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“And in 22 years and six (seven) months that I have been
jailed (and for that reason tortured until unimaginable limits
by "oppressed" "others"). I have said that to be oppressed in
fact does not bring even a radical desire to finish yet what
oppresses us...One needs to have "pride", dignity, conscience,
hatred and intelligence to wish to face the enemy and all the



da silva

until we are all free!


Gabriel is an anarchist who along with another, Jose Fernandez Delgado, escaped from the
brutal F.I.E.S prison system of the Spanish State in 2004. Gabriel and Jose are now residing in
the jails of Germany, after a gun battle with German cops at a checkpoint following their
escape. Gabriel is sentenced to 13 years and Jose to 14. Gabriel has been imprisoned for over
24 years, 14 of which were spent in isolation (he is only 40). What follows is just some of his



Write to Gabriel or Jose at these addresses. (Correct at time of printing)
Gabriel Pombo da Silva Krefelder Str. 251, 52070 Aachen Germany
José Fernandez Delgado Aachenerstr. 47, 53359 Rheinbach Germany


More information is available from the following:

Leeds ABC, PO Box 53, Leeds, LS8 4WP, England
(distributes an interview with Gabriel’s mother along with other high quality anti-prison texts)


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September 29, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, (Canada) – A house is squatted for the purposes
of an evening in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. Later that night several targets including a bank
are attacked. A communiqué claims the attacks in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose.
– A house is squatted for the purposes
of an evening in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. Later that night several targets including a bank
are attacked. A communiqué claims the attacks in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose.

September 29, Everywhere, Global - "Today the 29th of September is an international day of
solidarity with prisoners in struggle, and more particularly for Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez Delgado, anarchist prisoners in Germany. Prison is the clearest expression of this society
based on money, collective stupidity and the imprisonment of deviance (psychiatric, social, sexual).
We struggle from the inside and outside to conquer the freedom which is ours. NOR GUARDS

October 1, Brussels, Belgium - Attacks on German consulate and BMW dealership. The German
consulate in Brussels was attacked with paint bombs in solidarity with Jose and Gabriel and all the
prisoners in struggle.

October 2, 2007, Brussels, Belgium - A BMW dealership in Brussels was attacked with Molotov
cocktails in solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. At least two vehicles were consumed by flames.

October 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina - "In the cold and damp hours of the morning, some hands
placed an explosive device in a 'Volkswagen' dealership located at the intersection of Castro Barros
and Hipolito Hirigoyen streets, in the capital city. In the area were found pamphlets with the
following note: "This morning, we hit the 'Volkswagen' dealership. This morning, we demonstrated
our hatred towards the German state that has incarcerated our companions. We demand the
immediate liberation of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Jose Fernandez Delgado, who are found in the
extermination centers of the German state, and all the prisoners of the world. Fire to the state, to
capital and its prisons. Free Jose and Gabriel. Revolutionary Black Cells. Kurt Gustav Wilckens
Brigade." N.B. Kurt Gustav Wilckens was born on the 3th of November 1886 in Germany. As an
anarchist he was active in Germany, the United States and Argentina. In 1922 he decided to hit the
Argentinean lieutenant-colonel Varela who is responsible for the slaughter of 1500 striking land
workers in Patagonia. The 25th of January 1923 he throws a bomb to Varela. The bomb hits both
legs and Varela grasps his sable. Wilckens pulls his revolver and finishes the hangman. He is
arrested and locked up. In the night of 16th of June 1926 Wilckens gets killed in his cell by the
prison guard Perez Millan (member of the Patriotic League).

“And I am not a theoretician companions, but one
of the oppressed, enamored with the freedom (and
liberty) that infects the oppressed with the passion
for a worthy life...

A boy’s story

I know the story of a boy born under the fascist dictatorship. He was
the son of a very poor family who spent his days surrounded by
animals, he was always dirty because he liked to climb trees, explore
caves (where he thought he would find treasures from ancient kings or
pirates) and play at being a red Indian.

One day the artless boy fell from a roof while chasing a coloured
butterfly. When he tried to catch it, he forgot where he was
and…ended up in hospital with a broken jaw. At school the teachers
beat him because he spoke a native language and the dictator did not
like that. Also, whenever he could the boy escaped into the forest
where he was filled with wonder about everything.

One day his parents decided to go away to another country where the
men, women and children were whiter. A country where (his parents
said) they would be able to live more freely, where they could earn
money and get out of poverty, buy a big house and be happy. The
parents said to the boy “there is something called snow in this country,
that is white and cold and falls from the sky for your birthday” The
boy could not understand why he should leave his woods, the
sunshine, the rain, the sea, the rivers, his land…He didn’t understand
what poverty was, perhaps because he didn’t need material things and
he didn’t care about wearing reprises clothes. And he didn’t understand
freedom because he was already free.

At first he was happy to leave his country because he wanted to see the
“snow that falls from the sky for your birthday” as his mother said.
And also because he had never seen “white men and women, very
white with blond hair like gold”… and because he wouldn’t have to go
to school where he had been beaten because he spoke the native
language. This is how the boy went away to the land of the white
people with blond hair like gold and where the snow fell from the sky.

International Day of Solidarity 07

September 28, Montevideo, Uruguay - "In the night of Friday 28th of September the locks of the
Goethe Institute (German cultural institution) and Iberia [Spanish Airlines Company] got sealed.
On the side (of the building) 'Solidarity with Gabriel and Jose' and an encircled A was written. “A
small gesture to greet the comrades who made an appeal to solidarity with our imprisoned

September 28, Leuven, Belgium - Several banners with slogans like 'Against the jails of the State'
and 'Freedom for All' were hung at bridges around Leuven. Pupils put out a banner in solidarity on
'their' school building where prisoners of Leuven can see it.

September 28, Castellon, Spain - The imprisoned anarchist comrade Joaquin Garces Villacampa
goes on hunger strike till the 30th of September for the following reasons: "- As a protest against
the aberrant repressive practices against the anarchist comrades Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez, prisoners of the German State. - For the abolition of State-Capital, privilege and
domination in the broadest meaning of the word. LONG LIVE FREEDOM - DESTROY PRISON FREE

September 28, Bilbao, Euskadi - About thirty individuals gather at the German Consulate and
distribute pamphlets in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose and all prisoners in struggle. Some enter the
Consulate to make them send a fax to the German Ambassador in Madrid and the German
minister of Foreign Affairs.

September 29, Ghent, Belgium - About 70 people take the streets and demonstrate through the city
centre in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose and all prisoners in struggle. The demo ends in front of the
prison of Ghent. In Brussel several slogans of rage appeared on building like 'Death to prison and
its world' at the Hallepoort, 'Let's burn prison' at the Justice Tribunal. Two banners were hung on
the big roads around the centre of Brussels.

September 29, Rheinbach & Aachen, Germany - About 70 comrades gathered at the prisons of
Rheinbach and Aachen, in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose
Fernandez Delgado.. At Rheinbach, about 200 tennis balls with messages against prison fly over the
wall. In Aachen the comrades outside could hear the shouts of Gabriel Pombo da Silva. A text was
read and distributed to the few people who passed by.

September 29, Zurich, Switzerland - In front of the Bezirksgericht about seventy people gather in
solidarity with Marco, Gabriel, Jose and Mehmet Esiyok. Pamphlets are distributed.

September 29, Madrid, Spain - Three real estate offices in the neighbourhood of Prosperidad get
their locks sealed in solidarity with Gabriel, Jose, Marco and all other prisoners in struggle.

Expropriation is Necessary It was true….the snow fell from the sky for his birthday, the people
were very white, many of them had blond hair like gold and red like
Whatever may be the project you wish to put in practice you will need the “vile metal”… We tomatoes, orange like carrots and brown like chestnuts. They spoke a
live in a capitalist Society-System and we all know that from wage labour, collects and benefit language that was more difficult than that of the dictator. It was a dry,
concerts we will never be able to get enough money to our projects. cutting military language. The people were cold and sad like the snow.
Very soon the boy, the colour of autumn leaves, wanted to go back to
It doesn’t matter whether you are an anarchist developing an activity inside a formal or his country…He didn’t like this place where he didn’t understand the
informal organization, or individually… how many times have you stopped a project because of other children, where the people didn’t look with gentleness in their
lack of funds?…Banks and Jewellery stores are just around waiting for you to become filled eyes, where no smile brightened up this faces.
with courage and expropriate their surplus-value… so you can publish your own books, and But he stayed there and learned the language of the people with the
your propaganda may have a better quality and quantity… so you can rent or buy an old house light hair and skin and with no smile on their lips.
and restore it together with comrades and then convert it in a Social Centre, Ateneu(Meeting
point for Anarchists) or whatever you feel to… The boy grew up and learned the story of his country through the tales
of the political exiles…that is how he knew that his land didn’t belong
It is not so difficult, they are visible, they have schedules, habits, faults… and it is not just to the dictator and his friends but that they had won a war, that they
about the structure… I mean, sometimes we see a Bank or a Jewellery store and we think that had suppressed the revolution and filled this country with blood and
it is not for us, that we are not professionals, that the task is to big for us…Sometimes it is misery…and for that the natives like us were condemned to flee from
enough to follow the Director of the Bank or the Owner of the Jewellery store and spot his one country to another.
hide out… it is the best place to get them…We have to be “harsh”; if you succeed in
psychologically terrorizing him you will avoid doing it physically, but of course a blow in the The boy listened with sadness to the stories of tears, blood and
head at the first moment will open for you the doors of his understanding… Forget things like oppression of the exiled. He knew that they didn’t believe in
“we are anarchists” or why you are doing it, they don’t give a shit… On the other hand they themselves and drank l’eau de feu to forget and began to sing the songs
will get “shit scared” if you talk like a “delinquent” … something like: “look man, give me of the republic, the popular front and the revolution. One day the boy
everything or everyone will be hurt”… “if not tomorrow morning I’ll go with you and my spoke with one of the old combatants defeated by the eau feu and said
colleague stays with your family, if you give me everything now everything will be alright”… to him very seriously, “Don Antonio, I’m going to fight for the
for instance. revolution, I will never forget the songs of the revolution, I am going to
make my life an example of courage and avenge our dead, the tortured
There is no point for being soft with capitalists, as they aren’t with us anyways; you do what and defeated people…I swear to God, Don Antonio:. Don Antonio
you have to do … Tenderness we keep it for when we are among accomplices of revolt or of started to cry with emotion and the boy didn’t understand why this old
love… And violence is for the action, whether it is about expropriating or dynamiting…Let’s man was crying like this, the old man who sang the revolutionary
not get it wrong; at war it is you who make the rules… there is no manual for expropriation, songs. The boy went off alone singing in his native language his fist
everything is imagination, information, plotting and action… clenched, an old revolutionary song..
If you want everything to be “fluent” and “dynamic” and not stuck…move yourself, think, <<>>
If we don’t want to get stuck and fall into marginality; if what we want is to represent ourselves
That is how the adult-child went back to his country to fight for the and act according to our ideas-desires and passions, we should “move”…Every Social-Political
revolution. After many battles, the adult-child became a boy-man and Movement that gets stuck, corrupts itself; gets fossilized, stops being effective; becomes
was forced to survive twenty years torture without Sunshine, Water, folklore…
Trees and Animals. One day he managed to escape and continued to
struggle and talk of life, love, revolution, and dreams. Locked up once
again, this child-man continues to smile; and his eyes are two black The Revolt
olives with the sun for pupils. And all the (white) men are scared of
him because he doesn’t cry or tremble, he doesn’t want anything of
them. He only wants his smile to be contagious and that his heart give
strength to those children who have forgotten that laughing recompose
The anarchic revolt is already a deed, a reality, a projectuality and a ongoing project… by a
few of us in some areas; united by projectual affinity, informally and diffusely organised over
the territory…
choices and that a new world exists for those who look at the rose des
vents with love. And Colorin Colorato this tale is far from finished…. We are the anarchists and social rebels in motion; the ones who had got tired and rebelled over
the state-of-things that constitutes the Existent in all its orders…We are nothing’s “vanguard”;
We only represent ourselves and live our Desires and Passions with full intensity…We assume
our responsibilities with dignity and value; Neither the trials nor the sentences will finish the
revolt… as long as rebellion and rebels against all Authority and Authoritarianism do exist,
there will be tension and conflict over / within the Existent…
The revolt will not stop when the rebel is “unjustly” imprisoned by a bourgeois Tribunal…
Instead the rebel grows before adversity, and it is within it that the rebel gets his / her
character reinforced and where supposed doubts that may exist get converted in irrefutable
certainties; it is here where he understands the murderous and merciless nature of the State
and its screws; it is inside the prison where the rebel gets decisively self-determined.
We sharpen our lives… Anarchy is inevitable.

“anarcho-insurrectionalists”, and / or “anarcho-terrorists”…

For those who label us as “illegalists” we should only remind that all the practices we have
been going through are contemplated in anarchist history… that we are keeping up the
anarchic practices by THE DEEDS and that we pursue the anarchist aim that, by the way, you
will not find either in folklore, nor in legality.

Aesthetics and Ethics

In every Social-Political Movement there exists, or better said, co-exists always with a
referential-group aesthetics, externally showing how the individual is understanding-feelingidentifying
himself in comparison to the other (others).

Aesthetics is a way-form of expressing WHAT and HOW we think-feel to others. By the way
we are dressing, by the way we talk, by the music we are listening to we are saying to others
how and who we are identifying with… We can here remember some movements or groups
that within their aesthetics have been showing us, externally at least, their ideas or condition.
The Hippies, the Punks, the Leftists, the Black Panthers, the typical Worker and the typical
business man with his suit and tie…

We “judge” and are “judged” by the external look or, if you want, we are evaluated-qualified
and vice-versa. Unfortunately, nowadays, aesthetics are nothing but a commercial product, a
pose, nothing really meaningful. A fashion that fits us to deceive WHO IS WHO and WHAT
in this parade, on this “social runway” where we shine with the new model for the occasion
and or season.

This is why we should start reconsidering if the truly important thing for us is TO BE
APPARENT OR TO BE, TO SHOW OFF OR TO DO…Not even when our Aesthetics are
sincere (and not just an image / fashion), is there interest in showing it to others if what we
really want is TO LIVE what we are showing… What for? Why? So the others can know and
see the “militant” we are?. Vanity of the vanities!!

The Escape

Written From some place of liberty


To my comrades and my family: I would have liked to make an end for once and for all to the
deadly weight of prisons, persecutions and evasions… I say this with a burning heart; yet, I fear
that I am obliged to live constantly with a past conditioning the present and the future, which
pushes me always further into a desperate and surrealist situation of tension and confrontation
with all and everything that configures, structures and comprises the world, existence and life
in all its aspects. I cannot, I do not want and I do not have to submit myself anymore to the
dominant logic of those who, during all those years, have tortured my/our
bodies/souls/existence and have pretended to orient/control and regulate me/us on the so
called way of «socialisation-normalisation ».


You have tortured me/us to unbearable limits; you have broken all your law books of alleged
ethical-moral-political values by the use of your formal-concrete laws/norms/institutions and
representatives… so be it… I would have liked to be able to do things (all things) from a more
relaxed and free situation/perspective…. Nevertheless, not satisfied with taking from me/us 20
YEARS (the supposed limit for the deprivation of freedom under the old criminal code in the
Spanish state, today elevated by the Aznar government to 40 years with retroactive working) of
my/our existence, they also want to take/rob my/our MEMORY-WORD-LIBERTYEVERYTHING…
It is enough!!! Finished with the commandments, the farce, the silence, the
humiliations, the tortures…Today I am FREE (as free as a human being can be who lives exiled
from his land and his loved-ones) and I can SPEAK and ACT… I can sleep with a good
conscience able to at least support/share with all those persons/collectives who just as me have
suffered, suffer and will suffer the VIOLENCE of the STATES-INSTITUTIONSGOVERNMENTS-
LAWS… When the LAWS-NORMS turn into instruments of
VENGEANCE in the hands of the powers that be, there is no other remedy left save to
ignore/despise/denounce and fight them in all their expressions/manifestations… When Rights
serve only the interests and the ambitions of a few, we ourselves are the only ones Left...

Not is not the time for me to explain all the concrete cases ,which show ALL the abuses of
power that have been carried out, are being carried out and will be carried out against us by
the past and coming CONSTITUTIONAL STATE…In the Spanish state, my brothers and
sisters rot in Special Units which were illegal in the beginning, then semi-legal, and later
legal… A regime, the F.I.E.S., C.D.1, in which since its installment (1991), 13 COMRADES in
struggle and rebellion have lost their lives to it; the last one, Paco Ortiz; brother and friend…There is no


We will never rest in peace until you have done away with your military secrets! We will never
cease to scream/express our disgust/rage for your democratic fascism, so that, at the end, you
as well will not sleep peacefully!!!

I know that we are almost alone in this struggle against you and your
institutions/representatives; that the times have changed so that almost nobody cares when
some criminalized persons are driven crazy and die under general or quasi general
indifference…Personally, I am so convinced and in love with FREEDOM, all FREEDOMS, that
I will struggle with all my energy, feelings and passions to (at least try to) change, destroy this
world and create ANOTHER WORLD than the one you have left for us with your

I make an appeal to all those people, collectives, organisations and communities who today, in
the 21st century, struggle for more Dignity, Autonomy and FREEDOM… I nourish no hope to
come out-standing out of this « adventure », therefore I would like that I/we in our struggle
against tyranny and tyrants could be a reference and sign of continuity for all persons-groupscollectives
who declare themselves lovers of freedom…I make an appeal to all these journalists
(not to those who are spokespersons for the state) to be courageous, fierce and responsible and
that they enter in these Special Units of Spain, France, Germany, the USA, etc. and see with
their own eyes what I am referring too…

Evidently, I don’t nourish any hope that the States will renounce their instruments of
domination and torture; or that they give in to the goodwill of these groups/organisations/etc.
who denounce these an other concrete facts and situations…such as the F.I.E.S. …the D.E.R.T.
and, further away geographically but closer in time, the situation of the Taliban war hostages

metaphorically in other words: in the process of existing we, like the snakes, leave behind the
old skins; changes that have a relative life cycle (in the Time-Space) and that we let lose to
keep growing and readjust to the territory. By this way this growth is our Acting-Thinking, and
re-adaptation meaning our Spatial-Temporal-Synthesis over the Existent course.

The anarchic rebel (not submissive to all Authority-Authoritarianism), understands that to be
as healthy, just and vital his rebelliousness can be, he must find affinities with whom to share
and spread the revolt as a project and reality of the today and now that surpasses the mere
individual and anecdotal… How to organize? With whom?.

Informal and Diffuse Organisation

The way to organize must be informal and diffuse, understanding as “IDO” (informal and
diffuse organization), that group of anarchic individualities that, based on their projectprojectuality,
decide to informally unite to act right now…

With whom? Obviously with those social rebels that share affinity within these projects we
propose to go through, not being necessary the sharing of our anarchic projectualities…
And this is (or it should be), in this way because if we want to accomplish our projects and live
our passions-desires, besides acquiring new experiences, we find ourselves in occasions and
circumstances in which it is not enough to be surrounded by “comrades” that share our ideas,
but also we should “ally” with those social rebels that naturally upsurge from the social core in
conflict with the Existent and for Existence.

If some of us want to publish a book we will, if possible, do it with an anarchist publisher… if
we can’t we will search for the one that inspires in us more trust. If we want to rob a bank we
will try to do it with some experienced companion, if we can’t find one we will try then to find
a “social rebel” (not submissive to wage labour but not necessarily to the capitalist system in
general), that inspires in us trust for such a project. Because we should have it clear that there
is a division between the project and the projectuality.

The “ideal” is to go through all our projects with those who share affinity in the projectuality
of our Existential Desires; but the reality is that not all of us anarchists find ourselves on the
same line. On the contrary we are being criminalized and labelled as “anarcho-delinquents”,

governed, to create and experiment with other forms of thinking, of feeling, of being and how
to inter/intra relate and to live).

So, and by the way everything is assembled, our only exit is the rebellion of our desires with a
permanent tension against the existent, and freedom, and the dreams and all that we can
search for…

The conclusion: we have NOTHING and we want EVERYTHING… TODAY, NOW and
we fight for it; for Anarchy.

Rebellion, Rebelliousness, Social Rebel

Rebellion is not waiting for anyone, is not waiting for anything; it is already in itself a
moving answer, the immediate consequence of tension; a cathartic process of liberation… (…)

The social rebel is that individual that unhooked himself from the Mass, he has been
emancipated from all the weights (including from himself), and lets himself be taken by his
own Beliefs, Desires and Anarchic Passions, without fearing any judgement or criticism from
others; because he has and finds the Principle (the Principles), the Medium (the Means), the
Value (the Values) and the End in himself. He is a self-determined and self-sufficient individual
that has no need for waiting for others to rebel, today and now. He assumes the risk and the
passion of his desires, just as the consequences and responsibilities of his own actions.

And this so happens because when one knows oneself (and has knowledge), respects oneself
(and has respect), and wants oneself (and wants), one uses all the weapons and strength of the
Body-Mind to preserve oneself as a Free-Lover Being and Life Lover… and that libertarian not
only struggles for life and his own freedom, but as well for the others; because multiplied
freedom and life is what Creates the necessary conditions and space for the common-anarchicliving.

The anarchic rebel is before all (or before nothing), a person that has emancipated himself;
someone that by understanding himself and the world he lives in, decides to act over all
aspects/orders of the Existence and of the Existent;
not only to and for the selfish usufruct of his own free-being condition, but also to extend and
for the extension of that freedom…This freedom arises out of a permanent existential tension,
making its own dialectics (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis), to be dynamic, never static. Or to say it

in Guantanamo (judicially and legally absolutely and manifestly unjustifiable), the legal
assassinations of Americans, especially Afro-Americans and Latinos.

And to you, family… friends and comrades, I say that you live in my heart and that I regret to
deprive you of my companionship and presence, that’s how it is, that’s how my
consciousness/my heart dictates… For those who have left me alone in this decision of struggle
and freedom, as well as for the traitors and enemies, a smile of profound and eternal contempt.


The Trial

This piece is about Gabriel’s trial, where to protest the mistreatment of the prisoners during transport to and
from prison (which entailed strip searches, blind and ear folded, shackles on hands and feet, …) as well as
the general security measures against visitors for the trial (200 policemen, undercover police patrol, identity
control, metal detector, body search, …) Gabriel tore apart his clothes once in the Court building and
appeared almost naked in the court room. The FAI are a decentralized network of anarchist groups which
practice anarchist direct action & propaganda.

Before beginning I want to express my affection and revolutionary complicity with all the
comrades who have traveled from all points of Europe to be present and show their
SOLIDARITY... Comrades who have filled our hearts with warmth in the icy tribunal room...
Comrades who had to endure humiliating searches and controls of all types... Comrades who
have been filmed on video and had their personal data registered in files which were later sent
to repressive organisms... Comrades who have been faced the possibility of fines (or
imprisonment) and have been evicted from the court room in solidarity actions on the 20th of
April or on the 25th of August when they were also dragged out by force and with police
And also to the comrades who acted during the solidarity days of the 13th to the 19th of March
from different cities in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. A brotherly embrace also
for the SOLIDARITY of the groups of the F.A.I. in Italy and other comrades impassioned with
the insurrectionalist revolt... And let's not forget the 4th of May when many comrades in many
parts of the world took the streets... A SOLIDARITY so beautiful and revolutionary, so full of
love and struggle, demonstrating to ourselves that our project and affinity are neither a

"utopia" nor a "nice theory" that dies buried by "walls", "borders" and/ or windbags... Nobody
can detain that which is inevitable, that which depends on ourselves, on our will and our

It is my desire that this SOLIDARITY extends to all imprisoned comrades in the world... I
have in mind proper names not from the (distant) past but from this century who suffer from
the isolation imposed upon them not so much by our natural enemies but sadly enough by a
good part of the movement that calls itself "anarchist"...
In the "movement" sometimes "adjectives" are used such as "the Marini Case", "the O.R.A.I.
Case”, "the Four of Córdoba", "those of Valencia, "the Five of Barcelona", "Operation Black
Out", "Operation Croce Nera", etc. Of course it is a way of talking to know what we are
talking about when we communicate, but sometimes it is also "a way of understanding"
(interpreting) that which is happening within the movement... By this I mean that we are not
isolated cases (we are "isolated" by those who have an interest in it) but conscious rebels
(consequently anarchists) who do not wait for the "miracle" of the arousing up of masses who
have nothing revolutionary, but we join the collectivities and individuals who do not ask
permission to be free and oppose all authority... One time we accompany the revolt, the other
time we provoke it...

We have rejected the "reformism" and the "defence" of "all and everything" by the
"Humanists" and "Mystics" who believe and think that the State and its institutions are things
that can be "improved" "gradually" by the action of the "masses"...

We are some who believe that the moment has come to attack and destroy what doesn't serve
us and to the contrary enslaves and destroys. In contrast with the concept of the Masses, we
propose that of the Community of conscious individuals who do not search a centre... a
Community of groups and individuals "at the margin" and "against" the project of Dominion
in all its aspects: economical, technological, political, social, architectural, etc. Comrades, let's
not waste time and energy in discussions with those who live of words and for words, ours is

Let's make that our own existences and desires are expressed by means of our acts and actions!!
Let us join and demonstrate our solidarity and complicity with those who arouse our sympathy
and who do not let themselves be governed, exploited prostituted and domesticated by the

Anarchy: A Permanent Tension with the Existent

Anarchy is much more than a social-political movement; it is a permanent tension with the
existent. As much with its own (internal / individual), as with the outside (external / social).

There are too many of us who assume that is enough to be a “militant” (or to be affiliated),
in a specific anarchist organization, to carry on “anarchist aesthetics” and to talk about
anarchism in the sense of to “be” an anarchist… but is that so? Is anarchy “something” to be
told or lived? I mean, if we reduce anarchy to a living-room philosophy, to a nostalgic history
of the past, and / or to marginal aesthetics, what do we have left of it?.

Anarchy can’t be reduced in order to be told in all its forms and expressions… it can’t be a
limited passive object, some mummyfied ideas, some aseptic rituals, empty and repetitive just
as the Pre-philosophical epoch in which the myth surpassed rationalistic thought.

Anarchy once understood and assimilated calls out for experimentation, for realization:
Today, Here, NOW within ourselves and our own way of feeling it and understand it… It is
not enough to talk about ACTION, we have to be ACTION!! It is not enough to dream of
anarchy, we have to be the anarchist expression itself!!

Obviously it is not easy and not always pleasant to fell the tension within ourselves (as well as
the contradictions), generated by the conflict with the state-of-things which constitutes
Existence, and the obstacles that cut, threaten and stop our desires, our passions and anarchic

Which person, anarchist or not, is not avoiding at the measure of his own possibilities the
unpleasantness, the doubts and reserves that result from conflict situations, confrontation?
However, it is precisely in this point, in this Gordian knot where the resolution lies, the
liberation and the measurement of our strength… how can we know what we are able to
without trying it out, without experimenting ?

Maybe we don’t know exactly the blueprint of what we want on a social-political level, maybe
we don’t have a theoretical body nor a static alternative to offer and with which to build a new
“project-order”… we are not filling up the mouth with magnificent speeches nor with fantastic
projections on the subject… But yes we know what we don’t want (to be governed, to be
commanded, to be manipulated; to be exploited, to be controlled and told what and how to
think, to fell and to be… for instance), and yes we know what we desire (to be free and self


Diary and Ideary* of a Delinquent

Unnecessary considerations for the Anarchic Revolt
“ The delinquent dialectics”

*Diary of Ideas


diverse powers of the State, its institutions and Capital.
As I said, we are not "cases" and even less "vanguards" but rebels and revolutionaries in
struggle against Dominion and Domination... And as Rebels and Revolutionaries we carry each
other in our hearts and our acts/actions...


A bourgeois observer will share the opinion of a paid journalist (by the State-Capital that is)
and a paid journalist might put as a title in his paper: “ANARCHY BEFORE COURT ON

But let us not say we have been deceived... For the sterile journalist as well as for the uncritical
“citizen”, the sense and significance of these words are not the same as for us; neither in depth
nor in forms...

For the first ANARCHY is CHAOS; for us it is a NATURAL ORDER not perverted by
hierarchies, authorities, authoritarianism...

The interests of these “replicates” (or clones, or subjects fabricated in series) coincide with
those of the BOSSES who feed them; who tell them how they have to think-believe-feel and
act... They are slaves of a long chain that binds and enslaves them (voluntarily or involuntarily,
in a conscious or unconscious way) to all that which makes our Orwellian World...

In the Temples of “Democracy” (call them Church, Parliament, Tribunal, etc.) the new Priests
control the space, the rituals, the time... All those who in one way or the other “break” with
the “conventions” or “rituals” of these Authorities are not only
“demonized” (ergo criminalized) but also “castigated” (be it by paying money or by paying
with his/her freedom)...

On the 20th of April 2005 seven anarchists undress themselves (as i myself have done) to
protest against the tortures and the Justice of the bourgeois and Capital...

Vade-Retro!! ... Oh; what a beautiful scandal, what a social poetry, what a human and
rebellious love, what a dignity!!

This, Mr. and Ms bourgeois, Mr. and Ms Priest is called anarchist activism, is called
revolutionary activism, social and human dignity; something that you for sure do not possess…
This is called Freedom, of expression, of opinion, of action...

This is speaking and showing to the Powers that be that SOLIDARITY is not a dead-static
concept, something that can be manipulated and bought on the Market as just another product
or fashion... That Solidarity is not Christian charity or hypocrite

And talking about Solidarity... I do not understand how there can be half-way-solidarity? In
this sense I reject “solidarity with excuses” or solidarity which needs to be justified because of
what others could say or think about us...

We are anarchist rebels, antagonists and revolutionaries, with our own combative, political and
social History. We come from a determinate and concrete context; with our deaths
(assassinated), prisoners, exiles and fugitives...

We struggle against State-Capital; against prison society and prisons, against repression and
poverty, marginalisation and dogmatism...

And in this sense we do not beg for the “solidarity of the Authoritarian or Humanist
LEFTISTS” who play being revolutionaries.

To you as to the others we say without any consideration: GO TO HELL!!

Friends and foes, although you cannot know it I smile in the dark because I know our
accomplices in the extension of the Revolt multiply all over the world and because our Heart is
the prove that “something” in on the move...

We don’t have anything en we want EVERYTHING...


But here we are (as big or as small as we may be) learning and fighting on one or other
side of the wall, border, gender or race….demonstrating our love for freedom and
disdain for tyranny. From the 16th to the 29th of September (and beyond) there were
“moments” and “reactions”, “protests” and “gatherings” “acts of sabotage” and
“publications”…gestures of solidarity that have not passed unnoticed by those who
keep their ears alert and their eyes open…

I don’t speak of slaves, I speak of those companions who, known or unknown, on one
side of the wall or the other, take an active part in the struggle…I speak of Marco
Camenisch (in his cell in Regensdorf, Switzerland), of Jose Fernandez (in his cell in
Rheinbach, Germany) of Joaquin Garces (in his cell in Castellon), of Rafael Martinez
Zea in his cell in Badajoz)…of my cell neighbour Liaudegis Algirdas who from the 19th
of September up to today continues on Hunger Strikes….

I speak of the companions of Leuven, Gent, Brussels (Belgium) who were at the
demonstrations at Rheinbach and Aachen and in their own cities. I speak of the
companions of Switzerland (great!!), of France, the Bilban@s and the English…Our
brothers of Argentina, Uruguay and Canada…Those in Berlin and those in Cornella in

I want to make the most of these letters to show my solidarity with those detained for
supposedly belonging to the MG (Militant Group Autonomous of Berlin), The Anti-
Fascist, Christian, and the last of the RAF Tomas Meyer-Falk and all who resist and
struggle in the entire world.

Thanks companions,

Gabriel. Always in Struggle!

PS SO that there are no lingering doubts I continue shouting: Death to the State and
Long Live Anarchy!! Because only when we tear down this old world will freedom be
born…because we have nothing to lose…without freedom

The institutions are no more than tentacles of power and the power is shared amongst
a few privileged that play at being demigods over the face of the earth…

And these links in the chain, these lecherous mercenaries, they need to be fought and
deprived of their various masks.

But not only that…it is not a “single issue struggle”, this struggle against prisons of all
kinds (minors/old people/men/women/emigrants/proletariat) and the system that
reproduces it and everything that this represents; exploitation/segregation/torture. NO!
The anti-prison struggle from an anarchist perspective should translate as an
international critique of everything that is not satisfied with this network of class and
race segregation…and it should not be just a theory but also a real compromise of
mutual aid with all those who suffer but fight that suffering.

This would not be to create new revolutionary celebrities (in this case the prisoner) but
to help all the rebels and revolutionaries who emerge from the social conflict with their
daggers drawn. It would be to try and set up points/bridges that allow
intercommunication of our respective worlds to exchange ideas/sentiments/projects
and life.

To try and talk one on one, to spread the word, comment on our experiences, debate
strategy, see between the diverse realities the antagonists (…) and see what things we
could do collectively (despite obvious theoretical differences etc) and what others we
cannot do.

Numbers wise, we are not many that believe that we have to fight against
prisons…even then we can assume there are those that are against the system-
government of the moment and call themselves “revolutionaries” or less pompously
“social-democrats” because this discourse benefits them more..
For them the theme of jail should stay in the “chronicles of crime” because it is there
that they legitimate the discourse of “insecurity” from which many benefit.
The prison in “our agenda”? Only when “the surveys” turn them into political value”!
(Like the question of the “Environment” with “Gore” and his “ecologists”)..That’s how
they think; that’s how these populists act. these politicians, these individuals…

Letters from Gabriel

Gabriel wrote the following letters in the second half of 2007. The first is written
before an International Day of Solidarity with Gabriel and Jose. The second
comes after said day…

Dear comrades,

Given that I conceive Solidarity as a reciprocal act of Mutual Aid
between revolutionaries and social rebels and not as a division of
activities between a passive and watching public on the one hand and
active and militant one on the other, I join the International Solidarity
days with a hunger strike from the 16th till the 29th of September. (…)

Because the only thing we have to fight in these circumstances of
isolation and extermination are our Ideals and our bodies, we put both
in motion and action to demonstrate to the social fascist State that they
and only they are the terrorists.

Forwards and strength, comrades!! Join the pleasure of agitation and
subversion!! We don’t want delegates nor do we want to delegate:
direct action and social revolution!!



Open letter to my companions,

But here we are (as big or as small as we may be) learning and fighting on one side or
the other of the wall, border, gender or race…demonstrating our love for freedom and
disdain for tyranny.

Fragment of the poem: “The Promethean Poet”

The poet is not one who plays adeptly with little verbal metaphors, but one whose
awoken Promethean genius takes her to create the grand metaphors!
Don Quijote is a poet of this class. He is a poet who is active and transcending. And he
differentiates himself from the rest of the ordinary poets in the world in that he wants
to write his poems not with the point of the feather, more with the point of the lance.
Where there is imagination it must be followed by will:

With the Sword,
With Flesh,
With Life,
With Sacrifice,
With Ridicule,
With Pantomine,
With Heroism,
With Death..

The poetic metaphor then flows into the great social metaphor…(..)

This fragment of the poem “The Promethean Poet” from the book “Ganaras la Luz” by
Leon Felipe was sent to me one occasion by a companion Carol (Cheers to you!)…The
book itself was sent to me on another occasion by other companions, Joaquin-Lucia
and Elisina (Health and Anarchy to you companions)...And so I can today talk to you,
show to all of you (friends, companions, unknowns, enemies and “neutrals”; indifferent
or curious) and above all share what was thought, felt and written by a poet who I
greatly admire: Leon Felipe.
There are other poets that not only do I admire but I keep in my heart: Walt Witman,
Garcia Lorca, Miguel Hernandez, William Blake, Baudelaire, Rosalia de Vastro, Pio
Cabaillas, Berthold Brecht… and the list goes on..

But what am I doing talking about poetry?

I suppose I mean that it is not only on bread that men and women survived…And as in
the struggle of our lives, some people write poetry with the tip of the feather and
others with our souls in the point of the pen.

The space of Opinions forms part of the “System” and it is difficult to overcome that
system in its own terrain with its own weapons…and the same occurs in politics and
social struggle…

That is why we would do well not to prioritise one half over the other, but use all parts
and forms as a part of our struggle: the personal, the political, the social, the collective
and the individual.

In the jail the relations of power, control and propaganda are concentrated in a few
bureaucrats (so adept are they at this that they are given a salary). They decide on the
good and the bad, life and death and the grades of torture that they “employ on
THEIR prisoners (forgetting that their salaries are based on the existence of prisoners
and their families).

And it is obvious that the “obedient prisoners” just like the “compliant worker” and the
“honorary contributors” have nothing to say, to protest, or complain about their
chains, their conditions and their companions (what companions could a slave possibly

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Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)