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Sunday, January 30, 2011 Berlin - Riots after Liebig 14 demonstration

(....) - 30.01.2011 16:14
A demonstration against the eviction of Liebig 14, which is anounced for 2nd February, was followed by heavy riots saturday evening in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When about 2.000 people marched from Kreuzberg to Liebig Strasse / Rigaer Strasse some hundreds of them attacked police with lot of stones.

About 40 police are injured, may be 17 people arrested.

On Friday evening a demonstration against the international police summit in Berlin saw an attack against a federal police squat, which smashed three of their cars. Later a police car was ambushed in front of Köpi.

Fotos from today:


More trouble next days!

Our friends from all over the world will find an infrastructure as an organizational base for action on the weekend before 2nd of February, which will be briefly explained here.

The Infopoint – Scharni38, Scharnweberstr. 38
(see location:
Place to go for information, material, help, travelers from outside Berlin. The infopoint will be working during the demonstration (29.01.) and starting from tuesday (01.02.), 4 p.m., until thursday (3.02.), 4 p.m., and provide information for you at any time. An Infopoint can only work if it is fed with information, so feel encouraged to write and describe what's happening all over the city, so we can spread it.
Apart from that there are infodesks during the Liebig14-Anti-eviction-festival.

The Infotelefon – 0049 (0) 157 / 872 107 77 und 0049 (0) 176 / 383 413 42

At the same time there is an information number operating. You can call it, report ongoing developments or ask for information. Important here as well: The info-number is as good as it is fed with information. Knowing about what's going on around Friedrichshain might be a crucial factor in the night of 2nd of febraury.

Infomail –

You can also reach the Infopoint via email.
The Ticker – adress is yet to be published
All news will be published on a web ticker. It is the result of the news received on the infopoint, the info number an the infomail as well as your own actions.

The Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) (help when getting arrested) – 0049 (0) 30 / 69 22222

The EA will establish a contact between you and a lawyer in case you get busted and takes care that busted people get released properly again. If you observe any detention and if you know about personal data (name, adress, date of birth) of the busted person, pease call the EA. The EA number will operate directly or as an answering machine.
Don't know where to sleep in Berlin? – schlafplatzberlin @
For travellers who don't know where to sleep, there will be a „pennplatzbörse", which is a structure that provides you with a warm accomodation. If you want to OFFER such places, please tell us the adress, for how many people you can offer space, which preferences you probably have, and how we can get into contact with you via phone call. If you LOOK FOR places to stay overnight, please do the same.
We still need people to offer such places.
Important websites – / / /
On these websites you will find all important news (mostly in german), events, calls and material. Please carefully verify articles on indymedia and check iy you find the same information on the other websites. You can send input to or wba-internet

Upcoming events

* 17.-30.01. Liebig 14 Anti-Eviction Festival
* 22.01. Liebig 14 Streetparade, 17h, Bersarinplatz
* 27.01. Plenary Assembly, 19h in „Subversiv", Brunnenstr. 7
* 29.01. Demonstration: „Hausprojekt statt Luxuslofts – Liebig 14verteidigen – Wir bleiben Alle!", 3 p.m., Kottbusser Tor
* 02.02. day of expected eviction attempt, 8 a.m., decentralised action all over the city
* 02.02. in case of successful eviction 7 p.m., Boxhagener Platz
Liebig 14 forever.

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