direction of the wind, turned back to them. Roadblocks and barricades were up yesterday at least.

Announcing Steal Something From Work Day!

Calling all angry wage slaves and anarchist subversives! You’re invited to participate in promoting an international day of action, STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY, scheduled for April 15, 2010. Following in the footsteps of Steal Something Day, itself a response to Buy Nothing Day, STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY focuses attention on the motivations behind employee theft and the horizons ahead of it.

STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY is a day of action, but it’s much more than that. The point is not so much to urge people to steal from their workplaces—employees of all ideological stripes already steal from their bosses without need of encouragement—as to raise awareness and promote dialogue about the means and causes of workplace theft. Imagine stickers and posters everywhere rendering the individualized action of workplace theft a topic of collective discussion. Imagine joking references to satirical websites spawning conversations about how coworkers can steal more and better together, and why they are entitled to. Imagine STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY.

This is an opportunity for anarchists to use the networks developed for mass mobilizations and summit protests to ignite class war on the terrain of daily life, where it matters most. Through humor and honesty, we can bring the contradictions present in practically everyone’s lives to the fore, forcing the issues our rulers and managers would rather brush under the rug. One website is already up, and more are on the way, along with videos, stickers, pins, posters, and more. For now, check these out:

Frequently Asked Questions
Posters and Other Promotional Materials
Press Office

Interviews and other inquiries are welcome to If you or your organization would like to participate in this campaign, please send in your endorsement, specifying whether you wish for your contact information to appear on the list of participants. Alternately, just make your own material and get it out there!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Demonstration für Gewerkschaftsfreiheit zum Berlinale-Abschluss

undefined Heute demonstrierten 600 Menschen in Berlin für die Verteidigung der Gewerkschaftsfreiheit. Aufgerufen hatte die FAU Berlin, der es im Oktober 2009 per gerichtlicher Verfügung untersagt worden war, sich Gewerkschaft zu nennen

Solidarity demonstration for FAU-Berlin

Yesterday took part a powerful demonstration under the slogan: “Defend the right to unionize!“. In December 2009 the local FAU-group (Free Workers Union) in Berlin has been disallowed on the effort of the Babylon Mitte GmbH and by preliminary injunction the right to call itself union.

Several hundred people followed the call for a demonstration by FAU which was among others supported by: NEA (North-East Antifascists Berlin), Jano-Berlin (Youth-Antifa-North-East), ASJ (Anarcho-syndicalistic Youth Berlin) and the Solidarity Committee for the Freedom to Unionize. After an initial slightly confusion where the gathering point is and a prelude speech by criminalized secretary from FAU-Berlin the demonstration started to move from Potsdamer Platz. While the demonstration’s top almost continuously drawn attention by loud slogans, unfortunately the back of the demonstration was again drown out through loud music from the truck (the past free spaces demonstration have shown, how loud a demonstration can be without continuous drown out through loud music). For sure positive was that the protestors were from their ages and political contexts pretty mixed plus that passengers were provided continuously with flyers. Most of the passengers reacted surprised but not negative, lot of them stopped (especially in Friedrichstraße), took flyers and listened to the several contributions e. g. by the lawyer from FAU-Berlin, Solidarity Committee for Emmely, NEA and ASJ and the Solidarity Committee for the Freedom to Unionize. The contributions stigmatized the prohibition against FAU-Berlin to label itself as union or basic union as violation against the ILO-principles, demanded the urgently withdrawal and pointed out the importance for future basic union organising by workers outside of FAU. Furthermore the contribution by NEA and ASJ built a bridge to the current state repression against leftists but also didn't saved on critics regarding the image and against the disinterest/erosion of solidarity by Germany's radical left in case of FAU.

Background information:

Pictures and a video from the demonstration:

Subjective conclusion:

This demonstration can be seen as a success but in no way people may make the mistake yet to retire again. That can and must be only the beginning the public pressure on the courts must grow further until this scandalous sentence is cancelled! Beside that also the surprised passenger’s faces in Friedrichstraße, their back-pedalling in the dizziness of consumption have shown that they are interested in labour conflicts. It’s time to show continuous presence at the streets, to convey them that they aren’t alone with their problems and that they have support and that they must struggle together! for their interests. We ultimately need a social movement against the daily impertinences and worsening which hit not only workers but also unemployed, pupils, students etc.

All together and that yet!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poland: Rozbrat – the final strike. Demonstration on 20th March!


The auction of the grounds where Poznan's Rozbrat squat is situated will take place on 26th March at 10 a.m. Since January 2008, when the bailiff came to the squat for the first time, we have managed to keep the squat, through different legal actions and protests. If nobody buys the ground on 26th March, the next auction will take place within the next 2-3 years. That is why this is a critical moment for us.

This years we will celebrate 16th year of the occupation of the buildings which were abandoned by a company, which took a lot of loans and ran off abroad. 16 years ago the buildings were squatted by people from the local anarchist community. Since then we have invested a lot our resources and work to renovate and rebuild the rooms that were going into ruin and we have also started a wide political, social and cultural activity. Currently, around 20 people live at Rozbrat, concert and rehearsal rooms, a library, a gallery, screen print and bike workshops, places for meetings and debates are also there.

Recently, as a part of the defence of Rozbrat campaign, we have actively taken part in the meetings of the city council and its different commissions, where they have been debating over a local land development plan of the Solacz district, which also includes the premises of Rozbrat (on the official map of the plan, the premises of Rozbrat were marked as “wastelands”). Because of significant resistance of the inhabitants of the district, the plan still have not been outvoted by the council. Since January 2009 we have made a lot of steps towards and agreement with the city authorities about our situation. Vice mayor of Poznan visited Rozbrat and he wasn't able to offer anything, although, in front of the media, he claimed that he has an alternative option. We asked about this offer in an official letter last May and we still have not got any answer.

On the 9th May 2009 we showed that Rozbrat has huge support. Around 1,500 people came out to the streets for our demonstration, those were not only the inhabitants of Poznan, but also our supporters from various communities and organizations. So far, there has been one auction of Rozbrat but nobody wanted to buy it. This time, according to the law, the price will be lower.

Thanks to all the actions in defence of Rozbrat that we have undertaken, we haven't been so strong before, but still, the distribution of forces is not even. Rozbrat is in danger. That's why we call everyone to support our protest and to take part in the demonstration on 20th March in Poznan.

We won't give up without fight! Rozbrat stays!

Freedom for Jock Palfreeman- an Anti-Fascist imprisoned in Bulgaria

anarchist solidarity | 20.02.2010 22:00


Free Jock Palfreeman.

Jock Palfreeman is a 23 year old Australian who had the courage to stand up against 16 Nazis on a night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. He witnessed the fascists chasing and attacking two young Roma boys. Jock ran to the boys' aid, he did his best to keep the Nazis at bay by waving a knife at them but they attacked him. Jock was left with nowhere to run and had no choice but to defend himself. Andrey Monov, one of the Nazis, was stabbed and killed and another, Antoan Zahariev was injured. The Roma boys ran away.
Jock has since been tried and sentenced for murder and attempted murder. He has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and has been fined 375,000 Australian dollars.
Andey Monovs Father is well known in Bulgaria and at the funeral there were a mixture of judges, police and politicians.
Jocks trial was a complete sham-yet another example of corruption and secret hand shakes in the judicial system. The prosecutions case was built on the witness statements made by the other Nazis that were there that night, all claiming that Jock randomly attacked the group and chased them with the intent of killing somebody. Key people and possible witnesses were never interviewed by police and CCTV footage from the scene miraculously went missing and many of the statements made at the time were not the same as the statements submitted to the court by the prosecution. Jock has two appeals before his sentence becomes final.
We must campaign to free Jock and put pressure on Bulgarian authorities to accept his appeal. If his charges were downgraded to excessive use of force during self-defence, he would be already out. We must make sure that this judicial farce is highlighted and that they will not be able to repeat it again.
Check out the links below for more details of his case, trial and read his statement, which has remained consistent from the night in question. Bulgarian authorities want to bury Jock alive for daring to stand in the way of fascist bullies and defending himself and others. We have to stop them!

What you can do:

-write to Jock – letters help him survive this difficult time and keep his spirit high:

Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Central Prison
21 General Stoletov Boulevard
Sofia 1309, BULGARIA

- Organise solidarity actions outside Bulgarian embassies, consulates etc.- use your creativity !
-Write messages of protest to Bulgarian authorities. We include sample letter, but you are welcome to write your own message.

Sample message:

To whom it may concern
We are writing in regards to Australian national Jock Palfreeman currently imprisoned in Bulgaria. Palfreeman had been sentenced to 20 years of prison for defending a passer-by and later on, himself from a vicious attack by a group of drunken football hooligans. As a result one of the attackers died and another got injured. Despite it being a clear case of self-defence and his version of events being supported by numerous witnesses, his trial was a farce. Anything working in favour of his defence was completely ignored by the judge.
We demand that Bulgarian authorities grant him appeal and that he will be acquitted of murder charges. We will be watching the next actions of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. We will not rest until Jock Palfreeman will get his appeal and acquitted from those absurd charges.

Addresses to send your protests:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria
Address: 2, Aleksandar Zhendov Str., Sofia 1040, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 2 948 2999
Information, Public Relations and European Communication Directorate

Director: Sofia Vladimirova
Tel.: +359 2 971 14 08, 971 37 78, 948 22 18
Fax: +359 2 870 30 41

Ministry's Reception Desk
Tel.: +359 2 948 20 18, 971 10 54
In the work days from 9.30 to 12.00 h and from 14.00 to 16.00 h

Ministry of Justice

list of Bulgarian embassies and consulates:

anarchist solidarity


Wednesday 17th February 2010

  • Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis were charged with 22 years of imprisoning for the case of industrialist Mylonas kidnapping.

Reports from the trial on Rioters Press:

  • Report was published about the last day's event in Vyronas district of Athens, when during a bank robbery the pigs killed a person with 8 bullets on his back and 1 on his head. The innocent victim, Nikollas Todi 25 years old and father of a six months child, used to be close to the spot and without participation in the robbery.
  • 9th High-school of Pireaus squatted by pupils because a classmate of them was expelled from the school and enforced to change school for ever after a small conflict with the chairman. The squatters condemn the behavior of the chairman who started with verbal attacks, but also during the last days rises up his authoritarianism and the repression against pupils who have certain political ideas, different dress-code etc.

Thursday 18th February 2010

  • Looting attack against the private car of a journalist in Patras town. At the car were caused serious damages and some flames also touched the editor's car.
  • The Queen's Peace minister announced that "up to Easter, the presence of police in Athens will rise up to levels that the citizens haven't seen before" ...
  • 39 migrants, 27 men and 12 women, are trapped on Farmakonisi islet. The Coast Guards can not sail from Leros island because of lack in ships which can travel in the existed weather. Citizens asked from the guards to sail with their fishing boats but they could not have a lisence because of the wind and the weavy sea. The phenomenon of lack in boats of the public sector for islands in Greece is something usual for years now. Also the islands' residents face lots of problems when their health is in risk but also for daily needs. Meanwhile, the greek government is mostly interested in buying cops and army equipment.

Friday 19th February 2010

  • One more dead prisoner, 33 years old, in Alikarnassos jailhouse. He was found dead by human-guard during the night. The jail authorities reported that the causes of death did not come from any criminal action, but on the other hand they do not publish the reasons of it. For one more time "an investigation is in process". We know really well where such 'investigations' lead to. So many deaths of prisoners since now and nobody has ever been blamed for them. When they talk about investigations they just mean that one more file will be closed and forgotten. For lawyers or organisations for prisoners' rights contact here:
  • The squat (all functions of school/university are blocked) of 9th Highschool of Pireaus ended today after the promises of teachers' assembly for less repression in the future and taking away the high punishment restrictions that a pupil was sentenced. (watch older update)
  • Information spreading in Corfu island by Elaia Squat against state repression, after the pigs' brutality against a woman blamed for throwing some stones to the local pig station.
  • The solidarity actions from AGRA's workers with Ntinos Palaistidis keep on. Beside demonstrations and condemning pesences, workers also blockade many shops of the Company.(Watch older Updates)


Text-Striking Workers of "AGRA" publications company for the dismissal of Mr Ntinos Palaistidis.

We the workers in AGRA Company, feel the need to state our position in public, about the dismissal of Mr Ntinos Palaistidis. Because a lot of roumors are spread around and some persons talk about us without us, we want to underline that the most qualified to speak about our working relationship is us! We therefore say that working conditions in 'AGRA' clearly do not resemble to Middle Age working conditions as unfortunately happened in many private sector companies, but we are neither in an ideal working environment without problems! There are problems, because of the lack of dialogue and resolve them with employers we face today a dead-end.

The dismissal of Mr Dinos Palaistidi surprised us all. We are able to know exactly the large workload for all of us (and Mr Ntinos) in recent years. A workload that was resulted because of the growth of "AGRA" publish company in which we all helped! The pressure thus exerted because of the busy work, led the colleague Ntinos over the past two years, repeatedly asking to meet with the employer to clarify-restatement of its duties, event that never happened. However, after meeting with the inspection work, the response of employers was to fire him. We can know and say this publicly, that Mr Palaistidis until the time of his dismissal, he was consistently performing in all the tasks assigned. We believe that a labor dispute can not be treated this way.

We ask whether on final time, and after having been on our side efforts of a prior month, for revocation of the dismissal of Mr Dinos Palaistidi, to return to previous employment status and launching the final solution through sincere dialogue and understanding! This is the only way to preserve the character, the morals of publications 'AGRA'! The struggle continues!

Athens, 19.02.2010


  • Solidarity Initiative Results of METKA factory assembly (Watch older Update)


Today the workers' assembly in Metka voted against the proposal of the union for a 24-hour strike mobilization on 22nd of February, with 106 votes against and 47 for the strike. After employers' suggestions and threatening phone calls noone could expect from the workers to vote for the strike which was typically proposed by the employer association.

The 'bedridden and weak' Chairman of the association appeared in today's meeting to support the legal process of voting but of course not to denounce the dismissals or terrorist machinations of Mytilineos-Oikonomou bosses, the pimps in pension. The result is not disappointing as the 1 / 3 of workers defied the employer terrorism and voted to strike knowing that the next day they can be in danger to be redundant like the three redundant syndicalists (Pavlidis, Vogiatzis, Kazatzis). For 18:30 got organized a meeting of organizations after the initiative of the Labor Center in Volos town to determine the next move, while at 20.00 the Solidarity Initiative calls a meeting to plan action for the whole next week.

As the workers of METKA said "we are in solidarity with the redundant persons, because in the factory the bosses have stolen our dignity. We know what awaits us, but we can not stand the conditions any more". The bosses Mytilineos-Oikonomou-Tsitsiklis with their current actions clustered the workers of METKA who voted for the strike and this is already a victory.

Nothing is over, now everything begins.

Saturday 20th February 2010


The overthrow of the government's stability program passes through METKA and class war against Mytileneos.

Additionally, Mytileneos is .... the State.

In today's meeting of the Solidarity Initiative, with presence of the redundant workers decided:

1. Massive presence at the Labor Inspectorate on Tuesday 23 / 2, where will become the tripartite meeting with employers, redundant persons and the Labor Center of Volos.

2. Participation in the General Strike on 24 / 2. On Monday 21/2 massive presence at the central entrence of METKA, as well as on Wednesday at 24 / 2.


During the mourning of Thursday 18th February, 50 migrants were transfered from Samos' Detention Center to Athens in order to be deported. Since then we have lost them because they can not contact anybody or reach any legal assistance. This event gets added to the illegal transfers for deportation of 85 migrants on 12.12.2009 and the 24 Afghans and Iranis on 14.01.2010 without complying with either the basic guarantees of their rights as refugees and prisoners. The refugees do not get informed about the reason there should be transferred neither about the destination of the transfer. They get signed by the Greek authorities with the assistance of FRONTEX arbitrarily the Afghans as Iranis without the knowledge of their own refugees and they try to be expelled to Turkey under the Greek-Turkish readmission protocol.

While FRONTEX gets upgraded, and in cooperation with the Coast Guard Authorities of Samos intensify the effort to 'secure' the borders - east of the island - from the influx of refugees, the number of refugee shipwrecks also rises up (two in the first two months of 2010) and we are counting corpses on the beaches of the island (9 drawned refugees). The missing persons are also a lot, but Mass Media and authorities do not report about because people who search for them are invisible with voices not heard.

Additionally to these, reports from refugees come on top that talk about the Coast Guards - not for first time - and say: "...they have beaten us up, they sweared against us, we still have scars on our bodies, some of us have broken bones, they threatened us with guns and fired on the air, they threw our mobile phones in the sea", on a text of their own which they gave us during our visit in the Detention Center on 05.02.2010.

The immunity of the borders and the anti-refugee policy that the government enforces, the chase from the side of FRONTEX - that can not stop the waves of refugees but open war in the region against unarmed and persecuted people who come even from war areas - rise up and feed the illegal human (slave) trading. The only aim of such actions are accorded to the Non Tolerance Fortress Europe idea.


We continue AND expect:

--> Effective access to political asylum.

--> Translations by people who can translate in the refugees' languages and n

ot by agents of Frontex.

--> Stop the 'War' in our neighborhood that serves the requirements of EU. --> We do not want the refugee hunters of Frontex. They shall remove.

  • In the frame of solidarity actions with political prisoners: Dimitris Koufontinas statement during the trial of 17N Revolutionary Organisation, imprisoned in the modern 'white cells' of democracy:

"As long as there are classes, rich and poor people, then there will still exist violence. Violence is born by the basic social contradiction of wealth and poverty." And this is not a discovery of revolutionary Link. It was a wording from Platon 2.500 years before. According to Marx the violence, the mute coercion of economical relationships, the barbarity and the wars will continue until the world of work will free themselves and society and humanity finally will start living its history.

This reality that we experience social war and not social peace, social solidarity or real democracy was the fact that enforced the action of 17N. The state violence, the imperialistic dependence that turned the country into a colony, the poverty, the unemployment, the degradation of life, the individualism that creates the inhuman exploitative system, the injustice and the impunity of those who act against the people and the country were the reasons that armed the hand of 17N.

We did not act under conditions of war. Against the indiscriminate state violence and terrorism we opposed the carefully and fairly popular antiviolence. However, we were encountered with totalitarian conditions, furious and savage war, with raw violence, with an enormous propaganda and communication war of distortion and black-mailing, with special laws that were even against your burgeois legality, with devastating detention conditions, with the looming prospect of extradition for some of us to the modern Dachaus.

We are not complaining. Those of us, because there are some among us found here by the vindictiveness of the system and the service of certain considerations, those of us who chose instead of conformism and intergration to find their humanity through revolution and to contribute in their own way next to the fights for social liberation knew very well were they were going.

We do not give a shit about the penalties. You will judge us guilty under the law of the winner and we do not think it's absurd, it is within your logic of war. For us, the social struggles for the liberation of human are neither innocent nor guilty. They are fair and necessary."

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)