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Vangelis Pallis (49 years old), aka ‘Apache’, seriously injured inside Trikala’s jail Saturday, August 28, 2010


28 Αυγούστου 2010

This morning, at 9 o’ clock, Vangelis Pallis was found in his cell seriously injured in the neck by a piece of glass. The headquarters of the jail said that he did it by himself. The advocate ordered his cell to be sealed for further investigation. Vangelis Pallis is now in the intensive care, hospitalized in a very serious situation.
Vangelis Pallis has many times in the past participated in riots inside the jail. In the big riot in the jails in November 2008, as he was a member of the steering committee, he was on a hunger strike for a long time. People that know him say that there is not even one chance in a million that he injured himself with his own will. As you understand, he is fighting against the cruel conditions of the jail. Therefore, our suspicions about what really happened are not unrealistic. Updates soon.

In solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa

Costa, Silvia and Billy continue their struggles from the Swiss prisons they're locked up in. They're accused of possession, transport and attempted use of explosive materials, and of planning to attack an IBM centre under construction. An IBM centre that will be among the focal ones in Europe's nanotechnology research.
Solidarity demo in Biel, Switzerland
Solidarity demo in Biel, Switzerland

The conditions of our comrades give the strong and clear impression that Swiss authorities aim at wearing out and isolating their resistance struggles. The censorship and requirements imposed on their correspondence show inequivocably that the system is trying both to stop their friendships and relationships and to isolate them from their contacts with the Movement.

This isn't news! We already know the "democracy" of Swiss jails: for years we have fought against Marco Camenisch's isolation in Thorberg's jail. But we know our comrades: always on the front line in years of radical ecological and animal liberation struggles, and against the techno-industrial civilisation. We can't but admire them and we're certain that in spite of any bloody prosecutor, they won't bend and they won't lower their heads. Their coherence and determination are an example to all of us.

We think it necessary to let our voices be heard by these comrades. May our solidarity break into the thick walls of their jails, may the solidarity actions multiply, may the struggle continue stronger than before. Solidarity has a value and a shape only through our struggles.

We invite every individual and group to make their voices heard in the way they think appropriate: To responde to this attempt of isolating our comrades and re-affirm once again the necessity of our struggles.


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Communiqué from Mónica Caballero, anarchist prisoner in Chile

Friday, 27 August 2010

translated from culmine with rage love and solidarity, to be read, corrected and circulated without delay.

27/08/2010 - Chile
All the insurgents:
The hegemony of power came on the scene on August 14, around 7 am, when agents of the GOPE enetered the place where I live or lived, the squatted house "La Crota", destroying the gate of our library, the CDAI (Centro de Documentación Anarquista Itinerant) by linking it to a machine and pulling it away. Hearing the noise I just made it in time to go into the courtyard where police, armed to the teeth and with their characteristic arrogance, blocked me.
Later I was taken to a room where they read out the accusations for which I continue to be held. During the same procedure my hands were submitted to an examination, in search for traces of explosives. This examination was carried out without my knowing anything without anything being explained: a huge mistake on my part. The same examination was made against two other people who were in my beloved home: Vinicio Aguilera and Diego Morales, and is the only evidence that they have to accuse them. I tried to greet my fellow humans, canines and felines. One of my 4-legged comrades never stopped barking at the police. He never moved away from us. I stroked him and headed toward the front of the house, Biblioteka (CDAI), which was destroyed like a classic postcard of the totalitarian regimes. At that moment I was handcuffed, handcuffs that were my company for several hours on several occasions. In coming out from my beloved place, that the prosecutor would have described as "power centre", the press try to snap the perfect photo of the "bombers". They just received our deepest contempt. With my head never bowed I took the opportunity to shout slogans for the Mapuche prisoners, those who are currently on hunger strike. In the police car I was able to pick up on what news was being spread.
When I reached 33 ° Commissariat I found several others in my same situation and more who were continuing to arrive. There are 14 of us. The courtroom hearings for the control of the generalities was full of comrades, friends, affini, relatives, brothers, who like us felt uncertainty. Illicit terrorist association and placing of explosive devices are the accusations against us. The formalization will be Tuesday. In coming out of the courtroom we managed to hear cries full of rage and anger from our people. Cries that deeply moved us and gave us strength for what was to come. We are not alone! Your actions and your attitude fills me with pride! Waiting until the formalization of the charges was eternal. Isolated, without any news, and not even a pencil. When the day arrived after Power had tried to leave us as long as possible in prison, through bars and handcuffs we managed to touch the hands of our comrades and shout a few words. During the hearing only one family member was allowed entry for each accused. The Church has associated with the Fiscalía Sur (the prosecution - NDT) and the Ministry of the Interior. The Prosecutor Alejandro Peña began with eloquence to expose the foundations of the Illicit Terrorist Association (which only exists in his head). According to him, the organization is informal, democratic and horizontal. At least this definition made us smile. So many years of investigation for such a complicated resolution?
What a precarious mentality for such honourable officials. Then, they continue with the evidence for each defendant: items such as books, photographs, written words, phone tapping, computers, pens, videos, posters and probably this same statement will be at the root of our dangerousness. As if the circus was not enough already, in a gesture both Machiavellian and morbid the respected attorney shows photos of Mauricio Morales who died after the explosion of the device destined for the school for prison screws in May 2009. He tried to wound us, but has only fueled our hatred.
A great element of proof would be the declaration of Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga, alias "El Grillo" narco-trafficker who on 31 December 2008 stabbed the comrade Candelaria Cortez-Monroy seven times. The court ordered 180 days of investigation.
But already we are no longer 14, but 8. 6 comrades remain kidnapped in the cells of capital. A strong hug to them. Four judges and years of investigations were not enough to find new items to mount an artifice of such proportions, leaving us in prison like this.
Currently I'm in SEAS (High Security Section) of the CPF (Female Penitentiary Centre) of Santiago. I shall continue with my vegan diet. The struggle against domination does not compromise up until the final consequences.
Proud of what I am and of my comrades, I embrace every act of solidarity and rebellion. They will not silence me. No more than the individual can and must fight for their freedom, nothing can move them but their heart.
May the wilderness protect the dear felines running on the rooftops and may a night of black auspices never come.
To everyone today and always: "Neither God nor master"
With a heart in pieces, but beating stronger than ever!!
By putting an end to all exercise of authority and power, make anarchy live.
Mónica Caballero, SEAS, CPF, Santiago, Chile, Anarchist Prisoner

Friday, August 27, 2010


-On thursday 19th august there was a gathering outside the consultant of Chile in Buenos Aires Argentina of anarchists and anti-authoritarians in solidarity to the 14 arrested. The road was blocked for half an hour, slogans were sprayed on the walls and leaflets were read with a megaphone for the 14 and for the Mapuche on hunger strike.

Also on thursday the 19th of august an explosive device was deactivated, made from a fire extinguisher and explosive substances, left outside the 21st police station in Santiago, Chile.
While in a shopping mall in in the city centre 4 sound bombs went off and leaflets were found near by calling for solidarity to the 14 arrested. 

 On friday 20th of august there was a gathering outside the consultant of Chile in Cordoba, Spain. 5 people were arrested. -In Barcelona early the same morning, there was an attack at a a prison architecture event and a architects union. Paint was thrown and damage was made.

 The Chilean state has put on guard its embassies and consultants in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Greece, since there has been attacks before on some of them.

solidarity to our comrades in Chile! actforfreedomnow! 

Chile - Comunique from prison of arrested comrade Andrea Urzua

translated from culmine with anger, love and solidarity

24/08/2010 - Comrades, friends, brothers, family,
A week has passed since the aggressor of women, the honourable Attorney Peña's, media show, (an allusion to a domestic violence complaint concerning the Chilean Marini - NDT). These have been hard days, far from my family, seeing a science fiction show on TV legitimised by audiences who have only shown how inefficient, ridiculous and barely credible the justice of the rich is.
It all started Saturday, August 14, at 6.50 am. While I was sleeping with my companion and my little daughter I heard a noise that made me think of an earthquake. But no, they were agents of the GOPE that ... were searching the place where I live. It was all very violent, while they were beating, blocking and handcuffing my companion I and my little one had weapons turned on us. A lot of shouting, excited police told us: "quiet, collaborate ... don't move, don't talk ... don't make it difficult" ... in those long seconds I thought I might be killed by those wretches with the little one in my arms ... we didn't understand what it was about ... we asked them to calm down, to show us the search warrant, what were the accusations ...
There was no reason for all the fuss ... we asked them not to aim their weapons as I was with my baby ... we tried once blocked, to calm them down and get them to explain to us what was happening ... a cop appeared, like the others, armed to the teeth, asking me my name, when I tell them who I am he looks satisfied to know ... everything was very stupid, they knew perfectly well that I lived there, knew where I work, the places I frequent, I saw them, they were too obvious ... about two months ago an RP came asking for me to my in-laws' house (where I live) with the excuse that I was a 'victim of VIF', it was obvious that the persecution that had gone on for years had not ended, that strange visit was intended merely to confirm my address. I do not want to present myself as a victim, but nothing can explain the violence of pointing a gun against an 11 month old baby girl,this action is at best despicable and without justification. At 7:45 in comes the Captain ... the one who was in charge of the searches and arrests. Only then did things calm down a bit ... forensic police in white overalls shut themselves in the bedroom where I sleep with my family (a room which, like the rest of the house was searched more than 6 times) they took away books, the computer, our telephones and an infinite number of things that really I do not understand what function they could have in “Operacion SALAMANDRA”. While they were searching every room of the house they were filming us, taking photos ... the captain tells me that my arrest is part of the investigations carried out by the comedian Attorney Peña, the famous Bombas case, investigations going on for four years, with four successive prosecutors, with arrests that led nowhere, that rely exclusively on the declaration of a schizophrenic, narco-trafficker and woman beater called Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga, alias "El Grillo". The accusations against me are: "transport of explosives and illicit terrorist association".
Between 9:30 and 10 they transferred me to 33 ° commissariat where I am "genteelly" received by a high-ranking policeman (without identification) who shouting asks me my name and threatens me with: "Now you'll see that this is not a game" ... the situation started to get heavy when I see "my friends" there too ... the press ... the jubilant cops ... the truth is, the situation was too much ... they try to subject my hand to an examination for signs of explosives, but I refuse because there was no lawyer present ... the show went on, other reporters, other cops, other people ... We are moved (in that place we were already 10) to the control of the arrests. There both the prosecutor and the Ministry of the Interior appear as complainants, for a judge there is donna Alejandra Apablaza who not only did not take our concerns into account, but left the investigations open until Tuesday 17.
I am taken to the high security section of the CPF (central Female Penitentiary) of Santiago, isolated from the other prisoners. On Tuesday, at the hearing for the validation of the arrests, the Catholic church associated itself as a complainant, after the preparation of the police programme that Peña had prepared shows us the "evidence" with which we are accused of illicit terrorist association. Telephone conversations that say nothing compared to the usual calls you can have between friends, videos that can be found on the Internet (made from TV programmes), leaflets, posters ... all public things in anyone's possession. They say we are an illegal association that has an "informal, horizontal and democratic" structure. That the leaders are Pablo and Garza. All the others, we would have a horizontal position, without intermediate leaders or any other position. It is said that our goal is the elimination of capital, the bourgeoisie, the church and any kind of power ... all with only 300 Chilean pesos.

The picture of the body of Punky Mauri after the explosion was shown to us in a Machiavellian sadistic way... and so on without any logic but to arrest us, trying to close the space of solidarity with political prisoners, counter-cultural spaces ( some of them defined by the prosecutor as "power centres") and all that is against the government, the system and power. I always thought that with the rise to power of Piñera all those against the fascist government of the bosses would be struck, but I never imagined that this would happen with such stupid, vulgar tricks. In fact the evidence is so rude and crude that it would not surprise me if this letter was seen as another proof against me. There are many things in my head, there are many ideas, so much anger and so much love ... kidnapping is the word I have in mind, I am another who has been kidnapped ... they are keeping me away from my family and friends only for being what I am: one that is convinced of the idea, an ironclad solidarity, one that thinks, one that criticises ... actually, as I once read: "Solidarity is a powerful weapon" and it is obvious that they fear it. When I got to know the struggle I fell in love with her. You can speak of madness, but it is my beautiful madness ... I struggle for emancipation, I love freedom with my whole being, with all my strength ...
Now it remains only (for the time being) send you much newen (strength in Mapuche language - NDT) thanking you for each one of the demonstrations of affection and support. I ask you to keep your eyes open, because it does not end here, that's obvious. A strong, close and fraternal embrace to each one of you.

Andrea Urzúa Cid
P.P S.E.A.S. C.P.F.

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Bristol anarchist bookfair latest: stalls and meeting timetable

collectiveauthor email bristolanarchistbookfair at riseup dot net Report this post to the editors
it's gonna be rammed to the rafters!
Its all systems go down at the bookfair bunker. After a late flurry of stall applications left us having to cut some stallholders table requests (and then there were more that missed the deadline!); and having dealt with the tricky task of reducing 29 workshop proposals down to 15 (originally 12, but we found 3 more spaces), and letting the unsuccesful proposers know the result; the bookfair programme is now complete!
Attached is a timetable listing all the meetings/workshops/films/talks by the hour across all four rooms. Bookfair doors open at 10.30am to the public, meetings run from 11am to 6pm. In case you forgot, its at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY.

Here we have a full A to Z list of the groups, campaigns, distros, publishers and authors running stalls at the bookfair, spread across 2 halls on 2 separate floors:
Active Distro; AK Press; Bath Activist Network; Bicycology; Bloom & Curll Bookshop; Breviary Stuff Publications; Bristol Anarchist Black Cross prisoner support; Bristol Anarchist Federation; Bristol Animal Rights Collective; Bristol Antifa; Bristol Anti-Militarists; Bristol Housing Action Movement; Bristol Indymedia; Bristol Industrial Workers of the World; Bristol No Borders; Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Bristol Radical History Group; Bristol & Bath Rising Tide; Bristol & South West Hunt Sabs; Calais Migrant Solidarity; Class War Federation (London); Cowley Club bookshop (Brighton); East Bristol Debtors Alliance; Free Info; Hereford Solidarity League; Jari Moate (author); Just Press; Just Seeds (New York); Justice for Jock; Kebele InfoShop; Labour Behind the Label; Last Hours mag; Living Easton; Long John Silver Trust & Fiducia; Mute mag; Northern Voices (Northern anarchist network); Past Tense Press (London); Project for a Participatory Society-UK; Reel News; Richard Hart (author); Schnews (Brighton); Solidarity Federation (South West); Stair Books; Tangent Books; The Factory; The Smiling Chair Anarchist Bookshop (Bristol).

You can see the full programme and meeting descriptions here

We'll be seeing you on the day then...
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English Defence League racists plans to attack cricket match at Lords london U.K.

anon | 26.08.2010 
The racist and Islamophobic thugs of the English Defence League are planning to launch an attack against the Pakistan cricket team at Lords. Pakistan are set to play England in matches from the 26th August until 30th Augast 2010. This is not an official EDL demonstration however members of the English Defence League in London are in fact planning the attack.

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic organisation. the leaders of the EDL have links to the BNP, Combat 18, National Front, Anarchist Nationalists, UKIP, Blood & Honour etc.

They claim to be against "just extremists Muslims" but have attacked Mosques all over the UK. They have put pigs heads on Mosques across Britian, have pulled off women's hijabs, assaulted women and sent rape threats. The EDL have smashed up cars, houses, shops etc in Asian areas. A shopkeeper in Tower Hamlets London E1 was hospitalised in a racist attack.

Now the EDL have decided to attack "extremist cricketers" from Pakistan...simply because they are Muslims.

Mexico massacre: 72 bodies found piled in a room

Mexico city:  Mexico's navy on Thursday released footage of the location where the bodies of 72 people were discovered on Tuesday in the northern state of Tamaulipas close to the US border.

A wounded Ecuadorean survivor said the massacre had been carried out by a Mexican drugs cartel.

The injured man escaped and stumbled to a highway checkpoint where he alerted marines.

The 58 men and 14 women were killed by the Zetas gang, the migrant told investigators on Wednesday.

The gang, started by former Mexican army special forces soldiers, is known to extort money
from migrants who pass through its territory.

If authorities corroborate the story, it would be the most horrifying example yet of the plight of migrants trying to cross a country where drug cartels are increasingly scouting shelters and highways, hoping to extort cash or even recruit vulnerable immigrants.

The marines fought the cartel gunmen at the ranch in San Fernando on Tuesday, a battle that left one marine and three suspects dead.

They then found the 72 bodies in a room, some piled on top of each other, a government security spokesman, Alejandro Poire, said.

Officials said the man, Luis Fredy Lala Pomavilla, identified himself an illegal migrant and said that he and other migrants had been kidnapped by an armed group and taken to the ranch in San Fernando, a town about 100 miles (161 kilometres) south of Brownsville, Texas.

The migrant told authorities that his captors identified themselves as Zetas, and that the migrants were from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador and Honduras.

Poire said the government was in contact with those countries to corroborate the identities of the migrants.

The Ecuadorean Embassy in Mexico said it was in contact with the surviving migrant, Luis Freddy Lala Pomavilla, and was trying to find out if any of its citizens were among the dead.

Marcio Araujo, Brazil's consul general in Mexico, said documents found at the scene indicated at least four of the dead were Brazilian.

Consular officials for El Salvador said they had no immediate information on whether any Salvadorans were among the victims.

The marines seized 21 assault rifles, shotguns and rifles, and detained a minor, apparently part of the gang.

Authorities said they were trying to determine whether the victims were killed at the same time - and why.

Poire noted migrants are frequently kidnapped by cartel gunmen demanding money, sometimes contacting relatives in the US to demand ransoms.

The Zetas so brutally control some parts of Tamaulipas that even many Mexicans do not dare to travel on the highways in the state.

Many residents in the state tell of loved ones or friends who have disappeared travelling from one town to the next.

Many of these kidnappings are never reported for fear that police are in league with the criminals.

The region has been besieged by a turf battle between the Zetas and their former ally, the Gulf cartel.

Mexico's drug violence has surged since President Felipe Calderon dispatched soldiers and federal police to root out drug traffickers from their strongholds in northern Mexico and along the Pacific coast.

More than 28,000 people have been killed in drug-gang violence since the offensive began.

Riot in prison belgium

LEUVEN – When during the night prison guards tried to put a prisoner in the isolation cell, he fought back and hurt two guards. The guards called the police for an intervention and a small riot followed where one cop got hurt. According to the prison director Henk Mortier the incident is to be minimized, but other sources speak about quite a heavy incident which proves again the ongoing unrest in the prison of Leuven.

Resistance against arrest from belgium

Brussels – In Molenbeek, a small riot occured between the police and youngsters. The police had arrested a man who was searched for and has to do one year of prison sentence. Around 50 people fropm the neigbourhood resisted the arrest by pushing the police. A security camera got destroyed and a police van lightly damaged. No one got hurt.



Uploaded by neasantorinis. - News videos hot off the press.

santorini under attack by anarchists (it was about time)

LAst night in the famous island of santorini some state buildings were under attack with spays and colors .The town hall  a bank and an office 4 the public .
the local press says it is a shock 4 them and that a group of anarchists did it…
yea dudes ur so smart there , I thought it was batman but maybe ur right .
Anyhow that island is like no1 toutists destination , very expensive and lots of people working there without any insurance .

this is a picture of the town hall and I think it looks nice like that .
I ve been to santorini and I remember all the time I was saying to my self
shit we must burn this stupid island from east till west . my l idea has to do with the people there couse the make lots of money and they forgot how to be humans , how to talk nice , how to be friendly .They only care 4 money , money and nothing else . yea ok this is happening everywhere u gonna tell me …not that much , in santorini it is really bad .
whatever , well done comrades !
we are everywhere
ps: I also remember that it was full of cameras that island like u are in London down town …
burn , smash , and destroy the symbols of this rotten world .
a pic from

anarchists attack more than once per day in greece

We have had more than 430 attacks this year in Greece against TARGETS of capitalism. Most of them made by anarchists.
Anarchists are aiming and shooting. DIRECT ACTIONS. A real WAR .
More or less nobody is getting hurt, I mean even Revolutionary Struggle Maziotis and Roupa, who are like public enemy no1, did not kill anyone.
The Revolutionary Sect only killed 2 times and we had another one police officer dead with the letter bomb from a new group that don't have a name yet as they said …Those dudes send a letter bomb to the "Greek Civil Protection" Minister Mihalis Chrisohoidis, who has been really cruel and violent. (They say he is drunk all the time and he takes cocaine) anyhow it is like 3 dead people.
we should find out how many the US did and how many they killed … we gonna look like school kids after that. Whatever, we have more than one attack everyday in Greece, from east to west. We have the island of Crete which is really big in the east and west Thesaloniki is the second biggest city. After that we have Patra, Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Irakleio, Chania, Xanthi, Ioannina, Mitilini, Agrinio, Alexandroypoli - everywhere actions of solidarity all the time here with firebombs againsts banks and security cars and political premises.
Of course each time a proclamation explains the reason for the attack .
Solidarity with all our comrades in Greece. The only way there will ever be change for the better is if people step up and take action. The capitalist system is digging its own grave but the only way we can be sure the system will end is if we do things to end it.

Trikala city , Greece , we are everywhere

3 AUGUST 2010

  • 30  comrades today protest outside the jails in trikala in an action of solidarity to the prisoners who do hanger strike couse the sutuation in that prison and probobly to all the prisons are really bad .After  the jail the comrades protest in the city .The city of trikala in northwestern in  Greece and  has like people who live there
  • comrades in Trikala again, invade into a politician office ( member of the goverment ) and did some spray on the walls .The name of the “Revolutionary Sect “was written on the walls with the a on circle !(sehta -Σεχτα)
pic from athens indymedia

open assemlpy in the island of gavdos occupied the port


Merrybabe's Collective Blog

open assemlpy in the island of gavdos occupied the port

gavdos is a really small island east of crete .The boat dont visit much the island and people have probelms with food gas and many more things .
T day the organized an assemply
in the island where they talked and theyafter the ocuppied the port .
it is an action that many visitors of the island accept with solidarity …lots of youth visit the island .
It has beaches of sand and sand hills and everybody is a free camper down there but as we see with many problems couse of the luck of the boats ..
.some more info will come later .

Kavala city .north Greece

students , youth the went in a bus to go to the beach and they refused to pay .
The bus driver stoped
the kids did not left the bus and he stayed like that for a fifteen min .
after he talked with the chiff of the buses and then he left with the kids in
.As they arrived on the beach the had to pay againg to get into the beach but the kids again did not paid a euro .

Info-Night: On the Northwest Detention Center, Immigration, GEO Group, and the Prison World present

Info-Night: On the Northwest Detention Center, Immigration, GEO Group, and the Prison World present
clik on poster to read more.................

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Attack on Police Precinct No. 2 in Buenos Aires

25 08 2010 From Liberación Total (August 24, 2010):
La Plata
August 23, 2010
Taking advantage of the early morning darkness, the Juan Bianchi and Heroes of the Tragic Week Units attacked the spineless police at Precinct No. 2 in Buenos Aires, disarming an on-duty officer and stealing his weapon along with other weapons and some communications gear.
Afterward, we fled, right under the executioners’ noses.
Weapons for the People!
—Juan Bianchi Unit
—Heroes of the Tragic Week Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade

Death penalty in Switzerland The committee behind a people’s initiative to restore capital punishment for murders involving sexual violence have decided to withdraw it.

Death penalty in Switzerland

Switzerland struck capital punishment from its criminal statutes in 1942. The last civil execution took place in 1940. A Zurich man was executed for a triple murder.

It was allowed under military law until 1992, for example, for murder or treason in times of war. In the Second World War, 17 executions by shooting took place, with the last military execution in 1944.

An attempt in 1985 to reinstate capital punishment for drug dealers failed as it did not gather enough signatures.

The latest attempt, a people’s initiative to restore capital punishment for murders involving sexual violence, was withdrawn, it emerged on August 25.

Death penalty

Two-thirds of United Nations member states have already abolished, or are in the process of abolishing, capital punishment.

Another 25 countries continued executions in 2009; of these, 95 per cent took place in China, Iran, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

According to Amnesty International, at least 2,390 executions were carried out in 2008 in 25 countries. But the actual number is believed to be much higher.

China announced this week that it is considering dropping capital punishment for economic crimes. International rights groups have criticised China for its heavy use of the death penalty, saying it is excessive.
Switzerland struck capital punishment from its criminal statutes in 1942. The last civil execution took place in 1940. A Zurich man was executed for a triple murder.

It was allowed under military law until 1992, for example, for murder or treason in times of war. In the Second World War, 17 executions by shooting took place, with the last military execution in 1944.

An attempt in 1985 to reinstate capital punishment for drug dealers failed as it did not gather enough signatures.

The latest attempt, a people’s initiative to restore capital punishment for murders involving sexual violence, was withdrawn, it emerged on August 25.

Death penalty

Two-thirds of United Nations member states have already abolished, or are in the process of abolishing, capital punishment.

Another 25 countries continued executions in 2009; of these, 95 per cent took place in China, Iran, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

According to Amnesty International, at least 2,390 executions were carried out in 2008 in 25 countries. But the actual number is believed to be much higher.

China announced this week that it is considering dropping capital punishment for economic crimes. International rights groups have criticised China for its heavy use of the death penalty, saying it is excessive.

Geneva private bankers targeted in attacks

Two people have been injured after corrosive liquid was sent in letters to several private bankers in Geneva and their families, police said on Wednesday.

They confirmed a report of the attacks which appeared in the city’s Tribune de Genève newspaper.

Geneva became a centre for private banking 200 years ago and the western Swiss city is now said to manage around ten per cent of international private savings.

“I can confirm the information that appeared on Wednesday in the Tribune de Genève,” said police spokesman Thierry Brandt, who added that a judge had been appointed to lead an inquiry.

Neither the police nor the Geneva Private Bankers’ Association would disclose the identity of the banks or bankers targeted as the case is now a matter for criminal investigation.

Police have contacted other financial institutions in the city urging them to be careful of any suspicious packages. and agencies


"We believe that the authorization will not even work positively for the reintegration of the prisoner because of the large balance of the sentence (!)

It is an unacceptable decision of the carbon-who continue to issue the judicial council that the prominent reason has been the Deputy Prosecutors, in series to dismiss the claims of prisoners license. It is no coincidence that the phenomenon of cutting permits, which is a big system to all prisons in the country, is one of the key demands of the prisoners' protests and calls for a solution here and now.

This decision relates to the Malandrino prisoners and hunger strike for 29th day, chistos filos who has, since early 2010 two requests for a regular license, collecting as many negative responses for the same reason. What if a small percentage of inclusions, which do not exceed 4%, misuse of the right to leave, prosecutors continue to curtail without justification or, at best, lip service and a formal justification. "We will continue till you drop on a hunger strike to assert their legitimate right for me to arbitrarily cut me, though I qualify," warns C. Filos mail privileges of the Attorney General and the Director of Prisons, and denounces the Public servants on the Malandrino inhuman behavior and ridicule. "Knowingly violate any kind of human dignity (we're in a hurry), thinking the morbid imagination you how to curb and stop fighting for our just demands that you arbitrarily deprives us.

In his report to H. Kastanidis [minister of justice] after calls to "resolve in our ordeal," says that: the dentist prison remains unpaid for a long time and still only on humanitarian grounds to be available to 450 prisoners, looking up 20-30 patients, the prison's water supply is shared with coupon as before 50 years of bread in the Soviet Union, toiletries such as toilet paper, shampoo and cleaning items public areas are non-existent, while the phone to the ward where they kept does not work for a year.

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 kidnapped by the Chilean ’democracy’. Libertad a lxs 14·A
Welcome to Chile, society of jails and jailers.
This past Saturday the 14th of August, in the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso, an action coordinated by police of all types (special task forces) violently raided three squatted social centers and many private homes in fives communes. The police intimidated people with weapons of war, broke windows and doors, and took many personal items with them from all of the houses.
14 people were detained being informed of the reason for their detention for three hours.
Later? Six people were released on probation for lack of evidence against them. As for the people that remained imprisoned, they were put in isolation cells in maximum security jails where they were awaiting a 180 day long investigation process and potentially a 20 year sentence for alleged illegal terrorist association. They have alleged that these people were involved in making and blowing up the bombs that have erupted lately in the capital. According to the prosecutor, this association was a hierarchical organization directed by key ringleaders.
This supposition is in absolute contradiction with anarchist ideology - most of the kidnapped people have been labeled as anarchists- which is opposed to the concepts of “leaders” and “hierarchies”…
Furthermore, this charade, a perfect outcome for the puppeteers and jailers who desire to keep their power. Above all, this has been the result of those citizens, who like their peace so much and through their deafness and silence, are helping to erase the oppressed, the masquerades, jails, and resignations.....
"The bombs case" is the title that keeps appearing in the headlines of the newspapers like a bad novel, in which the main characters, the Minister/Secretary of the Interior, the prosecutor and his police henchmen are trying to catch the ’undesirable’ anarchists. The beginning of the ’bombs case’ is a police persecutions saga that dates back to the 10th of September, the eve of a historic date in Chile, on which people mourn their dead and disappeared ones from the dictatorship, while others display their discontent with the falseness of a democracy that has not changed much from a dictatorship.
In this context, a molotov bomb was thrown at the house of the government. The images went around the world; the symbol of the concord of democratic parties was blown into pieces; the fraternal unifying factor of the left has been altered. Two weeks later, a vast police contingent raided the squat "la mansión siniestra" and arrested 6 people, who, to their own surprise had become, thanks to the distorting role of the press, an illegal association of "molotov bombs makers", "violent criminals", "vandals". This scenario is the one that the 14 accused comrades were facing.
Back then, the police never thought that evidence was necessary, because the things they seized as alleged bomb making materials were no more than common domestic utensils. These molotovs never existed. During the judiciary process, the 6 antagonists of this story were allegedly the worst moral aberrations; public opinion has given legitimacy to the sentence of up to five years in jail … But OOPS...’mistake’! The accusations were fake, the police’s masquerade had been revealed. Finally, these 6 people did not serve the time they were sentenced. But that’s only after spending 11 days in a high security prison. Just as expected, no institution was held accountable for the irreversible physical and psychological punishments and damages inflicted on the detainees, nor for the personal belongings that were seized from their them and their comrades.
Four years have gone by since this incident, and with its passing, the travesty of justice, the inequalities and the repressions remain the order of the day.
Only to talk about JUST A FEW concrete examples:
According to the survey of "national socio-economic characterization" (CASEN) the economic gap has increased from 13% to 15% since 2006. Meanwhile the administration of the government wants to spend 135 thousand millions of pesos to build, starting this year, 10 new prisons, which would add to the total of more than 16,500 new vacancies in the prison system. It is important to note, according to the sources of the mideplan, that 64% of the prison population are illiterate or have not finished their basic studies and are the poorest and the most marginalized people in Chilean society. This illustrates that the interest of the system is to imprison the most marginal instead of educating them and providing them with the tools for a better life.
These prisons need jailers…
The alliance of ’democratic’ parties was in charge of the government for a decade after the dictatorship, killing 42 people, and helping, instead of changing, the development of the ’political constitution of Chile’ that was created by the dictatorship, strengthening it with reforms and continuing with its tradition of criminalizing social movements and perfecting the Anti-terrorism Law. One of the modifications to the Anti-Terrorism Law was to give policemen a status of ’witnesses of faith’, whereby they frequently do not have to present concrete evidence against the accused, which gives the legal support to the masquerade/ setups for those who represent a threat to the system. Among other barbarities, now in 2010, the turn of the ’coalition for change’ with Sebastian Piñera in power. This regime is pro-dictatorship and a huge collaborator with the establishment of the neoliberal model. Let’s not forget that he was also the one that gave the Chileans the opportunity of having credit cards to live working in order to pay their debts. But above all, nowadays M. Piñera is famous for his campaign ’the Battle against Delinquency’, in which he shows us his support for a policy of more ’security’, in other words, and to be less moderate with the term, jailers that secure the power of their friends the businessmen and capitalists. To make sure that things proceed smoothly, the president will reinforce the repression against historically repressed populations, increasing police personnel to 15000 carabineros and increasing the salaries of civilian police, who have had in the last few months their salaries increased by 18%.
This is how, the ’Battle against Delinquency’, is an exemplary example that shows how the inefficacy of the alliance of political parties has erupted tragically in our lives. Today we become its scapegoats, displayed like pariahs in an outlandish play, in order to legitimize their ventures and win ’moral sympathies’ among the spectators and the right. In this hunt to cover up facts, which have been intentionally invisible in the media, the hunger strike of 32 Mapuche political prisoners, who fight the adversity of Chilean justice and demand their natural rights, is being hidden. Or another omission, the use of cheap, insufficient equipment to attempt the ’rescue’ of 33 miners trapped only a few days earlier this week.
Today, these 14 comrades, among them, anarchists, communicators and social fighters, show solidarity to unjust causes, are involved in open squatted social centers where they sustain libraries, video libraries, gardens, and people who exchange and question ideas and actions in forums and activities conducted in a horizontal manner. These people are automatically criminalized; prosecutors have enough ambiguous evidence to take their freedom away from them. For example, a tapped telephone call where a mother demanded that one of the accused people be taken care of; this was used as evidence against her. The open squatted spaces and the people who are committed to denouncing and transforming on a daily basis their own lives and their society have become more vulnerable to the apprehensions of the state and its prosecutions, which illustrates that this prosecution is also ideological.
Now...Who are the terrorists? .
We make a call to build an international support network for the people imprisoned on the 14th of August. Today more than ever! Internationalists of the world to solidarity and action, to face the kidnappings and lies of the Chilean state!.

Chile – Comunique from prison from Rodolfo el Garza Retamales


Chile - Communique from prison of Rodolfo Garza el Retamales
On 14 August, at 6:40am, my house was raided by police of the Dipolcar along with the Gope, in search of evidence and accusing me of being the leader of an illicit terrorist association, the warrant signed by the prosecutor investigating the 'caso bomba'.
With the passing of hours, and after being beaten by police of the Dipolcar and officer Segis Sostomo of the RP 3239 of the 30th police station, I learned that even my parents' house has been subjected to raids, as well as three social centres and 12 houses of comrades in different municipalities between Santiago and Valparaiso, with the balance of 14 arrests, all accused of being part of an anarchist cell with two leaders, two financers and 10 operative members, all in the sinister imagination of the prosecutor Peña. Even before the formalization of the charges we males were transferred to C.A.S. maximum security prison and the women to Centro de Orientation Femenina, all placed in isolation.
Tuesday 17 a hearing took place to formalize the situation and there we were able to hear the evidence against us: phone tapping, photos, videos, examined clothing and a surprise.
This turned out to be a character known as El Grillo, who has collaborated and has offered himself to the prosecution as a witness, pointing in his confessions to some people -who have been arrested – who according to him are responsible for a number of acts of sabotage.
For those who do not know, this character was arrested Dec. 31, 2008 for attempting to murder his wife, Candelaria, today accused of illicit terrorist association. At the time of arrest Fuentes, alias el grillo [the cricket], told prosecutor Armendariz, that he, along with Candelaria and another three persons, had made and placed bombs and that he knew those who carried out the acts of sabotage, in an obvious attempt to clean his image and pass himself off as a major player in the social struggle.
At the hearing the hours passed, 15 in total, and we learned a vast amount of false prosecution arguments that contradicted themselves, provoking a smile from even the jailers throughout the media show. Despite the substantial amount of arguments presented by defense lawyers, who de-legitimized the prosecution evidence demonstrating the inconsistencies, the pressure of the Government through the Ministry of Interior could be felt.
In the end, 8 out of 14 of us remain in prison. Power has played all his cards and its sinister attorney-star could not be seen in a bad light in front of the public.
Now once again I find myself going along these corridors full of young people who fill the walls of the Chilean prisons, because it is for them that they were built to accommodate and conceal the social injustice, poverty and inequality of this system where the rich get richer and the poor content themselves with the crumbs that the bosses bestow on them.
From listening to the radio today to which I belong, I thank and appreciate the support they have given me since the first day of my arrest. You will be under fire, from here all my support and my strength. A kiss to each one of you ... to all the programs we hear, to the glorious people of La Victoria and its neighbours, a kiss to my son and all those who have shown solidarity with affection. /

Chile - list of comrades hostage of the state of Chile

22/08/2010 - Here is the list of the 14 comrades, that were and are, held hostage by the Chilean state. Below is the condition they are in, where they are being held and respective charges against them. Comrades held hostage:
Rodolfo Retamales: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days for conspiracy.
Pablo Morales: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days for conspiracy
Felipe Guerra: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days .
Carlos Riveros: In “freedom” pero precautionary measures.
Vinicio Aguilera: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days.
Mónica Caballeros: Held in C.O.F. formalized custody of 180 days.
Andrea Urzúa: Held in C.O.F. formalized custody of 180 days.
Camilo Pérez: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Cristián Cancino: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Diego Morales: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Francisco Solar: Held in the C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days.
Omar Hermosilla: Held in C.A.S. formalized custody of 180 days, for conspiracy.
Candelaria Cortez: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
Iván Goldenberg: In “freedom” but with precautionary measures.
C.O.F.: Centro de Orientación Femenina
C.A.S.: Carcel de Alta Segurida
Precautionary Measures: Cannot leave the country, a ban on communicating with each other, sign weekly, prohibited from visiting prisoners or going to social centres and squats that were raided.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

300-plus G20 suspects to cram Toronto courthouse

Aug. 23
More than 300 people charged with offences relating to the G20 protests will be appearing in a packed Toronto courthouse Monday.
The scene is expected to be a chaotic one as the suspects, their families, supporters, lawyers and various other protest groups and demonstrators descend on the courthouse in north Toronto.
It is expected to be one of the largest mass court appearances the city has ever seen.
All of those appearing in court Monday have already been called before a judge in recent months to face their charges, and were told to return to court today.
A table has been set up outside the courthouse, and those who arrive are being assigned a colour-coded card indicating one of three courtrooms where they are to appear.
At one point Monday morning a bus from Quebec, apparently carrying a group of people charged with G20 offences, pulled into the courthouse parking lot.
There will be no trial proceedings Monday. Instead, those charged will receive disclosure about the allegations against them and information about the next step in their legal proceedings.
It is expected to take hours for the judges in the various courtrooms to get through their dockets.
Toronto Police G20 investigator Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux said Sunday the goal is to process as many people as possible.
“If you’re out (of custody) you’ll be appearing. If you’re in you’re appearing physically, in custody or by video,” he said.
Most of those appearing Monday were arrested at a protest at Queen’s Park on June 26 when police stormed the area and rounded up dozens of suspects.
Some suspected ringleaders are also appearing Monday. They are charged with conspiracy to assault and obstruct police.
About 20 others who were rounded up after police released photos and asked for help from the public, will also appear Monday.

Freedom to all mapuche political prisoners ! NOW!!

very bad news...
The tribunal of Concepcion decided that the prison guards can forcefully feed the Mapuche prisoners that are on hunger strike. There are 8 mapuche in the prisons of El manzano and in Lebu. 44 days after the hunger strike started, dizziness, alteration of the dreams, collapsing and even loss of consciousness is affecting the mobilization of those on hunger strike.
Conception, Wallmapo-24th aug. 2010

The court of appeals of Conception did authorize yesterday that the chilean prison guards can forcefully feed 8 people of the 32 mapuche political prisoners that are on hunger strike since the 12th July, detained for alleged terrorist actions. The measure was dictated as a request of the regional director of prison guards, Jorje Mera, who has under his jurisdiction 5 mapuche that are in El manzano prison and 3 confined in the prison of lebu.

The tribunal gave full authority to the prison guards to use force even in the case of any opposition by the strikers, under the excuse of saving their life. Like wise if the situation is considered a emergency, they are authorised to administrate medicine (drugs) and to take them to a secure medical centre even against their own will.

Mapuche territory - One of the 19 Mapuche on trial for resistance to Lleu Lleu is dead
Source:, August 22, 2010

Richard Ñegüey Pilquimán, only 19 years old, died in his community, in Puerto Choque, Lleu Lleu.

He apparently committed suicide. He was one of the 19 Mapuche on trial for resistance to Lleu Lleu,

and was free but with restrictions.

The information was provided by the chief prosecutor of the Cañete Radio Bio Bio. Police said it

"rejects the intervention of third parties."
Ñegüey was accused of "illicit association to steal firewood” concerning the recuperation that his

people were carrying out in the area of Puerto Choque, south of Lake Lleu Lleu.
Richard is the son of Peru Ñegüey Segundo, also indicted in the same trial.
What is strange is that out of the 19 accused, Richard was the one that risked fewest years in prison.

The sentence sought by the antimapuche prosecutor was 301 days in jail, and as he had no previous

convictions, he could remain at liberty.
Accusations made by young people of Lleu Lleu, under threat of attorney Andres Cruz to defame the

community and go on trial as protected witnesses, should be held in consideration.


August the 1st 2010

In regard to the hunger strike that is being carried out by our Mapuche brothers in the prisons of Angol, Concepcion and Temuco following their unfair imprisonment by the Chilean “Justice”, the Association of Mapuche Communities fro the Teodora Schmidt commune “Lafken Mapu Newen” would like to say the following to the public opinion.

  1. We declare that our brethren have been arrested without no evidence that could possibly provided (in terms of) by the country's common law. Nonetheless they have now to go through a long time of reclusion/imprisonment without a trial which might have guaranteed a certain procedure of transparent and egalitarian/equal “justice”. All this been done with a humiliating attitude by the Chilean state. This is why our brothers continue to get locked up by means of highly dubious declarations made by “protected” and faceless witnesses and through fabrications engineered by the political and judiciary powers.

  2. We declare that today the hunger strike has being going on for 20 days and is bringing about a serious worsening of our “penilangems” (COMRADES?) physical and mental health and integrity. However, neither the current government nor the judiciary have shown any concern towards this situation.

  3. We have witnessed with sheer worry and surprise how the president of the Chilean Republic does not hesitate in showing/paying heartfelt consideration towards people from another countries in the same situation as our Mapuche brothers (such as in the case of Cuban political prisoners) while failing to do anything in order to stop the mistreatment and Human Right violations exerted these days upon our Mapuche community.

  4. We believe that this government should change the ways in which approaches its relations with the Mapuche since it will never be able to imprison our people's consciousness through fear and repression. This is as trying to cover up the sun with just a finger and only promotes the uprising of our communities which will carry on in their struggle for their rights.

  5. We keep following all the current affairs/events as well as seeking the way to publicly denounce them in favour of our rights.

    Signed by:
    Association of Mapuche communities Lafkenche; which gathers 14 Mapuche communities from the “Comuna” (Commune) Teodoro Schmidt.
    “Lafken Mapu Newen”

    Wallmapu: August the 31st of 2009

2nd of august 2010

PUBLIC COMUNIQUE Pu weichafe Territorio Makewe

We the weichafe of the Makewe territory, that have been claiming the mapuche territory since ancient times, we expose to the national and international communities the following:
Today july 30th 2010, we decide to start once again with mobilizations to retrieve the plot of Santa Lucia, stolen by the Pritzque family, this being the first demand of Mapuche territory since the ruling of Sebastin Pinera, a reaction to the worthless dialogue and understanding
that this president and his (government) appeared to have established with the communities in conflict, minimizing our demands to the lack of capital and micro-credit.

Even though the negotiations for the restitution of the land were initiated under …...? governments, the demands of our people are an issue of the state,something that the active government doesn't want to accept, hiding behind the bicentenary celebration, which is nothing else that a celebration based on the looting of our territories, which started just less than 200 years ago with the pacification (name that was given to the genocide that took place just after the republic was
So, THE montaje "BICENTERY" ISN'T ANYTHING ELSE THAN THE CONTINUATION OF THE GENOCIDE, IN THE HANDS OF SEBASTIAN PINERA, using the “anti-terrorist” law on his side, keeping our peni (brothers) imprisoned as political prisoners in "democratic" governments, that today are continuing a hunger strike to avoid any more mapuche being charged with this "evil-cursed law".

So, we declare our support to the imprisoned peni, this being the only impunity that our people can have, since no government has had any interest to establish a dialogue with us. The flame that lights once again the struggle for our mother land, our people, and what we deserve, stating with this that our demands won't be achieved until we get total restitution of our usurped territory.



Taken from:
August 12th 2010


Pu peni ka pu lamgen (my brothers and my sisters)

Its been a year and a half since my detention an I communicate you with the same strength and belief that my imprisonment is completely of a political character.
The Chilean state, through all their oppressive mechanisms and responding to the economical interests of the multinationals and landowners settled in mapuche territory hasn't hesitated to use the same practices used in the dictatorship as planting of fake evidence, and taking advantage of the “antiterrorist” law, questioned and criticized by international human rights organisations, which allows the public minister to use faceless witnesses among other measures, makes the right to a fair process against everything we've been charged with under this legal persecution vulnerable. And as if that wasn't enough we have to confront the judges that are “guaranteed” to openly take the side of the landowners, confirming the fact that they sparingly give resources to criminalize the fair demands of the always
In front of such a panorama it looks like the powerful ones have everything under control, but there is a tool and an invincible element on our side and its called conscious. This is what motivates to support the MAPUCHE struggle given that all of us are daily involved in this history of injustices and it will our daily innocent acts against this injustice that will set us free.
Pu peni ka pu lamgen, I send each of you the most affectionate and brotherly hug and I am convinced that sooner than later I will come back to meet you and assume the pending work.
And remember that “one drop, being not much on its own, with another one makes a storm”

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Mapuche hunger-striker loses 7 kilos after 19 days on hunger and liquid strike..

Public comunique: Andres Gutierrez Cona loses 7 kilos after 19 days.

From the high security prison of Valdivia, the Mapuche political prisoner Andres Gutirrez Cona, sends the following communique, in which on he gives details of his health state and re-afirms his confidence to continue the hunger strike which he started 19 days ago.


Andres Ignacio Gutierrez Cona, mapuche political prisoner, communicates to the mapuche people and to the public opinion in general, the following:

1. -That 19 day ago I started to take part and joined the mapuche political prisoners of Concepcion, Angol and Temuco on a hunger-liquid strike with no ending, which has as its target the end of the application of the “anti-terrorist” law in causes against the mapuche, the release of all mapuche political prisoners that are in different prisons all over the country.

2. -In this strike I have lost more than 7,5 kilos, presenting problems to my state of health, in the form of headaches and low blood pressure.

3. -That in front of the worthless answer of the Chilean state, I ask them to finish once and for all with the situation of the mapuche political prisoners.

4.-To finish I would like to make a call to all mapuche and no mapuche organizations, students, workers and to all people who feel our demands are righteous, to mobilize and to show their unhappiness with the juridical set ups that we are victims of , by the public ministry and the different police organizations, directed by the government in power.

For the liberation of all the mapuche political prisoners.

End to the application of the “anti-terrorist” law against the mapuche people.

Strength to my brothers on hunger strike.


Prison of Valdivia,
Saturday 6 August 2010

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Conservative Party Conference Direct Action Bloc - Organise, Disrupt, Resist!

No CPC! 
As most of you know, the Tories are holding their Conservative Party Conference in October to meet with various heads of industry to define the future of our communities.

As usual our our interests are being decided by corporations such as RBS, BAES, A|D|S, G4S, ASDA / Wallmart, Tesco and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association to name but a few.
Check out the site for lower res / small versions!
Check out the site for lower res / small versions!

If the corporate involvement of the CPC hasn’t pissed you off enough, the Tories will be holding various champagne breakfasts, dinners and events in Birmingham to discuss cuts in spending that will negatively impact on our lives over the coming months whilst the rich and corporations continue reaping the benefits.

They talk, but what the hell do these bastards know of our struggle?

Enough! You have bitten the hand that fed you for the last time.

Fight back!

CPC Convergence Direct Action Bloc!
Sunday October 3rd 2010 from 12 noon

Remember all the cool kids are wearing black…

Venue / Target map…

Updates / Banners / Posters / Stickers (Mirrors coming soon)

Spread the word and get organised.
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- Homepage:

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)