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Communique of Revolutionary Continuity Urban Guerrilla Organization for the bomb explosion at JPMorgan investment bank offices in Athens on the 16th o

... In America two of the biggest banks, which belong to the billionairs Rockefeller and Morgan dominate on a capital of 11 billions Deutsche Mark ...The Morgans used to have a high influence into the political life of USA. Many presidents and ministers of USA were the favorites of the Morgans ...

Complete Writings of V.I. Lenin, tome 27

JPMorgan investment bank was since the middle-war a powerful monopoly stock company that used to control a large number of U.S. banks and industrial associations and companies. Such was for example the General Electric and General Motors, which until 2006 had annual revenues higher than the GDP of Ireland, New Zealand, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Namibia, Nicaragua and Chad together. With the crash of 1929, which caused such things as the predatory mania of JPMorgan, promoting the well-known "economical bubbles", this profit-speculative company smashed all the small economical groups, by merging them and asserting its sovereignty and its monopoly character.

Today we are one more capitalist crisis that has been forseen, moreover inherent to the character of the capitalist model. It started for one more time in the so-called "country of prosperity", America, with the poor middle American citizen who used to take house-loans, it was spreaded with the so-called 'toxic' financial products and escalated with mass redundancies of workers in multinational companies and factories, company closures, pressure against lower-income countries and the list is endless. Those companies which survived, succeeded with the money of taxpayers in any country while on the same time all over the world the voices that were asking the crisis to be paid by those who created it were becoming louder. Of course, injustice and oppression exist either the capitalist model is experiencing a boom or recession. Long before the crisis, to avoid loss of profits imposed by labor achievements, the large multinational companies transferred their capital and their production to countries of the so-called 'developing', according to their terminology, world, in order to achieve the lowest production cost. Some of them, such as Nike and Adidas and otherones, which have already transferred their production to developing countries, refuse to pay even the 87 cents per hour which are considered as necessary to cover the basic cost of living for the workers and avoid the risks of disease outbreaks etc. Instead, some of them pay only 13 cents per hour. At the same time there is another darker side. The American "leader" of the "free world" since the Second World War, decided to assume the role of exporter of the "Western democracy" by exporting war and oppression in 'developing' regions of the planet, such as the much-suffer countries of the Arab world while meanwhile supports economically and militarily some fascistic states, such as Israel. With this blatant arrogance of the powerful states and the market dominance on the planet collapsed the ideological investment of America which used to be self-appeared as Democracy.

The Greek state economically and strategically, was traditionally a slave to the capitalistic forces of Britain and America, and is still dependent on advanced capitalist countries in many forms, economically, militarily and culturally. Result of this dependency was the creation of a huge state, that operated and still operates as a processor of promises and financial transactions for the benefits of local and foreign oligarchies. In recent decades, there were distributed and given as a gift to magnates of wealth and to fops of social and political life huge amounts of capital funds from the Community Support Framework of the European Union even from the funds of Social Insurance System, with black money, loans free of conditions, fake competitions.

The public wealth was transferred to Greek and foreign monopolies together with countless privileges and tax-exemptions. In addition, tax-exemptions for big businesses and tax-cuts for high incomes was a key element for economic policy of Ronald Reagan the guru of neoliberalism. The theory was based on increasing entrepreneurship and expenditure of the rich people that would result the improvement of all social classes, event that never happened. The implementation of this model in Greece led to a huge accumulation of profits for the local and transnational capital.

For the benefit of powerful economic cycles was led to impoverishment the biggest mass of workers and were stuck the salaries and pensions on the level of hunger. The workers, the craftsmen, the small and middle market, the professional services, which are the main productive forces and have become the feeders of plutocracy, are crushed by unsustainable taxes, de-industrialization and the general decline. The public economic and social life has become a fiefdom of the cycles of the oligarchy. The majority of the population is under an unprecedented economic oppression, while on the same time hundreds of millions of euros are spent for the strengthening on friendly constructive compnies' contractors and abusers of public life.

Behind the mask of "democracy" those who have the power engage in irresponsible exploitation against the produced by people (and for the people?) overvalue under the argument that this exploitation is the product and will of the majority of the people. It is, literally, a vicious circle, which has its roots in the early years after the fall of the hunta in 1974. When, after the fall of the US-led military dictatorship, appeared those who would operate the will of the people for freedom, fairer distribution of wealth and transparency. They said lies to people by repeating words which the people wanted to listen to, that, so, Greece will stop being a protectorate of the English and Americans, by creating the appropriate conditions to restore the autonomy of the country and as a natural consequence will come the improvement of living conditions. But those promises were just "dust in the wind, because "Western democracy" was doing a good job. Those who make the country work, the folk, are newcomers at their own land and various luminary brains speak on his behalf. Why the representatives of the Greek Industrialists Association should speak about the Insurance System, when their pre-eminent role is to safeguard their own individual interests? National Bank of Greece itself, the temporal abuser of public funds and copartner of the European Central Bank, admits openly that the largest proportion of public money which is flowing into funds of the State comes not from those who have the money, because they evade taxes, but from the over-loaned households which are forced through lending to become food for the bankers so they can respond to the state's economical attack. Eventually, all that remains on topic in this ravaged place is that we work for the minority and the minority works for themselves.

But now the king is naked. The widespread corruption underlying the triangle of power, state-capital-mass media, can not be hidden. The economically weak majority of people gets widened, while at the same time they work-produce for the accumulation of wealth on the side of the economic elite. It is the economic oligarchy, which is the real power that plans, under silence and safety, the basic guidelines in public life and political decisions. The modern elite of the country, the bourgeois class, is constructed by a clearly defined circle of people who are sharing for their own the wealth of the country and have common characteristics among each other. They live in guarded by police and bodyguards areas, such as Kolonaki district, the rich north or south suburbs.They laugh together in luxurius places, such as Ekali Club, Athenian Club, and often or rare they visit destinations like Switzerland and exotic islands. They control an army of journalists who cover and legalize their actions, maximize their control in state matters and buy justice by possessing all the mass media. They control print and electronic media, banks, constructive and financial companies, industrial and telecommunications, the stockmarket, Palaces of Culture and big football limited-responsibilities' companies. These crazy-happy-friends is extremely tight and there is solidarity both in joy and in sorrow. At the marriage of Vardinogiannis' son, at the baptize of Chatzinikolaou's son, at the funeral of Lamprakis the guests were almost the same, representatives of the contemporary ruling class, journalists, businessmen, politicians and, not to forget, the American ambassador. The same people who will announce in the mass media, that should become cutouts for pensions and wages, in the same time, when a bottle of wine on their table may cost more than a monthly wage.

It is on charts these days to read and hear complaints from the government and the media, that the Greek financial system and generally the southern European countries are under attack from different centers of transnational profiteers, from the markets, the Anglo-Saxon banks etc. All these complaints are completely abstract and never lead to individual persons, as if talking about a natural disaster. This is clearly a distortion of reality while the markets are constructed by profit-speculators who are people with a full name, with businesses' owning titles. They are a relatively small number of people who form a transnational elite and exchange between each other the key-positions they owe.

The same people who work for the International Monetary Fund after some time can work for national central banks, become priministers and financial ministers, consultants in multinational companies, organizations such as NATO etc. Tony Blair after being Britain's priminister and sidekick of the Americans during the invasion in Iraq, became a director of JPMorgan, that has under its control the newly established Commercial Bank in Iraq, controlling the economy of the country, through the trade finance exchanges and the oil. The president of the Italian central bank (Βanca d΄Ιtalia) Mario Draghi had served as vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs and now gets prepared to become president of the European Central Bank. John Lipsky, former manager of IMF, has also worked as vice president of JPMorgan.

About Greece the "savior" manager of public debt Petros Christodoulou had offered his services in the past both at JPMorgan and the Goldman Sachs, but also at Credit Suisse. Recently, in fact, we learned from the well-known leaks of EYP (National Information Service) to press, that were identified four profit-speculative companies that become richer by functioning against the Greek economy. It was not leaked, of course, that one of them named Fidelity was a shareholder in Tyletypos, the owning company of Mega Channel. Boss, for real, and a major cash-donor of journalists who every night are trying to convince us that everyone must pay for the crisis. The same company also had a 4.5% stake of the shares in National Bank. In another case during the last Greek bond sale-out among the banks that lent the Greek State under the usurious rate of 6.5% was also the National Bank and Eurobank.

Let's stop having doubts, their "western democracy" has nothing to do with the social power that is desired by society. It's just a trick to keep people captive. What exists is the oligarchy of some powerful persons and the the majority of the people. The meaning of words is lost if there are no struggles for their maintenance. The challenge, then, is the resistance to unpopular projects. The response of the people must not be the inactivity but the confrontation with the options and mechanisms of the ruling class both on mass and individual level. As long as the reaction to all this is the passivity and individualism, so long territory will be given to the bosses to increase their exploitation conditions. The enemy is real and certainly not the immigrants, not the parts of the society who are fighting strongly and confrontationally, nor any other social groups who are aimed by the sovereign power. What is needed is to realize is that the most pieces of society face the same problems. We see our lives declining continuously.

What is necessary is to go into action. Even the conversation in our working place about how much ridiculous is the boss can be concidered as resistance. Gradually tolerance and fear and the imposed privetation will be removed and then will dominate the passion for justice and freedom, and the struggle of people to be saved from oppression. But where we should get is not to leave unanswered anything at all. Any change to worse situations for workers will result in cost to the bosses, from the verbal protest to violent actions. The December 2008 was not a deadlock firework, but an editorial part of the social struggles that are ongoing. In the social dialogue our own choice of armed struggle, is the immediate way to attack back against the plans of the state, the capitalists and the imperialists. It is the historical continuation of the struggles of the past with the ultimate aim of dialectic between us and the struggling parts of the society.

JPMorgan, proven, was caught red-handed stealing the money of the Insurance System, not through some financial tool of questionable legality , as they call them, but through the traditional gift-giving. And JPMorgan was interested in buying the financial bond only and only to have the ability to steal again in the future. According to the relations of IMF with JPMorgan, we easily conclude that the pressures of the IMF (and EU) for structural changes, for example in the Insurance System, have the ultimate aim of increasing the profits of financial institutions. Maybe this time, they have a better and not so easy to found out plan so they can put the cash on hands, but the objective remains the same, making it easy for them to control the economies and markets and profit speculatorly. The explosive mechanism at JPMorgan's offices in Kolonaki district was a practical protest against its parasitic action.

The cops did not make it to evacuate the building despite the time of half hour we gave them. We can not know if they were simply unable or had something else in mind.

On the same day that took place our action, Greek police killed Nikola Todi, 25 years old, with 9 bullets proving once again the zero respect that they have for human lives and disadvantaged persons.

Athens 1st March 2010


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