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the father much joking at the time. After two years, but the picture changed. One day his father came home darkening. The

mother looked at him and realized what had happened. He had lost his job ... Now my father is unemployed over three years. At

first we thought it would recover some day job, but now even the children we have lost all hope.
Hannah S. (fourteen years]
December 1932

At a time when all are short, the existence and maximize the poverty of large segments of society intensifies. In the lie of the

day, heard a deep truth. Capitalism is in crisis. This truth can be found in the financial churches, banks and a wide range of

economic, political and intellectual levels.
Large and small, left and right bosses anxious as they try to gain some time. They can no longer promise nor guarantee their

own present.
In the climate of "rigor" are some nuclei with self-organized resistance struggle daily practices, giving even this political and

social status.
The state and capitalism but nothing is left unanswered. In the name of "social cohesion" is democracy and through-rogue

regime's policies, karieriston local rulers (who are embroiled in investing activities) journalists and cops, suppress the struggle

for freedom. A battle which has several roads. One of them is the particular set chosen.
Together with the anti-authoritarians in power (and master of all kinds) are the murderers and the people, the householders.

In the race of growth, this category of people covering the majority of society borrows. Borrow from banks pimps, is snail sucks

and politicians, thus having the feeling that this will remain strong and can take the next step. You can reach the oneiro.Na get

into a story which is maintained by Formalin cabinet in capitalism. In this category of people no sense of solidarity. The

property and how to place it in the ass is the only thought that dominated their heads. The mind wants to unstick a large amount

of grease *.
So on Thursday at 01:25 safeguarding team has two partners walk around the area of the prefecture. Identified 3 stupid cops

in front of the political office of M. Bolaris, while passing a angavercopcar. After synenoisi at 01:33 comrades washed two discs

of the prefect S. Fotiadis.
This operation is characterized by us policy. So indeed was. After any master of our cause vomiting. However, the content of

the act is purely symbolic.
We send our solidarity with the comrades H. Nicholaou, C. Dimitraki, P. Georgiadis, who are hostage in the hands of the state.

* Grease: Material mix elaion.Aparaitito for machinery and tools. Imagine a river k prefect starting with grease Valley Ag to

suppress the entire county ....




Reading on 16/10/2009 and by agreeing wholeheartedly with the Declaration of the Founding L.T.K. we decided to contribute to

charitable and so useful social work, setting fire to four luxury cars.

Concepts such as class revenge and class hatred in the text of the Club, we agree wholeheartedly with the same angry and so

against the specific symbols of wealth and against their owners.

The luxury cars are a demonstration of wealth and is often the result of labor exploitation. Even though this is not leaving us

icily indifferent as these owners are trying to go the opposite camp, the dream is to anelichthoun class showing the opulence or

having the financial ability or not ...

So we decided to decentralize and to visit the north and south proastia.Na to get yards, to cross the streets set fire to their

symbols of wealth and chlidis.Oi options have been apeires.Oi concrete were less fortunate ...

So we hit on Wednesday January 13

1) A JAGUAR in Paleo Faliro

2) A CHEROKEE MERCEDES in a Heliopolis

3) A PORSCHE CAYENNE in Kifissia

Our goal is to attack the private wealth. Our goal is the generalized class war. We do not forget their comrades who chose this

path in any cost. Our solidarity with the Polykarpos Georgiadis Chrysocho'i'di Vangelis, who standing trial on February 2 for the

Mylonas abduction case, and give solidarity Paleokosta nikos escape with helicopter from prison!!!

Neither crocodile tears nor silence Solidarity with the Haitian people


Tragedy strikes once again Haiti. This time, it was a fierce 7 degree earthquake which has devastated the country and turned it into rubble. We have yet to know the exact number of victims, but the Red Cross is talking about 3 million affected and the number of dead could well go up to 100,000 – a horrible count if we take into account that the country has a population of only 8 million. The images circulating of survivors crushed under the rubble begging for help, of wounded children, of people breaking down in tears for the death of their relatives, give a much more accurate sense of the horror of this tragedy – much better than anything we could say.

In this terrible moment, as usual, we stand with the Haitian people. We give them all of our solidarity, their pain being our pain, and from this forum we call our readership and anyone aware to help generously through the humanitarian organisations that have sent appeals in order to bring some relief in these dramatic conditions.

Also, we cannot help feeling a just sense of disgust with the hypocrisy of an “international community” that once again is shedding crocodile tears in the face of this “incomprehensible tragedy” (to borrow Obama’s own words), without recognizing their own share of responsibility in it – the impact of the earthquake was so devastating because this is a people already devastated by a century of military intervention, shameless plunder, of US- and French-backed autocratic regimes and of international financial institutions’ policies aiming at ruining the Haitian people for the benefit of few. This country has been turned into an enormous sweatshop, where the majority of its people survive thanks to charity. We are not faced with a mere natural disaster, as the media would like us to believe: we are, in fairness, facing a man-made tragedy. This earthquake merely came to finish the job started by the US, France, Canada, the MINUSTAH (the occupation troops of the UN), the International Monetary Fund and fake development agencies such as USAID.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when they drowned in a fraudulent external debt acquired by the dictatorship of the Duvalier, and they never felt any “anguish” whatsoever in looting even the last penny of this starved and impoverished country;

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when they “had to” impose structural adjustment programmes in the ‘90s, that had such calamitous results on the population, as for example with the case of the reduction in tariffs for imported staples such as rice. The result of this was the absolute destruction of the Haitian peasantry, which was driven to the slums of Port-au-Prince – leaving a country that up to then was perfectly able to feed itself, to starve to death, as shown by the hunger rebellion of April 2008.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when the dictatorships of Duvalier, Namphy, Avril, Cedras and Latortue (all of which had the approval of Washington and Paris) raped, maimed, "disappeared" and massacred thousands of Haitians. Some of them, such as Jean Claude Duvalier, live luxuriously in France. Others, such as Raoul Cedras, thanks to the pay received from the US as part of their agreement to step down from power, turned into respectable businessmen - in Panama, in the case of Cedras.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when we heard of thousands of denunciations of sexual abuse by the troops of the “civilising” mission of MINUSTAH, who still occupy, rape and murder in absolute impunity. Proof of that was the repatriation to Sri Lanka of over a hundred Sri Lankan blue helmets in November 2007, after having been accused of rape; in their country, they did not face even a pantomime of a trial.

They didn’t care about the Haitian people when the sweatshops came to grossly distort the Haitian economy, paying starvation wages while abuses of all sorts were taking place in their compounds on a daily basis.

The list of reasons to be indignant with the hypocritical sorry statements of people like Sarkozy, Obama, Ban-Ki-Moon and Lula, is way too long to give it in full length. Let us just say that the more miserable a population is, the stronger it will be hit by the vicissitudes of nature. That misery has been caused by forces imposing the current social model through dictatorships and international pressures; if three out of four people living in Port-au-Prince dwell in shacks, in slums that sprung out of the Haitian economic ruin (mainly of the countryside), can we really wonder that the death toll has to be counted in the thousands?

We hope that the solidarity of the people all over the world with their Haitian brethren will be massive. As has been previously said, solidarity is the tenderness of the people. And we hope that this solidarity, on which thousands of lives currently depend on, arrives to its destination instead of being trapped in a cobweb of NGOs and Aid Agencies. Doubtlessly, there are a number of reputable organisations today such as the Red Cross doing much necessary relief work; but alongside them, sharks will appear to profit out of this tragedy. We have to watch out for them and the popular movement of Haiti needs to be alert to make sure that the assistance does actually arrive and is distributed efficiently. We also hope that there is no invasion of “white men” brought by some NGOs to do work, such as building houses, that the locals – 80% of whom are unemployed – can perfectly well do and should do themselves.

Once again, we call for your solidarity. Not only in the face of this particular tragedy that shakes anyone who has a heart in their breast, but solidarity now and always; a type of solidarity that scratches underneath the surface of devastation to understand the deep roots of the Haitian tragedy. Roots which are, in any case, deeper than an earthquake of force 7 on the Richter scale; in other words, a solidarity that forces us to re-think the relations that the great world powers have with our region, of which Haiti is only the worst example. This solidarity should make us question the role served by the troops that the majority of Latin American countries have in the military occupation of Haiti – an occupation that has had as much of a devastating effect as this earthquake, something hard to deny notwithstanding the photo-ops of MINUSTAH soldiers giving packets of rice to the homeless.

José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
13 January, 2010


January 16th, 2010 Alfredo M. Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos were transferred from Amfissa to Korydallos prison of Athens (Greece).

More updates to come- from the 20th Jan 2010 there will be a legal decision over the question of them coming out of the prison on bail before the upcoming trial.

Never give up - Never give in.
They can receive mail at:

T.K. 18110

Send appeal to Aachen prison:

Telefon: 0241 9173-0

Fax: 0241 9173-273


Gabriel is an anarchist who along with another, Jose Fernandez Delgado, escaped from the brutal F.I.E.S prison system of the Spanish State. Gabriel and Jose are now residing in the Jails of Germany, after attempting to escape a police control on the Belgium/German border. Gabriel has written quite a lot since being in Jail 20 years, and he is only 36.

You can read more about the case here: escape into rebellion

A letter from Gabriel Pombo da Silva

"Yes, I am aware of the harsh repression that you have been suffering in Italy, further reason for reinforcing the undertaking of the Anarchist Black Cross.

Obviously they want to wipe us out in a squalid manner, thus their effort to criminalize “anti-repressive organizations” and place them on the same “legal” level as the Informal Groups. The fact is that they want to shut up any opposition to their system of Domination, Control, Exploitation and Death.

All my rebel love and complicity can be taken for granted: to the Informal Groups of the FAI and, generally, to all those who struggle against the State-Capital and its Prisons… and to all comrades in prison, all the more so if “guilty” like me of loving freedom in all its sense without measure.

Our trial in Aachen finally comes to sentence in August… I say finally because it is torture to go to court. They handle us worse than animals, with glasses provided with black-painted lenses, earplugs and shackled hands and feet… We are scattered in various prisons and they always transport us separately, each with his or her group of riot cops in balaclavas.

After 21 years of prison, so much struggle and torture, there is nothing that surprises me in this life. It only provokes me to greater rage that correspondence is “lost” along the way or only gets to me after several months of delay. What the fascists of the Spanish state were unable to do the “German Federal Republic” is doing.

I feel powerless and enraged because I can do nothing about it, and in this sense I appeal to the international revolutionary solidarity of our comrades.

A strong rebel embrace to all!!"

Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Aachen, July 21, 2005

Another text from Gabriel:

"It's raining in Aachen"

by Gabriel Pomba da Silva,

Anarchist insurrectionalist political prisoner in Germany

Translated by Jordan ML, 2005

It's raining in Aachen and above a grand expanse of grey clouds hangs, and when my eyes sink from the heights to the front, i see a wall, also grey, and behind the wall denuded trees that raise their arms to the heavens as though they were imploring, damning, rebuking, asking, "why are my roots set in this Earth, this cemetery of living men who wander like zombies between the walls of their cells?"

All the same, tree-brothers... there you are, predestined as am I to suffer the rigors of the Seasons, of the Weather, of the caprices of men and the rigors of intemperateness... It's only that many moons ago I ceased raising my arms to the heavens to beg, damn, rebuke or ask for anything from the Architect of the Universe...

I let the rain soak me, I let the cold make me contract... I let the rays of the sun caress me... I close my eyes and I am like you, and when I open them again I am a tree with blood and eyes that contemplate, from the vantage point of the inevitable, the passage of time, amazed and petrified.

There was once a Time when I had no roots, and traveled to many different places, where I saw blue, yellow, orange, and red skies... Skies darkened by a million flickering eyes...

There was once a Time when I climbed on the arms of our brothers and sat myself in the highest branches to see human beings as ants wandering from one side to the other, and I asked myself, what is pushing them to this frenetic coming and going?

Oh yes!! And by the way I discovered in your hands and arms bird's nests, eggs, little birds without feathers and with closed eyes... and I murmured to them, "One day you will open up your eyes and fly through many colored skies... but you must beware of the huntsmen..."

Oh!! I am sure that many birds, descendants of those others that I saw with their eyes closed, have flown over infinitely colored skies, have lit upon branches in many other trees... some others will have fallen from the nest, others will have been hunted down, others abandoned because some hunter will have killed their fathers and mothers...

But life goes on its inexorable course, full of life and death, happiness and tragedy, full of trees: men, woman, and birds, heavens of a thousand colors, of rain and sun...

It's raining in Aachen and I am not going to let my memories, my emotions, my ideas and feelings die of the cold and the grey, nor at the hands the frenetic ant-men...

It's raining in Aachen and I let the rain soak me, feed my melancholy, and give wings to my dreams... After everything, brother tree, our roots are fed by the Earth, and everyone and everything, sooner or later, ends up as shadow, ash, memory, yesterday... Well then, why not go forwards faithfully towards anarchy? Is there anything greater? I ask you...


January 31, 2005, in germany.

Friday, January 15, 2010

NEWS Barrage of incendiary attacks Published: Friday, January 15, 2010 greece athens

gas explosion - improvised device explodes in the offices of PASOK in Thessaloniki

Three "hits" recorded in Thessaloniki. Arson late Wednesday night and yesterday morning at the offices of PASOK and a parked truck and a motorcycle.

The last two events were claimed in a phone call to the Fire Department by the "anti-racist Organization Western Quarter". However, the police consider with caution the possibility that this is an organized group and predict that the attacks were by a single person who made the call for deception.

Shortly before 11:30 Wednesday night, unknown perpetrators sprayed inflammable liquid over a truck that was parked in the street in Renaissance 18 Stavropol, and then set it on fire. A few minutes later, unknown persons using the same method set fire to a motorcycle on the October 28 Street in Ambelokipi 137, thus it was completely destroyed.

An unknown then telephoned the Fire Department, stating that the responsibility for these arson attacks carried out by the "anti-racist Organization Western Quarter".
Yesterday at dawn, arsonists targeted the offices and found a local organization of PASOK in the corner of M. Venizelos. Karaoli 7 in the Naples area. According to reports, the perpetrators placed at the entrance an improvised incendiary device, consisting of two and gas candles with gasoline. The explosion broke the window of the office and the fire caused damage in the interior.

OR OLD OR NEW, THE PRISONS ARE THE SAME Hunger strike in prisons Grevena

Press Releases

There is no doubt that prisons are either old or new, ignore and violate the rights of prisoners to the same extent. These new

prisons of Kerala (launched in 2008) have nothing to envy of the known scattered throughout the Greek territory, hellish.

Moreover, the prison Grevena is so remote as to preclude the possibility of even basic social control, hindering the access

rights of prisoners with their own, but also with their lawyers.
Despite promises to improve conditions of detention, after the monumental struggle of prisoners in Greek prisons in November

2008 and successive bills, the prison Grevena is a shining example of law enforcement intentions of governments and their

indifference to and violation of basic rights prisoners.
On 11 January, the prisoners in jail Grevena began mass hunger strike demanding the obvious, denouncing the prison medieval


-The usual tactic of humiliating anal control dynastefei lives and even in a very short transfer case for medical reasons. Those

who refuse to try to protect their dignity, are closed to isolate and face disciplinary proceedings.

-Requests for permits are ignored and / or examination unacceptably slow.

-The disciplinary regime is reminiscent of the junta, and the prisoners prosecuted for anything.

-Ignored demands to be heard, even for people who face significant problems.

-There is no doctor for 330 prisoners.

-There is a Secretariat to provide information and serve the needs of prisoners.

-The times of change visiting randomized, so the detainees are deprived of the necessary contact with the outside world and

relatives who all travel to the isolated prison be located before off guard and not be able to see their loved ones who are

-The proaflismos takes place in a very limited space for a very short time. In the courtyard there are fitness leisure detainees.

Heating-only there for an hour this morning.

-The prisoners are forced to buy everything, even basic necessities, the prison should provide, for example, the pillow!

-At the supermarket shop no price list, so that prisoners pay arbitrary and illegal prices.

We stand in solidarity in the struggle of prisoners
We demand the immediate satisfaction of their claims


“…this is the dead land
this is cactus land
here the stone images
are raised, here they receive
the supplication of a dead man’s hand
under the twinkle of a fading star…
….between the idea and the reality
between the motion and the act
falls the shadow
between the conception and the creation
between the motion and the response
falls the shadow.
Life is very long
between the desire and the spasm
between the potency and the existence
between the essence and the decent
falls the shadow
For thine is the kingdom
For thine is life
This is the way the world ends
Not with a whimper
but a bang.”

(reversed excerpt from T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men” on Guy Fawks, who attempted to blow up the British Parliament)

If it sounds unthinkable in our days for anyone to speak against democracy without being labeled a conservative or a fascist, it is because propaganda resides in the houses and in the minds of [democracy’s own] subjects. Democracy’s totalitarianism has otherwise nothing to envy from previous totalitarian regimes. Nepotism, aristocracy, men of the court, favoured men, businessmen, mediators, contractors and publishers still rule social life, while down “below” remain unjustly treated and at the same time, always willing to be “fooled”.

Society continues to passively tolerate them and wants to take their place at the same time. The ambitions of becoming easily rich, of spectacularly advancing to a higher social class, of having a career, accumulating property, securing material objects and double-locked doors is what democratic prosperity comes to promise. And so, the willful subjects surrender to the totalitarianism of capitalist sovereignty placed against a democratic background. The exploitation of our labour and our lives intensifies, social disparities grow, the world’s police become militarised, spectacle rules – material, and at times intellectual and emotional decadence becomes the choice of the many. Most of this is not new. This has been, more or less, the state of social life under any authority. Yet today, democracy sugars the pill. Democracy is the coup d’etat that doesn’t bring tanks out on the streets but TV cameras and reporter microphones instead. Democracy rules with the power of its propaganda. Labour is protected in the constitution as a supreme right, social disparities are the achievement of the free market and of competition, the police protect and serve the social demand for security, the spectacle protects the freedom of expression and your next-door neighbour might come to a plight, but it’s not you, so why bother…

Democracy’s new social contract is ratified across western capitals: in-between confiscated cars, endless queues forming outside social security services, the torturing take place inside police stations, new cell phone special offers, flat-screen TVs, unemployment benefits, psychological problems and loneliness, upsurges of nationalist pride and unpaid loan installments. And most importantly, non of this was forced upon anyone, nor was it carried by the order of some junta generals. These are “the people’s grand achievements”. This is why we claim that democracy is technique and the ability of power not to be understood as oppression. Capitalism is the boss and democracy is its spokesperson. We are not naive to believe that “the chosen few” the people have elected are really in charge. They obviously comprise bearers of state orders, “men and ladies of honor”. Most of them are not to be taken seriously anyway. Democracy’s main role is to function as the smokescreen for the monstrous capitalist machine. It is the systemic shop-front, modeled upon the mafia economy. It “launders dirty money”, it keeps the “profile clean”, sees that everybody gets “paid” (from those working in parking lots up to singers) it has an army of bouncers (from formal police force to para-state agents) and the clients (i.e. the proud people) always pay on time.

It would be a mistake on our side if we did not at this point mention the upgraded role of journalists in these dealings. Nowadays, in the democracy of our time, the media have taken on the role of mediators traditionally reserved for political parties. It is not by coincidence that an increasing wave of political officials are prime-time journalists [in greece, trans]. This is part of democracy’s advanced communication strategy. It now becomes clear how politicians and journalists work side by side. Their rhetoric might seem differentiated on TV news and on talk shows, depending on who might be speaking and whose interests are served – however, they have one common direction: to justify and to defend democracy. All talks and disagreements end up there. In order to achieve this, they invent an imaginary dialogue between society and politicians, using journalists as mediators. This is why they use the truth of a democratic “public opinion”. They construct the “immovable” truth of a majority that nobody dares to question. The truth in opinion polls and numbers. This is how public opinion becomes a client of political parties and vice versa. This is how politicians and journalists shape social relationships, and transform them at will.

At the same time, relationships change as opinion polls that supposedly derive from society eventually return and come to shape society through the spectacle. And so the people, just like consumers, are always right.

In this odd clientelist relationship, democracy, allied with the media comes to shape social behaviours. Especially nowadays, the epidemic of fear is spreading. On the one hand are the American-fed employees of the ministry of police, with their imaginative statements and the “leaked information” about ruthless terrorists, and on the other hand, the journalists’ cutting headlines and stories on an “upsurge of violence” and “violence and insecurity”. In this way the squeeze and mix together different cases and contrastive incidents – bank robberies with pick-pocketing, arson attacks with mafia dealings, kidnappings of rich people with trafficking, setting a price on the heads of three comrades with those of the aspiring murderers of [migrant worker and syndicalist Konstantina] Kuneva…

In this way, the demand for security is restored and the ideology of terror is produced. We bring up these examples, because with them as a guide we can perceive a percentage of the operation of democracy. All the statements and announcements above are in reality not made in order to face the problem of “criminality”. “Criminality” partly serves certain state interests. The objective therefore is not exactly neither safety neither order, but their spectacular reflection. What happens with democracy is exactly the same. When the institutional minister of police declares that he will not turn Athens into a police-city, when he meets with local self-government officials to discuss the issue of criminality and when he claims that police departments and the parliament will remain “unguarded” defending, in this way, the freedoms of democracy, he simply does not tell the truth. Because in reality democracy is the spectacular reflection and the substitute of freedom. No freedom can exist for as long as democracy exists.

Of course, beyond these tricks and techniques, even if democracy in its substance did exist, we would never understand an axiom that invokes the “objective” right of the many over the few. History has proven we should have no confidence in the opinion of the masses. The persons that willingly adopt for themselves the term of “the people” and who speak as part of “we the people, who pay for it all”, abandon every creative self-confidence and let themselves drift in the fallacy of their leaders. This is the people. A noisy mass with lowered heads, incessant moaning, misery and crowd mentality that degrades life to repeated operations and sequences of rules. No good reason exists for us to respect its judgement and its choices. We wish for a world in which each one individually will undertake their responsibilities, will communicate their thoughts, exchange arguments, will have the courage of their opinion even if questioned by the majority, without hiding behind representatives and mediators.

Voters in democracy are never satisfied with their lives and their environment. They always have a complaint about something, they exasperate, they are angry and protest – but every four years they wrap their conscience in a ballot and support, once again, the system. They postpone crucial decisions about their life until the next elections, believing as they do that someone more suitable, more correct and more fair than the previous one will come to power. They stubbornly refuse to admit that no one is more capable than themselves to manage their own life, as otherwise they would be confronted with the void of their life, the years of resignation, an entire life of captivity – and they would have to admit that they have been slaves. That they were victims of fallacy – and no one is ever willing to degrade themselves in this way, by admitting something like this. They prefer to always blame others, the incompetent politicians, the foreigners, the terrorists, everyone but themselves. No one offends his ego, even if for the rest time, they will let themselves be trampled by the system. For us however, the issue is the questioning and the rupture with any dominating system, never mind how liberal they may be presented to be. We understand that the power for the management of our lives lies within us – and the decision of how we shall live belongs to us. Which is something that the voter refuses to understand: the power of their self to exceed set barriers, the prohibitions, moral values, ideals and to define their Ego by themselves. As a result we believe that the voter is responsible to a large extent for what happens to them, since it is their own life decisions and choices that perpetuate their very condition.

“… All that frighten us are consequential of the system, and the one causing the terror is the voter inside us, the one who maintains the system…”
(extract from an interview of prisoner V. Stefanakos)

Amidst all this, the new urban guerrilla movement “… is not a dry political proposal, but the revolutionary dimension of the existential human problem. The passage to illegal action reverses the limits of a miserable, routine survival and realises a revolutionary being” (Group of Revolutionary Internationalist Solidarity “Christos Kassimis”).

To begin to fight means to stop seeing yourself through the eyes of the system, to allow no more for yourself to be determined by coercions, to be freed from fear. This imminent need for liberation can find itself within the guerrilla groups and revolutionary alliances. It is reasonable that the enemy deals with these ventures by using the language of lies and of calumny. It does not impress us that once again democracy’s propaganda resorts to cheap artifices such as the “theory of communicating containers” [a police claim that certain urban guerrilla groups hold members in common –trans]. The supposed existence of a central directorate, of the big heads, some specialised bomb constructor and a common revolutionary fund, want to isolate the new guerrilla movement and to present it as being then work of a dark clique of persons with suspicious connections. In practice however, things are much simpler. The conscience and the determination of certain persons to terminate the habit of survival are enough in order to pass from resistance to attack, to place the question of liberation – not in a vague future for the following generations, but in the permanent present; here and now, for their own selves – and this is how a guerrilla group is born. But the opponent wants history to be repeated as a farce. The “theory of communicating containers” is a carbon copy of the technique of the post-dictatorial years of the “droplets theory”. Then, the lie was that in guerrilla groups and the social conflicts of that time participated persons from the junta and fascists aiming at the destabilisation of democracy and a return of the junta. Then, also, there supposedly existed some “dark decision-making centres and a common directorial”. It is a constant tactic of the state, when it does not want to recognise something, to “explain” it in the direction that it itself wishes. Authority amends history seeking to prevent the enlargement of the practice of guerrilla warfare. Because it is henceforth obvious that the existence of a diffused guerilla network across the whole of greece, with old and new anarchist arson organisations, with raiding assaults in city centres, as these were materialised in December, the organization Anarchists of Action in the city of Kavala, all these prove that across the greek capitalistic territory, the rear lines will never be secure again.

In line with this strategy, on the evening of Saturday 9th of January we placed an explosive device in the courtyard of the parliament, beside the monument of the unknown soldier. Two comrades approached the courtyard while two others were in the wider area as support group. The two cops that stood at a distance of roughly eight meters from the point that the device was left, and stood there for plenty of time, did not trouble us and we went ahead with placing it. As for the area’s supposed “impenetrable” status we respond that determination, planning and imagination arm the
revolutionaries to achieve what is presented as being “unachievable”. An imposing, “royal-origin”, building, the temple of democracy, surrounded by the most cutting-edge systems of surveillance and a large number of policemen did not stand as an obstacle to our choice. The choice, that is, to offend this symbol, the prestige of democracy without any moral hesitation. Each place has its vulnerable point and the satisfaction of finding it will never cease. Now in regard to the communicative game of the not supposed non-removal of the presidential guard from the area of the attack, as a heroic action, this is inaccurate to say the least. Obviously the truth that we as much as the enemy knows, is that they were moved to the upper courtyard of Parliament before the explosion, in order for them to have suitable cover. We know as much as the explosives experts of the police do that anyone who would have remained in a radius of ten meters [from the explosion] would have been wounded at least.

Finally we want to point out that roughly four months after our supposed dismantling we obviously remain active. The spectacular fiesta after a raid in a student house in which absolutely nothing was found to connect our organisation with it reveals the system’s tendency for revenge: persons are targeted, others are detained without trial and the prosecutions have no end, all based on these people’s political identity, without the slightest clue of a connection with us. Our organisation suffered no blow whatsoever, to the contrary we are continuously strengthened as part of the Revolutionary Development. In either case, our actions speak for themselves. To democracy we shall show no respect, only rage and attack.




We do not forget the Urban Guerrillas and the Undisciplined Fighters that lost their lives in the fight against the system, for dignity and for freedom Ch.Kassimis, Ch. Tsoutsouvis, M. Prekas, Ch. Marinos, Ch. Temperekidis.

We send our solidarity to the guerrilla fighter Dimitris Koufondinas who is imprisoned in democracy’s white cells.


Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
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A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)