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Greek anger against Zionist murders

Corrie family 'heart-sick and outraged' by flotilla raid

Ma'an News

June 2, 2010

Bethlehem - Ma'an - The parents of an American activist killed in Gaza say they are devastated over Israel's deadly raid on an international aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip.

"We are heart-sick and outraged about the brutal attack launched by the Israeli Military on the Free Gaza Movement's flotilla of boats," Cindy and Craig Corrie said in a statement.

"The boats were carrying civilian passengers and humanitarian aid into the besieged Gaza Strip, and were clearly in international waters when this illegal attack occurred, in violation of international law," they said.

The number of dead and injured are still unconfirmed, but lowest figures reported are nine killed and 34 injured. Israel has not released their names. Over 700 citizens from nearly 40 countries were on board.

A woman is hit by a fragment of a tear gas canister shot by French   anti-riot policemen near the Israeli embassy in Paris on May 31, 2010   during a demonstration against Israel's deadly raid on an aid  flotilla  bound for Gaza Strip.
A woman is hit by a fragment of a tear gas canister shot by French anti-riot policemen near the Israeli embassy in Paris on May 31, 2010 during a demonstration against Israel's deadly raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza Strip.
31 May 2010 — - "Israelis Gone Wild" Racist, Zionist Scum [NOT All Israelis & NOT All Jews] have a block party outside the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv celebrating yet ANOTHER War Crime committed by the Nuclear Armed, International

EMERGENCY demonstrations were called in at least fourteen Greek cities last night, after the atrocious attack by Israeli commandos on the Free Gaza ships, reports From The Greek Streets.

In Athens, the Greek government, otherwise “quick to condemn” the attacks, had no hesitation in preempting an attack on those who gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Athens.

Riot police guarding the embassy, according to eye-witnesses, were in full gear and fully masked up before the demonstration had started: the attack on the demonstration that followed was planned.

Most of the Greek activists who were on board have landed in Athens this morning. Michalis Grigoropoulos, a sailor on the ship “Free Mediterranean” stated the following at Athens airport:

“You know, of course, that we had a pirate attack against us. What I want to tell you, is that comrades from our Incentive have been tortured. I refused to sign any document and was deported against my will. I was put in isolation.

"I denounce the Zionist state for yet another crime against humanity. We saw from afar the onslaught by the commandos of the Zionist army on the Turkish ship of the Freedom Flotilla.

"I denounce the Greek government, which left the Greek ships and the Greek citizens unprotected. A huge popular movement must now be formed, which will demand the release of all hostages and the return of our ships. Solidarity to the Palestinian People must grow. Palestinian Resistance must win, and it shall win.

Meanwhile, in his blog The Cutting Edge, author Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed writes: "Many of those activists being shot at while they slept, didn't wake up.

"Many of those that did wake up, woke up bleeding and wounded. Many tried to defend themselves in whatever way they could, obviously terrorising their commando-attacks even more, unleashing further bloodshed.

"Under Netanyahu, the IDF has become increasingly unhinged. Utterly incapable of grasping that its war crimes and crimes against humanity can no longer simply be dressed up as a fight against terrorists, when terror itself is a primary instrument of statecraft.

"Completely incapable of self-reflection or self-critique. Pathetically incapable of putting to rest the 'final solution' of the knee-jerk trigger-finger. It is a sign of things to come."

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