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Greece Asks for Assistance from Italy Regarding Anarchist Attacks

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07 January 2011
Greek magistrates have requested help from their Italian counterparts.  They are investigating the spate of letter-bombs sent to a string of embassies in December, just over a week before the beginning of the trial of an anarchist group that carried out similar attacks in Athens in November.
The news was revealed to the ANA agency by judiciary sources.  The sources say that the details have been requested in particular, regarding the detonation systems on the letter-bombs sent to the Swiss and Chilean embassies. Italian investigators had previously asked their Greek counterparts for information on the methods with which the November attacks were carried out.
The growing collaboration between Italian and Greek police seems to confirm suspicions by investigators of strategic, if not yet operational collusion between the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).  They claimed responsibility for the attacks in Italy with the name of Lambros Fountas, an anarchist killed in a shoot-out in Athens, and the Conspiracy of Fire Groups (SPF), which in turn claimed responsibility for the letter-bombs and the attack on a court in Athens with the name of the Italian “freedom” writer, Horst Fantazzini, and sent its congratulations to FAI for its actions.
The ideological reference point for both organisations seems to be the Italian anarchist, Alfredo Bonanno, the 73-year old insurrectionism theorist, who was recently freed in Greece after standing trial for assisting a robbery.

Thessaloniki 4 Solidarity: Trial Starts 14 January
June 2003 - EU Summit
The EU summit in Thessaloniki, Greece, sees huge mobilisations from anti-globalisation movements around the world. Aggressive police repression leads to over a hundred arrests, of which 29 are charged. Countless more protestors are badly injured, many hospitalised, by rubber bullets and baton charges. Out of 29 activists charged, most are released on bail in the days following the protests. The remaining 7 prisoners are remanded awaiting trial.

October 2003 - Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers
The prisoners begin hunger strikes demanding to be released from remand. Solidarity campaigns form around the world, against prisons and in support of the Thessaloniki 7. Literally hundreds of actions take place. The hunger strike continues until the 27th November when they are released on bail awaiting trial. Some of the remanded have at this point been refusing food for as long as 63 days.
February 2004 - Charges Dropped
In 2004 all charges are dropped in view of the overwhelming evidence in support of the defendants. Those who are not from Greece are finally allowed to leave the country.
Autumn 2005 - Charges Reinstated
The prosecutor of Thessaloniki appeals against the earlier decision to the drop the charges. Legal arguments continue for more than two years, and a trial date is finally set.
January 2008 - First Trial
The first trial takes place and finds the defendants guilty and passes sentences of between four and eight and a half years for charges including distinguished and repeated rebellion, possession of explosives, resisting arrest, and causing explosions.

September 2010 - Second Trial Adjourned
The second trial is adjourned until January 2011.
14 January 2011 - Second Trial Will Start
Out of the original Thessaloniki 7, 3 have so far had their cases resolved with sentences ranging from 4 to more than 8 years. The remaining four defendants are:
Simon Chapman, Britain
Suleiman "Kastro" Dakdouk, Syrian origin
Michaelis Triakapis, Greece
Fernando Perez Gorraiz, Spain

LETTER FROM GERASIMOS TSAKALOS Member of the Cell of Imprisoned Members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

We have rage

On the morning of November 1st we were moving around in the area of Pagkrati in order to act in the framework of the campaign for international solidarity the organization had decided together with comrade and brother P.Argirou. Because, however, of the police-like curiosity of an employee of a courier company, certain personal errors and our being surrounded by the pigs of the DIAS group and other police forces that isolated the area, there was little choice and we were led to the building of GADA (police headquarters building) to the floor of the anti-terrorist police.

Despite the fact that my recognition was immediate, since one of the directors of some department amidst kicks and punches the moment when I was sitting in a stationary position shouted “it's Makis”, I denied to give my information for the first few hours, with the hope of gaining precious time in order to help my comrades. We refused to have our fingerprints taken, photographs, dna and generally we refused to sign anything or to help in the least these pigs, holding the obvious attitude that every revolutionary should have.

The interrogation began with the usual offensive comments. That were decreased temporarily when they noticed a tattoo that I have with the word “conspiracy”, which made them change their attitude. Knowing that they would try to take photographs to publicize it I sat with my head bent down in order to avoid it. Then pretending that they would transport me to the detention room, they took me out to the corridor of the 12th floor where, pulling my head, they told me to watch where I'm going. At that time I was photographed by the camera that was in the corridor. It is the photograph that was published after our arrest. So began an interrogation that lasted roughly 3 days which fluctuated depending on what was happening outside. Annoyed by the constant repetition of my answer “I have nothing to declare” they began provoking me again with offenses and provocations about individuals that I knew, or not. The interrogations took place in two rooms, and in one of the two, where I had communication with my lawyer and my mother, an officer of the anti-terrorist informed me the last day that they were both rooms with microphones and cameras.

As for my DNA, after the arrest, my socks were immediately confiscated for the corresponding sample, while even during my transport, while they had my head pressed down, somebody with surgical gloves forcefully pulled hair from my head, again for a DNA sample. Their stress and anxiety increased, seeing our negative attitude to their questions, while at the same time outside the incendiary parcels continued to be delivered to the recipients, according to the plan of the organization. The threats increased, talking of killing me on Imitos mountain and they would throw me from the window in the case that there was a problem with some plane. Obviously they meant the plane that was landed in Italy because of the parcel for Berlusconi.
Their rambling continued about my supposed presence the last period of time in nightclubs and that they had located me from there, that the employee of the courier company had died from the parcel and other inconsistencies, trying to make something out of nothing.

All this is not reported from the side of a victim of police violence, since I do not feel at all like this, but in order to transfer some personal experiences, so if a fighter has an “unlucky” moment, to have a better picture of the situation that he will face. The threats and the violence from the side of the cops is something expected and comprehensible as basic characteristics of their role. Moreover, thousands of prisoners have suffered severe torture in local police stations everywhere, that makes their behavior towards me civilized. We do not ask for a better police or for its humanization, but its absolute destruction through the choice of continuous attack. There are no good and bad police officers, they are only cops and Revolutionary Organizations should always attack them with all means.

I am member of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, I belong to the anarchist-revolutionary movement and I am proud of it. I represent a new tendency, Revolutionary Nihilism and Anarchist Antisocialism. I believe that power is not only the laws, the police, the judges, the prisons, the politicians. Not that this administration is innocent of responsibilities. The exact opposite. All these individuals that hold positions of power are a pile of creeps, liars, frauds, sadists, who take a series of devastating decisions for all of us. This fact is undeniable. Who, however, votes them? Who respects them by bowing their head? Who admires them and wants to be like them, either himself, or his children? Who keeps quiet in front of these gross injustices they commit? The answer is one. SOCIETY. It selected them, it gave them the power to take decisions on its behalf. And if we accept that everyone is entitled to a mistake, continuously making the same tragic mistake, to me seems deliberate. So, although the crowds often complain when it comes to their salaries, nevertheless they accept (and sometimes seek) the tyrannical commands of authority. They allow it to spy on the city with cameras, equip the army with new weapon systems, fill the streets with cops, give orders through the tv screens, when it would be enough to just say No. One loud, decisive and practical no. No to oppression, no to exploitation, no to compromise. However, most behind the machoism when driving and outbreaks of authority towards their family, hide their cowardice and their unwillingness to take their life into their own hands. This is something that I do not tolerate. This resignation from life. This is why I declare myself as an Anarchist Antisocialist. Because I consider that what should be put under constant challenge are social relations themselves, as they have been developed today. I reject through action and criticism the crowd that supports and depends on these alienated relations. I am an enemy of the regime and society itself in its existing form. The faith in the majority of the oppressed, in the “acquittal” of their passivity and the recognition of them as a revolutionary subject asleep given the oppression that exists, does not cover us anymore. Of this total mass, we must through our speech and our action strike the characteristics of submission that dominates it, so to create the minorities that will deny the values of the dominant culture through Revolutionary Conscience and Ethics. Only through dignity, pride, and honor we can reach the theoretical pursuits in choices of action. Self-organization, solidarity and rage arms our desires. The practical theory of the destruction of the existent in all its forms, should become the means that will unite minority subgroups towards a Revolutionary perspective. We have war against this system and its vassals. We have war with a society that is characterized by its faith in the electoral delusions, by the fear of disorder and in the end by the terror of the step to change to something new, something unpredictable. Petty-bourgeois, proletarians, bourgeois, immigrants are different subgroups which power, functioning more insightfully than the cynicism that its oratory possessed in previous decades, offers them the possibility of social evolution. A prospect desirable for many, but feasible for just a few. A prospect which appeases everyone, maintaining faith in systems closely connected to their personal ambitions. Thus, disparate social groups share the same desire to maintain the existent, making it a key characteristic of their choices.

Certainly with the new data of the economic crisis and knowing that it is still at its beginning, we get the sense that now that the privileges of the middle and lower classes are offended, it is again timely to view the proletariat as a revolutionary subject. For us the dominant ideology of the system is economy, that leads a mass of individuals and “offers” them, either the promise of plenty material goods, or fear of scarcity and poverty. If these negative consequences reserved for the future by the economic crisis bring these minorities closer to the refusal of this system, this is surely something positive.

The review, however, of the last century and the conditions after such crises, as of the economic one we are living these days, shows that temporary dissatisfaction almost never transforms into total refusal and rupture. For this reason we do not seek the diffusion of our words and our action using as a spearhead only the ugliness of the economic situation, something that could be simply a transitional phase of capitalism itself, but we emphasize the ongoing existential poverty, which is a permanent consequence of this world.

We promote a transition to a more total critique and attack on the poverty of communication, artificial feelings, the lack of dignity, the small and big expressions of dominating social relations, the lack of desire to risk seeking and the fear of rupture for a freer life.

We wish to create a revolutionary network of dozens of illegal organizations and individuals, that with continuous attacks and moves will support the diffusion of the new revolutionary guerrilla warfare. Away from the taboos that slander means and choices of struggle. The molotovs, the bombs, the stones, the guns, are simply the means that the subject that uses them gives the characteristics that he chooses. So let's make them ours, and let them become a piece of multiform and diffuse urban guerrilla warfare. We do not believe in “experts of violence”, in revolutionary pioneers or in the hierarchy of means based on legal consequences or fetishisms. Conscience and results define the means which you will use on each target. There was, there is and there will continue to be individuals that collectivize their refusals, share experiences, are organized into revolutionary formations, prepare and attack. They totally deny the existing system, risking their life and their freedom for what their conscience and their dignity represents. Diffused guerrilla warfare because everyone can become a piece of it and evolve it. With conscience, responsibility, disposal and imagination, drawing information and using materials that are in wide circulation, can make even more effective attacks. The constant upgrading of the material and technical infrastructures is our task, as is the constant theoretical search and development of revolutionaries and their formations. It is our task to become more reliable, more direct, more targeted and more dangerous. Theory to practice, this is what we represent and we will be absolutely consistent to it.

Regardless of whether or not there is a prospect of direct mass conflict within the system, we live and act for now. For the satisfaction of our Ego and for the individual materialization of our desires that are collectivized through the infrastructures of diffused revolutionary guerrilla warfare.

We promote the establishment and self-organization of illegal groups with as a spearhead of their moves the destruction of material symbols and the representatives of the system. We want, also, to include as an integral piece of the new urban guerrilla warfare, the refusal to work as one more act unbreakably connected with the rest of the choices of struggle. The robbing of banks and capitalistic targets, the organized looting in the temples of consumption, the theft of products from super-markets and other large department stores is nothing more than the application of theory to action. We refuse to live in conditions of wage slavery and we choose another life, that of pillaging the guarded wealth of the banks and the rich and illegality in a world where unfairness and exploitation is law.

Protests should acquire a conflictual character where this is feasible and comrades should put to use the crowd of “indignant” petty bourgeois that flood the protests-epitaphs of the trade unionists, so that they can accomplish even more severe blows on targets that are in central points in the streets with the strategy of “hit and run”.

Revive the barricades and surpass whatever guilty feelings which after the 5th of May (mass protest where the arson of a bank while employees and customers were still in there resulting in the suffocation and death of 3 people) play their role as a bulwark in insurrectionist violence.

With the creation of illegal infrastructures with the organization and the consistent preparation of attacks to avoid such incidents in the future. The general condemnation of means of struggle cannot be but a closed-minded point of view behind which lurks compromise with the reformistic forms of “struggle” that the system itself allows.

Multiply, therefore, the revolutionary groups, and bring to the limelight of everyday life the beauty of direct action. Do not give away even a centimeter to the enemies of freedom, let's go on the attack first with all means transferring the fear to their “safehouses” from where they control our lives.

From the position of a hostage now, I would like also to refer concisely, to how I perceive the matter of solidarity.

Solidarity is a significance on which real comrade relations should be built and become the beginning for the creation of revolutionary processes. It should not move in the proceeding-lack pattern of victimizing the hostages and limit itself to the expression of condemnation of police arbitrariness. Perhaps it is the logic of some anarchists who in their anxiety to achieve an approach to the decadent social majority select this painless position of defense in order to propagate certain cases of anarchist hostages. Certainly there are fabrications and cases where relationships between individuals are criminalized, this, however, does not mean that our role as revolutionaries is to focus on that without substantially affixing anything. We are revolutionaries, not lawyers whose speech should be limited to legal arbitrarinesses of cops and judges. Moreover, this is their role. Neither should we consider solidarity as a clearly friendly affair, leading thus often not to the judging of the case or the attitude of the arrested, but how liked or known he is to the movement. This way, individuals with a decent attitude that are not, however, known, or liked by some are forgotten to the altar of those “privileged” relationships. Solidarity should be an aggressive procedure away from the stock level of friendly relationships that cannot be the criterion for the mobilization of people on a case. Because this way we lead to models and relations that reproduce the dominant culture and not revolutionary anti-authoritarianism. For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured.

It is a constant attack against the system and society, an act where the words fabrication, innocent, guilty, do not fit. Because as revolutionaries it is our duty to always be guilty for this system, always dangerous and always proud of our choices. We are not persecuted for our ideas, but because it seemed poor to us to not transubstantiate them into actions.

Finishing, I would like to repeat what our organization wrote, and I agree absolutely, far away from us the “hyenas of solidarity”. This dreary minority which like permanent thorns parasite the movement and its processes. They spread rumors and gossip in “clusters” in cafes, or even on their mobile telephones, being indifferent to the fact that this way they put at risk individuals, turning into a joke the condition of conspiracy for the existence of an infrastructure or the completion of an action. Irresponsibility and suburban residues lead these individuals to feed the police, where thus, these conversations lead to on such terms. A recent example was the handling of the incident of the 5th of May from a part of the movement. An act that of course I support, the arson of a bank, was executed in the worst possible way and led to the dreary result of three deaths. Certain anarchists, influenced obviously by the tactic of the Media, turned the amphitheatres into “courts” where they were chairmen, these known scum of the anarchist movement, and their “verdicts” led to investigations from the cops to locate individuals. This was the reason why the new generation of the anarchist movement was targeted, when their only “error” was that they turned their back to all of these anarcho-fathers of the amphitheatres, organized alone, was kneaded in the street, lived the experiences that make you a real denier of this system and passed to the attack. To all these slimy politicants we say the obvious, such behavior is not forgotten, this is why they should not even dare to deal with the case of the Conspiracy or to show up at our court for any reason. Otherwise there will be a matter to face there or elsewhere. Those very few followers that want to be like them should fuck off and give space to a lot of new individuals with a healthy way of thought and the revolutionary dignity to act.

With this extra explanation all understand, that I am not talking about the whole Anarchist/Antiauthoritarian movement, but a miserable minority of snitches and gossipers. Whoever believes that we are against actions of solidarity for hostage fighters, probably has never read our communiques. Whether through my action as a part of the Coordinative of Action for the Imprisoned Fighters, or through the texts of our organization, the matter of the prisoners was and is in our daily discussions and has a special weight on our thought. Because whoever forgets the prisoners eventually forgets the war itself. Thus, I respect the anarchists that using different means, but based on healthy revolutionary processes, act giving strength to all us in here and at the same time affix the rupture with the existing system. Undertakings, that promote the multiform aggressive solidarity I support absolutely, since I consider them best starting point for fermentation and development of perceptions and proceedings.

Finally, I send my respect and my friendship to the Revolutionary-Nihilistic armies that give a dynamic present in the latest protests in Athens and I raise my fist to them from behind the walls. Guerrilla signals to the organizations of the new urban guerrilla warfare and to the raging comrades of Thessaloniki and the Countryside, that show that nothing is over but on the contrary new urban guerrilla warfare is now beginning…




Tsakalos, Gerasimmos

Member of the Cell of Imprisoned Members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire
boubourAs translation for actforfreedomnow!

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17 JANUARY 2011, 09.00 PM



CONSPIRACY CELLS OF FIRE-COMMANDO HORST FANTAZZINI claim responsibility for the bomb attack against the Administrative Court in Athens on December 30 /2010 (Greece)

    I.  "The days are coming when they try..."

"Whoever passed by the front of a courthouse or prison and his look didn't darken in the thought that he could be there as the culprit, then he did not live his time with integrity and dignity"
The attack on the Administrative Court is dedicated with all our fire to our brothers (G.Tsakalos, P.Argirou, H.Hajimihelakis) of the prisoner's cell of the members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Our comrades and the honest minority of dignified revolutionary Persons political and civil, are not just a piece of our struggle, are not only an aspect of our action, but their choices, attitudes and dignity are the struggle itself as a whole,
they are the substance.
Justice is a spider web, catching small prey and swallowing them, while allowing the big reptiles to penetrate and dominate it. Whoever disagrees can visit the prisons to see all these drug addicts and poor devils that fill them up and look around in there to find any businessman or politician who is responsible for the biggest robberies and the most brutal degradation of our lives. So in sight of the political court marshal that's prepared for 
January 17th for our Revolutionary Organization CONSPIRACY CELLS OF FIRE we will be sharp and relentless in our options and actions.
If some believe that our Brothers are easy prey and 'Cook' the menu of penalties they wish them to contribute to pay dearly for the bill, we would like to inform them they are just fooling themselves and that from here on their personal safety is in immediate danger. So it would good that in the upcoming trial the judges wear black balaclavas and don't mention their names ever and anywhere. It is "unfortunate" that the system leaves its simple puppets to be targeted so easily and also think that it will escape so easily. It's a "shame" that these "people" need 24 hour police protection and are afraid to open a letter or a folder. It is a "shame" to believe that they can sleep with a clear conscience when their decisions are the carbon copy of the files of the Anti-Terrorist police in order to judge the Conspiracy. To judge an idea, a proposal, a plan that makes something more beautiful against this world.
Modern inquisitors-judges, we publicly pledge that for every year of prison that our brothers' ears hear, we will put a kilo of explosives the yards of your houses, in your cars, in your offices, while we do not excluded personal face to face meetings with you, using the element of surprise approach. We think that it's a small world and sooner or later we will meet, in the future or sooner. Besides, as very rightly was announced by the Union of Judges and prosecutors, in a style of one thousand Cardinals, "the moment of crisis is sure to come to all of us at some point .. ". Only now it's time for the "judges" to be judged for all those ugly acts they have committed. Since you are not ashamed to be the spearhead of the system against the insurgencies that are coming, we will make sure you feel our resentment and dislike for your dirty work. If some by judging ideas and prosecuting revolutionaries consider that they are just doing their job, then we will transfer "our work" to their homes.
Of course the war that we have with the corrupt judical mafia is not limited to the field of the hearing of our case. We would be narrow-minded and hypocrites if we did not mention the crimes of justice as a whole.
We understand the ordeal faced in the courts by thousands of people and their families. See, "justice" has a special preference in uniforms, authority and money, and not the truth.
 Not all “criminals” are “guilty”, or judges “innocent”. Even if there is a small minority of judges that do not take bribes, that do not bow to their political bosses, do not accept the records of the police as pre made decisions, should know that without freedom there's no justice. Even they themselves only through the position they hold serve an oppressive and illiberal system and that's why they are among the enemies of freedom. How many times the "virtuous observers of the law" try and sentence without even any obvious evidence. An example is the recent trial  named by the Media "crime syndicate". Already months before tv-judges with the "democratic" procedure of publishing telephone tappings have decided the verdict. "GUILTY" ...
At the same time one of the defendants has clearly taken responsibility for the kidnapping of the shipping magnate relieving most of them while some were already in prison when the kidnapping happened. But the outcome of the trial is a public secret that is already rigged and cooked in the headquarters of the Police. But if anyone wants to look for a real "crime syndicate" and its "safehouses" they should look in parliament, on Alexandras Avenue at GADA (Athens police headquarters), in the mansions and yachts of the rich. But these are not touched by "justice"
We also do not forget how resentful judges are. It is not accidental that the vindictive
sentencing of a young person Chrisovalantis Pouziaritis with the predatory sentence of 9
years and 3 months for his involvement in last year's clashes of December 6
th in Thessaloniki. A conviction based solely on the vague testimonies of the cops who arrested him.
But even when "doing" their work, under pressure from a diffuse anger, as in the case of the cop Korkoneas (
the cop that killed Alexandros Grigoropoulos on Dec. 6th 2008), we know again, that they are hypocrites. They sacrifice an insignificant pawn in order to cover their leadership. Because even the most 'fair' punishments smell terribly bad when imposed by a victorious and inhuman authority. Besides, as we said before, after our strikes on Koridallos prisons and the courthouse in Thessaloniki, we are opposed to the imprisonment of any human being. The deprivation of liberty, is simply torture. We are not
torturers, like the Democrats. The solution to conflicts with such scumbags like
Korkoneas, comes from taking law into one's own hand. Those who felt the most loss of
their comrade A.Grigoropoulos should decide the "fate" of his murderer.
We believe that the same path, 
taking the law into one's own hands, should be followed for all rapists, pedophiles, pimps, fascists and snitches.

"As revolutionaries we do not recognize any investigating authority. So we were bound to refuse to apologize to cops and interrogators, since our revolutionary position is that only before the public and our comrades do we feel a duty to promote." (P. Argirou - G.Tsakalos members of the prisoners cell of C.C.F.)
Finishing with the issue of the judical mafia, we believe that every decent imprisoned Human for whatever reason he is "inside" must not do the "Favour" to the judges and recognize them as eligible to judge him. Because this is what they want with their "legalization", their recognition as a superior clique of people whom the rest have to be fully accountable to. 
But honourable judges you should know that the expensive clothes that you got this morning from the drycleaners have absorbed the blood of thousands of people you tortured and locked in prison without a second thought. And this blood will drown you... This is why we call the criminal and political friends and comrades who choose to walk with dignity as a guide to refuse to recognise their inquisitors in any way. There is not only one way, but many. From silence against interrogators and judges, from the refusal to appear in court, by converting the trial into a public forum for the dissemination of revolutionary values, to the attack in the courtroom against the "honorable judges" by spitting, swearing, shouting and throwing objects, glasses, coffee etc.
To get them behind a protective window, for them to move around with bulletproof vests accompanied by the masked cops of the anti-terrorist.
Our first appointment is therefore on January 17
th. We will be there NEXT to our brothers the members of the prisoners cell of C.C.F. and to those who had the dignity in this adventure to hold their heads up high. We'll be there with our soul, our hearts and our minds. Because otherwise, we are looking for intense passages to take back our comrades and to be together again tomorrow in the struggle, the NEW URBAN GUERILLA WARFARE.
Because our day will come...

II. "But, what they will never be able to imprison is my free revolutionary conscience. What they will never be able to prevent is the continious production of my radical insurrectionist speech, even under the conditions of incarceration” (Harris Hadjimihelakis member of the prisoners cell of the C.C.F.)

A while ago a vast mobilization took place within prisons with the participation of many prisoners in the abstention of prison food. The fact passed as "insignificant news" in the media, some domestic disputes between prisoners did not let things expand and many were met with with disappointment, while the leadership of the ministry, with a smart strategic move, gave partial amnesty to disciplinary actions so that "the incident be considered final ..."
We as the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire will always support the struggle of prisoners and their mobilizations. We understand the difficult circumstances under which thousands of people are tortured every day. We will not comment on the demands of the prisoners considering them in advance selfevident and obvious, because they are in the direction of a struggle that is the most important for humans, the struggle for freedom and dignity. But we do not forget that "any improvement of the conditions, will not fundamentally change everyday life, because the deprivation of freedom alone is a constant punishment " (V. Stefanakos prisoner). Even these scumbags, the directors of prisons, complain that the vans come back from the courts loaded with 300 to 400 years of prison time. So this is the mirror of our civilized society, a vast warehouse of souls in pigsty conditions. Until when will we tolerate people being released from prison in coffins (the Greek prisons have the highest rates of suicide). Until when will we tolerate a handful of sub-humans to judge us with laws written by the hand of our executioners and our exploiters.
But in relation to the mobilizations in the prisons it's better that we say two words in the language of the prisoners without fancy phrases and policies. We know that everyone inside thinks that they have been wronged by society. But instead of doing an illegalist catwalk and looking to find a hit of smack to take, snitching on the person next door, how to divide the community of the wing or the cell, they take a look around and see that prison depends on him. He fixes the plumbing, electrics and all general building work. He cleans, cooks, to keep the prison open. Its him with his submissive attitude that binds the others around him, turning himself into a cop of the system.
We know very well that the greatest threat to freedom is not its violent deprivation through captivity, because the prisoner can fight to win it back, but the real threat is the loss of the passion and appreciation you have for it.
In prison what kills even more than smack is habit. The habit of wearing invisible handcuffs on your mind, the habit of the exercise yard, the surprise checks and transfers, the visits behind plexiglass, the permanently on television...
Koridallos for example, the largest prison in the country has about 2500 prisoners maybe more, while the guards on duty never exceed 50 even in an open prison. If all of these inmates refused to cooperate with the 50 individuals, refuse to play the game with the carrot and the whip, then they could tear down the prisons with their nails overnight. A refusal therefore of cooperation and sabotage their procedures. We believe that there is already a struggle that has started long ago without us. From the bomb on the director of the prisons of Corfu to the bomb to the Director of Alikarnassos prison and from the shooting of the prison employee in Koridallos to the beating of the director of Avlona prisons, there is anger, there is anger, there is a memory...
Prison is the stone that while the builder of legitimacy throws away as useless, can become the cornerstone for building a new world. The decent criminals and political prisoners can combine their experience and transform prison into a workshop of producing knowledge and conscience, to make the experience of lack of freedom a stubborn struggle, make themselves the spark in the powder kegs of the prisons. We already know that the struggle against prisons is a struggle for life that knows no frontiers and nations. The universal language of violence and deprivation of liberty has written its own history on the bodies of prisoners. Recently, 83 prisoners died in the prisons in Chile. In retaliation, the anarchist group“commandos of vengeance for December 8" attacked the technology and computer department of the cops for the dead in San Miguel prison sending a clear message that in this struggle no one is alone.“cages do not get better, they get destroyed. For the end of this, and every other society." (Monica Caballero, anarchist prisoner in Chile).

III. From Theory to Practice.
Wanting to coordinate theory with practice, and to send our Respect, Faith and Friendship to our brothers P.Argirou, G.Tsakalos and H.Hadjimihelakis of the prisoners cell of C.C.F., to anarchist revolutionary P.Massouras, anarchist K.Karakatsani, the antiauthoritarian-arsonist G. Skouloudis and the 4 wanted comrades who are prosecuted for the same case, the honest and authentic anarchist fighter G.Dimitrakis, the dignified P.Giannou and to the brilliant criminal minority who do not bow their heads and walk with dignity as their guide we chose and decided to strike the Administrative Courthouse of the judical mafia. We mapped out the area, we calculated the distance to the General Clinic so that not the slightest thing happen, watched the movements and shifts of the special guard post between the Administrative court and the Appellate court, timed the blackout that prevails at 7:15 in the morning when the streetlights go out, the frequency of the route of the pigs of the D.I.A.S. group around the target, we expropriated the vehicles we needed and we went on the attack. We formed a fully operational team more than ready to attack any involvement. Two support vehicles supervised the court both before the planting of the motorbike with the bomb, and at the final stage of its parking, where one of the two vehicles received the comrade who drove the motorbike. The positioning of the support team was such that they were able to immediately subdue the guard in the rare case that
he realized something, but also to surprise any police variable force (e.g. control of the rider by the motorbike of the DIAS or by an accidentally passing patrol car). Both our position and our weapon superiority would be enough to disengage us and we could get away unscathed.
As we have said before when talking about operational descriptions of some
of our strikes, we do so to demystify the technical sacrosanctity of power.
We believe that anything is possible provided that there is the will and organization. We are last who would demote a revolutionary project to a military logic of prevalence of the "fittest". The issue for us is not who will be the most disciplined soldiers, the most talented officers, this draws the revolution to a spectacular background, abstracting it away from daily life.
What we simply say to the enemies of freedom is that whatever you do we will continue to strike you, to disturb your interests, bother your peace, to affect your certainty and your safety.

What are we selling? Nothing.
What do we want? Everything.


bourbourAs translation actforfreedomnow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Claim for Greek embassy bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina

5 01 2011 From Viva la Anarquía! (January 5, 2011) via Indymedia Argentina (January 4, 2011):
In response to the trials scheduled for the coming days and the repression against our anarchist comrades from the Fire Cells Conspiracy, we decided to attack the Greek embassy in Argentina during the early morning of December 30, 2010.
Our attack coincides with a series of attacks perpetrated by comrades in Greece and Italy, because we understand solidarity as a weapon that we must use in order to confront the defenders of society’s prison system.
Just like the executioners who repeatedly murder unarmed people fighting for a piece of land to live on, we show no mercy in attacking authority when it’s least expected.
We remind them that we have plenty of reasons to blow them sky-high, into the Malos Aires of this region they appropriated. And even though it might take us a while to redress the balance, we won’t just sit around waiting for others to do what we can do ourselves.
No matter how much they tighten their security, we will always find the places where they are most vulnerable. Because we are everywhere, constantly thinking about how to eradicate domination and exploitation.

Policeman of the DIAS motorcycle force runs over and kills 6-year old girl ATHENS MENIDI AREA

A policeman of the “DIAS” motorcycle police ran over a 6-year old roma girl in the area of Menidi in NE Athens. According to eye-witnesses, the six-year old girl was run over as she was on the streets, where she was signing the carols with other children (in Greece, children sing carols on the eve of the Epiphany day, Jan 6). The eye-witnesses also claim the policeman dragged the girl along for 150 meters and did not stop to offer any help.
The policeman who killed the girl is at the nearby police station of Nea Ionia, yet his status is yet unclear. Around 100 people gathered at the spot of the assassination and attacked the riot police once the news of the girl’s death broke out.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the “GAP” Athens, 4/1/11

Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the “GAP”
Athens, 4/1/11

We are at war we are not celebrating...
We have hostages and we act...
Fire, attack, destruction, this is our choice, this is the side we choose...

Because the masks have fallen, because its the moment where the consumerist smiles are too many, the life of plenty, on credit, collapsed.... Hypocrisy and indifference are from now on a conscious attitude.

And we consciously and decisively from the side of the urban guerilla warfare, moved, on the night of friday 31/12/10, around the streets of Psihiko area, welcoming the new year in the GAP shop, contributing to the fireworks of the changing of the year with 2 incendiary devices.
This is our gift to the market and the downfall its taken, something that especially pleases us....

We do not forget the hostages in the cells of democracy. We salute the solidarity gatherings outside the various prisons of the country, on new years eve.
We do not forget our comrades and we respond to the call for active solidarity before the upcoming trial for the case of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire.
Now we speak with actions....

P.S. Strength and decisiveness to all those who walk the paths of denial.



Because of the world economic crisis which is a consequence of the bankruptcy of the capitalistic model and neo-liberal economic policy of the western states and governments, the biggest and and most massive anti-popular attack in the world and mainly on the societies of the “weakest” links of the eurozone of the new economically third world, is unleashed by the big international (and not only) capital.

The structural changes and austerity measures that are imposed by the mechanisms of support onto the “ill” economies, so that they achieve their “cleansing”, have as a target and result the change of the world economic governing, with terms even more favourable for the bosses.
For the bosses that are outside but also inside the national borders. For the bosses that express the big and small capital. As in the case of Greece, the economy of a country that is included in the mechanism of support and applies austerity measures, has as result the depreciation of labour and its labour potential. And this happens in the big also the small enterprises. In the enterprises with foreign, but also in those with local interests.
The privatisations and the sell out of public fortune and beneficial enterprises to the public, which never really belonged to the greek people and never were never exploitable from them, it is not accidental that it does not depend on their selling out, neither is it determined according to the terms of the memorandum, by the reduction of the deficit of the economy and the prices of the percentages of the GDP, as it could in some way be considered reasonable, but from whether it could payoff the loans it has received, the moment the Greek state is sinking continuously more and more in the mechanisms of worldwide loansharking (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank).

The otherwise awkward economic position to which the country has devolved to, is not so awkward for the private capital, but a investment opportunity so big, that it is hard for someone to believe that the handling of the government against the mechanisms of support and the unconditional acceptance of the memorandum, is accidental. On the contrary it has been confirmed that the domestic bosses profit by the same economic situations with the international ones and their interests -at least economically- are common.

The biggest part of society, maybe doesn't perceive the economic crisis with the terms of the world market, the role of the stock exchanges, the frauds and the relation of euro and dollar, however it clearly perceives the “crisis” of the greek debt, that became a crisis of borrowing, which is translated into a memorandum, that means cuts on wages, pensions, and benefits.

The attack on the labour and welfare rights, the reduction of public spending and benefits, the increase of taxes, unemployment and generally biotic, in connection with the existential poverty, is immediately perceptible and very rapidly galloping.

However the anti-memorandum paroxysm of the media that is so important for the maintenance of social “peace” from the side of sovereignty of the system, as much as an anaesthetist in a critical operation, it cannot cleanse the corrupted operation of the state before the memorandum and the integration of the country to the mechanism of monitoring (structured bonds, empty insurance funds, “black holes”, economic scandals, payoffs etc.) and mainly it cannot render the greek society free, while its biggest part, is under a hostage regime, not since the arrival of the troika, but from long before, since the greek state existed and from the national bosses first of all.

The austerity measures and the orders of the memorandum that are imposed, cancel in practice the constitution itself. This has as result the obliteration of every false conviction for the social character of state, a thing that creates inevitably the prospect of a mass reflective social revolt.
Spontaneous, reflective, without ideological-political characteristics in its majority, however a revolt. For those that fight for the assault and destruction of the state and its structures, is a challenge. One more front for the disturbance of its orderly operation. The unprecedented abstention from the last municipal elections, taking into consideration the polls in which doubt dominates and “no one”, the mass strikes and mobilizations with violent and aggressive characteristics, the lynching of various political people of every party mechanism in the streets, are simply a sample of the mood of whats to follow.

For those that take in practice the side of the multiform struggle for revolution and the creation of a prospect for it. For those that fight the sovereignty of the state and the bosses, but also the submission that this presupposes for its existence. For those that fight eternally, beyond periods, seasons and economic situations, against the power and its representatives, whatever side of the social field its expressed by and reproduced, whether its from the side of the powerful, or from the side of the weak through the consent, every crisis cannot be anything other than another reason, another occasion for struggle, against big and small capital, against the powerful euro but also the underestimated drachma, against the foreign but also domestic bosses, the hostage situation of the exterior mechanisms but also internal mechanisms of exploitation.


From10/12/10, I am another hostage of the democratic regime and am kept in one of its cells in the correctional shops, of marginalisation, of isolation and vengeance of the state. Where the food is not always enough, but heroin is in excess. Where psychotropic substances are more than what is in the warehouses of hospitals. Where the disciplinary sentences are in the daily provision and heating is a luxury. Where the presence of rodents, bugs and cockroaches is frequent, contrary to that of sanitary. Where in cells that their specifications are for 2 individuals, theres 4 beds and they make 6-7 people sleep, where the correctional code and the rights of the prisoners, are broken constantly and blatantly, but the hi-tech systems of safety and monitoring, work perfectly and the doors of the cells always close on time.

The minister of justice, the public prosecutors and the juridical servants should know, that where that where they throw people like the waste of society, exists dignity and solidarity and these neither can be judged or be jailed.


Kostandinos Sakkas

prisons of Navplio

boubourAs  translate actforfreedomnow!
   On tuesday 7th of december the first 2 of the 6 arrested allegedly part of a “terrorist organization” were imprisoned. 
Alexandros Mitrousias was sent to Patras prisons and Kostas Sakkas to the prisons of Navplio.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year’s Prison Noise Demo – Vancouver canada

Posted: January 3, 2011 by antiprisonvancouver in Action, New Years Demo

On December 31, 2010, we held a noise demonstration at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, in Maple Ridge. We acted as part of an anarchist international New Years Eve tradition against prisons and the world that needs them.

About 25 people arrived at the prison in a rented bus. We walked up close to the fences blaring music towards a temporary outdoor prison wing being used until they open a new wing of the prison. Screws (prison guards) lined up between us and the fences. In front, a banner read “Against All Prisons, For Freedom.” We shot off fireworks and flares, sparklers were raised with helium balloons and we chanted “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons”, “Fuck prison”, and “No borders no nations, stop deportation”. We also shouted “Happy New Year!” to the prisoners.

Prisoners shouted and cheered from both the temporary wing and the prison building. We saw silhouettes of prisoners banging on the windows and a couple prisoners were actually able to come outside and view us from behind the fence in the temporary wing.

A short statement was read through a microphone:

“We are here today to express solidarity with the prisoners inside. To tell you that you are not alone that those of us in the outer walls are saying fuck prisons, down with every prison wall. We want you to know that while everyone else tonight is celebrating another year in the prison world, we are here to celebrate a future without prisons. A world where we don’t rely on the pigs or institutions to solve our problems for us. A world where we are truly responsible to each other, where we no longer have to live in fear of the punishment distributed by the real thieves, gangsters, and murderers!

Fuck the system! Fuck the screws! Fuck Canada!

Tonight all around North America, people are holding noise demonstrations outside of prisons because we will not go silently into their dungeons in ever increasing numbers, just as we will not go silently tonight while they catalog and warehouse you! Solidarity!”

While leaving our vehicle was stopped by the 6 police cars. No one was identified. The driver was directed to drive us back directly to East Vancouver cutting short our plans to go to other prisons.

Many of us were inspired by the shouts from the prisoners. Prison walls are supposed to impose isolation. Instead, the meaning of those walls was subverted, they became a meeting place and a vehicle of communication.

Today we had further cause for celebration, we just learned that on December 30th, three prisoners escaped while on a prison slave crew near a large park in Maple Ridge. According to corporate news the (ex) prisoners were serving 9-10 month sentences. If you see them be sure to buy them a drink!

As long as prisons exist they are a shadow that hangs over us all and no one is free.



Other North America New Years 2011 confirmed anti-prison noise demo’s:





Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)