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Turin, Italy - Resistance to nuclear energy - Communique from prison from Guido and Arturo


Statement of Arthur and Guido February 10, 2011 from Lo Russo e Cotugno (Vallette) prison in Turin

We were arrested during the night of last Monday, February 7 with the allegations, as far as we know, of resisting a public official, injury and attack on transport in the public highway (or something like that) during a blockade against the passage of a train carrying nuclear waste in Condove, Valsusa.
The passage of these trains has always come about with maximum discretion, so that the people exposed to the risks could not express their concerns and possible forms of protest.
Certainly drawing attention to this threat that is passed over in silence and opposing these trains of death is an essential step in the struggle against the nuclear monster, as witnessed by the protests that for decades, especially in northern Europe, thousands of people have taken part in, aware of the tragedy that the atomic industry represents for the present and the future of the planet.
For those who struggle against the harm caused by the absurdity of production that feeds the sick society of progress, nuclear power can only be a further opportunity to express one's own rejection and anger.
Beyond the crimes that are being contested and the progression of the judicial process, we are proud to have participated in what we hope is only a first moment of revival of a broad and determined mobilization that can express, with the forms and methods are in harmony with each one, dignity and strength in rejecting and fighting all harmful substances.
Rebel greetings to all those who, struggling inside and outside the prisons, are stoking the fire of desire for a world free of exploitation and authority.
Presi bene raga!

Arturo Fazio
Guido Mantelli

Letter from prison by the anarchist Fee Marie Meyer, 18.2.2011

Greek original
Behind bars…
So sometimes even the most wild scenarios become reality, and so here I am in pre-trial detention at the Female Prison of Korydallos [in Athens] precisely because I possessed already published documents, because I am anarchist. Of course, the original list of charges against me has grown, with an extremely serious crime added to it – namely my reference to the imprisoned anarchists as “political prisoners”. These are the findings upon which the decision of the Committee of Misdemeanours was based [which ordered Fee's pre-trial detention –trans.], the only findings with which they have sent me to prison. I am not surprised yet I wonder, if what I am going through is not a political persecution, then what would ever be one? Perhaps all the persecutions of comrades based solely on their relationships and their beliefs are not political. Perhaps even the detention of people awaiting trial in high-security prisons, or underground dungeons, are random phenomena, entirely unconnected to the political identity of the detainees. Not to forget the transformation of political trials into military tribunals acting under special circumstances, in absentia of the accused and the withholding of the ID of the people who chose to attend…
Are you kidding us?
Authority itself gets rid of the dipole of innocence and guilt, the same dipole it had used for so many years in order to divide the front of the people in struggle into good and bad ones, legal and illegal. From now on, everything is related; dividing lines become fluid and everyone who resists is placed on the shore of the guilty ones. Everyone is potentially incarcerated in the hospitable cells of the greek prisons.
Divide and conquer is no longer required, the junta is by now shameless, people are one again divided into two parts. Into the exploited and the powerful.
In this situation, it is not only acts who matter anymore but thoughts too. Books and publications are categorised as dangerous and we should expect the new publication of the “index librorum prohibitorum” (list of banned books by the Inquisition). The anarchist/ anti-authoritarian word is criminalised and most certainly needs to be repented as it is subversive. This is an attempt to silence and dispose not only the people in struggle but also the thoughts and our ideals, the ideas that our texts carry with them.
All this is extremely dangerous at the present time.
Dangerous because in the times that we live in a new liberal totalitarianism has made an appearance; the perfectly post-modern and always socialist junta.
Dangerous as the parts of people who resist are widening out, networking, recognising the importance of a multiform struggle.
From the dignified residents of Keratea and the nearby areas, the 300 migrant hunger strikers who demand the obvious dream in life with complete consciousness of their class, to the strikers at the Mass Transportation Systems and other working sectors refusing to bow to the blackmailing of their bosses; the “I won’t pay” movement, the members of which are facing incarceration. Them and how many, how many more…
This junta lacks nothing compared to the previous ones as it has adopted from them the military advantage of the quick, versatile and always-present forces of “Security” and the security para-state that moves around, armed, hooded up and with no initials – specialising in the chasing and torturing of people in struggle; specialising to truly terrorise. Terrorists with new and older methods, abductions in the middle of the street with cinematic effects, publication of photographs even before charges are brought forward (the recent case of comrade K.S in Thessaloniki), invented groups with no name nor action being included in the list of charges against comrades; terrorist laws with special clauses, more laws, more incarcerations.
This entire climate is sustained and reproduced via the media which take on the role that the state would never be able to fulfil on its own. With lies upon lies, TV shows about indifferent celebrities targeting only dumb people and offending the intelligence of those who watch them, they attempt on the one hand to break up and terrorise and on the other hand to keep people drugged up and subordinate to a cheap dream.
At this moment then, for all the above reasons, solidarity as a main co-ordinate unifying the front of the repressed beholds even greater value. Solidarity meaning proximity, not consonance: a recognition of the common ground of the state of our struggle. This fundamental political virtue of higher social organising combined with the utmost individual fulfilment.
Comradely regards, my friendliness and my thoughts go out to all the comrades and friends behind and outside the bars – stay strong! Because until the tearing down of the last prison and total freedom, no-one is free. Because the darkest hour is just before the dawn!

Fee Meyer
Cell 35, Wing B
female prison of Korydallos

Anarchist squat PIKPA in Heraklion, Crete is evicted; three people arrested, constant clashes with the police; anarchists occupy two local TV stations and branch of the Ministry of Health in response


In the early hours of Wednesday, February 16th, riot police stormed the self-managed occupied building PIKPA in Heraklion, Crete. As soon as the news spread, three people who rushed to the spot were arrested by the police. In response to the eviction and the arrests, around 70 people who quickly gathered there occupied a branch of the Ministry of Health, demanding that those arrested were freed. A few hours later they were released; one of them however faces charges.
At the same night, a counter-information event took place at the main square of Heraklion. People attempted to re-approach the PIKPA squat and clashes with the police followed; police chase, beat and arrest four people, all of which were injured during their arrests.
In the morning of Thursday 17/2, the arrested appeared before the prosecutor general – two of them face felonies. After this procedure had ended, riot police once again attacked those who had gathered in solidarity with their batons and tear gas.
In response to all the above events, people in solidarity occupied two TV stations on Thursday night.
A demonstration against police repression has been called for Friday, 18/2 at 6pm at the Lions Square in Heraklion.
"Solidarity is Our Weapon - No Persecution Against the 4 Arrested"
"Solidarity is Our Weapon - No Persecution Against the 4 Arrested"

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„Scherbendemo“ - 30 shops got attacked-Berlin the 4th of february 2011


Berlin the 4th of february 2011
„Scherbendemo“ is a german expression of the autonomous scene for a demo thats only aim is to unleash the anger by destroying property (mostly windows). This demos happened the last time in the 90s.

Again there have been left-extreme riots in Berlin in the night from friday to saturday because of the eviction of the house project Liebig 14. In the closer area of Hackescher Markt the windows of fashion stores got destroyed.

The reason is the eviction of the house on Liebigstraße 14 last wednesday. On friday evening around 9pm about 200 sympathisers gathered at Revaler Straße in Friedrichshain. The manifestation was anounced in the internet.
Police says that they checked several persons and found masks and even knifes. That they found knifes is doubted by the autonomous scene.
The police finished the gathering, which hasnt been registerd, at 9:30pm and people were sent away. The left protesters spreaded in small groups in different directions.

Nearly at the same time around 50 masked people marched down Alte Schönhauser Straße, Weinmeisterstraße to Rochstraße in the district of Mitte. They smashed the windows from nearly 30 stores and demaged cars. Before the cops arrived the group escaped. The secret police investigates.

More protests are expected on saturday night- the residents of the house on Liebigstraße 14 called out to make the evictions as expensive as possible. Already on wednesday riots broke out in Friedrichshain.
Even 3 days after the eviction of the house, which is known outside of Berlin aswell, Autonome showed their solidarity in Hamburg and Kopenhagen. In both cities leftradicals were fighting against the police on saturday night. Traditionally there is a big autonomous scene in both cities, leftradicals from northern germany and denmark participate regularly at protests in Berlin. In the district of St.Pauli and Altona stones and bottles got thrown at the cops. In front of the city council the cops used pepperspray and sticks to drift the protesters apart.



On the 17th of September M.T., A.K. and M.O. are arrested for the case of the bank robbery at the National Bank of Greece at Psahna in Evia, the first two are imprisoned. Six months later another comrade, V.P., is added to the list of “suspects”. On Friday 18/2 at the courts of Halkida he is going to appear before the prosecutor accused as an accomplice.
undefinedThe case is part of the general frame of prosecutions of anarchists based on fake accusations, pre-made cop scenarios, always of course with the help of the journalists who cant wait to throw mud and misinform, paving the ground for continuous persecutions and imprisonments of fighters.



FRIDAY 18/2, 13:00

Solidarity Assembly

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shell action in Solidarity with Rossport glasgow UK -Three BP petrol stations shutdown in Birmingham UK


Earth First! | 16.02.2011 
Today three BP petrol stations in the Quinton, Longbridge and Selly Park areas of Birmingham were shutdown.

The action was taken in response to BP's involvement in the Canadian Tar Sands, the role it played in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and more recently the joint venture with Russian energy firm Rosneft to exploit potentially huge deposits of oil and gas in Russia's Arctic shelf. The deal will result in the exploration of 125,000 square kilometers in three areas known as EPNZ 1, 2 and 3 located on the Russian Arctic continental shelf in the South Kara Sea. The deal will also see an Arctic technology center established in Russia which will develop technologies and engineering practices to make Arctic oil extraction easier. [1]

The pumps were all shut off after the safety switches were pushed up into the off position and a metal rod then inserted into the switch handle which was used to wrench it off, making it difficult to switch back on again. The doors were sprayed with the words "Climate Criminals"

One activist said "BP cannot be allowed to continue to destroy our planet for corporate greed. We will continue to fight back against them, and all other corporations that put profit before planet and people"

Earth First!




Rossport solidarity glasgow | 16.02.2011 
Services were distrupted at the Shell garage on Alexandra Parade in Glasgow in solidarity with the approval of Shell's gas pipeline in Rossport, Ireland and to raise awareness about the crimes against humanity committed by Shell around the world.

The Shell garage on Alexandra Parade saw a group of activists with banners reading "Crack your pipe habit," "free Rossport," and "Shell to Hell" disrupting services for the afternoon with many drivers being turned away from the petrol station or choosing to go elsewhere themselves. The group gave leaflets to drivers entering the garage and passers by which highlighted Shell's plans to bring at least 1 trillion cubic feet of high-pressure gas from west coast County Mayo and pump it 9km inland through an inhabited area, risking people's lives.

The action was carried out in solidarity with the people of Rossport, whose lives are threatened by the high pressure pipeline which would go through their community to bring money to one of the most damaging companies in the world. Whilst the people of Ireland are being crippled by the cuts in public services, the corrupt government is giving away the country's natural resources to a company well known for environmental damage, disastrous accidents and human rights abuses. The action was also done to highlight other atrocities committed against people and the environment by Shell, such as the Niger Delta and the tar sands in Canada.

People around the world are resisting by defending their communities and environment against Shell.
Rossport solidarity glasgow

Atos attacked- Nottingham U.K


Tagged as: atos disability repression
Neighbourhoods: beeston

On Sunday Night, windows were smashed at Atos Origin offices in Beeston. Also, a graffitti message reading "Atos profits from oppression" was left on the entrance to the site. Atos is responsible for designing and implementing the tests used to determine eligability for incapacity benefits etc, and so this was an act of solidarity with all those who have had their lives turned upside down by being thrown off their benefits. Atos make a profit out of our misery.
As the government increasingly pushes its ruthless agenda in cuts to social welfare, it is companies such as Atos who are paid to do the dirty work. We are being forced into work, to chain ourselves to an unstable, exploitative and inhuman labour market that makes us ill. It will always be politicians and business owners who benefit from our wage slavery. Poeple who refuse, or are unable, to be pliant and flexible workers are being punished for not conforming to the demands of the economic system, and it is from this oppression that companies such as Atos profit.

We believe that the work that healthcare professionals carry out for Atos is in direct conflict with the duty of care that should be shown to people in need of medical help. Atos' money has paid for their ethics to be put aside so that profit can be made for the company at the expense of people's health.

Atos are becoming experts in the business of identifying groups to contain and exclude them. They were one of the groups who tendered for the government's ID cards contracts whilst the scheme was still going ahead.

This is a message to Atos and other companies who profit from this system of denial and abuse that our rage will bring down your empires.

Viva l'anarchia! 150 years of anarchism and revolt in Italy bristol u.k.

12/13 Kings Square/ jamaica st.
Anti-info weekend about anarchist struggle in the past and present in Italy and beyond.
Saturday 19th (3 till 8pm)

Meet, drink tea, enjoy the zines/texts and nice tunes.
beginning with the text Viva l'anarchia! we will discover , discuss , listen and share the rich and passionate anarchist past in Italy. We will begin to relate its relevance and consequences to the present day struggle.

Afterwards we will enjoy gourmet food and documentaries!

Sunday 20th (3 to 8 pm)

To follow up from saturday we will continue to reflect and explore how anarchist struggle in Italy, past actions, ideas and individuals are actually significant to todays struggle, not just in Italy but everywhere.

Afterwards we will delight our tastebuds with Italian food and watch films about anarchist struggle in the present day .

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UPDATE ON C.C.F. TRIAL 15/2/2011

The application of exception that was submitted by the four comrades of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire against the regular and surrogate judges was rejected today by the three-member Court of appeal of felonies of Athens, that sat today with a different composition.
The advocates of the three defendants (Emmanuel Giospas, Nikos Vogiatzakis and Errikos Rallis) who are free under conditions, as well as the lawyer of the imprisoned Alexandros Mitrousias repeated their demands against the members of the court, which they ascribe a series of procedural infringements for the decisions they have taken regarding the retaining of the identities of people that enter the court, in order to watch the trial, the non recording of the procedure, on the self appointed nomination of advocates of defence and the sending of the proceedings to the prosecutors office and the Lawyer's Association of Athens.
The court decided that no suspicions exist of partiality at the expense of the defendants from the regular and surrogate judges. Thus, the trial was adjourned until next Tuesday 22/2



On the 17th of September M.T., A.K. and M.O. are arrested for the case of the bank robbery at the National Bank of Greece at Psahna in Evia, the first two are imprisoned. Six months later another comrade, V.P., is added to the list of “suspects”. On Friday 18/2 at the courts of Halkida he is going to appear before the prosecutor accused as an accomplice.
The case is part of the general frame of prosecutions of anarchists based on fake accusations, pre-made cop scenarios, always of course with the help of the journalists who cant wait to throw mud and misinform, paving the ground for continuous persecutions and imprisonments of fighters.



FRIDAY 18/2, 13:00

Solidarity Assembly

Informal Anarchist Federation / Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-responsibility claim for the incendiary package send to the minister of justice in greece 2/2

I do not feel loss for my arrest…
I do not feel loss for the clandestinity …
I do not feel loss that I am imprisoned…
I do not feel loss for the Struggle that we conduct…
(Michalis Nikolopoulos member of the prisoned cell of C.C.F)

The real defeat in a war is not captivity in the hands of the enemy, but capitulation, loss of conscience, surrender, penitence, statements of loyalty. Because that is where the game of power is played, in the moral decline and depreciation of its dissident opponents. It wants to force rebels to bend, to kneel, to conciliate to make clear that “every struggle is lost, all resistance is useless” . However the only lost fight is the one that never began. Its commands are clear. “You must not think, you must not resist, you must not fight”. And where its rhetoric does not work, either with the illusion of consuming frenzy, or with the threat of the violence of truncheons, guns and tear gas, there are the judicial “clergies” and correctional establishments ready “to accommodate” the most undisciplined for an indefinite time. They also want to send this message “we decide and we give the orders” inside the special political martial court that is judging the case of the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. 
 There is no need for somebody to be an anti-authoritarian in order to see the overt fascism that prevails in the special court of Koridalos prison. The refusal to  install microphones for the recording of the trial and the fact that the cops hold all the identities of the people who want to express their solidarity and stand next to the defendants are the “virtues” of the admirable world of democracy. Those that with their predatory appetites have “mortgaged” the life of an entire population, now speak about the “unsustainable cost of recording the trial” while simultaneously they are restoring in modern history the publication of new testimonial beliefs, by keeping the identities of the people that want to attend the trial, obviously in order to use them in no “innocent” way, but for the input of the Police and the Counter-terrorist department.
We will be brief.

The comrades of the cell of the imprisoned members of C.C.F and the dignified rebels P. Masouras and G. Karagianidis have highlighted the political and repressive policies of this trial a thousand times better than us.

The essential wager that is being played at this moment on the part of the anarchists, revolutionaries, those in solidarity and undisciplined is to not allow power to make one more step towards strengthening its coup d'etat. 
The cell of the imprisoned members of C.C.F and the dignified comrades placed a limit of life and dignity by beginning a HUNGER STRIKE on 3-2-2011. “This struggle is given, not for a precarious victory in this court, but in order for it to be imposed as an non-negotiable term in all the political trials that will follow, the possibility of the unhindered attendance by all the people who want to express their solidarity. A fight that comes to a peak with the start of the hunger strike”(Gerasimos Tsakalos- Michalis Nikolopoulos - members of the cell of prisoned members of C.C.F) The comrades turned the court of power into a victory not only for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire but also for the wider revolutionary front. Everything that happened and everything that will happen constitutes the new legacy of courts and prosecutions that the system is preparing for its political opponents.
Comrades…! in this court is being conducted one of the most important battles that goes far beyond the action and history of a revolutionary organization. The state “tests” the resistance and tolerance of the radical-subversive area.

Certain coincidences, such as the facility with which the police and the public prosecutors fill the TV screens and the front pages of the newspapers with photographs of suspects, where it is proved afterwards that these persons, such as the anarchist Fee Meyer or K.S. that was arrested as a suspect for a robbery in Thessaloniki and turn out to have no relation with these “charges” against them, are not accidental. (We add that for that particular robbery the anarchist Rami Surianos was arrested and for sure if he is innocent he deserves our solidarity, if guilty he deserve it a thousand times more). The new fashion of arrests of persons that are accused for unknown-anonymous terrorist groups, such as the case of the 6 and the arrest of the 4 comrades in Thessaloniki, is also not accidental.
This witticism of the unknown-anonymous terrorist tgroup, as anyone can understand, is an “elastic argument” that stretches and opens depending on the appetites and interests of power and the law enforcement authorities in order to justify the huge increase in future charges (special provisions of terrorism law). 

It was heard from the public prosecutor that in the case of F. Meyer “it is not reasonable to possess texts written by suspects for terrorism”. That is to say the possession of texts that are already published, that contain thoughts, concerns, proposals, regardless whether somebody agrees or not, is considered a punishable offence. Thus perhaps the season of the thought police is not far away. We must not forget that what gets used by the eye, gets used by the brain as well. Anyone can remember the reactions that existed to the first special court years ago for the R.O. 17November, and compare them with the present trial. Now the fact that special courts exist seems to be normal and only a few react (a fact that honours them).

Here exactly we must pass to the counter-attack. Exactly here we must stop getting used to retreating. Exactly here we must stop fearing the ghost of repression. The repression exists because action exists. Qualitative, quantitative and unrepentant action.
The imprisoned members of C.C.F. and the dignified comrades sparked something off. Our brothers from Thessaloniki of the case of the 4 together with G. Skoyloudis as well as Stelios and Panos Anastasiadis (the NADIR case) turned their solidarity into action by participating in the abstention from taking prison food. Here we want to add that the 4 comrades D. Dimtsiadis, D. Fessas, M. Tsilianidis, S. Tzifkas gave “lessons” in revolutionary dignity, disdaining and offending the judiciaries with their proud attitude as they did not give one word, refusing to recognize the process. We remind them that they are always in our thoughts and that the dangerous journey of revolution has not finished…
Now it is our time. We, “the free”, all of us, anarchists and revolutionaries that say that we refuse this world, that we are fighting for freedom, that we are demolishing their false god that is money because ours is the human being, will we leave our comrades alone? Will we tolerate the fascist delirium of this worthless president (of the court) and her collaborators that pronounce “death” sentences for the comrades that go on hunger strike?

There is no need for anyone to answer to himself with emotion. There is no space for emotion, or for humanitarian sympathies. It is a matter of a clear conscience. If the values and the moral code of persons that still believe in anarchy and her beauty, allows them to delay their attack and make up excuses, they should stay away from the affair We will not wait for them neither will history ….
Now or never there is a need for our most decisive step. We say again that here is being played a total wager from the side of power. The development and the way in which the court of C.C.F turns out will be the guide for the trials to come. What remains unanswered will be considered a defeat. Their wager is in our hand, to make it our opportunity. Because times can be hard, our brothers can risk their lives with the hunger strike, many comrades can be imprisoned in the cells of democracy, however it is always one more chance for attack, for the destruction of this system. Of course, the need for strategy is now more clear than never before. Lightning never travels in straight repetitive lines. It bursts out suddenly. Even a phenomenal “silence”, is not a retreat, but the silence before the thunder…

As a minimal expression of solidarity to the struggle of the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the dignified comrades we sent an incendiary package to the minister of Justice X. Kastanidi who is responsible for the refusal of one of the two requirements of our comrades for the recording of the transcript of the trial. We will not answer his lies concerning the quantity of allegedly powerful explosives that he claimed for reasons of communication policy in order to present himself as victim. We will make do with repeating that the precautionary measures were the same as those of the previous 14 packets so that it is impossible for anyone uninvolved to be injured.

Moreover, we want to say a few things about the recent events in the Law faculty.
This is the season of murderers. When the walls of a building have more value than 300 tortured souls, then it is sure that something is not going well. We have spoken about the contradictions of immigrants in a previous text, however when the majority of Greek society cares more about the windows and doors of a building, then do not search for criminals and murderers in the thieves and the desperate. Look around you, they speak the Greek language fluently and some go around in expensive cars wearing ties. Because you should know that when somebody is cruel in words, it rarely stops there ..

Finally we declare that from now the illegal sector of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire will also participate in the International Revolutionary Front - Informal Anarchist Federation. The explosive expression of solidarity at international level for the trial of C.C.F. and also the publications that put organizations such as the FLT-FLA (Mexico) and Praxedis G. Guerrero in their texts, we consider that they initiate powerful bases for the opening of a revolutionary dialogue through action, but also proposals of co-ordination.
We send therefore the most powerful revolutionary greeting to the comrades revolutionaries in all the world with the belief that our voices and action can meet and coordinate our total attack against power. 

The sabotages in Turkey and the attacks of the informal cells of insurrection, the attacks in Chile, the letters with bullets in Madrid and Barcelona, the paint bombs on the Greek embassy in Austria, the arson of courts in Switzerland, the acts of solidarity in Poland, in Bristol, in London, but also in other places- heart of the capitalistic civilization (sources of counter - information culmine, viva la anarquia, act for freedom, 325, safa.espiv e.t.c.) fill us with strength and courage in order to continue. And not only, but also in order to commit through our participation in the Informal Anarchist Federation - International Revolutionary Front that the quiet days are over for ever.

At the same moment the internal enemy in Greece, is developing, becoming more effective and is organizing for its confrontation with the system. The attacks of the International Revolutionary Front - Deviant Behaviour for the spread of revolutionary terrorism, Informal Anarchist Federation - Cell of Aggressive Line, Informal Anarchist Federation - Cell of Revolutionary Solidarity, Warriors of Revolutionary Conscience, commando Lambros Fountas, revolutionary formations for the spread of chaos and other comrades, show that the prospect of international networking in the formation of the Informal Anarchist Federation and its values is effective here and now. Now every anarchist group can participate in this open platform of action and thought, contributing with its own way in its development and co-ordination. Also we send our warm solidarity to the anarchists Monica Caballero and Andrea Urzua Cid who are to be found in the women's prisons of Chile and to all the arrested for the bombs - case, to the anarchists Adrian Magdaleno and Braulio Arturo Duran (jailed in Mexico), to our brother Gabriel Pombo Da Silva in prison of Germany and to Billy, Costa, Silvia, M. Camenich (prisons of Switzerland).

Finally we embrace our own people, Michalis, Gerasimos, Panagiotis, Xaris, Takis, we grit our teeth and give them this promise and commitment:
As long as the sun rises from the east we will not stop fighting for your release even for a moment, to be all together again in the most beautiful plans that we left unfinished in order to fulfil the most wild and “mad” adventure of revolution. Our day will come...
We dedicate you these few words to you...

Love danger. What hardre? That is what I want.
Which road will you take? The most rugged uphill.
Love responsibility
Do not look for friends, look for comrades.
Do not ask “will we win?”... “will we be defeated?”... just FIGHT...”

Illegal sector
Informal Anarchist Federation / Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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Monday, February 14, 2011


This text is written as a statement to announce the end of the hunger strike that we had begun on Thursday 3-2-2011. We know that such type of actions and forms of struggle leave their prints on the history of the revolutionary subversive movement, and hence have a public character and are exposed to any criticism. Taking into consideration, therefore, that we are stopping the strike before our demand is satisfied and at a very short time after the start our mobilisation, we decided to make a public statement carrying out an assessment of our mobilization from the beginning of our trial until now.

All through the duration of the last week before our trial, the Media propagated the climate of safety in a characteristic way, so it can be understood that it is very likely for the trial to be carried out behind closed doors and with no audience, in the frames of a more general effort to isolate political prisoners. When this information reached us we began to discuss seriously this probability and the way we would react if this became a reality. Easily we decided that we would not accept in any case to carry out the trial in this way and that we would do anything in our power to prevent it.

Monday the 17th of January found us in the court room to learn that although the entry for the public is free, they kept and photocopied the id cards of those who wished to enter. After the aggressive mention of this matter in the court, the judges agreed to not keep the id cards and it declared that all evidence that has been retained will be destroyed. After their return, from a small break lasting a few minutes, where they obviously received certain orders from their political superiors, they declared that is legal and imposed the retaining of the id cards, mentioning the regulations that prevail on prison buildings. After the intense reaction in which the people who were present in the room for solidarity participated, obviously having only given their id in order to support us, we withdrew declaring that we and our lawyers will abstain from the process in the event that this fascist practice of the court continues.

In the detention rooms where all six of us were, we were informed by our lawyers that there is a possibility that they could try us in absentia. Simultaneously, our three co-defendants Manos Giospas, Nikos Bogiatzakis, Errikos Rallis, with whom until then we had any communication, said to us that they support no matter what our choice and will follow our decision. In a discussion that we had between us six, we put down the possibilities that we faced and we decided soberly and consciously that provided that our demand is not satisfied we will cease our lawyers and we will withdraw. We were even preparing a statement that would be announced by us, specifically for this case. In this agreement participated only under terms Alexandros Mitrousias, which he had made clear to us that he will return to the trial, even if just one individual with his/hers presence legalizes the process.

The process was adjourned for Monday 24-1-2011, where one of us read our public statement that in the event that they do not withdraw the regime of terrorism against friends and relatives who come in solidarity, we will act as we had warned, while we began the same day to deny prison food that will escalate to a hunger strike if the trial advances with appointed advocates without us. Only Konstandina Karakatsani, even though she ensured that she continued to agree with the prospect of withdrawing from the trial, she did not jointly sign the statement, with the excuse that she did not help shape it and that she wishes to make a separate statement. A statement, however, that never happened, something that was later used by her as an argument of not agreement. The truth, however, is that clearly and categorically she had agreed with the statement that was read on behalf of all of us by Panagiotis Argirou that we withdraw from the trial and cease our advocates. As they know all that were present, we withdrew all willingly, amidst chants from those in solidarity. What followed was the repeated appointment of lawyers from the court, of which some did not even arrive, and others invoked from personal matters to ethical reasons in order to not undertake our defence. Until the court decided that it should again and by blackmailing appoint the advocates of our initial choice, obviously in order to give a new turn to the process that up to then seemed to be coming to a dead-end.

Therefore on 3-2-2011 which was the day where our lawyers would deny the appointment by the court, we announced the beginning of the hunger strike, in order that the demands that we had placed are satisfied. Later the same day, astonished we learned from the tv channels that the lawyers of Konstadina Karakatsani declared that they were never ceased by their client, and that she was removed handcuffed and violently. The next day we learned also that she was present herself with similar arguments asking for the adjournment the of trial so that she can be represented by her own lawyers. The biggest still surprise was one more text that she published also in which she publicly declared that she had never agreed with us to withdraw from the trial together, while it even left points of disagreement in our choice to go on hunger strike for the particular matter.

We on our side consider the attitude of the prisoner in question at least unreliable. When a person and especially an anarchist makes agreements they should keep their word, particularly when these agreements involve consequences, not only for them, but also for the rest as well. The regression of Konstandina Karakatsani legalized the decision of the court to register the people and gave it the power to try the rest of the defendants in absentia. The most enraging is that she tried to wrap this regression with a political cloak and did not at least have the sincerity to admit that she could not bear the weight of our common agreement. Her own attitude is moreover that split a fighting front against a court in which we could have achieved an important victory.

From our side certainly the conclusion of the fight we gave filled us with experiences and conclusions. Self-criticism is a weapon for every revolutionary and in this frame we recognize our error to support the whole process on a agreement that was not based on a common prospect, since all of us as disparate individuals with different starting lines of struggle, political attitudes, convictions and perceptions, each one of us gave it a separate meaning, creating thus a construction of which the base was relatively unstable. Of course, a mistake, however, was also the fact that we relied on the wrong individual the moment where a lot was jeopardized for each one us. No matter what, this development caused the rupture of an agreement that henceforth hung dangerously in the middle of a hunger strike. Since also Alexandros Mitrousias decided to act as he had clarified from the beginning, it was a given that no requirements can exist for our three co-defendants, the moment they are free under conditions and this we believe that can be perceived by anyone. The position of these individuals was that they will also support an uncatchable front of fight, from the moment this was cracked there is no reason for them not to return to the trial.

As for us, we think that the means of a hunger strike under the condition of attendance to the court of half or more of the defendants is rendered ineffectual. We are revolutionaries and not martyrs. The hunger strike is a means of which the historicity and the effectiveness is not to be doubted. Nevertheless considering that the balances were reversed against us, its continuation does not even appear potentially expedient, but on the contrary and an end in itself.
Thus we select today 11-2-2011 to end the hunger strike, even though our demands have not yet been satisfied. On the other side, we are not in any way going to accept this court and the way it develops. As revolutionaries we will not tolerate any blackmails they attempt to impose on us, and we do not have anything to negotiate with their special court martial. If they judge us in absentia they should know that we have condemned them beforehand. We consider that the position of the state mechanism is indicative of its intentions. The matter, however, is not that we show its intolerance or its arbitrariness. On the contrary, we perceive our attitude as a condition of political victory against the juridical authority, that believed that it could minimize us with its norms and orders, trying to accomplish thus the undermining of our struggle.

It is therefore rendered a necessity the evident and vigorous choice against an totalitarian regime that is continuously becoming more fascist. The strategy of isolation of political prisoners does not aim only to bury them in the democratic dungeons, neither to defame and discredit them through the channels that feed the enormous volume of informative waste that they feed us. It aims to their complete isolation from any live expression of solidarity, in order to brake them away from any connection with the components of the wider revolutionary movement. One such effort of isolation is finally also the stiff attitude to check and file those who dare to appear at our trial as the minimal price that they should pay in order to express their solidarity. A price that all know that could be paid dearly in the future, given that the fury of the persecutory authorities and the vengeance of repression that has already derailed and easily are translated into mass prosecutions and imprisonment.

The uncontrollable penalization of comrade, friendly and family relations, the elasticity of the official charges, the continuous upgrades of the anti-terrorist law, the photographs of comrades that are all over the televisions and newspapers, are only a few of the many things that have happened and will continue happening. The recording, finally, of the identification of those who come in solidarity is for us nothing other, than one more spear of repression that continues to intensify.
Thus, what we declare clearly and publicly is that as long as our comrades have no place in this trial, then surely neither do we.

We raise our clenched fist through the bars to all the comrades from Greece and abroad, that acted in solidarity on the platform of the multiform subversive struggle. We thank, also, all those that selected publicly to express their solidarity to our struggle, going on prison food abstention. They factually proved that even in conditions of imprisonment the margins to fight and show solidarity never grow thin. Because dignity and conscience never wear chains…


Haris Hadjimihelakis
Panagiotis Argirou
Panagiotis Masouras
Giorgos Karagiannidis


ALF Claim Raids on Two Lab Breeders (UK)

"Two farms supplying chickens to be used in laboratory experiments were raided in one night. 25 chickens were freed from these disgusting business. We will return to free the rest!
AE Binning in Besselsleigh, Oxfordshire and Ross Poultry Farms, Martin Hussingtree, Worcester were the targets.
The fall of the animal supply network will be brought about and with this comes victory and closure of the laboratories.
Action, not words!
Animal Liberation Front"

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)