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Solidarity for the Arrested Anarchists in Chile

Today we confront a pack of hounds--the police, the judiciary, the media--that seeks to annihilate us. They have created a great frame-up that they are trying to elaborate with a charge of illicit terrorist association based on our personal friendships and relations--a large vertical structure in which there are leaders, executives, and assistants. Any libertarian or anarchist knows in their heart that this is a lie.

Updates on Solidarity for the Arrested Anarchists in Chile

Stop the media circus against the 14 arrested on the 14th of August!
We put out a call to overcome the isolation and destroy this siege of disinformation.
The circus has filled the gallery--Mr. Roundup, the diminutive Peña, and the other clowns have as of today exchanged their big red noses for microphones and television cameras. The wild beasts are caged while the obedient spectator-citizens applaud with viciousness and await the next spectacle.
Today we confront a pack of hounds--the police, the judiciary, the media--that seeks to annihilate us. They have created a great frame-up that they are trying to elaborate with a charge of illicit terrorist association based on our personal friendships and relations--a large vertical structure in which there are leaders, executives, and assistants. Any libertarian or anarchist knows in their heart that this is a lie.
We are making a call-out to all individuals in or outside of this territory for international solidarity--to inform yourselves, to act, to broadcast that in this part of the world they are trying to annihilate our ideas and silence our voices. We need strength and support from any and everyone who has taken up permanent conflict against the State and capital. Now more than ever we need to demonstrate that we are not alone, that we are thousands spread across the world. We must make our rage contagious and turn solidarity into a practice and a weapon against those who would have our heads.
Release for the compañeros of 14/8 is rejected, and two are sent back to pretrial detention translation of an article published Friday, August 27 2010 on
On Thursday the Appellate Court of San Miguel ratified the pretrial detention of those accused in the investigation of the “bombing case,” considering them a danger to public safety.
The Fourth Court of the tribunal rejected the appeal presented by the defense for the accused, who have been held since August 18 after being formally charged with illegal association and the placing of explosive and/or incendiary devices. Said appeal consisted of rejecting preventive detention in favor of cautionary measures such as travel restrictions, weekly sign-ins, etc.
The court also revoked the release of Carlos Riveros and Camilo Perez, who had been let out after their court appearance on Tuesday the 17th. The attorney in charge of the “bombing case” and the plaintiff from the Parochial Church Inmaculada Concepción in Vitacura requested the re-imprisonment of these two compañeros.
Currently the only ones who have been released with cautionary measures are Candelaria Cortes, Diego Morales, Ivan Goldenberg and Cristian Cancino. Their restrictions consist of: prohibition on international travel, non-association with their co-accused, weekly sign-ins, and prohibition from visiting some of the compañeros in preventive detention.
There are currently 10 compañeros in preventive detention.
Pablo Morales. Rodolfo Retamales. Omar Hermosilla. Vinicio Aguilera. Francisco Solar. Felipe Guerra. Camilo Pérez. Carlos Riveros. Mónica Caballero. Andrea Urzúa.
All of the compañeros are being held in the Maximum Security wing of the High Security Jail in Santiago.
The compañeras are being held in the Special Section of High Security in the Women's Penitentiary Center.
From the underground, insurrectionalist groups on the frame-up of August 14 translation of a communique published August 26, 2010 on for informational and cautionary purposes of those travelling to South America
We write from the underground of all of South America. Delegates from the undersigned collectives took the time to convene and send this message of truth to all of the population conscious of their oppression by the Chilean state.
1: We condemn the terrorist actions of the Chilean state, systematic during these 200 years of repression and social inequality maintained with blood and fire by each of its rotten institutions.
2: With all the strength in our insurgent blood WE REPUDIATE the spectacle of raids and detentions brought down on the popular youth on Saturday, August 14.
3: With full and complete responsibility WE DECLARE that NONE of the imprisoned belong to or have ever participated in collectives that have decided to respond with bombs to the history of state violence. This is known to us, as it is known to the government of that clown Piñera and state's attorney Peña.
4: WE ACCUSE the State, servile businesses and the press, all those who cover up the social violence that they impose and point instead to the detonation of occasional bombs that are no more than the result of inequalities and oppressions inherent to capitalism, as being directly responsible for this televised show. THE SOCIAL WAR IS IMPOSED BY THE STATE, we its victims don't invent it, on the contrary, we stop being victims and we rise up as free humans.
5: NEVER have we been present in the squatted houses. Any mildly intelligent person knows that these are cultural spaces where the youth meet to converse, debate, and to experience horizontal, communal living. If the State CRIMINALIZES these spaces it is only out of myopia and the tactical defeat of wanting to annihilate those it cannot understand. The systemic repression of everything youthful is the zenith of orthodox fascism.
6: NEVER have we been in nor made alliances with political parties or movements connected to the right, center, or left. WE NEITHER HAVE NOR RECOGNIZE AUTHORITY, not with anyone, not in the case of bureaucrats nor Marxist ex-combatants nor people with mental problems who claim actions they never carried out (like this unknown who stabbed his girlfriend and still survives in prison). WE ARE LIBERTARIANS. WE DON'T HAVE MILITARY HIERARCHIES NOR PARTY DIRECTIVES. WE ARE WARRIORS FOR FREEDOM. WE ARE EVERYONE.
7. We the undersigned collectives HAVE PLACED BOMBS. Our targets have been banks, financiers, transnational companies, embassies, police stations, barracks, churches, political parties, gyms of the owners of this country, everything that belongs to the historical oppressors of the working people. WE DO NOT REPENT, on the contrary, WE ARE PROUD that so far the police haven't even come close to us. WE ARE THEIR DEFEAT.
8. WE RECOGNIZE that the earthquake this summer affected a large part of the installations of each collective, and we admit that this has limited our actions and so far it has not been possible to reconstruct what was lost.
9: In over 20 years we have made use of different types of weapons. If we had wanted, there would have been deaths, but this is not what we wanted. The famous TNT has formed a part of the popular arsenal for years. The attack on the office of Chilectra was not the first time it was used, as all the compañeros responsible for this attack affirm here in this letter. If you want to know where we obtain it, the answer is simple: on the market, the same one they deify and the same one protected by the new state's attorney.
10. State's attorney Peña. What can we say about him. Only what everyone already knows: a cokehead since his college days, called “jalandro” by his buddies for being a jailer, possessing an inferiority complex much greater than his stature, desirous of power and of the Attorney General's chair, friend of the big drug traffickers to the detriment of the little ones he locked up, liar, coward, and potential murderer. This is state's attorney Peña. Journalists: DON'T BE AFRAID to publish the truth about this sinister bureaucrat.
11. WE DECLARE OUR COLLECTIVE REPUDIATION of the frame-up against the 14 youths. It is the State and capital that share the guilt for the libertarian bombings.
Autonomous and Destructive Forces Leon Czolgosz Anti-Patriotic Gang Severino di Giovanni Federation of the Revolt of February 14 – Gaetano Bresci Brigade Dynamiters' Gang Efrain Plaza Olmedo Miguel Arcangel Roscigna Tamayo Gavilan Antonio Roman Roman Durruti Column Iconoclastic Caravans for Free Will Armed and Soulless Gangs Jean Marc Rouillan
Coordinating Committee of Family Members and Friends for the Freedom of the Prisoners of August 14
After experiencing the police ambush on our own bodies and realizing, as family members and friends, that our children, siblings, and compañeras are being judged prejudicially by the media, we took the initiative to organize ourselves in order to denounce the political persecution they are subject to through a dirty media and judicial frame-up.
And even though it is being presented as a foregone conclusion that they are guilty of participating in a non-existent illegal association, which we are certain not only does not exist, but is not even judicially sustainable, we are ready to begin a battle for their freedom until the final consequences and for this reason we declare the following:
1. The legal device of illegal association, in and of itself, is incommensurate with the ideas, practices, and horizontal associative logics, free of hierarchy, with which the compañeros have proceeded during their political life. The structure that Alejandro Peña presents in his accusation, with special roles and functions, financing and infrastructure, totally contradicts the reflections sustained by prosecutors, spokespersons, and ministers for years, which we can recall in the words of ex-Minister Rossende, affirmations such as “they are groups that lack structure and act in a very precarious manner, thus it is more difficult to dismantle them, identify, detain, and punish them” (radio cooperativa, May 2009) yet in the end, thanks to the magical actions of an unscrupulous state's attorney, there exists an organizational diagram, divulged through the press and already known to everyone.
2. We take it upon ourselves to reveal, through various media, each of their lies and political interests surrounding this case. We are convinced that the media circus of the "bombing case" is just the tip of a repressive iceberg, in which our brothers and sisters are mere scapegoats, used as an example for the rest of the population of the consequences that can befall those who desire liberty and express uncomformity; in this sense, we hold that their imprisonment is a political persecution, an act of annihilation in response to the context of generalized repression and upheaval that becomes more unbearable every day.
3. The proofs they have against our brothers and sisters lack any juridical legitimacy; they are unsustainable on their own and can only make sense if they are meticulously joined with a discursive and cinematographic spectacle prepared to tie them all together, granting them a judicial meaning, apparently credible. The state's attorney's rhetoric, in complicity with the press, has created a trial whose outcome is settled even though it has not yet come to pass, and in which no one seems to remember the presumption of innocence. Historically the manipulation of information has allowed the population to be bombarded with dribble lacking in any critical questions, so that after a week of news headlines and full programs, whose journalistic mediocrity is obvious, they impose a news blackout which we are seeking to transgress in order to shout out in every way possible that this is a media frame-up and that we demand freedom for our compañeras and compañeros.
4. The violence used by the police against everyone who dares oppose the current state of things cannot be questioned in public opinion, and this we declare the real terrorism. We point to the excessive violence, the less lethal ammunition, the beatings, guns, helicopters, and the whole warlike arsenal deployed in the operations to capture people who live at a known residence and lead a public life--none of them were fugitives, nor were any of them armed when they were detained, so the military apparatus used against them can't be justified in any way. The operational excess corresponds to the spectacle that was created, and the fantasies of the state's attorney, for which we denounce the abuse of power against the 14 detainees, against the people living in the houses raided, and in particular against one person, a minor, who despite their young age was given a full dose of police violence without remorse.
In these oppressive times, we know the cost incurred by publicly demonstrating our staunch support for our brothers and sisters in prison, however, it is our responsibility to struggle for their freedom and well-being, so we are calling out for solidarity, for people to inform themselves and break through the isolation.
For an end to political persecution, and freedom for our compañeros.
For the demystification of a non-existent illegal association, for the multiplication of support.
Solidarity with the Mapuche brothers and sisters on hunger strike.

Coordinating Committee of Family Members and Friends for the Freedom of the Prisoners of August 14
Santiago de $hile, 30 August 2010
Notes from the translator:
14 people were arrested and two anarchist social centers closed down in a series of raids in Santiago and Valparaiso on Saturday, August 14.
Sebastian Piñera, of the National Renewal party, is the current president of Chile. His party supported Pinochet at the end of the dictatorship.
On September 18, Chile is celebrating its bicentennial, which is fixing to be a huge, orchestrated show designed to create an illusion of a unified nation, blacking out a context of terrible working conditions, major struggles by the Mapuche against the anti-terrorist law and continuing colonization, by anarchists, people in the slums, and students, against neoliberalism and the state, etc.

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