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Bomb house: arraignment of the 15 defendants in the midst of extreme security

August 17
Amid tight security and great expectations in journalism, was held yesterday the formalization of the 14 people arrested during the weekend accused of links to anarchist groups and the planting of bombs in different parts of Santiago, as well as Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga , alias “El Grillo”, who was taken into custody for other crimes.
At the request of the President of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, Juan Manuel Muñoz Pardo, and the Public Ministry, was made a ring of security on campus and three blocks of it, which included a helicopter, cars and water cannons Lanzaga plus 150 police officers from different units.
At the time, the Ministry of Interior decided to bring suit against 15 individuals accused.
In this instance, at the Centre of Justice, was also known that during four years of investigation the police conducted 60 000 wiretaps, some of which will be presented at this conference.
It was the same chief prosecutor of the Southern Zone, Alejandro Pena, who formalized individuals for terrorist conspiracy from July 2005 and the bombings that hit the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Church of the Sacrament, the State Defense Council (CDE), the branch of Chilectra at La Cisterna, in Atal Cars and the School of Gendarmerie.
As noted, defendants are investigated for a total of 23 bombings that have occurred in Santiago.  Also were accused leaders of the organization Fuhrimann and Rodolfo Morales Pablo Retamal Leiva, while the rest of the group is divided between facilitators and media partners for the realization of the attacks.
All the detainees said they did not understand any aspect of the formalization of objections by the prosecutor, as his lawyer, Alberto Espinoza said that this runs counter to the right of defense of its representatives and requested the annulment of the procedure that, for now, is estimated to last about six hours.
In the lengthy meeting, the chief prosecutor of the Southern Zone, Alejandro Peña, called for the detention of all defendants, which concluded for the crimes of terrorist conspiracy and explosive devices.
17 videos and traces of TNT
The Public Prosecutor’s representative delivered a series of backgrounds of expertise made after massive raids on 14 August.  Among these mentioned that police found traces of black powder and TNT in the clothes of some of the detainees, and found videos of 17 bomb attacks in Santiago.
She said that the films were in the hands of Felipe Guerra arrested and were found in the squatted house  Sacco and Vanzetti, on Calle Santo Domingo, almost reaching Bulnes.
The man is accused of having participated in the attack that killed the anarchist Mauricio Morales, opposite the Gendarmerie School.  He was found with photographs of the facility that were taken before the attack, which demonstrates his trial attorney’s performance at the event.
The prosecutor further noted that the raid was found documents prove that the anarchist group received financing from abroad, but did not specify what form they took the papers.
Wiretapping and submitted during the hearing of formal charges against those arrested for the bombings case, show evidence of the direct link between a former official of the Metropolitan and Rodolfo Quartermaster Retamales, accused of being one of the leaders of the anarchist organization.
Carola is Lizárraga, who intercepted a call in cell Retamales asked to meet with him to report “one thing I told you and I need to tell”, to which he replied that they are in the Calle Bandera.
According to the prosecutor in charge of the case, Alejandro Pena, the link between them is a sign that the woman was paying collaboration on the subject, but did not say whether an investigation will begin to clarify this link.
According to police sources, 41 detainees left the clashes between police and nearly 15 defendants in the vicinity of the Justice Center where he developed the vast audience of formalization.

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