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The Casual Terrorist - Pigs Will Pay

group4 targetted in bristol u.k.

biggest security firm not untouchable
the evening of 11/08/10 g4s were greeted with the hate of fun loving people
No sigh no more!, g4s plaque was removed & taken away, the intercom was left from the wall by 5ft of wire at the red front door 10,portland sq , st paul's, so where were the biggest security firm when hit at home? can't protect themselves? , would you trust them with inmates or your property? , The growth of the security industry is an indication that the natives are growing restless

Photo of the day "Oil companies do not value our life; they want us to all die. In the past two years, we have experienced 10 oil spills and fishermen can no longer sustain their families. It is not tolerable." -Williams Mkpa, a community leader in Ibeno, Nigeria

Vandalized BP service station in NYC.

Despite the massive PR campaign coming from the bastards at British Petroleum, it's reassuring that some people have long memories (see above photo). It's not as though BP suffered a severe enough economic backlash from the destruction they unleashed on the Gulf either when service stations reported only a 5% drop in sales across the board. Perhaps the BP spill was just little too close to home for business as usual to go on, BP reported a $15 billion dollar loss in the second quarter due to the costs of managing the spill, a large scale ecological collapse for the region.

Europe's second largest oil corporation has little to fear in the long run, just check out the track record of Exxon Mobil or Shell, 40 years of oil spills and systematic destruction of the earth and human communities in the Nigerian Delta has had little effect on long term profits or public perception, due to their massive PR operations and the general lack of action from the west over just about any atrocity in Africa. Despite all of their baggage, 2nd quarter 2010 profits from Shell were $4.5 billion dollars, Exxon Mobil pulled in $7.56 billion, both companies are party to the continued repression of the resistance to their operations in the Niger Delta.

If the Nigerian model is any sign of what's to come, the impunity of oil companies will continue to varying degrees whether in the Delta, the Gulf, or perhaps even the Mediterranean soon enough. So don't hold your breath for any of these oil companies to be reigned in by any state actor anytime soon either, the demands for profit and the explosion of the eco-crisis have gone hand in hand for decades now with little consequence for those in power. Without the intervention of a popular and effective direct action movement aimed at destroying the worldwide menace of industrial capitalism, we will no doubt continue to see this disaster spread to every corner of the earth until the bitter end.

Letter from Tamara Hernandez Heras against the prison

Prison - one of the strongest pillar of the state. Prisons are designed for those who do not obey, for those who consciously or not, are an example of the suffering created by the system. Besides, now in prison rather profitable business. Prison is a tool for revenge, which is used by the authorities: the punishment. Prisons are full of injustice and abuse, which show the commitment of the State to break people. Inside the prisons all aimed at having to suppress all that is human in man, this creates special conditions: the unbearable feeling of loneliness, distancing, and so gradually erased the dreams and memories of those whose minds and voices can not break down the walls within which use templates to organize life to cage more than just a body.In such circumstances, support and solidarity have become something that can destroy concrete and lattice, giving them no voice in silence.
When we speak of repression, we sometimes took the position of the victim, which hinders our understanding of reality, namely, that we are participants in an open war, in which repression is nothing but a reaction system to any attack on its foundations.This is an attempt to keep us, and that is why we always have to take a position of conflict and continue the struggle.
Fighting Prison For all who want to regain control over their lives, who do not want to take part in a false play who resists a continuing silence of society that is complicit in all of those who try to steal our lives and oppress us.
Every day, every minute, we have the opportunity to take our freedom.
I want to hug everyone who is full of rebellion and freedom.
I express my solidarity with Alfonso, Nuria, Rodriguez, Gabriel, Marco, Juan Carlos, Diego, and many others who struggle and suffer the consequences of repression: 'Let not your cries will never die down and do not forget your rebellious heart.
My deepest contempt and hatred of our tormentors.They can not easily defeat us.
Tamara, June 6, 2010
Recall that Tamara Hernandez Heras was arrested under suspicion of sending letter-seated in the Catalan usin in protest against what Amadeu Kaselyasa continue to keep in prison (Kaselyas was released on March 9, 2010).Currently, Tamara is at liberty, she was released pending trial.

Actions in support of the campaign in Khimki took place in Berlin and Paris

Berlin August 9 from 17.20 to 19 hours before the Russian Embassy in Berlin, the capital of Germany, was an action for the immediate release of Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopova arrested after going to the administration of the city of Khimki. More than 30 people from the organization Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Berlin (ASJ Berlin) picketed the building on the Unter den Linden, with black and red flags with the slogan "Against repression" in Russian, German and English. Eyewitnesses claim that unlike some previous actions, the public, passing by the protesters, eagerly sorting bilingual leaflets "Freedom Lesha and Maxim!", Just handed out 700 leaflets. The crowd treated with speeches in Russian and German. Young anarcho-syndicalists demanded the immediate release of Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova, no talk! More information and photos will be published later.Details of the fight in Khimki in German see: Paris August 10 in the center of Paris action of solidarity with Russian activists.Several dozen people gathered Aug. 10 at the Piazza San Michele in the heart of Paris to show solidarity with the Russian people and Russian activists. The activists of political parties and movements (eg Green, TNA, Attac ...) as well as ordinary French citizens have expressed their support to the Russians, which has resulted in this ecological disaster, which led to the deaths of several dozen people. The participants also criticized the policy of the Putin-Medvedev that by changing the Forest Code, which led to this disaster, and asked the Russian government to stop pressure on environmentalists and activists, and release the anti-fascists who were detained without evidence. The protesters also expressed their disagreement with the draft new highway Moscow - St. Petersburg, which threatens to destroy the forest Khimki.The participants were asked the French company Vinci and the Russian administration to immediately halt deforestation, to explore alternative options. They also expressed their support for Eugenia Chirikov and motiontion in the protection of ecology of Moscow and Moscow region, they demanded the immediate cessation of any pressure from the authorities and law enforcement officials to ordinary citizens, environmentalists, activists, journalists and anti-fascists. The French also collected dozens of signatures, as well as encouraged to sign the text of the petition on the Internet: / En-Russie - pendant-que-la-foret-brule-ses-defenseurs Source: Indymedia

Solidarity action with the defenders of the Khimki forest in Tel Aviv

Today, the 13th of August there was a picket of solidarity with detained on trumped-up case Russian anti-fascists - Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov. About 30 demonstrators protested against terror of the Russian government and its cooperation with the Nazis, they also demanded the immediate release of political prisoners and to take action against those responsible for beating defenders  of Khimki forests, including the cops.
During the meeting, Putin was personally summoned to a straight up fight by one of the participators , who promised to "beat the Russian imperialism." Some time later, Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists  (RKAS) hanged a statement about the events in Khimki, as well as an invitation to free market to be held in the heart of Tel Aviv next Friday.
RKAS - Israel and the Committee for Workers' International  organised the picket.
Performance was organised by 4ert

Friday, August 13, 2010

Arson investigation underway at Fort Collins million-dollar warehouse fire

FORT COLLINS – Firefighters Wednesday morning were still on the scene of a three-alarm fire that caused more than $1 million in damage in northwest Fort Collins on Tuesday evening.
The fire broke out shortly after 5 p.m. at a 75-by-200-foot single-story warehouse and workshop at Forney Industries, 1830 LaPorte Ave., sending a heavy cloud of noxious smoke over the city.
This morning, fire investigators with Poudre Fire Authority and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were beginning to seek the fire’s cause and exactly what burned. Firefighters remained at the fire to douse any lingering hot spots, said PFA Capt. Sharon McNeil.
Air-quality tests last night prompted firefighters to conclude that the smoke, while irritating, posed little direct threat to the public. The visible smoke has dissipated this morning, although the smell still lingers.
At the fire site, foam and water still drip from the corrugated metal sides of the building, which collapsed as the fire roared through it. At least one of the metal beams supporting the roof appears to have buckled from intense heat.
PFA spokesman Patrick Love said no one was injured in the fire, but that one area resident complained of breathing difficulties due to the smoke. Love said no additional information about that person was available.
Forney Industries President and CEO Steve Anderson said the company, a longtime family-owned distribution company, won’t suffer too badly from the loss of the building.
“It was more overflow storage than anything,” he said on Tuesday evening. “We can re-order a lot of the product in there and it’s insured so I don’t think we’ll have too many problems.”
Forney Industries has operated in Fort Collins for more than 80 years. The company offers more than 4,500 products ranging from hardware, automotive and farm and ranch equipment, according to the company’s Website.
In 1949, a fire at Forney Industries caused $235,000 worth of damage to the company’s sole building at the time.

More exploding bottles in Boulder

More than a half dozen homemade explosives were recovered Wednesday afternoon and early today by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Boulder County’s Somerset subdivision.
This follows an incident earlier in the week in which a resident in the 7800 block of Durham in the Heatherwood subdivision reported hearing an explosion.
The next morning, an explosive device was recovered.
An earlier incident occurred on July 1 when someone threw one of the homemade devices from a pickup truck and a bystander kicked it, causing it to explode.
Boulder County Sheriff Commander Rick Brough said all the devices are similar.
They are 12-to-16 ounce capped plastic bottles that contain a liquid chemical and aluminum foil.
In the latest incidents, Brough said deputies went to the Somerset subdivision swimming pool about 3 p.m. Wednesday on a report of a suspicious container.
Brough said the deputies found the remnants of four explosive devices – plastic bottles that had erupted – in the area around the pool, tennis courts and in an adjacent field.
He said one of the devices was thrown into the pool house where it exploded, causing about $1,000 in damage.
About 12:50 a.m. today, a deputy patrolling the subdivision located three more explosive devices in the same area.
Brough said that because of the multiple incidents involving the exploding bottles, the public needs to be cautious. The chemical reaction in the bottles produces hydrogen gas which is flammable, said Brough.

Boulder in terror due to mysterious exploding bottles

Two incidents involving “exploding homemade devices” has caused the Boulder County Sheriff to warn county residents to be on the lookout for suspicious containers.
The most recent incident occurred late Monday night when a resident in the 7800 block of Durham Way in the Heatherwood subdivision reported hearing an explosion.
Tuesday morning, a ruptured plastic bottle with its lid intact was found near the location of the explosion reported at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.
The sheriff’s office said that the bottle had been ruptured from some type of an explosion.
An additional search of the subdivision by sheriff’s deputies failed to find any additional devices.
Sheriff’s Commander Rick Brough said that at 8 p.m. on July 1, a plastic bottle was thrown from a black Chevrolet pickup at the intersection of Pawnee and Longview Drive in the Morton Heights subdivision in Niwot.
When a witness kicked the bottle, it exploded, said Brough. Neither the person kicking the bottle nor a second person standing nearby were injured.
Brough said the bottle contained chemicals that when combined created an explosion.
Brough said the Boulder Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of the two incidents because of the dangers involved.
In both Monday night’s incident, and the one in July, the devices were 12-16 ounce capped plastic bottles that contained a liquid chemical and aluminum foil.
Citizens are being cautioned against picking up suspicious containers that are found in their mailboxes, the street or on their lawns.

Mitie Head Office Targetted bristol U.K.

Mitie national headquarters in emersons green were visited. 43 windows smashed.
Mitie bosses make money from the recession. They are parasites on councils, the public and their own workers who are exploited.
To the Mitie workers we say our battle is not against you. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We sympathise with the workers who were made redundant.
To the Mitie bosses we say feeling nervous, under attack and unsure of the future? Welcome to Precarity.

There will be more visits.

Two Mitie vehicles were visited in staple hill and lockleaze. Tyres punctured, windscreens smashed and bodywork damaged. This was done for the same reasons.

List of Mapuche political prisoners in hungerstrike

The hunger strike started on July 12, 2010 in the prisons of Concepcion and Temuco, and later on joined by the prisons of Valdivia, Lebu and Angol, is a call for swift and immediate implementation of justice. Their demands include an end to the implementation of the antiterrorism law, the demilitarization of communities and the release of Mapuche political prisoners.
1. Mauricio Waikilao Waikilao

2. Luís Sergio Tralcal Quidel

3. Claudio Sánchez Lorca

4. Pablo Canio Tralcal

5. Pedro Cheuque

6. Sergio Catrilaf

7. Daniel Canio Tralcal

8. Ángel Reyes Cayupan

9. Jorge Cayupan Ñirripil

10. Francisco Cayupan Ñirripil

11. Elvis Millán Colicheu
12. Eliseo Ñirripil
13. Marco Millanao Mariñan


15. Luis Menares C.

16. Ramón LLanquileo P.
17. Héctor Llaitul C.

18. Jonathan Huillical

19. José Huenuche R.

20. Ignacio Andrés Gutiérrez Coña


21. Víctor Hugo Queipul Millanao

22. José Eugenio Queipul Huaiquil
23. Camilo Hipólito Tori Quillanao
24. Felipe Ricardo Huenchullan Cayul

25. Lorenzo Alex Curipan Levipan
26. Fernando Enrique Millacheo Marin

27. José Guillermo Millacheo Marin
28. Eduardo Oses Moreno
29. Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao

30. Carlos Muñoz Huenuman

31. Eduardo César Painemil Peña
32. Carlos Parra Leiva

Firebomb attack at Turkish Consulate

A predawn firebomb attack on the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki yesterday prompted contact between diplomats in Athens and Ankara, although authorities in the northern Greek city insisted that the Molotov cocktails were thrown at the police guards rather than at the building itself.
Police sources said that three men wearing motorcycle helmets approached the consulate, located on Aghiou Dimitriou Street in the city center, at about 4 a.m. From a distance, they started swearing at the two policemen who were standing guard outside the building. One of the three assailants allegedly shouted: “Pigs, we are going to burn you,” before two firebombs were thrown. One Molotov cocktail landed a few meters from the guards’ sentry post and set fire to a climbing ivy on the outer wall of the consulate; the other exploded in midair. Nobody was injured and no arrests were made.
Authorities are treating it as just another of the many firebomb attacks that take place in the northern city. Nevertheless, due to the sensitive nature of the matter, the Greek government was quick to condemn the incident “absolutely and categorically.”
“Acts like these, regardless of the motives involved, are unacceptable and are directed against Greece itself,” said government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis. “Our society has zero tolerance for such acts. Those responsible will be arrested and brought to justice.
“We express our sorrow to the Turkish government,” he added.
Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu discussed the matter over the telephone. The Foreign Ministry said that Droutsas assured Davutoglu the matter was being investigated and everything was being done to catch the attackers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interview of comrade Yiorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis. greece.

(the hearing for the appeal of George Voutsis-Vogiatzis was set for June 7th, 2010 but was postponed for may 6th, 2011. Here's an interview he gave to the newspaper “Proto Thema” on may 9th 2010)

-The tragic account of the march last Wednesday counts three deaths, among them a pregnant woman, which with other victims were locked inside Marfin bank. Murders attributed to the anarchists Molotov...

The emotional and political gap in the last hours after the death of the three workers in the bank from asphyxiation can not be described in words or replaced by actions, counterbalancing or convictions. The value of human life when its not jointly responsible for the criminal plans of authority is the purest in the world. Of course, the anarchist movement is not accountable towards this event. Anarchists are not representatives of abstract violence. Anarchists express revolutionary violence. A violence expressed by targeting state and capital. The operation of de-politicizing the anarchist movement will not work for them again. Anarchists are proving, especially in recent years, through carrying out attacks with Molotov cocktails, gas canisters and other means of action against targets of authority that they never turned against the life of the workers since in every case, people involved in those actions first make sure to evacuate the buildings or attacking them at night when they are closed.
-What label would you put on what you are? Are you a bank robber? Was your aim the money?
The bank robbery as a practice is part of the overall rupture with the system of injustice. This is the basic difference between the revolutionary-anarchist and the career-robber. Revolutionary experience consists of a total of practices and tactics of battle, that have as their purpose to attack the enemy forces and to destabilize the existing social situation to make the transition to a free society. Beyond that a bank robbery remains a decent choice over the years, since it is an act against the predatory role of the banks.

-What was your first thought when you heard about the arrest of the people belonging to the "Revolutionary Struggle"?

Initially I followed with great care the operation or dislocation of the comrades, allegedly members of the "Revolutionary Struggle". Once again we became receivers of the cultural poverty of a system that is collapsing. Of course the presumption of innocence and the respect of prisoners lifes are completely unknown to the man-preying vultures of the media, the audacity of which has exceeded all limits.
-In what recent case do you think that the media have gone beyond the limits?
In the case of the strange death of a 15 year old Afghan refugee,(meaning the 15year old afghan boy that died when a bomb he found in a bin exploded in his hands, also injuring his sister) which was the backbone of the "anti-terror" campaign in the part of the ideological devaluation during the arrests of comrades who are persecuted for their involvement in “R.S.”.
The media handled the incident with the now usual tactic of publicizing made up telephone calls that are not a result of police surveillance, but leaks from the police.
In the conversation comrades, suspected members of the “R.S.” are supposedly giggling with an incredible amount of cynicism when one of them is watching the kid looking over the already placed bomb. A conversation that is not included in any court documents. Beyond that, the imperial Greek government, allies of the Americans and their genocides, of course, in Afghanistan, is calling for a social consensus against "terrorism" in response to a dead boy from Afghanistan. How many such boys has the Greek Army assassinated in Afghanistan? This is an interesting survey that unfortunately never took place, since a missile to the U.S. embassy in Greece is a terrorist act and is punishable with decades in prison, unlike the murderous Greek troops in Afghanistan who are portrayed as "humanitarian assistance" and are decorated by their bosses.

All this time I remain consciously away from any kind denouncing of revolutionary action and continue to defend the substance and scope of the practice of which im prosecuted for. The captors are not only interested about your imprisonment, they are especially interested when you are a political subject, in a statement of renouncement or repentance. The capitulation to the oppressors and the admission to a futile struggle are elements that do not suit us. I came out untouched from their penitentiaries and the factories of manufacturing repentants . I belong to the proud generation that does not apologize in the courts, does not speak to security forces and does not bow the head in the prison courtyards. In the generation that knows how to honor their dead and punish their enemies.
- According to police leaks, you belong to the "Bandits in Black No. 2” What is your answer?
That i belong to the "Bandits in Black No. 3” But do not tell anyone ...

- Couldn't the reaction of the youth be expressed within the official Left parties? What is your opinion on this specific ideological movement?
The leftist regime can no longer inspire the larger sections of the youth. For the same reasons as the official trade unions can no longer manipulate the workers. Pieces of the youth realize that the right to life, is not begged for with votes and peaceful protests or complaints and convictions. The message of the youth that rose up in December was clearer than any political doublespeak: "If you don't respect us, you will fear us." The role of the leftist regime will be proven particularly dangerous in the period that will follow. Because I believe that as an alternative apologist of the regime will help alleviate social contradictions, since the practices it choses are delineated within the framework of the existing legitimacy and the commitment to parliamentarianism.
-Your father is a member of SYRIZA. (greek left wing political party) What is your opinion about politicians?
Personally, I grew up in a warm environment, full of books, political files, a place infused with the values and traditions of the left political culture. My father to me is a benchmark in terms of morals and values as a man.
-Do you believe that your father is one of those responsible for the current situation of the country?
As grateful as I am to my father for the way he raised me, equally my political beliefs do not allow me to exclude him of the politically responsible for the current political situation of the country. The leftist regime has its own responsibilities for what we are experiencing today.
-What message would you send him from inside prison?
With my father i have a very strong relationship, a strong personal contact and see each other regularly on visiting hours.
-Michalis Chrisohoidis (minister of protection of the citizen, ex ministry of public order) is considered a very successful minister. What is your opinion about him?
"We have war," he has declared. Beyond that, this war is not about a vendetta between cops and anti-authoritarians as deliberately presented by representatives of the regime, to spread confusion and to separate the whole of society from a war that eventually involves them and touches them directly. Bosses and oppressed, dead workers in LARCO, in Corinth Pipework, in the ship repair zone of Perama, guards with bats and prisoners in the dungeons, torturing psychiatrists and human experiments in blue cells, sadistic prosecutors and convicts sentenced to a life of suffering. Police murderers, young people and immigrants packed into the cells and police vans. In democracy there are torturers, but its so smart that it gives other definitions to the crimes it commits. Because how else can you describe those who committed crimes for two months on the mind, body and soul of fighter Savvas Xiros (imprisoned for participation in the revolutionary group “17th November”) in "Evangelismos" hospital after the bomb exploded in his hands? If we consider success synonymous with effectiveness regardless of the methods used to reach the ultimate goal, then the minister to protect the snitches is a successful minister. The problem is that society should understand that nowadays success is synonymous with cannibalism, self-interest and personal ambition. That to be successful you should not have morals, you should be a liar, you should sell your soul to the devil, or rather the Americans.
-Tell us about your detention conditions, about your life in prison.
Life inside a prison is quite routinized. When I entered prison, I received a letter from a very good friend and comrade, former prisoner, stating that the prison is a revolutionary's monastery. Nervously and clumsy, I replied that prison is bullshit and that we should get out of here as quickly as possible. Three years after my imprisonment I understood the true meaning of his words. Prison is a place away from the mundane, which allows you to reconstruct yourself. It's a test that if you come out untouched you're a winner. The strengthening of personal faith in the struggle and boost of revolutionary self-esteem is a reward that cannot be earned even with all the money in the world. Deeper meanings for higher ideals.
- Your court of Appeals is on June 7th. If you got out today how would you choose to live?
While I've been here I haven't planned my life outside. I try to be vigilant every day, to be in a physical and mental alertness. I live the present as intense as possible and when the door opens, I will look at the future.
    "I do not regret my action but i would not do it again because the personal weight for me, my family, friends and my comrades is enormous," you said. Is this a sign of remorse?

    The appeal of the prosecutor on the existing sentence of eight years imprisonment imposed on me at the first trial is an order that was given by high ranks, police and judicial leadership. I am in prison for almost three years accused of bank robbery. Those who have the audacity to ask me to regret for the expropriation of stolen social wealth are the main responsible for the systematic terrorizing of the Greek society. Because for me, terrorism is the bank that seizes homes and the predatory interest rates. Terrorism is working all your life for the bosses and then they take your salary and pension. Terrorism is living with the stress of survival. Terrorism is trying to lie to convince the goodness of the dictatorship of the I.M.F. (international monetary fund) I do not regret my action, but the reason why I would not choose the practice of robbery has to do with my personal development as a person and the priorities I have from now on in my life.
     George Voutsis-Vogiatzis 
    translation BoubourAs actforfreedomnow!
If you have come here, it is because you are a person who does not tolerate injustice. It is because you do not want, with your silence and immobilism, to be an accomplice to a silent ethnic cleansing against a people who only defend their reason for being, the right to lands and to live on those lands in harmony, far from the practices that only seek to exploit them in order to transform them into a highly exported good on the market.

If you have come here, it is because you are a sympathizer that does not want them to continue torturing the childhood of Mapuche children. Because you share the principal that we are not owners of the land, but part of it. Because you are sick and tired of the continual police abuses committed with complete impunity with the support and complicity of the global economic-political power.

You arrived here because of your love for life and because you found out that a handful of incarcerated human beings putting themselves at risk through a Hunger Strike to denounce the continual violations they are committing against them, against their people.

You are here and we have met each other, but we are not done with each other, no more can you close your eyes, no more can you turn your back on are already a part of this campaign that seeks to show solidarity with human beings who seek the same as you, a world more human, more just for all.

Land, Culture, Justice and Liberty!

Sympathise with the Mapuche political prisoners on Hunger Strike!

Because resistance is not terrorism...NO to the antiterrorism law!

Enough of the farce, liberty to all the Mapuche political prisoners!

Unite, SIGN, Disseminate, Act, Resist,...Exist later.

Mapuche on Hunger Strike over Chile’s Militancy

For the past three weeks, more than 20 Mapuche Political Prisoners have been on a hunger strike across southern Chile to demand the immediate release of all Mapuche Political Prisoners, the Abolition of Military Courts and the dissolution of the country's Pinochet-era Anti-Terrorism Law.
The hunger strike began on July 12th, 2010, with five Mapuche at El Manzano Prison in the city of Concepcion and another 13 at the Penitentiary Centre (CCP) in Temuco. By the end of July, an additional 13 Mapuche in three other prisons had also begun the hunger strike.
As reported by Global Voices Online, the group represents about a third of the total number of Mapuche who are currently on trial under the country's infamous Anti-terrorist Law.
According to the Toronto-based support group, the Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada (WCCC), several Mapuche communities have also announced their support for the hunger strike, "including the Communities of Rankilko, Newen Mapu, and Juana Millahual to name a few, " notes the WCCC,
They go on to point out that "The murderous legacy of the Lagos and Bachelet Chilean governments has kept the Criminalization of the Mapuche struggle for autonomy, the implementation of the Antiterrorist Law, the double-jeopardy of Military courts and the use of police set-ups into the current Piñera administration, which further seeks to plunder and repression of our people. All of this during the year of Chile’s 200th Year of Independence, taking place on September 18th, 2010, which has represented the ongoing genocide of our people."
"The situation is URGENT as the health of our Mapuche Brothers is rapidly deteriorating."
In light of this, the WCC has organized a solidarity protest in Toronto for August 12, 2010. They are urging all"Indigenous and anti-colonial Activists/Supporters to show their solidarity to the cause of indigenous solidarity and join us in Protest." Details of the protest can be found on
If you're not in Toronto but still want to show your support for the Mapuche, a petition has been set up by a coalition of Mapuche and solidarity organizations in Europe and North America.
You can find the petition at
For more information and updates, visit and

Statement of Mapuche Political Prisoners of El Manzano Prison – Concepcion – ON HUNGER STRIKE

The Mapuche political prisoners, currently being held in the “El Manzano” detention centre in Concepcion, inform the Mapuche Nation and public international and national opinion the following:
Beginning today Monday, July 12th, 2010, we begin a liquid HUNGER STRIKE to the final consequences.
The reasons for this drastic and extreme determination is in response to series of situations that we have been denouncing unto the unjust political/judicial procedures that we are subject to and violate all our rights as MAPUCHE and political prisoners. The reasons for this drastic and extreme determination is in response to series of situations that we have been denouncing unto the unjust political/judicial procedures that we are subject to and violate all our rights as MAPUCHE and political prisoners.
In summary, we denounce that we have been part of Media Setups carried out by the Public Ministry through Anti Mapuche prosecutors and corrupt police forces. It is in this way that the Chilean State, in defense of the corporate interests in the conflict with our People and in their urge to persecute and annihilate the Mapuche Movement, has criminalized the just cause of the communities, imprisoning and launching themselves against our people; imposing several dictatorial and fascist laws on honest social activists.
At the same time, we also denounce the existence of a strong and grotesque Anti-Mapuche campaign orchestrated by the economic and political Right of this country, who use their means of communication, their prosecutors and politicians with the objective of convincing public opinion.
Due to all of the above, we declare that we will continue our hunger strike unless these just demands are met:
1. STOP the application of the Antiterrorist Law with the Mapuche People. This is expressed by the complete Abolition of the Antiterrorist Law legislated by the Pinochet dictatorship.
2. STOP the process of Military Courts on the Mapuche People. Thus is expressed by the complete Abolition of Military Courts in Chile.
3. Freedom for ALL the Mapuche Political Prisoners imprisoned in different jails throughout the Chilean State. This is expressed by:
  • Demanding a just and fair Trial.
  • An end to the political/judicial setups; ending all external and foul procedures, ending the use of faceless witnesses and the end of the practices that violate basic human rights such as extortion, threats, physical and psychological torture and the degrading conditions of detention centers.
  • Demilitarization of Mapuche zones where communities reclaim their political and territorial rights.
Lastly, we call out on Our People to Mobilize, to protest and struggle for what we think is a just cause; including social and political organizations to remain alert of the situation.
For Territory and Autonomy for Our Mapuche Nation!! Weuwaiñ!!! Mapuche Political Prisoners – Concepcion
Oust the Forestry Companies and Land Lords from Wallmapu Territory and Autonomy for the Mapuche Nation With Lemun, Catrileo and Collio.
Mapuche Political Prisoners of Concepcion

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

thomas meyer-falk

thomas meyer-falk
for now
c/o jva bruchsal
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born in 1971, i have been imprisoned since 1996. at first i was kept in isolation in stammheim, then i was kept in straubing for a short time under slightly better conditions. since september 1998 i have been in isolation in bruchsal. i am a so-called "red skin"/rash = red & anarchist skinheads. i was sentenced for a bank robbery by means of which it was planned to organize money for political projects. in two additional court cases i was sentenced for insult, intimidation, and the threatening of judges and public prosecutors. the expression "perfect example of a fascist-like judge" by itself was worth 7 months of imprisonment (§ 185 stgb - insult; sentence: monetary fine or fine up to one year of imprisonment).
because of all this i have to spend 15 years, 9 months and three weeks in prison. due to my alleged dangerousness (during the trial i had offensively pleaded my cause instead of giving in and "regretting") i shall be kept under arrest ("sicherungsverwahrung") afterwards.
freedom for Meyer-Falk?
Almost 12 years ago i have been arrested and in 1997 sentenced to 11 years and 6 months of prison, as well to sicherungsverwahrung (note: a german law which prescribes a social-psycological analysis regarding certain prisoners who seems to not redeem through prison; following a negative result of such appraisal, authorities can keep the person in prison for longer time after the actual end of his/her sentence).
Within the following three trials, 5 years and three months have been added to the previous sentence, because many politicians and jurists felt to have been either insulted or threaten by my person.

2/3 of the sentence have been finished in november 2007; therefore i have applied for my release from prison.
In fact, the paragraph 57 of the penal code prescribes the possibility of an earlier release after 2/3 of the sentence, as long as such decision „ takes in consideration the security-interests of the collectivity“, say one does not have to expect any further crime by the person (defacto such an earlier release takes place only in 30% of the times).

Because of the overwork of the judge, the sickness of the chief judge Kleinheinz and a change of my lawyer, the process took longer time.

The prison of Bruchsal, in the figure of miss Göbel, took position several times on this: they could not support an earlier release in my case.
The main reason for this would be that i never „show publicly any empathy for the victims of (my) crimes“, i would put in question the objectiveness of those facts, everytime i write something, politicians and judges would feel often threaten from me.
I would refuse to speak with the prisons´s worker-in-charge regarding such cases.
However, my „behavior towards the prison´s workers (...) became clearly less confrontative (talking about my „love to make complains“), but, as the prison establishment wrote within their most recent claim, i would not aloud „any deeper access to (my) personal experiences and feelings to the prison workers“.

With a directive dated 18.4.08, the court ordered a new criminal prognosis.
The professor Foster (university of Tubingen) has been ordered in charge of this.
Since i will attend a learning course in the prison from june 2008 (for which each partecipant has to pay 500 euros), i asked the appraiser to begin his work after the end of the course.
I also send him the bill of that course and told him i would be ready by november or december.
However, i fought with the Bruchsal prison about where such appraisal would be supposed to take place; miss Göbel desired my transfer towards Tubingen, so that one perhaps would have found out how i would react/behave within a different context.

I personally answered that i would have than refuse such appraisal upon my eventual transfer to Tubingen.

This decision has been taken because normally one has to hold out around three weeks inside a dirty, cold transport-cell.
Visits and phonecalls are hardly possible if not at all, there is not any offer regarding free-time; without even mentioning that already the form of how one gets moved through big prisoner transport-buses is considered as degrading, even by some jurists.

Most prisoners play the game of the Justice, take place in the bus and sit afterwards calmly in their transport-cell, only to become angry later and tell about how the conditions have been miserable and that one should „actually“ do something against it.

Therefore my lawyer told to the court that either the appraisal would have taken place in Bruchsal, or it would have been refused.
Moreover, i added that the prison establishment could test me freely within a changed environment, say putting me in daily leave (which they of course refused to do).

Realistically, one has to see that there is not chance for an earlier release.
There is not any appraiser who would consider a prisoner, who spent almost 11 years in isolation (until may 2007 i have been sitting in an isolation-cell indeed) to have high chance for a life free from crimes.
And without such a positive prognosis, no release will follow.

Moreover, it is also a question about one´s principles!
I am still fully convinced of the idea that i have a right to my freedom – without any consensus by whichever state apparatus.
And what i also will do after my release, this is my choice and no matter of any court or prisoner´s jurist, if what i am going to do afterwards will be in conflict with the laws of this State or perhaps even not.
Do i really want ot win back my possibility towards a freedom of movement at the price of the readiness to be morally corruptable, since i would submit myself to the subtle games of State, sometimes a bit more, some other a bit less? A point to which submission belongs in the first place!

And at this point i simply say „No!“.
No, neither i do want this, nor i will do this, even in the case that this would mean that the doors of the prison will not open voluntary for me further on.
Was Mao who wrote that within the struggle against your enemy every lie is usable?
Therefore should i pray the social worker, the psycologist, the jurist, the judge and the appraiser, as many other prisoners do, make them nice eyes and tell them, what a nice, in-line man i become?
And also to such a point, i say simply and clearly „No!“.

This does not have to do anything with the fact that i like to play the „martyr“, but it simply horrorifies me physically to have to bend myself.
I have pity of all prisoners who play from the very beginning the little games of the Justice, only to complain and swear afterwards.
Is my freedom important to me? Of course!.
Of course, my freedom is important to me; but the way to it is as much important.
Took the money and disappeared...

The amount of 23.860 EUR is the prey of an armed robbery that occurred this morning at the branch of the Agricultural Bank (ATE) in Nikiti Halkidiki.thessaloniki Greece

According to police, two unidentified persons wearing black helmets, stormed the bank and after threatening the staff and customers took an unknown amount and then fled with a large motorbike.

Police are continuing investigations to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.


According to reports, while a member of staff was leaving the store, carrying a leather bag with money, he was approached by a stranger, who threatened him with a sledgehammer and a shotgun and took the bag.

Then he fled by car, where his partner was waiting for him.

The first figures talk about a smooth EUR 100,000.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

“Which place?”, stories of a refugee

I came to Greece thinking that I arrived in a real place. I thought I would be recognised here, that I would have a place in this world. I am wondering now, is there really a place for me? Nobody seems to know where to put me. I am alive. I am a human being. But I am pushed away from all places, I am transferred from one place to the other, I have no right to be at some places. I just seem to have the right to be in specific places in a given time. I am like an old shoe that nobody wants to wear. I have only the right to be unseen.
When I arrived in Greece I was detained for some days in a prison on an island. Then I was transferred to another prison on the mainland. When I was released I already felt the fear deep in my breath. I wondered what would happen next. I asked myself where to go and where to stay. In Athens I went to the neighbourhoods, where I could find my people. I was lucky to find a friend from my village who helped me out some days so I did not sleep on the streets. In my pocket I had a white paper that limited my legal existence in Europe to 30 days. The days passed by and I had no right on any place in this world anymore. I decided to leave this country which did not want me. In Patras I tried for some months to cross the border to Italy. I was living in the trains on a marshalling yard. The trains there were not used anymore. They had no place anymore, like me. As I couldn’t succeed, I left for Komunisia. I lived in the mountains, in the cold and the dark. My only shelter was a sky full of stars. I lived in the same city with Greek people, but my world was another and the two worlds did not meet. One day I was arrested in the port. The police brought me to a prison in the port. We were 27 persons in a cell for 6. After some days I was transferred to another prison close to the border of Albania. We stayed some days there. Again we were transferred. It seemed to me as if they did not know where to put us, where to store us so that we do not disturb their lives. The bus took us far away to a store house they called a prison. The windows were far away on top of the building, our only contact to the outside world. In the night when I was dreaming I found my own place, somewhere to belong. In the day I was brutally reminded of the reality. I stayed approx. for a month there and in the end they released me. Suddenly I was free again in the middle of nowhere supposed to find my way back to civilisation on my own. But which civilisation? Which place? My life in Greece is a real life in real places, but of another category. Places where I am “illegal”, places where I am hidden, places where I am limited to a ghetto of the paperless. And if the police catch me, I have to be in prisons. I have the strong feeling that they want me to understand that this will never be my place too, that there is no place for me here. I think I understood!

Armed robbery occurred at a branch of PPC Sea Street in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Greece

First post: Tuesday, August 10, 2010,

According to reports, while a member of cash leaving the store, carrying a leather bag with money, approached the stranger, who once

threatened him with a sledgehammer and KARAMBINA SHORT CUN won the bag.

Then fled by car, where he waited for his partner

The first figures refer to smooth EUR 100,000.

Tonino Libero! - you'll never walk alone.

In Naples, Italy, the first of May the police allows a group of fascists to approach the yearly “labour day’s demonstration”. The fascists starts right away provoking and threatening.
The comrades react and push them away. One fascist takes refuge in a shop, a fight bursts and he gets out of the shop bloody and wounded.
Few months after the police arrests two people. One of them is Tonino. Our comrade and brother.
We do not care of judging the comrades’ activity. We do not look for understanding the exact dynamics of the events before choosing which side to stand for. We do not make inquires. One thing is, though, clear: Tonino is in jail for what he represents. For having always been in the forefront fighting for environmental causes, antifascism and against the repression of the state.
Guilty or innocent are categories which do not belong to us.
The aim of this blog is to put together and coordinate each solidarity event or demonstration to Tonino.
Just few words.
A brother in the hands of  the enemy.
A jail. Us.
And the rest has the smell of the street.

Homophobic / Anti Disabled Landlord At Kent Pub... U.K.

Pub landlord takes a swing at a gay couple whilst throwing them out of his pub...weeks earlier he chucks out a disabled woman...

As per BBC South East Today, 1830 10 Aug 2010.
Landlord Graham Stiles throws out and takes a swing at gay couple in his pub, the kngs head, in Deal, Kent.
He claims the men were acting suspiciously...
Few weeks earlier, he ejects a man and his wife who suffers from alzheimers, claiming she was upsetting other customers..

Me thinks the landlords facist attitudes may need adressing.
Perhaps drop him a line, give him a call, or even better - pop in!
Rooms are available to book too (check his acceptance policies first though...)


Kings Head and Channel View Guest House
9 Beach Street, Deal, Kent CT14 7AH
TEL: (01304) 368194
FAX: (01304) 364182

Email :

Mass grave of refugees in Evros Greece uncovered

During the first seven months of the year 2010, 28 human beings dies while attempting to cross the heavily guarded Turkish-Greek border. The corpses of the dead are being transferred to the department of forensic medicine of the university clinic of Alexandroupoulis. Since they can often not be identified, only a DNA-test is being carried out so that relatives can still gain certainty.
Mass grave in the Evros region
On 25th of June 2010 19 people drowned in the river Evros/Meriç. 14 corpses washed ashore on the Greek side and were brought to the university clinic by an undertaker from Orestiada. After the dead had been examined and registered, the undertaker brought them to a village of the Turkish minority on the mountains above Souflí for them to be buried on muslim cemetery.
cemetery of the illegal immigrants - muftia evros
cemetery of the illegal immigrants - muftia evros
However, the corpses can now be found in a mass grave outside the village of Sideró, in inaccessible terrain. Only a sign, riddled by many gun-shots, tells that this is the cemetery of the illegal immigrants where the corpses are buried. It is not immediately obvious that it is a mass grave. Upon closer inspection, one can however see holes that were excavated and again filled up by bulldozers and that can contain up to ten corpses.
Further investigation by w2eu, currently in the area to look for the corps of the father of a family who died in the incident on the 25th of June and whose family is currently in relative security shows that this practice has been ongoing for years. It is believed that between 150 and 200 dead have been buried in the mass grave. Although the local government ordered an ablution and burial according to muslim rite, the dead have merely been buried in the mass grave. This practice fundamentally lacks any respect for the dead as well as their relatives. Even an exhumation for the dead to be buried in a more dignified way is not possible anymore.
The existence of this mass grave at the external border of the EU fits the image of constant and continued humiliation and degradation of refugees. It is with a systematic brutality that refugees and migrants are stopped from crossing the borders, a brutality that even puts up with the death of those looking for protection. Even after their death, those human beings remain second class people that seemingly not even deserve a burial of human dignity.
We protest the abominable treatment of refugees and migrants and the contempt that is shown to them, no matter if dead or alive.

Hungerstrike at Campsfield migrant prison (UK)

Detainees at Campsfield migrant prison (maintained by GEO private prison corporation) near Oxford are currently on hunger strike in protest at their situation. This statement was released by them several days ago, but so far has not been published, only circulated on mailing lists..Second major statement from detainees
Unlawful Detention of Detainees (Tuesday 03 August 2010)
We appreciate all the effort and support we have received.
Today we continue to fight for our rights, today, all we detainees will continue to fight for liberty and security which is our fundamental rights.
It is unbelievable that a country so great that advocates human rights and liberty, eradicated slavery still practice such inhumane treatment of humans with equal rights in its backyard with the expectation that the whole world would be unaware of these treacherous nature adhered by the institutions.
Today we raise our voices until liberty is ours. Over 140 detainees have maintained the decision not to feed and sleep until our lives and the lives of our families are restored.
Until this moment, we have not been contacted by the UK Border Agency or Immigration in respect to our protest. The onsite immigration have hidden away and refused to engage in any communication or dialogue. This is evidently a sign of weakness by UKBA and an acceptance that our cry is for a good reason.
We read that in media that we have vending machines and onsite medical services. It is evident that the Immigration is not in touch with fundamental issues we are facing. Our lives are at risk, we have no freedom or liberty, we are been tortured, yet Immigration speaks about vending machine. These are malicious claims in an attempt to deny or play down the gravity of our determination. Can any vending machine feed 140 people?
Our lives and liberty should be considered like the rest of the 6 billion humans in the world. Our families are undergoing pain, our cases should be reviewed frequently, our detention should be justifiable, we should be given time for adequate judicial proceedings, we should not be detained indefinitely.
In July 2010 Honourable Justice Silber ruled that the fast-track policy was “unlawful and must be quashed”, however, the UK Border Agency still indulge in the fast track policy which is against the ruling of Honourable Justice Silber.
We put this question to all. Can it ever be justifiable for any organisation, institution or country to detain any human being with family (wife and children) for 3 years with?
We are also aware that there is a possibility that our efforts will be suppressed and not channelled to the appropriate body or government, however, we will continue to fight with everyday.
We all would humbly request that the parliament and cabinet address our heartily concerns as our wives, children, and we detainees are all dying, very slowly.
Tonight, we would all sleep outside on the grass floor and would refuse to sleep indoors. We deserve to be heard and until such time, we fight.
In spite of all, it is our believe that people are good at heart and should be given a right to life.
Our humble selves – Detainees
On behalf of all detainees

ghosts of the civil dead

the inmates and guards of a modern, clean and efficient maximum security wing are slowly and increasingly brutalised until they erupt in violence. dark and macabre, and based in truth, the story is told in a traditional dramatic style combined with telephone interviews and narration. ­manages to instill in the viewer a true sense of claustrophobia and unease. a truly original movie that is only half the film that Cave’s script was meant to portray.

/ english !!!

indir / download:


About 30 people gathered outside the prisons of Trikala and a march in the centre of the city was held yesterday aug 2nd in solidarity for the hunger strike initiated by prisoners about the appalling conditions of detention in prisons.

The gathering lasted one hour, many slogans were shouted and there was intense pulse. The cops didnt expect this at all, and we cought them off guard, so they were running around like crazy and the undercovers didnt know what to do.

We managed to get up to the entrance of the jail and the strength we took and gave the prisoners ment a lot for their struggle. They could here our slogans inside and sometimes they shouted back with their own slogans.
After the end of the intervention outside the prison we held a gathering and shared out leaflets for about an hour in the city centre and more specifically in Riga Ferraiou square. Then we marched through the city's main streets chanting slogans in solidarity with the hunger strikers, with our imprisoned comrades, slogans about the new robbery measures as well as several anticop and antifaschist ones. Slogans were writtten on many walls, e.g. in the town hall and the people's interest in asking and wanting to know about prison conditions in the hell holes of democracy was very hopefull.


Weely demonstrations and a direct action in Wallaja Palestine.

Over 100 internationals and about 10 Israelis joined the local weekly Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in. The demonstrators were determined not to give in to the weekly cycle of running away from soldiers under threat of arrest, and marched ready and willing. The soldiers, seeing the large demonstration from behind the fence, ran into the village and deployed along the route leading to the fence. The demonstrators continued their march and stopped only when they reached the first row of soldiers. There they chanted and sang for over half an hour, accompanied by Palestinian songs booming from a car-borne sound system. A few gas canisters shot into the flanks of the demonstration did not deter the demonstrators who stood their guard. Eventually some demonstrators insisted on marching onward toward the fence and the stolen lands. The soldiers reacted with grabbing and pushing, and within seconds the soldiers' gas and the youth's stones dispersed the demonstrators, who retreated through clouds of gas. They regrouped further back along the road, enjoyed a brief ad-lib hip-op session and ended the demonstration.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The company "Vinci" recruits neo

August 4, 2010 in St. Petersburg community activists came to the office VINCI, engaged in road construction projects in Khimki woods and asked to explain: why the biggest French company is cooperating with neo-Nazis, hiring them to disperse ekolagerya?

Solidarity with the Moscow anti-fascists in Ufa

The action of solidarity with the illegally arrested anti-fascists in Russia

On Wednesday, August 3 in Odessa anti-fascists, anarchists and members of leftist movements held a rally of solidarity with Russian anti-fascists - Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopovym, arrested for allegedly organizing the pogrom city administration Khimki (Moscow region), although no evidence of their involvement in the events of July 28 for illegal search the apartments of arrested had been found. In protest against such a cynical state of affairs in Russia and Moscow's support of their comrades held a march 20 people from the area on April 10 to the Russian consulate in Gagarinsky plateau (where the rally was held), carrying banners and placards and handing out leaflets explaining the essence of what has happened: During the construction of highway Moscow - St. Petersburg is planned cutting of the forest area near the city of Khimki.Environmentalists and civic activists are protesting against this construction, offering alternatives, not causing such harm nature.These options were rejected, and the territory through which could pass the road - sold for redevelopment. Activists who tried to resist cutting and journalists covering their activities, under pressure from local authorities interested in construction. After the start of logging (performed without proper authorization) for environmentalists have repeatedly been attacked by members of right-wing groups, hired by "Heat" . Police and riot police ignored the attacks, have repeatedly delayed the defenders of the forest on trumped-up reasons. After the 28 th July, a group of left activists held a symbolic assault on the City Hall Khimki Moscow has begun rounding up anti-fascists, now arrested all known representatives of the movement, regardless of their participation in the rally.Now in custody are Alexey and Maxim Gaskarov Solopov. Reports of their detention are falsified, such as it is written that the activists were arrested on the spot pogrom "in the act, while they were detained only a day later and the fact of their involvement in the riots nothing is not confirmed, Maxim Solopov front detention spoke on the radio. The main argument for the prosecution today is the fact that the detainees - the anti-fascists, as the evidence is tendered found them leaflets and stickers Antifascist content. According to our data, it is under special control of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Presidential Administration.What is happening can not be explained by the desire to punish the perpetrators of disorderly conduct, then what happens - an absurd and irrational revenge power, people who tried to speak out against corruption and tyranny. We demand the release of Maksim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova from custody, an end to illegal arrests of anti-fascists, honest and impartial investigation into the events of 28 th of without fraud and pressure on the defendants.We recall that the crime of "Heat" employing neo-Nazis to beat the defenders of the forest administration, Khimki, on the order of which was mutilated journalist Michael Beketov, policemen who did the illegal arrest and obstructing journalistic activities go unpunished. Illegal buildings, cutting down forests and parks in the pursuit of profit - the problem is relevant not only for Russia but for Ukraine.We remind the authorities of both countries, that the unwillingness to listen to the peaceful and legitimate demands of civil society activists inevitably gives rise to radical protest. The attempt to suppress the protest draconian methods leads not to order, and to Esklatsii violence and terror. During the picket, chanting slogans: "Plant a forest, and not activists," "Anti-fascism is not a crime", "Freedom Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovu "," Wood cut - Khimki burn "," We need a lot of Khimki "(paraphrasing the slogan of 68-year" We need a lot of Vietnams), etc. Source: undefined

May 4 Ufa anti-fascists and members of the "autonomous action" was an action of solidarity with the Moscow anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopovym unlawfully detained after protests in Khimki. On the bridge at the intersection of Ave Salavat Yulayev and st. Sugita Agishev was posted on a banner with the inscription "Freedom for the Moscow anti-fascists". Also near the venue of the rally were scattered leaflets describing the situation around the interception and the description of arbitrary power. We remind you about what happened: July 28, more than five hundred anarchists and activists "antifa" smashed administration building Khimki in protest against the felling of forests Khimki.Masked men smashed windows with stones, painted the walls the words "save the Russian forest and threw smoke bombs building. In the morning on July 29 antifascist Alex Gaskarov was summoned for an interview at a local ATM. There he was literally handed over to the center of the "E" and taken to an unknown destination. Were violated most of the rules, which are described in the law "On militia".Do not have informations relatives, has not been sent a summons for detention. That evening, after a speech on the radio "Russian news service" antifascist Maxim Solopov was summoned for a talk at the metro station "Okhotny number. Max arrived at the meeting, but no conversation never took place. He just put in a car and drove away in Khimki. At night in the apartments and Gaskarova Solopova were searched. The apartment Gaskarova search was without warrant and to provide any papers, there was no inventory of the property and witnesses. At the moment, Khimki city court decided to detain Alexei Gaskarova for two months, while there is investigated the case.Also, the city court to detain second suspect in the attack on the administration of Khimki Maxim Solopova, arrest extended for two months. Thus, the suspects will be held in prison until early October. Lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin, earlier defended the anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarova, reported that police set against the detainee from other prisoners."Now the city increased, so have been caught various petty criminals, - lawyer .- They are kept together with the guys and the police kept telling them:" If it were not butchers, one would not catch you. " The children themselves told the judge about the threat of life. " undefined We demand the immediate release of Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova, regardless of whether they participated in the action-heemkah July 28 or not - the fighters against corruption and lawlessness are not the hoodlums and heroes! Freedom Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovu!

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)