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Ugly Kid Joe 13.02.2010 17:28 Themen: Antifa nazi-march and antifa activities in dresden 13.2.2010.

quick newsticker translation in english. feel free to copy to english speaking websites.
9:10 already 60 nazis at the train station neustadt. police with tanks and hydrants.

9:35 more and more nazis come to the train station neustadt. a lot of them dressed up as "autonomious nationalists" (neo-nazis dressed in black, with scarfs to cover the faces and leather gloves...). police sais their mood is agressive.

9:45 150-200 activists with red banners try to break through the police lines into the train station neustadt. police stops them with pepper spray.

10:10 two mass blockades on hansastr. with ca. 1000 people

10:45 already 2000 people at the mass blockade in hansastr. police closes the bridges, no way to come from the east to west part of the city any more.

10:55 police doesn't allow neither journalists nor members of parliament to enter to the train station neustadt in order to get informations about the situation there.

11.05 the railways are blocked by 20 people on the rails between the train stations neustadt and the main train station.

11:30 blockade of 200 people in eisenbahnstr. 2000-3000 people block the albertplatz.

11:40 police proclaims not to evict blockades as long as they will be peacefull. all four bridges around the train station neustadt blocked now with 200-500 people. other blockades in hansastr. (ca.2000), albertplatz (3000-4000) and bischhofsplatz (300). nazis, that arrive in trains at the station neustadt refuse to get out of the trains.

11:55 railways still blocked. 360 nazis got stuck in the main train station in the east part of the city. attacks on nazis in hoffmannstr., one nazi car turned onto the roof.

12:15 nazis attack blockade at the bischhofsplatz.

12:45 eskalation at the bischhofsplatz: police loses control about the situation. the blockade is directly on the route of the arriving nazi-busses. one bus attacked by antifascists. 30 nazis escape from the bus and have to flee down the street.

12:50 already 1500 nazis at the train station neustadt.

13:10 a huge group of nazis is walking from the north-west of the city towards the train station neustadt. will come in contact with the blockade in hansastr.

13:20 police evicts blockade at bischhofsplatz. people sit down and try to resist.

13:40 nazis in small groups walk through the city.

13:48 2000 nazis, that had to stop their busses in the north because of the blockades, walk now towards the train station neustadt.

13:52 police "pleases" the people at the blockade to go: "we don't manage it" although they are more than 4000 policemen.

13:54 burning barricades in försterst.

14:05 big nazi group arrives at bischhofsweg from the north. police already evicted the blockade there.

14:07 fights between police and antifa activists close to albertplatz.

14:10 4000 "autonomious nationalists" walk through the city towards the train station neustadt.

14:30 police evicts blockade at königsbrucker str.; fights between antifas and nazis at bischhofsplatz, some people injured. other group of 500 nazis attack the alternative youth center "conni". lots of injured, one activist hardly injured.

14:37 antifa organisation team still insists on mass blockades. calls for supporting the blockades at albertplatz and hansastr. meanwhile huge groups of nazis walk through the city and attack people.

14:50 most of the nazis arrived the train station neustadt. police tells the nazi-march-organisators that they can't walk, because the police can't guarantee for their security. nazis insist on marching.

15:00 different blockades: 4.500 people at albertplatz; 3.500 at hansastr./großenhainerstr.; 2.500 people at marienbridge

15:10 nazi-march cancelled. antifa doesn't trust the police news and calls for blockades until 17:00

15:35 police evicts blockade at bischhofsplatz.

15:40 activists gather at hainstr. in oder to block the south of the train station. if it works, there won't be any way for the nazis to leave the train station unless the police doesn't evicts the blockades.

15:50 nazis in march-formation but some of them leave in small groups towards the blockades. tension and small fights around the train station.

16:17 nazi-march-organisators deal with the police in order to march. police evicts blockade at dammweg. nazis will propably march to the north towards the direction of the alternative center "conni" that was already attacked twice by nazis today.

16:15 police evicts blockades in the north, showing up with hydrants and tanks. police sais: "maybe a small nazi-march we will allow."

16:30 police doesn't manages to evict the blockades in the north. so they tell the nazis that they can't march. thousands of nazis shout: "we want to march" and "streets free for the german youth".

16:40 police still tries to evict the blockades in the north at hansastraße/fritz-reuter-str and friedensstraße. police shows up with hydrants. antifas are hunted through the streets by the police. situation escalates. cars used as barricades. antifas fight the police back with firework, bottles and stones.

16:45 nazis freak out. attack the police with stones, bottles and firework in order to break through the police lines and march.

16:50 police special forces arrive with wooden weapons at hansastraße/fritz-reuter-str in order to attack antifas. police tries to turn off the burning barricade at hansastr. with a hydrant.

16:55 nazi-march-organisators call their foottroops for silence: "we are here for grief". nazis stop attacking the police.

17:05 nazis give up. they won't march today and go back to the trains. still no "all-clear" by antifascist organisation team. violent actions of nazis expected as a revenge for the defeat on the streets today.

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