Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009

Earth Liberation Front Topples Radio Station Towers in Snohomish County, WA

Everett, WA: Two radio station towers were torn down early Friday by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) in the Lord's Hills

valley in Snohomish County, WA. The towers, owned by station KRKO, have been a source of controversy for years. A

sign left at the scene claimed responsibility by the ELF.

" Due to the health and environmental risks associated with radio waves emitted from the towers, we applaud this act by

the ELF," stated Jason Crawford, a spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office. "When all

legal channels of opposition have been exhausted, concerned citizens have to take action into their own hands to protect

life and the planet."
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For the past eight years, opponents have waged a legal battle against the towers, arguing that AM radio waves cause

adverse health affects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with

home phone and intercom lines.

Last year, the first four towers were erected by KRKO after numerous hearings and appeals. KRKO plans to build two

more towers to boost the station's broadcasting power.

" We have to weigh our priorities and the local ecosystem in Everett, along with the local residents, do not need additional

sports news radio station towers that come at the expense of reduced property values and harmful radio waves," Crawford

continued. "We sincerely hope that people continue to take direct action to stop the threats to human health, wildlife and

the planet."

The E.L.F. is an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop

the systematic exploitation and destruction of the planet. Since its inception in North America in 1996, the ELF has inflicted

well over $150 million in damages to corporations and governmental agencies that are profiting from the destruction of the


The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal news agency representing the earth liberation

movement. The NAELFPO reports on the covert direct actions taken by the Earth Liberation Front in defense of the planet.

Targeting deforestation, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), urban sprawl, automobile and industry pollution, and

other threats to the natural environment, the Earth Liberation Front uses nonviolent economic sabotage to compel

industries and governments to reshape their environmentally destructive policies.

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Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists
have organized a criminal gang
and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”
to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Anarchists solidarity protest outside Korydallos prison, the main prison in Athens, at the time of the change of the year. This protest happens every New Year's Eve for the past six years. This year more than 400 people took part in the protest that interacted with the prisoners inside through shouting mutual slogans and fireworks. The main slogan was "The passion for freedom is stronger that your prisons".
Watch live streaming video from agitprop at

A society that punishes/the condition of incarceration/the prison of the mind/the prison as punishment/the rage of the damned will sound on the ruins of prisons/those denying obedience and misery of our era even within its hellholes/will dance together on the ruins of every last prison/with the flame of rebellion avenging whatever creates prisons.

To the prisoners struggle already counting one dead and thousands in hunger strike across greece, we stand in solidarity and anger until the destruction of every last prison.



Keny Arkana - La Rage English Subtitles

1976 - 2000 Greek Anarchists Fight for Freedom

(December Riots in Greece)