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Greece – Targeting as evidence. On the arrest on anarchist Christos Politis

translation of the letter of comrade Kostas Mparlis, who was arrested together with imprisoned comrade Christos Politis.
Christos Politis is acccused for participating in terrorists’ organization
Targeting as evidence – On the arrest on anarchist Christos Politis
On Saturday December 4, around 16:00 and while we were sitting with the comrade and friend Christos Politis in a cafeteria in a central area of Exarchia, we became witnesses of a Hollywood-esque police mission. We would soon find out the hard way we were to become co-stars.
While we were uneasily observing the 20-30 policemen standing close to us and looking at the opposite direction, we decided to leave. To my surprise I saw them moving towards Christos and when I got closer to see what’s going on, they moved towards me too. They forced us to the wall, and they gave no answers to our questions on what’s going on. Amidst protestation from people working in or visiting the area, they lead us cuffed behind our back to Akademias street. There, they put us in a police car and with the company of a noisy convoy of motorbikes and cars they lead us to GADA (Athens Police Headquarters). On the way, a policeman on a motorbike approached the window of the car we were in and, calling us with our last names, he told us we were going to pay for a lot…
Once we were there (GADA) they lead us to the 12th floor and, following orders of someone they called “chief” they lead us to a room and immediately separated us from each other. I was put in an adjacent room cuffed behind my back, facing the wall, with three hooded men guarding me. In my repeating questions on why was I there, why was I cuffed and if was accused of anything, the only answers I got were “you will see” and “when you’ll be accused of something you’ll be the first to know”. They searched me top to toe for the umpteenth time, they thoroughly noted everything I had on me, subsequently put it in nylon bags and took it away.
Time was passing by and while I was still getting no answers, at a certain point towards nighttime I heard from a nearby area a newscast talking about arrests (men-women), guns, explosives, terrorist lairs and so on. The scenario that had been already constructed hours before our adduction, was now taking shape.
Later, while I was still tied up facing a wall and deprived of any communication or eye-contact with anyone, I demanded a chair to at least sit, which they gave me. Some hours later, I heard from outside the room some people saying “let’s see him now”. The door opened, the hooded guards turned me to face it and left. Their place was taken by others who tried to interrogate me. In their typical questions, and in their prompt to make a conversation that “might help me in my present state”, and in their asking me to provide “explanations to ease my situation”, the only answer I gave was that I wanted to know if I was accused of something and talk to my lawyer or otherwise, to be let go. After insisting for a while they commented “he is not cooperating” to each other and left the room. Their place was then taken by a hooded man and a more “pleasant” guy, who suggested I didn’t turn back to the wall and to chat for a bit instead. I gave him the same answer and I turned to the wall myself. Some hours later I heard some voices saying “he is going”. They got in, untied me and said “take your stuff, you’re leaving”. While I was gathering my stuff I repeatedly asked about Christos, for whom they told me he is being held.
Despite my 16-hours discomfort, the real discomfort began once I left GADA. While the lawyer couldn’t find out if Christos was accused of anything, I began to discover the attack of the media against me during my retention. I learned that I’m extremely “violent”, “blood-thirsty”, “ruthless” and more, according to the media. When I got home I found out that not only a search had been carried out with no witnesses apart from policemen, but also the lock had been changed. Still trying to realize what’s happening, what’s missing from my apartment and what I can do, I learn (from the media again) that my comrade Christos Politis is being charged (with non-existent evidence apparently) as a member of an armed organization, the name and actions of which were not specified. The following day in the court where the arrested of Saturday were being tried, there was a solidarity gathering. There I was informed by lawyers on the confiscation account on my apartment, which included the following “unspeakable” elements: old photographs, books, a knife inside a black holster with the inscription “Crete”, my computers, as well as a wisp of hair, which I suppose testifies to the fact that I cut my hair myself, and not the desire of the anti-terrorist sector (ATS) to have my DNA spare for any use. After I left the area of the courts, cops were waiting for me by my motorcycle. They stopped me and searched me and to my question “What now?” they told me the officer had something to tell me. After a couple of minutes, while comrades were gathering around me, they let me go. In the following two days, Christos is summarily remanded in custody, making evident that no evidence is needed, apart from the profile that the ATS concoct and leak through their cooperators, the journalists.
So the more non-existent the evidence, the more shameless the media mendacity that followed. Just like a cesspool exploding, unsigned publications emerged, which present me as a definite member of organizations and “temporarily free”, my house as a terrorist lair, and the ATS at fault for still leaving me wander free. Many comrades are photographed as members of one or another “organization”, completely unsubstantially, arrest warrants are being advertised on newscasts and so, what was already commonplace is being proven yet once more: that blood-thirsty, ruthless, cannibals and henchmen of the mechanisms of the system are the journalists and co., who reproduce this mud.
In a period of political, social and financial crisis, when the certainties provided by the system have collapsed and everything seems possible, the state, by personifying the internal enemy, by intensifying the suppression against the movement, diffuses it into all social levels. Where in the recent past in lack of evidence the state penalized personal relationships and friendships has now begun creating them in order to penalize them.
And if the state has decided to annihilate its political enemies by fabricating culprits and suspects, the journalists have undertaken the dirty work of slander and social isolation of those who are targeted.
As of my person, I declare that I am an anarchist and the only “organization” in which I actively participate for years is the one of the social fights which promote friendly relationships, solidarity with the oppressed and the fighters, the self-organizing, the horizontal structures, the clashes for the overthrow of the state and the capital, to the freedom of all of us.
Kostas Mparlis

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Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

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merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

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To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



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