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Greece bomb hits Pakistani leader's home in Athens

Police officers in Athens, 19 March
It was the second blast police responded to in as many days

A bomb has exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the Greek capital Athens - the second blast in the area in less than 24 hours.

Police said there were no injuries, but some damage was done to the entrance of the apartment building and three cars.

On Friday, a bomb damaged the office of a far-right anti-immigration group.

No group has said it carried out the attacks, but there have been numerous bombings attributed to far-left or anarchist groups in recent years.

Recent attacks have targeted banks and government buildings.

Greece has faced severe anti-government protests and rioting since police shot dead a teenager in December 2008.

In the latest attack, police were able to seal off the area after anonymous warning calls were made to a Greek TV station and a newspaper 15 minutes before the explosion.

A bomb exploded at the offices of the "Golden Dawn" (neonazi organisation) in Socrates Street , ATHENS 19/03/2010


The bomb blast occurred at 08:46 am at the offices in Socrates Street Omonia.

Twenty-two minutes earlier , at 08:24 an unknown person phoned the newspaper Eleftherotypia and said he has placed a bomb on Socrates Street 48, on the fifth floor offices of the Golden Dawn.
"It explodes in 25 minutes.please evacuate the building , the entire Socrates street and the hotel"

They directly informed the police, which isolated the area and moved away the people, the explosion occurred 22 minutes later,
causing a lot of damage to the offices and broke windows in nearby buildings.

The explosive device was an alarm clock bomb, according to initial estimates by police and was placed in the hallway of the fifth floor.

So far, no organization has YET claimed responsibility.

National Strike Begins in Mexico, Police Respond With Violence


SME Members Defend Themselves and Continue to Block Their Former Workplaces
At noon on March 16, the Mexican Electrical Workers Union went on an indefinite strike, and unions all over the country went on strike with them. Electricians hung black and red banners across the entrances of their former workplaces, refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave the buildings. The actions occurred at all of the former Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LyFC) buildings in Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla, Hidalgo, and Morelos. Actions in solidarity with the SME occurred in at least 21 other states. In addition to hanging strike banners on former LyFC buildings, supporters blocked major federal highways, took over government buildings, and held rallies. A significant number of the blockades remain, particularly in central Mexico.

At least two SME actions outside LyFC buildings were violently repressed when Federal Police (PFP) attempted to prevent the SME from hanging its strike banners. However, in both instances the SME and supporters repelled the police and hung their strike banners.

The repression began at Cables Bolivar in central Mexico City. “When we tried to hang our strike banners, the PFP started yelling insults at our compañeros,” says Gerardo Avelar, the SME’s Secretary of Agreements. “We dialogued with the PFP’s commanding officer on site so that we could peacefully hang our banner. He accepted this. However, when the banners were hung, a member of the PFP irresponsibly pulled down a banner that we had hung with [the commanding officer's] permission.” The PFP then began to fire tear gas into the crowd, according to Avelar. While the exact number of tear gas canisters fired is unknown, SME members were able to show this reporter pieces from four spent canisters: two rifle-fired canisters and two hand-thrown grenades.

The tear gas was manufactured by US-based Combined Tactical Systems, the same company that manufactured the tear gas used in the 2009 Bagua, Peru, massacre of indigenous protestersand the violent attack against striking teachers in Morelos, Mexico in 2008.

When the PFP fired tear gas at the SME, the gas wafted into surrounding schools and homes, affecting the children inside. The Cables Bolivar complex is located across the street from an elementary school and catty-corner to a daycare. The SME reports that 2-month-old Alexis Emiliano Hernández was hospitalized when tear gas entered his home near Cables Bolivar.

Calls to support the SME in Cables Bolivar went out over Twitter and Radio SME, and support quickly arrived from other parts of the city. Students from the Autonomous University of Mexico City, the Urban Movement of Popular Power, and other organizations quickly arrived and drove back the police. Avelar says, “We will not move from here until the Ministry of the Interior or the Supreme Court presents a solution to this problem.”

The second confrontation with police occurred in Juandho, Hidalgo. SME members and supporters blocked the entrance to the Juandho LyFC complex with piles of dirt. According to El Universal, “This angered the federal police, leading to a confrontation.” The police fired tear gas and pepper spray at the crowd, and fired live rounds into the air. El Universal reports that following the repression, approximately three police helicopters and 400 federal police arrived on the scene to drive back protesters.

Following the police repression, floodgates that guard a canal of raw sewage were opened, flooding the LyFC complex and the police inside. At the time of publication, it has not been confirmed how the floodgates opened. However, the flood seems to have incapacitated the police–reports from Juandho indicate that the SME still holds its blockade of the LyFC complex there.

The SME continues to blockade key LyFC buildings, and will do so indefinitely. The workers have organized themselves into shifts that will maintain the picket lines around the clock. As nighttime fell, a “tense calm” fell over the blockades. Police continue to attempt to penetrate the blockades, particularly in Nexaca, Hidalgo, and there is fear that police will attack in the night while the majority of the region is asleep.

National Support

Actions in support of the SME reportedly occurred in about 25 states.

The national strike has inspired organizations all over the country to take bold measures to support the SME as well as their own causes. Several organizations took advantage of the national strike in support of the SME to pressure the government to cede to their own demands.

Oaxacan teachers, in addition to sending a delegation to the Mexico City protests, blocked government buildings and highways in their own state, bringing transit to a standstill. Their actions were in support of the SME, but also designed to pressure the government in their own 2010 contract negotiations.

Students from the Autonomous University of Mexico City rushed to the SME’s aid in front of the Cables Bolivar complex after police attacked there. The city government has cut all funding for their university, leaving them unsure how they will continue their studies. They arrived at Cables Bolivar with signs that said, “Less Military, More Education.”

Miners in Cananea, Sonora, blocked a federal highway there. The company that owns the mine where they work refuses to recognize their union and seeks massive layoffs. The government has authorized the military to take over the mine. The miners participated in the SME’s national strike by blocking the Cananea-Agua Prieta federal highway and have vowed to remain there until their own labor dispute is resolved. The SME and the Miners Union have a strong relationship and a history of mutual aid.

After Vincennes trial

March 17th, Paris: Vincennes detainees trial, for the arson of the Detention Center

The court followed the prosecutor, except for one accused who has been condamned even more.
All the accused are condamned to prison.

One accused to 36 months,

Four to 30 months,

One to 24 months,

Two to 12 months,

Two to 8 months.

No warrant for arrest, except for the two people who are in the run.

After the trial, agencies have been occupied by 30 people.

The AIR FRANCE of Bastille has been blocked, its computers disconnected, posters covered the windows and a was banner hung outside. People the agency to take back their complain for the last occupation. Flyers were given to people in the street.

A SNCF (train agency) was also occupied in Belleville. Some costumers showed their support to that action. After everybody was out, the whole agency has been covered with graffities; a banner, posters and flyers.

The Bouygues Telecom agency across the street has been saccaged just after; the seeler locked himslef inside when people recovered his windows.

To finish, people went out and walked the streets, blocking the cars and the cops behind and around them, shouting slogans for liberty and against prison.

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in The Most Free State of the World

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Since 1945, they want us to believe that the most serene freedom has arisen in our lifetime; now that housewives have access to all the best household appliances, now that almost everyone has the right to vote, now that “freedom” of speech is guaranteed by the democratic institutions, now that we are left with the listing of false choices- between exploiting or being exploited for nothing at all, and without trying to understand why, threatened to be quashed. Our anxiety and our thirst for liberty do not falter, though that is what it’s all about when the State parrots out its ideas of freedom, democratic and industrial progress.

But here and there, the social peace is sometimes weakened, its necessity reappraised, its capacity to become fashionable evacuated in aid of the rage it provokes to who this social peace can not live down the misery of a permanent existence as the prey of the State. Pigs are attacked and hated in some neighbourhoods that civil tranquillity describes as “sensitive”, the social big brothers can not contain the rage of exploited people seeking for meaning, unemployed people do not accept their lives as a nightmare of subsistence, pupils make barricades against forces of law and order while workers threaten to blow up their fucking factories, sans-papier people rebel all over the country by setting fire to their prisons or escaping from police raids, some other people try to make the lives into hell for those who make a profit of deportation and the prison system. More and more mutineers attempt to take revenge on these who benefit from domination.

In 2005, some suburbs explode with rage and jeopardise the Order. More than a year ago, it’s Vincennes Detention Centre, the biggest prison for migrants in France that goes up in smoke, ignited by the rage of life with no life. Since several years, the sabotages and attacks increase against imprisonment collaborators (Bouygues, Eiffage, IBIS, Air France, ADECCO, the Red-Cross and other vultures who participate to the deportation machine). More recently, dozen of bank ATMs (that were responsible for sans-papiers arrests, organizing ambushes with cops to their unwanted clients: La Poste, BNP, LCL, CIC, Société Générale) were burnt, smashed, sabotaged.

Ten people are accused of the Vincennes centre arson, and have been found guilty, facing several years of prison.

On February 15th, four people, among those called by the cops “anarcho-autonomes”, are arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Section of the Criminal Brigade, and accused of having participated in a wave of solidarity against Detention Centres and their shit Brave New World. It’s still the State showing its nasty face, hoping to see us submit to the bloody pacification it imposes us, with cops, prison, torture, murders, judges, borders, guards and nice tidy smiles.

In fact, through repression, the State wishes to slow down the diffusion of permanent attacks that badly shake it. It wishes to attribute to some dreamed up social groups (like ‘ultra-gauche’ ones, the ’suburban youth’, the ‘gangs’, the ’saboteur’, and so on…) some acts, already spread though in the whole society, in order to confine them, aware that the spreading of these practices would be fatal to it.

But there’s nothing to cry over. Because in this social war with no truce, we will not turn the other cheek!

Let’s make sure the revolt uproar will beat down on this shitty world!

[Leaflet found in some streets of Paris, March 2010]

Translated from French.

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has directly blamed "terrorist commandos of ETA for the death of a policeman on Tuesday near Dammarie-les-Lys in a st

from the france press....17/3/10

"The president expresses his deep emotion following the death of Jean-Serge Nerine, chief sergeant, assigned as the public security to the district Dammarie-les-Lys, fatally wounded during an exchange of gunfire with a commando of the ETA terrorist group" the statement said.

The alleged member of ETA was arrested on Tuesday near Paris after the death of a policeman during a shootout, and is being prosecuted in Spain for acts of urban violence.

Joseba Fernandez ASPURZ, subject to two proceedings before the National Court for acts of "kale borroka" urban violence perpetrated by radical groups of young Basque separatists in March and September of 2008.

The movement of "kale borroka" is considered by the Spanish police as the nursery of the ETA. The Spanish judiciary has formally requested the release of ASPURZ in Spain.
The circumstances of the tragedy still unclear

In terms of the investigation, the judicial source was unable to specify the exact circumstances of his arrest, especially if it could be the author of the shots that killed the French officer. The sergeant, aged 52, father of four children, was killed late Tuesday afternoon near Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne) in a shootout with basquen gunmen.

According to judicial sources, four cars were on the roadside, and four people filled their tanks with gasoline canisters when police intervened. Then two other cars arrived, carrying three to four people, and then the gunfire erupted, allowing the escape of suspected members of ETA (excluding custody). They fled by car or on foot, the source said.

Police recovered a handgun in a car, which was part of a consignment of 350 stolen firearms by a commando of the ETA October 23, 2006 at Vauvert, near Nimes (Southern France).

After the tragedy, the Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux visited in the evening at the police station in Dammarie-les-Lys. He urged the policemen "to accomplish their mission of service to the security of their citizens but still thinking about their life, their own security and their families."

Unions Police questioned by AFP were in turn expressed their "emotion" highlighting the "violence" of attacks on police officers who "trivialize". "We hesitate to shoot at police officers who are on the frontline in the safety of our citizens," said Yannnick Danio, spokesman for the union SGP-Police Unit (first union peacekeepers).

Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of NATO (second union) himself has called for "minimum sentences" for perpetrations of police staff because "there are no limits to violence."

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Grigoropoulos trial UP DAY 18/3/10

The court in Amfissa, central Greece, that is hearing the trial of the two policemen involved in the shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 yesterday rejected an appeal by the two new prosecution lawyers for a one-week suspension so they could get up to speed with the case file. Nikos Konstantopoulos and Zoe Konstantopoulou have taken over the case after the two previous prosecution lawyers quit after a dispute with the judge over legal procedures. Judge Angelita Papavassiliou said that she would consider a request by Grigoropoulos’s mother, Gina Tsalikian, to testify for a second time.

lloyds private banking building attacked in clifton BRISTOL UK

last night the office of lloyds private banking in clifton was attacked
on the night of wednesday the 17th of march 2010, the lloyds private banking office at 131 pembroke road, clifton, bristol was attacked.

a plaque with 'lloyds private banking' was removed from a wall and taken away.

walls of the building were sprayed with: 'in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ', and 'bankers up against the wall'

pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut

two windows were smashed


with the companions of the two accused.

SUNDAY 21st of March at 19:00.



comrades for solidarity


with the companions of the two accused.

SUNDAY 21st of March at 19:00.



comrades for solidarity

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flyer !
22:30 Athens. About one hour ago a group of comrades, 40 or 50, in the area Nikaia Athens very central road, start to smash! and set on fire many yuppy fucking luxury cars - nobody arrested or wanted!!

Clashes In Jerusalem On Hamas 'Day Of Rage' from the press

Tuesday March 16, 2010

Dozens of Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police in East Jerusalem on a "day of rage" declared by Hamas.

Windows were shattered, computers damaged and graffiti was printed over 11 police patrol cars and a police station overnight Saturday.

Just after midnight, a group of 15 to 20 people vandalized the police station on the corner of Notre Dame St. W and Dominion St. in Little Burgundy. The building houses the traffic division for Centre-Sud and is not occupied in the evenings, explained police.

The letters FTP and ACAB, meant to mean "F--- the police" and "All cops are bastards," were also written in graffiti on the walls of the building, confimed police.

They broke windows of 11 police vehicles in the parking lot of the station.

"They damaged a couple of on-board computers. They also broke windows of the police station and wrote grafitti on some walls," said Montreal police Const. Daniel Lacoursiere.

At least three on-board computers were damaged at a cost of $5,000 each, said police.

Neighbours called police

An eyewitness told CTV's Derek Conlon the group was in the parking lot, where there were no bright lights or cameras.

A nearby resident, who preferred not to be named, said he heard noises from his home.

"We heard some noise, (which) sounded like glass breaking, but we weren't sure. We stepped out on the balcony and saw 15 to 20 people running down the street, dressed in black, their faces coverd in black. It was a bit scary to see," the resident told Conlon.

The man said he called 911.

Police arrived ten minutes later, but the vandals were gone, said the neighbour.

No arrests have been made so far.

Lead up to anti-brutality march

The annual police anti-brutality demonstration takes place Monday, and police say they anticipate the possibility of more vandalisms leading up to the event.

The demonstration against police brutality, which has become marked violent altercations between protestors and police, led to over 200 arrests last year.

news from the press

Grigoropoulos judge quits trial

The judge presiding over the trial of two policemen charged with the murder of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos in Exarchia in December 2008 quit yesterday, complaining that the prosecution lawyers had cast doubts about her impartiality following her questioning of testimony given by a witness to the shooting.

“I cannot take anymore. My impartiality has been questioned before the trial has even begun,” Angelita Papavassileiou, said. She condemned the behavior of lawyers on both sides, accusing them of “turning this court into a wrestling ring even though I know you drink coffee together.”

Papavassileiou’s withdrawal came after the two prosecution lawyers said they would quit due to the judge’s interpretation of some laws.

It is unclear who will preside over the court on Wednesday when the trial is to resume with testimony from a friend of the dead teenager who had been with him on the night of the shooting.

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)