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letter to the Minister of Justice

10 February 2010
To the Minister of Justice, Trasparency and Human Rights,

We are here today to denounce the ongoing imprisonment of Alfredo Maria Bonanno in the prison of Koridallos, Athens, in spite of the announcement of new detention measures by the Ministry of Justice whereby thousands of prisoners presently being held in conditions that amount to torture in Greece’s overcrowded prisons and concentration camps would be released while awaiting trial.
Given his advanced age, his seriously compromised health and the fact that the charges against him fall into the category of a misdemeanor, it is patently clear that the protracted detention of this 73-year old anarchist comrade is not based on the official judicial accusation of concourse in a robbery in the small town of Trikala six months ago, but is an exemplary case of political revenge against his ideas, aimed at his physical and psychological annihilation.
Active in the anarchist movement for decades, one-time militant in the resistance against the dictatorship of the Greek colonels (1967-1974), writer and editor of many anarchist theoretical works: these are the political reasons why Alfredo Bonanno continues to be held under life-threatening conditions.

With the present, we, a few anarchists and lovers of freedom in London, demand the immediate liberation of Alfredo Maria Bonanno.

International solidarity initiative
to Alfredo M. Bonanno

For the destruction of all prisons

leaflet handed out outside the embassy

Like every other population on the planet, the Greek people are facing a situation of grave economic hardship due to the greed and avarice of bankers, politicians, church leaders, within the context of a global economic system based on the plundering and abuse of natural resources and the exploitation of millions of people.
In that beautiful country, considered by many here as no more than a pleasant holiday resort, it is, as always, the young people, immigrants, over-exploited workers and unemployed to bear the brunt of the crisis. Brutal policing and judicial repressive measures are being employed, and these are sure to get worse over the coming months as more and more people are pushed beyond the limits of stoic endurance. During the weeks following December 6 2009, the whole country was shaking at the wrath of school pupils rebelling following the murder in cold blood, by a policeman, of a fellow pupil, Alexandros Grigoropolous. They were joined by thousands and thousands of anarchists, immigrants, students and young unemployed, in a widespread social rebellion. Representatives of the repressive forces of this country are now present in Greece to help their Greek counterparts in the repression of all forms of protests while the Greek people continue to suffer the consequences of the economic choices made by the above.
In spite of a protracted hungerstrike in November 2008 involving 7-8,000 prisoners, Greek prisons are full to overflowing and some are such that even the guards refer to them as extermination camps. Promises by the politicians of the recently elected Pasok (socialist party) in government have been mainly ignored and thousands of prisoners continue to suffer in appalling inhuman conditions.
At the present time all expressions of anger and rebellion in Greece are being brutally repressed, inside and outside the prison walls, but the struggle for freedom is vibrant and alive, and is an inspiration everywhere.
The spirit of rebellion will never be suppressed.
Active solidarity in the struggle.
Destroy all prisons

a few anarchists

The prison came two young children, brothers, 13 and 15 years, Georgian origin who were convicted of stealing small items total value of EUR 10, Giann

The incident occurred in the city of Giannitsa Friday, February 5 and two children were arrested in the act. On Monday went to trial and sentenced to one year imprisonment with aggravating circumstances prior involvement in petty cases.

Following the decision of the court in Giannitsa, the two minors were transferred to prisons Kassaveteias of Volos. According to reports, there was reaction from the prisoners themselves in Volos, where watched transported as restrained their two young children.

Already there are efforts to intervene in the Ministry of Justice and the prison at Volos for the immediate release of children and the need to eliminate any sentence of imprisonment for minors notes on the occasion Initiative for the Rights of Prisoners.

In text signatures already on the internet ( states:

"Hundreds of children, so literally children are now in a humid and dark prisons. The "prison system" does, you see, discrimination. Dominated at all levels from the same blind, vindictive and punitive approach. Do not see how that juvenile prisons is the result of a socially unjust policy that creates the terms and conditions for the "juvenile". Do not see how that prison is a juvenile hall for adult prisons. She sees how the lack of a network of prevention, care and protection of children and adolescents, is that intensify poverty, inequality and discrimination.
Solution may be the incarceration and punishment. Solution can not be forced "compliance". Solution may be the eve of teenagers in cells without education and medical care.
We assert the abolition of prisons and juvenile institutions to create alternative equitable and creative integration of children and adolescents in society. "

Just a day before revealing the news, the President of LAOS George Karatzaferis said in parliament in the pre agenda discussion on the draft law on citizenship that 55% of the "criminals" in Greek prisons are immigrants.

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2010 Olympics - Call for Action

This is a call for an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and anarchist bloc at the February 12th demo from the Vancouver Art Gallery to BC Place. This bloc is called in defiance of police and social repression that has become increasingly normalized; in struggle against the Olympics and its projects; and in continuation of a greater resistance against all forms of control.

We support family-friendly demonstrations and recognize that everyone has a different level of engagement – whether it be throwing slogans or throwing down. We support people's decision to not partake in conflict, but let us make it clear that violence always comes from the cops. When repression comes down on those around us, we will act accordingly.

Our diversity – of tactics, of levels of engagement, of experience – should be our source of strength. We need to confront our opponents in many ways and from many angles. From direct action against corporate sponsors to postering campaigns, public meetings, protests, street actions and all other manifestations of resistance, we need it all.

We want you here. For the 12th meet the torch at 9am in Grandview Park, then hook up with the bloc behind the black flags at 3pm at the Art Gallery. Show up for HeartAttack on the 13th. But don't let it end there – the Olympics are here for two solid weeks.

We know it’s a little late for a callout saying “come to our city!” – so if you can't be here in person, be here in spirit: engage in whatever it is that makes you feel good wherever you are. Just know that there will be support and appreciation for your actions.

Current information about Amadeu Casellas (February 2010)
13 02 2010

February 12, 2010

In a letter from Amadeu dated February 5, 2010, he tells us that, together with the Girona prison warden and a legal expert, they have figured out the number of days of preventative detention that should be subtracted from the 37-year sentence Amadeu is serving for several bank robberies during the 1980s. Amadeu’s sentence was set for 2016 after an earlier reduction due to credit earned for work.

After calculating the amount of preventative detention that must still be deducted from his sentence, it was determined that, not counting the time he’s already been credited, he is still owed over 4000 days.

His lawyers have already petitioned to credit him some of these days, and Amadeu himself has written a report to the courts detailing the total number of days he feels he should be credited. If one were to compare the years already logged by Amadeu to the time he should be credited, it would reveal that the general administration of Catalan prisons has made him serve a sentence several years too long.

According to Amadeu, they owe him almost 12 years of credit for preventative detention served. That’s why they need to add six more years to the six years they’ve already subtracted from his total sentence.

Amadeu has been demanding his freedom for years, but the Councilor of Justice and the General Administration of Catalan Prison Services have not only denied him all possibility of release, but have also intensified the conditions of his imprisonment by depriving him of contact with his friends and comrades, both outside and inside prison.

Given the circumstances, Amadeu has been forced to go on several long hunger strikes in order to be heard. Just a little more than three months ago, Amadeu abandoned a hunger strike he had maintained for 99 days, and in the middle of January he planned to begin another, but dropped the idea in the hope that he would be credited with the days of preventative detention he is owed.

After sending several letters to the court, Amadeu has become aware that the prison has been notified about some of this credit, yet it has nevertheless still not been applied. For this reason, and after waiting more than a month for some response from the prison that would break the stalemate, Amadeu is considering beginning a new hunger strike on February 20, 2010 in the event that he is not set free.

Therefore, via this document, we want to bring the current situation to the attention of everyone who has expressed their solidarity. Keep an eye out for further information we will be disseminating in order to demand, once again, freedom for Amadeu Casellas.
Current information about Amadeu Casellas (February 2010)
13 02 2010

February 12, 2010

In a letter from Amadeu dated February 5, 2010, he tells us that, together with the Girona prison warden and a legal expert, they have figured out the number of days of preventative detention that should be subtracted from the 37-year sentence Amadeu is serving for several bank robberies during the 1980s. Amadeu’s sentence was set for 2016 after an earlier reduction due to credit earned for work.

After calculating the amount of preventative detention that must still be deducted from his sentence, it was determined that, not counting the time he’s already been credited, he is still owed over 4000 days.

His lawyers have already petitioned to credit him some of these days, and Amadeu himself has written a report to the courts detailing the total number of days he feels he should be credited. If one were to compare the years already logged by Amadeu to the time he should be credited, it would reveal that the general administration of Catalan prisons has made him serve a sentence several years too long.

According to Amadeu, they owe him almost 12 years of credit for preventative detention served. That’s why they need to add six more years to the six years they’ve already subtracted from his total sentence.

Amadeu has been demanding his freedom for years, but the Councilor of Justice and the General Administration of Catalan Prison Services have not only denied him all possibility of release, but have also intensified the conditions of his imprisonment by depriving him of contact with his friends and comrades, both outside and inside prison.

Given the circumstances, Amadeu has been forced to go on several long hunger strikes in order to be heard. Just a little more than three months ago, Amadeu abandoned a hunger strike he had maintained for 99 days, and in the middle of January he planned to begin another, but dropped the idea in the hope that he would be credited with the days of preventative detention he is owed.

After sending several letters to the court, Amadeu has become aware that the prison has been notified about some of this credit, yet it has nevertheless still not been applied. For this reason, and after waiting more than a month for some response from the prison that would break the stalemate, Amadeu is considering beginning a new hunger strike on February 20, 2010 in the event that he is not set free.

Therefore, via this document, we want to bring the current situation to the attention of everyone who has expressed their solidarity. Keep an eye out for further information we will be disseminating in order to demand, once again, freedom for Amadeu Casellas.
Supporting the movement's prisoners is vital, and one of the ways we can do that is by sending letters and messages of solidarity and support, not forgetting to send 'em a few stamps so they can keep in touch with their friends on the outside.

I've been writing to Elijah (James) Smith recently.

Elijah has been on remand for over a year for an act of decommissioning at EDO MBM/ITT during the bombing of Gaza.


For prisoners to keep in touch with people outside they need stamps and, as there's no post office inside, it really helps if you can send a few unused stamps along with your letters. Might help the posties too.


Send messages of support (and stamps) to Elijah Smith, VP7551, HMP Elmley, Church Road, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Kent ME12 4AY.

If you're planning to write after 1 March, then check the link above, as Elijah might be moved back to Lewes prison about that time.


For information about other ways to support prisoners and other prisoners to support, see:


Around 400 people demonstrated today in solidarity with Fabrica Yfanet Squat in Thessaloniki after the last days' fascistic attack. Fotos from the demo:

Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly. last nighit 02/09/10 Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly. Close to 23:00 while the YFANET Fabric Assembly was taking place, around 20 hooded fascists with picks and helmets attacked the squat. They tried to enter the Assembly room but were successfully repelled by our comrades, then they tried to loot several parts of the squat. The damage that they caused was little, a burnt scooter, some furniture and other stuff. Some kids who were in the BMX-Ramps area were slightly beaten. None of us was injured. Then around the area different kinds of cops started to appear and meanwhile some people in solidarity with us also started gathering. The fascists disappeared. Some recriminations took place between the cops and the people who gathered and later without any specific reason the MAT (special pigs' forces) appeared and attacked and threw quite a lot of teargas into the squat. By this time there are many people in front of Yfanet, more than 200 persons in a comradely climate. Cops and fascists have gone. One girl, away from the building and as it seems suspected of solidarity, was taken by the pigs to the local pig station and she will be released later. A new assembly is taking place right now and also another one is arranged for tomorrow at 18:00. F ★ Y (This is breaking news, updates will soon follow) The YFANET squat came under attack by fascists at about 23.30 hours local time tonight. Reports now indicate that the intruders have been chased away from the occupied building; we are expecting a report from the comrades who were inside very soon and will be publishing it here once it’s out.

the workers in AGRA Publish Company keep protesting during the week in solidarity with Ntinos Palaistidis who was fired from the company because of hi

athens greece 11/2/10

the workers in AGRA Publish Company keep protesting during the week in solidarity with Ntinos Palaistidis who was fired from the company because of his syndical activities.

Condemning letter to "AGRA" publish company:

We were informed from Employees Association in Book-Paper sector of Attica about the discharge of a worker from your publishing company.

The worker brought the Labor Inspectorate for a labor dispute he had with your company. The Labor Inspectorate opinioned positive for his request. Three days later, it was announced his discharge because of "unconventional behavior".

So, what really happens in AGRA PUBLICATIONS? After struggling for your rights, you get fired??!!

Do you really believe that in the name of the crisis, we the workers will accept the employers' arbitrary and the abuse of our labor rights without fighting?

We think that the worker's dismissal is unfair and vindictive. We join our voices with the employees in book-paper sector and we ask for: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW WITHDRAWAL OF THE DISMISSAL!

Send your condemning letter to the company:

Express your solidarity to the Employees Association in Book-Paper Sector:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Volkan Sevinç turkey 11/2/10

Dear friends, comrades

The guards have brought your letters when I was in the open-air-area. The guard gave the letters which are full of love and comrades’ salutes. “There are so many letters that our eyes hurt when reading them all.” he said jokingly. I said, “I am a political prisoner, it seems like you will get tired of the letters I receive.”

Friends, they keep me in a cell in L type prison. When I arrived I indicated that I was a political prisoner. The head of the prison rightly (!) said that it would be wrong to keep me in a ward. Then they put me in a one-person cell. I said that it did not matter to me, and I will make the necessary applications to be transferred to the F type prison. Neither the head of the prison, nor the guards or prisoners I met from other cells and at the open-air space could understand why they brought me to the L type prison. In fact, after it was finalized that I was going to be imprisoned - outside the court hall when you were waiting at one end and I was waiting at the other - I told my lawyer that I was going to be imprisoned with the ‘criminal prisoners’ and I would object to that. At the court, the offenses of “Changing the evidences according to the law numbered 100/2 in the Code of Criminal Procedure, attending a meeting and coordinating it illegally against the law 2911 on public meetings and marches, insulting the officer on duty” were tried to be imposed on me. These definitions correspond to the attack and the battering we were exposed to, that day! On, Wednesday 6th of January, on Yüksel Street in Ankara, a lynch attempt similar to the ones in Edirne, Erzincan, Manisa/Selendi and İzmir has taken place during the press declaration that was organized to raise solidarity with the conscientious objector Enver Aydemir. During the press declaration, we experienced altogether a repeated lynch attempt. The events were witnessed by the public. Yüksel Street is a location where a number of press declarations are made everyday. That day, we witnessed that the lynch campaign that is tried to be seeded in these lands is taken a step further. In order to justify their attack, they try to cancel the will power that is being attacked. The massacres and lynches are tried to be normalized in this territory. At the Sivas, Çorum, Maraş, Gazi and 19th of December massacres, oppositional voices are tried to be suppressed with the words “citizen’s sensitivity” and “the officers performed their duties”. Militarism is tried to be normalized. I am writing this letter on 19th of January: The third anniversary of Hrant Dink’s murder.

Shall we call this the irony of the history? Yesterday (18th of January) was the day Abdi İpekçi’s murderer Ağca was released! A “mysterious” hit man “full of secrets” is tried to be heroized through the intense interest of the media. This reputable (!) person said that he does not want to do his military service because of “religious and philosophical” reasons. We are talking about Ağca who was sneaked out of prison in a military uniform… Oh my! Ağca who was given an anti-social personality report is “misunderstood” and after this declaration probably he is issued the necessary reports to over come the complications. Let’s see what kind of ways the Messiah we were expecting will start looking for in order to receive the 3 million dollars bail?

By taking advantage of this situation, a columnist in Hürriyet newspaper, Yılmaz Özdil wrote an article titled “Conscientious Objection” on 19th of January. He says “The ones who want to get away from military service can not say that they chicken out, instead they talk about conscientious objection”.

With a brazen attitude, Mr. Özdil gave utterance to the declarations of the “mysterious” hit-man while sitting on his comfortable chair. Maybe your chair is too low Mr. Özdil? It is hard for your aristocratic “conscience” to get the stance of the conscientious objectors’ struggle in this geography which is carried out since 1989. Murat Ülke, Mehmet Bal, Mehmet Tarhan and Halil Savda, who declared that they will not take orders from any power or authority, were tortured. And conscientious objector Enver Aydemir, who is exposed to several punishments, is still imprisoned in Eskişehir Prison. More than 50 thousand people died on these lands in 20 years because of war. Global lords are seizing lives of people all around world; in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They want us to become a part of the destroyed lives. The authorities, who are responsible of the events which cause the death of 66 people every minute around the world, will not be able to seize our consciences and our lives; they will not be able to keep them under captivity. Özdil keeps on writing “there are enough people in this country with conscience!” … Yes, more than you could ever imagine! Uğur Kaymaz, Ceylan; Çağdaş Gemlik and Murat Kasap who were murdered with “stray bullets”. Alexis who is killed in Greece and all the others are in our conscience. And our conscience does not permit us to become a part of this crime. Mr. Özdil, power and authorities create fear. From a psychological view point, fear is a humane feeling. But as you know “chickening out” is not a humane thing. Thus the fear you are talking about belongs exclusively to the power and the authorities. Fear is the system that can not even tolerate a press declaration. Resisting against this militarization is justified by life.

Life is blossoming against the events caused by the hierarchical, militarist and domineering rule of the authorities. One of the crimes that is imposed on me is “coordinating a meeting illegally and dominating the protestors against the law 2911 on public meetings and marches”. As Bakunin said, "Every command is a slap on the face of liberty", so as an anarchist, it is impossible for me to dominate or command anyone. I believe in the power of the free will of the individual. What the authorities can not make sense of, and what disturbs them, is the collective initiative of the free will.

Friends, there had been some minor problems since I arrived here. Most of them are results of the attempts at psychological intimidation. But I am doing very well. These walls make me feel that you and thousands of hearts are here. Although this is not a natural place; the dialectics of the nature makes adaptation and progress within the current conditions possible. New inmates arrived to the neighboring cells, however, the first days were full of silence, there was no one except me. 4-5 days after I arrived, new inmates came. We are chatting through our windows. Behind the walls, I accompany the arabesk songs that come from the neighboring cells with the marches.

On 19th of January, Tuesday, your letters arrived. I read them all, again and again. I will reply all of them. On Mondays and Wednesdays I can send letters. I will send them on Monday. I receive the letters on Fridays and Tuesdays. I knew that the solidarity actions would develop and I have always felt the warmth of your hearts beside me since I arrived here. You have adorned the university campuses and the streets. Solidarity actions have taken place in different cities. I would rather be standing by your side behind the solidarity stands, but this time it is not the case.

Reading the letters is one of my favorite activities here. I will be waiting for your letters. It takes 8-9 days for the letters from Ankara to arrive here. My letters will arrive there around the same time if there is no problem. I might have written in a disorderly way, excuse me if I did. You may make the necessary corrections and release it. (As always, ill-constructed fragments, spelling mistakes etc.)

From the cell which is brimming with your hearts, I am sending to you all of my revolutionary and warmest greetings.

See you soon.

Note: To get information about the court case history and future news you can check the website, an anarchist journal mostly prepared in ankara. For this casei informations available on languages: Turkish, English, Deutsch, Castellano, French.

Poetric fire to the prisons; industrial complex!

Info-night and solidarity gathering in Thessaloniki – Free the Belgrade 6


Freedom to the Belgrade 6

On September 3rd 2009, in Belgrade, 6 anarchists are arrested, accused for the symbolic action of solidarity to the -then prisoner- Th. Iliopoulos. The serbian state, which is in a process of total privatization and faces dynamic workers’ mobilizations, calms down the foreign investors and terrifies the upcoming movement by sending them on trial on February 17th 2010, for “International Terrorism”!

Friday 12 February, 8pm at buanaventura (Dialetti str 8 ):

Info-night for the case of the 6 and the situation in Serbia.

After that, there will be projected by docudrama a movie:

“the Old School of Capitalism” of Zelimir Zilnik

The movie documents the workers movement and the occupations of factories in Serbia in 2009

2 of the arrested comrades, Tadej Kurepa and Ratibor Trivunac, participate.

GATHERING: Wednesday 17th of February, 6pm at the serbian consulate (Komninon str 4)

Solidarity Initiative

From the other side of the wall: Letter #2 from Tamara
12 02 2010

From Punto de Fuga via Tokata:

February 11, 2010

These letters sent from inside the gray, cold prison of Brians are an attempt to return, in some way, all the warmth and affection to those who, with their support and solidarity, have managed to kill the everyday loneliness and routine concealed by imprisonment; to those who are giving me so much strength and vitality right now, and crossing the barrier that separates us to make sure I never lose the feeling of freedom; to all those who are showing how a simple pen and paper can restore one’s hope and desire to keep fighting; to all those who are struggling against the business of torture, punishment, and repression represented by prisons.

And to all of you . . . what can I tell you that you don’t already know? How struggle is repressed? How voices are walled in? How their filthy laws control our lives?

I could tell you how, on December 15, 2009, before the sun went down, a group of Civil Guards entered my home, took whatever they wanted, and abducted me.

I could try to explain what I felt while listening to cries of pain and fear from a jail cell in a police station.

I could pass along the experiences that some prisoners have shared with me, in which they speak of humiliation, of torture, of helplessness, of solitude.

I could talk about what I’ve been able to observe from this side of the wall, like how the “Penitentiary Business” profits from the people it captures, and how they call this “reinsertion” (strange word).

I could illustrate, with some events I’ve been able to witness during this month-and-a-half without freedom, how the prison health system functions, how methadone and other legal drugs are its best methods of control, and how very little people’s health and lives matter.

I could talk about the sadness I feel in the mornings, when I hear so many say “one day less” instead of “one more day.”

I could tell you that, behind these walls, people are being isolated and destroyed.

But . . . all this rings a bell, right? We’ve heard it all before, we’ve been through it all, it’s all happened to others many times, we know all about it. We know that we find ourselves inside an unjust system that sentences us to a “non-life” in which the false idea of “well-being” blinds and condemns people, in which work shackles us, their laws control us, and prison represses and punishes us.

I refuse to fall victim to all this, and even now I don’t feel like one. I want to be and always will be their “problem.” And that’s why what I really want to get across with these words is the desire for us to keep fighting, to not surrender, to continue coping, to try—at least—to breathe freely and feel alive.

I think of you and I feel alive, free, and strong, and that’s why your solidarity has managed to be stronger than the bars of their cells.

For that reason, this letter is addressed to all those who—every day—make the struggle worthwhile, to all the people being held captive in these Death Camps, to all those struggling inside and outside the prisons.

Accept this sisterly embrace, filled with Freedom and rebellion.


- Tamara (January 26, 2010)

news today (11/2/10) greece.

  • The pigs of greek police blame Avgoustis Dimitriou for "resistance against authorities" and "throwing bottles and stones" during the demonstration of 17th November 2006 in Thessaloniki. On this day, Avgoustis was brutally beated up from undercover pigs who blamed him later for participating in riots. In the court they stated that "he was never beated up and his injuries came after he fell down on the sidewalk". The video that came up later denied all the pigs' statements. The student from Cyprus asks now through a trial for 1 million euros because of physical and psychological damages that were caused after the event. The pigs now start a counter-trial action.

Video of the pigs' actions on this day:

  • Behind the jailbars two underage children from georgia, brothers 13 and 15 years old, who stole some stuff of 10 euros value. The event happened on 5th February in the town of Giannitsa and the children were cought on the spot. The trial took place on Monday, the children were judged with one year of imprisoning and were driven to Kassaveteias' jailhouse in Volos town. According to information there was a reaction from the prisoners of the jailhouse when they saw transfering two minors behind the bars. Already actions have started so the children will be immediatelly released and because of this certain event also to release all the hundreds of imprisoned underage children.
  • "Club of Night Experimentations" urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting action against Agricultural Bank in Ioannina town. They want direct release of the comrades Alfredo Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos. Freedom for Ilias Nikolaou. Fredom for Masouras, Giospas, Chatzimichelakis, Nikos and all the people who are accused as members of the "Conspiracy Cells of the Fire". Solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis and all the comrades who are chased by the law. Solidarity with Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vassilis Chrysochoidis who are judged these days for the kidnap of Mylonas industrialist case.
  • Today at 17:00 spoke on anarchist radio through phone connection P. Georgiadis and S. Stratoulis persons who have already inspired and enforced the movement in prisons. The program took place under the radio series of Initiative for Prisoners' Rights Organisation.
  • Attack with stones and pieces of marbles against Z-team pigs in Athens. The pigs arrived behind the Highest Economical University after a call to the pig station about a car robbery. The rain of stones came after a pig took out his helmet and serious injures were caused to him. As it was proved later, the guy who was trying to steal the car was the owner of it and he has just lost the keys.
  • Blockade in Apopigadi mountain region of Chania, Creta. Many people gathered today at Anavos on the crossroad for Spina village in response against the construction of wind energy farm by "Aiolic Mousouron" Company around the region. After the yesterday's events many people from Chania and villages around arrived to express their solidarity with the residents who oppose against the construction of wind energy park because their properties get violated and gets destroyed a whole region, the natural resources and the environment in the name of Multinational Companies' economical profit. So, today mourning a new blockade took place in purpose to stop the company's vehicles from entering the region and open a new road to start the construction of the park. But as it appeared, this time the cops did not have any orders to arrest anyone, while also a prosecutor was among them who informed the citizens that the construction will not start until certain law elements in relation with the construction company will be cleared. The prosecutor will check these elements to judge if the project is legal.
  • "Cell of Unordinary War" urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting device on 9th February in the entrence of the Judge Court of Ksanthi town. Their action a part of the clas war that has already bagun. Freedom for all the political prisoners.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the early hours of 9 February the Center for Judiciary Studies (in Lisbon), where the judges of tomorrow are built, was hit with paintbombs.

In the early hours of 9 February the Center for Judiciary Studies (in Lisbon), where the judges of tomorrow are built, was hit with paintbombs.
Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle and with the comrades persecuted by Justice, here and elsewhere.
Freedom for António Ferreira de Jesus, serving a hidden life sentence.
Freedom for the anarchists Alfredo Bonanno (who has a serious health condition) and Christos Stratigopoulos, imprisoned in the Greek concentration camps.
Freedom for all.

On the appeal trial against the Lecce anarchists for so-called operation Nottetempo

On the appeal trial against the Lecce  anarchists for so-called operation Nottetempo

May 2005: A massive police operation, so called operation Notte

On the appeal trial against the Lecce anarchists

So called operation Nottetenpo (Nigh Time) started in May 2005 with a massive police deployment that led to the arrests of 5 anarchists in the Lecce province (southern Italy) and to the investigation of another ten for conspiracy. The comrades had actually been actively engaged in the struggle against the Regina Pacis immigration detention centre of San Foca (Lecce) run by the clergy, which closed down before the beginning of the infamous operation Nottetempo. The tenacious struggle of the local anarchists, in fact, had unveiled the atrocities perpetrated in that prison for immigrants to such a point that the operators of the centre could no longer hide their ignominious activity. Some of them were even put on trial and eventually went abroad, where they carried on their dirty business and managed to repair their reputation.

On the contrary, two of the arrested anarchists spent two years in prison while the others were put under house arrest or subjected to various restrictions. The first grade of the trial concluded in July 2008: as it was impossible for the jury to confirm the existence of a subversive association (article 270bis on conspiracy), they turned to article 416 of the Italian penal code and accused four comrades of forming a ‘criminal association’ (organized crime). Three other comrades were accused of specific crimes and the other eight were acquitted.

Anxious about his career and longing for a promotion, public prosecutor Lino Giorgio did not resign to the fact that his theory on an anarchist clandestine association had been rejected by the jury. For this reason, a few weeks later, he presented an appeal against this sentence in order for another jury to confirm the accusation of conspiracy against the Lecce anarchists.

The sentence of appeal had to be finally pronounced on February 10 2010, but it has once again been postponed following the decision of the jury to examine further ‘evidence’ provided by the public prosecutor. The intention to charge the anarchists involved in this shameful story of repression with yet more serious charges is evident, and it is also clear how the local powerful are determined to silence the entire matter as well as the violence and the abuse inflicted on immigrants by the operators of the Regina Pacis concentration camp. If the latter no longer exists, numerous others can be found all over Italy and everywhere else; but the struggle is also alive, the struggle of those who, inside and outside those concentration camps, believe that the only fate of these places is that of being destroyed along with the fear, hatred, indifference and racism fomented by power in order to create terror and to stir up a war among the exploited.

Solidarity to the Lecce anarchists!

Destroy all prisons!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

latest news from greece

  • A woman, 29 years old, was arrested early the mourning for throwing a molotov coctail to the Corfu island's pigs' station at 01:05 during the night. The pigs blame the woman also for throwing stones against the front-glass of public pigs' station the night before. She is already beaten up heavily during the "questioning" and tomorrow she will appear in front of a prosecutor.
  • Responsibilty announcement for lootings of four luxurious cars in Evosmos district of Thessaloniki on 4th February. The action in solidarity with the last arrested person accused as member of "Conspiracy Cells of the Fire".
  • Delay of migrants' trial who were arrested on 30th December during the christmas evacuation pigs' actions in the center of Athens and blamed for "resistance", "disobedience" and "damages against other's property". The eye-witnesses who blame them, two pigs and a cafe's owner, did not appear in the court. Since the same date, one more migrant is kept arrested because he did not have official papers that legalize his presence in Greece. He is also characterized as an "extremely dangerous person" for the greek authorities because of the other three persons accusions.
  • The trial for the case of Alexandros Grigoropoulos' murder will start from the beginning on 17th February. It is possible that the asassin, E. Korkoneas, will be released from prejail custody because of the continues delays.
  • During the afternoon, 50 anarchists/antiauthoritarians entered the conference room of Nikopolis Hotel in Thessaloniki in purpose to cancel the "Industry 2020" conference that used to take place there. The speechers of the event were the economy's minister, the industrialist Mylonas, the head of Eurobank and other legal mafia creeps. A plakat was rised up on which was written "War against the bosses' war", slogans were spoken out and flyers were spreaded. As the comrades were on their way out of the building they threw Potatoe-Bombs* in the room and so the event was canceled because of the bad smell.

Video of the action:

* Recipe for Potatoe-Bomb: We peel some potatoes and we put the peeled outer parts of the potatoe in a glass-jar. We add water or even better piss (it smells better with piss), we close tight the jar and let it rest for two weeks.

  • Looting mechanism at the Agricultural Bank of Ioannina town during the last night.
  • Yesterday, farmers from 12 highway and boarder-toll-stations blockades who decide independantly of any syndicalist leadership, among them also the Farmers' Antiauthoritarian Movement, decided to keep on their blockades all around middle and north Greece. The rest of the farmers with hyrearchical syndicate stractures have decided before some days to delay their actions, waiting for the government's movements.

Grigoropoulos killing

Trial to restart on February 17

The trial of the two COPSKILLERS charged with involvement in the fatal shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 – suspended last week after the public prosecutor withdrew from the case due to the death of a relative – is to start from scratch on February 17. Court of first instance prosecutor Haralambos Lakafosis has been appointed to replace Vassiliki Vlachou. The trial of Epaminondas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliotis is to start again in Amfissa, some 200 kilometers northwest of Athens, with the testimony of the dead teenager’s mother Gina Tsalikian.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Teenagers hunted after arson attack in Essex

6 February 2010
Four lorries were destroyed in an arson attack at a fuel yard.
Essex Police are trying to trace a group of teenagers seen running away from the scene moments after the blaze started.
Twelve fire crews were called to put out the fire at West Station Yard in Maldon, Essex, at 6.40pm, an Essex Fire and Rescue spokeswoman said.
Divisional Officer Andy Stapleton said: "Crews worked excellently to prevent the fire from spreading to fuel storage tanks in the yard. The fire affected four lorries in the yard."
Police said that CCTV shows a boy running across the yard before and after the fire.

The Press Association.

courts attacked in bristol dolly parsons | 08.02.2010 17:34

Last night the magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls "fuck the law not the poor!"

we know that the court 'justice' system is nothing but a farse designed and run to protect the wealth and power that rules this rotten society. we know that this system is our enemy, it does not protect us. we know that to achieve a world where we might control our own lives and find solutions to our own problems we must first fight to bring this world to the ashes that it so deserves.
this done in solidarity and anarchist greetings to everyone fucked over by the courts, probation, police, bosses, and everyone fighting class struggle against the power in the social war that is brought down on us.

Yarl's Wood women on hunger strike 'locked up and denied treatment' As their protest runs into a fourth day, some are said to be fainting or injured

Yarl's Wood

Yarl's Wood detention centre, scene of the women's protest Photograph: David Levene

An immigration removal centre was reported to be in a state of chaos yesterday, as at least 50 women entered the fourth day of a hunger strike in protest against their detention and conditions, with ­several reportedly fainting in corridors and almost 20 locked outdoors wearing few clothes.

Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire, which houses 405 women and children, was in lockdown, leaving women in communal spaces without food, water or toilet facilities.

Several women who tried to escape through a window were then locked outside, according to one detainee, including one whose finger was almost severed as she escaped but who had not received medical treatment.

"We have been on hunger strike since Friday protesting about the length of time we have spent in detention here," said Aisha, who has been in Yarl's Wood for three months. "We have been locked in the hallway all day – five ladies have fainted because they have not eaten since Friday. No one has come to give them any medical attention.

"I had an asthma attack, but no one would come to give me my inhaler. I'm very weak. But we will stay on hunger strike for as long as it takes."

Campaigners condemned the response of the authorities at the centre, accusing them of using a "kettling" technique to trap the women.

"The women are currently trapped in an airless hallway," said Cristel Amiss, of Black Women's Rape Action Project. "Women should be allowed back into their rooms immediately; there should be an immediate investigation."

The Home Office confirmed the disturbance, saying that 40 women were involved, and insisted the measures were temporary until the women could be reintegrated into the centre.

"The wellbeing of detainees is of ­paramount concern, which is why healthcare staff are at the scene to monitor developments," said David Wood, strategic director at the UK Border Agency. "The detainees will be integrated back into the centre at the earliest opportunity."

The hunger strike is the latest in a series of protests at the facility, which has attracted controversy for detaining women for long periods.

Campaigners say many of the women being detained are also victims of abuse and rape and should not be held while awaiting deportation decisions.

"Over 70% of women in Yarl's Wood are rape survivors, many are sick and vulnerable," said Amiss.

"Why are they being punished for raising serious injustices?"

The Home Office denied its practices in detaining immigrants were unfair.

"All detainees are treated with dignity and respect, with access to legal advice and health care facilities," said Wood.

Migrants in the Venna “detention centre” (prison) revolt

Posted by clandestinenglish on 5 February 2010

source after the Greek riots

Migrants in the Venna “detention centre” (prison) revolt – the truth behind the government’s migrant-friendly mask!

While tension is building up in Athens, due to the upcoming fascist demonstration at Propylea (main University of Athens building) this Saturday, migrants face repression and inhuman treatment at all levels. Needless to say that the government’s new migration bill focuses on legal migrants and their children, who have no right to Greek citizenship or nationality and thus have no civil rights, although they might be born and have lived in the country all their life. The grey zone of “illegal” migration is swept under the rug, and no solution whatsoever has been given to the disgraceful welcome/hospitality/and all other euphemistic-adjective centres for migrants.

In the early hours of Tuesday (2.1.2010) the approximately 130 detainees held in the Venna “detention centre” for migrants, in the prefecture of Rodopi (very close to the North-Eastern borders of the country) revolted. They protested against their continuous and illegal detention, plus the horrendous living conditions in their prison. Some of them have been imprisoned for over 3 months. The uprising went on the following day. They set fire and some injured themselves as a sign of protest. The prefect of Rodopi, the head of the local police and the fire brigade went on site. The media reported that approximately 30 were released. However, a post on indymedia reads that 43 migrants were taken yesterday to the prosecutor, facing charges of mutiny and public property damage. An open assembly has been called for today in Komotini, in order to take action.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Molotof in corfu police station and corfu municipality police office

Two people attacked corfu police station with molotof bombs early this morning.
At 01.05am at seroko square on samartzi street where the police station is the two tried to
a fire by throwing the molotof to the front of the station wtihout success since the fire didnt
do much damage.
They also threw some leaflets with antiauthoritarian slogans.
They ran off and the guard chased them managing to catch one of them,
a 29year old greek woman. From the findings and investigation it was
announced these were the same peolple that attacked the corfu municipality office
with molotof on sunday feb.7th 2010 by throwing stones to break the windows
of the basement on dessila street and threw two molotofs in ot the office.
The girl has been severly baten during the "questioning" and is going to
appear before a district attorney tommorow.
About the case of the immigrants.

On March 19 the trial of the immigrants accused of "resistance",
"contempt" and "damage of property"was postponed for the third
time since the prosecution witnesses didnt show(two cops and a coffee shop owner).
These migrants were beaten and arrested near Ermou street on 30 December at the
"festive cleansing
Since then one prisoner remains, an immigrant "without papers"
who with these accusations is declared
"dangerous" by the immigration officials.

One more arrested, facing the charge of participation in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

According to the media, a 21-year-old was arrested yesterday in Athens (outside his home in Agios Dimitris). He is accused of being a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, on the basis of “evidence” found in the house in Halandri that has been pinpointed as the organization’s hide-out by the police. What a surprise: the evidence consists exclusively of fingerprints on a plastic bag and other movable objects such as printed political texts. It is an identical case with all former arrests regarding the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. An undisclosed arrest warrant had been issued against him on 13/1/10, and the police reported that he had been arrested in the past on 5/1/2009 in Exarchia. We’ll keep you posted once we have a trustworthy version of the story.



The death penalty -- it's unworkable

The American Law Institute, instrumental in structuring the model statutes on which most death sentences are based, has withdrawn its support of such laws.

By Michael Traynor February 4, 2010

Nearly 50 years ago, as concern grew in the country about the fairness of death penalty laws, the American Law Institute published a "model statute" aimed at helping state lawmakers draft laws to ensure that death sentences were meted out fairly and consistently.

Last fall, the institute withdrew its support for the model death penalty law. The decision was a striking repudiation from the very organization that provided the blueprint for death penalty laws in this country. The institute, with a membership of more than 4,000 lawyers, judges and law professors of the highest qualifications, is the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify and improve the law.

In the decade after the institute published its law, which was part of a comprehensive model penal code, the statute became the prototype for death penalty laws across the United States. Some parts of the model -- such as the categorical exclusion of the death penalty for crimes other than murder and for people of limited mental abilities -- withstood the test of time. But the core of the statute, which created a list of factors to guide judges and jurors deciding when to sentence someone to death, has proved unworkable and fostered confusion and injustice.

Now, after searching analysis by our country's top legal minds, the institute has concluded that the system it created does not work and cannot be fixed. It concluded that we cannot devise a death penalty system that will ensure fairness in process or outcome, or even that innocent people will not be executed.

I am speaking for myself, not as a representative of the institute, but I can say with certainty that the institute did not reach these conclusions lightly. It commissioned a special committee and a scholarly study, heard various viewpoints and debated the issues extensively. A strong consensus emerged that capital punishment in this country is riddled with pervasive problems.

The death penalty cannot balance the need for consistency in sentencing with the need for individualized determinations. Its administration is unequal across racial groups. There is a grave lack of resources for defense lawyers. The law is distorted by the politics of judicial elections, and it consumes a disproportionate share of public resources.

California's death penalty exemplifies these problems. Portions of California's law were copied from the institute's model statute. The system now is on the verge of collapse. There are about 700 people on death row in California, and it can take 25 years for mandatory appeals to be completed. Since 1978, California has executed 13 prisoners, while 72 have died of old age or other causes.

Resources are woefully inadequate. More than half of the people on death row don't have access to a constitutionally-required lawyer. A statewide commission found that there remains a serious risk that the state will execute an innocent person. And then there is the cost. Housing a prisoner on death row costs taxpayers $90,000 a year more than if that prisoner were held in another type of high-security prison. The total additional cost for housing all of California's death row inmates is more than $60 million a year.

These problems are entrenched in the death penalty system, both in California and nationwide. The cumulative result: Executions remain as random as lightning strikes, or more so, and that is the very problem the institute's model statute intended to fix. In addition, across the country, at least 139 individuals have been released from death row after establishing their innocence. The institute's action comes at a time of widespread reevaluation of capital punishment. Fifteen states have abandoned capital punishment, including three in the last three years.

In 2009, the country saw the lowest number of death sentences since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. We now have decades of experience, which the institute lacked when it proposed its model statute almost 50 years ago. Life without the possibility of parole, now an important alternative in nearly every state, was then virtually untried. To the extent that society needs to punish murderers severely, it can do so far more effectively using tough yet fair prison sentences rather than through an ineffective and extravagant death penalty.

The American Law Institute could have chosen to do nothing. But having laid the intellectual and legal groundwork for the modern death penalty, it concluded that it had a responsibility to act now that the system's fatal flaws have fully emerged. The withdrawal of the model death penalty statute recognizes that it is impossible to administer the death penalty consistently and fairly, and it therefore should not remain a punishment option in this country. The institute could no longer play a role in legitimizing a failed system. How much longer can any of us? Michael Traynor is president emeritus of the American Law Institute and lives in Berkeley.

Copyright © 2010, The Los Angeles Times


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This presentation tries to explain why our group exists.

Many anti-fascists are isolated. Alone or even in small groups, we are most of the time isolated. The situation is catastrophic. The Nazis marched in Berlin without much resistance few weeks ago, they are killing our comrades in Russia, they organize concerts and parades in the heart of Paris every year, anti-Semitism is growing rapidly throughout Europe, the worshipers of the Ustashi appear openly, the Swiss clearly displays their racism … ect. We antifascists, are overwhelmed by the fascist wave, not counting state repression rampant everywhere and especially in the Spanish State. Many people are isolated; our group tries to unite these people beyond their nationality.
This goal also reflects a lack of organization of the anti-fascist action abroad. This is due to a lack of structure. But there is sometimes a kind of navel gazing. When a local Antifascist group exists, it tends not to share his experience with other group. This must change.
We modestly invent a new way to design anti-fascism, internationally oriented and deeply cultural opened.

First, we use the tools offered by new technologies. Mainly Facebook. We know the risks we take. Each must be evaluated. It is obvious that in difficult local conditions, it is not advisable to join our group with his true identity. This is dangerous and we must think about our safety first.

However, we believe that the true bulwark against repression and against the aggression of fascist groups, is the “People fortress”. That’s why we must work to build a front mass. The use of new technologies can achieve this result more rapidly than by means of real life.

Today, there is a cultural battle to carry on the front of anti-fascism. This battle will not happen without the right tools we need to invent methods, to let the mass line come out.

Our experience is not unique. We do not believe that we are THE only group above the existing groups. It is rather a transnational anti-fascist group in the minds of the international brigades in preparation for the Fascist tide happens. We are a column, we hope many others will be born soon.

Democracy prejails because of a finger-print on a plastic bag!!!

The State power with the activation of necessary Fear & Consent Producing Assistive Devices, in the frame of anti-revolt, started a Middle Ages "chase of witches". The recent prejailing of N.V. 21 years old only with the evidence of a fingerprint on an empty plastic bag, shows that we have to defend against a massive suspects creating manufacture.

Some days before the parliament elections in 2009, the patrons of Greek Republic invade in the house of anarchist Charis Ch. They arrest him and complain categories for participating in the "Conspiracy Cells of the Fire". Charis Ch. connection with CCF comes after guesswork of the Antiterrorist authorities, who show and quash findings, such as left-overs of explosive device inside a garbage bin in the near (!!!) of the arrested's house. At the same time, get also arrested his cousin and his girlfriend and one more anarchist, Panagiotis M., who used to keep friendly relations together. To back up the arrests of the lasts, mass media, as being mouth-pieces of Greek Police, rename the house into hide out, and as elements are used their fingerprints in the house! Meanwhile, gets set up a pre-election spectacle amenity to the voters. All of them declare innocent for themselves, taking responsibility only for their political and social actions. Three of them, except the girl, are prejailed already for 5 months.
With Chrysochides now on the weel of repression, the state starts a frontal attack. Attempts to terrorize not only persons who move in political spaces, but, like during the civil war, also their friends and families, thereby criminalizing their social relationships.
- At once arrest warrants for 6 more persons get published, who have either political or friendly relations with the people above. The only elements remain to be the finger-prints in the house of Charis Ch. The show goes on with arrest warrants that get published in series against people who are known to the prosecuting authorities for their participation in social struggles.
- In 14/11/09 Antigoni Ch. gets arrested in front of Skaramagkas squat, with used as element a finger-print on candlestick (!!!), which disappeared later. The "dangerous terrorist", as the mass media represented her, is left temporarily free.
- In 5/1/2010 the case of Nikos M., was proved as one more fiasco. As elements are also used finger-prints that were found in a personal computer which was built (before the appearance of CCF) by Nikos M. for his fellow student Charis Ch. He gets allowed free until trial, accused with the Terror-law.
- In 1/2/2010 gets arrested one more person, with the charges against him with the Terror-law, who gets under prejail custody this time. The difference with the other cases? A finger-print on a plastic bag and one more on a printed matter. And all these in the house-"hide out" at Chalandri district.

Through the repression of the "inland enemy" comes the society's obedience.
Against the deafening silence they impose, let's give priority to our genuine solidarity with all the people who are under the target of state terrorism.



They will never convince us, those fanatics of democracy, that life equals survival, that work liberates, that we have to be submissive slaves in the cogwheels of a global machine based on exploitation and oppression.
We will never become “good citizens” submerged in the depressing loneliness of our couch, audacious cowards at the commands of the security doctrine, satisfied with the mediocrity of our existence.
They will never correct our desires with laws, regulations and dungeons.
There will always be those who dare and will continue to attack against the logic and morality of dominion, which will burn in the same fire we have lit the ashes of knowledge and the flame of action.
We are not interested in creating myths of actions- tools in the hands of every oppressed with a conscience, as we are not interested in the construction of “innocent” and “guilty” by civic legality and all its lackeys.
We salute and respect the personal choices and the polymorphous action of comrades – anarchists, revolutionaries and rebels- who look the enemy in the eye and charge holding a dream in their heart.
Against the existent and its defenders we oppose our solidarity in practice and our raging desire for freedom, until the destruction of prisons and the society that creates them.

text of poster below, from Athens

Sunday, February 7, 2010

more harassment of a defendant locked up without a trial

The Bristol EDO Decommissioner Elijah (James) Smith, held on remand now for over 1 year, without any trial, has been moved from HMP Lewes to another prison in what can only be seen as a blatant move of harassment by the state.
Elijah was transferred to Elmley Prison in Kent around Friday 22nd January and will probably remain there until March we understand. Letters of support remain really important as he’s likely to have less visitors now. Elijah appreciates support and communication, sending an SAE with your letter makes it easier for him to write back too. Remember solidarity with our defendants and prisoners is a vital part of any campaign.

Elijah Smith, VP 7551, HMP Elmley (Sheppey Cluster), Church Rd, Eastchurch, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 4DZ.

For those who can visit, times are 2pm-4.15pm daily, book a visit on 01795882272.
HMP Elmley visiting info:
HMP Elmley prison regime info:

The 6 Bristol EDO Decommissioners' trial is due to start on 17 May 2010 in Brighton (along with 3 people from Brighton caught up in the case), whilst Elijah faces a further trial in relation to the Raytheon roof occupation, which is due in Bristol in September.

A support group for the Bristol defendants continues to send money to Elijah every week, but welcomes further donations if you have any spare cash! Contact Decommissioners at PO Box 6, Booty, 82 Colston Street, Bristol. BS1 5BB or see the campaign website at


UK police plan military-style spy drones in the sky to watch us

The Guardian is reporting that police in the UK are planning to buy a batch of unmanned spy drones, like those used by the military in Afghanistan, for permanent covert surveillance of the public. The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being manufactured by the arms manufacturer BAE System for Kent police and others. They should be ready for the 2012 Olympics. These aren't the rotor-blade robots used already at demonstrations - they can land and take off on their own, stay up for 15 hours, and go up to 20,000 feet, so they can't been seen on the ground. The full article can be seen here:

Note to government: Orwell's 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual!


Pigs can fly after all

31.01.2010 23:32

Police State
A police unit has been created to force the take-down of web pages which break the UK's terrorism laws. The Government has set up a web page through which the public can tell the police about pages that they think are illegal.

The Terrorism Act of 2006 gave police the power to demand that websites or material on websites be removed from the internet if they shared information that would be useful to terrorists or glorified acts of terrorism.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) said that it had created a new unit to act on reports from the public and to look for material that might break the Terrorism Act. The team is part of its Prevent Delivery Unit which deals with counter-terrorism.

he Terrorism Act allows police to request that any material they think is illegal is removed or changed within two working days.

If someone refuses that request that is not an offence in itself but it does mean that they will be unable to plead a defence of 'non-endorsement' if they are charged with encouraging terrorist acts or distributing terrorist publications, the Home Office said.

Any information that is intended to be useful to terrorists is illegal, including: bomb-making instructions; guides to making poisons; instructions on how to make weapons; and guides to targets,"

Reporting hate, extremism and terrorism online

Declaration of Solidarity with Struggling and Prosecuted Proletarians in Greece “In one night “reality” and “normality” died...”

Declaration of Solidarity with Struggling and Prosecuted Proletarians in Greece

“In one night “reality” and “normality” died...”

On 6th of December 2008 in Greece pigs shot dead in cold blood 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos. That was the last straw which broke camel's back and proletarian anger, which had been expressing itself through strikes and riots against attacks of Capital on living standards of our class, erupted. Suddenly, an uprising broke out and after several decades the specter of proletarian insurgency and open class struggle against capitalism returned to Europe.

University and high school students as well as many pupils spontaneously surged into the streets of Greek cities and towns in order to assault police stations and all cops with stones and Molotov cocktails. Students and pupils were quickly joined by immigrant proletarians of every age, young “Greeks” with badly paid precarious jobs, but also by quite a lot of workers of an older generation. Even many unemployed and people from the margins of the class society took part: Romas, illegal refugees, drug addicts… Football hooligans forgot their dim-witted fights among each other and joined the struggle against the real enemy - repressive forces of the state. Immediately, it became clear to everybody that cops are nothing else but mercenaries of state terrorism. It became evident that they “serve” only smooth working of the system of private property of some and wage exploitation of others; and also that they “protect” merely law and order of this bourgeois system. “Dutiful citizens” and the belief in Democracy disappeared in clouds of smoke and tear gas and among blows of police batons.

“We destroy the present, because we come from the future!”

It was not only about street fights with cops and burning police stations. Rebels smashed and burned the smiling face of the capital's world - the consumer paradise of shops, supermarkets, car showrooms and banks, which lend you money for some of the splendid commodities. The world of passive consumers of goods and spectators of Spectacle was burning in flames. And there were looting proletarians emerging from this fire and practically imposing dictatorship of human needs over capital and its exchange relations. Our class brothers and sisters were re-appropriating everything that we are, as the class, forced to produce at work in order to be obliged to buy it back for money we earn. They were also re-appropriating space and time, which are otherwise strictly divided and corseted according to needs of capital - columns of cars and stressed crowds of alienated zombies rushing to work, to school, to shop... disappeared from the streets recreated by proletarian violence and they were replaced by a community of the militant class. Combat self-organisation of rebels was developing spontaneously. Dozens of universities and high schools occupied not only by students, but proletarians of all categories, which we are divided into by capital, were transformed in centres of resistance and places of encounters, discussions, love and class hate. The same thing happened to a town hall in the Athens working class district of Aghios Dimitrios, which was also occupied by local inhabitants. After a long time our class was again beginning to speak and formulate its programme on its own. When rebelling workers occupied trade union buildings in Athens and Thessaloniki, they put forward a critique of these mediators of sale of our labour power to the bosses. They showed that trade unions are part of the state and it is their aim to disorganise and suppress class struggle and that the way forward goes through self-organisation of struggle in workplaces. In all those aspects of the class movement and its struggle autonomy of the proletariat from the bourgeoisie - its ideologies, organisations and way of life - began to be born.

“Stop watching TV! Everybody come to the streets!”

Although the proletarian uprising was going across many sectors, which we are separated into by capital, only a minority of our class was actively taking part in it. While there were burning barricades in the streets, shops were looted and cops were fought against, a majority sat at home in front of their TV sets and listened to the baloney of politicians and journalists. Despite their enduring effort rebels have not succeeded in breaking passivity of their class brothers and sisters - neither in Greece nor in the rest of Europe and most countries of the world. Therefore, there was not a general paralysation of capitalist economy, which means that there was neither an attack against wage labour and production for profit. The movement stopped at partial attacks against the state and incomplete subversion of capitalist relations. In December, total destruction of all state structures aiming at liquidation of bourgeois power and imposition of social dictatorship of proletariat, which would strengthen and allow communisation of social relations, was not on the order of the day yet. Revolutionary insurrection is postponed for the moment...

“Merry crisis and a happy new fear!”

It was exactly this message that the Greek uprising left on Athens walls for law-abiding citizens (who continue to submit themselves to demands of capital; whom it does not even occur to that they could resist bosses and the state and they only wait as sheep what will happen to them). This message applies for proletarians over here, in the Czech Republic, too. The crisis is coming and the bourgeois lay off hundreds and thousands of people from work and lower real wages. For instance, 4.000 laid-off glass workers are right now left without any means of subsistence. And what has happened? Nothing! Domination of social peace and Democracy lays on our class like a boulder: we will rather die from hunger or live under a bridge than we would start really struggling for satisfaction of our human needs. Democracy is like opium - it prevents us from understanding ourselves as a class with distinct interests, which are opposed to the interests of capital. We can see only our individual and family lives and their misery appears to be the best what we can have. However, the world crisis will smash our citizen-consumer illusion of happiness and even the slightest enthusiasm about capitalism. There will be more and more unemployed and homeless people, prices of basic goods will grow and those, who will have jobs, will be able to buy less and less with their wages... and at the end the ruling class may drive us into a war in order to get rid of surplus people and production capacities and to achieve a possibility of another economical growth through reconstruction.

Is economy in crisis? Let's finish it off! Down with social peace! One Greece is not enough!

Sooner or later, capital will leave us with no reserves. We will suffer and maybe we will die, if we will continue to slavishly accept wage labour and money as a necessary means to satisfy our needs. But surely there will be proletarians, who will refuse the logic of exchange value and surge into supermarkets and take without paying, what they will need. The class movement in Greece will explode anew with even greater subversive power and this time it will not be alone. And it will not be only proletarians in China, Bangladesh, Egypt or Bolivia, who will rise up. Even over here, shop windows will be trashed. We will loot shops and luxurious bourgeois haciendas. Mass strikes without and against trade unions will subvert all the capitalist economy. The state with its police and army will, as always, defend bourgeois order and properties and make terror against the proletariat, who will never solve anything, unless it makes its own revolution. In the meantime, all our support, sympathies, thoughts belong to proletarians in Greece, who struggle or are imprisoned. We long for helping them through spreading the struggle in the Czech Republic and the whole world. We want to share and develop their experience with them, in order to put a global revolutionary insurrection back on the order of history...

World revolution against capital, wage labour and money!

Revolutionary proletarian violence against state terror of the police till the complete destruction of all states!

Dictatorship of proletariat for communisation of social relations and worldwide classless community!

Třídní válka (Class War)

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
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A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)