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    In Nantes, Rennes or Montpellier, masks and make up were used to make some dirty jokes.
    On this February 16th, Mardi-Gras day, some traditions were transformed to mean tricks.
    In Montpellier, about a hundred people, full masked and costumed, faced police and made graffities anywhere they could. The group moved cars on the streets and throw bottles on a further avenue. Some hours before, cops controlled people in the area of the squat „crève“, and took away their chariots. Due to the press, dozen of empty bottles were prepared, as many colored balls. No arrests.

„If this world is Normal, so we are the madmen! For a permanent Carnival!“

„… […] because it’s in a sweat and under colored masks that the Carnival will tumble down. One more time, we come without papers: because this carnival is not controlled. One more time, there is no money nor seller, because during the carnival we just take the cake and eat it to danse in heady round dance. One more time, no organizer (karakwela are impostors), because, that night- the battucadas, the chariots, the costumed, the mad people, the beggars- it’s I, it’s You, it’s All!“

„hit the cop; if you don‘t know why, he knows!“

Anonymous, but not alone. Joyful, but determined. Dancing and moving all the time, to break the Order lines. It’s not so innocent if the French Revolution also produced anti-party laws.
Here what the Gazette Nationale wrote, in 1792:

« 1° It’s forbidden to look travestied in the streets; 2° nobody would be allowed to organize a masked public ball; 3° one can not spread or sell masks and costume clothes after 11pm; 4° nobody is allowed to organize a public ball without police permission; 5° these balls can not last after eleven in the night“ (Gazette Nationale, or Le Moniteur Universel, n° 32, mercredi 1er février 1792, Troisième année de la Liberté)

< extract of the new brochure: The Carnival, the party that turns everything over
Find it on Infokiosques (or HERE):
Two parts:
- the Carnival origins and its history since the Middle age
- the Carnival in Montpellier

Last years parties, on YouTube:


Further Unjust Sentences for Gaza Protestors - Friday 19th February

All the young men sentenced at Isleworth County Court yesterday afternoon for Violent Disorder during Gaza protests started harsh stints behind bars last night...

All the young men that were sentenced at Isleworth County Court on Friday received custodial sentences.

Two people had their cases adjourned awaiting pre-sentence reports. One man got a suspended sentence because it was accepted by the Judge that imprisonment would have a severe impact upon his health due to his long term mental illness..

My friend from Leeds got 12 months... for throwing one glass bottle ! This is despite following mitigation: fact that it was accepted he did nothing else during the entire demonstration (it came out in court he was monitored by police for hours following the throwing of the bottle). It was accepted by the Judge that he had intended to hit the gates of the Israeli embassy in a symbolic protest and that he did not intend to hit a police officer's shield. Also fact that pre-sentence probation report recommended non-custodial sentence, and his "exemplary character" attested to by countless family (including mother in law) and community references. Lowest sentence I am aware of from sentencing thus far.


Sentencing starts at 2 years for all adult guilty pleas (revised use of R v Chapman)
Sentencing (after supposedly factoring in mitigation) ranged from 12 months to 2 years

Sentencing ranged from 8 to 12 months detention and training orders
Argued by one defence Barrister that entencing cannot go beyond 18 months because 18 months established as maximum for more serious offence of Riot.

*based on R v Ghafoor which says time of offence is more important than time of conviction (in this case time of guilty plea) when deciding whether someone is a youth or an adult for purposes of sentencing


Friday, February 19, 2010 "Well-planned" jewelry store robbery

Police are still investigating a "well-planned" heist, during which $3 million in jewelry was stolen from the Elite Diamond Center on Route 4.


Paramus police are still looking for the suspects who allegedly broke into a store neighboring the diamond center, knocked down a wall and removed a vault containing high-priced jewelry.

There may be a link between this robbery and another unsolved robbery that occurred on Route 4 in 2008, according to Paramus Police Chief Richard Cary.

"There’s a very good possibility that the two burglaries are linked based upon their similarities," Cary said.

On Sunday, Feb. 7, between 8 and 11 p.m., unknown suspects cut an exterior cable, disabling power to Lens Crafters, a neighboring store connected to the Elite Diamond Center, according to Cary. The suspects broke into a back door of Lens Crafters and disabled the alarm and telephone equipment inside a storage closet.

Cary said the suspects then entered a conference room in Lens Crafters and broke through sheet rock and a cinderblock wall that led into the diamond center. On the other side of the wall was a 40-inch-tall, 27-inch-wide and 29-inch-deep safe, weighing 2,046 pounds. Cary said the safe was likely moved by the suspects into Lens Crafters using a hand truck. Because the suspects never actually entered the jewelry store, no alarms were set off in that store, according to Cary.

Police said the safe had bracelets, earrings, engagement rings and watches valued at approximately $3 million.

"They had to have a formalized plan and had to have been at those locations before to know the safe was next to the conference room wall," Cary said. "They did their homework."

Cary said the fact that the Super Bowl was being played, and was the most watched program in television history, may have factored into the suspects’ plans.

"It would be one of the prime times to do something like this," Cary said. "I always alert officers to be extra vigilant during holidays."

Cary said there is no evidence at this time to suspect the burglary was an inside job.

A March 2008 burglary at the Jeweler’s Exchange was extremely similar, according to Cary. The suspects broke into a vacant store next door to the Exchange, broke through a wall, and accessed a safe that contained more than $1 million worth of jewelry.

Paramus police have been reviewing hours of surveillance videos in the vicinity of the store and highway to see if they can find any evidence. They have also been in contact with the New York Police Department and local authorities to share information.

Greece running out of fuel as customs officers extend strike

Serious fuel shortages are spreading across Greece as customs officers decide to extend their strike against austerity measures until Tuesday.

Long lines of cars are to be seen in petrol stations across greece as fuel is running out after an extension of customs officers industrial action against the neoliberal austerity measures imposed by the government on the pretext of the national credit crisis. Initially the strike which began last Tuesday 16 February was to end on Friday 19, but customs officers have announced its extension to Tuesday 23 causing panic to drivers and a headache to the government. According to the bourgeois media, half the stations in and around Athens have already run out of unleaded, with the depots of the rest expected to empty within the day. The only city that has evaded the problem due to extended deposits is Salonica. Mr Kiousis, the petrol station union president has claimed that already across the country 85% of petrol stations are completely dry.

The extension of the strike means that all imports and exports have come to a standstill and customs will again open on Thursday 25th, after the 24h general strike of the previous day. Meanwhile workers of the Ministry of Economics continue to strike, blocking the entrance to the Ministry even to the Minister himself who has to accommodate him self in the premises of other ministries in order to perform his publicly hated deals with the EU.

At the same time, the government's face is at a new all time low after the police shooting of a 25 year old plumber during a battle with alleged bank robbers in the eastern suburbs of Byronas. According to ballistics the unlucky worker was hit 9 times at the back and the head, all by police bullets, as he was trying to take refuge at an engine-shop. According to neighbours, while shooting the bystander, the cops yelled "I 'ate' the motherfucker". The brutal killing of the father of an 18 month old baby has fueled public dismay towards the police, now even more perceived as a gang of armed maniacs. The impression was worsened by the police chief of Athens claiming the operation was "successful" with the Minister of Public Order insisting that the only solution to such incidents is more and more armed police. The Byronas tragedy has come as a blow to the credibility of the greek government as a whole since it has recently gone public saying, as a response of financial and labour fears concerning the crisis, "If we cannot guarantee anything else, we can guarantee your security". The credibility of the police has been further eroded as a result of two bombs that have damaged the headquarters of JP Morgan in Athens and the political office of the Minister of Public Order in Peristeri. The former explosion occurred in Athens' most heavily guarded quarter, Kolonaki, while the latter occurred despite efforts of police to destroy the bomb by means of a controlled explosion.

On other news from the labour struggle front, workers mobilisation against the layoff of a worker at the prestigious arty publishing house Agra are continuing apparently causing panic to its bosses who like to portray themselves as progressives, to the extent that they have taken recourse to publishing letters of support to the lay-off (!) by a series of well-known artists and authors, the vanguard of the Spectacle of culture in greece. The union of workers of the book and printed material sector has gone on a 48h strike over the lay-off with persistent demos outside
Agra's offices and main bookstore in Exarcheia.

Finally, pharmacists have announced a 24h warning strike against the austerity measures for Monday 22 of February.

Sunday 14th February 2010 * 'Anarchist Saboteurs' took the responsibility for blocking 63 cash-machines in Athens with glue, silicone and polyurethane foam on 11th and 12th of February. They express their solidarity with the comrades Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis, accused for participating in the kidnapping of industrialist Mylonas. They condemn the state and the bosses as kidnappers, thieves and asassins who plunder the lives of people in daily time, imposing us as an one and only solution, the payed slavery.


Image scaled down


There has been an effort by a fascist “citizens group” formed by extreme right wing racists and nazis, with the police in the leading role, to establish a type of Apartheid in the square of Agios Panteleimonas. Now, a new racist experiment is attempted in Plateia Amerikis (Amerikis Square). In this neighbourhood, where locals and immigrants have been living together for years, coexisting in their daily life, in the streets, in schools, in squares and public spaces, racists and the state are trying to artificially create a field of racist brutality and police occupation.

In the reality of the financial, social and political crisis, the state and the bosses are launching and attack against the whole of society, intensifying exploitation and oppression. Immigrants and refugees, as the poorest and most excluded part of society, are the ones on whom this attack is focused in the most cruel way: Many are murdered in the borders, imprisoned in concentration camps, tortured in police stations. Living in the country, they are facing the most savage exploitation by the bosses. And they are hostages of the anti-immigration policies of the greek state which divides them into "legal" and "illegal". A perfect example is the new bill on citizenship that is defining which children have rights and which don’t! This way it is justifying the repression and manhunt of refugees and immigrants without papers while it promotes the incorporation of a small number of immigrants under the condition that they submit.

In this context, the state has every interest in spreading racism within the society. Through a racist campaign by the media, the state is trying to force “national unity to save the greek economy” and it is targeting immigrants as a “threat to security and stability” in order to cultivate fear, class divisions and social cannibalism, so that in conditions of poverty the oppressed will be turned against each other, against the most oppressed among us, and not against the real enemy: the state and the bosses who are looting our lives. This way the state intensifies police repression to force its anti-social policies, especially after the social revolt of December ’08 where locals, refugees and immigrants met in the barricades, giving only an image of the future the bosses will have to face. The state itself is breeding racist groups through its policies and it is supporting them through its official repression forces. This is what happened in Agios Panteleimonas neighbourhood, where the police covered the locking of the playground, arsons against places of prayer for Muslim immigrants, attacks in which immigrants were beaten and stabbed by racists. These racist groups are presented as “local citizens committees” in order for the state to give the image that police brutality against immigrants is supposedly a “popular demand of society”. And it is also using these groups to attack against people and spaces of social struggle that fight in solidarity and against fascism.

In mid December ’09, a fringe of “citizens”, mainly members of LAOS ultra-right party, showed up in Plateia Amerikis asking that the place will be “cleansed and evacuated”. Their gathering ended ingloriously, and Th. Plevris, a fascist member of LAOS in the parliament, left immediately, when dozens of people went to the square and declared that racists and misanthropists are not welcome in the neighbourhood. This effort of a hate committed to be established was also presented in “Eleftherotypia” newspaper, supposedly progressive. In an article published on 31 December ’09, under a heading saying that Plateia Amerikis is “a bomb about to explode”, a fake image of the neighbourhood is presented and the real motives of the racists are obscured by a discourse about cleanness and degradation problems of the area. Ultra-right conservatives and neo-nazis, with the blessings of the police, think that they can turn this multicultural neighbourhood of Athens, where locals and immigrants have a tradition of living together, into a field of intolerance and racist hatred. They think that they will be allowed to assault refugees and spaces of self- organization and social struggle (social centres, housing squats, parks).

Never! Like in every neighbourhood, locals and immigrants, we are people who live together everyday, in our workplaces, in schools, in the squares. We share common problems (unemployment, work exploitation, devastating way of life in an urban jail, without sufficient green and free spaces, control and repression). And we will fight together for a world of equality, having solidarity as our weapon and having as only enemy the enemies of freedom for all people.

- No racist and no fascist will define which people are allowed to live together in the neighbourhoods, to hang out in the squares and to walk in the streets of the city.

- No consent to the racist policies of the state against immigrants.

- No tolerance to the fascist – racist gangs.

Wednesday, 24 February at 6 pm

Anarchists, Anti-authoritarians, Antiracists, Antifascists from Athens neighborhoods

February 16, 2010 greece athens Snatched weapons from police bullet!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The weapons and flak jackets two police officers grabbed two strangers - armed according to information - just before

midnight outside the tax office in Maroussi Kifissias Avenue 32.
Under what became known so far .. from the police, two police officers went to the Chamber of Maroussi point to check two

suspects. The two unknown but surprised them, the immobilization and after they grabbed the weapons and flak jackets fled.

The conditions under which the incident occurred while searches are investigated to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

A 25 year old Albanian dropped dead from a shootout between two robbers and police in Byron, at the junction of Life Giving

Fountain and Paleon Patron Germanos.
According to the information was so far, the 25 year old, who works as a plumber assistant, accepted the bullets at a time ... go

to a nearby warehouse.
The two perpetrators, who, according to reports, are "bandits with sledgehammer, and threw grenades at police, injuring two

of them.
According to the information available, prior to undertaking the police Subdivision Crime Life for catching robbers, a house in

the area.
One of the robbers was arrested on the spot, while the second, according to the same information, attempted to escape,

trapped in an oven, threw a grenade resulting in injury to police.

The citizen alleged that a resident of the area did not live to fill in the exchange of shots of the offender with the police.
Eventually arrested and two bandits, while point and found another grenade has exploded.


Innocent passer-by assassinated with 9 bullets in police shoot out; minister promises “heaviest policing Athens has ever seen”


On Tuesday, 16.2 a shoot-out between cops and bank robbers in the neighbourhood of Vironas, Athens saw an innocent passer-by assassinated by the cops: 25-year old migrant worker Nikollas Todi was unfortunate to be at the shooting range of the pigs in uniform. He was executed in cold blood, shot with nine bullets in the back, one going through his head and another one through his heart.

Leuteris Oikonomou, head of the greek police, stated that “nothing went wrong in the operation – simply the 25-year old found himself amidst crossfire”. Trying to supposedly disassociate himself from this provocative statement, Michalis Chrisochoidis (minister of citizen protection) stated that “a crucial battle was won, even if the cost was dear”. Earlier today, Chrisochoidis announced that Athens will see “unprecedented” policing operations after easter.

not "after easter"

until or since Easter. The cocaine CIA minister wants to be fast

cold blood
από coldblood

So.. during a gun shot exchange, the police was shooting in cold blood?

Do we all understand what cold blood means?

A Pennsylvania high school is using laptops they issued to students to spy on them in homes and outside of school. According to a class action filling the webcams and microphones in these laptops could be remotely activated by school officials, and have been used in this role. One student was accused of 'improper behavior in his home' and the school provided a photo taken via his laptop as proof.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Bristol demo in solidarity with anti-olympic protests in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!

Wednesday evening a small, but rowdy group of local anti-Olympic athletes gathered in Bristol to show their solidarity with those resisting the Olympics in Vancouver, where there has just been several days of action against the five ringed corporate circus on stolen native land.


In Bristol, anti-Olympic athletes did a tour of the city center, making the link between the invasion, colonisation and subsequent genocide of indigenous peoples in “Canada”. They targeted the corporate propaganda screen in Millennium Square, John Cabot and the Matthew.

The Matthew is a replica of the ship that John Cabot sailed from Bristol to what is now called Newfoundland. This helped start the colonisation of the Americas, which has lead to over 500 years of exploitation and genocide in "Canada". It is a sad reminder of the legacy contained in this city's history.

The London 2012 Games are just around the corner and there is not better time to start your training as an anti-Olympic athlete!

For a bit of background...

The 2010 Winter Olympics are currently taking place in Vancouver & Whistler, "Canada", on unceded Indigenous land. Over the past seven years, there has been a groundswell of opposition to the Games. This began in 2002 when members of the St'at'imc and Secwepemc Indigenous Nations filed a submission with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to oppose the bid. In this spirit organising against the Olympics has largely been done under the banner, "No Olympics on Stolen Native Land".

The Olympics are not about the human spirit & have little to do with athletic excellence; they are a multi-billion dollar industry backed by powerful elites, real estate, construction, hotel, tourism and television corporations, working hand-in-hand with their partners-in-crime: government officials & members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The destructive development, gentrification and repression that always surrounds the Olympics reminds us that it merely another facet of capitalism despite the latest green wash and community-friendly packaging, another excuse to roll out infrastructure (such as new roads), widen the surveillance state (masses of CCTV and police intelligence-gathering operations) and crack-down on the unsightly poor (anti-vagrancy legislation, low-cost housing being evicted) - theoretically for the duration of a couple of weeks intensive event, but conveniently leaving the branded nightmare in place to stay. It is also the enemy of real community sports spirit - reducing most of us to at best spectators, while we see in London for example actual community sports grounds amongst the swathes razed to make way the 2012 Games.

This latest convergence against the Games has been organised in and anti-capitalist and anti-colonial spirit. It has united anti-capitalist, Indigenous, housing rights, labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, community-loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents.

For more information check out:

and watch: Eight Reasons to Oppose the 2010 Winter Olympics:

RIOT 2010

“We love athletics” —anarchist contestants for the 2010 Olympics

We’re pleased to bring you breaking news from Vancouver, where united indigenous and anarchist resistance has disrupted the capitalist and nationalist triumphalism at the opening of the Olympic Games.

Anti-Olympic Riots and Militant Actions Rock Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

The following report was collectively produced by several participants in this past weekend’s militant resistance to the 2010 Olympic games. This is not a full analysis of Olympic Resistance but rather an in-depth account of what just went down. For more background on why people are resisting these games, check and


This was not “just another summit”—this was the culmination of several years of direct action by indigenous people, anarchists, anti-poverty activists, environmentalists, and others against the 2010 Olympics. One of the most inspiring aspects of this convergence was the framework that created it. Unlike many summits, which lack an anti-racist and anti-colonial analysis, indigenous sovereignty and decolonization was front-and-center this time. Indigenous people called upon their allies to help defend their territory against further colonization, and solidarity activists answered that call. An anti-capitalist analysis permeated the entire movement and it was a radicalizing force among the broader activist community. This was not a showdown in which local issues were left on the back burner; as far as the authors know, this was the first summit in North America that was entirely focused on local issues.

The movement was mostly local, as well. Although the numbers may seem small in comparison to mobilizations in Europe and the US, Vancouver is a very isolated city and is not easy to travel to—as many who have tried know. A border separates it from every other major urban center on the West Coast, and the guards turned away countless people hoping to join us. It takes several days of traveling by car to reach Vancouver from Canada’s other major urban centers. Although many people did travel here from across Turtle Island [North America, in the colonial lexicon] and even Europe, the majority of the participants were from the immediate vicinity.

Anarchist hurdles

Anarchist bowling

February 12: First Day of Action

The first official day of action for the Anti-Olympics Convergence was quite a busy day. After the torch run was successfully blocked in two different neighborhoods, thousands of Anti-Olympics dissidents marched on the opening of the games.

8:30 a.m.

Hundreds of downtown Eastside residents, including native warriors, anarchists, and other supporters successfully blockaded the intersection of East Hastings and Cambie Street. When police attempted to disperse the crowd by force, some stood their ground while others sat down in the middle of the intersection, refusing to comply with the police orders. Unable to clear the street, the police were forced to tell the torch relay to change its route and not travel down Hastings into the downtown Eastside.

A fascinating bird’s-eye-view of this blockade from start to finish is available here.

9 a.m.

Local residents and other protesters successfully keep the Olympic torch off Commercial Drive.

Hundreds, including many anarchists, took the streets and used barbed wire and boulders to block the torch from coming through their neighborhood. Once word came in that the torch was being re-routed, they moved up Commercial Drive to ensure that it would not get around them and up the Drive. They met a line of mounted police (chant: “Get those animals off those horses!”), but ran through an adjacent alley to take the streets again. A minor confrontation occurred with a few Olympics enthusiasts. The torch was successfully kept off Commercial Drive, and when torchbearer Carrie Serwetnyk arrived she was chased out of the neighborhood and had to be escorted into the back of a police cruiser with torch in hand.

3 p.m.: Take Back Our City Mass Mobilization

Traffic cone contends for the high jump gold medal at the opening ceremonies.

Several thousand protesters, including one hundred in a black bloc, assembled at the epicenter of the Olympic circus at 3 p.m. Led by indigenous elders, they marched from the Vancouver Art Gallery to disrupt the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics at BC Place. The participants respected the call that this be an all-ages, family-friendly demo. However, in contrast to many demonstrations, “family-friendly” did not mean imposed pacifism. This march respected the autonomy of all, and there was a great deal of communication between various groups in order to mutually support each other.

In response to a request for people to move to the front in order to protect indigenous elders from police harassment, the black bloc and native warriors faced off with the pigs. The black bloc contingent was organized, closing ranks and holding police at bay. Members confiscated officers’ hats, vests, and flashlights while tossing orange pylons, tires, and other debris their way—simultaneously mocking the display of state force and inspiring, supporting, and defending those around them. After a long pushing match during which police officers and protesters exchanged blows, it was clear that the conflict was in a stalemate and the crowd began to disperse. Police managed to kidnap three people who were charged with breach, and one with assault.

February 13: Heart Attack!

Black bloc intent on “clogging the arteries of capitalism.”

8:30 a.m.
400 anarchists arrived bright and early at Thornton Park at 8:30 a.m. for the “Heart Attack” demonstration. Calling for a diversity of tactics to “clog the arteries of capitalism,” the march was intended to cause mayhem and attack the corporate heart of downtown Vancouver. After giving time and cover for everyone to “block up” and practicing a turn-around drill in case it was necessary to reverse direction, the march immediately took over both directions of Main Street and moved north towards East Hastings. Things got off to a slow start, with only minor debris being dragged into the street. A marching band arrived and joined the ranks of black-clad militants chanting “What’s the direction? Insurrection! What’s the solution? Revolution!” Marchers tricked the police into thinking they were heading towards the police station. As police scrambled to protect their fortress, the march headed west on East Hastings—through Canada’s poorest neighborhood—towards the intended target: the heart of Vancouver.

As people gained confidence, they started dragging everything that wasn’t bolted down into the streets in order to block police vehicles from following in their wake. Some began spray-painting buses and attacking luxury cars. No damage was done to any buildings in this neighborhood, however. Heart Attackers were received with popular support, and many downtown Eastside residents felt inspired by our presence and joined in.

Arriving at Victory Square, the scene of the previous morning’s successful Olympic Torch blockade, the march took a left up Cambie Street. The energy intensified as it entered more opulent territory, and more property being damaged. A dumpster was dragged out of an alley, spray-painted, and overturned in the middle of the street, as police nervously looked on. Officers kept their distance from the unruly crowd, however, which was now smashing parking meters, defacing billboards, and continuing to obstruct intersections with newspaper boxes.

What dumpsters were to the Pittsburgh G20, newspaper boxes were to the Heart Attack march in Vancouver.

The party really got started as the ungovernables turned onto Georgia Street and made their way closer to Vancouver’s Olympic celebration zone. This hub of capitalism features many flagship stores of Olympic sponsors and is the central gathering point for Olympic tourists and enthusiasts. The streets were crowded with these consumers, and the arrival of the march was hardly met with the same level of support it had received in the downtown Eastside. At this point several belligerent individuals attempted to interfere with the march, leading to physical and verbal confrontations. Some of these vigilantes tried to unmask demonstrators, but were met with overwhelming resistance and forced off the street. One man attempted to incite other Olympic supporters to confront us but couldn’t garner any support and had to settle for urging police to “go get these guys.”

We were made for this.

The march made it fourteen blocks down Georgia Street, wreaking havoc upon the Olympic spectacle. As newspaper boxes continued to appear in the street, chairs, lumber, a ladder, and other instruments were seized from our surroundings in order to escalate the conflict. Having pierced the pericardium, the bloc attacked the aorta, smashing in the windows of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Olympic department store in front of thousands of shocked upper-class spectators. At this point newspaper boxes ceased to function merely as passive blockades, as anarchists gave them wings and sent them flying through the windows of Hudson’s Bay and a TD bank. This attack on the intersection of Granville and Georgia—the pulse of corporate Vancouver—broke the spell of the Olympic delusion.

As the march proceeded west towards the Lions Gate bridge and the Westin Bayshore hotel, which housed the International Olympic Committee, riot cops appeared in greater numbers, attempting unsuccessfully to flank the crowd on the left. One demonstrator blocked the path of the police and was shoved, initiating hand-to-hand streetfighting. The pig who had initiated the conflict was immediately punched in the face by a member of the black bloc, and was forced to retreat as he realized he was surrounded by militants ready to defend their comrades. Soon after this confrontation a line of riot cops blocked the street ahead. Boxed in with nowhere to go but through the line, many of the black bloc ran, kicked, punched, and scrambled their way to the other side.

Unfortunately, not all were able or willing to fight their way through. As cops attempted to make arrests, all hell broke loose with anarchists on both sides of the line coming to defend and de-arrest their comrades, fighting the police for control of the intersection. This intensity of hand-to-hand conflict between anarchists and police has not been seen in “Canada” for nearly a decade. Several of the de-arrests were successful, but a handful of arrests were effected. In the end, the police held the intersection, successfully fragmenting the rioters into smaller and more vulnerable groups. Many dispersed at this point, but a group of approximately one hundred, including a festive marching band, were able to continue south, looping around to head west on Robson. Over an hour later, this group was surrounded and detained by riot cops; the police were eventually forced to release them by bystanders and supporters chanting “let them go.”

Subsequent Repression

Immediately following the dispersal, police attempted to use any excuse they could to harass, detain, and arrest suspected rioters, legal observers, media, and organizers. Several people were snatched off the street while leaving the intersection of Robson and Jervis. A few hours later, Gord Hill was given a $115 ticket for swearing at a police officer who was making an arrest outside of the Vancouver Media Co-op. Another known organizer was arrested on E. Hastings for “riding a bike on a sidewalk.” He was then charged with obstruction as he stood up for a homeless man who was being hassled by Police in Pigeon Park. Two legal observers were also ticketed for jaywalking on E. Hastings.

A reconvergence of the Heart Attack march had been planned for Robson and Granville at 5 p.m. that evening. However, it was canceled due to a variety of factors including the arrests, the increased repression, and the fact that police knew about this reconvergence point and would likely be eager to make more arrests. Those who did appear were illegally detained by riot police in front of thousands of Olympic spectators, but were released after a short period of time.

The following day, several people were snatched in relation to the Heart Attack demo, and police are still investigating videotapes and looking for more victims. We hope they won’t find any.

Also on Sunday, about 5000 participated in the 19th annual Women’s Memorial March, honoring missing and murdered women from Vancouver’s downtown Eastside. Led by indigenous women, this event was not an explicitly anti-Olympic protest, but many anarchists and other protesters participated.

Post-Action Debrief

As some had predicted, the primary tactic of the police was fear. They did not use the LRAD they had purchased; they never used tear-gas, rubber bullets, or any other form of long-range combat tactics. When they did attempt to control or arrest protesters, they used a hands-on approach. It was clear to some of us that they desired to avoid images of Vancouver engulfed in tear gas during the first day of the Olympic Games. The Olympics are all about nationalist propaganda, and the whole world actually is watching, unlike at most other demonstrations. Even with their billion-dollar security budget and high-tech crowd-control weapons, the police were unable to prevent a riot that had been announced years in advance. They effectively had their hands tied.

The black bloc relied heavily on what was readily available to them in the streets instead of bringing their own materials into the demo. Unfortunately, there were no mass supplies—no hard banners, paint bombs, projectiles, batons, or bandanas—to share with others who wanted to join.

One criticism was that people kept attacking the same windows, even throwing paint bombs at them after they were already smashed, instead of using that energy and opportunity to destroy additional property. A window that is smashed, has paint on it and a newspaper box through it does make a great photo-op, but smashing windows at a protest can be quite risky. If you’re brave enough to take that kind of action, make sure it counts!

The original target for the Heart Attack march had been the intersection of Denman and Georgia, in hopes of blocking traffic in and out of the Lions Gate Bridge, a major artery leading to the Olympic Games. Blocking the bridge turned out to be unachievable, but the march did succeed in clogging the arteries of Vancouver commerce in general. Considering the scale of militant confrontation, anarchists suffered very few arrests—at least thus far.

On the other hand, yet again the call for decentralized actions didn’t produce widespread resistance—at least as far as we know at this moment. Many anarchists argued that it would be easier to act in cells in their respectful communities and target corporate sponsors as the security apparatus would be concentrated in Vancouver. However, it is undeniable at this time of writing that the most effective resistance yet has been at the convergence itself.

This is only a preliminary assessment of this convergence. There are many other actions and demonstrations planned, and we won’t know the full scale of everything until the dust settles. The Olympics continue in Vancouver for two weeks. There is still time to plan solidarity actions. A list of corporate sponsors can be found here. A full assessment of this movement, the involvement of anarchists, and what it means for the future of militant struggle in “Canada” will appear in the near future.

Anarchists to pigs: Get the fuck out of our community!



By examining the coroner Christos Lefkidi from the defense, resumed before the Joint Amfissa Certified Court, the proceedings of the special guards and Epaminondas Korkonea ...

Basil Saralioti, accused of the death of Alexander Grigoropoulos.

With the start of the process has been tension in response to a request made by the counsel Education Policy Christos Milonopoulos to revoke a previous decision of the court did not accept the consent of about 25 witnesses from the list provided by the victim's family, as not notified in time.

Mr. Milonopoulos, pleaded areopagitiki decision according to which the disclosure of the list of witnesses is once valid cases deferred, as in this case.

Indeed, as Mr Milonopoulos, the prosecution made reference yesterday to Supreme Court on the issue.

The defense by Kuge by stating, that the prosecution disclosed immediately appeal the Supreme Court in the press, said the first time an attempt is made to foster a climate against the accused Korkonea Epaminondas.

As Mr Kougias, the prosecution has to have the best lawyers and experts. "We are confident that we will be judged fairly, but do not put up with us to be here and the prosecution be able to make visits to offices and to report immediately to the press. What the trial would do so? Hundred here bears witness to the prosecution the truth is one.

Mr. Kougias argued that the principle in handling the case mistakes were made by politicians for fear of attacks in Athens, while commenting on earlier press article suggest that "rigged" in favor of the defendant's trial, said "what to build it The poor man, who hides his family in the Mani.

The court decided to examine witnesses in civil actions, which ultimately as Mr Milonopoulos are eleven including eye in the incident and journalists.

During the examination by Mr Lefkidi Kougias reiterated that it considers that the data set to make representation to the autopsy and crime scene were not correct and contradict eyewitness testimony.

From the courtroom now absent mother of Alexander Grigoropoulos and present is the sister and his father 15 years old who have declared civil claimant, but do not want to testify.

37 Thousand worth of computers stolen from university -- Spartanburg, SC

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fifty-eight computers missing from classrooms and USC Upstate, and police say the criminal is like a “ghost”. Investigators say computers have disappeared from eight buildings since August.


As student cadet John MacDonald patrols the hallways at USC Upstate, he is taking a closer look at everything, because he and university police know whoever is responsible for stealing dozens of computers doesn’t stand-out, eluding video cameras and beefed up patrols. Chief of Police Klay Peterson says, “He has been lucky, and he’s very good. He is professional.“ Law enforcement believes he or she is someone in the community, maybe a student or perhaps someone who works at the university. Whoever it is, he or she has in intimate knowledge of how things operate on this college campus. Peterson says, “We have consulted with local law enforcement, SLED, FBI, USC Columbia, and they all tell us the same thing: we are doing the right things.” The University is installing a card access system and other electronic measures, and classrooms and buildings are locked up as often as possible.

The estimated value of the computers is about -37- thousand dollars. None of the tracking software has been triggered, so law enforcement believes they are being sold for parts or overseas. “To think that no one has seen anything… Sometimes we feel like we are chasing a ghost,” says Peterson. He says the culprits luck will run out. “I think they see this as a challenge, a cat and mouse game, and feel that they won’t get caught, and they are mistaken. They will.“ Until they do, John MacDonald will be watching, saying, “There are plenty of us out here.“


Keep the world with all its sin it's not fit for living in i will start again,it can take for ever, and ever,and ever but i 'll still win...

325 & Amor Fati fundraiser this Saturday, Brighton Makhno | 17.02.2010 18:19 Fundraising concert for your favourite insurgent magazine of social war and anarchy this Saturday, February 20th, at the Cowley Club, Brighton. Proceeds also towards Amor Fati, Indonesion zine of insurrectional ideas, communication and action Jesus Bruiser - Bristol anarcho-punk Creative Hatred - Up and coming Brighton (ska)punk outfit your favourite local free party DJs havin' it all over the shop! Doors open at 7, bands from 8(ish), donations on the door (Members & guests only) Links: 325 homepage Angry news from around the world Act for freedom After Trikala - solidarity website for Alfredo & Christos following October's bank robbery in Greece Cowley Club
. Tasos Sagris and Sissy Doutsiou are editors of "We Are an Image from the Future: the Greek Revolt of December 2008." They are also members of the collective, Void Network.

From the AK Press website, "We Are an Image From the Future delves into the December insurrection and its aftermath through interviews with those who witnessed and participated in it, alongside the communiqués and texts that circulated through the networks of revolt. It provides the on-the-ground facts needed to understand these historic events, and also dispels the myths activists outside of Greece have constructed around them. What emerges is not just the intensity of the riots, but the stories of organizing and solidarity, the questions of strategy and tactics: a desperately needed examination of the fabric of the Greek movements that made December possible."
The book can now be pre-ordered.

Two anarchists from Athens are going on tour around the States to talk about the insurrection in Greece in December, 2008, its roots, and its ongoing manifestations

Tasos and Sissy will be speaking in these and several other cities:

Chapel Hill (February 22)
New Orleans (February 26)undefined
Tucson (March 5)
Phoenix (March 7)
Los Angeles (March 9)
San Francisco (March 13)
Oakland (March 14)
Portland (March ?)
Missoula (April 2)
Chicago (April 5)
Pittsburgh (April 8)
Baltimore (April 10)
Boston (April 14)
NYC (April 17 and 20)

From Vancouver Mediacoop

“So we went to a fight the other day and the Olympic games broke out.”
- variation of popular Canadian hockey joke

By an independent commentator
Coast Salish Territory,Vancouver, Canada

From February 12th to 13th, 2010, Team Anarchy won three games against Team Olympics during the International Class War Championship Series in Vancouver. Team Indigenous Sovereignty also won three games against Team Olympics. The game times and outcome of the rest of the series are still to be determined but so far the Olympics have yet to win a game.

Team Anarchy started off strong on the 12th by successfully blocking the Olympic torch from coming to Commerical Drive at all. Earlier in the day Team Indigenous Sovereignty had blocked the torch from parts of the Downtown Eastside, Canada's poorest neighborhood.


That night, another game was held, as thousands marched in protest against the Olympics. Team Indigenous Sovereignty had a strong presence at the front line, while Team Anarchy pushed against and allegedly injured two Team Olympics cops with projectiles.

The next day, Team Anarchy won game three, scoring goals against the Hudson's Bay Company, the Toronto Dominion Bank and possibly a McDonald's restaurant as well, leaving them with broken windows. The streets of downtown were also blocked with a dumpster and many newspaper boxes. A few fanatical spectators tried to attack Team Anarchy but were pushed back by Team Anarchy and removed from play by the cops of Team Olympics. At no time did Team Anarchy engage spectators or the cops in confrontation until they themselves were attacked by bystanders or the cops.

In a show of corruption within the International Class War League, the cops of Team Olympics took on the role of referee and put more than a dozen members of the opposing team in the penalty box. This gave the cops an unfair power play and brought an end to the game. No cops were given penalties despite unnecessary roughness such as high sticking, slashing, cross-checking, holding, interference and too many men on the street, as well as instigating fighting.

The referees of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), such as David Eby, also showed corruption when they publicly denounced Team Anarchy in the media and praised the cops as “restrained” despite the cops' unnecessary roughness and the fact that the BCCLA wasn't even present at the game to witness it.

Commentator corruption was also evident as CTV news journalists chased after and filmed players and had one person put in the penalty box.

One spectator commenting on the goal against the Hudson's Bay Company said, “This isn't Canada."

One member of Team Anarchy responded by pointing out that hockey, Canada's favorite sport, is the most violent sport outside of boxing and martial arts. The Hudson's Bay Company also provides an example of the violent military force used to colonize the land and build Canada, an ongoing violent process of genocide, also shown in Canada's escalated war on Afghanistan, obscured by the timing of the Olympics.

Team Indigenous Sovereignty won another game on the 13th after blocking the bridge between reserves at Katzie, Coast Salish territory, in Vancouver's suburbs. No players were put in the penalty box.

Team Anarchy in Calgary also recently won a game, scoring goals against two Olympic sponsors, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and McDonald's.

The series continues.

See for more independent coverage.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

stack.letter.pdf 18/2/10/today (application/pdf)n Austin, Texas, resident with an apparent grudge against the Internal Revenue Service set his house on fire Thursday and then crashed a small plane into a building housing an IRS office with nearly 200 employees, officials said.

Federal authorities identified the pilot of the Piper Cherokee PA-28 as Joseph Andrew Stack, 53.

Two people were injured and one person was missing, local officials said. There were no reported deaths.

A message on a Web site registered to Stack appears to be a suicide note.

"If you're reading this, you're no doubt asking yourself, 'Why did this have to happen?' " the message says. "The simple truth is that it is complicated and has been coming for a long time."

In the lengthy, rambling message, the writer rails against the government and, particularly, the IRS.

"I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different," the online message says. "I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let's try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well."

Two people were transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge, said hospital spokeswoman Matilda Sanchez. She could not provide additional information.

University Medical Center Brackenridge is the only Level 1 trauma center for adults in Austin.

St. David's Medical Center, the other major hospital in the area, said it had not received any patients.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell said one person remained unaccounted for Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses described an infernal scene that shook nearby buildings and sent fire and smoke bellowing into the sky.

"I just saw smoke and flames," said CNN iReporter Mike Ernest. "I could not believe what I was seeing. It was just smoke and flames everywhere."

The crash occurred around 10 a.m. (11 a.m. ET).

Firefighters used two ladder trucks and other equipment to hose down the blaze at the Echelon office building, which police said is in the 9400 block of Research Boulevard.

Are you there? Share your photos, video, stories with CNN

The flames seemed mostly extinguished about 75 minutes later.

The FAA said preliminary information indicated the plane departed Georgetown Municipal Airport north of Austin about 9:40 a.m. CT.

Jack Lillis, an attendant at Georgetown airport, said initial indications are that the flight originated there but there were conflicting reports and he could not verify that information.

The pilot evidently did not file a flight plan, the FAA said. No flight plan was required because flights Thursday morning were under visual flight rules, or VFR, because of clear weather.

Leffingwell downplayed any possible terrorism links to the crash.

"It is an isolated incident," the mayor said. "The people of Austin, the people of the nation, are in no danger whatsoever."

He added that "there is evidence that the gas tank was just about full. ... That amount of gasoline ... can do a lot of damage."

Two F-16 fighter jets were sent from Houston as a precaution, but federal authorities said preliminary information did not indicate any terrorist connection to the crash.

"We do not yet know the cause of the plane crash," the Department of Homeland Security said in a release. "At this time, we have no reason to believe there is a nexus to terrorist activity. We continue to gather more information, and are aware there is additional information about the pilot's history."

Controversial terror trial of Belgrade anarchists begins

Update: Good news! After five months in custody, the Six have been released from detention today during the court proceedings, with a new trial date set–conflicting sources say March 23 or 25th. Any additional information will be posted here when we receive it.

Six Serbian anarchists are due in court today charged with international terrorism in what Belgrade academics have condemned as a political trial.

Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Dojkić, Ratibor Trivunac, Ivan Savic and Nikola Mitrovic, were detained on September 4th after a Molotov cocktail broke a window at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade.

Originally arrested for “causing general public danger,” an allegation often associated with low-level vandalism, the activists’ charges were upped to international terrorism following public comments by Serbian President Boris Tadic that he intended to crack down on “left-wing terrorism.”

The six face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the latest charges – more than double the sentence handed down for the burning to the ground of the US Embassy in 2008 in which one man was killed.

Academics at Belgrade University have condemned the trial, writing in an open letter: “We fear that this was an arbitrary interpretation of the Criminal Code and a case of its use for political purposes.

“Just in the year 2009 we have witnessed the escalation of violence and numerous threats of violence made by fascist groups. All of this was met with a mild reaction from the state prosecution and the police.

“To name just one example: in the days leading up to the Belgrade Gay Pride Parade (set for September 20th and called off due to security fears) threats of physically liquidating the gay population were called just ‘polemics’ by a representative of the state.”

All of the six detainees are activists in or associates of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI), the Serbian section of the International Workers’ Association (IWA). The ASI is part of a growing, independent union movement in Serbia and supporters say this is a political trial aimed at derailing that growth.

The attack itself has been claimed by a group called Crni Ilja, who said it was in solidarity with a Greek anarchist on hunger strike. No members of that group have as yet been positively identified.

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative has declared that they knew nothing of the attack or the group that carried it out. Ratibor Trivunac has repeatedly stated that throwing molotov cocktails is not a method of struggle used by the group.

A spokesperson for the Solidarity Federation, British section of the International Workers Association, said: “We unreservedly condemn the trial as a political attempt by the rulers of Serbia to silence an effective radical movement. Members of SF and other IWA sections are going to Belgrade for the trial to show support for our imprisoned comrades.”

Riot at Ely State Prison: It was a battle!

by Anarchist prisoner, Coyote Sheff

There was a riot here at Ely State Prison that took place in the most restricted unit, 4B and 4A. It lasted from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1. It was a battle!

There has been a lot of changes here at ESP that all started on Nov. 23, 2009. Rather than giving us anything to look forward to or any real incentive by implementing any constructive or productive programs, the administration has maliciously taken things away. Canteen privileges, appliances (radios, TVs, CD players and the like) and visits have all been stripped away from us so they can hold these things over our head and use them as a control method.

On Nov. 23, 2009, all of the prisoners who are serving “Disciplinary Segregation” were moved and placed in Unit 4, A Wing and B Wing, and Unit 3B. They intentionally made 4B the worst tier in this prison by strategically placing protective custody inmates and mentally ill inmates all around us on this tier, while taking appliances away, so that we have no choice but to be subjected to the everyday torture, sensory deprivation and psychological warfare deliberately placed on us by these PCs and mentally ill inmates, who constantly scream, bang, verbally assault other prisoners, snitch and inform on us and several other tactics they do to make us miserable that I cannot explain.

Not to mention the guards on this unit are the most strict, the most petty, spiteful, vindictive and retaliatory guards in this prison. These guards have intentionally gone out of their way to provoke us on several different occasions. They have taken appliances, including mine, away from inmates who committed rule violations prior to Nov. 23, 2009 – which is against policy – and prisoners who have been found guilty of minor and general write-ups have had their appliances confiscated, and even prisoners who were found not guilty of minor write-ups had their appliances taken away!

To top that off, prisoners who have gone two months without their appliances still have not had their appliances returned to them in spite of what the policy states, and the staff are not answering kites (written messages) or making any efforts to try to get the appliances returned to these prisoners.

Year after year it is take, take, take, and it has gotten to the point where we got fed up with this. We have said enough is enough. We needed to get things off of our chest!

Prisoners on 4B, including myself, kicked off a riot by flooding, burning, capturing food slots, popping sprinkler heads, forcing the guards to gear up and extract us from our cells so that we could fight with them! At least eight guards dressed in full riot gear and helmets would line up and run in our cells, trying to beat us into submission.
We fought hard and we took it to them. Many of us were successful at disarming them of their electrical shield, making sure to get our hits in before they wrapped us up and beat us down. One prisoner even got out of his cell and hit a guard so hard in the helmet that the face guard broke off!

When it was all said and done, there were over 16 cell extractions on both wings, totally three prisoners were sent to the infirmary, one of those prisoners was sent to the hospital outside of the prison because of head trauma, but the other two were returned back to their unit two days later. There was so much blood everywhere – in the cells, on the tier, in the sally port, in the hallway and on the walls – it was crazy! It was a battle!

Every guard that was on the extraction team received some type of injury. Each one had to see the nurse about something. One guard, allegedly, got stabbed during a cell extraction. He was laid out in the sally port being operated on by the nurses for about 45 minutes before he was carried out on a stretcher. After that, the guards’ spirits were deflated and they refused to run in on anybody’s cell. They showed their fear and defeat by their use of chemical agents from here on out.

We battled hard! Whites and several Latino prisoners from different factions all came together, successfully building an army in 20 minutes to fight together and take a stand! Guys that normally would not even talk to each other came together to take it to these swine.

Every one of us who got extracted received a black eye, bloody nose and many lumps and bruises, but we are proud of these battle wounds! At least I’m proud of mine! There were many foul and unprofessional acts done by the guards that directly violate the policies of the institution, and an investigation is being pursued. We are taking this as a victory.

The guards bowed down before we were ready to stop fighting. They extracted me from my cell. I quickly disarmed them of their electrical shield and got a few licks in before they wrapped me up. When they brought me back to my cell, Latinos, Whites and Blacks were all chanting my name and cheering me on. It felt good.
This is not my first riot but it was definitely the best. It’s so good to see solidarity in action, to see prisoners of different races and factions coming together like this. We need more of this before we can really start making positive changes in this system!
Resistance and sacrifice,
ABC-Nevada Prison Chapter, Ely State Prison
For more information, or letters of encouragement and support please contact me at this address: Coyote Sheff, 55671, P.O. Box 1989, Ely, NV 89301.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anarchist call-out ahead of next week’s general strike greece athens

Below is the poster from the Open Anarchist Assembly for a Unified Multiform Movement, ahead of next week’s general strike.

It reads “The path of revolt and revolution is paved through everyday struggles and wildcat strikes. (Labour). Our lives do not go under probation. Struggle for dignity and freedom.

Gathering – demonstration. 24/2, 11am at the Museum (next to the Polytechnic).”

February 16, 2010 greece athens Snatched weapons from police bullet!

The weapons and flak jackets two police officers grabbed two strangers - armed according to information - just before

midnight outside the tax office in Maroussi Kifissias Avenue 32.
Under what became known so far .. from the police, two police officers went to the Chamber of Maroussi point to check two

suspects. The two unknown but surprised them, the immobilization and after they grabbed the weapons and flak jackets fled.

The conditions under which the incident occurred while searches are investigated to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

A 25 year old Albanian dropped dead from a shootout between two robbers and police in Byron, at the junction of Life Giving

Fountain and Paleon Patron Germanos.
According to the information was so far, the 25 year old, who works as a plumber assistant, accepted the bullets at a time ... go

to a nearby warehouse.
The two perpetrators, who, according to reports, are "bandits with sledgehammer, and threw grenades at police, injuring two

of them.
According to the information available, prior to undertaking the police Subdivision Crime Life for catching robbers, a house in

the area.
One of the robbers was arrested on the spot, while the second, according to the same information, attempted to escape,

trapped in an oven, threw a grenade resulting in injury to police.

The citizen alleged that a resident of the area did not live to fill in the exchange of shots of the offender with the police.
Eventually arrested and two bandits, while point and found another grenade has exploded.

Support Gaza protesters facing heavy sentences

93 arrested, 72 charged, 10 jailed so far

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza of 27th December to 18th January, provoked passionate protests across the UK. The familiar mass demos of the anti-war movement were supplemented by large spontaneous break-away demos and a wave of university occupations. The police used indiscriminate baton charges, kettles and heavy surveillance, in an effort to impose their control on the movement.

In the months that followed, these repressive police tactics began to take a less visible form, with police carrying out numerous dawn raids. A total of 93 people have been arrested and 72 charged. Some of these were denied communication with their solicitors and subjected to physical and psychological abuse. Most of the arrested were young Asians below the age of 19, with some as young as 12 years old. Almost all have now been charged with “violent disorder” and 10 people have already been jailed for 15 months – 3 years.

Many of those arrested have not received adequate legal advice and have been approached by police officers outside court under Section 62 of the Immigration Act, with threats to revoke their immigration status.

In this climate of intimidation and isolation, and in spite of flimsy evidence, 50 people have pleaded guilty and are due to be sentenced, starting from the 12th February at Isleworth Crown Court.

Judge Denniss who has taken on all the cases, has referred to the notoriously heavy sentences given out after the Bradford riots.

These are the actions of a police state. Solidarity is urgently needed.

For more information and ideas about what we can do visit:
Email: nomoreisolation (at)

Tuesday 16th February 2010 greece news action solidarity!

  • Massive gathering on the today's time-table changing of workers at METKA factory in Volos town in solidarity with the three syndicalist workers' vindictive redudancies (watch older update). Open assemblies of the factory's workers were straightly organised and workers from other sectors also in solidarity with their actions. The assemblies decided for a pan-workers' strike in Volos town on the 18th of February. Parts of the official syndicalistic leadership tried to block the workers from their direct-democratic decisions in purpose to delay their struggle. Fotos:
  • 'Looting Brigades' urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting actions against two government organisations in Irakleio town on Creta island. As they state, their targets will be any authoritans' stracture which gets involved in the social control methods.
  • 'Groups for Destruction of Social Peace' took the responsibility for two looting devicies at Emporiki Bank in Zografou district of Athens early in the mourning on 15th February. Their action in solidarity with all the social fighters who are under provisionally hostage by the state and with people who fight for social freedom.
  • Bomb explosion at the offices of 'JP Morgan' multinational financial company in Kolonaki district of Athens. A phone-call to 'Eleftherotypia' newspaper has happened 30 minutes before the explosion, asking from the journalist to call the cops and evacuate the area so there would be no victims.
  • In a historic campaign and gathering are moving the workers of the Zone with the help of the Coordination of Self-organization. On the poster of Self-organization was shown to all the people of Piraeus the well-hidden secret of the city, the fascist dictatorship that has been enforced by the pseudo-communistic parliament party of Greece in the Zone and the destructive spree in which it has undergone since decades now by letting the ships sale away. At the same time, they invite all the people in practical support of their struggle for trade union democracy, for development and not to pass the zone in the hands of Chinese sosialfascists! The anouncement:

Gathering of Self-organization of workers in the Zone

Open Call for Assembly in local basketball court




Since 4 months now, the desperate workers of shipbuilding Zone of Perama district we have started a fight for our survival but also for the survival of the last heavy industry in Piraeus. Unfortunately the situation has come to a dead-end: The ships have disappeared, and China wants to take the Zone and turn it into warehouse.

The worst of all is that meanwhile the Directors' Board in the union of metal which is entirely controlled by the PAME (syndicalistic organisation of parliamentary communistic party) not only does nothing about all this but also on the great crisis and unemployment has turned the zone into a ghetto of their own oppression, injustice and destruction. So:

First: They put their own people in the few places of work and throw us all the other. This succeeds because it uses the State Health & Security Committees in the Zone, so that tells to the contractors: or you are taking our own people to work or we will appeal in strict compliance with the regulation and turn off your jobs. And they have to get the people from the Directors' Board in the work to keep their peace of mind and so workers who do not keep good contacts with the Board have serious unemployment problems.

Second: It makes non-stop and every now and then strikes and opens and closes the zone not for requests that concider us but to delay repairs and to block the ships whenever they want. Also they do not allow for modernization projects such as tanks and cranes under the reason that such projects will be constructed by capitalists, but today there is nothing more than capitalists around. The result is that now with the crisis while there is work to other shipyards, there is no work in the Zone. In addition to our hungry families, we believe that this is a criminal plan to guide the Zone to stagnation and closure and sell it out for nothing to their partners, Chinese slaveholders, leaving thousands of workers unemployed who are now living because of the Zone.

Maybe someone will wonder: How PAME gets so far the majority in the Board of the Syndicate Metal after so many unreliable actions? It takes the majority with a 'legal' fraud. We explain: The Metal Union is not only a part of the Zone but a sectoral association of all other branches of Metalworkers union of Attica region, so they have signed up 2000 workers from inside the Zone and another 9000 from outside of the Zone who work in other shipyards and factories where the have their own unions and in small businesses which are unrelated to the Zone. So PAME, because it has a strong party network, uses among those 9000 the certain persons who are needed to take the majority in the elections every two years and brings them to vote for the Directors' Board. This way they always keep the majority.

To stop this destruction and dictatorship that deprives us of the dignity and our bread, we self-organized meetings with more than 300 members and we invited all colleagues -also those of PAME- to create an Association only for the area of our work, an independant Association of the Zone like the rest of the workers around Greece, and if PAME will take the majority of this Association, then it can still be on leadrship. But PAME denied, so we started a signatures' petition for a normal Zone Association. Then it began a campaign of terror by aiming people who signed as "breakers" and "agents of employers" and also threatening that "if these persons will keep on they will be blocked by the Board and never find a job again in the Zone".

Of course, we will keep defending our lives and our trade union rights against the ghetto of PAME and its' fraud and we will be fighting for one and single Association of all workers in the Zone which will totally resist against the employers as we used to do during our history and not in the ways of PAME in the Zone. PAME competes employers who do not play its' game and betrays us when we fight against employers who are mouth-pieces of it.

We call all the workers of Piraeus and Athens to morally condemn this behavior so we can have syndicalistic union democracy and not a ghetto in the Zone, so there can be working places, so boats will come, so modernization will be stractured and above all not to be sold the Zone to the Chinese colonialists. While we have such a debt as a country and such unemployment when we let the boats sail away, when gets sold out and closed down the last profit sector of heavy industrial in Greece it means the biggest crime. This concerns the whole of Piraeus and the whole country. So we ask for the support of all the people in Pireaus and Greece

Monday 15th February 2010

  • Intensity in the pigs' station of Tripoli town after suicide attempt of a 35 years old Palestinian who was imprisoned in purpose to be deported. Other migrants prisoners, also under deportation, looted blankets so a small fire was caused. The pigs entered the detention centers and evacuated the imprisoning cells by transfering the prisoners to a room beside. Later, the migrants were also transfered to the Panarcadic Hospital for health checks, where also the Palestinian was transfered whose deportation is planned to take place in two weeks.

More actions in solidarity with Volkan Sevinc (see older update) took place around Greece. The anarchist comrade has been released from the court, for further information check ahaligazetesi internet page.

Interview with Polykarpos Georgiadis, blamed by Greek Authorities for participation in the industrialist Mylonas kidnapping.

Question: - In a letter of yours from inside the prison you have made clear that innocence and guiltiness is a fake separation, which has to make only with the legal arsenal of state. During the beginning of the trial your statement was that you deny the blames. Which exactly is your line of defense?

Answer: In the court I denied the indictment, accepting only the event that as an antiauthoritarian and friend I helped Palaiokostas to hide himself. Beyond this, the dipole innocence-guiltiness is a tool in the hands of burgoise legal thought and does not concider me. The Civil Law, in which is also contained this dipole, intends only for ensuring the operational conditions of the capitalists' criminal class. If I would have been affirming either innocent or guilty it would be like accepting this framework. On the other hand, since 19th century the court is a public forum for the radical movement. I used this forum not only about the criminal aspect of the case, but also to defend my political choices.

Q: - Palaiokostas relievs you from any cooperation in the kidnapping of Mylonas. He returns the involvement of your in the case on your friendship. But from your side, you go one step further and advocate morally and ideologically his actions. Don't you think that this way, you make things more difficult in your position?

A: - Morally and ideologically in solidarity with Palaiokostas' actions is the whole of Greek population. Let us put all in prison! I would just like to remind the words of Rigas Feraios: "When the Authorities rape, fail, destroy the rights of people [...] then, the revolution from people or a part of them, to grasp the weapons and punish the tyrrans is the most sacred of all the laws and the most essential of all his debts".

Q: - What do you think about the attitude of Mylonas in front of you?

A: - I think that Mylonas or he is under confuse or his service is configured. He fell into numerous contradictions -such as, for example, the existence of an Albanian citizen in the kidnapping, who disappears as if by magic!. And reached the point to recognize me because of my ears! It was a breath of hilarity in the cop-occupied court room. Unlike, his wife was honest and refused to recognize us. This deposit was ignored -luckily happened?- by the urban mass media. I have expressed in public my opinion about Mylonas: weight against the planet and barrier of winds, like all the capitalists.

Q: - What is considered from you as a key element of the indictment against you?

A: - EKAM (higher special cop-army units) caught me in the act drinking raki and watching a movie of Monty Python together with Palaiokostas. Isn't it enough? There is also a ridiculous 'confession' of a guy who gets self-defeating continually. And the 'recognition' by Mylonas who presents me as tall and thin with 1,90m height when in reality I am 1,75m tall!

Q: - The Queen's Peace minister together with the mass media, talk about about interweaving between anarchist space and common criminals...

A: - In the great bazaar of policy, the inexpensive rhetoric are for nothing. The U.S.-traditional guard Bonaparte (the Queen's Peace minister) is not an exception of this rule. As for the 'crime', it is a word which together with the magic wand of the dominant ideology joints uneven social phenomena with different origins and different directions. In most cases we can talk about a special civil war. Poor people steal other poor people. On the other hand, we have the accumulation of black money with crystal clear logic of capitalism. Not missing the conscious offenders of law, descendants of the 'social banditry', but they are few. The social bandity was rooted in the sense of community solidarity inside the traditional societies. Urbanization broke down this sense and replaced it with filotomarismos (individualism, being interested only in personal survival). The criminal delinquency is the inverted image of the class / hierarchical society. It does need the mirror to live. The revolutionary action is to break the mirror. Some common outward characteristics are meaningless to their diametrically opposite contents. Besides, this identification has a clear political objective to slander action of the antiauthoritarian movement.

Q: - Last year, large protests took place in prisons in the country, where you also participated together with other antiauthoritarian prisoners. A year later, nothing has changed?

A: - Lountemis used to say: "Fascism died and was reborn on paper to life". Fascism of the 21st century is called person's reformation through imprisoning. Almost nothing has changed since last year. The same miserable conditions, the same overpopulation, the same hyper-criminalization. Before any week, even, the 'socialistic' MAT (special pigs' forces) were trained on the bodies of prisoners in Diavata jailhouse, so be prepared later to face the terrorists-protesters on the streets.

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)