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Lucca, Italy - anarchist comrade Leo Landi sentenced to 6 years

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21/07/2010 - Yesterday July 20 last day of Leo's trial took place in Lucca.
The public prosecutor requested 6 years for robbery 'with the aggravation of terrorism'. The court however, excluded the aggravation but confirmed the sentence of 6 years imprisonment.
A long trial, a decision already decided, not just in the five minutes of deliberation that served the judges to decide, but for the repressive atmosphere that has characterized Tuscany for many years now and for the more general trend that sees power increasingly able to impose itself in trying to eliminate every enemy that stands more or less consciously in front of it.
It inevitably makes us angry to know that Leo will remain in jail, not surprised that they wanted to charge him with being an anarchist, to have always carried forward his ideas with pride, struggles with determination, his love of freedom in practice.
Very often we have had to speak out about and deal with repression when we would rather be devoting our energies to struggles without "chasing" the deadlines that were "imposed".
But these years have made us think much about what was and is fundamental active and concrete solidarity to comrades and companions, especially if they are imprisoned.
They, in fact, are made to pay the price of a declared war against unacceptable reality.
We support them and still prefer the attack on the enemy to the sterile whining about its ugliness. We prefer not stop powerless in the face of obstacles we encounter in our path, but to find a way to overcome them.
Freedom is not begged it is conquered!
When they hit one of us they mean all of us!
The anger is not subsiding, minds and hearts to Leo.

Anarchists of via del cuore


Anarchist Leonardo Landi arrested (Italy)

Italian police have arrested an anarchist wanted for suspected involvement in “terrorist activities” near the border with France, police told AFP (Mainstream Press Association) Thursday November 05.

Leonardo Landi was arrested in Ventimiglia because of a close collaboration with the French police, said Paolo Fanzone, head of the investigation at Imperia police headquarters in the north.
The Florentine anarchist militant had been on the run since May 2008. At the time of his arrest, Landi was with a woman from La Spezia in the North, who police suspect is an accomplice.
Police said Landi, who was carrying dubious cards and documents, may have been planning an attack in the northwest coastal region of Liguria.
Landi was wanted for ‘criminal conspiracy linked to terrorist activities’ – Fanzone said.
According to ‘Police intelligence’, Landi has been implicated in many terrorist attacks, especially in the centre of Italy, and he represents a ‘danger’, given his ability to rally other people around his cause – the police added, saying the militant is currently being held in San Remo prison.
A warrant for Landi’s arrest was issued in May 2008 by authorities in Florence who accused him of participating in an armed attack on a post office in June 2007.



Vested interest 22/7

Two bulletproof vests have been stolen from a police station in Monemvasia, southernmost PeloponneseGreece. The theft took place during the night when the only officer on duty was patrolling the streets.

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Luciano Arruga Brigade responds to street cleaner’s death

22 07 2010 From Liberación Total (July 21, 2010): translate this is our job blog
For the time being, let’s clarify a number of concerns that our Revolutionary Cells comrades have expressed regarding our operations.
1. In the case of our first communiqué, the comrade who disseminated it made an error. Said comrade is part of the Simon  Radowitzky Unit, which had previously published a claim under the name “Revolutionary Cells,” so the name was used again. This error will be corrected in future communiqués, which will be signed by the Luciano Arruga Brigade and the Unit(s) involved.
2. During the Cipolletti attacks, an innocent worker—toiling for this exploitative regime’s scraps and drippings—sadly fell victim to one of the bombs. The brothers in the Unit had previously observed that when a bag of garbage was left at the location, a police officer would remove it. Therefore, they thought that planting a bomb there would only hurt one of the system’s brutes. Regrettably, this was not the case. The Unit is undergoing a self-criticism regarding the action, and it will plan future attacks more thoroughly.
Almost all of us are anarchists, and we agree with most of what the Revolutionary Cells set forth, but we have decided to begin our own project through the Luciano Arruga Brigade.
Our Units support the regional struggle against the police and the oppressor state, and we also back the Autonomous Mapuche in their fight for land and liberty against the MPN (Neuquén People’s Movement) government of Neuquén province and against those supported by the national state in Río Negro. It should be noted that there has been no support for the investigations into police abuse in Río Negro because the province is “allied” to the system’s main party.
Likewise, our war is against the state and the church, which is a dirty opiate that destroys human freedom.
We also are collaborating with a group of class-conscious comrades who have decided to link their fate to ours in a truly anti-systemic struggle against the union bureaucracy.
War on the State and the system that corrupts human freedom!
Freedom for the prisoners in struggle: Martino, La Galle, and so many others
—Luciano Arruga Brigade
—Juan Bianchi Unit
—August 22 Classist Collective
—Diego Petrissans Unit
—Bonefoi-Carrasco Unit
—Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit
—Simon Radowitzky Unit
—Leandro Morel Unit
—Heroes of the Tragic Week Unit

Birmingham-area traffic cameras, highway message boards apparently shut down by vandals

July 21

State transportation officials believe vandalism is to blame for a cut to a fiber optic
cable in downtown Birmingham that disabled its area traffic cameras and the department’s ability to remotely control local highway message boards this week.
The Alabama Department of Transportation has 77 traffic cameras and 14 overhead message boards along highways in the Birmingham area, said Tony Harris, spokesman for the department. Views from 39 of the cameras are accessible to the public through ALDOT’s website and the remainder can only be viewed by ALDOT’s traffic management center.
Message boards are used to relay to motorists messages, including traffic delays, detours, and travel times.
Links to the cameras and message boards were cut sometime Monday morning, Harris said.
The cut was located Tuesday, just before lunch, Harris said. The exact location of the cut is not being disclosed for security reasons, he said.
Transportation officials from Birmingham and Montgomery studied the cut, Harris said. “They have concluded it appears to be the work of vandals rather than some accidental cut,” he said.
The repairs, which begin today, will cost at least $10,000, Harris said. “We hope to have all the services that are linked to that fiber optic cable restored by early next week,” he said.
ALDOT officials will file a report with local law enforcement authorities about the fiber optic cut, Harris said.
In the meantime, whatever messages already on the boards will continue, Harris said. If a message needs to be changed to relay important information to motorists, ALDOT will send someone to the board and change it manually, he said.
But there is no ability to calculate and relay travel times while the cameras and message boards are off-line, Harris said.

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video from KASHMIR.. same everywhere..
could be Palestain could be everywhere..
foto from Athens..

Ian Tomlinson death: police officer will not face criminal charges

G20 riot officer filmed striking down newspaper seller will not face charges because of postmortem conflicts, CPS rules

Video footage showing Ian Tomlinson being struck by a police officer Link to this video The police officer who was caught on video striking a man during the G20 protests last year who later died will not face criminal charges, the Crown Prosecution Service announced today.
Keir Starmer, the director of public Prosecutions, said there was "no realistic prospect" of a conviction, because of a conflict between the two postmortems carried out after Tomlinson's death last year.
The newspaper seller died following the demonstrations on 1 April 2009 in central London. The official account that he died from a heart attack was undermined when the Guardian obtained video footage showing a riot officer striking the 47-year-old with a baton and shoving him to the ground shortly before he collapsed and died.
The director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, announced this morning that the police officer would not face a criminal trial.
The decision will enrage Tomlinson's family, who believe the officer's attack had contributed to the death. They had wanted a charge of manslaughter to be brought.
The family went to the headquarters of the CPS in London to be told of the decision. The police officer, who is suspended from duty, was told at the same time. He could still face disciplinary action.
Tomlinson had his hands in his pockets and his back to the officer when he was hit.The video footage suggests that no other police officer went to his aid and it was left to a bystander to lift him to his feet. He appeared to stumble about 100 metres down Cornhill, clutching his side, before collapsing a second time.
Police initially led Tomlinson's wife and nine children to believe he died of a heart attack after being caught up in the demonstration. In statements to the press, police claimed attempts by officers to save his life by resuscitation were impeded by protesters.
The first police account that he died from a heart attack was confirmed by a pathologist, Freddy Patel, in the initial postmortem.
But a second postmortem, conducted on behalf of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), found Tomlinson died from internal bleeding.
The CPS announcement comes five years to the day since another landmark incident involving police use of force. On 22 July 2005, officers shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes after mistaking him for a terrorist who was about to detonate a bomb. Then, the family of the innocent Brazilian criticised the CPS for failing to bring criminal charges against any individual.
The Tomlinson family had criticised the time it took the CPS to reach their decision. The investigation was conducted by the IPCC. Investigators are understood to have reached a clear view as to whether or not enough evidence existed to support criminal charges.
They were able to complete their inquiries in just four months and submitted a file to the CPS by August.
Key to the investigation were hundreds of hours of footage and thousands of images shot by bystanders at the protest, which enabled them to piece together Tomlinson's last 30 minutes alive.
CPS officials had assured the family they would decide on whether to prosecute the officer – and on what charge – by Christmas 2009.
The CPS has given various explanations for the delays, and claim they have had to return to the IPCC for clarification several times on different issues.
It is also understood that there have been complications surrounding the evidence of an expert witness.
The IPCC itself was late in mounting an inquiry, claiming there was nothing suspicious about the death for almost a week until the release of footage of the incident obtained by the Guardian forced a U-turn.

get on the streets punch a copper, burn a pig station!oi oi

Machinery sabotaged at a coal mine near Manchester U.K.

Original post.
Activists entered the Cutacre coal mine in the early hours of a June morning, & sabotaged 7 monster-trucks, used to transport coal around the site.
They report that metal hair-pins were cut to length, coated in superglue & inserted deep into the locks of the vehicles. Another healthy dose of glue followed for good measure.
It is not known how long the vehicles were out of action- oddly nobody hung around long enough to find out.
The site is located in the Greater Manchester area, & is operatedby "lets trash the planet" UK Coal. It is on land owned by " lets sell our mums for money" Peel Holdings.
The activists say they were inspired by fine examples of sabotage at Mainshill, & hope that all over the country, people will resist the destruction, & sabotage machinery.
Nobody was arrested.

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Hamilton, Ontario: Demonstration in Solidarity with Hunger Strike

Direct ActionJuly 19th, 2010 -- A noise demonstration took place outside of the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre (Barton Jail) in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Around 25 people marched around the prison, chanting slogans (the passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons; no prisons, no borders, fuck law and order; they might take our lives away but not our dignity, our hearts will pound against their walls until we all are free; smash the borders, fuck the state, all these walls are going to break; no justice, no peace, fuck the police; etc), shooting off fireworks, and making speeches.

This demonstration was held to continue creating a visible presence and tension against prisons and the world that needs them, as well as to take direct action in solidarity with the insurgent spirit: with everyone who chooses the dignity of struggle above the servility of obedience.

The 19th of July marked the beginning of a hunger strike in Saint Paul’s Hospital (the infirmary ward of Korydallos prison near Athens, Greece). Below is a translation of a communication about this hunger strike. Solidarity with prisoners in revolt, inside and outside the jails of this prison-world!

“On Monday, July 19th, prisoners will start refusing food with a demand to address and solve the problem of prolonged detention of people with chronic and incurable diseases, who (due to their state of health) should have their sentences reduced.

The human ''dump", as the prisoners of this institution call it themselves, is simply tragic, as we have also heard from comrade Simos Seisidis presently being held there. People with disabilities, strokes, and fatal diseases are thrown into this vile, dirty environment full of shortcomings.

The Secretary for prison policy visited some time ago, and stated that a legislative bill would resolve the matter in February or March. Naturally, he was telling lies.

The prisoners themselves, in their statement to the Minister and the media say:

‘Powerless to react differently, and anyway lacking our health, we are offering what is left of our lives to sacrifice them to your inhuman indifference, not because we hope you will change, but because we refuse to live like beasts, like waste from a system and society without humanity, ethics, or honour.

So, from Monday, July 19th, all those who are able to will abstain from food and all medication and treatment, as a last sign of dignity and self-respect...’

Our comrade Simos Seisidis will participate in this mobilization.”

Until we are all free!
Destroy all prisons!

Cops Kill Again in Oakland

Fred Collins, 48, Dies in a Hail of Bullets After Taser Gun Fails

Here we go again: last Saturday, July 19, another police kill at the same rail transit station in Oakland, California, where 22-year-old Oscar Grant was shot in the back last year.
And while the circumstances of Saturday’s early morning police shooting are very different from those in the Grant case, there are many questions that need to raised about a violent police over-reaction.

On Saturday, Oakland and Bay Area Rapid Transit police shot and killed a reportedly “Hispanic looking” man near the Fruitvale station in Oakland. The first reports, all from the police, said the man was “armed,” wielding two knives.
The dead man was not identified until Sunday, when an OPD spokesperson gave his name and age as Fred Colllins, 48. None of the dozens of officers who answered the call were hurt during the incident.

According to police officials, Oakland homicide detectives, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, and the internal affairs units of the Oakland and BART police departments are conducting administrative investigations into the shooting.

An eyewitness, looking out her window, said the man was walking backwards yelling for the police to shoot him. According to a television interview with the eye-witness, the man had his hands up.

Ultimately, the man died in a barrage of police bullets – at least five cops shot him down. Dozens of cops were on the scene. Given the number of shooters, it may never be known which bullet killed the man.

The description given by several eye-witnesses does not appear to square with the police decision to cut the man down with a hail of bullets, from at least five guns. Police claim they tasered the man several times but it didn’t have any effect. Then he came at them with a pair of knives.
Here’s what one eye-witness was filmed saying to local TV. Again she watched it out the window of her house in Fruitvale, a short distance from the rail station:

“When they turned here at the corner, there was, I want to say, about 10 policemen, all gathered together. And then I saw this man walking backwards, like this (both hands up), saying, ‘Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me’! And the police, I didn’t hear none of the police say anything. They were just gathered together, following him while he was walking backwards all the way through that street,” said Letty, who did not give her last name. “And then all of a sudden, I hear a little pop and then right after that I hear bup, bup, bup, bup, bup!”

The BayCitizen reported, according to eye-witness interviews, that the man was wearing two backpacks – one on his back and one on his front, and was shot after he tried to reach inside one. Police say nothing about a backpack.
Fourteen-year-old Florencia Osores told the BayCitizen that she watched the shooting out her window with her family. Osores said she saw about “15” cops in pursuit. The man stopped running and turned around.

“The cops said, ‘Stop!’” she said. Collins turned his back to officers and “looked like he was taking something from his bag.” According to the teen eye-witness, that’s when the cops opened up with a barrage of fire. “I’ve never seen the cops versus a person before,” she said. “They shouldn’t be trying to kill him. Couldn’t they have shot him in the leg?”

Mesha Monge Irizarry knows a great deal about police overreaction and a lot about the nature and impact of the 50,000 watt taser the police claim was ineffective in stopping their alleged suspect.
Over the years, Irizarry has given courses to the police in non-violent escalation, but in a tragic twist of fate saw her own 23-year-old son, Idriss Stelley, a 4.0 college student, go down in a barrage of 48 bullets in 2001.
“I have thoroughly studied this. It’s a common practice for police to all starting firing at once,” said Irizarry. “They know when they shoot together, it’s almost impossible to find out who shot first or whose bullet ended a life.”
She says she’s extremely suspicious about the police claims that the taser didn’t stop the man or even slow him down.
“There’s no such thing as it doesn’t have any effect, like the police are claiming. They’re full of bull. It’s not like a little shock from a faulty circuit. It totally shuts your body down. Many people have died from one application.”
Irizarry volunteered to be tasered in 2006 during an international human rights gathering in San Francisco. “It takes you out for a full seven seconds. That’s when the police are supposed to act” to subdue a person.
James Keys, chair of San Francisco City and County Board of Mental Health, also has grave doubts about the police claims that the taser had little or no effect. “I find it hard to believe that they shot him like that with a taser several times and he kept going … That amount of voltage [makes it] hard to believe.”
Keys says that OPD has failed “for decades in with dealing with situations like this … I cannot understand why they couldn’t subdue that man without using a kill shot. There are many other ways.”
The local NBC news affiliate reported that “witnesses in the area said the man kept crying that officers shot him” with a taser.
Keys, who grew up in Oakland, said the problem is bigger than crisis intervention. He said the OPD doesn’t have the trust or the support of the community, and people of color are not going to be rushing to turn themselves in, in order to become the next Oscar Grant.
“I grew up in Oakland as an African American … and the police have never dealt well” with Black and Brown people. “The prevailing attitude is that white officers kill” people of color. “That’s the mindset: People are afraid of the police in Oakland.”
Keys was disappointed in Mayor Dellums’ actions around both the killing of Oscar Grant as well as his willingness to jump on the bandwagon with the police department, when he should be more of a “joiner,” bringing people together rather than immediately siding with the police.
Mayor Ron Dellums released a statement on Saturday afternoon – a “joint news release” on the shooting, on behalf of the Oakland Police Department, the Mayor’s Office and BART officials – urging calm but voicing little concern about the pattern of violence and over-reaction shown by BART and Oakland police.
“Anytime there is a loss of life, it is a matter of great concern and sadness for us all,” Dellums said in his written statement. “It is extremely important that we as a community continue to work together in order to provide a safe and secure environment. Therefore, a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding this death has begun.”
BART also announced a “thorough” investigation into the shooting. “The loss of life under any circumstance is truly an unfortunate and regrettable event,” wrote BART Vice President Bob Franklin and board member Carole Ward Allen in the joint statement.
“The BART Police Department is cooperating fully with the Oakland Police Department who has the lead in the investigation into today’s officer involved shooting. We have immediately launched a separate but parallel administrative investigation as well to ensure this incident is thoroughly investigated in a transparent manner.
There is “something wrong at the core,” says Irizarry. It’s about the police abuse of power, and their decision, all too often, to use force over reason.
The police in Oakland and the BART Police “should be the last to be called,” she said. “Why isn’t the mayor talking about crisis intervention teams, instead of sending cops out who have no training in intervention with distraught people, who are not trained in crisis de-escalation … Calling the police to do a non-violent intervention with a troubled person is like calling the mortician to deliver a baby.”
“People are very scared,” local resident Juanna Nieva told one reporter. “I am really worried for kids. People are living in fear in Oakland.”
Now the question for many people of color in Oakland is: Are they more fearful of the criminals or of the cops who are supposed to protect them?

Death toll rises at the greek borders

16 immigrants were found dead in the last 48 hours at the greek-turkish borders, near the Evros river (9 in Greece and 5 in Turkey) – two more were found dead on Saturday 26th June.
The number of immigrants that died in June in the Evros river remains unknown as more dead immigrants were discovered on June 8. Three more were found dead on May 27.
On the 16th of June, a 19-year-old Afghan refugee was found dead, hidden in the fuel tank of a truck, inside the ferry “OLYMPIC CHAMPION”, traveling from Patras to Venice.

…killed by a bilateral agreement…
On June 29, greek and turkish officials met in Athens in order to examine the progress of the bilateral agreement signed by the Greek Minister, Michalis Chryssohoïdis, and by his Turkish counterpart, Besir Atalay, on May 14.
According to the agreement, a border office is to be set up, near Izmir, which will be used for the readmission of irregular migrants.
Also, a readmission protocol will be put into force, according to which immigrants will be deported from Greece to Turkey and then to third countries.

MSF Report
On June 15, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) presented a report that “documents the unacceptable living conditions in the three detention centers in Greece where MSF intervened and presents data from psychological counseling sessions as well as individual testimonies.

Frontex press conference
On June 16, Frontex Deputy Executive Director Gil Arias-Fernandez announced that 88 percent of illegal immigrants – almost nine in 10 – that entered the EU in 2009 had come via Greece. During the first third of 2010, EU authorities arrested 3,500 illegal migrants at land borders and 2,900 at sea, indicating a shift in patterns of entry from the sea to the land borders. This shift was also reflected in figures unveiled by the Greek citizens’ protection ministry last week, showing a 50 percent decline in arrests of migrants in the northern Aegean and and 65 percent decline in the southern Aegean. By contrast, arrests on land borders in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace increased by 167 percent (from 2,416 to 6,459). In Epirus, arrests went up from 5,616 in the first third of 2009 to 7,889 in 2010.
Fernandez also confirmed that the first regional Frontex Operations Office will open in Piraeus later this year – with the office opening in July but only launching full operations in October. Until the end of 2011, it will operate as a pilot project employing 13 experts from various EU countries, and it will subsequently be decided whether to continue its operation.

Meanwhile in Athens
Attacks by fascist groups aligned with shopowners against immigrant street vendors on central streets have not ceased. But neither will actions of solidarity to immigrants:
Below is a leaflet that was distributed during a gathering outside Athens Chamber of Commerce

We sell things on the street because we don’t have an alternative way of making a living.
No work is refused in order for us to make a living.
These people that you see on the street , these people that you keep harassing, are people who are familiar with most trades and professions.
Even though we are only vagrant street vendors, we are the ones paying for the houses that were had locked up for a long time, houses crying for a human presence.
A house can’t live by itself. It needs souls, it needs lives.
Water, power, telephone, means of transport and everything else we need to live are not for free.
You will never see one of us involved in affairs of the night and the underworld.
We are honest people, very sociable and open to everyone and everything.
We have obligations, but we also have rights.
We are only asking for understanding and tolerance.
Immigrant street vendors


195 Mare street HACKNEY LONDON autonomous social space in London

undefinedWe haven’t forgiven the death of Carlo Giuliani; an Italian activist born in 1978, he was one of millions of protesters who participated in the Genoa’s demos against the G8 leaders’ violence. Comrades had witnessed his assassination by Italian riot police’s Carabinieri in 20 July 2001.
After nine years, still no justice is served. Just this year, 2010, the case ‘Giuliani and Gaggio v. Italy’ was referred to the Court’s Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. If you follow the link above, you’ll read the outraging summary description of so-called ‘Principal facts’, including: ‘As to the officer who had fired the fatal shot, the judge took the view that he had fired into the air without intent to kill and that he had in any event acted in self-defense in response to the violent attack on him and his colleagues (sequence of photos of the Giuliani’s mord here).
What does this remind us of? Statements made from Greek authorities in regard of the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos, which led to December 2008 Uprising in Greece. Alexis Kougias, the lawyer defending Epaminondas Korkoneas, the police special guard who shot dead the teenager in Exarchia, central Athens, in 6 December 2008, argued in court that the fatal bullet was fired into the air and not toward the victim.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Troops sent to quell new French riot

ABOUT 50 travellers armed with iron bars and hatchets have rioted in the small town of Saint-Aignan in central France after police shot a man dead, reports the BBC.
Violence erupted when the crowd, some of them masked, tried to force their way into a police station in the town in the Loir-et-Cher region.
In the ensuing riot, a bakery was trashed, three cars torched and trees, traffic lights and road signs damaged.
Three hundred soldiers were brought in to restore order.
Nobody is believed to have been hurt during the incident, which appears to have no connection with rioting in the eastern city of Grenoble over the weekend, which began after police shot dead an armed robbery suspect there.
The confrontation lasted some four hours before the rioters left town, France's L'Express newspaper reports.
At Saint-Aignan, the travellers were protesting at the death of a 22-year-old man shot by police, reportedly as he tried to run down two of their officers.Prosecutors say the man failed to stop his vehicle at a checkpoint and dragged a gendarme on the bonnet for 500 metres (yards). The gendarme escaped with light injuries.
Arriving at a second checkpoint, the driver allegedly then charged the two gendarmes on duty there, one of whom opened fire and killed him.
Both gendarmes were taken into custody after the incident but released without charge.
French TV channel TF1 News reports that the shooting occurred in the town of Thesee, near to Saint-Aignan.
"It was a settling of scores between travelling people and the gendarmerie," Saint-Aignan's mayor, Jean-Michel Billon, told AFP news agency after the riot.
He was quoted by L'Express as saying he was concerned the rioters were still close to the town and might return.

Journalist shot dead outside his house ATHENS GREECE

Journalist Sokratis Giolias was shot dead at 5.20 am this morning, in front of his house in the area of Ilioupoli.
According to the information that has been confirmed until this time, one of the assailants - the police estimates that they were two or three - rang Giolias' doorbell and told him that his car was being stolen. When Giolias arrived at the front door of his apartment building, the assailants killed him with 6 bullets at least. Police has reportedly collected more than 20 calibers from the scene of the crime.
Police believe the assailants escaped the scene with a stolen car which was found burned a few hours later, not far of the area of the crime.
Giolias was 37 years old and currently working at the Proto Thema radio station. He was also linked as one of the creators of the blog "Troktiko".The murder of journalist Socratis Giolias has been linked to terror group Revolutionary Sect following ballistic tests on cartridges collected from the crime scene.

Giolias, 37, was riddled with bullets outside his home in Ilioupolis by unidentified individuals in the early hours of Monday morning.

The ambush killing was quickly condemned by the country's political leaders.

"Democracy and freedom of speech cannot be muzzled, terrorised or threatened," government spokesman George Petalotis said, adding that the authorities have already taken action to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice. GREEK MEDIA...

What planet does the BBC correspondent in Athens live on?

He writes: A Greek investigative journalist has been shot dead outside his home in Athens.

Right, newsflash for you, mr. Brabandt: Giolias was not an “investigative journalist”. In fact, he was not even a journalist (he was not part of the Athens journalists’ union, he did not have a press pass). But regardless of this, his blog, troktiko, was and remains a well-known website feeding info straight from the police HQ and from fascist groups.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hunger strike starting today from prisoners immigrants on Samos island greece...

Hunger strike started 170 immigrants detained in immigration detention camp at Samos island Greece in response to theexpulsion from the country.
The hunger strike began after  the news that 60 people immigrants were on the border of Greece - Bulgaria.
Some policemen ‘unfit’ for guns
Almost 200 policemen are likely to have their firearms removed after psychometric tests, which began last year, revealed that they are mentally unfit to carry weapons, it was revealed yesterday.
Medical experts appointed by the Citizens’ Protection Ministry to carry out the tests said that they had assessed 5,925 policemen so far and found that 197 of them were not suitable to be armed by the force.
The tests began last year after a 37-year-old officer who was guarding the US ambassador’s residence in Athens mistakenly shot and injured a private security guard last July. It later emerged that the policeman had been seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication prior to the shooting. The policemen was remanded in the psychiatric wing of Korydallos Prison after the incident.

Two policemen were injured early yesterday, when the motorcycles they were riding on were struck by a car in central Athens. The two officers were taken to the hospital for treatment but neither suffered serious injuries. The driver of the car, who drove off after the crash on Paraskevopoulou Street, is being sought. No description of the vehicle was given. from theGreek media papers...

$30,000 bond set in Lockport bank blast U.S.A.

None injured in explosion, authorities say

July 18, 2010
LOCKPORT – A Blue Island man was ordered held on $30,000 bond Saturday after his arrest in connection with the detonation of an incendiary device at the entrance to the PNC Bank in downtown Lockport. David A. Whitesell, 48, of Blue Island, was arrested on charges of felony arson and felony criminal damage to property with an incendiary device. He was booked into the Will County Jail. A 4-inch mortar, the type used in aerial fireworks displays, caused the explosion, police said.
"The explosion blew open the roof of the vehicle and shattered several windows including windows on the bank," police said in a press release.
The motive is still unknown.
Police said the explosion occurred at about 7:50 p.m. when Whitesell drove his car onto the front entryway of the bank at 955 E. 9th St.
As the suspect was walking away from his car, it exploded. Witnesses identified the suspect and he was taken into custody by police.
PNC Bank was closed and unoccupied at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported. The area was sealed off and traffic diverted around the bank.
Lockport police received assistance from the Cook County Bomb Squad, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Lockport Township Fire Department, Joliet Fire Department Hazmat, and Lockport EMA.

Letter bomb for oil exec family -- Houston, TX U.S.A

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Houston police and federal authorities confirmed Tuesday that a pipe bomb sent to the home of a local oil executive was meant for his wife and not him.

Vennie Wolf, 58, was injured Friday evening when she opened a shoebox-size package that shot out shrapnel and nails.

As they chased leads, officials Tuesday said they believed the incident in northwest Houston was an isolated one. But they refused to discuss the investigation's progress or why Wolf may have been targeted by the bomb.

"It's an ongoing investigation," said Rob Elder, assistant special agent in charge at the Houston office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is looking into what happened along with the Houston Police Department.

Curiosity won out

The package had arrived outside Wolf's home in the 2100 block of Seamist Court a few weeks earlier.

Authorities do not think the package was brought there by the U.S. Postal Service, but they're not saying where it came from.

Wolf was hesitant to open the package when it arrived because she didn't know who it was from, officials said, but she later opened it out of curiosity.

Wolf was taken to Memorial Hermann-Northwest Hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. She was later released and is now recuperating, police said.

Speculation about the bombing has run rampant in Wolf's neighborhood, which neighbors said has always been quiet and safe.

Some neighbors said the box had arrived disguised as a box of chocolates, but police declined to confirm that.

The shutters were drawn at the home Wolf owns with her husband, James Brock Moore III, and no one answered the door Tuesday.

Moore did not return a phone message at Adams Resources Exploration Corp., where he has been president since 1998.

Wolf and Moore appear to have kept a low profile in Houston. The couple is listed in University of Houston records as making a small donation to the university's engineering program, which Moore graduated from in 1964.

Buenos Aires - Incendiary attacks on buses of the exploiters



16.07.2010 - Yesterday, the Juan Smith nucleus in collaboration with Clasista comrades dealt a blow to the exploiters of TATA (Empresa de Transporte) transport company, burning 9 buses, and to UTA's union bureaucrats who reached an agreement with the slave driver bosses, for which our comrades set fire to their buses in the company depot in Calle Rio Cuarto, between Heredia and Vyeites at Barracas in Malos Aires, may no exploiter remain unpunished, nor any bureaucrat without warning from the moment their actions are observed by the proletarian working mass.

Nucleus Juan Bianchi
Clasista Colectivo 22 de Agosto
Brigada Luciano Arruga

Journalist shot dead outside his house ATHENS GREECE

Greece, journalist murdered on his doorstep!

A journalist and blogger was shot at 7am today (2.5 hours ago) on his doorstep in Athens.
Socrates Golias was the blogger behind the well known Greek site troktiko (
News sites report 3 people came from a car, and fired two shots, on his doorstep.

Journalist Sokratis Giolias was shot dead at 5.20 am this morning, in front of his house in the area of Ilioupoli.
According to the information that has been confirmed until this time, one of the assailants - the police estimates that they were two or three - rang Giolias' doorbell and told him that his car was being stolen. When Giolias arrived at the front door of his apartment building, the assailants killed him with 6 bullets at least. Police has reportedly collected more than 20 calibers from the scene of the crime.
Police believe the assailants escaped the scene with a stolen car which was found burned a few hours later, not far of the area of the crime.
Giolias was 37 years old and currently working at the Proto Thema radio station. He was also linked as one of the creators of the blog "Troktiko".

What planet does the BBC correspondent in Athens live on?

He writes: A Greek investigative journalist has been shot dead outside his home in Athens.

Right, newsflash for you, mr. Brabandt: Giolias was not an “investigative journalist”. In fact, he was not even a journalist (he was not part of the Athens journalists’ union, he did not have a press pass). But regardless of this, his blog, troktiko, was and remains a well-known website feeding info straight from the police HQ and from fascist groups.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sint-Stevens-Woluwe - A burning mobile phone antenna belgium

SINT-STEVENS-WOLUWE – In the Frans Smoldersstraat, firemen had to come in the night of Wednessday to Thursday for a burning antenna for mobile phones. The antenna was completely burned.


Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)