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The brutal killing of Khaled: **Viewer discretion is advised**

Egypt protestors, police clash after activist’s death

What happened to the 28 year old young Alexandrian cannot be comprehended by rhetoric. Khaled was brutalized by two undercover cops in the streets of Alexandria at the sight of a surprised but silent crowd.

The information I'm going to mention is based on two sources. The article published by opposition leader Ayman Nour on his Facebook and a small news story that followed up in al-shorouk newspaper.

This is not a literal translation of both articles. Rather it is a practical aggregation of the information included.

Ayman Nour's article

Khaled was in an internet cafe in the Cleopatra area of Alexandria. Two undercover cops entered the cafe and demanded inspection of all present and did it in an indecent way. Khaled expressed his disagreement with the way the handle the inspection.

As Khaled expressed his refusal of the arbitrary action taken by the informant, informant Mahmoud al-Falah grabbed him from his clothers and slapped him. The other informant, Awad, joined his peer in slapping and bunching Khaled till Khaled fell on the ground while the crowds were surprised.

One of the informants then held Khaled's head and started hitting him against a marble area in the cafe. Khaled passed out and blood poured out of his nose and face. As the people beg the informant to stop, another informant carried Khaled into a neighboring building entrance, and started kicking, bunching, and hitting Khaled against the metal gate of the building.

As Khaled was taking his last breath, the informants threw his body into the police car. They escaped away and came back after a little while. They threw Khaled's body on the street.

Immediately afterwards, lots of police officers spread in the area. They were not looking for the killers but instead for any camera that videotaped the attack. The police in Sedi Gaber area also intimidated the eye witnesses. Some witnesses managed to offer their account. Khaled's family filed a complaint to the prosecuter. Number is 1545 on June 7th 2010.

ِAccount of the case as published in al-shorouk newspaper:

Khaled was sitting inside an internet cafe when two informants came and asked everyone to show his national ID cards under emergency law.

When Khaled refused, the first perpetrator ( Mahmoud al-Falah ) tied his hands behind his back. When Khaled resisted, the informant started beating him violently and grabbed him to a neighboring building.

As they were beating him inside the building, Khaled started to bleed from his nose. Khaled passed out and the informants thought it is a trick from Khaled. So, they pulled his head and hit him against the metal gate to wake him up which resulted in breaking his skull after which he died.

Eyewitnesses say the beating continued for more than 20 minutes. Another eyewitness mentioned that Khaled was taken in the police car to the Sedi Gaber police station. He was brought back less than 15 minutes later and thrown in the street. An informant then called an ambulance to remove any liability. An eyewitness says that the attack directly resulted in the death which was due to brutal torturing of Khaled.

Khaled's brother said: " Once I knew of the police's accusation towards my brother, I went to the US embassy as I'm a national of the US as well. The US passport may protect him instead of the Egyptian passport which humiliates its holders "

The public prosecutor ordered an autopsy.

Following are a disturbing images of Khaled after his death.

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