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#327 | New squat in Athens from the after theGreek riots blog.

A new squat has opened in Athens, in the working-class neighbourhood of Aigaleo, and is having two days of events (today and tomorrow) to celebrate.

The poster below translates:

In these hard times, with authorities attacking more than ever before our everyday reality…

we occupied

the ground floor of the municipal space of Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str at the Council Housing buildings of Aigaleo. We consider the occupation an open suggestion that starts from its own grounds and claims all the space and time of our everyday lives that is stolen from us by authority; it attacks anything that limits the needs and the desires of the exploited and the repressed of this world.

2 days of events

Saturday, 3d of July

Live gig with “Dakrygona” (tear-gas) and sintexniaplin in the mixer

9pm at the Aigaleo metro station

Sunday, 4th of July

comradely kitchen &feast

Signal squat (sinialo)

Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str, Aigaleo


Barcelona: Notes on the european squat meeting (17-20 june 2010)

Translation of an article written in french and originally published on

From june 17th to 20th, 2010, an european squat meeting took place in Barcelona...
People participating to the discussions were more than one hundred, all the discussions happened in the Laforsa squatted social centre (41 av. de la Fama, in Cornellà de Llobregat, suburbs of Barcelona). This old factory is squatted for a year now, but it's quite famous because it has been occupied during several months by its own workers in the late seventies, becoming a symbol of the workers autonomous class struggle.
The discussions were happening in the huge Laforsa's first floor (with plugged simultaneous translations in spanish, english, french and italian) and food was served twice a day in the second floor.
Each day was focused on one topic (thursday: presentation of the present squats and debate about the controversial question of legalization, friday: the possibilities of resistance against squats evictions - with the stories of Hamsa, Ateneu Korneya and Kasa de la Muntanya in Barcelona, Maintzer strasse in Berlin, Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Casablanca in Madrid, the 400 couverts in Grenoble, etc. saturday: demonstration in the city, then discussions about squatting as a mean for struggle - with the inspiring example of Cabanyal quarter in Valencia, and against prison - with some ex-prisoners, in particular Amadeu Casellas, sunday: social control and identification methods, especially DNA - with a barcelona's lawyer who's near the okupa movement, the presentation of the squat!net website and the tools it offers).

The bigger part of the discussions were focused on the presentation of the situations in the different countries or cities... Actually there were squatters from several countries (Catalunya, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.) and the squat's practices plus the State repression are sometimes quite different from a country to another.
Because of that, we learnt a lot, but we had difficulties to go further on the topics.
Other meetings like that could be relevant... Some squatters from Barcelona said they should renew their intersquat dynamics, which are a bit dead for a few years.

In the next days or the next months:
- Monars (Catalunya): Rural squat meeting from july 1st to 4th
- Toulouse (Fr): Pilifest, "Squat and autonomy", from july 3rd to 7th
- Dijon: Summerfest in the autonomous centre "Les Tanneries", from july 16th to 24th
- Berlin: Intersquat festival from september 10th to 19th


Dozens of squats are active in Barcelona, not only the CSO Laforsa, we also could talk about la Rimaia, la Otra Carboner? and Barrilonia who are siatuated down'town and make a lot of activities (library, cyber-cafe, restaurant, parties, etc.) with big banners and paintings on their outside walls. And tons of other squats are active too, Barcelona stays the most important city in Europe talking about "political" squats.
Some pictures and links to some Barcelona's squats:

See also:


On saturday june 19th, a breakfast-gathering under the sun was called for 10am in Vallcarca, a quarter where several old houses are squatted and where squats opening and closing are quite often these last years... Gentrification in the quarter sounds "normal" because of the touristy Güell park and so on... But in the same quarter you can find big squats like Kasa de la Muntanya and Blokes Fantasma.

Around 12:30am, the demonstration begins (250-300 people), accross Vallcarca, then in direction of Gracia, to end in Joanic place. During the demo, very numerous direct actions happened. A great collective energy was going on, and the cops were only a few, quite timid (before the beginning, people were quite unsure about the situation, because in may 2007, during the last intersquat demo in Barcelona, the cops closed the demo and fights between cops and squatters were severe, with some injured people... Alfonso, who hurt a cop that was beating up squatters, has been judged only a few weeks ago and has been condemned for three years in prison!).
First, a re-opening of a squat is made in Vallcarca, (the fifth re-opening in Vallcarca in only a few months), some masked people destroyed a wall with sledgehammers and immediately re-occupied the house!
During most of the actions that needed to make stop the demo for a few minutes, someone was taking in a megaphon to explain what's the idea of the action. Quite a lot of people in the streets listened...
In the front of the demonstration, banners were arranged in a U shape to protect the demo from possible police assaults. Slogans we shouted very often, in catalan and in spanish (for example "okupa tu tambien", "okupa y resiste", "policia torturadors i asesinos", which mean "you can squat too", "squat and resist", "police tortures and kills"). Some slogans also have been shouted in english and in french.

Dozens and dozens of graffitis have been made, some posters have been glued as well. Several banks have attacked by painted stuff (paint-bombs, graffitis and paint throws), some surveillance video-cameras have been damaged (broken or spray-painted), some banners have been put on different buildings (in particular ex-squats). The advertisment boards of a building site for the new metro line have been spray-painted and/or taken off, one part of the boards has been used as a symbolic barricade just behind the demo. Plaça de les dones del 1936 (1936 women's place), an institutional building has a window smashed (against gentrification).
On the Gracia's town hall place, the official building is protected by some police trucks, which are protected by more or less twenty anti-riot cops. Those cops are attacked by paint throws and by some projectiles. In the place, a huge squat' symbol is painted on the ground.

The demonstration ends in a cool mood on Joanic place, that is spray-painted as well.
This intersquat' demonstration makes an echo to the ones that happened in march in Toulouse, in Grenoble and in Poznan.

Pictures of the june 19' demonstration:

Some other pictures taken in Barcelona in june 2010:

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Metro targeted by anti-racist spoof LONDON U.K.

London commuters were this morning surprised to find that their usual Metro paper was a bit thinner, yet more interesting and engaging, than usual.

Tens of thousands of copies of a spoof newspaper that looked very similar to the free daily were distributed at 20 busy tube stations around the capital during rush hour. Thousands more were distributed in other cities around the country.

Under the headline "Gordon Brown to be deported to Scotland." the front frontpage story claimed the former prime minister was facing imminent removal back to his "home country," as the new coalition government introduced new immigration rules that imposed further restrictions on "non-English nationals." Alongside the story, a manipulated picture showed Gordon Brown being arrested by two policemen at beer festival in Cambridge.

Wearing a white T-shirt bearing the Metro logo and a blue baseball cap, one of the 50 or so distributors, who preferred to keep anonymous, said: "By replacing the word 'British' with 'English' when talking about 'British jobs' and the 'floods of illegal immigrants into Britain,' we hope people will realise how racist and absurd this rhetoric of immigration controls is."

In a witty attempt to highlight the racist and sexual violence experienced by immigration detainees at the hands of private 'detainee escorts', a fake advert claimed that G4S, the private security giant that runs a number of immigration detention centres in the UK and provides detainee escort services on behalf of the UK Border Agency, was looking for "strong men" to "escort women abroad."

The rest of the spoof paper featured a 60-Second interview with a real-life ex-detainee, a 'myth-buster' about asylum and immigration, an 'immigration newspeak' glossary, racist quotes from mainstream press and a couple of more in-depth articles on immigration controls and protests against them.

Many of those who picked up the paper initially seemed confused as to why the Metro had "shrunk." Realising it was a spoof, however, many commented that it was "very funny", "clever", "naughty" and "brilliant". Some even returned back and asked for more copies. Others, however, threw it away and wanted the thicker "real thing."

The Metro website has also been spoofed, with a layout similar to that of the paper's official website but with the spoof paper's content.

The 'spoofing operation' was part of 'two days of action against racist press', called by a coalition of anti-racist and migrant rights groups under the name Press Action.

A spokesperson for the anonymous group of spoofers said, "We are sick of being lied to; we are sick of being lied about. These lies, repeated everyday by free papers, tabloids and other corporate mainstream media outlets, have almost become a reality, where the most vulnerable victims of this screwed-up political-economic system are blamed for it."

Explaining why the group chose the Metro and not a 'more obvious target' when it comes to racist press, such as the Daily Mail or the Evening Standard, the anonymous spokesperson commented: "We wanted to highlight the fact that racism and anti-immigration bias is sometimes more subtle than the Daily Hate rants. Besides, the Metro seemed to provide a better vehicle due to its exploitation of the 'public' transport system, so we thought we'd reclaim that right for a day."


1. A pdf of the spoof paper can be found at

2. The spoof Metr0 website is at

3. The callout for the Two Days of Action Against Racist Press can be found at

- Homepage:

Visits of comrades to the hospitals about Simos Seisidis

On thursday 31st of June, a group of comrades visited the medical staff of "Euaggelismos" where fighter Simos Seisidis is being kept, heavily guarded. The reason of this visit is the constant threat of his transfer to Korridalos prisons. Simos, with a recently amputated leg that requires a longterm re-establishment for the addition of an artificial leg. His transfer to prison and especially the so-called prison "hospital" (saint pauls) not only makes the re-establishment of his leg impossible but it also brings serious danger for his health situation. He must be tranferred to a re-establishment center where he will get the necessary medical attention and not to the slaughter house of "Saint Pauls". We spoke with the doctors in charge and we also went outside the guarded room where he is being held trying to communicate with him. There was a very intense arguement with the police guards and especially with the cop that was in charge and who was very aggressive even against his own colleagues that showed some compation. In the end, we didnt manage to see him although we are sure he realised we were there. We did not want to continue the argument with the guard out of respect to the hospital and we left.

Today (july 2nd), there was a similiar visit to the medical staff of K.A.T. where his operations took place. We spoke with the doctors and showed that we will not allow the states methods against the comrade to pass


Queen st. Starbucks window smashed #G20 rioting begins on Twitpic

Queen st. Starbucks window smashed #G20 rioting begins on Twitpic

Activists have locked themselves inside mines in order to stop tunnelling1st of July, 2010

Last night four people locked themselves inside the shafts of the
old Itsasondo mines in the Basque Country (on the Spanish
side of the border)
in order to
"stop the construction
of the High-Speed Railway (HSR)” and to denounce the "social model
of which these construction sites are just the outer mask".
They are demanding the "immediate cessation" of the tunnelling
work taking place in that same area.

"We know that the risks are high.
We've gone deep down underground in order to strengthen
with our bodies this very earth. We are locked inside the mines so as to defend
our ideas and denounce the lack of sense of those who hold power.
Our bodies are our weapons and direct action is our path".

This is what the four people who have locked themselves inside the mines of Itsasondo
had to say about their act of "resistance" to the HSR. The statement was communicated
to the press by fellow opponents of the mega infrastructure in a press conference
in which they also warned of the dangers of the Ordizia-Itsasondo tunnel.

They reported that of the 37 surveys and test drillings that were meant to be done before
the construction project, only one actually took place.

From inside the mines, the activists who have locked themselves in explained that the construction
work is taking place in Mariaratz, Olaberria, San Martin, Berostegi and Itsasondo.
"Near here, in the Mariaratz construction site,
there are daily explosions... explosions which destroy the earth and everything on top of it.
It's highly possible that the mines will collapse if the explosions and drillings continue,
threatening the lives of these four people. Therefore, we demand the immediate
stop of the works taking place".

The protesters have called on people to participate in the meetings
that will take
place every day at 19.30 in Itsasondo and in the demonstrations
called for this Friday in various places and also
in the protest march which will take place on Sunday, departing at 17.00
from the square of the town of Ordizia.

Anyone able to spread information and to express solidarity with
this protest action in
other parts of the world is asked to do so as soon as possible!
The action of these four comrades must not remain isolated!

(Brief update: the construction company, the Basque Railway Service and the police
have all refused to stop the explosions of the tunnel excavations, thereby
endangering the lives of the four activists who are currently underground)

A lettings agency in Aylesbury town centre was targeted by yobs over the weekend.

30 June 2010U.K.

Bannisters Home Let in Temple Street was attacked at some point between lunch time on Saturday and Monday morning.

Around 10 panes of glass were been smashed and the door was also damaged.

Branch manager Jill Hughes said she was shocked to discover the damage when she went into the office on Monday.

"It was a real shock, there was glass literally everywhere," she said.
"There was a lot of damage.

"The head office is dealing with the costs involved."

Police are investigating the incident of criminal damage.

They are unable to say whether the vandalism is connected to England's defeat against Germany in the World Cup on Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Archbishop’s home attacked as vandals rampage through town


Thursday July 01 2010

A GANG of thugs left a trail of vandalism and destruction in a town centre during a night of mayhem that included an arson attack on an archbishop’s palace.

Gardai say the cost of the damage caused by the vandals in Tuam will run to thousands of euro, while only the quick thinking of firefighters saved the historic residence of the Archbishop of Tuam from burning down.

Archbishop Michael Neary would normally be at home in the house at the end of a driveway behind Tuam Cathedral, but was away following the death of his mother on Tuesday.

His secretary, Fr Fintan Monaghan, was asleep alone in the house, which was built in 1904, when he was woken by a phone call at 4.40am yesterday.

“Fr Sean Cunningham from the presbytery rang me to say that a nun from the Mercy convent had contacted him because there was smoke coming from the direction of the house,” Fr Monaghan said.

“My car, which was parked outside, was on fire and there was a diesel tank just six feet away from the flames. The fire brigade arrived quickly and only for them I suppose anything could have happened if the tank had caught fire.”

His car was burnt out along with holy oils and a number of irreplaceable hill-walking maps Fr Monaghan had left inside.


He then discovered that the gate lodge at the foot of the driveway had also been vandalised. The lodge dates back to the start of the last century and is used as a store room for the cathedral.

The vandals had thrown a metal dustbin through a front window of the lodge.

“It seems they just wanted to cause damage, because they ignored the coins from the collection plate we had there,” Fr Monaghan said.

By now, gardai were at full stretch in Tuam town centre, dealing with reports of damage to property, while dustbins had been overturned and the contents scattered around the square and along Dublin Road.

Local hairdresser Della Dolan, who lives above her business My Fair Lady, said she reckoned the vandals had reached her premises at 3.23am.

“I have CCTV installed outside my hairdressers and that’s the time they caused the damage. They picked up one of those big rubbish bins and threw it up on top of my car. They also smashed the windscreen,” Ms Dolan said.

It was the fourth time this year Ms Dolan’s car had been targeted by late-night hooligans. On previous occasions, her wing mirrors were smashed and the rear window of her car was damaged.

This time, however, Ms Dolan reckons gardai will be able to identify those responsible for the trail of destruction.

“I had the gardai here and I think it was three lads who did it. They had a look at the CCTV and I expect they will find them pretty quickly. But I’m disgusted at what they have done. It’s a disgraceful way for anyone to behave,” she said.

Children beaten by Bangladeshi police as they join garment workers’ strikes

Police in Bangladesh using bamboo staves, teargas and water cannon fought with textile workers demanding back pay and an immediate rise in monthly wages on the streets of Dhaka today.

Witnesses said at least 30 people, mainly workers producing garments for global brands, were injured. Pictures showed children apparently being beaten. Ten policemen were also hurt.

Although there has been violence for several weeks, today saw workers erecting barricades, pelting police with stones and attacking cars. Police described the fighting as the worst yet seen.

Children under the age of 14 are banned by law from working, but campaigners say many can still be found in the sprawling factories. Hundreds of teenagers took part in running battles with police today.

Local reporters and union officials said a row between workers and a manager at one factory led to a fight which then sparked general disorder.

By nightfall, order had been restored. “The situation is calm. The problem has been solved,” said Mohibul Haque, Dhaka’s deputy police commissioner.

Many of the rioting workers are employed by plants which make ready-to-wear garments for sale in western high street stores.

“We worked for them,” shouted one striking worker. “They are doing business and making money, but not paying us.”

An estimated three million workers, mostly women, are employed in the Bangladeshi garments industry. The lower paid workers earn a minimum monthly salary of 1,660 taka, equivalent to less than £18. They have demanded an increase to 5,000 taka. Owners said last week they could pay no more than 3,000 taka a month.

“With inflation, many workers simply do not receive a living wage,” said Khorshed Alam, a political scientist and executive director of the Alternative Movement for Resources and Freedom Society in Dhaka. “They know that the next chance they will get to force a pay rise may be in four or five years.”

The garment industry accounts for more than 80% of impoverished Bangladesh’s £10bn annual export earnings, according to commerce ministry data. The minimum wage, which is set by the government, was introduced in 1994 but remained unchanged despite soaring food prices until 2006. The result of the latest talks on the wage is due to be announced at the end of July. Until then, analysts expect the violence to continue.

“This generation of garment workers is much more literate and politically aware than their predecessors,” said Alam. “They have grown up in the slums not the villages and know that they need to be united and to demonstrate in the streets to realise their aims.”

A global report released last week by the International Trade Union Confederation in Vienna said Bangladeshi garment workers were the “world’s most poorly paid” and that their exploitation was “on the rise”.

The report cited a survey released last month by the Bangladesh Factory Inspection Department which showed that almost 15% of employers did not pay their workers on time between January and May. Many other factory owners did not pay overtime, while several continued to pay less than the government’s minimum wage.

The garment industry accounts for about 40% of Bangladesh’s total industrial workforce. Campaigners say wages have been cut by 20 to 30% recently in a country where almost half the population is already living below the poverty line.

Low levels of unionisation and organisation have meant protests that are chaotic but difficult for the police to predict or break up. Raids by protesters on well-known factories are frequent occurrences. Owners have hired their own gangs to protect their production lines.

Dozens of people were hurt in several days of unrest last week in the Ashulia industrial zone, 20 miles outside Dhaka, where nearly 300 textile factories were closed temporarily. Workers said that their employers had imposed lock-outs in an attempt to break their strike.

Abdus Salam Murshedi, president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, has said the violent protests have created “panic and anarchy”.

Factory owners argue that the unrest risks frightening away western clients who need reliable deliveries. Murshedi refused to comment today.

Moshrefa Mishu, leader of the Garments Workers Unity Forum, said that during the last round of unrest and negotiations the major overseas buyers had put pressure on the local government to improve conditions and pay in the factories. “So far they are silent this time,” she said.

Steenokkerzeel - Construction yard of new detention centre occupied

STEENOKKERZEEL – Tens of persons occupied the construction site, run majorly by the companies BESIX and EIFFAGE, of the new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, at 15km for Brussels. They blocked the entrances to the site with lock-ons and went on the roofs of the construction site. Police and mayor conceeded they would tolerate the occupation till the end of the day. All works at the site stopped. The activists hung banners saying “No border, no nation, stop deportation” and “Never a 127 tris” (127bis is the name of the already existing detention centre just next to the construction site). All occupants were able to leave the site without any identity check.

Photographs on &

Migrants die crossing river northen greece 30/6

Authorities in the northern port of Alexandroupoli said yesterday that they had recovered the bodies of 11 drowned immigrants from the banks of the Evros River since Saturday.

The bodies were discovered by local fishermen who reported the gruesome finds to police. The migrants, believed to have been of African origin and aged between 20 and 25, appear to have drowned in their attempt to cross the river from neighboring Turkey in flimsy rowboats. The director of the Alexandroupoli general hospital, Nikos Raptopoulos, reported a sharp increase in the deaths of would-be migrants seeking to enter Greece illegally, noting that drownings had become “virtually a daily phenomenon.”

Raptopoulos said that the city’s morgue was full, currently accommodating the corpses of 17 migrants. According to migrants’ associations, hundreds of would-be immigrants have drowned in their attempt to cross the Evros River in recent years.

Attack on mosque from neo-nazis athens Greece 30/6


A Muslim man enters a makeshift mosque in Aghios Panteleimonas, near central Athens, which was attacked by vandals yesterday. The building’s windows were smashed but nobody was injured in the raid, thought to have been carried out by far-right extremists. A nearby cafe where immigrants gather was also attacked and the name of the extreme neo-nazis Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) was spray-painted on the shutters of a shop. Aghios Panteleimonas has become a point of conflict over the last few years as residents and extremists react to the area’s growing migrant population.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5 EDO decomissioners found NOT GUILTY!!!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 15:52 UK

Hove Crown Court, Brighton UK

5 Gaza Bomb Factory Decommissioners NOT GUILTY!

Jury Still Out On 2 others

The jury in the trial of seven activists who decommissioned a Brighton
arms factory to prevent Israel war crimes in Gaza in January 2009, have
been found not guilty of Conspiracy to Cause Criminal Damage by unanimous
verdict in Hove Crown Court.

Simon Levin, Tom Woodhead, Ornella Saibene, Bob Nicholls, Harvey Tadman
have all been acquitted.

Two others Elijah Smith and and Christorpher Osmond await a verdict.

The court sits again on Friday where the last two verdicts are expected to
be announced.

A press conference will be announced on Friday when the final two verdicts
are expected.


-Attack on riotcops in Thessaloniki sunday june 20th.

About 40 people masked up attacked a riotcopvan on Agiou Dimitriou street in Thessaloniki catching them by surprise since as soon as

three pigs saw them tried to run away but dindt manage because of the molotovs that were flying. two of them caught fire since they

coulndt even call for back up from the rest of their unit. they also pulled out their gun and shot in the air.

p.s. they were running like chickens in panic... they dint even have time to pick up their shields..

-Update on the demonstration to koridallos prisons 19th of June.

News from Greece

Comrades put banners up in Eleutherias square. The center of koridallos is under the control of the riotcops etc.
We havent seen this much democracy since the junta. These socialists in green brought down everything but the riotcop tanks (waterthrowers)...
The demonstration happend with no problems, and had a strong vibe. There was astop in the park near by the male prisons and there was alot of chanting while the prisoners waved cloths from the cell windows. The same thing happend at the female prisons where the prisoners were chanting and waving cloths aswell.
Generally a very good demonstration, aswell with the communication with the prisoners.


Update on comrade Simos Seisidis. 24/6 athens

Yesterday, the doctors of "Euaggelismos" hospital (orthopeadic department) discharged comrade Simos, assuming that he is now fine and can be transferred to

prison!!! The fact that his recovery is not completed, and ofcourse that the prosthetic leg needs a long time to be fit and even longer for someone to learn how

to use, doesnt seem to intimidate these worhty agents and slaves of the "anti-terrorist" police.
They gave no attention to the continious pressures from the family, his lawyer, and also their colleagues that were stressing how important it is, and obvious, that he must stay in the hospital. For now he remains in "euaggelismos" thanks to a few good doctors of the hospital (from another department), who went and kicked up a fuss, but its very possible they might move him one of these days.
As for the cops and the justice ministry, to solve the problem as they think, have booked him for Koridallos prison hospital, from ...Malandrinou (new high security prisons) that they wanted to send him originally, believing that this way the demand to be hospitalised is being satisfied. Saint pauls hospital... good joke but we know better ones..
On thursday, his lawyer will apply for his release, while monday he will appear before the persecutor regarding the case of snatching the weapon of the guard Kedikoglou, an accusation that is solely based on a supposed identification with an ilegally taken d.n.a. sample (a stray hair)...
Theres been alot of jokes being said. But we dont laugh, or forget, or abandon...

boubourAs translations

come to the factoryFriday July 9th. Film Screening & Cafe. bristol u.k.

Showing MAGGOTS & MEN, a re-imagining of the Krondstadt sailors uprising with a twist of gender anarchy.

Cafe from 7pm film at 8pm



Police station set on fire after man dies in custody

Lucknow, June 12 – A mob clashed with policemen and set a police station on fire in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya district Saturday after a man died in custody, an official said.

A large number of locals in the district’s Bela town, some 200 km from Lucknow, resorted to vandalism and arson when they came to know about the death of Ram Ladese, who was arrested a few days ago on charges of theft.

While police claimed Ladese, 35, committed suicide Saturday afternoon in the lock-up, locals alleged he died of physical torture and after the death, police hanged him to make it look like a suicide.

‘Protesters pelted stones at police, destroyed furniture and other property of the Bela police station by setting it on fire,’ police inspector Subhash Singh told reporters in Auraiya.

He said additional security personnel have been deployed in the town and senior police officials are camping in the area.

Striking workers force Madrid metro closure

Unions in Spain’s Basque country have been holding a general stoppage in protest at the government’s belt-tightening measures to avoid a Greek-style crisis.

In Bilbao, hundreds of people took the streets forcing shops and businesses to close.

Police made several arrests as anger turned into violence.

Elsewhere, striking workers protesting over a five percent pay cut forced the closure of Madrid’s metro.

Under Spanish law, staff are supposed to provide an agreed minimum level of services, which kept the capital’s underground rail network running yesterday on the first day of action.

The move is expected to be repeated on Wednesday as union anger spreads over the austerity measures.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before the demonstration, about 25 comrades stormed in the supermarket Sklavenitis in the neighbourhood of Pagrati and removed essential goods which they then re-distributed at a nearby open air market, along with a text explaining their action. A similar action took place in Thessaloniki, too.
After the demonstration, two money transfer vans driving through Exarcheia were chasen and smashed up at Stournari Street (close to the Polytechnic school).
some anarchists....

Protesters against Fascists and Riot police today athens


Baseball bat wielding robbers have attacked the heir to the McDonald's empire and robbed him of £250,000, it has been reported.

Heir to McDonald's fortune violently attacked in £250,000 robbery

Multi-millionaire Geoffrey McDonald was violently beaten when he returned to their Provence home in the south of France after a night out with his wife.

The robbers had been lying in wait at the eight-bedroom property in Avignon on June 18.

They made off with 300,000 euros, as well as jewellery and passports, according to the Mail Online.

Mr McDonald, 60 was said to be severely shocked after the break-in.

The area - also home to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - has been plagued by robberies in recent months.

Local public prosecutor Christian Pasta said: "We suspect there is an organised gang of robbers targeting wealthy homeowners and have an ongoing investigation to bring them to justice."

Tory club burns down in Sussex 29/6 U.K.

MYSTERY surrounds a fire which destroyed a Conservative Club in an English seaside town over the weekend.

The BBC reports that Sussex Police have launched a probe into the blaze that swept through the building in Newhaven, near Brighton, over Saturday night.

It took more than ten hours for fire crews to bring the fire under control and the club was wrecked. Said the report: "The crews' efforts were hampered after the roof of the property caved in."

It is not yet clear whether this was a deliberate attack, but there is plenty of motive for arson after the Conservative-led government declared war on the oridinary people of Britain with its first raft of neoliberal "austerity" measures.





general strike 29/6 Greece

undefined why he gry the cood boy??!!

Protesters attacked riot police with plastic bottles and take them on the batons!
Thousands of protesters intrusion in the course of the GSEE and ADEDY (ie 100 people) and tarnished! throwing plastic

bottles of water (smaller than 50 euro cents) in the Riot Police.
Leading institution in the region to slip from the deadly water in marble of Syntagma Square and nearly lost his life after

the batons, which fell.
The masked grabbed the billy clubs and beat killer body order. What would happen if in place riotcop was an "ordinary

citizen"; The lethal waters have yet to dry despite the unbearable heat and is likely to slip by ordinary citizens.

Greece Union Strike: Video of violent riots in Athens, police clash with masked youths 29/6

At the end of the main demonstration two vans CIT's "Torch Security" was the inspiration to go through the Stournari,

exarchia area near Center of Athens and Attack by the people who was in the area and eventually left after passing a red

traffic crazy among inside pepole and cars ...

The police now that the media kept quiet descended on the metro station of Omonia area athens, where he captured

the pepole but also beatend too! Among ordinary citizens ...

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
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A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)