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Thursday, February 25, 2010 Tension between mother and Grigoropoulos Al.Kougia today in the trial and strange speech of the President

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On the tension and dialogue that read below except the trivial incident by Kuge, we found a much bigger problem.
The problem is that the president shows strange available to the mother of the murdered, so instead of throwing tons and finish with it, quick to defend Kuge katakrinontas the same for other unrelated events ....! letters to the composition of the Court and its efforts to become the trial in Athens.
The reference to these events as classes against the mother of the victim and even without a rise causing concern.

Read on:
Intensity occurred in Gross Jury Amfissa, the trial for the murder Grigoropoulos when the mother of 15 year-old child, Gina Tsalikian, called the attorney of main accused Ep.Korkonea, Alexis Kougias, "ethical assassin" of the child. Mr. Kougias left the courtroom.

Just ahead of tabling his mother, Mr. Kougias told the court that he intends to ask questions to Mr Tsalikian "as a minimum tribute to the memory of Alexander.

Mrs Tsalikian submitted to the personality of the child, which-as stated-was not aggressive, but also learned that what happened on the evening of December 6, 2008 at the intersection of Tzavella and Messolongi in Exarchia, when Alexander Grigoropoulos fell dead, struck in the chest by a bullet of the Guard.

The witness referred to what has been said to her son after his death, on the part of defendants special guards.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "Never sykofantithike someone so much as my child after the murder of these killers.

- Chairman (Papavasiliou Angelis): "Please come up to the decision, the defendants do not have the status of the killer.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "And I will call moral murderer of my child Mr. Kuge.

At this point, the counsel of Epaminondas Korkonea making no comment, left the room.

- Chairman: "out of order, Ms. Tsalikian ask you to recall.

- Tz.Tsalikian: Has served (pp Mr. Kougias) a host of slander against my child. "

- Chairman: "And some press, allegedly signed authorization from you, were not content to honorary membership of the court. Treat challenging the court, before giving eloquent. I have to consider why moral sycophant? Treat us as you consider the outset.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "I want a law court.

- Chairman: 'We respect you indefinitely. There is full moral support and respect for what you did. God be with watchmen, not live anything like that. "

- Tz.Tsalikian: "My child is dead ...».

- Chairman: "I am not saying not to defend the memory of your child, not personified but ...».

- Tz.Tsalikian: "The court you are alive, my child is dead ...».

- Chairman: "That what? Have to slander?.

- Tz.Tsalikian: "I must protect myself for my child."

The prosecutor office, Charalambos Lakafosis, the witness said that respect for the court to the loss of her child is granted, but, as stated in the sympathy-her face "will give way to my obligation to defend my position in this court . The court is in fact alive and be sure that the piece would be an expression of an impartial justice even parelthontikes reports and walks on the 4th floor of the Hall of Alexandras Avenue (pp Areopagus). Expressions of type 'moral killer], I ask you, do not leave your mouth.

Early in the morning presented 18 year old witnessed the incident in Exarchia, which, inter alia, stated that hearing officers to lead by word and gesture of collected in street children.

As presented the witness, Alexander and his friend were sitting in a hangar on the road Tzavella and nobody threw anything against the police. He said that at some point, when the two special guards were pedestrians in Tzavella, someone behind him threw a plastic bottle with water.

Finally, testified that he heard two shots, but to see who shot. He, indeed, that he realized it was gunfire when he saw fallen under Alexander.

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