Friday, February 18, 2011

Turin, Italy - Resistance to nuclear energy - Communique from prison from Guido and Arturo


Statement of Arthur and Guido February 10, 2011 from Lo Russo e Cotugno (Vallette) prison in Turin

We were arrested during the night of last Monday, February 7 with the allegations, as far as we know, of resisting a public official, injury and attack on transport in the public highway (or something like that) during a blockade against the passage of a train carrying nuclear waste in Condove, Valsusa.
The passage of these trains has always come about with maximum discretion, so that the people exposed to the risks could not express their concerns and possible forms of protest.
Certainly drawing attention to this threat that is passed over in silence and opposing these trains of death is an essential step in the struggle against the nuclear monster, as witnessed by the protests that for decades, especially in northern Europe, thousands of people have taken part in, aware of the tragedy that the atomic industry represents for the present and the future of the planet.
For those who struggle against the harm caused by the absurdity of production that feeds the sick society of progress, nuclear power can only be a further opportunity to express one's own rejection and anger.
Beyond the crimes that are being contested and the progression of the judicial process, we are proud to have participated in what we hope is only a first moment of revival of a broad and determined mobilization that can express, with the forms and methods are in harmony with each one, dignity and strength in rejecting and fighting all harmful substances.
Rebel greetings to all those who, struggling inside and outside the prisons, are stoking the fire of desire for a world free of exploitation and authority.
Presi bene raga!

Arturo Fazio
Guido Mantelli

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Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



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