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Experimental GM corn field sabotaged in Badajoz

9 10 2010 From Culmine (October 8, 2010):
We claim responsibility for the sabotage of an experimental field of genetically modified corn in Badajoz province. On Sunday, September 19, several people sabotaged a crop of genetically modified corn—designated type SF1035T and related to another variety already being sold by Monsanto—owned by Fitto Seeds in Guareña municipality, Bajadoz.
This action is a small response to the imposition of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by biotechnology corporations and the Spanish state.
Ever since massive GMO experimentation, approval, and marketing began, the creators and developers of GMOs have been declaring that they would be capable of ending hunger and safeguarding the health of humanity, possibly ushering in a cleaner, more efficient agriculture. Nothing could be further from reality.
The imposition of GMOs is taking place in the context of enormous transnational corporations fighting for monopolistic control of seeds and chemical fertilizers, monoculture, genetic contamination, the elimination of the small and medium-sized farmer, the liquidation of local economies, the disappearance of indigenous seed varieties, huge distribution networks, the pollution of water supplies with toxic waste, and the disintegration of rural communities. In short, the context of the capitalist model.
GMOs are incompatible with other forms of production and social organization based on restoring a more traditional agriculture that satisfies the needs of populations instead of markets, doesn’t exceed the limits of ecosystems, and aims to rid itself of the illusion of associating happiness with consumption.
Such models are particularly needed in a world gripped by starvation and global warming caused by the planet’s submission to the market and state totalitarianism.
Therefore, GMOs have not managed to fulfill the goodness they were said to be capable of. Instead, they represent another turn of the screw in the agroindustrial model, which envisions the total expropriation of people’s capacity to feed themselves.
For final decisions regarding the approval and subsequent marketing of GMOs, the Spanish state created the National Biosecurity Commission (CNB), leaving regulation in its hands.
Within the CNB there are seven scientific representatives, many of whom have ties to the biotechnology industry and the pro-GMO lobby. This scientific bloc calls the shots within the CNB, whose duty is to industry, not biosecurity. Proof of this can be found in the growing number of cases of genetic contamination in wheat and corn crops. In entire regions of the Spanish state, the genetic contamination of crops like these has been ensured.
Beyond our frontiers, GMOs have been responsible for all kinds of disasters, like famines, deforestations, poisonings, allergies, and other pathologies stemming from their consumption, as well countless instances of coercion against rural farming communities by biotechnology corporations. And let’s not forget the genuine massacres that have arisen from the manufacture and use of the chemical fertilizers needed by the agroindustrial model, of which GMOs are the latest expression.
Saying no to GMOs means saying no to the aforementioned evils and injustices, saying no to imposition, saying no to the artificialization of life, and saying no to a fool’s progress.
Taking action against GMOs is a legitimate people’s struggle, as well as a sign of common sense and the need for profound social change. It is the fruit of being conscious of how dangerous it is (and how much is at stake) when the Earth is in the hands of capitalism. Whoever sows and promotes GMOs will reap resistance.

The Nazi pigs of Israel's in the "work" ethnic cleansing This seemed to have happened today (oct' 8th 2010) near Jerusalem..

Riot police violently attack migrants after tonight’s anti-fascist demonstration – photos athens

Photos from Athens IMC. The attack happened a bit after the main anti-fascist demonstration tonight, launched by the riot police against a group of migrants who went on marching after the main demonstration had ended.

Today, we’ve won a huge bet. Responding to a call for an antifascist demo in Attikis square, more than 1,000 migrants and locals marched together through the streets of an area often marked by fascist attacks, pogroms on the squares, police violence and so much more. Today was a very important day; the first, most probably, where local anti-fascists and (many undocumented) migrants march together, side-by-side. The people in today’s demonstration sensed this; the atmosphere as we were passing through the streets of neighbourhood is difficult to describe.
It is important to keep this momentum, to make sure that the fascist gangs (which didn’t dare make an appearance today) stay well hidden off the streets. Attica square, and the entire area just north of the Athenian centre, is a very volatile area in the past few months and years.


The Battle For Attica square – athens Greece

Posted by clandestinenglish on 6 October 2010

It’s the first time that an EU country has seen its treatment of refugees described as a humanitarian crisis by the UNHCR. This report gets to the heart of the escalating tensions in Greece.
“I’ve seen too many. They cross the river like bees”, sighs a local fisherman. With as many as 400 people crossing the Evros river each day, arrests of illegal immigrants in Greece have exploded from 3,500 to 20,000 in a year. Most choose to turn themselves in, but they have no idea what awaits them. Infested with rats, Greece’s detention centres are now critically overcrowded. Those who try to avoid this fate end up on the streets, such as in Attica Square, home to hundreds of Afghan refugees. With no government support, crime is rife here, and as frustration builds, racial attacks by local vigilantes are escalating beyond control. Ghulam’s family sleep on a bench in the square – his four-year-old son was recently attacked in the middle of the night. “If I’d stayed in Afghanistan I might have been beaten, but they would have at least spared my children. I cannot believe this is Europe.”

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2 nights dedicated to the cops and their associates…

- 2 private motorbikes of cops of the d.i.a.s. force 

- a shop of motorcycle equipment that supplies motorcycle cops 

- car dealership that supplies cop cars for the police

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Fascists, out! Anti-fascist gathering at Attikis square, Athens: October 8th at 6pm

Two great posters have come out calling for an anti-fascist gathering at Attikis Square, tomorrow (Friday, October 8th) at 6pm. There is also an assembly tonight at 8pm at the Gini Auditorium in the Athens Polytechnic, to discuss the logistics of the demonstration.
Attikis square is in the heart of a vibrant area with a large migrant community, where fascist groups have recently tried to make a visible presence. The square of Ayios Panteleimonas, an operational centre for these fascist groups, lies only a few yards away. Tomorrow’s demonstration, for this reason, will be crucial.

It is the policy that promotes interclass conflict in order to strengthen
state power and sovereignty of the capitalist system.
This is the policy of state power through which the immigrants of the ‘second and third generation’
are used as tools against the so called “new” immigrants.
The same fascist logic that until yesterday was striving against us
today is using us as a tool to serve their political interests and racist purposes.
Do not forget that we the Albanians immigrants always represented “the rubbish” from which they want to “clean” the squares.
Do not forget that our common enemy is the exploitative and oppressive
system, the state and its tools.
Gathering of Solidarity at Attiki Square on 8 October at 18.00
Against the social and state racism.
Against the fascist and nationalist logic
Solidarity is our weapon against the racist policies that aim at the
discrimination of immigrants and sustain racial discrimination.
For a self-organization of immigrants and a common struggle
via anti-racist collectivities for a life of freedom and dignity.
Forum of Albanian Immigrants.

“Migrants United, Fascists Trashed” (Poster in the Albanian language by the Albanian Migrant Forum)

  • The fascists’ knives
Recently, fascist and nationalist violence has been on the rise once again in the wider area of Ayios Panteleimonas. From September 11th to September 14th, fascist gangs used the cover of some locals and the police to attack, beat and stab migrants and to smash up their shops. Yet the migrants don’t retreat. They defend their lives, they crouch together and defend against far-right attacks and pogroms. Ahead of the [local municipality] elections the far-right is intensifying its shouting against migrants who “steal our jobs” and “are responsible for the crisis”. At the same time [the far-right parliamentary party] LAOS is voting in favour of the IMF agreement while organised gangs support the “average greek tradesman” – that is, the same person who has for years now exploited their employees, whether local or not.
  • are supplied by the state
The “citizen protectors” arrest, beat up, torture and arrest injured migrants. The local police station enforces the policy of the state and its bosses against the migrants. A policy which names endless policing as “citizen protection” and equates “organised crime” with “petty thieves”. A policy creating migrant detention centres, spills blood on the borders of the EU and names “illegal” all those forced away from their places.
  • they’re sharpened by mass media and the national body
Mass media, regularly hiding away reality, present the groups of neo-nazis, macho greeks, racists and descendants of nazi collaborators as “groups of enraged locals”. They hide away racist pogroms, the stabbing of migrants and police violence and they instead project “a suffocating situation” and “increased crime rates”.
In the midst of the crisis they continue to target migrants as a “national threat to health, national order and security”. They are moulding a national body on behalf of those who sit on our necks, perpetuating national divides, racism and xenophobia.

Common Struggles by locals and migrants

Us locals and migrants must find common ground to breach national unity, to create embankments, to fight together against all sorts of fascists, the attack launched by the state and bosses, the contempt for our lives.

Solidarity gathering: Attikis Square,

Friday October 8th, 6 pm

People in Solidarity

Felipe Henchullan has suffered a pre-infarction and has contracted pneumonia:

Oct 05, 2010

According to the data provided by the doctor of Victoria hospital, Felipe Huenchillan aka "El Penhi" has had a pre-infarction and is affected by a serious pneumonia and very high fever. Family and relative of "El Penhi" and his community are currently feeling very upset and worried about what it could happen from now on.

"El Penhi" Felipe Huenchillan, along with the rest of our brothers remains in a very poor health. The 3 brothers inside Angol prison are the  ones in worst condition.

More news coming.

Autonomos commnity Temuicui.

Felipe Huenchullán sufrió preinfarto y se encfereduentra con neumonía

Oct 05, 2010
Según los datos entregado por los medico del hospital de victoria, el peñi Felipe Huenchullan anoche sufrio un preinfarto y se encuentra con una grave neumonia, con mucha fiebre, los familiares del peñi y su comunidad se encuentran muy preucupada por lo que puede suceder.
El peñi Felipe Huenchullan, al igual que el resto de nuestros hermanos estan en muy mala condiciones de salud, peor aun los tres hemanos que se encuentran al interior de la carcel de Angol.
Noticia en desarrollo
Comunidad autonoma temucuicui

solidarity concert for anarchist simos seihidis in athens 26/10

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Machine Sabotaged in solidarity with The Happendon Wood Action Camp

Extensive damage has been caused to a mining machine at the Broken Cross open cast coal mine in South Lanarkshire. This action, taken during the night of third of October, was carried out anonymously by those acting in solidarity with The Happendon Wood Action Camp (THWAC), and in support of the residents of the Douglas Valley.
The sabotage was carried out as an act of opposition to Scottish Coal's recently submitted  proposals to extend the Broken Cross mine and to begin work at two new sites in the area, at Townhead and Auldton Hights.

Chile - the Mapuche of Angol do not accept the terms of the government and continue hunger strike

translated from informa-azione

Radio Bio-Bio, 02:10:10 - The spokesman of the 9 Mapuche on hunger strike in Angol prison met with the Minister Larroulet Cristián to deliver their response to the government's agreement, not accepting it and announcing that the hunger strike remains in force. The Minister Larroulet said that the priority is people's lives and that they will insist that they stop with the hunger strike. However, there was no agreement reached with the 9 Mapuche who continue a hunger strike in Angol prison. The Mapuche spokesman said they were in a phase of reflection, so there are dates being set for new negotiations.
14 Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike
from culmine, 5 October 2010
An update on the hunger strike by political prisoners Mapuche (PPM).
Following the agreement of October 1, Concepción, accepted by 24 MPP detained in the prisons of Concepción, Temuco and Lebu, some MPP decided to continue the struggle initiated on July 12, considering the conditions of the agreement to be insufficient. 14 MPPs have decided to continue with the hunger strike, to the end.
- 3 are still in the jail of Angol
- 7 from Angola prison are hospitalised in Victoria
- Three are being held in prison in Temuco, note that the three began the strike in September
- 1 in the juvenile prison of Chol Chol
They have already visited by the bishop of Temuco, although so far they do not have a MPP official mediator. To date there is no ongoing mediation and the health of the MPP is starting to give rise to concern.
Here is a list of the Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike:
ANGOL prison:
1.- Víctor Llanquileo Pilquiman
2.- Fernando Millacheo Marin
3.- José Queipul Huaiquil
VICTORIA hospital:
4.- Víctor Hugo Queipul
5.- Felipe Huenchullan Cayul
6.- Camilo Tori Quiñinao
7.- Eduardo Osses Moreno
8.- Alex Curipan Levipan
9.- Carlos Huaiquillan Palacio
10.- *Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao
TEMUCO prison:
11.- Hugo Melinao
12.- Cristián Levinao
13.- Sergio Lican Levio
CHOL CHOL prison:
14.- Luis Marileo Carique

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solidarity action in vienna/austria:

Protest demonstration outside the chilean embassy in Athens, in solidarity with the persecuted in Chile

banner from the center of Athens some days before the protest
On Friday, 24th of September 2010 a demonstration took place outside the Chilean embassy in Athens, in solidarity with the imprisoned fighters in Chile. About 100 persons gathered protesting outside the embassy. The embassy building was surrounded by a strong police force. Slogans were shouted and pamphlets concerning the current situation in Chile were distributed. Comrades of contrainfo distributed to the participants and passers-by a pamphlet  with the text “Stop the press! Pinochet is uncomfortable in his grave”, which refers to the victims of the repression in Chile, Chilean comrades and Mapuche indigenous peoples.

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  • anarchy
    Translation into german:
    Am Freitag, den 24. September fand eine Demonstration aus Solidarität mit den Gefangenen in Chile vor der Chilenischen Botschaft in Athen statt. An die einhundert Personen versammelten sich und protestierten vor der Botschaft. Diese war eingekreist durch starke Polizeikräfte. Parolen wurden gerufen und Flügblätter, die sich mit der aktuellen Situation in Chile beschäftigten, wurden verteilt. Mitstreiter von contrainfo verteilten an TeilnehmerInnne und Passanten ein Flugblatt mit dem Text” Stoppt die Presse, Pinochet liegt ungemütlich in seinem Grab! Dieses bezieht sich auf die Opfer der Repression in Chile, Chilenische Militante und die Mapuche Indianer.

Moscow anarchists blocked the Minsk highway in solidarity with the Belarusian friends

Monday, October 04, 2010

(A slightly edited machine translation)
Moscow anarchists blocked the Minsk highway in solidarity with the Belarusian

We, a group of Moscow anarchists in the early morning on October 1 blocked
with burning tires Minsk highway between Odintsovo and Krasnoznamensk in
protest against the persecution of fighters for freedom and justice of the
fascist regime of Lukashenko.

With a symbolic act on the road linking Moscow and Minsk, we want to draw
attention to the Russian public on the important issue, which is covered.
Right now the capital of the Republic of Belarus in prison languishing good
and honest people - Niikolay Dzyadok Alexander Frantskevich and Igor
Truhanovich. All of them - the anarchists - the fighters for freedom,
equality and justice and against dictatorships in Belarus and worldwide.They
are accused of burning police stations and the Russian embassy (which was set
on fire on August 30 in solidarity with the defenders of Khimki Moscow region
forests, are now exposed to predatory harvesting, with the consent of the
authorities). This radical challenge to the Belarusian and Russian oppressors
served as a pretext for mass arrests, threats and beatings of social
activists. In fact - the main reason for the arrest of our comrades from
Minsk are their beliefs and active lifestyle - now they face major prison
time. In total, through the hands of the KGB and the police took dozens of
people - one of the detainees, Tatiana Seminischevu, the scoundrels in
uniform drove up to the fact that she cutted her veins - it was a miracle
that this did not resulted a serious harm. People get just released after
several days in a prison cell without charges, since there may not be any
evidence against an innocent person, "result" did not have. A similar fate
awaited many others - in this momentin the dungeons are only three guys whose
names are mentioned above - they Lukashenka and his henchmen, apparently set
out to avenge all his impotent anger and vile.

We call upon all honest and caring people in Russia and around the world: Help
people in distress! You feasible means of protest to the Belarusian
authorities and their representatives in Russia: the embassies, consulates,
Belarusbank, do not buy Belarusian goods, tell us about the situation, family
and friends - do not let the people rot in jail in silence - act in any
manner to which you have enough imagination ! Make a contribution.

You can also write and send a letter of support to those arrested: now he,
more than ever, we need the kind words, a sense of shoulder solidarity.


Video from the action:

Waves of property damage -- Frederick, MD

A rash of vandalism in Frederick-area neighborhoods in recent weeks has left dozens of vehicles defaced, numerous tires flattened and windshields cracked, houses egged and buildings spray-painted.

A little more than a week ago, vandals even removed a 4-foot-tall statue of St. Jude from its post at an Emmitsburg church and smashed it into pieces. St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.

The church crime was only one of 234 destruction of property cases reported to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office from Aug. 1 to Sept. 27, according to Cpl. Jennifer Bailey.

"Property crime seems to be what we're responding to most often," including burglaries, vandalism and destruction of property cases, Bailey said.

Damage resulting from those crimes ranged from a small amount of money to hundreds and even thousands of dollars to repair.

"Fifty dollars to replace a mailbox may seem insignificant to some people. But for others, it's not," Bailey said. "That $50 might be their family's grocery money, and without it, they might not be able to eat."

The vandalism isn't confined to just the county. During those same eight weeks, the Frederick Police Department took 156 reports of destruction of property, Capt. Kevin Grubb said.

Maryland State Police responded to 25 property crimes in Mount Airy and Walkersville, Detective Sgt. Wayne Wachsmuth said. Police in Brunswick took 31 reports and police in Thurmont, 12.

Midweek last week, police in the City of Frederick were hard-pressed to recall any recent property damage crime sprees.

And then the weekend arrived -- and so did the vandals.

Fifty-three tires on 31 vehicles were flattened. "Some cars lost all four," Grubb said Monday.

"A line of people were calling, and it's unfortunate," he said. Not only did they suffer a financial loss for towing fees and for the damage they had to repair, but they were inconvenienced as well by temporarily not having the use of their vehicles.

In August and September, deputies responded most often to Emmitsburg, which had 15 reports. They took 14 complaints each in New Market and Mount Airy and 13 reports from Middletown.

Calls to Frederick mailing addresses outside the Frederick city limits numbered 111, Bailey said.

Town officials in New Market warned residents to keep an eye out on their property -- and their neighbors' property -- and to report anything out of the ordinary to the sheriff's office.

Mailboxes in the small town were destroyed, and lawns were damaged by cars, officials wrote in the town's newsletter.

Bailey said the sheriff's office has been receiving a number of tips since the creation of the agency's Facebook page.

"All calls get assigned to a deputy for follow-up investigation, and areas with repeat calls are put on a patrol checklist," she said.

It's not unusual for Bailey, when reviewing reports each morning, to see at least one, two or three cases of vandalism.

Property crimes are hitting county communities on a daily basis, she said.

Last Wednesday morning, Bailey found seven reports had been filed about vehicles that had had tires slashed or windshields broken along Robin Drive. Reports continued to accumulate until the number reached 17.

Dennis Ebaugh, the facilities manager at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Emmitsburg, was startled when he reported to work about 8 a.m. Sept. 20 and realized the St. Jude statue was missing from the garden between the church rectory and parish center.

The statue hadn't been stolen. The crime was more senseless than that, he said.

The statue, which weighed at least 100 pounds, had been pulled off its stone base and carried around to the side of the building.

"Somebody busted it up," he said, estimating it will cost in the neighborhood of $400 to replace.

The sheriff's office arrested two teenage boys last week in one morning's rash of vehicle vandalism cases along Black Duck Court.

Brussels – Companies targetted, against deportations

A communiqué says that Tuesday morning, several façades of companies, implicated in the management of migration, were targetted. It is unclair which companies, or in which way. A few photos show slogans on the façades of Carlson Wagonlit ( manages the stay of people without papers, before they are deported) and Randstad (delivers guards for asylum centres).

Brussels - Three metro stations damaged

Between 6 and 6.30 AM, masked persons damaged material in the metro stations Hankar, Delta and Pre-metro Parvis de Saint-Gilles. Black paint and pec made the Mobib machines and ticket machines unusable.


Vandals damage Democratic campaign office in Modesto

Oct. 04
Vandals smashed several windows at the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee headquarters late Friday or early Sunday.
Committee Chairman Mike Burtch said vandals destroyed five of the 11 windows of the building at 500 Scenic Drive. “This was not some drive-by,” he said. “It was a concerted effort. One (window) is safety glass and they worked very hard to smash through it.”
The committee filed a police report and is waiting to hear from its insurance company for a damage estimate.
The windows displayed signs for Democrats running for office or re-election, such as Sen. Barbara Boxer.
Burtch said the vandals did not enter the building and nothing was taken.

Mountjoy boss vows to tackle thugs with dogs and riot squads

October 4th, 2010

Monday October 04 2010
THE NEW Mountjoy chief has claimed that prisoners don’t run his prison.
Governor Ned Whelan told a gathering of prison officers at Ireland’s largest jail last week that his get-tough stance would continue.
He addressed the prison officers after 70 donned riot gear and ended a prisoner sit-in linked to racial abuse levelled at a prison officer last week.
Six handlers and up to 10 trained Alsatians were also dispatched to ensure the situation didn’t get out of control.
A source told the Herald: “The governor was delighted with the day’s work. He told the prison officers that the day of prisoners running Mountjoy was over.”
To reiterate his tough stance and his willingness to deploy the control and restrain teams to deal with prisoner unrest, the prison dog handlers did a demonstration in one of the exercise yards on Thursday.
“They brought the Alsatians into the exercise yard and had them confront a handler who was wearing protective padding,” the source said.
“It was in full view of the prisoners on the Joy’s notorious D wing and they were chanting but you could here a pin drop when the dogs started attacking.”
Wednesday’s protest came after a ‘P19′ disciplinary report was issued against a prisoner who had abused a black officer.
The prisoner, who was recently transferred to Mountjoy from a jail in Britain, was backed up by up to 100 of his fellow inmates in the protest.
Officers dressed in full riot gear, backed up by the prison dog units, convinced the men to halt their protest and return to their cells.
Seven of the men, including the instigator of the protest, were transferred out of Mountoy and a further three individuals are waiting for space to open up elsewhere before they are transferred.
Ireland’s most dangerous prison inmate continues to be housed in the prison’s segregation unit, despite reservations on the part of prison officers.
Leroy Dumbrell, who has 57 convictions, sparked a walk-out by Mountjoy prison officers in the summer when he was transferred back to the E Division at the prison from Castlerea prison.


The thug, who has been involved in prison riots, drug dealing and attacks on other inmates, had been held on 23-hour lock-up in Castlerea.
In August, his lawyers won a court order to end the five-month solitary confinement and allow him to mix with other convicts.
The Mountjoy governor has also brought in new guidelines to deal with the prison’s drug problem.
More intensive screening for visitors, the ending of physical contact between certain prisoners and their visitors and the erection of a €200,000 drug net designed to stop drugs being catapulted over the perimeter wall and into the exercise yard.
The jail yards were already surrounded by vertical meshing and gardai deploy regular patrols along the banks of the nearby Royal Canal to stop the drug slingshots.
New visitor guidelines have also added to the ill feeling between prisoners and prison authorities.
A number of inmates, who come under suspicion by staff handling the jail’s drug dog, are refused physical contact if there are indications that they could have been involved in accepting drugs or other contraband from visitors in the past.
Instead, they have to agree to receive visits behind a screen and in controlled circumstances.

Communiqué: Action for the prisoners in Chile

4 10 2010 From Culmine (October 4, 2010) via Libertad a lxs 14A (October 3, 2010):

During the week, we heard the news of the arbitrary transfer to Santiago 1 of the comrades imprisoned in the Bombs Case, as well as their hunger strike and subsequent one-month sentence. Added to that was the beating given to our brother Abuelo (Camilo). Therefore, we decided to arm ourselves with household items in order to take revenge.
“In this joint, the cops are in charge,” declared the aggressor gendarme. Today we answer him: “In the joint and on the streets, anyone can be in charge. It’s just a question of will and conviction.”
Sir Gendarmes, wretched jailers: HANDS OFF THE ANARCHIST POLITICAL PRISONERS. Know full well that we will not stand for even one more outrage against the abducted comrades, their visitors, or their communications.
And you, sir prosecutor Alejandro Peña, should stop bullshitting. You must know that anarchists DON’T HAVE LEADERS. Therefore, ILLICIT ASSOCIATION IS IMPOSSIBLE.
(We take this opportunity to send greetings to those showing internationalist solidarity in England, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Canada, and elsewhere, as well as the Mapuche prisoners in Angol who are maintaining their struggle.)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Monday 4 octomber 2010 time 09.00 at evelpidon courts Athens



selforganized park in exarchia Athens.


Very beautiful. We should do something like this in our cities, especially here in Baltimore where there’s so many closed homes and empty lots. They are private property, so there’s no legal way we would be able to turn one of those into a garden or park like you have in Exarchia.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the way they turned the parking lot place into a park in exarchia wasn't quite 'legal' also... so there always is a way (even though i can not judge the situation in your city, i know it can be very difficult, dependent on local police/government)


7,000 march on the Tory Conference

7,000 Right to Work activists, trade unionists and students from all over the country marched on the Tory Conference on Sunday 3rd October.

We defied an attempt to ban the demonstration by the police and the ConDem Birmingham City Council, we marched despite a heavy police presence, and we marched despite pouring rain.

We marched to make it clear the to ConDem government that the fight to stop their cuts starts here. As one GMB speaker put it, 'if they want a war, we'll give them a war'.

West Midlands Police are pleased to confirm that a planned protest in Birmingham city centre has this afternoon passed off peacefully.

The 'Right to Work' march through the city centre's entertainment district was planned to coincide with the start of the Conservative Party Conference at the nearby International Convention Centre.

Between 5000 and 7000 protesters are thought to have attended the event, which travelled along the Broad Street area, leading to a road closure between Five Ways and Paradise Circus and other local streets.

Superintendent Dave Sturman, the commander for the policing operation of the Conservative Party Conference, said this afternoon: "We are very pleased with the way the march has gone this afternoon.

"The protesters were peaceful and the operation went largely to plan.

"At this stage there have been no arrests and we have received no reports of any criminal offences, such as damage, as a result of the event.

"We understand that this protest may have caused some disruption to people in the city, and we thank them for their patience during the course of this afternoon's event."

The march lasted for two hours, travelling along a planned route which passed through Lionel Street, Summer Row, Holiday Street, Gas Street and Broad Street.

All the hype from some anarchist and once as with new labour the left and anarchist just let the working class get fucked over..

Old Class warriors are stirring from their armchairs checking for the nearest Wetherspoons. For once there will be an alternative to the Trot march. How succesfull it is will determine how the opposition to the Tories develops. But at the very least comrades you need to be there.Any successful political movement needs momentum – to get that vitality of momentum we need to put our collective shoulders to the wheel.

It was the rain, one anarchist said that his armchair would get damp and how could he sit there all week in pontification of the revolution on a damp armchair?

Another said this colour red of directions runs in the rain, fuck that of round to me mothers for Sunday Lunch..


My Pointless day out..

03.10.2010 20:05
for once I'd say the police estimates of numbers were about right..
it was ok, but nothing to write home about.. decided to join the black bloc as that's where I feel my politics are headed, I would say there were about 50-60 in the black bloc, I tagged along with the sheffield anarchists as the bloc split at the start of the march with rumours that the police would try to seperate us from the march right at the start..
no chance for any civil disobedience anywhere though, the whole area around the conference centre was barricaded with 8 or 9 foot high solid steel fences and loads of police..
I did see one arrest (or at least someone got bundled into a riot van) - not someone in the kettle - so I guess from that news report they were released without charge and/or not actually arrested..
the black bloc slipped the first attempt to kettle on broad street but not the second (apart from me and a couple of other people)..

The black bloc got kettled by five ways roundabout, I slipped through the police lines as they closed in and wandered around trying to stay with the kettle to varying degrees of success to bear witness should anything happen..

Quite a few from the main march hung around until they were forced down the tunnel under five ways, and then prevented from going back by the police.. knowing the area, I slipped around the police line and went under five ways using the pedestrian routes and joined up with the kettle on five ways roundabout (I was always outside it), along with half a dozen other people and some independant camera people & observers..

They released people from the kettle (with a search and photos taken) on the Hagley Road, just off five ways, strangely into another kettle (but one with actual space in it) - I was inside the secondary kettle - and we were herded to the coach park before being let go.

There was some heavy handedness from the police in the searches, at least a couple of people were thrown to the floor but it wasn't anything major and nothing kicked off.

Overall.. wet, a bit dull and pointless but hopefully a good starting point to build resistance against the cuts. Don't know if any of the anarchist actions planned for the evening happened, I was too cold and wet and coming down with a cold so decided to go home rather than try to hook up with anyone to see what was going on.

Crap route too, round the back streets to a bloody car park!

03.10.2010 20:07
BBC report here

I reckon maybe 7 or 8 thousand, would have been more I reckon, but the weather put a dampener on it. Crap route too, round the back streets to a bloody car park! Good spirits though, I felt quite emotional at one point! Marched alongside the black bloc (accidentally mind) at one point, then moved away as it was obvious they were gonna get kettled. Which they did a bit later, how predictable was that? What a waste of time, although I guess it gave some kids a frisson of excitement. Why advertise yourselves though if you want to cause mischief?

Went to a pub for a pint then tried to go to the rally in the Walkabout bar, but the police had cordoned the road and weren't letting anyone through with a banner (I had an IWW flag on a stick). I gave them the stick and put the flag in my pocket, they still wouldn't let me through, saying I had to leave the flag with them. They wouldn't tell me why except that they "had orders". Stupid wankers, that really annoyed me. What a pointless fucking order, what am I gonna do with a little flag ffs! Seems also the Walkabout bar had some pressure from the police not to let kids in their either, under threat of having their license revoked.

a fun day out, next one 20th october in london

03.10.2010 20:22
birmingham! a city of loads of empty buildings, a squatters paradise, shame there was no convergence space!

i just spent 3 hours on the coach back to east london, with some oap from the swp trying to get me to sign up! it was hell!

the march was ace, i've never seen such a large black bloc in all my ten years of doing black block stuff. wait to you see the photos, the anarchist movement is one the up in the UK, and we to keep discontent on the boil. must of been about 200 of us, all actually wearing black and no-one getting it wrong!
a chance to meet new/old faces and lots of anarchos from the north.

the cops did try to set up a kettle, but only under 30 got caught, but luckily for the old bill we're well behaved and didn't give them the trouble they wanted.

we seemed to be well organised to avoid the kettle, but maybe we can begin organising tactics to send the police a message of "we ain't scared, fuck off!" running instead of leaving our mates and scattering, as it doesn't send a good message to the younger anarchists.
When the police began there kettle there was little support from other groups apart from the dreadul sing-along coming from SWP loons.

Other groups including the very excitable, yet cowardly named "REVOLUTION" just kept walking and didn't stop to help the anarchist bloc.

Revolution, if your reading this why not next time make your flag poles out of slightly heavier wood, get blacked-up and get stuck in next time helping your anarchist comrades!

there's going to be another march in london on 20th october, lets rally another auto-bloc, as its deffinatly a good time to build the anarchist movement in the UK, maybe this time with a few banner drops and a soundsystem, and a convergence space for activists from out of london...

i'm guessing smash-edo will be fun.
joe blogs

some reflections on black bloc today

03.10.2010 22:57
Although there were quite a few of us. maybe 100 i'd say, what had a lot of potential, turned out pretty negatively. The black bloc basically left the main route and was instantly kettled. Many black blocers avoided the kettle, but failed to successfully regroup and left our comrades trapped. Many non-anarchist marchers realised what was going on and stopped marching, demanding that those in the kettle be let go. It got pretty rowdy and we could have better used that opportunity to try to free our comrades, but it was literally a handful of anarchists trying to convice 100s of SWpers, that they should show solidarity and refuse to move until the comrades were free. Some march stewards blatantly colluded with the police and told everyone to march on, and that those kettled would be allowed to join the march. This was a a lie.
Many individual anarchists did what they could, but as group we failed miserably. We allowed ourselves and others walk into a kettle and then watched powerlessly as our friends got searched, harassed, photographed. Those loud and proud anarchist voices that urged everyone on before, were nowhere to be found.
I think that we all could have benfited with some sort of meeting beforehand,just to discuss tactics,possibilies, aims, general plan.Instead what ensued was those behind followed those who shouted loudest. As "autonomous" people/ sheep we allowed ourselves be deliberately (imho) manipulated by our so-called comrades and self-appointed leaders into a situation where many anarchists got inevitably kettled, searched,humiliated...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mapuche: most end hunger strike after 82 days as Chilean Government declares it will annul trials under anti-terrorist law

translated from culmine

The majority of the Mapuche have decided to end the hunger strike that went on for 82 days, after reaching an agreement with the government. The government will desist from all trials under the anti-terrorist law present in the courts of the country, according to the agreement, because they believe that the acts for which the Mapuche have been accused cannot continue to be classified as conduct punishable under that law. In addition, the government will continue to sponsor the project to reform military justice, which is already in parliament, so that civilians are not tried by such courts.
The announcement was made by the Archbishop of Concepción, Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati, accompanied by Natividad Llanquileo, a spokesman for the Mapuche in the prison of El Manzano and undersecretary of the presidency Claudio Alvarado.
The Mapuche who withdrew from the hunger strike are being held in prisons of Concepción, Temuco and Lebu. Of those who are in prison in Angol, only Waikilaf Cadin accepted the agreement, while the rest will decide tomorrow morning. To these are added Andrés Gutiérrez Cona, in the prison of Valdivia.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Messina, Sicily - Twenty-five anarchists charged

translated from informa-azione

Police of Messina have concluded the investigation of the precarious school workers "Invade the Strait [of Messina]. A bridge for school," of Sept. 12. There are reports of 25 people belonging to anarchist and antagonist movements "who mixed in with the movement of temporary school workers with the principal purpose of creating problems for the train circulation" say police in relation to the blockade of the central rail station.
At the conclusion of investigation conducted by the Digos of Messina in collaboration with similar offices in other Sicilian police headquarters, this morning were deposited at the Public Prosecutor's "criminal acts relating to events occurring on the margins of the demonstration", which took place Sunday, September 12, 2010 in Messina, "Invade the Strait. A bridge to school", organized by the school's precarious workers. The police said that "during the event some troublemakers, infiltrated among the demonstrators, had occupied the tracks of the Central Station, leading to a partial blockade of rail traffic lasting about an hour."

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)