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France:action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades

Avignon: Well dance now

Avignon on May 8 in the night. You wanted to temporarily remove the poisonous atmosphere of your monotonous lives by going to bother the coral of the Caribbean. You always think that Greece is exotic, that Havas Voyages sell you the best tan, that everyone in the office will find so natural. No luck, here we also tackle the pallbearers in flowery shirts, agents who disguise the ants that you are as operetta cicadas. Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.
The previously unknown triplet

Found in english on Angry News From Around The World

Eρινύες- From Paris to Greece

from polisson web.

May 16th, Paris :A PS party office attacked in solidarity action with comrades from Greece and elsewhere.

The passion for freedom
On May 16 in the night, we visited teh PS party office of the 2d district, on Léopold Bellan street. Three windows from five have been smashed in with a sledge.
In Greece, the socialist party is power. In Paris, the socialist party is attacked in solidarity with the revoltees from Greece and elsewhere. Domination is international. The revengence of the individual enamoured of liberty is anational. Fire to the power. Let’s break all what dominate us and multiply the attacks. Let’s smother the democraty in its cradle.

Some erinyes in a fury


Erinyes, or Furies
They were the goddesses of revenge in Greek mythology.They were the femal supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead
Horrible to look at, the Erinyes had snakes for hair and blood dripping from their eyes.


New Social Center in Camberwell


Following the occupation of a series of buildings in Camberwell by the Tattoo Circus for their DIY Prisoner Support Benefit in association with ABC Bristol and the Bent Bars Project, several of the occupied buildings have been retained so that they can be used as the venue for the Indymedia 10th Birthday party.

The current plans of the occupiers are to continue holding onto the space as a social center for Camberwell. There will be a meeting in the space on Monday 24 May for anyone wanting to become involved.

The buildings themselves are spacious, well lit, and clean (although the Indymedia party may put a dent in that). There is quite a bit of room to spread out and enjoy yourself!

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Police in Kirklees on a rampage uk 21/5

Neighbourhoods: huddersfield kirklees west_yorkshire

A hard look at how the police force in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, are failing the working class, while pursuing a fanatical campaign against foreign workers in the area.

The police in Kirklees are really getting out of hand. All these anti-migrant raids but one of these have occurred within the last 8 months.

Cellphone Antenna Sabotaged with Fire, Bristol 21/5

[Bristol] Cells of Fire: Storm of Butterflies

May 21, 2010, approx 2.30am.

A 'T-mobile' repeater was destroyed by fire. All effort was made not to endanger any life and the mast was chosen due to its distance from residential buildings and activity. The fence was cut with bolt-croppers and placed at the base of the antenna, wrapped around the electrical cables powering the mast, was a cut tyre filled with rags soaked in paraffin. Soaked rags were also tied to the cables and tucked into the tyre. Firelighters were used to ignite the lot. The antenna was situated near the central Temple Meads railway station close to a new 'urban development' area.

Destructive acts against the telecommunications infrastructure of capitalist economy are simple and reproducible, as are attacks against other facets of industrial society. The system relies on a network of cables, antennas and power units to enforce and sustain its exploitation. Far from being a faceless abstract enemy, the conduits of commodity production remain attackable at many points, vulnerable to our courage, rage and joy.

We dedicate this action to the arrested anarchists Constantino, Luca and Silvia in Switzerland, accused of conspiring against a nano-tech facility; to all the prisoners of the social struggle in Greece and to all those who have begun to fight, in a myriad of places, of different tongues, races and names.


Come to Kebele this Sunday the 23rd of May for 'Wangers and Gash' special!

A tasty vegan meal o raise funds for the Factory - Bristol's latest squatted social centre project in St Pauls. There'll be a slideshow about what's been happening, information and films too. 6.30pm map to Kebele: Related Link:

letter of solidarity from Yiannis Dimitrakis

In a society of deceit and hypocrisy, of backstabbing and betrayal; there where human relationships are molded on personal profit and exploitation, within the narrow limits of involuntary/obligatory choices, the scope of creating honest and sincere ties of social or political solidarity becomes constricted, suffocated. And if in many cases personal interest and vanity create a concrete mass in a common course between those in power, economic elites, political groups and other subgroups thus creating the illusion of a solid front, then in as many other cases it has been proven that when these same are confronted with pressuring and extremely negative conditions with the possibility of a total collapse approaching, the seeming powerful gluing element which created these cohesive bonds retreats in an instant, leaving behind a crowd of subhumans, each one looking to save themselves and not hesitating of handing over into the hands of the until lately common enemy their until recently political-social-economic partner.

For me now at my 32 years of age, with whatever experiences I have and whatever political consciousness and understanding I have developed, it is indisputable that since always one of the most precious and powerful weapons in the hands of people fighting against the world of the overlords, in expectance of a fair and free near future, was and will be solidarity. A solidarity which does not shrink in the face of repression but on the contrary unfolds decisively; which does not weep but attacks; which does not forget but honors with its memory.

And it is this solidarity I have tasted in the nearly 5 years I remain a captive of the state and that has to a great decree steeled me in all the difficult situations I have had to face and as an anarchist and as a prisoner. From the different events and demonstrations, the occupations of radio stations and the multitude of printed propaganda material to the arsonist and bombing actions against state and economic targets. From Greece to Spain, Germany, the UK to Argentina and Mexico the common ideas, values and visions have erected a web of solidarity under which I also have the joy of being.

To all those who have stood by me through all my years of imprisonment and who continue in whatever way they can to give me the strength and courage to stand proud against all kinds of state mechanisms, I feel that I owe a part of myself.

So I salute and would like to thank all those comrades who within the context of the local and international web of solidarity that is developing and strengthening continuously in the last years and that breaks through borders and boundaries, considered and deemed it is worth for them to risk even their own freedom in order to build an effective mound and a counterweight to the attacks and decisions taken against me by those in power.

Before the final rise of the sun that melts the darkness that embraces us all, the scattered fires emerging and shining more and more frequently from the most distant and unlikely places, illuminate the points and imperceptible routes drawn out by the universal rebellious conscience. My heart and soul cannot but be wholly with it.



With comradely greetings

Y. Dimitrakis

Domokos Prison


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cause there's nothing else to do every me and every you




athens 16/5

The general strike on May 5 against the harshest financial anti-social measures imposed the last decades became the moment for the expression of a combative social and class dispute of the entire bankrupt political-economic system. That day, we witnessed the manifestation of the accumulated popular rage and resentment, which is more and more threatening to explode, shattering not only this country but even the whole Europe, passing beyond the borders the dominators have drawn.

Especially in Athens, the demonstration of about two hundred thousand protestors, walking the open ways of struggle and through the ruptures created to the deceptively omnipotent regime by the revolt of December ’08, headed to the parliament and repeatedly clashed with the forces of repression, threatening to storm the building in waves.

As anarchists, workers, jobless and youth, continuing our mobilizations and our long-lasting struggles, we chose to participate in the demonstration of 5th May through our own political blocs, contributing from our part to the broader social and class struggle.

Nobody knows how much more the thousands of people could have achieved that day in the streets of Athens if a tragedy hadn’t taken place; a horrible event that was disruptive and catastrophic for the struggle, and an unexpected present for the state, its forces of repression and its propaganda mechanism who used it in order to slander the struggle and intensify their repressive attack in the streets, re-establishing their forces and the consent around them.

It was the murder of three bank employees caused by the arson of Marfin bank in Stadiou street. An atrocious act which was the end of a race of arsons by unknown persons who were moving in an estranged and hostile towards the demonstration manner, using it for hitting targets right next to the blocs, showing no interest in whether human lives were in danger by their actions.

The state is definitely the first responsible for this event, as well as for a series of everyday crimes. With the attack the state is launching against society, it is more and more creating the conditions of a kind of cannibalistic war of all against all; conditions in which eventually anything can happen, even the inconceivable.

Of course, also, the tragic outcome of the arson in Marfin bank, where the three victims and other people were trapped, has largely to do with the fact that the owner of the Bank forced his employees to work in a day of general strike inside a building which had its doors locked and had not any necessary precautions, such as fire safety measures and emergency exits. Yet, given that Vgenopoulos (the bank owner) is a capitalist, member of a class which, by definition, consists of cruel exploiters and murderers, his indisputable culpability cannot be an excuse for those whose actions led three working people to death.

Neither the claim that these people were working the day of the strike can be an excuse for their loss, since this was not an issue to be solved by anyone self-appointed, but an issue of the employees themselves, or their co-workers and of any probable strikers’ committees; and, in any case, the response to situations of unintentional or intentional strike-breaking couldn’t ever be what happened on the 5th of May.

Of course the masses of demonstrators, anarchists and anti-authoritarians among them, who became a human flood in the streets of Athens that day and confronted state repression with tactics of disobedience and social counter-violence are not to be held responsible for the triple murder. That murder came as an ultimate result of an irrational, meaningless and needless violence which is promoted by an autistic, un-political and anti-social concept that has become a parasite to the anarchist – antiauthoritarian movement, sucking its blood and disparaging it, leading it to criminalisation and social isolation. It is a concept that is elitist, hostile and antagonistic towards the resisting society as much as against anarchists; a concept whose emptiness is covered by the ideological rags of a individualistic-chaotic-nihilistic muddle which has, after all, embodied “values” and mentalities that belong to the world of Domination.

That outrageous event made the crowds of demonstrators freeze and emptied the streets of struggle at the most crucial moment for the social resistance. The wounded regime gained time to recover and re-organise its forces as much as it could. At the same time the lackeys of the regime, the media, literally acted as tomb-raiders, exploiting the deaths to promote the state’s ideological and repressive campaign against the people who struggle, and especially against the anarchists whom they attempt to charge with situations completely irrelevant to them.

Anarchists have absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Marfin bank, and could never have done such an action, ignoring human lives. It is also true that anarchist comrades and other protesters, although they were being threatened and physically assaulted, tried as much as they could to hinder inconsiderate attacks and to put out fires wherever lives were in danger.

No matter how much some would wish, we will not shoulder any collective responsibility for situations completely strange to us, which undermine and corrode our struggle and that would annul us as anarchists; nor will we be silent, hiding our complete opposition to such situations. Our political responsibility lies in the fact that, despite our clear conflict with those situations, we were not able to deal with them and politically isolate them as effectively as it should have been done; and in the fact that we have to create the terms to do so from now on. For this reason all of us are called to have a clear position, given that the tragedy in Marfin is a crucial moment and a crossroad for our struggle.

Moreover, it is our responsibility to act in solidarity and collectively in order to repel the slanderous attack by the state and its lackeys, and to continue fighting in political terms, in terms of a movement, within the community, together with its resisting parts.

As anarchists we have a lasting, multiform solidarity activity within the social-class struggles, always on the side of workers, youth, migrants and refugees, and other oppressed and resisting people; and in no way will we stop doing so.

We will not tolerate the denigration of our struggle, which is a struggle for life, freedom and dignity against death, enslavement and humiliation both of the individual and of society; a struggle against inequality, hierarchy and injustice, against any form of exploitation and oppression.

We don’t forget the three dead workers.


No peace with the bosses – Wage slavery is terrorism

The struggle continues… for social revolution, anarchy and communism

We express our solidarity with the people who were beaten and arrested by the police on 5th May and we stand by the side of Zaimi 11 squat in Exarchia which was evacuated after a police raid during which eleven comrades were arrested.

Anarchist collective “Circle of Fire”

Anarchist Bulletin “BLACK FLAG”

10 May 2010

General Strike in Greece leads to mass walkout but very small marches

The general strike in greece called by public and private sector umbrella unions has led to a mass walkout but at the same hand to marches composed of very small numbers of protesters.

The general strike called by GSEE (private sector umbrella union) and ADEDY (public sector umbrella union) for the 20th of May was the first mass mobilisation against the IMF/EU related austerity measures since the massive but also tragic general strike of the 5th of May.

According to all existing sources the participation in the strike was massive, and has been described by bourgeois media as reaching levels near 100% in some areas.

However the numbers of protesters on the streets of Athens and other major cities were strikingly small and the protest marches have been characterised by low-key or even numb tone of participation. In Athens the central protest march called by PAME, the Communist Party union umbrella did not walk to the Parliament but opted to march to the Ministry of Labour which PAME workers had occupied since early in the morning, and then to Thesion. The GSEE-ADEDY demo, numbering only a few thousand people, marched to the Parliament where slogans like "Thieves, Thieves", "Fascist scum, nooses are coming" and (surprisingly perhaps given the fire-related tragedy of the previous General Strike) "Burn, burn the brothel called Parliament" dominated the moment. A striking feature of the march were the firemen who shouted slogans holding big pictures of colleagues who have lost their lives at work (a video of the firemen's march can be see at Before the start of the march, strong motorised police forces performed 98 preventive detentions while blockading the central social center of AK, Nosotros, in Exarcheia and the offices of the Anarchist Archive. The police only let people inside Nosotros to go to the march after noting down their papers, a thoroughly illegal act of authoritarian arbitrariness.

It must be noted that in contrast to today's little attended marches, last Saturday PAME performed a rather impressive solo march against the measures numbering up to 100,000 people; a clear indication that the course of action adopted by the Communists lately is drawing mass popular support.

Whereas many people welcomed the respite of violence in today's marches, the small numbers of the protesters have caused widespread search for the meaning and reason of this anti-climax, believed by many to be the result of the death of the three people in Marfin Bank on the 5th of May. It must be noted that texts by anarchist collectivities criticising the Marfin burning as well as more general militant attitudes related to it are multiplying, not without counter-arguments raised in texts by other anarchists and notably a long communique by the NFC where the armed group goes as far as theorise and entice what is calls "revolutionary militarism", quoting the Peruvian Stalinist leader of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman in support if its self-proclaimed nihilist project.

As always, many thanks for your reporting, Taxikipali.

Just to clarify one detail: the NFC you refer to in the last paragraph
is the Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy, I assume.

Their quoting Abimael Guzman favorably certainly is remarkable.
It should give pause to any anti-authoritarians inclined to look on their
activities favorably.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Read on for the days programme of meetings and see the web site for the bookfair.

Sheffield's first anarchist book fair
Sheffield's first anarchist book fair u.k

Greece 20/5

Excerpt from "conspiracy of cells of fire" communique about the bomb in Athens (outside Koridallos prison) and Thessaloniki (inside the building of the central courts)

"To retreat? No way! Not even when
-at the end of the road- without a way out,
I come face to face with the wall of death"

Severino di Giovanni

[dedicated to comrade Simos Seisidis]

For two weeks now comrade Simos has been kept hostage by the state, while he's in the hospital injured by cops bullets. Simos for the last 4,5 years (as well as anarchists Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis) had chosen the insubordinate path of contumacy, without allowing the judges and prosecutors to define his freedom.
There are many ways to show your solidarity to your comrades that are in the eye of the state, everyone of which is an extention of the way each of us realizes revolutionary actions in total.

(accused for being members of Conspiracy of cells of fire)

Solidarity to urban guerillas Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa
and to anarchists, Christophoros Kortesis, Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vaggelis Stathopoulos
that are prosecuted for the "Revolutionary Struggle" case

Comrade salutes to urban guerilla Dimitris Koufodinas
and the unrepentant of the "17th November" group.

Solidarity to the inprisoned anarchists Simos Seisidis, Giannis Dimitrakis,
Michal Pawlak (polish comrade that is inprisoned in koridallos prisons for the events on 6/12/09,
Polikarpos Gewrgiadis, Christos Stratigopoulos, Alfredo Bonnano, Ilias Nikolaou and Aris Seirinidis




:) fuck the system

Wild Night in NYC: Solidarity with Greece and Student Occupiers

Friday, December 19 2008 @ 02:59 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

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From Athens to Avenue A: A group of 40-50 individuals assembled shortly after 9pm in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan's Lower East Side last night. Carrying banners they took to the streets marching north on Avenue A., the site of the well known tompkins square park riots of 1989. The group began chanting anti police slogans, as well as anti-capitalist chants. Fliers were handed out talking about the Greek revolt as well as problems here like police brutality, the economic crisis and gentrification.

As the crowd made its way west construction materials and newspaper boxes were dragged into the streets making blockades. At this point Anarchist grafitti was painted on the walls and a yuppie condo was defaced. Allegedly a couple of luxury cars had their windows broken. Marchers chanted "From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police"

As the march took over the 4 lanes of 3rd Ave, police moved in attacking the march. The crowd scattered and 1 person was arrested.
The others fled into the night regrouping at the New School occupation shortly after....

From Athens to Avenue A:

A group of 40-50 individuals assembled shortly after 9pm in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan's Lower East Side last night. Carrying banners they took to the streets marching north on Avenue A., the site of the well known tompkins square park riots of 1989. The group began chanting anti police slogans, as well as anti-capitalist chants. Fliers were handed out talking about the Greek revolt as well as problems here like police brutality, the economic crisis and gentrification.

As the crowd made its way west construction materials and newspaper boxes were dragged into the streets making blockades. At this point Anarchist grafitti was painted on the walls and a yuppie condo was defaced. Allegedly a couple of luxury cars had their windows broken. Marchers chanted "From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police"

As the march took over the 4 lanes of 3rd Ave, police moved in attacking the march. The crowd scattered and 1 person was arrested. The others fled into the night regrouping at the New School occupation shortly after....

"New School for Social Revolution"

The New School building at 65 5th ave had been occupied by students on Wednesday night. On thursday morning they expanded their occupation after repelling an attack by the NYPD. One member of APOC NYC was arrested in these scuffles, but was released later that night.

At night hundreds of supporters lined the streets in front of the building, chanting in support. The crowed swelled and spilling out onto 5th avenue. As the NYPD brought in metal protest pens in an attempt to control the growing crowds, a shoving match broke out and people poured onto 5th avenue blocking the street completely. Trash and newspaper boxes were thrown into the street with the crowd chanting "From New York to Greece, Fuck the Police!"

The crowd then surged around the corner to an emergency exit which was held open as dozens of supporters and students ran inside to join the occupation.

An hour later Bob Kerrey, the much hated president of the New School, was booed as he left the building after trying to negotiate demands, he was chased down fifth avenue surrounded by security as people chanted "Kerrey Scum Your Time Has Come" and tomatoes were thrown at him. He was followed as he ran to his posh townhouse around the corner at 21 West 11th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue where police were forced to come to his aid. There was a feeling of victory as crowds continued into the night.

Unfortunately late in the night the more liberal, and bureaucratic elements among the occupiers prevailed to end the occupation after winning a few paltry demands (including compensation for school security guards guarding the occupation!). Kerrey is still president even though for a few moments he had to run for his life from enraged students.

More happened in NYC last night than has gone on for a while in this city. The march from Tompkins Square Park was called explicitly in solidarity with greece and the occupations and rioting in Greece was cited as a motivation for many of the more 'radical' students to occupy the New School. It feels like things are changing here in NYC, our collective fear is being shed like dead skin as we realize that our lives depend on using every chance we get to fight for our liberation. More is sure to come in the months that follow.

As the New School occupiers stated: "Be assured, this is only the beginning, "

Your struggles are in our best interest!

On Wednesday evening, some 200 protesters marched through the city of Frankfurt, Germany, in order to express their solidarity with the struggling people on the streets of Greece.

Image scaled down

Your struggles are in our best interest!

On Wednesday evening, some 200 protesters marched through the city of Frankfurt, Germany, in order to express their solidarity with the struggling people on the streets of Greece.

Partly in the pouring rain, the procession went one and a half hour through downtown Frankfurt making station at various points of interest, including the European Central Bank ECB), the state-driven kfw Bank and the Greek consulate. Trenchant speeches at the particular stops reinforced the criticism against the prevailing political circumstances and conditions.

The demonstration, which has been called to the eve of the newly general strike in Greece, enjoyed a quite eclectic participation. Beside many anarchists, and activists of the antinational 'Krisenbündnis' of Frankfurt, there were also many students, organized communists, and members of attac and various trade unions.

An answer to the class war from above

"Of course it would be better if hundreds of thousands of people in Germany took the social struggles to the streets as well," said a representative of FAU-IAA Frankfurt. There would be thousands of good reasons for a social uprising, and certainly not just in Greece.

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffet said in 2005: "Yes, there is class war, but it is conducted by my class, and we are going to win!"

As long as people in Germany wouldn't understand this, the representative of the anarcho-syndicalist grassroots union said, "we can just wish the best to the striking workers, retirees and the rebellious youth in Greece, because their strikes, the general strike and their struggles are in our best interest just as well!"

Nationalist sentiments stabilizing the system

An orator of Kritisches Kollektiv also harshly criticized the smear campaign against Greece, which was fueled by German media and politics. At the same time he pointed to the fact, how susceptible people in Germany were for nationalist resentments. Greece-bashing had completely superseded criticisms of the the political system in many circles of society.

While a radical criticism of capitalism would indeed open the possibility of a liberated society, at the same time it were just as necessary to combat regressive tendencies in society. "The more exacerbated the crisis gets, the more important is the battle against a recent wave of nationalism."

Being thankful for the "financial aid package"? Against the politics of pauperization in Greece.

An activist of the social revolutionary 'Krisenbündnis' severely criticized the so called "financial aid package", which the people in Greece would not have any reason to be thankful for. The money would flow only in return for "painful, brutal reforms" which were especially painful for the workers, retirees and the poor.

On the other hand, German banks and the German armament industry would massively profit by the financial aid for Greece, because their credits and arm orders were safeguarded. At the same time, Germany had been shirking from paying some 50 billion Euro of reparation payment for German war crimes.

Unhierarchical organisation proved – now does the wave of solidarity go on?

In a quite relaxed mood, the protesters got in touch with many pedestrians. Especially around the main station some even joined the speaking choirs, while most others at least watched the scenery with some interest. Besides "Antinational solidarity", "Anticapitalista" and some Greek slogans, the demonstrators often chanted "Social struggles in Athens – attack the system here as well", even Bert Brecht's song "Arbeitereinheitsfront" came to unusual fame.

At the demonstration which again wasn't announced to the authorities, the concept of an unhierarchical organisation "from the grassroots" has proved to work well. The solidarity circle which had spontaneously emerged from a panel discussion at FAU, invited all interested people to pass on the appointment and to equally contribute to the demonstration.

Police brutality was omitted this time. While the state servants kept intervening in the route, they finally mostly regulated the traffic.

After the solidarity demonstrations in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and now in Frankfurt there is hope that people get together in many more cities of Germany, in order to order to accompany the recent general strike with an apparent wave of solidarity.


Bristol - Event Notice Thursday May 20 2010 Start Time: 06:59 PM

Bristol - Event Notice  Thursday May 20 2010 Start Time: 06:59 PM
Renata Zelazna Penitentiare Inrichting Ter Peel T.A.V. Renata Zelazna 7138606 cel 1/10 Paterstraat 4 5977 NM Evertsoord Netherlands

Rolls Royce Targeted in Derby



On Sunday night, the distribution centre of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby was targeted by "autonomous individuals against the war machine." The gates of the plant, which makes components for Trident anti-nuclear submarines, were D-locked and the walls were covered in graffiti stating "Rolls Royce profits from the war machine" and "Fuck Rolls Royce".

According to the group's communique, "The war machine puts profit and power over the lives of people, companies like Rolls Royce are part of this. The war machine exemplifies the ways in which the rich and powerful oppress and dispossess the majority of people, destroying homes and communities, enforcing migration, and irrevocably harming land bases."

This is by no means the first time that Rolls Royce's Derby plant has been the target of anti-militarist action. Last summer, some land near the factory was squatted for a peace camp and blockaders disrupted the facility for 5 hours in 2008. There have been several other blockades over the years.

Update on comrade Simos Seisidis 20/5

The comrade had a visit by the prosecutor. He was charged for attempted homocide in the latest events that led to his arrest. Because its being leaked by the media that hes involved in the praktiker supermarket, we clearify that not only he was not charged for that but he was never even asked about it. As for the attempted homocide charge, not only he never shot, not only he didnt draw a gun, but he has was shot from behind and from close range, according to the doctors.
As for the attitude of the medical staff, it has improved a lot.
The cops attitude is ofcourse rediculous. They never leave the room even for the most intimate moments while they take photos with their mobiles...
They have not let a radio in the room or a tv, or letter of support from comrades.
As for his health situation, its still considered serious, no danger has permanently passed...
...boubourAs translations...

Update on Aris Sirinidis 20/5

The comrade has been inprisoned pending trial accused of the shooting against a riot cop van in the summer of 2009, after givivg his statement to the interrogator.
The charge is for attempted homocide. Aris was arrested recently with Simos Seisidis in votanikos, in a accidental roadblock and not as a suspect of the praktiker earlier that day, as the police said at first.
After his arrest, the police announcent said that the dna found from a sample of his wallet is the same as the dna found on the surgical mask found,and as the police say used by the attacker that shot against the riotcop van on har. trikoupi street at 8.00pm on the 10th of july 2009.
A warrant for his arrest was issued and he was arrested, while he will have to give a statement against the charges of "illegal possesion of firearm" and "resisting arrest by a person carrying a gun". We remind that about the original charges, which are misdemenors, he testified last friday and was released on bail. The only condition was to appear once a month at the police station.
He strongly denies to have anything to do with the homocide attempt and claims that its just a method because of his participation in social struggles.
...boubourAs translations...

upday 20/5 from athens local time..12:30

now turned around by several police services the area of Exarchia. They have to control more than

50 preventive arrests of suspects, some only hours before the start of the big demostration by the GSSE,
ADEDY and go for under 24-hour strike against government measures.

Motorcyclists Group Dias, Riot cops dozens of cops officers, including patrol took direct action ...
demonstration of their presence on the square Exarchia around the University and the wider region.

The police opened it and checked bags even cyclists and older people. Meanwhile, according to reports,
several people entered the building of anti-authoritarian movement which is located near the Exarchia.

Subsequently, strong police forces developed outside the building. Not allowing anyone to enter or get
out of it.
After a while, people who had previously entered, holding in his left arm the police identities.
Moreover, according to information enet, are among prosachthentes and doctors who were with them
surgical masks to protect themselves in case of throwing tear gas.

Exarcheia lock-down ahead of Thursday’s general strike 20/5

Reports on Athens IMC tonight (Wednesday) claim that riot police have appeared en mass in Exarcheia, Athens – with some units positioned around Mesollogiou Street, one of the area’s main pedestrian walk-throughs. They have been ID checking people in bars at random. “A few” detentions have been reported.

For those of you in Athens who will want to get to the city centre for the demonstration: ISAP (the green line of the metro) will only operate from 10 am to 4 pm (with its pre-existing partial line suspension). Trams will operate from 11.20 to 14.40 only. There will be no metro trains (red and blue line).

20/5 athens news....

Video below is from Athens IMC: “first footage from Parliament before the bulk of the demonstrators arrived. The amount of people there at the moment is unbelievable”

  • In Exarcheia, police have blocked off two social spaces (the Nosotros Social Centre and the office of the Anarchist Archive) in order to stop people from joining the demonstration (!) At the time of writing (13.50 GMT+2) the siege continued.
  • Police are detaining people across the city, very difficult to even record all detentions here. A group of students of the Polytechnic school were arrested while exiting their institution; on Tritis Septemvriou street, riot police have been reported to have violently beaten pensioners who were preparing to join the demonstration.

This is what popular rage tastes like: politicians heckled, abused, attacked at restaurants, cafes and on the Greek streets

A series of articles has appeared in corporate press in Greece, showing the difficulties many politicians are faced with here when attempting an appearance in public. When spotted eating at a restaurant, ex-PM Karamanlis was approached by a woman shouting “shame on you, all you know how to do is eat”. A few weeks ago ex-president of parliament Apostolos Kaklamanis found refuge in a cafe’s toilets to avoid the crowd’s “congratulations” on his party’s efforts. Corporate media are now full of anecdotes like this: about the second minister of Economics who was forced to leave a beach in Athens; the once all-powerful minister of Shipping who is now heckled on a daily basis by a group of kids in his home island of Kos. The heckling and abuse that the ex-minister of Finance, Giorgos Alogoskoufis, has received in virtually all his recent visits to London. The house of Akis Tsohatzopoulos, a once-powerful figure in the social-democrat PASOK, which has turned into a sort of a monument of discontent, with its outer wall filled with messages of hatred. Or Giorgos Voulgarakis, who was heading to a cafe in the upper middle class area of Kolonaki only to be confronted (there, even…) with a small mob of people demanding to know “where the money is”. Random drivers beeping their car horns in disapproval when driving outside the parliament. The police have issued new, tighter measures of protection for the politicians and advise them to use small, unmarked cars rather than their beloved limos and SUVs for the time being. The stories are endless, it seems.

What will this translate into concretely is hard to tell, of course – these are the early days of Greece under the IMF. One is for certain: we’ve got the rage!

Solidarity around the world with the revolt in Greece and all the prisoners

May 19th, Frankfurt: 200 people walk in solidarity. Partly in the pouring rain, the procession went one and a half hour through downtown Frankfurt making station at various points of interest, including the European Central Bank ECB), the state-driven kfw Bank and the Greek consulate. Trenchant speeches at the particular stops reinforced the criticism against the prevailing political circumstances and conditions.

May 16th, Paris : A PS party office attacked in solidarity with comrades from Greece and elsewhere.
Three windows from five have been smashed in with a sledge.
„In Greece, the socialist party is power. In Paris, the socialist party is attacked in solidarity with the revoltees from Greece and elsewhere. Domination is international. The revengence of the individual enamoured of liberty is anational. Fire to the power. Let’s break all what dominate us and multiply the attacks. Let’s smother the democraty in its cradle. Some erinyes in a fury“

May 13th, Brussels: A visit to the Greek Tourism office. the one-way tickets for the enraged, especially the anarchists, to the cells of the greek state will not defuse the current social explosion; will not prevent us from drawing paths to a world with no authority. Liberty for all the imprisonned anarchists! Liberty for all!“

May 11th, London: Forest Gate Community Service Office and Probation Offices were attacked. Spraypaint slogans and broken windows were the result. The action was dedicated to anarchist prisoners everywhere, especially those in Greece.
“We are fighters!! Not murderers!! Long live anarchy!! Black Fever Gang!!”

May 8th, Avignon( France): action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades
„Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.“

May 1st, Naples : Four banks ATM’s are attacked with color and hammer, in solidarity with „Giannis Dimitrachis, Alfredo Bonnano, Christos Stratigoupoulos. The ghost of liberty always comes back with a knife in between his tooth“

April 28th, Prague : Molotovs thrown in the garden of the greek ambassy, where a fire started. Dimitrakis name and a circled ‚A‘ are painted in the entry. Press talks about a „similar arson“ in the greek ambassy in Bresil. In a communiqué: „We will not tolerate repression by this system! The popular uprising in Greece is our inspiration and proof that we can
take back our lives!“

April 27th, London: Occupation of the Hellenic Center. Two banners are hung on the roof, one on the balcony, with „Liberty for Dimitrakis and all the anarchists“, „Honnor to Lambros Fountas- Liberty for the 6″, „Fire to the prisons! Liberty for Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos!“

April 27th, Buenos Aires: Gathering in front of the greek ambassy. Five comrades are arrested (one is hardly bitten at the head by the cops), and their houses are searched. Press talks about a molotov thrown against the ambassy. On April 29th, they are imprisoned for „damage, assault and battery, attack, resistance to public authority“ and…“ abuse of ideological power“.

April 26th, Rome: Three ATM of the San Paolo bank are sabotaged with color and acide, and graffities are left “ Liberty for Dimitrakis“. The claim ends with „Liberty for all the companions hostages of the greek State- Fire to the prisons“

April 25th, Barcelone: In Gracia district, an ATM of the Caixa Catalunya bank is put on fire. The claims adds: „Let the solidarity flammes spread! Until they are reduced to ashes! LIebrty for Giannis Dimitrakis!“

April 15th, Paris: Société Générale Bank attacked with color, a window and an ATM are broken. Some graffities appeared: „Bim! War to capital!“. „War to property“ is left on a further estate agency in construction, which one glass has been broken. In the claim: „With this action, we send our solidarity to the companions in Greece and elsewhere, who fight against domination, and all the forms it can have.
Social war doesn‘t know no truce, nor borders.“

March 30th, Brussels: Greek church gets red paint
The Greek orthodox Parish Sainte-Marina attacked; the Oecumenic Patriarchy of Constantinopel, patriarch of Belgium. Red paint re-covered, and a slogan was left: „The state and the church kill and imprison.“

March 28th, Paris: Orthodoxe greek church doors are put in fire. The two ATMs and all windows of the BNP bank on Bretagne street are broken: this bank owns one of the biggest greek bank, Piraeus Bank. In the communiqué, one could read:
„Solidarity with all the hostages of the State (from the bread thief to the bomber). Good luck to all who are on the run. Let’s make deeper the crisis, here like anywhere else!“

March 18th, Brussels: BNP bank completly smashed. On the claim: „In Greece like everywhere, that capital may die. Solidarity with the anarchists taken hostage by the Greek state.“

March 15th, Brussels: Windows of Dexia bank broken. „Our thinking goes to the anarchist Lambros Fountas, murdered by Greek police. Solidarity with the permanent revolt shaking Greece.“

March 15th, Brussels: Two cars of Greek diplomats burned and claimed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alexis Grigoropoulos and Aiyana Jones


Murdered by police!

Chile - violent raid in the cells of the comrades of 22 January - trad. Culmine
translated from informa-azione

One year from the fall in action of Mauri, on May 6 a squadron of guards of the gendarmeria, under orders of lieutenant Acuña, searched with extreme violence the cells of the comrades Alberto Olivares and Sergio Vásquez of the 22 January collective while they were completing the preparation of a banner in memory of the death of comrade Mauricio Morales. The guards tried to destroy the paper material, in particular a letter that the comrades had written in commemoration of Mauri and, obviously, they confiscated the banner. This is one more demonstration that the enemy wants to sudue us both in the streets and in the prisons, that is why we are launching an appeal not to denounce these events, but to make the State/Capital pay on behalf of the kidnapped comrades. An appeal to conscious comrades to act in solidarity with the comrades prisoners in the State of Chile and in that of Argentina. Freedom for Alberto Olivares and Sergio Vásquez! Viva l'anarchia in Greece!Fire to the prisons with the screws inside them!
from angrynewsfromaroundtheworld

Solidarity Demo in Chicago, US

On May 13, the Greek consulate in Chicago was shut down by a solidarity picket, with banners and chants expressing solidarity to social struggles in Greece and to anarchist prisoners.

Image scaled down

To friends and comrades in Greece,
On Thursday, May 13 a dozen of us held a demonstration against the Greek
Consulate in Chicago. We want to remind you that even in the most
difficult times, you have the active solidarity of uncounted others around
the world. A vast subversive project is still taking shape everywhere,
however slowly, and your struggle is one node among many.

Repression may be raging against you there, and our numbers here might be
small, but the important thing to remember is that you’ve found your
resonance. This resonance spreads around the world, laying foundations
for real connections and the deepening of struggles.

Our goal is to make material the interconnections, to spread a concrete
practice of support and solidarity. We are inspired by your example in
this, so our banner read: “Athens to Chicago – Fire to all prisons,
freedom for all prisoners.” Our words and chants dedicated this
demonstration in particular to the anarchist prisoners in Greece (the 6,
Christos and Alfredo, Yiannis, among many others), and those killed in the
struggle (Lambros and Katerina among many others).

We want freedom as soon as possible for these imprisoned comrades and for
the anarchist prisoners here, but one day soon too, we will share across
wide oceans the acute pleasure of shaking to bits every prison and every
confinement. We also, of course, made reference to the recent riots,
tragedy, and repression, and extend our greetings to everyone in struggle
against austerity measures imposed by State-Capital.

To the Greek state,
It is possible that by your vicious repression, your manipulations, and
the desperate EU bailout you may yet briefly extend your existence. But
the game will be over, sooner or later – we will lay low your whole world
and eradicate exchange and domination in all their forms.

-Anarchists in Chicago

Also: Various groups of comrades came together for the demo. A member of
the Industrial Workers of the World read the following statement:

The International Solidarity Commission (ISC) of the Industrial Workers of
the World (IWW) supports the workers in struggle in Greece and their
strike actions in opposition to the threat of “austerity measures” by the
Greek government, who claim those measures are needed to stop the country
from bankruptcy. We are encouraged to see workers across Greece take a
stand against the government’s gamble with their livelihoods and
exploitation of their labour. They have taken to the streets, and stopped
working in a visible and powerful refusal to pay for the mess of the banks
and financial speculators.

Rather then acquiesce to the official lie of a nation united in necessary
sacrifice for the common good, they have exposed that the working class
are not the cause of the crisis. We will not suffer for it. As the slogan
goes, in Greece and elsewhere, we won’t pay for their crisis! As one of
the first countries threatening such wide-sweeping cuts, and in turn
verging on bankruptcy in this crisis, the protests of workers in Greece
are for us all.

As governments across the world respond to the current recession, a fruit
of the unfettered gambling by capitalists with the wealth of the earth and
the labour of workers everywhere, by further cutting into the subsistence
and rights of the working class, we are glad to express our solidarity
with the workers of Greece.

We are grateful to them for refusing to comply with the lie of “austerity”
measures, which amount to the demand of a sacrifice by the poor for the
benefit of the rich and for continuing to take a brave stand in the face
of police repression.

In the hope that their struggle, which is also a struggle for workers
everywhere, may continue and succeed, the IWW aim to lend our support, by
action in solidarity, where it is within our grasp to do so, in our firm
knowledge that ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’.

In Solidarity,
The ISC of the IWW

Some biographical notes. From the Solidarity Initiative in Athens, March 2010

Some biographical notes. From the  Solidarity Initiative in Athens, March 2010
Alfredo Maria Bonnano was born in 1937 in Catania, Sicily.


Some biographical notes. From the Solidarity Initiative in Athens, March 2010
Alfredo Maria Bonnano was born in 1937 in Catania, Sicily. In October 1972 he was arrested, convicted and imprisoned in Catania prison for subversive action, because of some articles that were published in Sinistra Libertaria, a publication that was born out of an assembly of people from struggles that were happening in many different cities in Italy.
During that period and the years that followed, he participated with thousands of other fighters in the multiform and widespread insurrectional wave, the storming of the heavens that was to sweep through the Italian peninsula with a unique, for European postwar standards, density and intensity. In 1977 his book La goia armata (Armed Joy) is circulated, a publication for which he is convicted to 18 months in jail and which was censored for a long time. In March 1980, based on the testimony of the repentant Enrico Paghera, Bonnano along with five more comrades are accused of being members of Azione Rivoluzionaria. They are released a few months later and cleared of the charges in April 1981.
Azione Rivolutionaria was one of the armed groups of the movement who from 1976 until the early 80s was to make a series of attacks against targets and persons that represented the State, capital and media. The reasoning expressed through its texts and communiques, in contrast to those of the other armed groups, had clear anarchist and situationist references, stood critically opposite the ideas of marxism and the revolutionary left, opposite the the formations of the armed party, for the seeking of the revolutionary subject and propagated with its action the extension and multiform aspect of the struggle.
After two trials in 1982 and 1983 (in Florence and Milan) dozens of comrades will be convicted to heavy sentences as members of A.R.In June 1984, in a period of heavy oppression and intense ideological terrorism where the laws about "repentance" and "segregation" were accepted by many members of the armed groups and the political front of the majority of the movement was "amnesty" and "let's free the 70s" Alfredo publishes an article in the Anarchismo magazine under the memorable title "And we will always be ready to storm the heavens once again", subtitled "Against amnesty".
Alfredo's work at the level of analysis and theory is rich and varied. From the middle of the 70s onwards, Anarchismo editions and the pages of Anarchismo magazine and later through the anarchist papers Provocatione and Canenero (Black Dog), examine organisational matters, bringing back terms such as infinity groups [gruppi di affinita] and selforganised stuctures, something that will make him in the target of the oppressive mechanisms), he published numerous books about the history of the anarchist movement, he analyzed the stuctures of the technological/scientific complex of the state and capital maintaining that the fragile and vulnerable point of the state in the post industrialist age is located in the widespread social field (to dispute the redbrigade position about the "heart of the state"), he, through an insurrectional prism, put under critique the anarchosyndicalist position (expressed mainly through the Federazione Anarchica Italiana [Italian Anarchist Federation] considering it absurd and innefectual for the inversion of the existing situation of things, he often speaks about prisons and the prisoners' struggle, from early on he talks with particular acuteness about the changes that will occur on a psychological and material level as the "digital era" enters. In 1988 and during the anti-militarist congress in the town of Forli, Bonnano and other comrades of the insurrectional tendency of the anarchist movement are kicked out of the congress by the majority of the anarchosyndicalist tendency of F.A.I. In 1989 he will be accused and arrested for the robbery of a jewellery shop in Bergamo.
At the begining of 1993 he arrives in Greece to attend a series of discussions and events organized by the Anarchist Initiative in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras and presents an intruduction entitled "the new transformation of capitalism on a world level".6 years later, in July 1999 he testifies as a witness for anarchist Nikos Maziotis, accused of placing a bomb at the ministry of industry and development, an action for which he took responsibility.
In September 1996 the Italian state unleashes a repressive pogrom against the insurrectional part of the anarchist movement. The repressive methods began 2 years earlier with the arrest of 5 comrades (Antonio Budini, Jean Weir, Carlo Tesseri, Evaggelia Tzoutzia and Christos Stratigopoulos) who are accused of the robbery of a savings bank in Serravalle in Trento and afterwards will be accused of two more unsolved robberies. On 16/11/95 while their trial was coming to an end the special department of the carabinieri R.O.S. raid many houses of anarchists (as well as the cells of imprisoned comrades) based on accusations for constitution of a subversive organisation and armed gang, robberies, kidnappings, gun possession, murders e.t.c. The maestro of these cleansing operations will be the then public prosecutor Antonio Marini, who uses the fake witness Nametschi Mojdeh. Based on the Marini theory, on 17/9/96, 60 anarchists are accused of being part of an illegal hierarchically structured armed organisation, which the persecutory mechanisms will baptise O.R.A.I. [Insurrectional Anarchist Revolutionary Organisation], a name which was never used in a responsibility claim for any action. For 29 of them their will be arrest warrants.
Through the Marini theory the houses of comrades and the squats are baptised "dens", pamflets were transformed into tools of internal use of the "armed gang", personal relations were presented as contacts of its members. At the same time the media create the profile of the "bad anarchists" that have been kicked out of the "good anarchists" of the F.A.I. In this orchestrated fabrication, the persecutory mechanisms will reserve for Alfredo Bonnano the role of leader and theoretical instructor of the insurrectional tendency of the anarchist movement. After three degrees of trials and many years of comrades being held hostage, the show with prosecutor Marini as the director was completed on 20/4/2004.
The main accusation of forming and being part of an armed group collapses, but 7 comrades are convicted in the end for individual offences to sentences that range from 6 years to life in jail. Among them, Bonnano is sentenced to 6 years in jail and fined 2000 euro for subversive propaganda. He will serve part of his sentence in Trieste prison and the rest on home arrest. Three months after the end of the Marini trial parody the Italian State unleashes a new repressive operation, baptised "Cervantes".
About 40 raids and searches in anarchists' houses and squats are made in several cities in the country and 4 comrades are arrested. The main charge is, as well constitution and participation in the "subversive organisation with terrorist intetions" Federazione Anarchica Informale, which from the end of 2003 had claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on structures of the state.
Ten months later it will be proven that operation "cervantes" was a preface of a generalized oppressive pogrom. Between 12 and 26/5/2005 the special forces of police and carabinieri with orders from the prosecutors of Lecce, Cagliari, Rome and Bologna will make 190 raids on houses and squats of comrades and arrest 22 of them. The charges are various (planting explosive devices, sending letter bombs, attacks with paint and destruction of shops, incitment in immigrant prisoners revolt, subversive propaganda etc).
But the most serious charges based on articles 270 and 270 bis are those of "constitution and participation in a subversive organisation with terrorist intentions for the inverse of democratic order" and concern the F.A.I. The official charges follow religiously, although with different methodology, the recipe of the Marini theory, according to which the anarchist insurrectional movement is organised at two levels: the obvious one that acts through demonstrations, squatting, postering etc., and the secret one which is organised in "affinity groups" [which constitutes the F.A.I.] and make the "terrorist" attacks. In this theory which juridicially has not been completed, the persecuting mechanisms and mass media will name once more Alfredo Bonnano as the theoretical leader of the insurrectional tendency of the anarchist movement. In March 2009 Alfredo returns to Greece, invited by the Free Institute of Social Research because of a publication of a collection of his articles entitled "Domination and insurrection in the postindustrialist era: included and excluded" and will speak in public events in many cities in Greece.
On the first of October 2009 he is arrested along with Christos Stratigopoulos, accused of robbing a bank in Trikala. Christos takes responsibility for the action while Alfredo denies the charges. Since then the two comrades are prisoners of the Greek state.
Until now there have been 2 applications for the release of Afredo and 1 for Christos. Especially for A.Bonnano, the prosecutor says "he leans towards illegal actions and his temperament is photographed in his writings" proving the vengeful attitude of the judicial authorities that are continuing to ignore the serious health problems that the 73 yearold comrade has. The next hearing for release is on the 26/3/10 [*this was rejected as well*]
...boubourAs translations...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

urin – 4 occupations searched, 3 people arrested and others to house arrest


Waiting for news, we communicate that, around 6am of the mourning, the digos (political police, ndt) has searched many occupations (Asilo, Barocchio, Mezcal, Askatasuna) and houses, arresting three people, notifing some house arrests (it seems they're 4 people) and to others, the requirement to sign in at the local police station. The repressive operation it's a revenge for the riots occurred on the first eviction of L'Ostile, the restricted measures are emaned by PM Rinaudo. There's a public assembly today afternoon at Mezcal Squat to organize future iniziatives.

For live updates listen to [also in streaming] Radio Blackout, 105.250FM in Turin.

Attestation of Asilo Squat:

At six of the mourning digos and forces of police came in front of Asilo Squat: “It's for a notification” they said to the occupant, that came after police intent to brake down the front door. In fact is not a simple notification, it's a search with arrest of one of the occupant, and we actually don't know why they arrest him, with what charges and without knowing if and when he will be released.

Police and digos have braked down many doors with hammers and metal bars, insulted and jostled the occupants, guilty of reluctance to open the door to the police.

Same searches are happening in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat, other two occupated places in Grugliasco and Collegno, and in private houses.

The hypothesis is that all the matter is about riots occurred at half december in Turin, followed the eviction of the occupated place L'Ostile.

While we write, the police is going out from Asilo, and in the meantime they're searching in Barocchio and Mezcal Squat.

Statement spread by

Turin, 12nd may 2010

This mourning, at first light, the digos of Turin police headquarters have searched the occupated houses Asilo, Barocchio and Mezcal, the social centre Askatasuna and private houses. The scene is about the eviction of the occupated space L'Ostile in Corso Vercelli, happened the 10th december 2009.

The restrictive measures beats 16 friends: 3 arrested people, one lives at Asilo. 4 with the house arrest, of whom a boy and a girl living at Asilo Squat. 9 with the requirement to sign in at the local police station daily.


Athens, Bangkok, where next? Revolt now!

from the mouth of a protestor in bangkok (allegedly):

"People of higher class look down upon us even though we serve them," said the slingshot-wielding Sakhorn, who has spent the last four nights sleeping on the streets behind the tire barricades, without a shower or a change of clothes. "They think we are stupid because we are poor."

With a flourish, he pulled the slingshot and white pebbles from the pocket of his jeans, which are shredded at the left knee.

"This is all I have got, and the government calls me a terrorist!" he said. "I believe in negotiations if it done by our leaders. If not, we will keep fighting even if it takes years."

so there it is: the poor in greece and in thailand are showing the elites what its about: fighting for freedom.

the fact the press are syaing the 'reds are funded by a billionaire', well, we all know that billionaire would be strung up when the real revolution takes grip!!

so said the protestor:

"People of higher class look down upon us even though we serve them," said the slingshot-wielding Sakhorn, who has spent the last four nights sleeping on the streets behind the tire barricades, without a shower or a change of clothes. "They think we are stupid because we are poor."

With a flourish, he pulled the slingshot and white pebbles from the pocket of his jeans, which are shredded at the left knee.

"This is all I have got, and the government calls me a terrorist!" he said. "I believe in negotiations if it done by our leaders. If not, we will keep fighting even if it takes years."

Thessaloniki squat “Terra Incognita” on the deaths of May 5th

Thessaloniki Squat “Terra Incognita” on the events of May 5th

(for a full list of all translated statements on the May 5th events on Occupied London please see “the anarchists speak out”. Here is the news as it broke out; for our updates on the events of the day, follow the May 5th tag )

[Greek original ]
Concerning the events of May 5th

May 5th. Thousands of people take to the streets, we live through a shocking historical experience. In this atmosphere comes the news that makes our blood freeze. Three dead workers. The enthusiasm immediately turns into grief and rage. We can only put together a political statement regarding the events with much difficulty, however we believe that it is worth trying in this direction.

The tragic death from suffocation of three persons, is one more piece of information that the regime and its mechanisms of propaganda try to manage, expecting of course to gain maximum profit of it. In the remainder of the statement, we will not be possessed by any tendency of answer or plea in the calumnies as perhaps it appears. For us it is apparent that an attack is being launched against the entire anarchist/ anti-authoritarian radical scene and against the ideas and the values for which it struggles as such, in face of accusing it for the death of these three persons.

If one thing is known for certain, it is the fact that the state and its mechanisms can manage any deaths they leave behind in their course. From the galleys of labour with the hundreds of labour “accidents” every year, to the borders and the cold-blooded murders of immigrants. From the civilizing wars of Afghanistan, to the bordello – prisons of the countryside and the super-profiting businesses of the trafficking of women. And the list has no end – it always continues.

And to imagine, we only talk of direct (if we can we use this term) deaths that the system manages comfortably. Because the system of raw exploitation of persons produces violence every day. Violence that is channelled through the direct or indirect terrorizing of societies which, fragmented as they are, and without essential knowledge and real information, are not in most cases in position to conceive this violence – let alone to respond. It is no coincidence that henceforth the most famous threats hanging above our heads are:

“Strike equals Unemployment”
“Claiming dignity equals Hunger”
“Resistance equals Imprisonment and torture”

An immeasurable daily death is that of seediness produced by the terror-state of the market and the bosses, whose marks we see only little by little, from the individuals lead to suicide due to debt, to the unverifiable and henceforth even blind metropolitan violence exercised by the oppressed to all directions.

This is the result that the system foresees and tries to adapt to its own account. We do not try to justify the diffusing of violence from the side of the oppressed, we only try to explain this violence. The regime seeks the disorientation and by extension the easier management of the results of the crisis at all levels – a crisis it continuously produces itself as an essential mechanism of bloodletting and submission.

In order to avoid its own collapse, the system seeks and aims to manage for its profit the death of social relations, nodal and leading condition of its very existence.

We experience an attempt to manage yet another death.
How this management is taking place within this particular economic situation is something that we shall henceforth in our skin.
- With the raw terrorizing and our bombarding with misinformation at the same time.
- With the falsification and concealment of the state attack against the society.
- With the effort of breaking into pieces the society and its parts that are in struggle, under the orchestrated targeting and calumniating of its most aggressive political components.

The ostensibly “fanatic defenders of human life and democracy” try in any way and especially in this particular economic situation to step on bodies, to stop an evident tendency of large parts of the society to engage into radical practices of struggle and by this we do not only mean [attacks with] “fire” (see the recent occupation of the National TV Channel from teachers, and its violent repression).

Trying to turn the eyes of the “peaceful demonstrators” to an “internal enemy” of the demonstrations themselves this time, they accomplish one thing. They reveal how much the system and its supporters shake in the idea of their challenging. Some challenging that takes flesh and bones as mass conflict with toppling terms.

At this time the choice of counter-violence, (once again we do not mean only “fire”) has been diffused.

And the authorities know this well. Thus they create, once more, an atmosphere that now has some entirely obvious targets, beyond trying to make an example of those who consider making claims with dynamic terms: to scare, to terrorize and to de-contextualise something that as it seems, they themselves who try to form such an atmosphere are afraid of.

The “fanatic defenders of human life and democracy”, the “civilized” cannibals of the “news” and “informative” programs do not hesitate in face of anything. The mouthpieces of the regime will be the last ones to apologize for their crimes. The fact that the woman was pregnant for them was only an occasion for more blood.

That they do not give a dime for the human life was, is and will be the basic characteristic of all willing supporters of this miserable system.

We are not surprised. This is what we always have been saying.

We are unable to know “who”, because we were not there. We can, however, interpret partly the “how” and the “why’s”. In the street meet disparate [social] pieces that not only hide a lot of internal oppositions but also bridgeless gaps. What we know is that the choice of violence not as means, but as treaty of existence, self-construction, confirmation through an image, does not have anything to offer to what we call competition with political terms. On the contrary, it is as far as hostile. When somebody operates with spectacular terms, they make action an end to itself. Counter-violence is a political tool among many, what it is not is a tool of survival in the street, or a habit. Thus the tripartite means-institution of means-economic situation is not separated. It is continuously checked by the subjects, and their choices that are translated in political responsibility, give it substance, name and space. It is the capable and necessary treaty in order to promote the issue of social emancipation and it is in this frame that we owe to act, to the extent that we can deter and isolate the logics that destroy overnight what people in struggle have been constructing for years.

According to our previous analysis, as anarchists, we cannot have any relation with the paranoia that power promotes. We do not see windows, we see the persons and their relations. We fight so the windows are broken at last from the inside. And this will not happen from one day to the other, nor can it happen in a moment. The gaze of people in struggle should not be locked to the shield or the shop-front.

As anarchists, we struggle for the emancipation of humans from what oppresses them. For solidarity and dignity. For human life. No miserable beings will accomplish changing the course of the anarchist antiauthoritarian movement, let alone its history.

It is the authorities who murder
and they know it, as much as each and every person does
Terra incognita squat, May 2010

Anarchists continue to step up their game -- Portland, OR

Yet another fucking anonymous communique reads:

"Yesterday the police killed another person. We don't know many details but we don't need to know more details to be seething over this (though frankly we will probably never be told the full account). We aren't going to wait to watch the police demonize another person that would still be alive if there were no cops.

Last night a few individuals tired of people being murdered, set out to break all the windows of the "community" police station at N Denver and N Killpatrick.

We hope by this only to send a message "as long as you are around, killing, beating and threatening people there will be people working to destroy you"

Cops that killed Chasse, Campell, Colins and many others still threaten our communities with weapons and badges. Nothing changes, a new chief, another death. Write all the childrens books that you want, we still see the dead piling up.

Nothing changes, except windows in police stations.

With love,

Anarchists Against Windows"

Toronto: Anarchists plan ‘militant’ protests at G20

May 18th, 2010


It will be militant. It will be confrontational. And some things may be smashed.

In a rallying call that has its made its way onto numerous anti-capitalist websites, a group of Ontario anarchists is dropping clues of its plans to disrupt the G20 summit.

The Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance (SOAR) plans to take part in the June 26 People First march — a popular public rally at London’s G20 summit in 2009 — before continuing down to the security fence to “confront the police state.”

“This action will be militant and confrontational, seeking to humiliate the security apparatus and make Toronto’s elites regret letting the dang G20 in here,” said the message, which first made rounds early last week.

The message promotes several protest events, including a roaming street party, and implores its members to support a variety of tactics.

“Respect for diversity of tactics also means not smashing things while we’re part of the labour child-friendly march, and remembering that although we might think certain tactics are pointless/annoying, we should not needlessly antagonize those people,” the posting reads.

It is unclear how large the group’s membership is. A message to a SOAR organizer wasn’t returned.

The G20’s Integrated Security Unit is keeping an eye on developing protests plans and officers have been in touch with several groups organizing different demonstrations, said ISU spokeswoman Meaghan Gray.

“We’re hoping that all protest action is peaceful and respectful, but we’re prepared for any eventuality,” said Gray.

While SOAR’s rhetoric brings to mind the 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec City or Seattle (1999) where demonstrations erupted in violence, Syed Hussan of the Toronto Community Mobilization Network says its wrong to assume the summer’s protests will be the same.

“That image, that was 10 years ago,” he said, adding some protesters may have more aggressive tactics than others, but any violence would come at the hands of police.

“The police are the ones with the Tasers. The police are the ones with the sonar cannons. It’s not us,” he said.

The Mobilization Network is connecting groups from across the continent to help coordinate protests of differing interests.

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)