28th July 2010 – Berlin – Arson Attack against four Cars
Unknown persons set four cars on fire. one burned, the other three were  discovered by the police.

27th July 2010 – Hamburg – Arson Attack against Car from Vattenfall
This night six cars on fire. one was from the atomic energy company “vattenfall”.

24th July 2010 – Hamburg – little Riot after Demonstration and arson attack against 10 cars
After a demonstration against police violence with 1000 people, it comes at the Social Center Rote Flora to a litte riot. 15 policemen injured. Later that night, there are ten cars on fire in the city.
20th July 2010 – Burg – paintattack against police station
Colorbombs to the police station in Burg. they leave also the text “Carlo Giuliani killed by cops!” on the wall of the station.

11th July 2010 – Berlin – Solidarity Riot for Dennis
at sunday night a larger group from us take a face to face with the police in berlin-neukölln. as bait we smash to banks on hermannplatz an kottbusser damm with stones,
bengalos and cluster bombs. (some weeks ago the police and the press said, some people throw an cluster bomb against the police at a demonstration, later they said it was a firecracker) The pigs was to cowardly for the fight. After 15 minutes
we withdraw. This Action was a reaction of the execution of dennis in schönfließ, (near Berlin) of the judgement and of the police brutality at this place. this action is the answear for all killings from the police! revenge for Dennis!
actiongroup “carlo giuliani”

11th July 2010 – Hamburg – Arson Attack against Train with 37 new Cars
Unknown persons burnt at the port of Hamburg a train with 37 cars from the manufacturer Volkswagen. The fire was noticed by a worker. The fire was in use with 69 men. – There were no arrests.

16th July 2010 – Berlin – Sabotaged cars
Unknown persons destroyed five cars of the public order office in Berlin-Marzahn. The secruity guard discovered the morning sabotaged cars. There were no arrests.