Friday, April 1, 2011

O. Economido
u, G.Polidoras, G.Nikolopoulos, D.Bolano, Ch.Tsakalos

They thought it was over...
But now everything begins again...

We write now locked in our cells, dozens of kilometres away from one another, hostages where we were exiled by the vengefulness of the juridical authorities scattered in the prisons of greece, Corfu, Komotini, Grevena, Domokos, Thebes…

We write and we are certain that our voice, no matter how they try to bury it in the drowning cells of democracy, has the strength to still shout. To shout for freedom, for inversion, for revolution. Shout for another way of life were we will all be “kings” without slaves. For a world without authority, police and prisons.

We still have the thirst to speak of our struggle, about our rights and wrongs, about this unique journey to the oceans of mutiny where we wandered through the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Because we, Olga Ekonomidou, Giorgos Polidoras, Damianos Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Christos Tsakalos, are a piece of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the Conspiracy is our way for the revolution.

Today more than ever, we are sure that our voice, together with the voices of our brothers, Gerasimos, Mihalis, Haris and Panagiotis, are linked with thousands of voices that preceded us and with thousands that will follow. Our decision to be organised in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire is the decision to stop seeing the life that was imposed on us with the eyes of a passive spectator and become perpetrators of our history. Transfer the revolution to first person, fight for ourselves, without inhibitions and postponements and to exist in the here and now of the new urban guerilla warfare.
This is why we decided to arm ourselves and to walk with our head held high against our faint-hearted era.

We never did fit in the narrow limits of an orthodox social struggle that speaks almost exclusively the language of economic analyses and the front of class struggle, flamboyantly ignoring the individual responsibility of the subjects of authority. We are hostile so much to the hand that holds the whip, as well as to the backs that accept it passively on them.

This is why we speak of the revolution of daily life, for the inversion of compromises, for untamed freedom, for the greed of desires, for the uniqueness of the individual.

We are not fooled by the crippled freedom they promise us on flat screens, in fast cars and in comfortable apartments. We seek the authentic side of life outside the limits of a society that reciprocates between angry outbreaks of economic claims and big intervals of hibernation. Not us, our comrades set fire to the quiet nights in the metropolis, despise the laws and have their vision clear of the hypocrisy of urban culture. We are the reversed image of society in the mirror. We are anarcho-individualists and nihilists and we know that we are conducting a minority struggle with a powerful price. However we do not regret even a moment. Even imprisoned our conscience remains freer than ever.

Do not search therefore through police scripts and theories of communicating containers to find the causes that more young people abandon the certainty of a legal life, and choose revolutionary illegality and the new urban guerilla warfare as a choice of life. Do not wonder when new comrades with surplus courage raise their weapons against this system of death. Because its your system itself, the hypocrisy, poverty contextual and material, fake culture, empty relations, oppression, exploitation of nature, that “supplies” new urban guerilla warfare with dozens of undisciplined revolutionaries. This is why, the new urban guerilla warfare will never be defeated. But like the phoenix will be reborn from the ashes of a precarious defeat, even more stronger, even more threatening, even more liberating. And we were, are and will be there…


Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front


Olga Economidou
Giorgos Polidoras
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Damianos Bolano
Christos Tsakalos
Members of the imprisoned cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

We greet the direct reflective action of comrades from Volos, who on the afternoon of the same day of our arrest, assembled in the area and made a demo to the house where we stayed, cutting the ribbons of exclusion by the police and shouting chants. Such actions accentuate the hostilities and release “occupied” turfs from the police, showing that the capitulation will never come… Also the attacks with incendiary devices from Comrades warms our hearts, breaking the ice of isolation and captivity they want to impose on us. We send our warmest greeting to all the anarchist-incendiary groups and to the International Revolutionary Front-Informal Anarchist Federation which we will continue to promote with all our strength, because we are unrepentant accomplices in the same crime of the raging search for freedom.

From the hell-holes of the greek prisons we express our wholehearted solidarity to the comrades that are imprisoned in the democratic cells of Chile, carrying out a hunger strike for their release, pawning their own life. Brothers hold strong… no matter how far we are buried alive in the cement graves of prisons, we know that through the bars of our cells we gaze a common flaming sky… of revolution and anarchy…

Anarchist group says behind Swiss parcel bomb


ZURICH (Reuters) – An Italian anarchist group has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb which injured two people in the offices of the Swiss nuclear lobby group on Thursday, the Swiss public prosecutor said Friday.
Public Prosecutor Carlo Bulletti told a media conference the offenders were from the same background as those responsible for an attempted attack on an IBM research center about a year ago, Swiss agency SDA reported on its website.
The so-called “Federazione Anarchica Informale” (“Informal Anarchist Federation”) also claimed responsibility for parcel bombs sent to the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome last year.
Two female employees of Swissnuclear were taken to hospital with superficial burns and hearing damage after the parcel bomb exploded Thursday.
Bulletti said the bomb was powerful, SDA reported.
Earlier this month, Switzerland suspended the approvals process for three new nuclear power stations so safety standards could be reviewed, after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami sparked a disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Seattle: Banner Drop and Disruption in Solidarity with Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis

from :

Today in Seattle in solidarity with Simos Seisidis--on the day his trial begins and the day of international solidarity with him--a group of anarchists dropped a banner off the roof of a shopping center and strung another across the street. The rooftop banner read, "Total Freedom for Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis. Anyone who defends a bank is either a fool or a cop!" The other read, "Not out of pity nor out of duty but because we are anarchists solidarity is our weapon" Flares and smoke bombs were thrown into the intersection to disrupt rush hour traffic and over twelve-hundred leafleats were thrown from the roof and in the street. We did this in spite of the presence of a police cruiser parked at the intersection. A crowd of pedestrians gathered, picking up leaflets and talking excitedly about what they had seen, as the anarchists disappeared in seconds. People were heard commenting positively about the "anarchist flash mob," and one even climbed up to the roof, looked down at the banner, and then raised his fists in the air in excitement.
Below are photos from the action and the text from the flier. (Click the images for full-size.)

Freedom for Simos
If we attack banks, it is because we recognize money as a central cause of our misery.
In Seattle, as in Athens, many people live in poverty, under a daily misery where life becomes merely survival, as the bosses and banks rob us of our time and dignity. Police, courts and prisons exist for all those who dare to confront that misery. More and more people are persecuted, beaten or murdered at the hands of the police and the State. Prisons function to destroy passion, to serve as a warehouse of undesirables, to spread despair, to kill rebellious spirits; to execute, plain and simply.
But in the U.S., as in Greece, as everywhere, there are those who do not kneel down to this system of exploitation. There are those who put despair and fear behind them. Those who grab life. Those who take action. Today, March 30th, 2011, the trial begins for "the robbers in black" in Athens, Greece. It involves the January 2006 National Bank robbery in Central Athens, as well as six other bank robberies. It is the same case for which the anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis was sentenced to twelve years of prison.
Today our comrade Simos Seisidis is in the place of the accused. He was on the run for four years, and when captured was shot in the back of the leg which led to its amputation. Regardless of the crimes he is being charged with, the endless struggle for freedom is the crime that he has always committed. We are deaf to their moralistic sentences. We hear instead loud and clear the cry of freedom and the strength of passion as they try to bend those who will never break.
Solidarity is our weapon! Death to the Greek State! Death to all States!
The Spectacle wished to make us appear dreadful. We intend to be much worse.
For more info, check:

Tacoma: Two Wells Fargos Smashed in Solidarity with Greek Anarchist Simos Seisidis

On the night of March 30th two Wells Fargo banks in Tacoma had their windows smashed. This was done for the international day of solidarity with Simos Seisidis, a greek anarchist facing trial for the case of the "robbers in black" as well as six more bank robberies. For more information read
If we smash the windows it's not because life is expensive, but because commodities prevent us from living at all costs. Anyone who would defend a bank is either a fool or a cop.

Trucks Torched at Slaughterhouse Supplier-France

received anonymously:

"At night from Thursday 24th to Friday, March 25th, 2011 towards midnight, in Ablis in the region of Paris, we have burnt a truck and damaged a trailer. These trucks belonged to the company Propdesos which sells equipment for butcher's shop, delicatessen and to slaughterhouses. We attacked this company because it collaborates with the meat industry. Same if the company found replacement trucks the next day. We are not discouraged. We will fight for our ideas until the massacres of animals stop. Remember that meat industry disgrace us as human beings.

Act now and save lives. Sabotages, fires or liberations, we have to fight by whatever means for all the animals which suffer all around the world.

French ALF"

"Dans la nuit de jeudi 24 à vendredi 25 mars 2011 vers minuit, à Ablis dans la région de Paris, nous avons brulé un camion et une remorque d’un camion de 38 tonnes. Ces camions appartenaient à l’entreprise Propdesos qui vend du matériel de boucherie, charcuterie et à destination des abattoirs. Nous avons attaqué cette entreprise parce qu’elle collabore avec l’industrie de la viande. Mêmes si l’entreprise a trouvé des camions de substitutions dès lendemain, nous ne sommes pas découragés et nous irons jusqu’au bout de nos idées pour que cessent les massacres qui nous font honte d’être humain.

Agissez maintenant et sauvez des vies. Sabotages, incendies ou libérations, nous nous devons de luttez par n’importe quel moyens pour tous les animaux qui souffrent à travers le monde.

ALF français"

ALF Target Company Responsible For Slaughter of Sled Dogs-Canada

reported anonymously:

"On the night of March 29th in Whistler BC, the ALF decided to do what the Canadian government should have done in the first place, punish Outdoor Adventures for ordering the deaths of 100 used up sled dogs. We covered their entire head office with red paint and damaged their windows for all the tourists to see. The reason the Canadian government may have ignored this case of animal cruelty is because they are too busy setting a quota of 400 000 seals for the seal slaughter. Our entire country is run by animal abusing scumbags..... which is why the next night we sabotaged 4 of the conservative governments campaign posters in Vancouver. We shredded them with razor blades and left the message "Save our Seals." After that we headed to the offices of Fairchild Group, owner of Aberdeen shopping center. Fairchild Group rents retail space to Pappas Furs, Canada's oldest fur company as well as other fur retailers, live seafood restaurants, and shark fin dealers. We glued all their locks, left a spray paint message "No more Pappas" and covered their entire parking lot with roofing nails in hopes of ruining the tires on the expensive cars they bought with blood money.

A message to Joey Houssain, owner of Outdoor Adventures. We know you didn't commit the actual murders yourself, but neither did Hitler and you ordered those dogs to be killed. We know you still have more animals and if we find out that one more innocent animal is harmed for your business the next visit will hit a bit closer to home, and by that we mean we know where you live.

In a country where our government not only ignores animal abusers, they reward them as with the case of the Whistler 100, it is time for Canadian citizens to take these issues into our own hands.
If not us, then who, if not now then when?


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bombing near Santiago television studio claimed

26 03 2011
From Culmine (March 15, 2011) via Liberación Total (March 15, 2011)
Through this e-mail, we claim responsibility for the explosion that took place on Friday, March 11 at a location next to the Television studios on San Cristóbal hill. Said action was painstakingly and prophetically covered on Sunday, March 13 by El Mercurio, as is their custom, as an explosion related to the judicial decision extending Pablo Morales’ preventive detention period. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason for Friday night’s bomb detonation was to send a message to one of the pillars of the system of domination: the official press, specifically television. We haven’t forgotten how those representatives of power insulted us. Especially cruel was TVN’s Special Report, which showed comrade Mauricio Morales’ lifeless body and has become the mouthpiece for Prosecutor Peña and his mob. In case they haven’t already realized it, that’s the reason why the press was attacked during the last September 11 march, with special attention given to TVN’s mobile reporting unit. To us, the situation is not settled, and we will no doubt have many more encounters with those reporter-cops. Additionally, March 11 marked the first year of the Piñera government, which represents a strengthened alliance of Capitalist and State interests, the likes of which Chilean history hasn’t seen before. Clearly, the haute bourgeoisie no longer needs the military or the hack politicians of the concertación.
The intent of our action was to neither help nor hinder the situation of anticapitalist prisoners. We think that would be impossible. Nevertheless, while we recognize those prisoners as part of a wide anticapitalist spectrum that certainly isn’t limited by the number of houses it squats, our knowledge of or relationship to them has nothing to do with the science fiction movie that BIPE (Police Special Investigations Squad) and DIPOLCAR (Carabineros Police Intelligence Department) sold to Peña and his prosecutors, who are hungry for success, fame, and TV cameras. However, we are well aware that, no matter what, they’ll try to smear the prisoners and link them to any actions that take place. If there are no actions or bombings, they’ll say the prisoners are guilty and that’s why the bombings stopped. If there are actions and explosions, they’ll say it’s only to show that the prisoners are innocent. In the end, the new subversion and the new diffuse autonomous guerrilla war can’t be guided by what power thinks.
An entirely different matter is the recent attack carried out on a private house, which was followed by a communiqué containing a threat to attack a school. We completely reject that action. We won’t interpret it, we don’t understand it, and we don’t know what goal it hoped to achieve other than tainting anticapitalist struggle and rebellious ideas. We think it was either the work of police, parapolice squads engaging in false flag operations, or people with terrorist tendencies who made a serious mistake. Our actions, about which we won’t go into detail now so as to not make the work of the police or the prosecutor’s mob easier, have always had clear objectives and been carefully designed—based on the time, the location, and the physical characteristics of the chosen targets—to avoid injury to innocent people. We also attempt to limit the damage we cause to the targets we attack, and not to nearby homes. To us, actions are a means of propaganda, agitation, and sabotage. Sometimes they are a means of direct attack, but only when they respond to the murderous police who have killed our brothers and sisters here in the cities or on Mapuche territory, spinelessly shooting them in the back. We have no reason to beg forgiveness for wounded police or the damages to their buildings, because we are proud of ourselves and know that those wounds and damages are nothing compared to the valued lives of our brothers and sisters, which those bloodthirsty vermin brought to an end for a paltry salary from the owners of the country. The moral standards of subversives and revolutionaries can’t be compared with those of the police, and we therefore repeat that we have nothing to do with indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. On the off chance that the people who attacked that private house chose it at random and come from the anticapitalist milieu, we think they should profoundly rethink their political orientation and their actions, which only benefit the enemy.
On a television program yesterday, Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter theatrically asked how it was possible that we could coexist for so long with the injustice of people being in prison for not paying a fine. His words would have made us smile had they not been tinged with the shadow of death, coming from a person who supports the genocide of Arabs by Israel, which is where he learned many of his black arts. Prison is part of this system of death, exploitation, and oppression in which a privileged minority enjoy power and wealth while the rest of the population barely survives in a country with one of the world’s worst distributions of income, in a country where the police kill Mapuche, students, and subversive militants with with total impunity and the blessing of concertación politicians or the right, in this bloodstained police democracy. That’s the real tragedy. That’s the real injustice. Not so much that a person who doesn’t pay a fine goes to prison, which is certainly tragic and unjust, but that suit-and-tie terrorists make deals to raise the prices of medicine for pregnant women, children, and the elderly, who will never set foot in prison. Or that we will never see the murderers of Mapuche handcuffed, with media vultures asking them why they did it. No, that type of treatment is reserved for the poor. After all, it’s for the poor that prisons are built. Never will we see landowners pay for the immense damage their forests cause to communities: drying out the soil, preventing the spread of culture, hindering agriculture due to a lack of irrigation, paying the police to shoot children. That’s the real terrorism in this country, which moves its chess pieces to win approval for power stations that pollute nature and poison people, while earnest politicians are delighted to welcome the U.S. ambassador from the comfort of their very progressive presidential easy-chairs. Who are the terrorists? Are they not the same ones who applauded or looked the other way while people were being thrown into the sea, the same ones who are now party members in Mr. Hinzpeter’s coalition government?
To conclude, we offer some information to demonstrate the authenticity of our action and to show anticapitalists that we can all form action groups, that it’s in our hands, that we have never needed leaders or any ridiculous foreign financing. We carried out Friday’s action at night, and we were armed in case things got dicey. We left a bomb consisting of almost two kilos of black powder mixed with powdered aluminum inside an empty fire extinguisher. The charge had a detonation system comprising two cell phones (in case one failed), which provided the necessary energy through a connection to their respective vibrators. The bomb was set to detonate at 9:45 p.m. in an area where no one could have been hurt. It was a symbolic and propagandistic action to mark the first year of the Piñera government. We also claim responsibility for the bomb left in Vitacura near the Las Tranqueras Police Station in January, which sadly failed to explode due to a problem with its detonation system.
Finally, we call on everyone to fight more fiercely and take the streets on March 29, Young Combatant’s Day, to remember our dead and show with fire in the streets that we do not fear Piñera or Hinzpeter’s fascism. We end with a few words that get louder and louder each time rebels shout them in the streets and the prisons:
Wake up, it’s time to fight!
While there is misery, there will be rebellion!
For the spread and multiplication of autonomous anticapitalist cells in $hile and the rest of the world!
To the streets on March 29!

PS regarding recent events in Japan: In just a few days, a representative of the largest terrorist State in the world—the same one that dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing over 200,000 deaths—will be welcomed with the red carpet and much deference by the degenerate leaders of Chile. What a treasure!

Mail bomb defused at Greek prison

ATHENS, Greece — Police in Greece say they have defused a mail bomb sent to a maximum security prison in Athens.
Police say the parcel was sent to the governor of Korydallos prison in western Athens. Prison authorities determined that the package was suspicious after scanning it on Thursday.
Police say the package has Italian postage stamps but no postmark.
 from massmedia

500 people attended the solidarity demo yesterday 29/3 for our comrade Simos, cop attendance: 2-3 riot cop units followed closely. Passing by the 3 out of the 7 banks that are accusing him the demo passed by the national bank were the robbery took place. Very strong vibe..


fotos from the demo  


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We claim responsibility for the arsons on Wednesday 02/03/11 in athens (greece)

"From Africa to Latin America and from Asia to Europe and North America the hearths of resistance not only do not extinguish but continuously re-ignite. Whether this concerns movements and collective formations or more smaller in numbers, more individual courses of disputing the existing" G.Dimitrakis
We live in a time where everything is liquidized. If the previous years what they could offer us was the consumerist debilitation and social evolution, henceforth the only promise is that of a slow death. In the time where the economic crisis becomes more and more deep, more social parts radicalise and stand against the existing. The fight with all means against state and bosses has intensified. From the struggle of Keratea and Lefkimmi, the hunger strike of the 300 immigrants workers, the movement of "I don’t pay", the wild strike clashes in the centres of the metropolises, the sabotage to governmental and capitalistic targets, from arsons to the blowing up of entire structures of the regime by revolutionary organisations.
The state in its turn upgrades its arsenal legally as well as materially and technically having as a main target the extermination of the "internal enemy”. Because the appearance of water canons and the continuous military exercises to repress demonstrations couldn't impose order without new terrorlaws, without new "guillotines" to hang over the heads of the most militant part. The upgrade of demeaning via the media, does not function simply as a spreader of false news. It depoliticizes and presents as simple criminals political subjects, anarchists, revolutionaries and fighters. The cracking down of an internal enemy is of great importance precisely because it is the "dangerous" social-radical part, it is the part that is conscience of itself and fights modern totalitarianism. It’s the regulator of balance, the pledge for the existence and the continuity of capitalism itself. Here the antiterrorist force –the "pride" of the Greek Police- takes control... It creates profiles and it channels them via the press, it raises the secrecy of telephone discussions and transforms friendly relations into "terrorist organizations”. It goes onto the manufacturing of these, as in the case of Ch.Politis. Precisely because there are no margins. The system is ill and the political opponents must be exterminated, and this it makes very clear.
If henceforth for us there is a bet, this is the continuity of the strugle. And a part of this is our solidarity to the imprisoned fighters and political prisoners. If the choice of sabotage of structures of sovereignty is a ruptured and aggressive moment of the social-class war, solidarity is that qualitative relation that links the disparate parts that contribute to destabilisation itself, to the parts that -consciously or not- move against or many times aggressively to the capitalistic structure.
We claim responsibility for the arsons on Wednesday 02/03/11 in
-Eurobank on Ethnikis Antistaseos street in Kesariani
-Tax Offices in Holargos on Eleftherios Venizelos street
-Local offices New Democracy (opposition right wing party) Panagi Tsaldari street in Tavros area
We dedicate our actions to:
Christos Politis, who is imprisoned without any evidence because of his subversive action as well as to the 5 that are accused for the same case.
Aris Sirinidis who is tried on the 9th of March and whos trial will be the "pilot program" of use of DNA in political trials.
Solidarity to the Chilean comrades who are on hunger strike for the “bomb case”.


Skie(r)s* for the promotion of night-time sabotage

*play on words, since if you take away the letter (r) it means shadows in greek

Berlin- Solidarity action for Simos(germany)

There are informations that last night autonomous groups attacked three banks with hammers and stones.
Article on indymedia says that in different areas in Berlin three banks from Sparkasse lost their windows in attacks with hammers and stones.
The article is this:

It says they did this because of the trial, starting against Simos Seisidis.

Newspaper this morning from one action:

Come to Cologne! - Autonomous Center evicted soon!

Come to Cologne! Autonomous Center evicted soon! - Demonstration on Saturday!

Saturday 2n of April, 18:00, Cologne, in front of the Dome of Cologne (near the central station, station Köln Hbf)

Further informations at, and
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
For an Autonomous Center!

Callout: For an autonomous Center! - Everything has to be done by ourselfs!

The Autonomous Center in Cologne-Kalk exists nealy since a year. During this time thousands of guests used and created this special place in more than 250 events. The first cinema of the neighbourhood was founded, in many workshops skills were being developped, the weekly unemployed-consultation helped many people in their problems with the Unemployment-agency, concerts gave tha opportunity to local bands to make free appearances, exhibitions met their public, political groups used the house for their work – everything selforganised and uncomercial, without a cent from the city. The idea of a place, where people can enjoy and create culture without depending of their walle, found many new friends.

The squatted ex-cantine of the company KHD had been left empty from the mucinipal savings bank (Sparkasse) and abandonned to its expiration. Without the squatting the result would be more years without use. The squatters were seeking from the beginning the discussion with responsible political persons. In many conversations not only the idea of the Autonomous Center was presented, but also a plan of use and financing opened the way for a cultural center in Cologne.

The mayor named Roters and the municipal savings bank are against a meaningful utilisation of Wiesbergstreet 44. Under flimsy excuses and through desinformation of the public the Autonomous Center is to be evicted and the building to be demolished, without that further plans exist. As allready with the Barmer-quarter in Deutz, the next "most-expensivve-parkingplace-Germanys" is being prepared.

We, friends of the Autnomous Center, Leftists, Syndicalists call out for the demonstration "For an autonomous center! - Everything has to be done by ourselfs" on Saturday 2nd of April 2011. The houses can be evicted, the builings can be replaced by parking-places – the idea for a selforganised life and culture can not be demolished!

Saturday 2n of April, 18:00, Cologne, in front of the Dome of Cologne (near the central station, station Köln Hbf)

Further informations at, and

This System cannot be cleaned; it can only be overthrown Its overthrow starts from Lavrion Avenue’s barricades!KERATEA - ATHENS29/3

The struggle of the people of Keratea, ongoing for 110 days now, has reached its most crucial point so far. As of this morning, police have been trying to break through the people’s barricades in order to allow construction machinery to reach the site of the planned landfill.

  • In the town of Keratea, the City Hall has activated the war sirens, calling all residents to rush to the barricades.
  • On the national road, an excavating machine that arrived in an attempt to clear up the barricades, was set ablaze by locals.
  • According to unconfirmed reports, a police helicopter flying over the town has been releasing tear gas to the residents below
  • There are clashes across the national road, with molotovs and tear gas thrown in enormous quantities
  • Residents of the nearby town of Laurio have been rushing to the barricades too, as war sirens and church bells are ringing across their town, too.
  • More info: / occupiedlondon

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Saturday 19/3/11, 60-70 of us gathered outside the prisons in Stavraki in Ioannina as a token of solidarity to comrade Rami Syrianos. The people remained at the point for just over one hour, slogans were chanted while from the soundsystem that was set up .
the following text was read,
with which we wanted to make it clear to the administration of the hellhole in question, that the specific regime of political censorship that prevails there for three weeks now, will not pass this easy. For three weeks roughly the comrade receives a small part of the material that is mailed to him (political texts, leaflets, newspapers of the a/a movement, pamphlets, reports from indymedia but also other news sites, books) while the total of this printed material is kept each time from 2-3 days to one week for inspection.


We are here today in solidarity to our anarchist comrade Rami Syrianos.
For three weeks roughly Rami does not have access to the printed material of “revolutionary content” that is mailed to him. This attitude of this administration is nothing but a known tactic of punishment and cutting off of the imprisoned fighters from their political space. We on our part clarify so much to the director as well as the group of warders that no comrade is alone. For each action that functions against anarchist Rami Syrianos you will find us all opposite you. The thought and the conscience of fighters cannot be jailed or gagged. No type and no treaty of restriction, as is prison, is possible to stop the bonds and the solidarity between us. Each battle that is given inside or outside the walls contributes to our common struggle to
Therefore as long as the administration continues to censor the written subversive word in the interior of the prison, we will answer dynamically inside and outside the walls. If you consider that your job is to take decisions against dignity and freedom of thought of our comrade, then our job, remember, is fed by devotion, insistence, friendship companionship and values that cannot be stained and constitute a weapon in our hands, in the war that is happening.
and we remind him that no wall can separate us, we keep alive our moments, laughters, our disappointments, the joys and distresses that we were shared. They will accompany us and will fill us with strength.
Freedom to all, until the destruction of the last prison.

Police Station attacked in Nottingham (UK)

28 March 2011

“Last night just after midnight police station on Wollaton Road, Nottingham was attacked with glass jars filled with black paint. We send this loving kiss to Jock Palfreeman and all those who represented for the eternal struggle against domination on the streets of London this weekend.
We chose our target to emphasise the fragility and weakness of the state. If their first line of defence can be hurt with such ease then cracks in the status quo will grow and begin to bleed. We view the cops as the security guards of capitalists, protecting property, reinforcing white supremacy and state control. With this action we show their inability to protect themselves.
As things get worse, as the divisions between the capitalists and the rest become deeper and more entrenched the fascism inherent in any police force will become ever more clear. As this become the case it will be important for us to know in our angry little hoodlum hearts that we can strike back whenever we choose to.
In doing this we did not forever alter the state of things, but we did forever alter the strength and resolve within ourselves as we prepare for all out social war.
The love in our hearts is offered up with this action to Jock Palfreeman imprisoned by the Bulgarian arm of state power for refusing to cower in the face of racism and fascism. Also to the 14 Chilean anarchists currently on hunger strike, physically captured by the industrial prison complex, but still free in their hearts and strong in their resistance. We won’t let them be forgotten.
Finally to those who rebelled against state control on the streets of London, those black clad lovers and fighters who strove to liberate themselves. Solidarity to those who were arrested on Saturday.
Not because they’re innocent.
Not because they’re peaceful.
But because they’re comrades.”
Petty Vandals

Monday, March 28, 2011

Symbolic occupation for the Chilean comrades on hunger strike( athens greece)

Symbolic occupation for the Chilean comrades
on hunger strike
The Chilean consultancy in Athens has been symbolically
occupied as a token of solidarity to the imprisoned fighters who are on hunger strike since the 21st of February in Chile, accused in the “Caso Bombas”


Our thoughts are with comrades
Andrea Urzúa, Camilo Pérez, Carlos Riveros,
Felipe Guerra, Francisco Solar, Mónica Caballero,
Rodolfo Retamales, Vinicio Aguilera, Omar Hermosilla.

We do not forget their struggle. With our fist raised high we send them greetings and wish them strength and courage until freedom.



from the occupied consultancy


We visited simultaneously, the buildings of Evelpidon courts and the surrounding areas, throwing hundreds of flyers demanding the immediate release of the members of REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE, then we visited GSEE (syndicalist workers union offices), and then we went to Pireas area to Eurobank and Citibank, and the IKA (welfare offices) of Pireas.
Come on, get up, lets go to the streets women and men with weapons on our shoulders. Driven from a feeling responsibility and political dignity and wanting to send a message of civilization with multiple receivers we chose to go inside the courts and the surroundings, where judges and prosecutors mercilessly imprison every social fighter as the members of REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE.
The civilization we represent and visualize demands that we promote with all our powers our opposition to the imprisonment that is imposed for a long period of time on the members of R.S. and simultaneously to promote our immediate and unconditional support to their struggle even from inside prison, a fact also being the initiative for awakening and support by the gathering of 1326 signatures from prisoners in prisons, and to state that we demand their immediate release. Historical examples of liberation of political prisoners exist, let us be inspired by history and strapped with conscience and passion for freedom we can create more....


Solidarity from Santa Cruz (Chile)

For over 7 months the accused of the “Caso Bombas” some individuals through actions seek solidarity with the comrades mentioned. What is shown in the following images are a small sample of them: graffiti and posters scattered throughout the city. The solidarity we demonstrated through these actions seeks to make clear the absurdity created by the puppets of power and also to raise awareness of the hunger strike by the anarchists and anti-authoritarian prisoners in this region of the world, among other things. The last one was made ​​early Tuesday when some libertarios ​​painted it in the center of the city.
Health comrades! Continue, continue.
The counterinformation-ers from the shithole of Santa Cruz, Chile, VI Region

First London Securities attacked in solidarity with Bahrainis (UK)

26 March 2011

“Autonomous action in solidarity with Bahrain uprising. Last night in Mayfair, activists attacked the offices of the multinational investment bank, First London Securities plc, damaging several of its windows.
This target was singled out for having recently acquired Bahrain Capital International plc. It was attacked by ordinary people in the UK acting in solidarity with the Bahraini people in their struggle for social and economic justice and freedom from their oppressive, Saudi-backed monarchy.
We are sickened by the brutal repression of protestors, in particular the assaults on hospitals and medical workers and reports that ambulances were used by security services to fire on Bahraini citizens.
If we see a similar response to future protests in Bahrain we will react with a sustained and uncompromising campaign against Bahraini and Saudi Royal investment companies.”


Anarchists attack with fire around Bristol (UK)

26 March 2011
“People take different actions depending on what means they have at hand. While others may choose to picket outside an outlet involved with the publicly acknowledged theft from us all by capital, we ourselves have become a little camera-shy.
We choose our own time and place to suit our means and wish to stay free and off their files in our project to bring the tentacles and apparatus of the system and its social control to the ground. So, both the T-mobile and Vodaphone repeater towers each burned out in Hambrook and Siston Common and Longwell Green. Solidarity to anyone anywhere truly fighting for the death of the living corpse machine (not its remaking) whatever your choice of tactics.”

Fire starter brigade

Anarchists attack RBS in Bristol (UK)

Some Anarchists
24 March 2011
 from :
“In the framework of acting around the mass anti-cuts demo of 26th March 2011, we attacked RBS in Bristol during the night of 24th March 2011.
The main RBS building by Bristol Temple Meads was attacked by an anarchist affinity group armed with stones and glass bottles filled with paint, breaking windows and damaging staff vehicles. RBS, which was bailed out by the government, recently paid 780 million pounds in staff bonuses for the last year, plus 7.7million pounds bonus to RBS boss Stephen Hester. The government makes its money back by clawing it from the people at the base through the implementation of austerity measures and increased living costs, people who are already pushed to their limit.
We have acted outside the dimension of the mass demo on 26th March to make the point that, although some of us also attended there with the mass of the people on the streets of London, it is certain that our attack, solidarity and struggle demand of us that we act as well in our everyday lives and not just in the moment of spectacle. If the struggle stays at a certain level (essentially lobbying for the abolition of this or that law, the granting of certain rights, the manipulation of state finance, attending an ‘event’ etc), then the struggle will remain at a grotesque and unsatisfactory citizenism, perfectly in step with capital.
This action is dedicated to all those trapped in debt and struggling against the capitalist system on these islands, and it is also for those resisting corporate onslaughts abroad. We especially refer to those fighting against the Canadian Tar Sands mining project that RBS is funding, and to the peasants and allies fighting in Kulon Progo, Indonesia, against a similar project to extract iron from their coastline sands. The peasants in Kulon Progo specifically requested and appreciate attacks such as the one made against RBS on 24th March. The Indonesian state is not known for its record in human, animal and ecological welfare. Indonesia likes to hide behind the image of pleasurable modern tourism for rich Europeans and their university back-packer sons and daughters armed with gap-year money, mobile phones and laptops, whilst the reality on the ground is very different. British arms companies and banks have helped and continue to facilitate murderous deeds and carnage there.
Finally, we will never forget about the prisoners of the social war in Greece, where a sporadically strong anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian/anarchist struggle has been happening now for years; this is for Simos Seisidis, who has a trial on 30th March 2011. We keep him in our hearts as an unknown friend and to him we extend our hugs; this is also for those prisoners of the Revolutionary Struggle – Nikos, Pola, and Kostas; for all the prisoners of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, those who take responsibility and those who are accused; this is for ALL of the comrades there, and also ALL the dignified prisoners here in the UK who do not bow their heads, outside or inside the walls… In these times if you don’t begin fighting, you are truly lost and deserve the contempt our enemies receive.”


Some Anarchists
Information for the gathering at Syntagma square for Simos Seisidis

In view of the trial of S.Seisidis for the case of the robbery of the National bank on Solonos street, today there was a solidarity gathering for Simos in Syntagma square.
Banners were dropped, pamphlets were given out to passer-bys and there was a sound system with a microphone informing about his case. About 100 people gathered in solidarity. Also, posters were put up in the area. 



Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
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A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)